The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 27, 1966 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Sunday, February 27, 1966
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The Sun Xnllbl i : ' MR. OR MRS. J. 1C BOWERS' to the Branson Theater. This coupon Good Through March 6 for two tickets when presented at the Brunson box office. The movie now showing: is "THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL" 75205 paptoton WEEKEND I EDITION I Serving BAY-TEX—The Golden Circle of Southeast Texas VOL 43. NO. 161 BAYTOWN. TEXAS. 77521 Sunday. February 27, 1966 TELEPHONE NUMBER: 5S2-HOZ T*n Cwntt P«r MOST CITY SEWACE PLANTS OVERLOADED Rafher Than Go//-Bill Strickler Has 'Card Up Sleeve' i By WANDA ORTOMT of leaving his little white cards i New York actor Jerry Strick-j around. iler was doing a pane! show on) \vhy does he do it? Not for (television as a guest of Broad- j money. Bill doesn't get a cent TWO BAYTOWN coeds attend-;way columnist Earl Wilson. | out o f j t an( j is emphatic against Cycle Club CYCLE CRUISER Club fo r mo- . , „ „„.„„, tor cycle enthusiasts will meeti m S Southwest Texas State; Jerry brought a stack of little j "going commercial." from 2:30 to 4:20 p.m. Sunday [College at San Marcos a r e! white cards on which were print-j "Then it wouldn't be-nv fun " at Roseland Park. All interested I among 122 new sorority pledges led witty and wise sayings just j Bul srniled exD lainir^ h make>; persons 1-5 years old and above; accepted by the five campus: in case he ran out of something!' ^ J^J/ f his own olea are invited. Parents of those un-; w ' omen 's dubs during the spring : lo say on the show. i s ^. e _^ d f the pleasure it af der 21 are also asked to attend;rush period. They are Carol i --\Vhere did you set those?" f O -ds others for the first meeting. Baines and Penney Lusk. Carol. i wn ked j errv . -j know a ' 'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. „,_„ do .,_ H Te ' who sends „*" fact . ™ e llttle cards cost Beta Phi Chapter Baines of ISM Mississippi, is al^caS likl Sf» Bm mon *- v - about S2 ° to s ? PHI SIGMA ALPHA, Texas \***™** speech therapy and | ^f./^.^^ . j per monUi to hav e them printed. Beta Phi chanter, will meet at f 1 *™"",^ education major She ^^^ , ^ ™ pUea - \ I call that my golfing mon- 7-'0 om Tuesdav a* the home' 13 a P ! edge of Alpha Xi Delta. :'=> m> ItiL "^- jey, he said. "Som e men play ' - ,r^= P ^T u-^r,r fifu ^ ! Penny Sue is the daughter of : Wilson frequently quotes the igolf and maybe spend that much Tan^c un = nt . bua - u -; Mr . 'rid Mrs. Lacy Lusk of 219 i "Sage of Baytown," Bill Strick- j mo ney a month. I don't play |\V Wright She is" a junior ele-: ler - whose little white cards do; go if. This is my hobby." Garden Club Event imentary_educatian major, and a\** * n ^* a &™*J^g*^\ Once Bill bought seriously Grade School Or Less High School ana/or Vocational School College 1930 be sponsored by the Baytown i Military Day Garden Club beginning at 10 " a.m. Monday, Feb. 28. at pepper's indoor parking lot. prizes will be awarded. ithese cards. ! circulation. Then he received a grateful note from a patient in iMRS. PAT (Duplissey) Leslie i Hi s quotations are familiar to a Florida hospital. The patient f Baytown. president of the i anyone who's been anywhere j vi^rota how much she and others Pack 101 Banquet I Federation of A&M Mother* !tnat Bill 's been He has a 'Clubs, will be among guests of 1 jthe Corps of Cadets at Texas cr-nt-r -o-,^- im ^«™5,«..,'A&M University March 4 for the CUB bCOUT Pack 101 memoers j iKlita f Dav and their families will attend a ; banquet at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. j 25, at Memorial Baptist Church j Fellowship Hall. 1970 Grade School High School and/or Vocational School Associate Degree Prograns In College Cosmiunity Junior College, Technical Institutes, University Centers, Business Colleges THIS CHART SHOWS GROWTH OF JUNIOR COLLEGES. Technical Institutions Since 1930 I Hospital Board lLooks To April 1 For Work To Begin New Members THREE NEW members of thei Baytown Chamber of Commerce were introduced Friday at thei luncheon meeting at Holiday i Inn. Thev were Carl Young Jr.,! ^.. , _ Don Bird and Err.orv H.Hughes. L. to1 ^! for San Jac!nt ° Metho;dist Hospital s expansion will be Faculty Club i received by the board of trus- T fir mr T rvT- t.