The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 27, 1966 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
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Sunday, February 27, 1966
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Sunday, February 27. 1966 Future Farmers Enter Livestock Show; Plan Barbecue In April By IVoou Hoffpauir Robert E. HI<h School Future Farmers of Robert E. Lee High School are participating in the Houston Livestock Show wife a few exhibits. Kick Joces is entering the ex-! riculture building and dressed., and woodshop projects, hibitioo for lambs: Francis j The FFA will buy the broilers • «,•««.»«•«> c-»r House with his broilers, a n d i from the boys for the barbecue. Richard Harrington and Randy] Approximately 170 chickens Muilins, exhibits for their broil-j were dressed last week. ers _ ' i Another future event coming FFA bovs are now raising and I up in April is the Baytown Youth have raised broilers for their j Fair and Rodeo which the FFA annual barbecue to be held in j is preparing for with exhibits April. These chicks are bought land participants, when sti!! a day old and raised Junior Agriculture students SCIENCE FAIR The 1S66 Science Fair is the main event at Robert E. Lee right now. Many students have worked long hours on their individual projects, thus learning more and more about the field of science, chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. Nonwinning projects may bejnite fields will go to designated dismantled at 5 p.m. Projects will be judged on creative ability, 30 points; scienti- IJrograms. KEYETTES Plans are now in progress for fie thought. 30 points; thorough-j the Keyette banquet at 7:30 p.m. ness, 10 points; skill. 10 points; j March 12 at the Goose Creek clarity. 10 points and dramatic \ Country dub. Susie Williams so- value. 10 points. Each member of the groups jiheme at the Tuesday meeting winning first, second, and third as "Carousel." Margaret Lewis. program chairman, is lining up entertainment and has already secured the main speaker. Joanna Petrash project chairman has worked with Keyettes on the club project of providing April 14 — Southern Belle Assembly. April 16 — Junior Optimisses Banquet. April 22 — Southern Belle Spring Concert. April 23 — Brigadier luncheon, Country dub. April 15 — Fine Arts Festival. J April 30 — Band Banquet, Stu- REL. dent Commons. 8 to 10 p.m. a four - year - old cerebral palsy j April 16 — Play !>ay for Jun- { April 2S-29 — Brigadier try- cial chairman, announced the child with a wheel chair. Thefior High Girls, GRA sponsor, jouts. 4-6 p.m. for nine weeks. They are then taken to the Robert E. Lee Ag- are now in shop making show \ til 5 p.m. Exhibits will be on display un- i places will be awarded ribbons.! • boxes, feeders and other metal • sembly will begin. * *^ when the awards as- fhese students will not be eligi-; Concert Set March 19 By All-City Band By SXEFAXNI Horace Mann Junior High Reporter son, president; Artie Pressley, vice president; Weldon Yarborough, secretary': James Robertson, treasurer; David Bonin, fire chief; Mike Anderson, assistant fire chief; representative, Dudley Nash ; Max Serrano, sargeant at arms; reporter. Billy Little. The band students have i worked hard in preparation for the All-City Junior High Band audition which was held recently. The try-outs for this annual j^r contest are always exciting as'"' the various junior high schools compete against each other forj group. [Dannv Dubose, vice president: The All-City Band program i Q,.