Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 25, 1993 · Page 17
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 17

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1993
Page 17
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- FRI., JUNE 25-SAT., JUNE 26, 1993 — B-5 -.**A+, --.-•....•.•.•. ->.•• s.*..,*i,.... „,..,„„..,..,*».,*„,*,»„*,,*„.„.*.;....,.•„...... FRIDAY EVENING 1 SATURDAY EVENING I 1 - . ...... 6:00 6:30 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 I 9:30 110:00 6:00 I 6:30 7:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS ar Cheers nr ¥ News |Co8by [Night Ct. [Cheers [Blossom Major League Baseball: Athletics at Rangers Cont'd News News News C. Affair G. Palace News Hard Cpy. News [News Wonder MecNeil/Lehrer H. Patrol |Emer. Call 21 Jump Street Cheers Roseanne Roseanne Cosby AaE DISC ESPN FAM Mansion UFE Su- NICK SCIFI TBS TNT USA WON DISN Star Trek Gen. Investigative Reports Jeopardyl Cutters Entertain. Fortune Full H'se. Well St. Magnum, P.I All Femily Roseanne Design. Cheers Star Trek Gen. All Night Entertain. Movie; "Murder C.O.D." (1990) Street Stories G. Palace Cutters Family Family Wash. Step by Step by N. Calif. Movie: "Man Outside (1987) Movie: "Murder C.O.D." (1990) News News Johnny Bago News Street Stories Dinosaurs Home Dinosaurs Face Johnny Bago 20/20 Home West Justice News 20/20 Gertrude Stein WKRP Newhart Movie: "Taps" (1981), Sean Perm Most Wanted Sightings [Code 3 Baywatch News Itf.lKMlttj Untouchables News Niaht Ct. Wonder H. Patrol News News Out Un touch. Married.. Arsenic Hell Movie: "Tha Mean Seaeon" ( 19jH> OD Movie: "Spaceballs" (1987) UT News |Roseanne [Deep Space 9 IE" Major League Baseball: Athletics at Rangers Cont'd News "or nr Cops Cops prom Page Home WKRP News News Yan Golden G. News News News Medicine Woman New Country Medicine Woman Jeopardyl Fortune Big Spin Highlander Mystery I: Rumpole Street Justice Movie WKRP Big Spin [Firefight On Scene Young Indiana Jones Served Young Indiana Jones FBI-Story Detective Commish 2 1 Jump Street Star Trek Gen. Movie: "Long Gone" (1987) Nurses Nurses fiDEi. £mp._ Mad-You Mad-You "The Home on Sycamore Street" News Money Black Tie Black Tie News Powers Suspect Powers Roggin's News WKRP Justice "The House on Sycamore Street" Pavarotti in Control Perk FBI-Story Detective Commish News Apollo Comedy Hour |Twil. |TwiT Movie: "The Blood of Heroes (1989) Cops |Cops [Front Pege "Braddock: Missin Star Trek Gen. CABLE CHANNELS In Action III' [Untouchables" Twil. Emer. Call News Night Ct. Twil. Choices Firefight. Night Ct. "Advntr- Comedy Pavarotti Twil. Whoopi Star Trek Star Trek Valor |Skybound~ Crime Inc Caroline's Com. Major League Baseball Cont'd You Do Big Jake Shop- Gemini Man Crazy My Dog Major Leac Wildlife [Nature [valor jSkybound [Crime lmT Lassie Unsolved Mysteries Looney jBullwinkle Inveders At the Improv Time Machine ue Baseball: Teams to Be Announced. Investigative Reports Movie: "Waterhole No. 3" (1967) L.A. Law Get Smart Van Dyke Gallery Movie: "Notorious" (1992) Major League Baseball Cont'd |WCW Clash of the Champions |700 Club [Sportsctr. Dragnet [Lucy M. Moore IM. Moore Hitchcock Battlestar Galactica Gemini Man Earth Sr. PGA Scare- 30 Hitchcock Invaders Movie: "The Howling" (1981) Movie: "Anatomy of a Murder" (1959) Confd [Movie: "Seventh Cavalry" |Movle: "Sitting Bull" (1954) G.I. Joe iGhost- [Quantum Leap [Murder. She Wrote |Movie: "Porky's Revenge" (1985) l"Porkyj ^^^^^^^^^~ ' _ . ^—^-M—™^ f~~~' "".