- • -c- , ' tees on nex '- March 15, and hopes LEL COLLEGE Women sF 3 cul-; for ^ b^^g of . constl £ c _ y OV* vail not meet March D tion b A u ^ rev ealed as scheduler. The meeting has Saturday by Chairman G. E. been changed to March 19 at.v au <»ht the home of Mrs. D. C. Benton, '•. „""-", . , . . 3401 \Voodcrest. i Hos P lta! Administrator and ; Consultant Dan M. Brown told : trustees at the regular monthly ; meeting that clinical offices for Kiwanis Speaker , in the hospital were cheered fayj jthe cards. He decided to keep it up. It all started years ago when; JBill was a University of Texas] student working nights in thei Future Work Force Now Training Here Junior college and related reference librarv. He browsed I technical education has mush -" through books of "humor and took I roomed in the United States dur- a special interest in the book of ; in | th 5,J a st. 35 years. Bartlett's quotations. BILL STRICKLER In 1930 this area of education Bill and his brother Jack usedi v/as almost unknown. to work in a summer camp in j Maine. On the long drives up to . Maine, Bill became intrigued by ' the Burma epigrams and began to contribute some of his own to j the Burma people. j He always takes a stack of the cards-w-ith him-on convention trips around the country, leaves them in hotel lobbies, at schools, restaurants, etc. » Sen _ Wayne Morse ig the Once he wa s registering in aj | one dissenter a s Senate con- Miami hotel when a man across (See STRICKLER, Page 9) A recent study indicates that by 1970 an estimated 40 per cent of the work force will be comprised of persons educated and trained in this area. i This training is provided by OUR WORLD institutions such as Lee College, centers and business colleges. Lee College, founded in 1934 as a part of the Goose Creek School District, has grown until its present enrollment is approximately 2,000. An enrollment of 3,500 by 197/) has been projected. So that Lee Collge can continue to fulfill its responsibility in the education of Baytown --•j.area residents; -plsais have been si is the new chief of state Units Poorly Rated By Pollution Board Baytown's sewage treatment plants received poor ratings, like practically all other plants in Harris County, in a recent report to the Texas Water Pollution sion of the West Main plant. Lanham pointed out, however, that after the expansion, the daily capacity of the plant still will not be as much as 2% million gallons of sewage. Control Board. Samples of treated effluent! City officials hope to elimi- were taken from the si-x Bay- j nate the Cedar Bayou and Wood- town plants on Jan. 4. AH sam-jlawn plants by building a larger pies had higher BOD (biochemi-1 riant in an undeveloped area on cal oxygen demand) than the} Cedar Bayou, state board's maximum standard j The Capital Improvement of 20, {Program bond issues included The BOD figures reported for |S1.1 7 5,000 for improvement of the six plants are: Cedar Bayou.I th6 clt >'' s sewage disposal sys- 24; Craigmont, 22; Humble ! tem ' made to expand' both academic]** and technical vocational facili- Jow THE VICE CONSl zuela. who i= stationed in Hous- 1 ton. will be the speaker at noon : doctors should be finished bv' December of this vear. The pow_ H _* ,„., v p :,. _„ . r ,i . plan, and X-Ka> and Lao fa- U. firms the nominations of Jack Wood Vaughn as Peace Corps director and Lincoln Gordon as assistant secretary for Latin-American affairs. •*•-*•-*Weather And Tides ."DV and mild rain is the weekend weather forecast for the Baytown area. Temperature ranse evpTted. 50-6.': de- grei-s. The low in Baytown at 7 a.m. Saturday was 50 degrees. SUNDAY Galvestnn tides will be low at 2 ;36 a.m. and high at 11:24 a.m. MOXDAY Galveston tides will be low at 3:42 a.m. and high at 12:24 p.m. ' Yates t * President Sukarno's | crackdown on student demon] strations may have succeeded ! in weakening army support for By WANDA ORTON !>ure," he said. "Three years ago the anti - Communist rallies. "What's good enough for U. S. i r didn't dream about U. S. Steel 3£ been arranged through Steel is good enough for us," Ibuiknnor here " . aionday for the_ Uest Ba.vtow.-ti ciHUes should be ^ dv fev , v li^.