Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 3, 1930 · Page 20
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 20
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20 BARN AND BROOMCORN SHED NEAR ARCOLA IS DESTROYEDBY BLAZE ARCOLA--A^bain 31x42 feet and a broomeorn shed 32x36 feet on tin Mr*. Sydney Wilkinson form, four miles ·outhwcBt of Arnold, were d«- ·troyetl by fir* early Tuesday morn- Ing. There w»ro 30 acres of broomcorn In the »hed, nn nutomoblto And i«veral »oti of harnca*. farm Implement*, oat*, corn anil hay In the tarn which were all destroyed The total lose amounted to S6.000, and the Insurance on Iho buildings and the contents wns $3,000, Mr. and Mis. WlllCnm Black nnd Iholr grand win WHHnni, Mr. nml Mr*, Jn». Wlghtmtin. Froda cvnd Hiia- aqll Wlghtmun, Mr*, Ferman Jolly, Ruth and Mfirjorlo Jolly spent Sunday at tho homo of Mr. tvml Mm, Walter Million near Maltoon. Miss Loundah Mullen, who tins been home .for tho Insi (Ivo months on account of Injuries received In an automobile accident. In relurnlntt to hor work | 1n t h e ' Union hottpltnl nt Tcirci Haute this weak; Wai tor Mullen Jr.,' 1« attending tho Unlvnrslly of Till- no)*,, taking an cnplnoorlnt: com HP The Mullon family ttro former cowl* dunta of At cola. C, J. Muniton lint received wortl from his Htm Donnlit Munson. who with hi* wlfo hue been In Europe during the taut lovtritl woeka, thtii they expected to mill for hoiw (iboul tho ft rut of tho month. During theli visit In London they worn jjut-Ht* of 86- Thomati nnil T.ddy Mary Nlchol and have written homo ttint they tire enjoylnjt tlielr t i l p «nd havo vlnlleit nvmy lnteroatln« itlnci^ Mr. itnct lift*. Munson l«ivn nlio nice Weil woiil from th«li Tiejilicw, TUehard Vjrd of Wow York 'lly, ft fitrnm roaldenl or Ar olu. tlmt h» and h wlfo Mklletl Snpl. to, for tluropu nnil ·vjll ho ftono n your, Mr. Ford l» forolpn mtinntf^r for the Pncltnrd Atitomoblln CD. They will vltilt 22 " " fitirimtt HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 3, 1930, DECATUR HERALD GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSU IN VANDAUA ELECTS VANDAUA.-- The Olrb AiUetlo aaiocUtlon of the High ichoo) baa been organized for the ye«r of HJJO- 31 and the following officers were elected; Yvonne Boat, preetdent; Hazel Hudson, vloo-preildent; Shir ley Stewart, aeeretary-traaaurer; Arlyne Beeves, assistant secretary treasurer, Mlsa Rogland U at the head of the association. The activities of the organization Include pitch bull, kick ball, long bull line fotball, volloy ball and basketball, together with genei-al health exerclsea and folk dancing, Catherine Loreth Heads Taylorvllle C. D. of A. leth w«« nliictud head of thi local Odlhollo On 11 jili torn of A in vt lea »t their mcintlnK held Wndniisdny ovc- ·nibs In ttio Kt Mary's nrtiool. Othor offlGtrM Mndnd nro' vleo-tfriind rr« Kent, Mm. Anna Kolly; prophi'lrag. Mtu. Tr«nn J*|nonHir; lilHlnrlnn, MIK. IiUClllt Snmi ; ftnunclfil scci'ttnry. MfH. Klvira K|fildlnfv; howm-M 1 , Mrs Ajfth Broods: monitor, Mrs. .