-- _ • .^"^ ^^^^T__»L l_ "BLM_..L.I_A_fc». UABK" Movie Cont'd News [Major League Baseball: Cubs at Dodgers 'Macklntih Man" Movie: "Woodstock" (1970) Cont'd DISC Frontiers of Flight [Justice Files ESPN FAM Bordertn. LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNT USA W6N Caroline's Com. Auto Racing: Silver Crown Cars. Cont'd Challenge |K-9 Cop iZoiro Movie: "Blind Faith" (1990) Cont'd Dble. [Guts Doug Rugrats Movie Cont'd Baseball Cont'd Darkside Darkside Alien Nation Baseball |Sportsctr. Young Movie: "Woodstock" (1970), Crosby, Stills & Nash Frontiers of Flight [Justice Files Max Out [Cheerleeding [Games Movie: "Midnight's Child" (1992) Movie: "The Hanging Tree" (1959) Clarissa |R'house Ren- Movie: "Hiding Out" (1987) Afraid? Hidden [Hidden Mysteries Tobacco Sportsctr. Bonanza Very Very Nick at Mite Movie: "Homewrecker" (1992) Darkside Movie: 'Frankenstein" Cont'd |Movie: "The Howling" (1981) Movie: "Speed Zonel" (1989) Car iMovIe: "Theml" (1954), Edmund Gwenn Swamp Movie Beyond News Major League Baseball: Cubs at Dodgers (1977), Harrison Ford Tenth In. Twil. Silk Stalkings Apollo Comedy Hour HBO MAX Movie Cont'd Rascalsand Robbers: Secret Adv." |Movle: "Switched at Birth" [Twist Wimbledon Movie [Movie: "Operation Lookout" SHOW Movie: "The Organisation" (1971) (D CD • for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewers only. SD I "Martial Law 2: Undercover" Movie: "Kafka" (1991) Last Hero [Movie: "Tiger Claws" (1991) Damned in the U.S.A." Movie: "Far and Away" (1992), Thomas Gibson • for TIA only. "Poison [Louie Anderson DISN HBO Walt Disney MAX SHOW Movie: "Class Act" (1992) l pMBrkTV^ahnndMrM199in^bertn^ovle:^ at Birth'' " Maybe Baby"' Movie: "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" Movie: "Noises Off" (1992) Movie: "Extreme Justice Movie: "Major League" (1989) [Crypt Dream On Godfather III" Movie: "Backdraft" (1991), Robert De Niro Movie: "976-Evll II' [Red Shoe ["Deviif? CD OE • for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewer* only. © SB SB -for TIA only. FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 P.M. ) Married... With Children g (T) News g ABC World News Tonight g I MacNell/Lehrer Newshour g 1 Real Stories of the Highway Patrol ) 21 Jump Street g ) Cheers g I Roseanne g ) Star Trek: The Next Generation g ) Investigative Reports S Movie **'/2 "Desire Under the •Ims" (1:51) 3 World of Valor ) Maniac Mansion g ) Supermarket Sweep iwfiat Would You Do? cm) Gemini Man fusATQ.1. Joe ! Daniel Boone I Movie **'/2 "The Organization" 6:30 P.M. ) Who'a the Boss? g ) Current Affair g )News ) Emergency Call g ) Coaby Show g ) Roaeanne g ) Skybound , Big Brother Jake g ) Shop 'Til You Drop 5 Wild & Crazy Kids , w ^j Real Qhostbusters (MAX) Movie "Operation Lookout 7:00 P.M. (7) Cheers Norm is the "love target" of his obsessive former secretary, g CD Golden Palace Blanche's friends worry about her new beau's intentions when she gives him affection, room service and free lodgings. (R) (S) g CD Jeopardyl g ft) Wonder Years Kevin reluctantly agrees to appear in his teacher's play about Robert Kennedy. (S) g (T) Nightly Business Report Scheduled: Market Monitor. CD Magnum, P.I. Higgins and a former British secret agent solve a murder. dD All in the Family Archie and Mike are accidentally locked in the storeroom of Archie's Place. GD Roseanne Roseanne