The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 4, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1859
Page 4
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ns-agS?. f * '^;^t^tf^?- t^:-5}- ,, ,_ ^ r^^j.,.. JSESa^ > ADVERTISEMENTS PATENT MEDICINES. MEDICAL. LEGAL. ADVERTISEMENTS .AYER'S CHE RET Private- U . JOHN lte»4wto String, •***«•* i e Erst, lias op«n<f' flee at 86 Market iquar?, up near OncJUa it., Jilt* OoBrtT »f Uni Called Cuim " hTor of. the *»ld Hew tt. the treatment andr ,f Private i out Lliu use uf merL-u bo elect! Dtr h(s FOR THK RAPID CURB OF ta toe above entl- ^ of ehe « handled '»nd *vt*tj«,me dollars DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R. K (Now opened to lake'HtchlE**.',- Cold*, Conghs, aad Huarseness. ttfUM aoitklliwof U, Bute of mteoaala, to the above nanedUefexlaat* : JL the complaint JnJ^MTiotton, which -w»i Bled lo r toe office of toe Clerk, of,Uie,OlrcnltO,onrt. County of 1859, and to «em k copy of your answer to .the said complaint, on the a«rt»eribeJv, alias office, latterly of Milwaukee, within ninety dart after ihe service uf •hia Mn^ffvjfipjt* *«m ^TOtt* 4xclii*iv*j of 1UA day of inch *ervlce; and If you Jail to answer *« eatd complaint • within the time .aJoreaald, the this action ' '" ' 'y-4o theOonrtforth«rtief'<l<m»nde4ln1*e balf of the south . vorth Hue Dftald quarter .ectlon; thenoeirHh said line cut 8U fetttotbeaUdlcof Ssptak road, thence with the mldtll* *>wat the Circuit Court for iild County of Jblwaakee. mt »Ul¥«akee,thtllth4»yoJAprJ.lS».; , »nrgM»wtw» . . > Lewis 8. Benedict and- Henry 0. Boutbwlck, ,• lana Miichell, : . WtikeU, .. IilUell, JV. B. Thompaon, '. w. H-Iiyon and -B.Price/: ' '- SALE. In. the United Butts DU- .trtot Court for the District of Wisconsin, i .-''-, -.-,.•, „IB Equity. "",/: ..' : 1 'I N pursuance and by virtue of a i.cree made by the i District Ooort of the Onlted SUM* for »h«- District of Wiscoosln on the tenth day of February, 18W, In the above entitled cause, I shall sell at public auction at the United State* Marshal's Office, in the CJty «rMil- wankce. In this District, on Tuesday, the tenth -Sty of May, 1859, at 8 o'clock p. ji., the following described property, or so much thereof •«.may *e neoessarr to •satiify said decre';,to wit: AU that certain piece or parcel of land situate In the County of Portage and State of Wisconsin, known »nd describtdAs follow*, to wli: Beginning at a point ten (10] rods «a»t of the quarter stake on the west side of section number fif teen {16), in township number twenty-tare* (88), north -of range number eight (8) east; thence south done the centre of the highway fifteen (IB) chalnr, thence north eighty-six '(66) degree* east twelve (12)'ciialns and fifty (60) links; thenje north sixty-one (bl) degretieast ail (6) chains aad thirty (SO) Unts; thence north el<rhty-nve (85) degrees cast twenty (40) chains; thence north twelve (12) chains; thence due west on quarter line of said lection two hundred aod thirty (£30) rods to the place of beginning, containing seventy acres be the same more or leu. ManhalVOfllce, Milwaukee, March IS, 1859. M.J. THOMAS, U. S. Marshal. <3.A. *J. C. 8TASKWUTHKK, Compts Solicitor*. i I } Circuit Court, IHUwaute* County. Charles £. Daniorth and ) Charles W. Perkins, I ' against George B. Keed and Alpha C. Nay. TfTsatiiifaclorily appearing that the defendant, A B. Kted. is a non-resident of th s Mate, and a proper party to this action and has an Interest in the premises of which partition is sought b.v this action.