(mo- ·pKlne Totitioy: mmtlnd, Mr«, Jullti llehnonr, led in or Mm Mm tin ret ((·nay: tiiMlww. Mt«. Miuv Dftlley nitd Knthcilne lloiltcrt. Harristown Ladies' Aid 1 Plans To Conduct Social It'* going to b« perfectly Jelly, old bean, If thti chappie succeed* In Us ambition. He 1* Desmond Jean*, London actor and dancer, end ho hope* to be · fistic champion *omo 4*y. Jeww, monocle, Mayfalr accent and all, ii beinf trained In P*rii by Jeff Dlckion, London boxing promoter, and aoon hopes to bo eblo to cope with the tending boxing Uddiw of Gor«pe · FAYETTE CO. JUDGE GRANTS_2_ DIVORCES VANDALIA -- Two divoicfls wore Krnnlotl hove Monday In the Fayetto county circuit coui-t liy Judffu Thom- aw M. JetL Rita Kopnoi 1 of at Elmo wan K run tod a dlvorcu itnd $00 u month alimony from Alfred B, Kepnoi. She clinrgod nruolty and adultery. Mrs. Koimcr Htntod they were man Icil In VVoodrlver, Oct. 4, 101D, hnd boon snparalgU fix tlmcH, with [lna.1 tiop- uiutlon occuriInp In April ot this year, Dotondant vraft not present In court 1 but wni topioicnted by counsel. Mil. Ernrnn B. Wakctlcld of Hcr- p-lolt wa^ granted n dlvoieu on ehiirjrcH ot uniclty from Ralph Waku- field, u fatmoi' tcHldiny near Cow- dan. Slio iftntod they hnd been a iiintud five ynaia. ATTIONI) STATE BtEliT MONTICKL^O -County Ckvlt Lo- tlottltn MrC'luro, Mr. antt MM. Jlnrlpy ' O r i l f l u n , Supervlaor N. O. UlrLauifh- I llu ntul J. A. Monroe wore in S pi 1ns- llfld Turaclny nnd WodnesUny at- lending tho wtnte convention of Bounty offlcera. California Woman On Visit In Mt Pulaiki MT. PULASKI -- Mts, Charles Rupp, Fresno, Cat., arrived Tuesday for a visit with her pui'enln, Mr. ond Mrs. John Horn and other relatives, Mrs. Horn la In poor health. About 25 little tots assembled at the homo ot Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Schaffenacker, West Cook etreet on Wednesday afternoon to honor their four years old daughter Jane Louisa, on tho occoalon of her birthday an- nlveriary. Jnn« Louise was remo b«red with many gifts from her frlende and her grandmother Berog gin furnished a birthday cake adorned with four condlm. Out of door games oC various kinds were enjoyed by the children who later ·were served Ice cream, cake and candy. The degree staff and quite a delegation from tho Royal Neighbor lodge attended the county conven tlon of the order held In MIddl*town on Thursday. Th* staff from the Mt, Pulaekl lodge did the degree work In the evening. FARM NEAR ARGENTA CHANGES OWNERSHIP ARQENTA--Charles Sbaatld hoa purchatwd the Marihal) Clifton farm south of town at f S per acre, Mr. Shostld will move to the farm next spring and Otner Thatcher and family, tho present occupants, will move to a larger farm near Hftrrbrtown, Word was received laet vreek by Mra. Sherman Shuey ot the sudden death of Mrs. Roy Burnett, near Illnonk, M eh* and her husband wore en route to their homo In Galena. The cause of her death wan heart trouble. Mr. Barnett Is rtmem Usred here a» ft native of Argenta having lived her.e 28 yean ago, Born--To Mr, and Mr*. 8. W. McCarty Bcpt If, a son, H« has been named Jack Allan, -t- DIE8 tot CEKTBAL1A CLINTON--Charles Davis, North Madison sttoet, received word Thursday of tho death of hla brother, Joseph, which occurred at hlg home In Contrails, Wednesday. Mr, Davle will go to Ceatrolla to attend th* funeral. HILLS BROS COFFEE ««« its rare flavor to the prtn* cible you follow hi making mayonnaise You ADD the oil it little at * tsmt to prevent the mayonnaise from separating. Hills Bros, roast their coffee a few foundt at a time to prevent variation in flavor. That's why this patented, continuous process is called Controlled Roatt- ing. No btilk-rojsting process can produce such a rich, delicious lUvor. Trtib