and Dan make an ill-fated attempt to console Becky after she is humiliated at school. (S)g GD Star Trek: The Next Generation Wnile the Enterprise is undergoing repairs, Picard visits his older brother Robert on Earth. (S) g CHE) Caroline's Comedy Hour Comics: JoRnny Steel, Andy Klndler, Chris Lynam, Carol Montgomery, Tony V. Host: Richard Jeni. Colac") Crime Inc. An examination into alleged involvement of organized crime groups in New Jersey and Nevada s Wing casinos. ) That's My Dog (S) ) Unsolved Mysteries 1 Looney Tunes ~) Invaders , Quantum Leap Sam leaps into ... _ life as a young Navy pilot and must prevent his execution after he is wrongly accused of rape and murder. (S)g ) News g ) Movie ** "Rascals and n^uoers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn" (1982) Patrick Creadon, Anthony Michael Hall. Tom and Huck share entirely new adventures when they overhear a plot to swindle the townspeople out of ^JwimbSSon Tennis Highlights drea Joyce provides a wrap-up of Norfolk, Va. (R) ^j Ma)or Laagi cago Cubs at Los eague Baseball the day's matches, g (T) Love Connection rtj Cutters Joe reexamines his feelings for Lynn after she starts dating Chad; Adrienne seeks Harry's advice. (S) g ff) Wheel of Fortune g m FuH House Michelle's teacher gets more then she bargained for when Jesse volunteers at the school. 9 ©Wall Street Week "Rolling with Gaming Stocks" Guest: Steven Eisenberg, managing director, - jenhelmer & Co. (S) n , Designing Women Mary Jo and „ .'s romance heats up despite interference from their respective ex- spouses. (S) (Part 2 of 2) g gD Cheer. Woody Is depressed after acommerclal appearance for a product he can't stand, g © Golden Girls Rose gives the boot tdpenny-pinching Miles; while Dorothy is vacationing, Blanche loses track of " ila (S) O Major Laaoue Baseball "Teams Announced* (Live) New Lassie Criminal pot hunters nu ,, u er an ancient American Indian lurial site Lassie has discovered. —i Bullwinkle (:35) WCW Clash of the s (time Approximate) ovin: Ric Flair and Arn Anderson team up against the Hollywood Blonds; Too Cold Scorpio battles Barry Wlndham for the NWA title. From Dodgers" From Dodoer Stadium. (Live) d) (D America's Moil Wanted Sozens of New Jersey police officers are Involved In a high-speed chase to nab a gang leader with a submachine gun on a robbery spree. (S) g CD Street Stories A report on the Indonesian workers who make the pricey Nike sneakers, some earning as little as $1.30 a day, less than the Indonesian poverty level. (S) g (D CD Family Matters Eddie meets singer Tracie Spencer and she falls for him; Steve helps Carl to get a look at Harriette's diary. (R) (S) g E aldington Week In Review (S) g lovie ** "Man Outside" (1987) rt Logan, Kathleen Quinlan. A widowed lawyer in self-imposed exile becomes the prime suspect in a backwoods Arkansas kidnapping. (2:00) CM) Movie **V4 "Taps" (1981) Timothy Hutton, George C. Scott. Cadets take extreme measures to ensure the future of their financially strapped military academy. (2:30) GD Baywatch Garner and Mitch go under cover as basketball players to investigate a young athlete's suspicious drowning; C.J. innocently gets caught In a love triangle. (R) g do) Movie ** "The Mean Season (1985) Kurt Russell, Mariel Hemingway. A Miami reporter becomes swept up in the media blitz when a psychopathic murderer chooses him to be his sole spokesman. (2:00) CM|) Evening at the Improv