Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1977 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1977
Page 3
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Friday, December 16. 1977 HOPK (ARK.> STVH Worn en s news Mrs. Annette Rogers Phone 777- 8841 0 By Abigail Van Buren . 1977 fcy Th*Cl"t»flo TnNj"» N v M*»« Svrt iv Trying to Stop Teens' Affair Buy safe toys for Christmas Even though the government and the toy industry have cracked down on many unsafe toys, hundreds of new ones are sold each year that are potentially dangerous for the children using them, advises Betty L. Whitley, County Extension Agent-Home Economics. Part of the problem is in the number of toys being offered. This Christmas there will be over 150,000 different toys on the market from manufacturers in this country. Add to this an estimated 80,000 imported toys. "The ultimate judgment about the safety of a specific toy for a particular child rests with the adult who is buying it," Mrs. Whitley said. In many cases there is a fine line between the hazardous toy and the misued toy. One that is safe in the hands of a 12-year- old may be extremely dangerous in the hands of a younger child. This should be considered when buying a toy for an older child if a younger child is in the family. In addition to age, the child's development should be taken into account when buying any toy. Not all ten-year-old children have the physical dexterity to safely refuel a gasoline engine or mix chemicals or prepare specimens for a microscope ""using a razor blade. Another hazard of toy buying is finding one that will help the child's health and development. Many toys are actually not fun for the child to play with. "Good toys don't frustrate children," Mrs. Whitley says. They are simple in construction, have good design, and allow the child to use his imagination. In looking at the safety and durability of a toy, try to determine if it will withstand use by the child. If the intended child is an infant or toddler, is the toy made of chewable and washable material? Shop for quality and inspect every toy for good construction. Remember, each toy purchased properly will reflect the concern and love of the giver regardless of the cost of the toy. DEAR ABBY: My 15-vear-old son has been having an affair with his 17-year-old cousin. I have just learned that this has been going on for three years! Both have been raised in good Christian homes, and my sister (the girl's mother) is beside herself with anger and grief. Of course we have laid down the law, and the children arc not to sec each other without close supervision. These aren't problem children. We who know what has happened are simply amazed. My niece is rather immature for her age. but my son has several older girlfriends who think he is a freshman in college. My question is, "What next? ' . IN SHOCK IN INDIANA DEAR IN: A thorough briefing, I hope, for both "children" who have been playing adult games for three years. Skip the preliminaries about the birds and bees, and get down to brass tacks and babies before your tribe increases. DEAR ABBY: My husband occasionally plays in a band with four other musicians. Our flat is the most practical location to store equipment and rehearse, which leads to my problem: What makes the wives of these musicians think that because their husbands come to my house, they too are automatically invited? When the wives come over, I have to clean house for company, assume the role of hostess, and serve refreshments. I'm not able to visit my mo_m or spend the evenings just doing nothing if I feel like it. I'm forced to entertain and clean up afterward. I have two preschool children and work part-time, so I'm Jaycee-Ettes have full schedule at Tuesday meeting at Sheraton The Hope Jaycee-Ettes met Tuesday night at the Sheraton Inn to enjoy an evening meeting and meal. First on the agenda was old business which included the Christmas Parade, the Jaycees Santa Float, Turkey Shoot, and the Gerald Ellis project. The club was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Chamber of Commerce for its work on the Christmas Parade. Final plans for the drawing of the turkeys were discussed. Under new business was the discussion of the Jaycee ^Christmas party, Saturday, 'December 17th, at the Town and Country. Members were reminded that there will be a visit from Santa and not to forget the package for Santa to deliver to their children. Discussion then turned to naming a "Woman of the Year" in Hope. Names of other chapters in the state that run such projects were taken down to contact and get more information concerning such a project. Members were also reminded that the concession stand for the Jaycees Junior Olympic Basketball would be coming up right after Christmas so to get prepared. FRIDAY "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." — John 15:12, 13. "So long as we love, we serve; so long as we are loved by others, I should say that we are almost indispensable; and no man is useless while he has a friend." — Robert Louis Stevenson, English novelist. BEDROOM 1 12' * 15-4" (sloped ceiling) LIVING ROOM 20' « 13' (stoped ceil) gloss doors