Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 10, 1959 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1959
Page 9
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Loncoln 1:00 Milton B«rl« 8:30 Bat Masterson 6:00 Fred Astalre 10:00 News 10:20 Weather 10:30 Jack Parr 12:00 Sign Off KVtf-TV Channel f 7 :55 Good Morning 8:00 Funz-A-Popptn' 9 :00 Shopper Show 11 :00 Coffee Break tl;30 Peter Und Hayes 12:30 Play Your Hunoh 1:00 Liberace 1:30 The Shield 2:00 Your Day In Court 2:30 Music Bingo 3:00 Beat The Clock 8:30 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 American Bandstand 5:30 Mickey Mouse 6:00 All Aboard For Fun 6:30 Plymouth Welk Show 7:30 Ozzle it Harriet 8:00 Donna Reed S :30 Frontier d:00 Wednesday Fights 9:50 John Daly News 10:00 Night Court 10:30 Station West 10:30 Lincoln in Illinois 12:00 ONlghtcap News US Highway Death Rate Hits New Low CHICAGO (UPI)— The nation's OP PAUL BUNYON'S "BASE"—There's more to this huge replica of a Here- oVd ster than meets' theT eye. N?mcd "The Champ," the 19-foot-long plastic steer has been featured Jn several national cattle shows and exhibitions. Inside, displays illustrate how the vital organs of the real animal convert feed into beef and how a cow makes rrn^k So 1 tel kc Is the exhibit thai, the steer's body gives off the sound of his heart beat. On loan to the Agricultute Dept, "The Champ" is being sent to Europe lor display at trade fairs to promote the Bales of. U.S. farm products abroad. ...... Khrushchev's Farm Target Deemed High Slst THIS PAMf A DAILY ¥eaf TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 , Mortgage Interest Rates Level Off On the Farm Front By O/W/mt) P. OODMN WASHINGTON (UPD Niwta s. Khrushchev's goal of ft 76 per cent increase in Soviet farm pro-jer mortgage interest rates? duction in Seven years evoked i The wei only mild Interest and much dis-'appears belief in the Agriculture Depart-j ways" movement-continuation in jthe near future of the stable con- An expert in foreign agriculture jditions of the past few weeks, said Khrushchev's whopping tar-j U. S. Housing Administrator With' Norman P. Mason said he thought By ttftWAfiJO COWAN home loan, unchanged from Dec. tlnlted Press Inlet-national wAs $97.30 per $100 of unpaid . 4M .. (home loan, unchanged from DSC. WASHINGTON (UPI) -Whith. t rm pr|Ge hit s V?cent h! ^ h O f J99.20 last Aug. 1. ttipn tilled down- 'eight of expert opinion ward ag dtacounta wic |ened with to lean towards a "side- ti?hten , ng ,„ the market. Mason, former FHA chief whfl recently moved up to the post of housing administrator, said hft tfej saw "nothir.g immediate to change the situation in the next few months." get should be swallowed mafty grains of nail." j interest rates have achieved "His goals are not realistic." 'sort of plateau." j the expert told United Press Inter-i The National Association of Real u , f _ M ~ " ~T V national. "They are ideals and! Estate Boards (NAREB), in itsjamMMINO IiX RAIN propaganda rather than reality, {winter survey of the mortgage j MOULtRIfc, Ga. (UPI)—Whctt "And did you ever notice that his! market, forecast "a continuation j President Eisenhower was about production goals are changed iniof the relative stability that has j to board his plane Sunday to re- almost every speech?" characterized interest rates andjturn to Washington he noticed a The Soviet goal would be ac- the supply of loan money for con- complished largely through in- ventionai home mortgages since creased yields per acre, n o tj mid-summer, 1958." through increased acreage, ac-j Other expert sources took a sim- cording to a preview of Khrush-'ilar position—that the prospects chev's plan presented last Novem-'for continuation of the present ber to the Communist Party. Khrushchev formally presented it In a speech to the Soviet Congress on Jan. 27. Soviet Cliances Unlikely If the Soviets do rely on yields level of interest rates seemed good. Magazine Reports Downtrend Just what is the situation? Mason put It this way: "It's not a bad lime lor getting a mort- troop of Boy Scouts standing in the rain