^^ H awrhorne, secretary; will be given at 7:30 p.m. Sat-j jerrv Frcnch? treasurer; Hil- urday. March IS, in the Rooertj da j^^ representative; Kerry E. Lee High School auditonum. i Mardn ^ cnief . Tony Mullens, Sectional rehearsals will be held! assislant fire chicf . twice between now and thej ^ foUowin<c were elected in concert- iss . David Howell, president; Fred Parker, band director\) Patrick McC raney vice presi- reports the eighth graae bandj dent . pat £^1^ secretary: is busy preparing for concerts! Kim ' Georgi> representative; to be given at several elernen- j ^^ Rendon fire chief . r^n. tary schools m the near nature | a]d Derretti assistant fire chief; Selections at these concerts wUlj Jeff Ward _ report er. SS^Kin^S ^''SSV Oncers in 8.9 are Bobbie Gorthe Pixies" "Dominique" and! dv - president; Yvonne Harvill, h jvice president; Sharon Rowe. others. rRWF (secretary; Darlene Tanner, rep- EIGHTH GRADE resentative; Jerry Hance. fire Eighth grade homerooms have Marcilla McCormick, as- Bobby Odneal rmkes All City] things . . . Jancy Stephenson is band Kent Adlong works on!missed at school . ble for the Houston Science Fair, i For the Greater Houston Sci- > ence Fair Robert E. Lee Highj School may enter S for the biology exhibition, 4 for chemistry, i for physics and 17 for the field of mathematics. Projects for the Houston Fair'j ^^ McMurrav's toes get be registered any time be-; ld - Mar ^, Romberg's .n 19 r>yv\r» lr\r\ 5*-^ft r» m nv\ • " - Gander Quacks Keyettes are also helping thej April 16 — District Number; May 13 — RtX Choir Spring cerebral palsy center by mak-j Sense meet, REL. ing towels, wash cloths and other j April 17-19 needed items. CALENDAR I Concert, 8 p.m. CSruti likes to write notes Stephen Knight has an exciting Stephen Polley makes Donald Wright shares pepper-| and from Houston for "the Fair.!' mint sticks . . . Bruce Martin J For Robert E. Lee a total of!' . . . Carolyn against a Mickey Smith has fun finding BUly Draper, vice. Diana Willis, secre-1 Bruce Harris likes to snatch' an Roush posts a letter. _ ; Joe Fayle, reporter; Ben-j nie Huntiey, representative; Pat| \Vay. fire chief; Gar>- Novadod,' assistant fire chief. Section 8.7 ] biology projects have been en- j tered in the 1966 Science Fair. ^ o - , , » r- ^MchW about breaT Dur \™*s "the total look" . . . Bren- 19 physics projects, 9 math ex- ™ Section 8.6 elected Bo Cox. W«ch^ about bread ... Ehir- hibitions. 3 chemistry and 17J'?<* -- - . xa»™, ^ - zvrye^ u«« •evident- Billv Draoer. viceirell Stovall is sohcCous - - -\ aa - ioung ha s prooiems . . . J»us-j K .^^ :,„,-_.„ ,_.._- , ^ n jdecides candy is worth getnng Q^^ creek Country Club ir ! choked on Mickey McHugh! March 14 _ ^ ^ ^ i ooTo ct ir>?Mi triori »rv Tr»«» m»r*rif*a *~ir : . - . March 2 — Vote for King and Queen Assembly Court. March 3 — Traffic Court, Mrs. Shirley Shanks' homeroom. March 3 — "Salute to Youth" Auditions. March 7 — Vote for King and 5— Distributive Educa- state convention. Fort March 10 — Traffic Court, Miss Gloria Pope's homeroom. March 10 and 11 — Stage Band activity period. banquet. Key Club district: May 14 — Senior Prom, Syl- Convention. jvan Beach. April 21 — San Jacinto Day, j June 1 — July 29 — Summer Holiday. • School. Teens Of The Week Teen Sceiie S3l£33^«£S=^^ Cedar Bayou Choir Sings At Bayfown By BECKT MOORE Cedar Raroa Junior EC^b Reporter Georgiann i recently elected officers for ""^sjstant fire chief spring semester. Section 8.1 j j^ "treasurer;' &'£Sfi££FSi SSI'—i "£^0,00, s 4S ^"rss! **.» ™ s?°» ae Inge-soil room representative: i dents made their schedule Johnson, fire chief; Hugh |the lr remaining years in t Robinson assistant fire i school last Thursday._ Jtenry ,.