Host: Kay Lenz. Comics: Bruce Fine, Don Barnhart, Rich Davis, J.J. Walker. ) Movie ** "Never Say Die" TO 3, Comedy) Bob Hope, Andy Bovine. A hypochondriac causes problems for the staff of the sanitarium in which he is staying. (1:20) (Disci Wildlife Chronicles The endangered volcano rabbit of Mexico. fFAJiD Movie *** "Waterhole No. 3" (T967) James Coburn, Carroll O'Connor. A cache of stolen gold is the object of a gambler's quest in this comedic tale produced by Blake Edwards. (2:00) CUFF) L.A. Law Ann represents the Salamander," a former TV hero who has taken to real-life crime fighting. fijicTT) Get Smart Max tries to explain to a woman that the olive she ate is reallv a miniaturized receiver. f SCIFI) Night Gallery (u^TMurder, She Wrote Jessica's first publisher, imprisoned for murder, is paroled and requires her help when he is suspected of a similar crime, g (HBO) Movie ** "Martial Law 2: Oridercover" J1992, Drama) Cynthia Rothrock, Jeff Wincott. Two specialists in urban warfare use their martial-arts training to smash departmental corruption. (S) 'R 1 (1:32) CM) Movie **% "Kafka" (1991, Drama) Jeremy Irons, Theresa Russell. A color sequence enhances Steven Soderbergh's fictionalized account of the literary giant. (S) 'PQ-13 1 (1:38) fsHdff) Movfe *** ''Far and Away (i952T Drama) Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman. An Irishman and the wealthy woman he loves carry their class- crossed relationship to turn-of-the- century America. JVPG-13' g (2:20) (D Entertainment Tonight Robert Loggia talks about his part in the TV movie "Lifepod." (S) g CD ® Step by Step Dana becomes depressed when Cody unintentionally beats her scores on me S.A.T. test. (R) (S)g Op This Week in Northern California Host: Belva Davis. (pise") Profiles of Nature Cameras follow the North American moose during a year's activities. fmcTDDIck Van Dyke After Buddy quits hlslob for another that falls through, Rob and Sally conspire to get his old lob b&ck. f SCIFI) Alfred Hitchcock Presents Three film production house employees utilize their cinematic skills in devising a murder plot. (S) ._„.., GSD Movie **V4 "Seventh Cavalry ff956) Randolph Scott, Barbara Hale. A furloughed officer from Ouster's ill- fated regiment searches for the truth behind his comrades' deaths. (1:30) 0:00 P.M. CD GD Sightings An investigator is calledln to research reports of a spirit who Is sexually assaulting 14-year-old ©Movie 1 ( * S i£"Murder C.O.D." (1990) Patrick Duffy, William Devane. A cop trails a self-appointed hit man who kills and then blackmails those who wished his victims dead. (S) a (2:00) CD Johnny Bago (Series Premiere) A New York street hustler (Peter Dobson) attempts to cope with life out of his neighborhood when he crisscrosses the country after he is framed for CD ©Dinosaurs Robbie tells Baby a frightening Halloween story to scare him but he doesn't count on Baby s overactive imagination. (R) (S) g CDFece to Face GD Untouchables Ness and Capone form an unlikely partnership in order to track down a man brutally murdering children. (R) (S) (Part 1 of 2) g ran TUne Miwhlne "Savagery and the Xnwrlcan Indian: Wilderness" Dispelling the early colonial myth of American Indians as uncultured barbarians. (R) . . . CSiSc) World of Valor The Soviet Spelsnaz units, trained to attack critical targets. (R) _g f w CD Code 9 A flash flood; a bungee Emper's cord snaps; window washers are stranded 37 floors above the ground. (R) (S) g SATURDAY MORNING 7:00 A.M. (To) Dog City g •nd Me , -uater and ... ) Fievel's American Tails g ~3 Pup Named Scooby Doo g .