— On motion of Butler, Buttrick & Cottrill, Plaintiff's Attorneys, ordered that tie said George B. Ueed, and a, 1 .) persons interested do appear in this action and answer the complaint therein by the 4tu day of June, x. D.,'1SS9, which premises are dcacrtl>ed as follows :~The following real estate being and lying in the County of Milwaukee and Stsic .of Wisconsin, to wit : Lot. number six [6] and seven {T}, lu biock number nineteen {19], In the Seventh Ward of the City of Milwaukee. Audit is farther orderej, that thli order be published In The Bally Milwaukee News, a newspaper primed In Uie County Of HUi.tiUk.te, where said freuilnei are situated, once In each week for six weeks huccessively. And U is farther ordered, that the eummoni in this action be also publuhetl in said Toe Mil'kee i>a>ly News, once in each, week for six weekt successive] r , ana that cnpiex ol the summons jand complaint be forthwith deposited In the PoaUOtice, 4irecf. d to aaid George B. heed at Uontpelier, Vermont, his place of residence. Dated March S1-, i. o , 1859. JOHN A.. 6\TA&K,JE, Gw Court Commlasioner. * teetlon 18, .. - ••••< •' •Also, beginning atmjroliHtn the line between MCtton », and », 14»f feet north oftt>e46witr section eoreer, nusWng thance.westewk feet : to the cut Una M -fourteenth street: tLmee wr* aald eaaUlne of Fourteenth street, swrth 764 feet toBeaoMas> atreeU or the extewloo of thatstrastWTeprewmed tath.plotof fllef* AddlUOntottedty of Mtlwaakee: thtncewllh 4h* «>«h Jlae of saw street, e»*t «« feet; theixa 1 1 eriOt, the aonlheriy line of said street northea»ta»iy*ax>n»810f»etto«uanglelns«»d street; thence with the Moth line of asjld street east ahont SO feet to the point where the south J-eaterly line of the land conveyed to Abraa Tljet by deed recorded In Milwanie. County -In Tol 41 ofde«ds at pa«<810U erosae* uM wstth • llneof said streetthenc* with said aeuthweater- •ly line of Abram Vllefs laid- »outh 41 degrees, Cl&VCIT COUEl, I County or Milwaukee ( Peter J.-Botaling, Eialntlfl, against B!ab M Joalin. Ijimmons Tor Relief. Paulina B. JosILn, (Com. not sen-ed.) James P. Greves, George W. Biihop and William P. Yonng, Defend'ts. State of Wisconsin^ to -<he «bove named defendants, , Eliab SL Josiin &o<j I'aulina B. Joslin : Y OU are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this at-tion, which will be filed In the office of Uie Clerk of the Circuit Court, Connty of -HUwankee, at Milwaukee, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their ofDee In the<31ty of Milwaukee, wltk- In.ninety days after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service ; and if you rail to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in tills action -will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the complaint. Hated AprU'12,1SS9. UI'iIAM i GRAU \U, PiainlFO's Attorney*. The bbove mentioned complaint wo? riled April 12, 18S9, In the office of trie Clerk of said Court, at Milwaukee Wisconsin. Dated April Zl, 1859. - - -.- -^ 0PH*M * GRAHAM, apr22-5aw6w . PUint fT« Attorneys. C1KOUJT C00ET,) Uliwaukee Cuaaty. f . Samuel B. Daggett, Plaintiff, against Henry Miller, Juliana Uiller, hi> wife, Nature Strog- bua, or Nuu-e Strtalens. Ejibvaiin U. Bowell, D. I>. Willianuon, Jr.. Treasurer, Jacob KchOsnh Ii, Michael Bower, John Wakt-ly, William lilakclj, Henry MaUl rd, Frederick Althof. Herman Brrgmia, Louis Althof. Charles Allhol, John Ii. Mauaiian, •James Kneeland, Kovelty Uubber Company, and John B. A. JSerh, Defendants. The Mate of Wisconsin, to the above 1 named defendanis Y OC are hereby Bamteoned and required to itnswer tee complaint in this action, which is filed In the office of (he Clerk «1 the Circuit Cuurt, for Milwaukee • Coont}-, and to serve » copy of your answer t» aald complaint • on as, at our otnce, in UKehell'i Bulliling, corner of Michigan and cast Water streets. In the City of Milwaukee, within twenty days after the eerriee hereof, exclusive of the day of inch eerrlce; and If you fall to answer the complaint a* aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demand"! in the complaint. ~ Witness Hon. ART-HUB He ARTHUR, J ut^e of said Circuit door;, at Milwaukee, Urn 12th day of April, 1859. Witness the seal of eald Court. MATTHEW KCEMN. Clerk. 