- To : I The ninth grade choir, under , Roseanna jthe direction of Mrs. Xina Stone, presented a program at j Baytown Junior High on Friday. Some of their selections were for!. "I know "Happiness Is," a Maid- "Dowrt- -Call to Remembrance." We sing ... .. Farethee - Marilyn Stanley. Those students making "A and one B" are ninth graders: Joanna Brewer, Dianna Darby, TO FORT WORTH The Distributive dub will be represented by five) students at the State Convention! in Fort Worth March 4 - 5. Thej- j -^ardison are Judy Parsons. Kellv Mudd.j* *T , Fred Adams, Kathy Sanders and Mlke Hai! isets sunburned in the middle of| winter . . . Ricky Burch volun-j Assembly. Queen March Assembly, J March 16 — Vocation Day. { March 16 — Lee Choir assem- 011 anjbly at Horace Mann. aptitude test . . . Charlotte Dav- March 17 — Traffic Court, is is welcomed back after a ;Mrs _ Mary Lou Burkett's home^ Donna Hoffpauir. Judy and Kelly won at area , contest in the field of sales dem-! xveek °f lUnes * - : ' Jon McMan " room, onstration. i ^ looks good _ ui_ green gymj March 17 Both DE No. 1 and DE No. Southern Gents ': letter from - - - Kath - v Bench gets a • &nd Sophomore Choir assemblies ~ in creative i with their projects marketing. DE No. 1 has based their pro-j iect on banking and finance and DE No. 2 on "What Baytown Needs Most." ! Jefferson has Butch surprising j March 18 — JCL Banquet. March 18-19 — Senior High In- j dream . . . Carrie Queen won- j terscholastic Choir Contest, sders about a "silent friend Karol Emmert is proud of her rew senior ring. Harold Wieser helps a lady in REL. March 18 — Holiday. March 19 — I,ee Relays. March 24 JOHN (RUST Y) RUSSELL, Baytown Junior High ninth grader, hfla won an array of awards at Youth Fairs and has been active in the Baytown 4-H Club eight years. The scramble caU he won at last Karen Emor>', Phyllis EweJl, j Winners at state convention! distress . . . Lyn Wood is ques-jand Sophomore Choir Sprin Beverly Guthrie, Margaret Hum- j will be entitled to attend Na-Ironed about a banquet . . . Jan;Concert. phrey, Diana Jennings. Debbie jnona! Convention in Chicago. Johnson. Fritz Lanham, Betty t . FUTURE TEACHERS ;Orr states "It's already been Southern Gents! year's Baytown Youth Fair will be shoivn at this year's fair. He also will participate in a beef judging team at the March 25-26 — Diversified Oc- Lintleman. Steve McBride. Eliz- Futur e Teachers left Fridav j provides needed information. . .iLamar Tech. abeth Parker, Cheryl Smith, Suzette John Partin, Tuner, j Turned in" . . . Beverly McCall cupations district convention, atj Houston Fat Stock Show. Rusty is an acolyte at Trinity Epis- rr.oming for the state conven- i Becky Brunson, Melissa Fulker-| March 25 — JCL Convention.} copal Church, is a top student Debra Kolb and Greg Sanders. Eighth grade students are Duane Blankey, Lanny Mann. Pat Raymer and Peggy Smith. Seventh graders are Andee Andrews, Christie Behrens, Tony Boney. John Cantrell, Gayla chief. Officers for 8.2 are: Milner, president; Grady vice president; Kay secretary; Eddie Christensen. i r"; Terry Sanders. Sue Hale, |Armstrong, principal of Robert W ell," "Michael Row the Boat."! ",,|Greer, Dan Hemdon, Lynda Mc- We m& , |E. Lee; John Adams, assistant; ••ch r i s t j Frank James, I'jriee " , T-f s ..Jf." A special group composed of go to Lee. Roy White-1 ; vlart Vnkta^a. Pam Herring- renre-, principal and H. IL Joanna Brewe Charles ch'ief;! 