nearby. The President walked over to the youngsters and in a hearty manner said "Hello there, fel» lows, are you out camping?" MO "No sir," piped one freckled*** Scientist Colls For New Approach To Universal Truth alone, the overall yield increase j gage. Rates aren't as low as they on current acreage would be Ire-1 were last spring but neither are mendous. It would be much larger'they as high as they might be. than the overall increase regis-jYou can arrange financing if you tered by American agriculture in • want to buy a home. But you the last 10 years. j don't find lenders chasing you This country's overall crop yield | the way they did last spring." rose 43 per cent from the 19-17-49! An optimistic •— minority --• j base period through 1958. Thisjoplnlon was expressed by House was coupled with a production in- fc Home magazine in Its January faced scout with rain streaming down his face, "out swimming." By DELOS SMITH UPI Science Editor NEW YORK (UPI) A list urges humility because science definitely Is not capable either of explaining or solving all the problems of the human race, even if many scientists thind it Is. developments. "No social, science, indeed no gov(et fam productlon bv 70 pcr i ment on what lt said was at all, can oecidei , ,„ - r L^_,_,.,__. ., J; ,_ ,_ , knowledge which should be done, which Is man race. "Happiness is hard to observe, impossible to calculate. iYet we act and must act — as jh we knew what action will to a net Increase of happiness." But we don't know, Science cannot prove the i decisions must be made all the ^ "truth" of this or other moral im-; tim antl we nre " ol nngels." rrense of 18 per cent in the same period. This included a big rise of 11 per cent last year. issue. It reported some "first signs of a new downtrend in interest rales." Yet Khrushchev would kick up | The magazine based this state- a four cent in seven vears. shrinking of discounts in plications. "One may well allow! Scientist,, who believe science i (l ' iat , lhere 'f 8 " ch a ln)lh "£ ven | . ., , ' , , . . |though people disagree on where is the only method of solving! * , ,. ,-,.,,< \r n ' .. i i i i- iu i land how to find I, Dr. van Den i problems nre kidding themselves ," .. ... .... . . i .. . , ...? • • Haag said. A difference of he-' -they have a faith in science'.. " . ,. . j ... V . ,, . ... . ,! licfs does not imp v that there is wh ch science can t justify, said Uicis does not imply I ! no truth or timt it cannot be i and we nre not angels." Quotes In The News , .. . . . I While the United States has no i cities—Boston, Philadelphia, Hous- beUcr. or even by what means, 1(Jck on , m p r 0 v e d a?ricllltura , | ton and ^ Ange ^ the dem.on should be. made. Y«t' jlechnologyi it |g common knowl . j Conventional "mortgages. the t it does a better job ag-JFederal Housing Administration riculturally than any other nation.'(FHA i reported, were being writ- lit has the yields and the produc-jten at an average interest rate ition to prove It. Hence, it seems! nationwide of 5.75 per cent on Jan. UmliUely that the Soviets could 1. A year ago the rale was an I match or surpass the United; even 6 per cent. By July 1, 1958, States in seven years. |reflecting the sharp spring easing I KctnnlnliiK I Mini Marginal !j n money market conditions, the Dr C.ravson' A department official sajtl the ', rate was down to 5.60 per cent. WASHINOTON Prof. Ernest Van Den Hang, an-,, ... .. , ,. , ., , --- , thropologist and sociologist of! ffll ! n( ?- " ' m PlioH only that it >ias, Kirk sU)em |)f Colunlbia Uni ., Soviets would be smart to rely on; Conventional RaU, Unchanged New York University in a com-j not been follml ' vcrslty. on the Importance of .increased acreage instead of in-. The conventional rate was un- munication to the American Assn. INMI.-I Challenge home life in character develop-!''