•same Street g ) Pirates of Dark Water (UFE) fDsTj Paid Program or Gazette ) Biography L h Movie **Vfc "The Great American Wilderness" (1:30) ) Great Outdoors Sunklst K.I.D.S. (NJCK) Eureeka's Castle CIFI) New Adventures of Flash ) (:05) National Geographic ) HowMhe West Was Won ) Tower Welcome to Pooh Comer g fH55 Baby-sitters Club D sBowl Tailor of Gloucester g 7:30 A.M. Bobby's World g ndid Kids Club f) Little Mermaid g CD Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo (20) Young Room Hood fie")(7T)do)Eire)fipriPald Program Doggie & Friends NICKJ Lassie [scjFJj Star Trek ..SiJTBabe Wlnkelman's Good Fishing 5TsN) Fraggle Rock g "Shakespeare: The Animated Loved Cat Dancing" (2:30) GJ3A) WWF Mania Wrestling CWON) Saved by the Bell g (DISN) Adventures In Wonderland g raw Movie *** "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" (1:59) 10:30 A.M. fjp) Super Dave g California This Week Raw Toonage g GO Darkwing Duck g oday's Gourmet Paid Program ) That's My Dog Frugal Gourmet Yogi Bear Energy Express Fraggle Rock g 10:45 A.M. (HBO) Movie * 1 /i "Captain America" (T-3T) 11:00 A.M. (T) WWF Superstars m (20) Qo) Paid Program (T) Sea Worid/Busch Gardens Summer Celebration g m (7) New Adventures of Winnie the Yan Can Cook (o) Dr. Karr's Acne Kit raise) Wild About Wheels Auto Racing Adventures °' the Black Stallion SATURDAY EVENING You Can't Do That on Television Movie ** "Crash and Burn" )Bedtime fsHowJ Bedtime Stories g 3D Tom and Jerry Kida g .?ewsg Garfleld and Friends g , (J) Goof Troop g ) Shining Time Station g Captain Planet and the Planeteers ) What's Up Network CML© n^FFl fus/O Paid Program (AJETTnvestlgatlve Reports I Movie *** "Island of Lost Souls" (1:10) D Mariner Tournament TraH Legend of Prince Valiant g Doug Flash Gordon ***Vi "The Man From Imie" (2:00) ~~ Golf Show My LrWa Pony Tales Babar (res) (:05) Love Boat fi3JA) Movie ** "The Awakening" Movie * "Speed Zone!" (2:00) Movie ** "The Adventures of tneAmerican Rabbit" (1:30) (SHOW) Ready or Not g 12:00 P.M. , American Gladiators i Wimbledon Tennis g i Kurtain Kraft Scratch Weekend Travel Update i Julia Child and More Company Movie 1 ? "Body and Soul'; (2:00) Movie ** 1 /2 "The Ann Jillian K** "Hairspray" (2:00) _n Eekl the Cat g ©Addams Family g Shining Time Station g ) Cartoon Claaaics ) Real News for Kids , .'at Connection j Sportscenter ) Hey, Vem, It's Ernest! ) Rugrats h One Step Beyond Ola) Mouse Tracks g ) Plnocchlo g ) Movie ** 1 /z "Killer Klowns From Duter Space" (1:30) Tiny Toon Adventures g wsg i Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtJes g i CD Land of the Lost g i Cooking in America i) Leavelt to Beaver i Knights ft Warriors p CPJJO p ' w Program merican Justice Mac A Muttey j Auto Racing Prostars g What Every Baby Knows i Muppat Babies D Doctor Who (:05) Love Boat Soul Train i Bonkers Movie ** "Class Act" (1:38) w) Movie *** "Noises Off" (1:44) 9:30 A.M. r<o) Taz-Manla g SI Bugs Bunny « Tweety g Eating Well New Leave It to Beaver Paid Program „ Incredible Animals f WlshkW g Your Baby and Child Muppet Babies ) HoMywood Insider lmj „,„..