3 *" 8 **™ 1 " 1 '..counselor. .met withj pure , John Morgan ^ ^ Martha Wilhite. assistant firei*l futoe Sie ^? ^^,,^\len Caruthers sang "Now Glad VC *T? T7 Gee, Kellv Martin. Krrk Norton Do All Adore , ; J. C. Cato. sargent at I One copy of the schedule will! Tracev Jobs, monitor. jgo to the high school office, and 1-gj.Jorie copy will be kept for future .. , h . > the at "Sing Joyous Christian" featured Don Childers, Charles chief; arms; m Section S.4 officers are: r>- Wilder, president; P a u ! j «^ren« uy u . e ^'^^V^j Pursley. Holly Ehlig. Don Allen, Smith vice president; He1en i Bro ^L an d "Bill McDowell Airs i John Morgan and Connie Camp- Hefner, secretary: Wendell G^j B and ^^^11 wiU start!bell- -^ '• lis, treasurer; Juanna Strc.nge | ^^^^ ^^ parents of j CHOIR OFFICERS representati^; Janie Head fire - aders swn Eignth gnAe choir officers chief; Robert \\iUiams, assist- » ... . f h bv the are Debbie Coleman, president: ant fire chief. Officers for 8.5 are ces , student a s to the e.xact date of Don Slaney, vice president; Kev. Chns <™ Roers secretar-Ka Stan- The Fabric Shop \ EDNA '<& JTM BOYER L17 E. Tex. Ave. 4300 Decker Dr. 583-7346 566-7311 -Ithe consultation concerning the Jin Rogers, secretary; Kay Stan ley, treasurer; Debbie Davison and Everett Seymore, riser cap- MAN>* MEDLEY ' Terri Peterson loses a baby i tooth . . . Libby McGraw keeps j tain. Officers SUNDAY SPECIAL CHICKEN DINNER REG. 85c BROWN'S CHICKEN SHACK 901 E. Texas 582-959O for seventh grade Karen Allen, presi- ice president: Mary Walker, secretary: |Gayla Greer, treasurer; Debbie i Stone and Leslie Lanham, libra- ian appointment. . . Beth Erwin!=hoir are: Karen Allen "•; tells "Would You Believe?" dent; Jimmy Jeffrey, vi i jokes . . . Frances Smith car- I ries a lizard in the hal! 3 . . . ; Mike Enoch is a "69er" . . -! .Brenda McCormick is xvelcomedj back to H M Bobbv Kinsevi if eels S°£: ' - Qndy Couch andlCavaretta, riser captains. i Becky McCraw rode on a float I in Houston . . . Darlene Tan! ner is missed. '< Lee Armstrong is willing toW Igive up Easter holidays . i Sherry Larsen doesn't have Uvear "chicken" earrings . - -1 - . • dp ! Linda Littleton ha s many rec-jthe ninth grade, i ipes . . . Janie Lanie Head hides ] Eignth graae Bobby Light GRADES CBJH students having all "A" report cards are Kathy Atteber- i Cindy 'toliy Ehli -. Kent Gandy, Brent dopffarth, and Cathy Kalisek in students are: y Owen, Debbie Stone and Pam Viles. NEW STUDENTS There have been several new students at CBJK. They are Jerry Hatch from Pasadena; Cherie Coffie, Buena Park, Calif.; Sharon Laughlin from Odessa; and Don Pigott from Baytown Junior High. BEAK BUZZ j .Jo Lynn Bankston falls out a window . . . Cheryl Tieman re-j veals something funny . . . Betty Lintleman and Carol Schrader are ready . . . Darline Weaver forgets her job. Vicki Durham and Cheryl i Gandv run to catch the bus' tion in Austin. json and Debbie Helpert have j 4-11 p.m. All three Robert E. Lee Fu-|slacked down on gossip duties.! March 24-26 — Student Coun- ture Teachers Clubs are participating in this convention, R. B. Sparks group, the REL Future Richard Newton is recognized' . . Ronnie Robinson is asked his name - Vicki Vaughn Teachers and the George Arm- enjoys judging traffic violators strong Future Teachers. EsteOa Maxwell proudly j The convention will provide! Tells about a special friend . individual members with classes' Wlibert \Vinklemann boasts of and programs in the particular i seafood . . Kenneth Dickerson field they wish to study. For instance, future librarians will attend special classes in library \ Congratulations to Carol Lam- procedure and teachers of defi- j mers for a job well done. was not home when needed cil Convention, Hurst. March 26 — National Honor Society Banquet. March 23 — Vocational Day. March 28-23 — Choir assemblies, activity period. March 30 — Vocational Day. April 1 — Concert Band, assembly. April 6 — Vocational Day. April 8-12 — Easter Holidaj. April 13 — Tennis Meet. and enjoys reading and raising animals. Son of Mr. an<j Mrs. B. R. Foster^ 225 \Vooster, he has a younger brother. Carl, also a student at BJH. DAVID PETRASH, son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Petrash