11 STAKE, Plaintiff'* Attorney, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. - In Justice's Oourt. STATE OF WISCONSIN, ( City of Milwaukee. f To William Krekow : V7 OU are hereby notified that a warrant of attachment jlp-has been issued against yon. and yonr property attached to satisfy the-demand of William Scbnoick-jl and Aug. F. BraneUo, amounting to twelve CO-100 dollars. Mow, nnlnsyou shall appear before Albert Smith, a Janice of the P, act, in and for said county, at his office in aatd cHy, on the 14th day of May, A. D, 1S59, at » o'clock 4n -tiie forenoon of said day, judgment will be rendered against ywu, and your property sold to pay the debt- • Dated this 21st day of April , A. D., 1859. WILLIAM SCHKOKrEEL, . AUGUSTUS F. BltUNJSTTO, aprZjrdlawSw _ Plaintiffs. [So 639.] Notice of the postponement for a briel period of the public sales at the laud office at Superior City, WiDcousin, oi- aered bj 1 proclamation K<>. G2S. N OTICE ls hereby given that Uie pabHc sales order- eaby proclamation No. 628, dated December 24, 18SS, to be he;d at the land office at Superior City, Wisconsin, on the 2d *nd-16tb da-ys of Ma; neit, are here- by.dBcJareJ to be portponcd until the 6iii and2«th days of Jane next. tUveo under my hand, at the General Land Office, at the City of Washington, this 23d day of April, 1839. By order of the President: • : TUOS.A.HKNDB1CKB, «pr29-l.aw4w Commlvtloner. east about -«0» feet to a point on BenBth street, where aaid Unels intenected to lhawea* ? line of Abram Tllet's land, acoordlnr to deed recorded Jo volfil, of deed* at pageBiS: thenci south witiTsald wot line of Abram Tllet'a lan« • 12.88 chain* to arwrner: thence west with boun- ary of said Abram Vliet's land 8 chains; thenot south with said boundary 61B X feet to north line of Sherman street; thence with said north line, vest 6.9i chains-to section line; theenM ' with section line north >S9 reel to the place of beginning, containing ^abont 80.10 acres, and being iltaated In the easthalf of the north east quarter of section 19, and In the *re*i hair of the north west quarter of aeetion SO, town Z, range 2S. Also lot* », lu, 11, IS, block 4. Lots 2; 8, 4, 6, « and i, block 8. Ltil 6, block 4. Lot 6, block 8. Lot 8, block 18. All In Vliet's Addition to the oily «f Milwaukee, being In -Uw.eut half of the sy>rth east quarter of section 19 and the weal half of N W ^ of section 20, town 7, range a east.— Also the following real estate beginning at a point in section line between sections 19 and 20 at north aide of Sherman street and 828 feet north of the quarter .section corner; thence with section line north 859 feet; thence west 6WJi feet to east aide of Fourteenth street: thence with east side of said street, south 589 feet to north- side, of en alley; thence with nnrtb aide of said alley south easterly B4« feet to north side of Shennaa street; thence with said north line of Sherman street 201 feet U place of beginning, containing 11X acres more or less, being situated In the east half of the • n< rth east quarter of Section 19, town 7, rang* «east. Also Lot 4, block 89, Second Ward. Norlhjtf lota, block;89, Second Ward. Also the following real cststtcbeing lu the north east quarter of section 17. town 7, range 2i, beginning at a point In the West line or said quarter section iu.u£ chains nerth of the south west corner ofsald quarter section at the north west corner of lands convened by Daniel H. Richards to oue John P. Shueciaclier; thence with said west Hue of said quarter section north to a point B.1C chains smith of the north wen corner ol said quarter section; thence east 14.70 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thence along middle of said road south to point 10.U6 chains north ul the south line of said quarter section; thence west 14.70 chains to place of beginning, containing about 82 acres and be ng on the west side of the Green Bay road. Also the following real estate situate In the north east qr. of sec. 17, town 7, range 24, beginning at the south eatt corner uf said quarter section; running