fireploct ' &*? INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR walls of this one-story Spanish-style home are of concrete block and the roof shingles are of clay tile. Rudolph Matern's Plan HA1018M provides three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is buUt on a concrete slab. Total size is 1,324 square feet, not including the garage, atrium and entrance court. For more information, write to the architect- enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope—at 89 East Jericho Turnpike, Mineola, N.Y. 11501. In ancient Egypt olive oil was used for cooking, hair oil, skin moisturizers, lamps and fuel. Lawana Waters was named Jaycee-Ette of the Quarter for the second quarter and recognized for a job well done and a lot of hard work put in. It was also announced that Jaycee-Ette Pam Bobo was hospitalized in Little Rock. The arrival of two new babies to Jaycee-Ettes were also announced as being: Charles and Patti Gilbert, girl, named Dawn Michelle, and Gerald and Jeanine Bonner, boy, named Johnathon Jay. Beauty Tips Polish pow! Create a dramatic look with your nails by striping them with different colors of polish. Smouldering sight Eye make-up this season is smouldering — everything smokey and smudged. Keep it clean To avoid skin infections, make sure you clean powder puffs and blusher brushes, etc., often and well. Natural shine Is nail polish getting to be a pain? Produce a natural shine by buffing your nails with a buffing nail brush instead. Dashing dab Perfume shouldn't be restricted to earlobes and wrists. A dab behind the knee and at the temple works well, too. Neck note Remember, when giving yourself a facial, don't overlook your neck. That counts, too. Fashion Silk sails on For evening, a black silk flounced skirt can move from a cocktail party to a formal affair easily. Great update To update an old fur coat or jacket, think about tying a felt or suede strip around it at the waist. Welcome warmth Layering is the answer for bitter winter days. And layering with wool as opposed to synthetics is guaranteed for warmth. Textured tip Textured stockings look fine with short or rugged sport boots, but regular pantyhose just doesn't work with them. not a lady (if leisure. How do I toll those wives that the bnnil practice is for the Kiiys? \Ve don't socialize' outside of those draimstnnces, so plenso tell me how to handle this t not fully. O\ THE SPOT DEAR ON: Phono the wives before (ho next rehearsal and tell them you may not be home. Hold the refreshments down to coffee or a cold drink, and let the guys help themselves. Repent this procedure before each rehearsal and they'll soon get the message thet somebody at your flat is sharp. DEAR ABHY: Do kids over got too old to kiss their parents? And what do you think of boys kissing thoir fathers? I don't mean every time they see each other, but when one of them has boon away on n long trip. I'm n 15-year-old boy who still kisses both'my pn and I've boon criticized for it. ME parents, DEAR ME: Kids never g^et too old to kiss their parents. And I see nothing wrong with boys (and men) kissing their fathers, their brothers or anyone else they feel like kissing. A kiss is not—as the song goes—"just a kiss." It's a lovely way of saying, "1 like (or love) you." Who said the teen years are the happiest? For Abby's new booklet "What Teenagers Want to Know," write Abby: 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212. Enclose 51 and a long, stamped (24 cents), self-addrcssed envelope, please. communiTY CALEPIDAR Friday, December 16 Perrytown will have a Christmas program Friday, December 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the Perrytown City Hall. Public invited. Hope Chapter No. 328 Order of the Eastern Star will have Open Installation Friday, December 16 at 8 p.m. at the Masonic Temple. A reception will follow. Saturday, December 17 Whitfield Masonic Lodge No. 239 will have an open installation of officers Saturday, December 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the lodge hall. Roy Zinger will have a slide program. Refreshments will be served. Hope Lilac Garden Club will sponsor the Story Hour at the Hempstead County Library Saturday, December 17 from 10 to 11 a.m. After a Christmas story there will be a craft session. Kindergarten and elementary age children are invited. Pupils of Bess Evans will be presented in recital Saturday, December 17 at 7 p.m. in the First Baptist Church fellowship hall. Public invited. There will be a Disco dance at the Hope City Youth Center on Saturday, December 17 at 8 p.m. It will be sponsored by the Young Adult Cotillion Club and will be $1. Card night at Hope Country Club scheduled for Saturday, December 17 has been CANCELLED. Sunday, December 18 Hempstead County third Sunday afternoon singing will be Sunday, December 18 at 1:30 p.m. in Holly Grove Methodist Church. Singers and listeners are invited. Rising Star baptist Church appreciation program for Harold Phillips will be Sunday at the church at 2:30 p.m. All city and area churches are given an invitation to attend. Monday, December 18 Brown Elementary PTA will meet Monday, December 19 at 7 p.m. in the