of 517 Harvey, received the honor of accompanist for all region choir, has won an organ scholarship to North Texas State College and is presently the accompanist for the REL Choir. He Is also baritone section leader for the REL Choir and baritone horn player in the REL Band. David is now serving as chaplain of the band. In 1965 David was a Beys State delegate. Hobbles include organ, piano, music instruments and outdoor sports. David is the president of Grace Methodist MYF. David hopes to be a professional organist. Choir Attends Gulf Coast Clinic By CATHIE CHANDLER Baytown Junior High Reporter nesday. A few of the other songs they sang wer e "This is a Great Country," "Anna Lou," and "The Processional Hymn." ASSEMBLIES Last Friday the Highlands band performed an assembly of iced during the week after school, then were chosen Thursday and Friday after school. The All - City band members are as follows: First Chair: Susan Oliphant, clarinet; Debbie Swofford. saxo- Dicky Hunter pushes Wier in a locker popular music. The band is un-jP non e; Terry Smith, bassoon; der the direction of James Cun-j Ma rlene Hicks. French horn; The Baytown Junior High ninth'ningham, and performed during i Bi11 Burns, baritone; Arthur ' . . . Jay Treybi.g tries hard? . . . grade choir attended the Gulf i second period and homeroom. DeniseiCoast Music Clinic Saturday! On Thursday the Carver band ~-ymanj -norning in Galena Park. The i performed a program for the Martinez, trombone; and Mark Brown, drum Van Boswell, clarinet; L u c y Smith sells Peggy Miller a • choir, under the direction of Mrs. iBJH student body. The Carver j Whitson, alto saxophone; Nancy skate board. Kay Roberson goes to the show I clinicians at 8:40 a.m. arid re- i Gene Cartwright. . . . Debbie Coleman and Rhon- j turned home at noon. j PICTURES da Considme eat lunch later . . .p Xh e clinic is held for the Gulf I The eighth and ninth , . . JCorabel Bueloxv. sang for the! band is under the direction of|Howell, flute; ^Stuart Haney, I,.!:..:..: --- ~* &.*f\ _ _ __ j __ !r-~«_ /^-.T.t.T^^rrV,» Iflute- Rene Eafstham. fliitp- Beth Creel West's Marv Gary-: er picks Georgeanne Green has some new jokes. Jerry Durst gets all tangled grade looks at Mary Coast region junior high choirs j choir and band had their pic- flute; Rene Jeanne Barnes, bass flute; clarinet; Nancy Cherry, alto clarinet: Seven 'Shiflett oboe; Glenda three songs the BJH choir sang j cost of the pictures will be up in Debbie Ernest around school. Johnson's hairdo Richardson runs were "The Lord Bless You and cents. Keep You," "Something Told The Wild Geese" and "Every Night When the Sun Goes In." The choir also performed ALL - CITY BAND net; Larry Barren, comet; Marie Watson, French horn; Diano DeGarmo. French horn; Monte Peggy Hill!Brenda Burton. Keith Carr, Deb- hm?- David!hie Coleman, Debbie Davison. iSoT^hir^X-- smile . .JSherry Hair^Kay Hoberson, De^ HP i, h se"n at se.n ai DRIVE-IN THEATRE - ENDS TONITE "40 ACRE FEUD" "YOUNG FURY" 'Between Heaven-Hell' SUNDAY Always 2 Features THRU TUES. BRUNSON NOW THRU TUESDAY i. - " NOW SEE HOW THE WEST WAS LEEBEMICK ,MMHAHffll THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL : S,TECHNICOLOR'inrWpmriw CARTOON" * N"EWS NOW SHOWING ONLY 11 DAYS LEFT ,•:..-'-, JAMES C08U8N IEE J.COBB GILA GRAN Sn*Mt H m ME tt II itm • tool tr S*«l •»" COLOR a r CE IUXE- CINEMASCOPE Lindy Anderson gets Cindy Davison laugh at joke? . . . Cheryl Reddell is described . . . Jeanne Leatherwood and nise Traham and Paul Work- Mike Hoskins try to keep order. man. Diane Wilks has a new job . . . Seventh graders are: George j Jenny Sooy gets her hair cut Hurst, Elaine Johnson, Pattij --- Belinda _Elmore looses her Kunz, Leslie Lanham, Maryj Walker. David Roquemore and Mary Beth Thompson, Rhonda I Sherman and Linda Bradley arej busy! . . . Troy Taylor lends his coat . . . Brian Chapman gets in trouble . . . Larry Sandlin claps in assembly . . . Oops, Joe Jones claps at the wrong time. Pud Wheaton is asked about 'Susan KelTy.