• eased yields. The difficulty of changed from Dec. 1, the FHA, for the Advancement of Science.! He challenged the idea that :m cnt: lhal ls> Rvlsaia (!oesn l have a Ioti -iaid, but of course diverged wide-! When you apply only the "sci- "perfect knowledge, goodness,! "in these days when our na- of E°° cl agricultural land left. In i y from the national mean ac- • entific method" to problems, you and wisdom, such as may be at- ! ti o nal standards of taste are de- lrir>3 . the Sovlt> ts increased their .cording to regions of the country.; highway death rate dropped to an are assuming "the cosmos is " so'tributed to angels, would lead to pjorable. when violence and sex ;cultivated area by 91 million acres. For instance, in the northeast; all-time low per miles traveled arranged that its total magnitude] agreement on ends and means'and mme pursue their drenryi nncl adrfcd abovlt 3 » 1lllio » acres'; (where interest rates are general-; last year, but traffic accidents and ronlcn t s cannot exceed the, and thus make government sniper- nightly round across the television 1 ln 19M for * total P roducln B nrea Iy lowest i, the average convention-, still killed at least 37,000 Amcri- gpaap of scientific method that ifluous." In the first place, ho screens of our nation, our serious of about 4 * 2 mlnton , arrcs ' The1a ' rate on Jan. 1 was 5.45 per nothing can exist that cannot also!doubted angels are "cast from parents have a special reaponsibil- ; onl >' Iand Ml ' according to For-, ocnl . But in the p-ar West it The National Safety Council, in be known and proved scicntif-; the same mold." i ity to teach their children to de-,f^ n Agricultural Service experts, ;Waa 8.10 per cent. I annual accident summary to- ically." "They may have different pref-ivelop discrimination." iy, said the traffic fatality rate That assumption leads to the ierences," he said. "Some, for in-j of 6.6 deaths per 100 million milesidllemma that unless values can j stance, may wish to leave nature; LONDON — George Lcwins, fa- traveled was the lowest in motor- De proved to be "right," the tiinj unspoiled. Others, In concrete cir-;ther of twin boys that his ex wife verse becomes valueless. "Only icumstances, might want to give; allegedly put up for sale in Hous- '('(^'^j OPEN 1:45 — Now \Ved 1:45 4:23 7:oj 9:41 FRANK SINATRA OEAN MARTIN SHIRLEY MacLAINE MOM putitu I SOI C !I(CU ftOOUCllOK Z "SOME CAME RUNNING' can*. ing history. In addition, the death rate from all types of accidents in 1958 alsoltions, and thus prove scientific'of, say, electric power or housing i custody of the boys: hit a new low of 52,5 persons; theories. But, if it is correct to 1 is marginal. j Another sign of stability in the Among the Soviet goals, long- FHA report was the constancy of slated to increase : secondary market prices for sheep 2.2 times. 'FHA-inaured mortgages. Nationwide the Jan. 1 average price science can make testable predic-jup some natural beauty in favor ton, Tex., on his efforts to regain | ft ' true comparison with U 8 pro killed per 100,000 population. say that only what is true can boj. Motor vehicle accidents were proved to be so, it does not f°' NlnP 1(1(110311$ the biggest accidental killer, and'low that only what is proved on *• r*""* home accidents were s e c o n d,)P'' ova ble. can be true." "She flatly refused to send them, ! hut I will fight for the return of! mv sons." jductlvtty cannot be made. A<ls crllsomcut claiming 27,000 lives. The overall accident toll for last Set For Aircade Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wobbls whcii you talk, eat, laugh or inveze? )" li^Ji^i^ '!ir » n ; KcS'hVn'sssi a ^^^r^ BETHBSDA. Mci.- Dr. Sophia 1 Lyon Fans, 82, first woman ordained into the Unitarian ministry! Many Matters Puse Problems "Demonstrability and truth are year was 91,000 killed and 8,100,- not the same. And there arcj 000 injured. The financial loss i many matters which pose prob- j I was estimated at just under 12 lems that will not yield to scien- ||| billion dollars by the council. jtific methods. To ignore such "Actually, acci'dents cost Amer- i problems surely is not to solve! Nine men from Pampa plan to leans around $11,900,000,000," a'them. To pretend that science can;attend an Aircade Meeting, ppon vthin( , b P u<? r from us than we have council spokesman aaid, "Thati»olve them is to create pseudn-; sored by the US Chamber of Com- Kivpu them." covers both fatal and non-fatal ac-'scientific morals and to discredit merce. Feb. 17 in Colorado | conscious dishonesty that is hidden Jin much of what is taught chil- •clren in Sunday school: "The. children deserve some- . alkaline (non-odd) powder to sprinkle on your platps. keeps false teeth more firmly set Gives confident feel- tun of tecurlty and added comfort. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling Ott FASTEETH today at anr druii counter. Check Your TV Tubes FREE! We Hove Complete Stock of TV Tubes If Replacement Needed Miller • Hood Pharmacy 1123 Alcork MO 1-8160 MIHOMU* *M'. A*!. STARTS THURSDAY. . . , MULTI-THEATRE SOUTHWEST PREMIERE NO NAME ON THE BUIZJET • WMOM simw • A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE OPEN S:45 — Ends Tonight James "Maverick" Garner "IP PEKISCOPE" , , , TWO 8ITS"?fct J Mamie Van Doren 'Girl In Black Stockings' THE CALYPSO HIT! "BOP GIRLS" cldents and Includes wage losses, medical expenses and overhead costs of Insurance, production delays and equipment damage." The traffic death count was down 4 per cent from 1957, when science." 'Springs, Colo. Cameron Marsh, "The ends and purposes of life" Don Cain, K. L. Henderson and have moral implications whoso Whatlpy will form the of"truth" science can neither es- filial delegation, tablish nor prove, he said. For in-i Marsh, chairman of the Joi-nl stance, happiness for thf- Chamber's Legislative anrl .N'a- the previous record losv of six j greatest-number scientifically is tional Affairs Committee, has ar-l deaths per 100 million miles was; not a workable law for the hti-l ranged an Aircade program for se t. j~ ' " "•• ~ • Jlie Chamber's .Memborship Moet-J In all, the council said, one out trophes claimed 1.6 per cent few- ing Feb. 23. of every 19 persons In the United !er lives. i The Colorado Springs Aircade is States was disabld by injury last! The only catastrophe in I9o8 the .sixth of 11! meetings designed year. [which killed more than SO per- to acquaint business men with leg- Burns and firearms were re- sons was the Our Ladv of the islalion facing the new Congress, sponsible for the only percentage- Angels parochial school fire in Findings of the Aircade will be wise increase in accident fa-;which 93 died. aired on a nine-man panel here. talities. I The numerical drop in highway; Five men from Celanese will ac. Fire fatalities were up 4 per deaths last year was 1,700 as com- company the official delegation. cent from 1957, the council said,'pared with 1957. They are Don .Beamon. W. A. an deaths from firearm* climbed j A rundown of totals showed 37,- Morgan, Bob Hasmussen. Boh by 3 per cent. iOOO traffic deaths, 27,000 home ac-'Lemmons and Leon Fain Deaths due to falls dropped by cident deaths. 13,300 work acrj-; Mar.sli went wiih the group this 10 per cent, drownings were down'dent deaths and 16,500 public non- morning tn assign them various by 6 per cent and major catas-! motor vehicle accident deaths. ! subjects of Hie Aircade. TAKE YOUR TURN AT THE WHEEL...GET THAT'S RIGHT- Yellowstone the no-bite Kentucky bourbon 16 PBQOF STRAIGHT BOU880N WHISKEY i 100 PROOF BOTTLED IN BOND DISTILLED AND BOTTLED BY YELLOWSTONE, INC., LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY MOV? over, iir, «nd let h«r lake a turn at thr wheel of > *.V> OKJ*motiilr! YM, women love ihr wonilrrful ftrlmg of control, comfort and elrganre in <hi» c&r a« much a* men ilo! While men appi-malf the new |x»wer of the Hoclrl I'inginr, woinril like it* nr» fm>l-»aving fr»turc». Mm lilvf its snap an<l clash. Women likr ihe ritlr, the luxurious inlmorp^l'ul llirui all together and (OH'M- a quality* combination that add* up lo 1 lull Aew (>/</« I wli/ip! [ft yi»ur Old* dcal«sr dfiaoOBlrate . . . briug the Mholr family along! on *v«fy '59 O/d*. Dynamic €3 Ho/ido/ Spor'S*don. THgRI « A BOCKIT TO VIT VOU« POCKfT ...4 «TVi..f rp »UIT rows T«»T|I see YOUR LOCAI, AUTHORIZED OI»QHMO@I TOM ROSE MOTORS 833 WEST FOSTER STRUT PAMPA, TEXAS

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