along the east line of said quar- • ter section north to a pohit €-84chalns south of the north east corner uf said quarter section, being the south east corner of land conveyed by eaid Klchards to one Christopher SchloepI; thence wifn so iih line of naid land conveyed to Schloepf west to a point Scored east of middle of Green Bay road; thence south 100 feet; thence west 860 reel to middle ol Green Bay road; thence along the middle of said road south to the south line of sa d quarter section; thence west along said souln line of tald quarter section to beginning, containing about 64 acres, being on tlit: east aide nf the Green Bay road. Also the fallowing real estate aituate in th« said north eaat quarter of section 17, town 7, range S3, beginning at north east corner of said -quarter section ; thence west with north ilne of said quarter section 2^^4 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thence south along middle of said rrad 4.86 chain* u, north west Corner of land conve.ed by bantel U. Richards to Christoph Scjtloepl; thence west along north tine of said laud to eaat lineol said quarter section 25.44 chains, thence north 4-St chains to beginning, being • about 18 acres Also Lot 6, blockiSl, Second Ward. Lou U, 12 n block 104, Seven it Word. Lot 8, In block 84, Third Warn. LoV&, In block 146, Fourth Ward. Lou 8 and 9, in block o9, Fifth Ward. Lots 8 and*, In Mock 68, fifth Ward. Of the City of Milwaukee, In the Okimly of Milwaokeeanu Slate of Wisconsin, and all the righ% title and Interest of the said defendants or either of them in and to the said premises and appurtenances on the 23d day of September, 1857, or since acquired thereto. Which said property, as aforesaid, I shall expose tar eale and sell at Public Auction at the Court House in the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, Use 19th fter of !»aarcll, 16&9, at the hour 01 8 r. St., of that day to satisfy said execution, together with expenses of sale- Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, »eb. 8,1859. PIHOHKS, LTXDS A Miu.m, i A. J. LANGWOKTHY, Pl'nsAtfys, f Sb'ff. Mil. Co., Wls. Jan36-dlaw6w fST' The above sale is hereby postponed till fiitor- day, the 26th day of March, 18W, at the Post-Office, at the hour of 2 r. «. Sheriff's Ofhce, Milwaukee, March 19,18SC. A. J. LAN6WORTBT, ,m*rgQ Sheriff Milwaukee-Co. " Hr~ The above sale Is farther postponed to »td- nesday, the 6th day of April, at -he same place and time of day. , ' Dated Sheriff'« Office, Milwaukee, March 24 18W. A. J. LiNGWOBTUY, ="29 Sheriff Ma. Co. f2P The above sale is further postponed to Saturday, the 21st day ol May, 1S59, at the Post-Office, at the hour of 2 r.»., of that day. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April 6,1869. A. J. LANeWo&TUK,. apr7 sheriff Milwau" ee Co. IATE OF WISCONSIN, t Circuit Court, Milwaukee Connty, f ' Matilda Foote, •" ' •'• • ••• • against " Herman L. Paw, George B. Mallory, Garrett H. Fiti- gerald, Sarah Fitzgerald, hi* wife, Thomas T. Reeve and Gilbert W. Hoe. Judgmeht of Foreclosure and Sale. I S virtae of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled action, I *hall expose for »ale and *ell«t public auction, at the Court House in the cltr of Milwaukee, on Nator- dar> the IStb day of JTnne, 1859. at the honrof if..M. of that day, the following described ', mortgage 11 Premises, or to much thereof as may be •necessary to rai»e Uie amount doe to the said plaintiff, h Interest and expense* of sale, to wit : "(Juartertlock tvrenly-nlne [29J, in the east half ; of the south west quarter of section No. twenty-one [21], in JowosHp flo. serenn'], north of rancc twenty-tiro [Z2J east, In the First Ward, of the City . O f MUwa'ukee, la the County of Mil- '.' . * - "a """ '\ -•.•.-'- ;J)e6. 18, 1858. :?