- Debby Perry and j Highlands Junior High last Wed- The All -City Band members ; iLuker _ baritone - Ray Fisher were chosen last week. The nmth j baritone . B>TOn Tat & ombone . grade band members under the SGene 1^.^, trorn bone; Gor- direction of Elmer Hargis, pract- All-City Band Members Are Chosen At Highlands AVOID THE RUSH! HAVE YOUR CAR INSPECTED NOW. By JKFFKETf WEBBER Highland* Junior Reporter I ASSEMBLY i A group of school representa- itives recentlv " NANCY FERGUSON, elected to Who's Who by Crosby High School faculty. Is a junior class fcvvorite. jruard on the girls' basketball team, active in I^uture HontenuUcers. N^ - tiona-1 H*>nor Sc^ciety, student council and the junior class play. Her pajients are Mr. and Mrs. Carrol! Ferguson of Crosbv. don Combs, trombone. Deon Brown is the all - city band director. The band members Saturday] •.vent to a solo and ensemble contest in Port Neches and the band members from all over Texas met here to try for first place medals. GOSLTN- GOSSIP Hal Smith throws paper air,«-^ --^ .... visited HJH to ! speak to the eighth and ninth ;P Iane s ! graders about next year Henry i has ^ odd tocker - ' ' Ton > r Gar ' j Armstrong crincipal of" Robert! cia need s to watch his hands. . . IE. Lee High School explained i Sheryl Nesselrode spells her the districting of the school dis- name wath an S. . . Demse Rein- trict as it would apply to the| eke is a Painless blood tester. . . stu- two high schools. Mrs. Winnie i Ralph Ragalde chews on a pen. ARTHXTR MTRRAY Koh<>rson Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roberson of 71G''j Willow. Arthur is a member of the Carver Cavailers and runs on the track team. lie Is also a varsity member of the Iootha.Il squad. Active in youth church activities, he l» a member of Thomas Chape! Methodist Church of Bavtown. r iBaytonian Casey A&M Distinguished Student Highlands Junior High ,. „ ... = dents made a good showing at j Brown "principal'of Ross Ster-! Alva Cunningham doesn't like. Ga P rvS ^ t % f : K • I y .r , lg ! the all-city band auditions. [ling Hi ? h School, explained the j her sreen legs . . . Shelley Hayes j ana Kathy Atteberry don t un- Selectcd , r o m Highlands! subjects to be taught at the new receives a mysterious Valentine ^ ^ derstand . . . Jean Wieser and wm . ^.^ sch(x)! AI!en Alford voca .j. . . Bob Boyd is a srnartaleck • *>*> m Becky Mears, first chair j tional agriculture teacher at I ln sixth period . . . B>-ron Tate ' 1 Vicki Vickers forget their books We've Already Congratulated Our MASTER SALESMAN Award Winner NOW WE'D LIKE TO THANK YOU. Because people like you helped our star salesman receive his coveted Pontiac Motor Division award by buying a record number of new Pontiacs and used cars from him during the past year. We're proud to have salesmen like this working for us. The kind you can depend on lor courteous treatment and genuine assistance in buying. And we're just as proud to have customers who recognize these abilities— and reward them with their business. So thanks very much to each and an of you who bought a car from our star salesman hi "65. You're "star customers" in our book. GLENN CRAWFORD Baytown Motors Inc. 700 W. TEXAS AVE. 582-8161 GMC TRUCKS flute: Nowana Alexander, third 1 REL. spoke about his depart- charr flute: Sheryl Gilbert, j ment ar >d Dan Staliworth. dis- fourth chair flute: Brenda Kel-jtrict athletic director, spoke on