-rrB J. A ^T^^berinn ec ns i96 j InterestTo Baytown Area I Vaught and oilier members of; * jthe capital finance committee; SCU ed thS S1 - 175 - 0000 Icani ties. Junior college district taxpayers will vote March 5 on 51.3 j Docks, 79; West Main Street, 70; Woodlawn, 31; and Lakewood, 24. City Manager Fritz Lanham said the samples were taken during a period of heavy rains when the flow into the treatment plants was greater than their approved capacity. For example, Lanham said, the West Main plant, which has an approved capacity of 1,100.000 gallons per day, received approximately 2% million gallons of sewage on Jan. 4. The city manager added that the Baytown plants have operated more efficiently than the report to the state pollution board showed. "But we know that sometimes they do not operate within the standards set by the state board," Lanham said. Figures on BOD of the Baytown plants obtained from the Harris County Pollution Control office do not indicate as much deficiency as the figures reported to the state board. Nevertheless, the county of - fice's figures showed only half plants to be operating be- maximum stand- Fart of these bonds already have been sold and the money will be used to expand the West Main plant and lay some designated sewer lines. Dr. W. A. Quebedeaux Jr., who directs Harris County air and stream pollution control activities, said records of his office show that none of the Baytown plants were in compliance with the state standards. City Hall Plans Going Out For Bids By BEE 1ANDRUM Action on three capital improvements program projects has been taken by the city council. The council, in regular session Thursdav night: L Authorized for ard. The county office's figures for bids on construction of the new city hall and community center. • Approved detailed plans for Jiving sanitarv sewer lines on six plants are: Cedar Bayou, '° M . s tre - r and Garth North Ma - n Street and Garth and Dr. Youssef Zayyen is the j m m ion of bonds to finance the|6; Craigmont. 5; Humble Docks,! . . J . . . . new prime minister. construction of four buildings i 28; w est Main, 21; Woodlawn.) Baner roaas and authorized the and a mechanical center. Part of th e costs of these • Soviet scientists report that rocks on the moon are covered with a thick layer of solid but porous matter re- fa e through the Texas Educa buildin g s are expected to be paid from federal funds availa- 106; and Lakewood, 6. Samples of effluent analyzed j iects. j advertising for bids on those pro- by a City of Baytown employe j showed a higher BOD for thej And approved the design senbling artificial foam ma- ftion Agency. Woodlawn plant have not ap - (of North Main Street, which will terial. roached the county's figure ofj include an esplanade. j The council will review detail- the following i ed plans for the city hall and The Vniversity of 41a- ! 5200,000 for buying land. Plans j BOD figures for samples taken j community center during a spec- j The "proposed S1.3 million is- j 106 this year. jsue includes approximately! Lanham cited & Co. of St. Louis said a midnieht phone caller p rar _ floor. » continue planning ; He was represenung a metal ° f tfie ex P anslon P r °- iJ-oncatmg com p a n y, calling caj , s foj . & fourth . Dave Mt»ore. Ba.Mown Chamber 'of Commerce manager, after • U. S. Marines fight off j Moore said earlier that he had I determined Viet Cong attack j , been hearine for 20 vears that! "f^ Chu Lai and L. S. ar- | Steel Would build some- illler * duels « th * nem y Il ! or - i as the Communists The hospital board hopes to : hearing U. finance the second phase by : ''*-' rc ' S. Steel will build earnings, additional loans and ; possible grant from the federal government through Hill - Bur-.but _ what • ton funds. I "Our goal should be to told Moore he didn't know 'Baytown, Te.x.. is" good enough for :L. S. Steel, etc. He later flew be here to talk with Moore in per- ready to take care of patient requirements bv the time lor son. This was just one incident that 'additional "fTciHtWare needed,"'" : nas hapl'™^ since Baytown's Brown said. "W e have an op- :da >' of fame - Dec - 9 - when U - S - portunity to develop our hospital into one of the best regional hospitals in this part of the state." Nine where in the southwest. "The future of Baytown is unlimited." Moore said. "But a lot depends on whether Baytown is willing to risk money now or wiil you let Houston money, Dallas money or New York money pour ir. here and take over?" fire continue to step up their offensive. • Syria's coup leaders name two civilians to head the new regime and relax curfew restrictions. Dr. Noureddin Atas- ' ing arenas. bama, once the scene of an ! are to bu V land for ^^e use!at th e W 7 oodlawn plant on seven jial meeting to be scheduled with- ugly civil rights confrontation, j displays its southern charm for visiting Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson. • The Houston Livestock show and Rodeo enters the weekend in its new quarters with final classes of breeding- present campus. l-at some location other than the different dates this year: Jan. j in a few days. '4, 42; Jan. 10, 48; Jan. U, 39;! Architect Lowell Lammers Jan. 18, 28.7; Jan. 25, 31.2; Feb.