~ KOKKOI «OS U KK STATK OF WITOONSIN, 1 Circuit Oonrt, Milwaukee Co. f Charles Alfler, Plaintiff, agalnit Ge..r K c I'apcndtck, Sarah Jane Papendlca, hi* wife, lames Ii. Rogers, receiver of the estate and effects ••( the OfirmaaU Bank of G. Papendlck t Co., Herman L Page, George 8. Mallory and Garrett M. fltzeerald. Defendant*. Jud^nent of Foreclosure and Sale. A N Virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered ID said Ooart, In the above entitled action, dated July 17, i »5S, 1 shall expose for sale and sell at public aac- UoD.Klthe Conn Honae, in the City of Milwaukee, on UctfnoslaT, the4lb day *f May, 1869, at thi liour of 3 p. n. of that day, the following described nr.rtgaged premise*, or io much thereof, a* may be noeeuary to raisa the amount of laid Judgment, Inter- ^t and cost*, together with the erpensts ofial. to "The following real estate being and Irani: IB the County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, and known and described a* quarter block No. twenty-ntae <2»), tn the east half of the *onth weft quarter of section No. twenty-ode (21), in the First Ward, of Ike City of Mil wan! : kee, according to the plat of »ald tract, on file In the office of the O erk of the Circuit Court of Milwaukee Connty." Dated Coroner 1 * Office, Milwaukee, March 21.1858 SMITH ft BAUWQS, ) DTJNOAN 0. KEED, 1 * A «'?«- . I . Coroner of MIL Co., Wl*. ciKorjiT COOET, i Charlei E. Danforth and 1 Obarlee W. Perkins, PlaloUEi I Bummons for Btllef " :\ I B nureby j^ren that all the countersi note* tasned or* 1 " People's Bank leal ACo-of Ox'oity of MUwMkee.nabee «t the office of the Bank Comptroller, within tworeara from the date of this noUce,«rthat the funds deposited for the redemption- of *aid> clrculatinfr notes, win 1»e Etren up to the nld Hanking Association or its As (ineea. '. Dated DeMmber 2», A.D^ 18£7. AllOrjSTfJSGEEnLIOH, "- H£BJtAN80BW/ETfN<- t - |l«t the People's Bank of 0«rtrj. Oreenlmf rj --~ " - - — --- --- Alpha O.May, Defendants. / The State of Wfsconslo, to tie above named defendant*) andeachof th««: . : . Y pp AM hereby Summoned and required to answer the complaint in thl*. action, which was filed I In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Countv I of Milwaaiee, at the Court House, to the City of Mli. waukee, on the Sift day of March, A. o^ 18S», cad M serve a copy of your answer' to said complaint on the subscribers, at their office 1st tndlngton's BloiJKln th* City ^fMllwiU{kee, within twenty day* after the vritot of this summons on yon, exilulve of the day of cocn service; an4 If you fafl to »n»wer ttojald ooaplalnl within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will apply to lie Court for the relief demanded In tb* camplalnt. Dated March 21,1858. ' -~ BOTtlCK, BDTKIOK400TmiI,L, anrl-Uwtw Kalnttn"* Attorneys, "City ef Clev-land." * • (lhoroug»Jy«*ntt»dlort»i!*.oiite.y O H AH» AtTKR MblTDAT,' April 11. 1158. At. itffet Tralsa wffl run M follows: ! OOINQ WBST": .- : Might 'Wall. Wxed. Aeuoe». Vajireu aaiCtoUce, de|k 9M ~ii6 ..'..' * U40 [ *-«• *•«. -»>.». r «. •Detroit, depart.. 7.-00 1^0 4*i 8.-«e Ieota*rrl*Ie l %mv« MO fcSS 7.80 •Oswego, a/riVe.. 10:50 , 1:40 r. sj. . 4 . a,. Bt Jf.hhj, arrive. ISdO 9:85 . 11MB a-». , «-, . the judgment or tfce nl^^Mtlet Ooort, twenty^tcond d«ir of Octoker/A; D. ISJTytS *• L nM *l«»led upon And auall »ejl.»t Pufclic .«• 52. (a<1 »yi u ' B lotiday of December next, '"I'SJ !f5?* AM**! 1 " Offlee, to the City of am- at 1» o"olo*k In the foreown of said day, the propertir.iowlt: The La Crone A Ullwaoke Grand EapHs, afr. • jraed Hwrea, art. Milwaukee, arrive. 4,-aO A.M. 2:-.0 8.60 r. au IfcU •ReffrshsjeDla. OOIMU EAST • Acco, •Onaa Haven, dep. Grand Eaplis, arr. •t-Johns, arrive. „ . Owosao,ani»e. ... ; tentonvilk, arrive •Detroit, arrive:.. •us. Bridge, arrive Mall >xpr's t.M. 8:09. 4 K. *00 8.-20 T:8« 8:80- UlxeA, 9:55 '«:6S r. ». SI.-16 4. K. 4:00 Bight Expr's. 1S:00 r. H 8:49 10:30 a. v. l.-OO G:CO r. M. 4AO •Belreshments— Hotel ln-Depot at Grand Haven Boat rill leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 p » — lr ' -. leave on rundays. Train* leave termini dally, Sunitajs eicepted . THE XKUGRAPH UNB Is uow open for Poauo Bo- OONSIOnOFS. AT DKTalrtlT— GREAT WK8TEBN UA1L WAT iXorSfi P?'