ly, first chair obie; Cassie Har- j athletic eligibility. man, first chair tenor saxo-j wT^mirrHTB phone; Sharon Arsement, first! HIGHLIGHTS chair bass clarinet: Patricia; Cassie Herman is nervous ... Sammons. fourth chair alto sax-!Shirlie Brough gets a present I tennis courts. ->phone: Ted Richards, second;- • Arnold Castillo says thej jean Ferrel and Carole Boyer chair cornet: Martha Cannon.! pledge . . . Brenda Meadows | go to a dance convention - - - 'ourth chair trombone; Jeff islands in the cold . . . Patricia LOJ S wikstrom's bow does go freezes in English. Carrole Allison gets thrown in the aisle Friday night . . .Steven S'hiflett. Connie Chris. Jim Ashby and Lucy Whitson play capture the flag . . .Holly Vernon's present gets passed around the Webber fourth chair baritone;!Sammons wishes she could gc French horn; Mike Earls, third i somewhere besides algebra -hair bass horn; John Jackson.[class- sixth chair bass horn; Martha! Sharon Arsement is left . . . Greshan. third chair percussion; j Roy Hal] and Larry Hook try Vickie Schmadl, fourth chain to make a diamond, percussion. : CARVER BAND The Carver High School Band- recently visited HJH to give a i Concert. Some of the numbers. the band played were, "Beguine Festival," "Pink Panther" and; "Scandinavian Fantasy." j ENGLISH The ninth grade English class-1 es have been conduct ing a survey to see how the students! '.vere spending their leisure' time. The surveys will be used on a report on "How to Study." Ninth grade classes also began Homer's Odyssey this week. They will study this in accord- ince with the ninth grade literature plan. REL CHOIR The Robert E. Lee High School Choir gave a concert at HJH last week. They sang a varied selection of pieces. . Lou Ellen new dresses . Luan Blakey ties the string Kyle Fullick almost gets with her dress Currie gets some his block knocked off ... Thomas Fortney goes bowling. CHEMPUEX CO. NOW HIRING KEY PLANT PERSONNEL for NEW $60 MILLION OLErlN-POLYOLEFIN COMPLEX IN CLINTON, IOWA We are prepared to pay for people of proven capabilities and drive. Polyethylene experience helpful. Send biographical sketch to Pat Jarratt, Vice-Presideat, Manufacturing, 1910 16th Street, Orange. Texas. JANIE GRAY, daughter of Mrs. Jirnmie H. Gray t is a senor at REL. tfanie ^s ^ n *^P Southern Belles, REL Choir, Singers. She ^ all - region and all- stale choir. A member of Memorial Baptist Church, she is active in its church choir. Other school activities include being v«ce president of Junior Optimisses. Janie likes to p'ay the and sing. College choice will be Lee then to another college with her major in music education. ~- ! Timothy Casey, one of 'he 9S recipients of the Opix>rtunity Scholarship Awards given in "lay of 1364 by Texas A&M University, has been designated a distinguished student at A&M. Timothy fas a 196-! graduate of Robert E. Lee High School. 'a, |Tho scholarship he received was ,£ I sponsored by the A&M Alumni Association. Timothy was also on the honor roll at the university in the fail of 1965. The letter he received said in part. ". . . We are pleased to note your academic record for fall of this year. which entitles you to the privileges of distinsjushed student. Congratulations on your accomplishments." The letter was from Fred J. Benson, dean of engineering a; Texas A&M. If It's . . . PRESCRIPTIONS Black's Pharmacies 72' E. Trx»» 583-1755 Decker at Sterlino 582-8107 Homt cucrac Ht«J»*i Fairmont Park A> ESTABLISHED COMMUNITY 2 MILES WEST OF LA PORTE ON SPENCER HWY. GOOD DESIGN plus GOOD CONSTRUCTION plus GOOD PROPERTY STANDARDS equal "GOOD VALUES" Y.A. — F.H.A. -- Conventional HOMES FROM $15,000.00 io $35,000.00

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