| S a5d plans are to receive bids on 15, 1S.S and Feb. 23, 1S.6. i t h e projects in late March. He The city manager explained j reported that the plans and spec- that fou r samples are taken | ifications w i 11 be completed within an eight - hour period j about March 10. for analysis by the city. | Ccuncilmen Robert Barnes and This "composite sample gives j Andy B raswell urged that con- The Times of London recent-j a n average of the plants BOD ilract be given adequate time i_j *.i_!_ _i :__ -t_ <->i : : fr\f +h's*- t-.ot»>i~ir1 tirnora'a ** *' crr-a r\* * ^~~. - Sea Dog Goes Bock animals headed for the judsr- I fled section: f "VT***.-«! J r\ff Iy carr ied this ad in its Classi-; whereas "grab" jsamples are taken for analysis officer, 24 wishes to; by the State Department to prepare bids on the projects. doctors have At the chamber luncheon meeting. Moore described how his office has been swamped with let- alreadv • Iers - P llon e calls and visits from siened leases ir. th e new profes- ; i' eor ' le over ;he United States sional building, and another is ' Crested m Baytown since Dec. on the verge of coming in Broxvn reported. The wine will take care of 13 doctors. ~T h e building will have sufficient foun Idation'to cari^- a second floor C / r~V£»c L.XG5 I J ' J V Moore urged Baytonians to get ir. on tile ground floor of the industrial boom ahead and form j business syndicates, invest mon- W. O. TTDMON helps Stella ! when needed, it wiil be erected ! ey and bui! ^' . . Herring put up some new shelf on the west side of the present he warned. L you don t, the paper . . . T. J. Kinard of Cros- : structure. : out-of-town money will pour in. i P-ernarking that "It s easy to • tell people how to spend their ! money," Moore suggested busi- I ress people consider construct- ;'ir«£r an office building here, build ti.iiier parks, apanment rental . units and establish a light in- ijiustrial district. ! He cited the need for office pace and warehouse space here. Alma McNMity just may make.^^*"^ 01 t.T'f ^ iuaemsr ^ i^^sk ^btuTwhen 'thty a pot of coffee on the nicht o.-,ij ,'5 '•''K ~ ^ nnua '^come by the office" March 2. She takes the names? rc " ^ a'"" 1 ™ banquet. Jt was; ' of candidates for Lee College :™f ced Saturday by Curtis j . board of regents as secretary of I ^ nberr >'- attendance chair-,. own/ ; ^ the board. j" ^ Universi alumni w j,,| is going^ to be a major city on Dr Joe H o r e c z y greets| hear an address fev yice Qlan . j the Gulf Coast in 10 years. - - - - - - cent will per of people bv is home recuperating from! eve surgerv. 1 "_, _ " . , ,: Tom Farmer enjoys a salad, platc . . Emory Hughes has ; some funny stories . . . Bay-j tov'.Ti's John Durham, a student! ai Rice University, has his photo! A in the February isu e of Fortune i f\ fQ Magazine in an interview future ! with young campus leaders- are now available for, y of Texas E friends at the chamber lunch-j ce ,, or L . D Haskew of the Uni-l fMoorte . S -f ic l th ? 1 15 per , ce: eon . . .Perr>- Britton admits , vorsit at Q^ Creek counts !? f \" e L -- s >-. i ' ec! Personnel w this has been a pretty exciting Club Master of cere monies wilV e brou s ht ner e and that &> p< , - • i %*iuu. .Tituvt* ui v,ci ciiiUincis \\ ill • -tit year to be chamber president jb Cameron Hightower, IcgisSa-l"" 1 """ 1 b(? w ... Sue Jones shows friends | to , from Libenv Social hour b«- i hl ^ d in ine Bayuw«i area. around the Lee College library.! ein . at 6 . 30 ,-., huffpf „.:„ hp i He said the impression Igins at 6:30 and buffet wiil be! at 7:30 p.i that f Councilman Raymond Donnel" j !y expressed dissatisfaction go to sea for 3 weeks leave." i Health and county pollution con-i ! - v . «P re f eu Q.ssausiacuon A good way to get extra cash j ^^ authorities ' about the fact that the council had seen no plans for the- city . hall and commimitv center since been asked by the state j for your busman's vacation ori weekend trip is selling articles you aren't making use of with ! J- Sun Classified Ads. They are 'pollution control board to report! " " easy and inexpensive to" use: on what steps will be taken to' Councilman Barnes, who is quick results too. bring operation of the treat- j Chairman of the council's build- four ' nt plan , within Lhe sland ards I i"5 committee, said no signifi- The following ad ran UPRIGHT PIANO — Mahogany finish. •xceHent condition. S12S. Coll S32.SS18. ting ad. •w" •»»-•, *• 1.4.0. ,n.»i^*», uiouvrovia *-"••-! 