^^ 1 "* 1 °S1°A N OKNTKAt anrl MICHIGAN SOnTHSSN P.AILROADS, and CLCVK- LAS U Line of Steamer*. AT JiM^-VB MAVEW-Wiii, •• IUJHON " Steaaoerfor CHIOAdO, Ac , Ac. , A JJtJF ItW '* lJltE » - — Wltn lh « MISSISSIPPI, LA OB038K, CHICAGO, WATBBTOWN and UORI- OON RAILROAD.*, for an Important point* West and Northweit, and on Mississippi Hirer, and with Steamers for Ports on Lake Michigan . Passenger* for Great Western Bailway go on the Ran- way fuxr STSistia, at D. A M. B. Dock, leaving Doekat&nOA «., l.-OOr M., and 7:30 r u NIGHT TRAINS on the O. W. It hav SLEEPING OARB attached. PARCELS left at any of the HORET OFFICKflar- forwarded by Pamiwass Xaauts *T V«av Monax ATS TheOompany'i Time-Tables can b« had at any of lb r •tailons. _ W. K. HI. Hi. Gen IS. p't. WE.TKIS A Foisu, Ticket Agent, USD Ka,t Water si Wx. Gain AH, Freight Agent at Cotno.ny'n Dock. U.O. Wasus, General Weitern Aeeat D. A M. R. Offices. April. 1859' ,p r ai TRANSPORTATIUN COMPANY Win, dorlo^ the tnown S^uoo. run iheir popular Lin« of Company ihereln.iritballtb*) franchises, rt»htn and jifMUeg** Ibereooto belonglog and appertaining, teelndlH roUs, toadwaji, rights of. way and roJ e* tate of every description"road bed*, tracks, ties, rain, llatioo ftonxes and Wlkltnga and proundj, abed* and groandsf ea|dne koases'and troandj,s«op*mnJ grounds, water hcjnse* and grounds, can and appurteaances, lo- eonaotivt engine* and apprartenanao, more partlcn- Inrlf d»tcribeU fb the following «chednle<markeU A.) Also, ill that portion of the LaCrone and MHwankee Ballroait, known u the Watcrtown Division of said Bailroadl, and all the interest of the (aid LaCroue and Milwaukee Ilattroad Company therein, with all u, frunchlsca, rigkts and privileges thereunto •ppertaln- Ing, Including Mads, road ways, rights of way and real estate of every description, road bed*, track),tie*, rails, station house* and building* and grounds, shops and grounds; water house* aad grounds, engine houses and ground*, can ami appurtenances, locomotives and appurtenances; also, abont forty-five thouuhd ban of Railroad iron, more particularly described In the fol- owleg schedule (marked B.) Also. Ibt* 9,10 and II. in block 8, and lots 1, 2, «_ In block il^ln the fifth Ward of &e City of MHwaukee.— l.oOi 1 aa'J 4>, In blouH 1M; lota 1,8,4,5,6,7,8,0,10, 11, it, 18,14, ID block IBS; X of block 1ST, except lot 8 aad Id of the.bayo* adjoining said block; K of lots 8,8 and X, all «riots 12, U and 14; K of lots 16 anil 17 anil B if of 15, iu block liS, In tte fourth Ward of the City or Milwaukee. (Schedule A., rrferred to above.) One passenrcr depot, one (tore house, two freight depoti, grain platform and shedj blacksmith shop, three tank houses, machine (hop, stationary engine house, paint shop, lumber house, coppersmith shop. Iron house, blacksmith shop, turntable, circular engine house, car shop, all In the City of Milwaukee; lank house on section twelve of said Kall- road; one ditto on section 22; pauenger and freight depot, al iUdhfleld; one torn table and puiei.grr and freight depot, at Schl-ii»rni;ervlUe: pnrnne house, taa< house and panaeugL-r anil frelifhl uepol at Itartfcird; passenger nnd freight depot at Huliicon; paiuenger and freiglit Qtpot and Utnli huuae at WooJland; ditto al Iron UlJge; turn tahlc, pamengfr and freight depot, engine tome and tank hoiue at Uoricon; pancn- gfcr and •• freight rtepot at Junction; ditto at Hollinir Prairie; turn table, engine houao, tank housi: nn,l pan- lenger and freight depot at i-eavtr Dam, pauenger and freight depot and lank house at Fox Lake; pa»engrr uid IVeiKht depot at Cambria; passenger »nU Irei^l.i ,i. pot, turn table, tank house ftuil unrine house at Mi .land; passenger and freight «lepot, lura idble, refine tioust ftcq tana botue at 1'ortlgtrClty, together rftn tiir crounds opf>n which unch hauaes .'iQil iiu'Llmi-n *rt Kituated aliU which are ap^>urt«naut LtieruUi. '[K.