The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 26, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1923
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON 'NEWS, PAGE SEVKW. ,!u*t What 1 Wanted! f An Electric Fan All you have to do la call us on the phone and we will deliver you a fan suitable for your uee whether It bo In home, office or factory. We are showing them priced at low as $7.60. "' . * \ mm 4 North Main Phone 621 STOUT URGES A SAFE FOURTH Points Out tho Many Fire Has^ arda Connected With Care- leas Celebrating. "The thing.for-the public to r ^tnMTl- her la that tho Fourth of July la if patriotic occasion and that the boat way for the peoplo to prove their loyalty la to protect the resources of their country and tho Hvoa of Ifielr fellow citizens. A ^safe and Bane Fourth'," coucludeid the Chlof, "meant ono Uiat Is tireless." URGES MORE COMPETENT INSTRUCTORS IN ENGLISH In answering advertisements, please mention The News. * ?i 4>^" PRANCES TRECIO MONTOOMURV In a moment all wore s'tlll until a rattling old wnBon wont by. Then Hiily announced that supper was ready and-would,.bo served in tho grove at the foot of tile UI1I,' by.•which, the little stream, flowed. "Now If you will, all take partners «nd fo, in a procession, wo will march to the feast," and they, all hustled around to find the ono they "Wished to take to suppor. When overyono had found a partner, they fell In line and •with Billy and Nannie at the head to show them tho way. they marched down the hill In order, the tallest going first, which were itho horses and cows, next tho donkeys and goats, then the sheep and pigs, followed by the dogs anil cats, aflor which came the strutting peacocks, gooso, ducks am 'chickens. Ahead, of them aU flew the birds, taking the place of a band, each one slnrlua; as loudly and sweetly as It could and still bo on the wing'. The larks, song sparrows and warblers sang soprano. 4:i:e robins, bluebirds and grosbeaks contralto, the ring-doves and pigeons alto, while tho hawks, blackbirds and owls nans bass, And their voices rose and foil In ported waves of music as the procession •wound down ..the hill in tho dew of the evenng, as the sun dropped to rest hehnd the distant mist-clad h'.'lgi, leaving an afterglow of pink behind him. And as pink Is a symbol of love, this proved to bo a love feast as well as a birthday party. (Tomorrow starts a new story, toJl- ing how Billy and Nannie made a trip together. A. sane Fourth of July moans a tireless oho,, according to Fire- Chief Al SJtout, wfe> points out that while the holiday Is less dangerous than formerly, It still constitutes a menace to life and property. "The principal life hazard due to the use of firecrackers, sparklers and other fireworks," said the Chlur, "affects the children and consequently .thoir Indulgence In such means of celebrating tho day should be rigidly restricted or entirely prohibited. I have no deslro to curtail the. pleasures of the youngsters, but the situation calls for decided action. The safest •way to stage a display of pyrotechnics la to make tho occasion a community affair and have tho exhibition under the supervision of firemen equipped with extlnguishng apparatus. "ThordTmger of firearms Is obvious, hut the Repealled, 'sparkler," wlhldh has become notably -popular In recent yoara, presents a serious hazard that Is too soldom recognized. The plaything enilts sparks that In themselves are not harmful, but the firo coro supporting the sparkling element bo- comos white hot and in that condition will Ignite inflammable material's. For thlB reason sparklers have caused many deaths,-the victims -wwally be- Inff™Toung girls wearing flimsy summer dresses. Therefore, prohibit the sparkler If you would 'protect your children's lives. ''Another serious matter is the proseueo of quantities of fireworks and other explosives in smaill retail" stores not properly equipped for such storage or legally orttitled to handlo combustibles. I want to call the public's attention to the fact that this is In dlroot violation or a city ordinance, (uid we Intend this year to pro&coute Infringements more vigorously than ever before. "Toy baKoona. . uninir kerosene- soaked -waste constitute another danger, since they may fall upou wooden shlnglo roofs and other Inflammable surfaces and thus cause fire. They may In addition ignite foreat and brash areas. Teachers College Instructor Does ! Not Approve of Slip Shod Practices. Emporia, Kan., June 2G.—Miss Birdie Visser, ot Hutchinson, a fresh-! man in tho Kansas State Teachers ! College, Emporia, * lias made grades , good enough to justify- her promotion | from the beginning counso in English rhetoric to a more advanced class. j "Miss Visser Is ono of 13 out of a i class of BOO to pass the tests," eaid Professor H. It. Barrett, head of tho Snglish department at the Kansas, TeacherB College, "The tests were rather technical, hut Tepeated experiments have shown that a technical knowledge of English fundamentals, and good oral English go hand in hand. Tho large number, of errors made on comparatively simple sentences show that many of the hlgn schools of the state are failing to get down to fundamentals In their English courses. English clashes In high schools should hot he 'parcelled out' to other instructors who happen to have a vacant period, but should bo handled only by competent Instructors. This would solve the present poor English problem and would do away with' the necosslty for "good . English week" and other English drives." Miss Visser has taught In the Hutchinson school system for tho past seven years. She will have the samo position next year. While In high' erhnol she specialized in Latin and English. HE MAY SURVIVE; FRENCH SHEih OF SHEIKS COMING ,«sj«s.»mw _ V> R & tf /- Oh, goody/ —it's Post Toastles / Never a happier mealtime discovery