frrni kt wtyafi tatutttft Jjti. Ejiity tfiniit with tbt lay. Lwk fir ttx AII nt tin AM. C O F F E E / Thn liidlfi 1 ftlj ot tlin f'hrlftliiH chinch will pli'fl li no- 1»1 In thn rlniich liirtcnwrit on Sat- ujihv itvcnlni'. ti'f cmmti mid rnl«t tijid uflinlwtchM unt c o f f i n will t" 1 ' nerved ' ,AI1 thn «(HICII'H onirinl/i/iHiiti'i of tlit'i pliioi imtl tlllrtl fife |ir]inilH|: Irt uinlnt In Ml" [iioKt*a» to IH K(vpn lit tlin Chtl-itliin cliiucii rm Oi t, 17 nil) oVIfiHi, On Ihnl tl-itc the i-onn- li( HpclllnK niiildi will IJ J MKS, CATMKIKNK I-OTTK IcjH for Mr* Oiiili^i'iiw* l j otti, who] dtjul Ufro piiilv Titctdfty mornlnjr of h#nrt liou!)lii in HIP h(mu ot hori ii. I'liik'cim IVdt, will oonductdd nt 2 o'clock Frldity In the CPCIO Honln Motti- Humli. lindiit will ha mmln firs Pnlli WIIH litirn Pec. 2, IfUB, 1aOhlo. the ilnii);lilcr of ttin latfl Afulllii mtcl I:i1/ti1eth Huff, niul wltli h(T pfii'ctitu rninn to Illlnoli In 18(1B. Slut WAM nmrtled In IHTt to Phillip F'ftttn In Ni-wmnn Situ wns ft mom^' of the MeilxidtHt chuiolt ot Ccrro Shu Icdi-ci Hie rnllnwlni? rlilldron; T t II. Pottt rind Mr*, .f. A. Hire of rarUnml, On- : Mii 10. P. Voatlro tifrTylpr. '!· ; Mis. lletttin Ktmch of irtycti, K»n : Mi* K, J, Urown of T^Jvenport, tn : Mri M, K, Ahlji of JTjrdtur nnd Mm KIIK^HK I'cd ot Cltrto GfHiIni il\f nlm) !rwe!i two h^ptherx. H t r Huff ot CVrro (jordo nmt F 1C. H u f f of I'tlNinn, »nt n slg- tcr, Mtw. Coi ttii IVclc ot C A R L H U G H E S ST. LOUIS M A R K E T SIS K. WOOD--15*5 N. MS1JSK ONIONS CABBAGE Chickens LARD OLEO, Hie Red, Bu. J»Cr» 100 v9L Pound Frie* or Hem, Lb. SUGAR 35 1,1). Bnf $1.28 23c Peanut Butter tb. Br««i). IMTKO fresh loaf Re t'luivhei, 2 Itrgf can* 35o Pork and Bw*ni!, S oan» IBc * Navy Donna, R Ib*. 400 {f'raukem, 9 Ib, box SOc Hon*y, ptifo otraloM], Ib, IB Jo Apple*, Grime* Ooldeti, bu, Buoon, Ib, ________ 181c and Idc llamn, Siipir Cnred, Ib, ----- lOc lb -------- 16 ° i), )b. Ib. 20fl Pare Pork , Ib ----- 17 ic Medal, J4 Ibn.-ISo .HMrd Wtiaut, £4 lb*,.83o FKBDS--100 Lb*, Itr» Shorfet *l.«i linn Semtoh II.tB RKit Miiih... «.BO Salt, block 40c Bap ASo CLINTON U'lltliim (lithuitv, inn «if Mr. find MM, ,ttim«t G«!iorty ( for- rnnrly ff rllnion. n«w ot Penrlit, dlnd 1n AlMmpifnl 111 1'pnrift Wedm ''tiny of 3!o wnt bom in rilnlon, April 31, IffS, ond icnvcn hH pnrent* nntl two ·fctoi's, Iillllnn find Axnrx, Onci nl^ tw. Marpnict. hi dcnd. I UK prjxnd- fiher, Mnritn Dougherty. H v c j i nfrth o( Clinton, ·Funoral wrvli^st will I'f rontltirlrd lavPcorln Kildny mornlnu nnd th( bJEdy broiiK ht (l1 flint on for btirlitl i* Woodlitwn rcntotcry. i MRS. I.KI i for Mr* Ijfln Rownhor. 38, wife Edwnrd liownlici 1 . rraUHiiR ncnr i*noo, were tipld Tluimdny nwtn- I at the St. Mnry'a Cntholle t'luirrli Pnwnfle. Rev, Fr. Murnniu*. pnn- of (I oln ted. njii luted by nev. Fr, i'lth of Dlverncn. Interment wns Ida In Homo Creek cemetery nt ivrnee. lurwlnp ixre her hutbnnd nntl two IA i, Henry nnd Frnticls Wll- IINM. She nUo lenv«» two HMom W*. EUlo Burr nnd Mra. Cindy* Mulhaber, both of this city, two bAthertt, Harold nnd Oernld Green- «Slt. »l«o both of Tfiylorvllt*. nnd an *«it, Mn. Sarah Kllen Oreenwult of f-lnffliJld. MAMION COOI-KR n ,_,OKVlLLK -- Mnrlon Coo]eir, ' ei'virden, h«lf brother ot Chaij and Albert Cooper and Mrs. Ada itflhum «11 of thl* city, died Wed- day evening at tho St. John « ho«- In Springfield. ...ronf«m*nt» for therfuneral are Inawnplote. just try Kellogg** Corn Flal;,. if you want to wake up the children** appetites. Crisp flakes of healthful corn, full of flavor--they nre simply great CORN FLAKES * Dfliciout with milk or treem -- frutti or Juuier /or variety youm ffvoy n toMRM ?