-:,:V one loconlntJTe engines, U;n nrat cla^s p^^^eiigr' par. two seCdlld ciaiu <lltlo, four NaggAce c<\i-, I1V1 lu.u-^ freight cars, 1'^U platform ears, to gravel cam .IM , ; hand cars. (Bchedule B., r.'fenre,! to ali..rp ) one in the City of Milwaukee; one nlaiiou Juuciteii; one ditto anil M-I.O.J shtrd at )'-«*.uker -it< station house at liartlaaii; one ditto HI l'.n= Lalt- aih- l«in; one water house, or.e wood nhcd, an«l mie »lation house ul OcOdutnnwoc, out station house, lrtj:pe aheil, machine bltfii,', car nhop, blacbxmtth 8ho)>, tvo walrr house., enjrlii- l.ou^ ar.J wood »he«l »t Watertown, station hujlat an.I I'. ALL. t.4.11.-. ilt LoKclJ. ft All /I. t,..ll.-^. engui** ai*d wat*r hou.**- at Co'uinhns, tocet!-cr w.,V .r .- Ifrojadt upon urhicti »uoli t.ou.ul miii l.mjtli;j<« ^r.- .,( u sled *DL| which are appurtenant '.heretu. ^t•vell i>>o> QioLil'tr ru|; .1. t-s. 07 box earn, bi rs. I. c^ra. i ' ,i: . :.r l>*ai*eO|;er can A t« Btnma*, MAJB, 20th Dsc^ 18». D*. J.O. Aria: IdonothcsltaUtosay til* best reaudy I hare am found for OongbsvHbantms, Infasnia, and th« maeomltaot symptojnsof aOold.isTour OnUT PIOTOUI. Its coutant use- In mf practice and my family for the last toy««b«shownlttoposs«. superior virtues for tho treatarandof thw, complaints. KB£N KNIOHT, M. oT/ ,A-B. ifORTLBT. EgQ^of Dmi, H. T_ writes: «I hav> ns»d yoar Ptdml myself aad In my flunlly rv«r sine* It, and ballm it th. bsrtmedlcln. for Its wnrp^oat. With a bad sold I should sooner Ctouf, Whoopinr Cong b. InAnenza. Bmvamu, Itm, F«b. 1, ISM. . , . ! T wffl « h ~<Wlr certify yonr ftctonsl ,.?* C""* «" »• curarfwhooplng croup, and th» d»s« dlsauM oTchildnn. W« of you fratanlty in th« South sppndata yrar skllL and command yoar madicln* to onrniopla. ^^ HmAM CONKLDr, M. D. ^S *V¥ OBmiT ' ^ »rl««i«d Jan, litM: «^o«s tnfliwMa, which connnVl mito doors ' . Th the sonoeas ID my throat and Una ; than ona half th. bottl. m«. J B, eomptetelrwllL Tonr medidnea ara th* cheapan as >«2 M th. but w. Ajithmn or Phthisic, and BronchitU. M"OHDm, Pt, rrt,. *, isso. ctor «' h *^brming marr.llon. Il """"•«<« •"•"! from alann- tng symptoms of consumption, and Is now coring a man tS >< SSL^ OT ~ 1 nnd " " * ffee °° 1 ' of ">. rangs V th. last forty yean. HKWY L. PABKH, MSchant engine r»iu->" about 42,uTJ hari of RA.; the same daj i oad t>t'pOL 1 o «nd ab^ul 4iiA barp 01 Ii al Tour u'c '><\ 1'- M . lln uf Ranr. aj truri vlnch 1 t>eceuitp, r^ 1 SO., m Unr bank M llif ^ '^^ ontit. til of ihe La Crojt>e and Mi. pcrly entfUierale^J iu llr tr ,n, m,, c h I itiiiii, ic .i S; o o'clnck u.iu., Uie La Crowtc K^.. k.i *•' ami 41, .o the L.IV ..f Mil* aukct U trui., wmch 1 ah^>l &r • d*>-, --*t ii^uainau A C... • e 0 ch, i er, ID ck I'. VI , 17tf. J*y . ! Fir»l C?la«s Screw B-etrulftrly, between OOlJKNSBDHCiHf & AMD THK. ipk-i it LAKES! Forming a Bemi-.Wecltljr liar between OKlcaa^ureh and Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukee anil luutn,e late torts, connccUu; al Dpdeojsiurjjh with the OQDENSBUBOH 4 VERMONT CfNTBiL RAILROAD BOCfE, Between O^densDurgh, BdrliDgton, Co-cord, Manchester., Nashua,, Lawrence, Lowell. W ori, slfr an.1 Boaton, and atOiweRo with the New Osweito Line M Thirty First Class C.nal Boats on the 1 ular^d c»m between usiweg-o, 1'roy, Albany * New Vork, Oonaectlng also at Dunkirk with XEW YORK ASD ERIE RAU.ROAH, An.l formlnit b T.-l-Weekly E»ilr..».l I.m- l -t«eon Uotki h. Ulilwaukc* i Chicago. JST* Property fi r*arUed by thl. UDP »i!l t-r; »ubjeci to but One Trmjjf.hipm.rQi. t^ Merchauaia marked **\, T. *'.!>. fiJa\.« PiliKSN,'' will bv forwarded from Nrv Tort b> an FiqpreM Freight Train over U« K fw York rf Brit Hnilrvad, An:1 promptly forw*xrd»?d from Dunkirk. A U* L> | *"\ 'I 1 / 1 f\.XT f J-j* J X \^f J. UVEKS, A-geul N. T. Cj.,17TBro&d«-av. Nrw Tort J. L. WiMta, Agent N. T. Co.. .1 C<Bbti«s Blip, Kr« Tart CKA*. 