school cafeteria. A Christmas program will be presented by the pupils. NOTICE: Weight Watchers will be meeting at Faith Bible Church, across from the library on 5th and Elm, as of Monday, November 7 at 5:30 p.m. All Interested persons ore invited to attend. Alcoholic Anonymous and Al- Anon Family Group meet every Monday at 8 p.m. at the House of Hope, corner of Jones Street, near Fair Park. Call 2512 or 3701 for additional information. Call 777-4255 for TOPS AR 94 information. The club meets every Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Douglas Building. Tuesday, December ZO Whitfield Masonic Lodge No. 239 will have a regular stated meeting Tuesday, December 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Masonic Lodge. IMPORTANT: No wedding or engagement pictures will be returned unless accompanied by self addressed and stamped envelope. Pictures may DC picked up at the Star office after they run in paper. Here's the Answer By ANDY LANG AP News features Q. — I intend to put down insulation batts in the floor of our unused attic. Can I put the insulation (it's mineral wool) close to the electric cables that go through one part of the floor? A. — Yes, but treat the electrical wiring with care. Don't try to pull it or bend it out of the way. Hand-pack the insulation around it. Your letter indicates there is presently no insulation in the attic floor. Therefore, be sure the vapor barrier side of the insulation is face down; that is, towards the heated part of the house. Also, work from the outer edge of the attic space toward the center. You'll be able to do whatever cutting and fitting is necessary at the center of the attic rather than near the eaves, where there is little headroom. Roast duck is delicious served with sauerkraut that has been simmered with onion and apple. IF SHE WEARS A HALF-SIZE DRESS 12 V 2 TO 241/2 YOU SHOULD SHOP moles SP€CifilTY SHOP Page Recipe of the Week EDITOR'S NOTE: Here are two gwid "mix" recipes which we received from the Hempstead County F,x- tension office. They will both come In handy n't this season. PLEASE clip and save became wr cannot run them again. CHOCOLATE DRINK 4 cups dry milk, 1 cup cocoa. 1 cup suijnr. '•« teaspoon suit. Combine Ingredients and sift. Store in lightly covered jar. Add *< cup mix to 1 cup water when serving. DONUTM1X 74 cups flour. 1 tbsp. salt, 1 tbsp. ginger, 1 tbsp. nutmeg. 2 tbsp. plus 2 tsp. baking powder, 2 cups sugar, 2 tbsp. cinnamon, l a cup powdered milk. To use mix, beat together: 4 eggs, l i cup cooking oil, and 2 nips water, Add dry ingredients. Bent until smooth. t)rop by rounded teaspoons In deep fat preheated to 375 degrees F. Drain on paper towel. $. Taylor entertains club with Yule story Mrs. Eugene Jines and Mrs. Otis Taylor were hostesses to the Hope Lilac Garden Club's annual Christmas luncheon Wednesday at the Sheraton Inn. A favor and place card were at each place. They were tiny Christmas trees made of spools. The president, Mrs. W.D. Cohea welcomed eighteen members and a guest, Mrs. H.P. Dupuy. Mrs. L.C. Collins gave the Invocation. After the meal Mrs. Otis Taylor Introduced Mrs. Roy Taylor who brought a story written by Sophia Swett, "How Santa Claus Found the Poor House." At the gift exchange, three judges chose Mrs. A.M. Hewitt's gift to be wrapped the prettiest and gave her the prize. As gifts were exchanged Santa (Mrs. Otis Taylor) distributed them. The Garden Therapy com- mittee, Mra. Jim Stroud nnd Mrs. A.M. Hewitt took several plants to the Heritage Manor Nursing Hnme from the club. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, ADMnTED: John and Jewell Polndexter, Emmet; Mrs. Fannie Boyco, Washington; John Nlvcns, Murfrocahoro; Mrs. Beatrice Webb, Edna Davis, Charles Ellis, Robert Stevens, all of Hope. DISMISSED: Mrs. Augusta Green, Mrs. Rufus Askew, Mrs. Alvin Abercromble, Mrs. Olan Reeves, Mrs. Stun Michael Beavers and baby, Mrs. Earl Murphy, Waymond Herring, Mrs. David Beavers and baby, all of Hope; Bert Montgomery, McCasklU; William H. Baker, Emmet. Publication guidelines Articles for publication on the Society page of the Hope Star should be submitted no later than four days following the event. Coming and going articles may be telephoned to the Hope Star 777-8841 but articles about club meetings, parties, or weddings should be brought or mailed to the Star office (typewritten or printed) P.O. Box 64fl, Hope, Ark. 71801. Wedding articles should be submitted no later than a week after the ceremony, and preferably several days before. No picture of a local girl will be run in the Star if submitted to another paper first. Pictures cannot be returned by mail, If not accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. However, all pictures are kept and can be picked up at the Star office. Use fresh chilled poultry within two days. Saenger THEATRE TONITE Sat. 1:00 AND 7:00 ADM. 1.00-2.00 The Life and Times of GRizznr ADAMS The True story of a man exiled In the wilderness and how he learns to survive PLUS Sliming p«x>! Wwl wt *r> not «k>n« In lh« unlvirM. STARTSSUNDAY ITS THAT MAIN MOMMA PAM GRIER SHOW SHOW STARTS AT 7 P.M.

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