^OP eVMw^ American Beauty Macaroni NEWSPAPER , \l PIGGLY OCTOBER APPETITES ONIONS Red Globe 5 CABBAGE Holland Seed 100 Potnd * SEALDSWEET GRAPE FRUIT POTATOES A V --. * m A ^vm***, Full of Juice 80i Sue 2 - ISc 15 - 39c APPLES Idaho Jonathan* Pound* \ Q C GRAPES California Tokays GOLD MEDAL FLOUR Kitchen Twted For Every Baking Pttrpote .Sack .· GREAT NORTHERN BEANS HEINZ KETCHUP RINSO IVORY SOAP RIVER RICE Western Choice Quality Rich euenc« of plump, vine ripened tomatoei. Urge BotO* Soak* dirt out safely Large Package For fac« and handf-- M fine ai toap can be Gueit Sue Uu in pudding*, toap or cook. Pound Package 2 - 19C 2 - 39c 21c 6 f - 23c 7c Eagle Condensed Milk DeKciotn ia Coffee ZBoTii DEL MONTE APRICOTS SUNSWEET PRUNES MRS. STEWARTS BLUING SALMON Fancy f nat in heavy tyrup Large Tin Medium Size Fruit 2 Pound Package Use it also for Ink 3*«, Bottle economical than Seep p acklge Good quality Pink 1 Lb. Tall Tin For For Marshmallows SCOTTISSUE, 3 rolU 25c Frcih Shipment 17o ' For 25c 21c 2Sc ISc ISc ISc 73c CRACKLES Made of Corn--Wheat--Oato-- Criip to the lait tpoonfo). ISc Package Adc Our Managers How to Obtain * CRACKLES DOLL for 23c (Ptrttntf) Cwtomttt of AP have no fear of food proAteen like tho*e the ·uthoritiea in New York and other dirt* are trying to curb, Careful ahoppert know thatAPcan cbereKhed bfprcfitemorradittwn. fiJenct in in At Jtttr- mtnation to keep food food prita f t ttt /row/ Iteett pettibte. A*P Hoiuectcaning Suppties-- Youll want iltcm toon. Way not buy them thii weekitA4P»ta(aving! CRYSTAL WHITE OK PG Soap 10-33° Camay . 4-25 c Brooms Oxydol, . Galvanized Paili Brillo Mope Peanut Butter DAIMTV Soda Craclcen 2fK.,15c Prunes Raisins Pink Salmon . \ . 3 us -29c . 4"«.25c 4i«29c PILLSBURY, ©OLD MEDAL ond ARISTOS Flour . * SACK 85c i»« LB, SACK $1.65 Qtistar ? ur * I K LB - ^5 15 dugar C*M * BA© *j»i«j Gmk Northern or Navy Beans 3 LBS - 29c Muitard . . . SSt. Macaroni UTLK . . 3 IJM -25e Vinegar . . . ««»29c Aprieob, Evaporottd . , . u. 2lc Ptochti, EvoporfHtd . . . «-i. I5c Waldorf P«p« . . . . 5 wii-« 25c Apptt Save* . . . . c*t/ IOc Potatoes Grapes Ohio* IK IA, *·· 35c Ruicy 34 I,1h Totoy, Lu( $1,11 JERSEY D A I SWEET rotatoes Onions KM Bananas Fancy Frutt 6 10 4 29c 19c 23c FANCY WISCONSIN FOR KRAUT CABBAGE 100 - $1.60 MEAT SPECIALS u. 12Vk Roast Young Beef ·*· ^c Steak Round u 3Se Hamburger Boiling Beef Fresh Callies Bacon Cered 15c 25c AP Food Stores THE GREAT ATLANTIC * PAdrTC TEA Oft |4 Members Church All Croups R* , Tl«ur*d«.y ^ UnlWl T .nd *»«*'*«''· of thn i · r * tre * Who Btl' r. · Mr(t ,·!· B. F. £ w , Mr«. S- W llngton, Mr*. C. V r . Mr*. C C. ««*'«*· Itri. bwt'1 Holy o'clock whtrt . tn ICnianual lunch ton w t ot , »: H. pmltin of Uoore ot Baleni 1 Thank ofl for the 1 ,, ,,., n Mi\ Oct. 1 Announced Urn* the 1 n*w. " ·· Mrs. Ryman Before Moi Hctiool l«»ch«rs ftlld WlVW Wfl!'* "i Ball I vn 11 K! \vnn Is fling In Hie Muoi About 2(0 person ,T Cnra O. Ryman. p*r)nt»nd«nt ot principal «psakci Wom»n of th* P Cf Sulltvan Ou; GUzed O sw Fe Merchl BEEf PORI BEEI NEW sp/

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