„ „ „,- .'he Killers" (2:00) H^ Movie **'/2 "Red, Hot and Blue" ) Nature Watch ^...) Hydroplane Racing FAM) Virginian -^ Jane Pratt 1HIM 0 Dennis the Menace CMAX) Movie ** 1 /2 "Strictly Business ) Movie ** "Audrey Rose" (1:53) 12:30 P.M. CD Weekend Travel Update m Runaway With the Rich and Famous CD Outdoor Gazette GD Graham Kerr's Kitchen ) Paid Program oisc~) Earth Journal 1 PP T**V2 "Man From God's ountry" (1:30) P Rock'N'ToonTowng Movie *** "Defending Your (1;52) 1:00 P.M. (T) Movie ** "Lt. Robin Crusoe, OTS.N." (2:00) ) PGA Golf D 5de' Medici Kitchen ) WCW World Wide Wrestling (Wi Movie *** "The Cowboy and the y"(2:00) '-) Endangered World (IspR) Auto Racing T Supermarket Sweep -Nick News: W/5 [0 cT?D Movie **'/2 'The Evil of Frankenstein" (2:00) ) jj05)>ove Boat 1 »Wl fcWWW wwww ovle ** "Less Than Zero ) Street Justice (D Frugal Gourmet £AM£) Reflections on the Silver Screen: ean Simmons ) Rifleman ) Shop Til You Drop iHTciO Beyond Belief (i|rf Movie *** "This Is My Life 2:00 P.M. ,..—i g ) Cyber Cops g ) Frugal Gourmet g S SQU) Train J Movie **Vt "California Gold USh" (2:00) "iJNovie ** "Tarzan's Revenge 'aid Program Movie **** "Double Indemnity" Movie *** "Dr. Cyclops" (1:15) ,23V Inspector) ~rugalQoi Space: 1W» '^*** "The Man Who faei Movie **Vz "Blackout" (2:00) | Movie ** "White Water Summer CS) Movie *** "Racing With the Moon" (2:00) „ . CM) Comedy on the Road —) Movie *** "Detective Story ) Tobacco Wars 5 Amazing Games ) Big Valley ) Anything but Love A Nick Mania TU8. Olympic Gold L ... ^.^^ r ji,, series i "Looking for : "Rocket Gibraltar" ' 2:30 P.M. ) Travels In Europe ) Mountain Biking 3:00 P.M. _, , © Movie **V4 "Apprentice to Murder 7:00 P.M. (T) Dr. Qulnn, Medicine Woman Michael?, joins forces with Sully to orchestrate the escape of the Cheyenne medicine man after Gen. Custer wounds him and sentences him to hang. (R) (S) g CD Jeopardyl g mOD B| 9 Spin California lottery. (36)51 Jump Street A campus communist radical, suspected of a bombing, suddenly takes off for spring break in Florida, with Hanson and Penhall in hot pursuit. (S) g GD Star Trek: The Next Generation The Borg return with a new way to travel through subspace and a vicious attitude that triggers strong feelings in the formerly emotionless Data. (S) n (Jo) Cheers A Halloween prank against rival Gary at the Old Towne Tavern has serious consequences, g foisc) Justice Files Four cases involving drug and alcohol use that resulted in preventive legislation. (R) (?AM) Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop Rinty searches for the man responsible for putting Hank in the hospital; Steve reevaluates his relationship with his father. (S) g (NICK) DOUQ (SCIFI)Tales From the Darkside (S) (TBs)(:05) Movie ** "Hiding Out 1 (1W7) Jon Cryer, Keith Coogan. Time Approximate. A frightened stockbroker tries to elude the gangsters on his trail by posing as a student at a typical high school. (5:00) fus/O Quantum Leap A scientist becomes trapped in a time travel experiment. Tonight: Sam Beckett "leaps" into the body of a 1956 test pilot attempting to break Mach 3. (Part 1 of 2) g (wain Major League Baseball Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers" From Dodger Stadium. (Live) (DISN) Movie **'/2 "Mark Twain and Me"(1991) Jason Robards, Amy Stewart. Eleven-year-old Dorothy Quick develops a unique friendship with the legendary author during the twilight of his life. (S)g(1:35) © Wheel of Fortune g' CD On Scene: Emergency Response (R)g CD Are You Being Served? Two tRieves rob the store while the staff is conducting inventory. -2<D Firefighters (S) *&} Big Spin California lottery. D Zorro Victoria's plans for a love i backfire when the Alcalde takes (R) (S) g Rugrats Tales From the Darkside S) , .Jlovie *** "The Howling" (1981) ^ OT Wallace, Patrick Macnee. A wilderness psychiatric retreat holds terror for a distraught TV journalist in this tongue-in-cheek look at werewolves. (2:00) 7i45 P.M. ® ©055) Super Lotto CD (40) Cops Officers apprehend a carjacking suspect and respond to a sibling rivalry call involving a gun. (S) g (T) Movie "The House on Sycamore Street" (1992) Dick Van Dyke, Cynthia Gibb. A doctor with a knack for crime- solving suspects foul play when he investigates the apparent suicide of his former student. (S) g (2:00) (D CD Young Indiana Jonea Chronicles Indy fails to respond to medical treatment after contracting typhoid while on a trip to China. (S) g CD Pavarotti in Central Park Tenor Luciano Pavarotti is joined by the New York Philharmonic, conductor Leone Magiera, the Boys Choir of Harlem and flutist Andrea Griminelli for this concert from the Great Lawn in Central Park. Apollo Comedy Hour (R) (S) Movie **'/2 "The Blood of oes" (1989) Rutger Hauer, Joan Chen. Futuristic gladiators challenge the League champions to an ultra- violent competition. (2:00) QT) Movie ** "Braddock: Missing in Action III" (1988) Chuck Norris, Aki Aleong. Col. James Braddock returns to Southeast Asia to rescue his presumed-dead Vietnamese wife and their son from the sadistic Gen. Quoc. (2:00) (fo) Star Trek: Deep Space Nina The slation's school comes under attack from a spiritual Bajoran woman who objects to Keiko's secular-only teaching style. (S) g fAtF) Caroline's Comedy Hour Comics: Roger Kabler; Paul Gilmartin; Angela Scott; Fran Solomita; Pat Cooper. (R) E Movie *** "Detective Story" , Drama) Kirk Douglas, Eleanor »r. A New York City detective's self- imposed, one-man war on crime begins to take its toll on his personal and professional lives. (1:43) fpTsc'l Challenge "Frozen in Time" In tnemiddle 1800s, Sir John Franklin was among the 129 men who disappeared while searching for the Northwest Passage. (R) -^ Baseball Tonight ) Young Riders Teaspoon's old .,.«..d, a war hero, endangers the lives of everyone In Sweetwater when he orders an attack on a Sioux delegation. lS)g i Movie ** "Midnight's Child" !) Olivia D'Abo, Marcy Walker. A woman becomes locked in a battle against evil forces when her suspicions about the family caretaker's dark side prove correct. (2:00) ..... nJJcTT) Clarissa Explains It All A new •jjlrTin school begins Imitating Clarissa. scTFp Alien Nation While investigating a famous doctor's murder, Sikes and George discover he was attempting to contact a probe seeking the Newcomer fusA) Movie **** "Star Wars" (1977) Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher. A farmboy, a princess and a swashbuckling renegade band together to lead a motley group of rebels against the evil Galactic Empire, g (2:30) CHBOD Movie "Extreme Justice" (1993, Suspense) Lou Diamond Phillips, Scott Glenn. A Los Angeles cop is recruited by a top-secret vigilante squad created to exterminate the criminal element. (S) 'R' (1:31) fijJAxj Movie **V 2 "Major League' mRJS, Comedy) Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen. A crafty baseball-team owner assembles a motley group of players n hopes that their poor performance will enable her to sell out. (S) 'R' g (1:47) 1 Movie *** "BackdrafT (1991. sH , Drama) Kurt Russell, William Baldwin. Spectacular pyrotechnics highlight this story of two quarreling brothers on the Chicago Fire Department. (S) 'R' g (2:16) 8:30 P.M. (J) GD Cops Two Denver officers assist paramedics treating a possible suicide victim; rescuing a man locked in an apartment. (R) (S) g CD Nurses When Julie tries to break up with the toll-booth man, she ends up engaged. (R) (S) g (ESPN] Sportscenter (NICK) Roundhouse roTfJn (:35) My Friend Liberty A 10-year- okTBoy winds up in a magical clay world and takes a journey through history with the Statue of Liberty. Includes "Sundae in New York,' the Academy Award-winning animated 8h ° rt - (rf) 9:00 P.M. ® Front Page (Series Premiere) smuggling of Chinese immigrants lugglingc. _ „ into the United States; a little-known Hollywood scandal revealed; an angry environmentalist. (S) g (T) Empty Nest While "gathered around the TV for the Super Bowl, the gang reflects on some of the times they've shared. (R) (S) g (D CD FBI: the Untold Stories After a pornography dealer buys freedom from prison, he targets his ex-partner and an FBI agent. (R) (S) g (ID Twilight Zone Three astronauts, with little water left, land on what appears to be a deserted asteroid. Cso) Untouchables Ness and Capone form an unlikely partnership in order to track down a man brutally murdering children. (R) (S) (Part 1 of 2) g (ASF) Movie ***Vi "Woodstock" (T970) Jimi Hendrix, The Who. Oscar- winning account of the legendary music festivaFthat drew 500,000 people to upstate New York. (3:00) fmig) Frontiers of Flight Dick Rutan ancTJeanna Yeager's record-breaking flight around the world. (R) flspF) Max Out Extreme sports. COTY Movie *** "The Hanoing Tree" n939) Gary Cooper, Maria Schell. A doctor kills a man while rescuing a girl and is almost lynched by a drunken mob. (2:00) CNJCK) Ren & Stimpy ffcTJt) Movie ** ''Homewrecker (1992) Robby Benson, Sydney Walsh. A rewired home computer with a feminine personality develops a deadly obsession for its owner. (S) g (2:00) CM) COS) Movie * "Speed Zonel" (1989) John Candy, Peter Boyle. A police chief's attempt to halt a coast-to- coast auto race fails when inexperienced drivers sit in for the § (2:00) Movie *** "Switched at Birth" ) (Part 2 of 2) Bonnie Bedelia, Kerwin. Bitter legal battles ensue as two families fight to determine the biological parents of the children involved in the alleged baby swap, g (1:35) 9:30 P.M. (D Mad About You Paul is offered a large sum of money to produce a documentary about the life of an eccentric billionaire. (R) (S) g (D CD American Detective Four people arrested for prostitution agree to help detectives set a trap for their alleged madam. (R) (S) g (20) Twilight Zone Driving cross- country, a girl keeps seeing the same hitchhiker on the road ahead. fisW) Cheerleading "College Championship" From San Diego. (R) QiiciD Are You Afraid of the Dark? CWMovIa *** "Theml" (1954) Jarnes Arness, James Whitmore. An FBI agent and two scientists journey to the Mojave Desert to investigate a series of deaths supposedly caused by jiant ants. (2:00) ID (:40) Tenth Inning (Time »roximate}With host Steve Stone. ,0) Tales From the Crypt A wife is ._.Fout of her husband's plans for eternal youth. (TOjg)£> 10:00 P.M. 3 CD Newsg 5 Hack Tie Affair g ) Commish g wb Twilight Zone , Jmirgency Call g )Newe ) Night Court

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