'tnonl^nc , . ,*^, I cmrl i l»»" iJI<£lio. a no longer used article and' sala the buyer found just what was' He indicated that no action is! Donnelly abstained from voting wanted at a bargain price. I planned for the Craigmont plant,) on the motion to authorize ad- jwho normally operates at only! vertising for bids ". . . until I jabout 50 per cent of capacity, jknow what we are doing." I And the city has no current! On request of Lammers. the D:al an a<3 writer today, 582- j plans for expanding the Lake-1 council authorized clearing of ^! 23 '-i 0 piace your rcsult-g-et-jwood and Humble Docks plants, j trees and brush from the build- Plans and specifications nowjmg site and relocation of a 10- 'are being prepared for expan-|(See BIDS. Page 9) Free Eye Test Clinic Here Sunday Glaucoma, a disease that i ing disease, according to thejtect in the first stages and can blinds thousands of people over \ Texas Society for the Prevention !usuallv lx> checked if detected 35 each year, will be the target! of Blindness. However the so- j early ""according to the society of two free screening programs iciety also says blindness from! <;'"'•_„ ns vo'h-fpprc for Bav ^Su'n^-^M'arcrs^ 5 ' ^'jf ucoma is preventable The | to S^in^t^ be^ SySwn and Sunday, March 6. disease can be arrested if de- who w-11 be assign" The free clinics will offerjtected and treated in the early l™^^ " h e East Ms ty Society and -\ glaucoma is occuring until con- participate in the programs as a public service. The Constable's ciety reports. [Reserve Unit of Harris County Galucorna strikes after age S5: Precinct 3 will assist with park- ~,e newcomers get here will de- on how thev are treated in (Holly) Holecek on[ B 'B "Asnbv~ ciub nresident'"Dr i slores - service stations, church j MAYOR SEABORN CRAVEY PROCLAiMS BAYTOWN PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS WEEK Lee College news. Holly's been R j ck ' ThomDSon Wendell Shif'i schocls and around the city > Mrs. W. O. Finch, left, and Mrs. John H. Andrews, represent the Woman's imt p.-,vmJ,rf rvvnnoit,. rh^i^c "Bayrown has a brilliant fu-j ' - sick this week. PERSONAL MONEY ORDERS CITIZENS NATIONAL M.mMr F.D.I.C. lett, Raymond Donnelly, Charles Ruckman, William J. Gidley, D. C. Seamans, Dr. Pat Me-i Murrey, Dr. R. L. Carter and! Perry Simmons. | Officers for the Baytown UTi ExStudcnt group will be elected i for 1967 at the traditional ban) quet meeting. i Auxiliary of the Medical Society. Peoples State Bank Member F.D.I.C. National Engineers Week jEye Surgery jBAYTONIAN CRAIG Townsenci jis recovering from eye surgery I in room 595 A at Methodist Hospital in Houston. He is expected to be able to come home in about a week, relatives say. HARRIS COUNTY FEDERAL Saving* and Loan AM*. Assets Over $26,000.000.00 'Plant Sale | A PLANT SALE and bazaar ! sponsored by the Baytown Gar- jden Club will begin at 10 a.m. [Monday at Culpepper's parking jlot on Texas Avenue. Customers ' can register for door prizes. Houston Gulf Coast Branch-Tex- sidcrable vision is lost, the so-j^"' a? Society for the Prevention of Blindness. The clinic Sundav will be from 2 to 5 p.m. at Gulf Coast Hos- in most cases, is difficult to de-iing. pital. The second clinic on Sun-j day, March 6, will be at Sanj _ -^ *.».. _ n ... ,»ij i jadnto Methodist Hospital from] Baytown CC Of fleers To Be Elected Monday 2 to 3 p.m. Any person who is * 35 years of age and over is in-i Xew officers of the Baytown; Kay. G^ne Gill is and Bruce to attend one of the screen-j Chamber of Commerce will be i Ramsey. (elected at a directors' meeting i The board of directors earlier In Texa s alone, there are 67,-j al noon Monday at the Tower J this week endorsed tha Lee Col- 400 adults who have this blind-! Names of id new directors j !ege bond election March 5. were announced Friday at thei weekly luncheon meeting at Holiday Inn. They are Knox T. Beavers, Eldon Berry, Dr. Donald Brunson, Theo Wilburn, E. C. (Jack) Kimmons, Fred Hartman, James Davis, Charles Me- SAVE IN THE ROUND CITIZENS OF TEXAS .SAVINGS ANNUAL WHITE SALE THAD FELTON

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