than that! That's why everybody who " 8 has tasted these famously-good flakes of toasted corn keeps on wanting Post Toasties again and won't be satisfied, with a substitute, ' •• They're so crisp, so fiavory and so .splendidly satisfying I And an excellent source of energy, too. Ready in a moment, soon as you can fill the bowl and add cream or milk. / Get the Post Toasties joy for your breakfast or lunch todays Specify the name, Post Toasties, in ordering, and be sure to get the yellow and red wax- wrapped package. f n c«ml Comptoyjac. »rrwtiGHT • ou. 7 Ph s t Toasties improved CORN FLAKES MADE BY POSTUM CEREAL CO., INC., li AT fLE CREEK, MICH. It's Easy to Make Summer Clothes Especially if you use the McCall Printed Pattern McCall Printed Pattern 32B'J, Many womeji like to mnke sheer dainty frock-, am! negligees for warm ' weather wear although they would hesitate to cut iiun r-.-pensive winter materials. Mnke your summer clothes with McCall Printed Patterns and you won't hesitate lo make winter ones later. Perfect confidence in yourself and your pattern comes with the use of McCall's—the Only Printed Patterns in the World Law Shoe3 at Special Prices Our best, st-ylnt in oxfor*.!s and pumps, with the white only excepted. $13.50 Shoes $955 $12.50.Shoes $9.45 $11.00 Shoes $8.75 $10.00 Shoes $7.75 $ 8.75 Shoes $6.80 $ 8.00 Shoes $6.40 $ 7.50 Shoes $5 .95 $ 7.00 Shoes $5 .60 $ o.SO Shoes $5 .20 6.00 Shoes $4.80 $ 5.00 Shoes $3.95 — ON THE BARGAIN TABLE — Wednesday and Thursday Ball Bearing Shears at 89c pr. An exertional value in aa -aulomalic self-sharpening kind steel by special process. This insures strength, and keen cutting cdyes. Adjustable cushion tension keeps them always sharp, taking up the wear. Comes in two sizes 7 and 8 inches On tile Bargain Table for two days, at 8l)c pair. 5-yr. _ guarantee with each pair. Jute mills of India hayo been ao successful that they have caused tho closing of many of those Iouge established in Scotland. We never close. If you want any kind of motor sorvico just call 59, anytime. Ilagland-Klngsluy Motor Co. It M. Chevalier. M. Chevalier, whose m»jUy baauty haB inado feminine hoarts go pltty-oat •In Paris, will como to the U. S. uett fall to appear in "Ta Bouche," a musical comedy to be produoed by Charles Dillingham, Dandruff Spoils Hair ROTTEN GUARD BEAMS PART CAUSE OF WRECK Investigation to Find Cause of Accident Which Took Seven Lives. If you are bothered with dandruff ] you cannot have the beautiful, soft, I lustrous hair that nature Intended j you to have. You must get rid of dandruff or suffor tho consequences. Tharo is only one way to thoroughly rid the hair from Dandruff and that is to dlasolvo It and waHh It out. Pitch Dandruff llemover (Shampoo, being a combination of tho world's best known tonic »uud a wonderfully cleansing shampoo, will free you from dandruff. The tonic In it Immediately loosens all dirt and Invigorates the scalp. The shampoo then easily and quickly removes every traco ot dirt, scum, dandruff or foreign substance, and leaves the scalp fairly tingling with cleanliness and health and the hair soft, lustrous and luxuriant. Enough Fltoh Dandruff Remover Shampoo to last for months, costs but little at any drug store, and your monoy will be refunded If you are not delighted with results. •mnrrrraraMBM USED - CARS 1919 Buick Touring 1919 Dodge Touring 1920 Dodge Touring 1920 Buick Roadster 1920 Ford 1-Ton Truck 1920 Ford Coupe 1920 Dodge Touring 1922 Dodge Touring 1921 Ford Touring 1919 Dodge Roadster 1923 New Ford Touring equipped with New Cord Tires and lot of Extra equipment. 1920 Model Ford Ono-ton truck with enclosed body. These cars have been thoroughly overhauled and refinished. Guaranteed to be in good mechanical .condition. Will trade—terms if necessary. Arnold Auto Co. 25 First East Phone 2707 Now York, June 2«.—Seven d«od and more than eighty Injured was the toll In tho wreck on tho Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn line of the Brooklyu-Muuhat- tan Elevated yesterday when two coaches jumped the trastt and plunged to the street from the elevated structure. Six ot those klMe'd 'were women. One other, a man, has not boon identified. "What cauaod the train, to leavo tho track is sWH a mystery and may remain one," said the district attorney In announcing his Intention to push an linniedtate grand J-ury Investigation. "But this much is certain, the condition of the guard beanrs laid for tho purpose of keeping In check derailed trains gives unmistakable proof ot culpabla negligence in the upkeep of the road. "Those beams were found to be crumhlinf from dry rot. Portions of them yielded to a nqueo&o of the hand. Everyone concerned with the upkeep ot this road, from the transit commission down, to Che track -walkoz-s, will be called to give their explanations of the rotten condition of these guard Loams to the grand Jury." Th* district attornoy promised" speoJy trial in tho event. Indictments ara r«turn*d. Restaurants In England must close •11 day Sunday and a half- day during tit* wsok to comply with the 60 hour a week labor lawn.* Saturday danoe. St«T»uj«"Poois, M4t The Century Is a Better Fan •-. r/ i -Ti • a 9-inch Fan ....$1050 12-inch Fan $14.50 i Let us Send You Ons on Trial PHONE 3610 11 Sherman East Things a Man Would Never Think Of A woman is 'guided by ati unerring instinct to attend to; that is why wc \VAVI-. a lady assistant to help us in our work. She lends a delicate, refined touch to our services that is appreciated always. The services of ottr lady assistant are at the disposal of all who call upon us. Every phase of our service is offered to the pflblic without reservation of any kind. Johnson & Sons Established 1886 134E.Sherraan Hutchinson Kans. "Phono 3 Read th« Classified Advertisements in The News.

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