8. Tar-pAi, corner 6th aod Ohesnut st., Phila- Uorsr A Caiwroio, Oswego N. T. 8. D. Oswwaix, A«ent, DuBllrk, R. T. CBjanaaux, Caawroac •) Co , Cleveland, O Jon Boccno, Agent N. T. Oo , 9S Slate rt, Boit^n. A- OoBH»i», Ajent V. C. Lice, loS Pute st, Uoiton J. t. Ouaca, Agent, House's Point, N. Y. Gao. pAaua, Agent,Ogdenskurgh, N. T. L. J. HI6BT, Milwaukee, Wls., offlce LaOroia«'A St R E. Depot. J. H. CttAWfOHl*. i „„ t „ «. J. MALft;, f illlwaukee, Wuconsln. Offlce near M. * U. R. R. Depot. N. B,—»hlppeTi are reqaeatad te *ee one of the above Agent> before maklnf contracts, as UK; are prepared to offer very law rate*, sind their connection! with the Ogdensburch aod Oswego routn, and «spt<:iaHy with the K*w York * trie Railroad gl*« theai ansurpauetl facilities for cheap and speed/ transportation. •*)rl3-d«cB-tastwl*w OF«OB OF TUB Noamajf TaAKsroarir ox OoiiravT Milwaukee, April 16,1849. Rates of Freight Reduced Again by rVeir York & trie KiMlroatl —AND— Northern Transportation EXPRESS U STILfurther notice the prlos from New Tnik to Milwaukee, will be u followi per 100 B>s, dellter- ed it stores : in Class. 2d Class. 8d Class. 4th Class. Merchandls* shipped by this route, on and »fler the Uth Inst^ win be charged at these rales vketiar eorOrao'td or not. Applr to J. H. CRAWFORD, Agent, , " New York * Erie Railroad. J-Mrcas, Agent, 117 Broadway, N. Jf. SW Ship dally irom Pltr 8, East »iver, or fool of Duane street, New York. aprlT-jUAwtw r , . , Daring ay practlnof many je«r. I hav. fouad nothing *qnal to yo«r Ouny Ptataral f,,r ^vlng eaa. and r-IW to consnmptlv. padrata, or cnrin« such as ar. enrabla" If . might add iclnnm of ntdmca, bat IB. most eon- ilndng proof of the vtrtnw of this ranwdy to traad IB Its •Obels upon trial. Coniamption. Probably no on* remedy has «v*r k**n knawa whiek cored *o many and neh danprraus cam as this. Scoot n. human aid can raach; but er«n to Qmm Oi* CH^ri notoral affords rall*r and eomtort. Asroa HOCSJ, Nsw Toaz CITT. Korea i, »S44 DoCToa Aria, Lowiu.: I f M | It . duty and a pluunn to inform you whaf your Chcny PKtorai has don* for mj »lf«- She had b*en fl»e months lahonng under th* dan- «arr,o« tjmftaaa of Consumption, from wbJeh no aid «•• mold pn>enr» gaTB her murh r»ll«f. gh* was steadily tat- K, antfl Dr. Strong, of (his eltv, wh<m we h.f. mnr l.i advle*, raoommoDdn] a trial of jour modtnn. W« bin.. lia klBdne«, as we do yonr skill , for iho ha. moT«n>l Tom that day gh* (s not J«t as strong as th« u»xj IK b*, bat U fr«e from her rough, aad aiils hnnelf velL Vonn with cratltad* and ntgard, ORLANDO SHELBY, or fuel, thrtt mativ «ypJi!iiiir rn Arc miile miser'*hi* 1 *?>( h < constitution* by rual-trealm«nt from mvxp. n phyaiciaoj In general prtt^t-tca^ f..r t * ^ generally conceded by t^ 1 *-' best iyphi.uKTJ.^iujrs. Ihestmly and management of these cum plat uu i engross the chole tinio of thus* who wnulil t>-r. tent andauccessful fn thor treatment *n ' o.r- jw-rtttally uor time to m...,--li.ififh'iiiM.cirt. ., ,. (1 etl with thetr p. tholoi£y, cotunionJy purinud .tn- of treatment. In mo it caai n making an •II.IIS.T'U rue of the antlqnatrd find Janiremm* srraimn. *lVi .« r*fl.ntl I tilt l t i tic patlenl In cnDsuItmg norointa) ph^aid ms »i it v*TtiitbR ctus, ad mne-t-rniim ol" thi-iu ,ir? .,, who volume French ami <nht-r an men m-l k f- »• • any claima to mcdicAl Itu.nrl.-..,/ . Th.-sf - r,.n s call Infest all, iiirt hy .n-'.,, ' i.-.r adverclsenieDU an.! iir.itm, th»v i • tin- [.••- .1 to enter thtlr Peter Funk*, *n.| unin«-rfii..i| y anil poUon them wllh mercury Persons living *t & distance , u Un- counn v -inapt to be doped by tbi- l,ym^ nottr--.i i n^i.-*-. citlcena. Dr. J. THOMSON ha* I tuedir.iJ n« ru n.,n hia rather, Dr.Wtn. Ttionisi.n^ .if ' i-icntfc. ; n t Una practiced over 8o-y»-«r*, am* mad* < t r~* ••••, ta.tu.rei of the beat Ph/siiM-ia* iu Km o.- .j. 1 reipectfnJly ad via? the pu' -in; n, t L. ,. i.,. . , r "Periodical Pill" humlmi:, UL *ppiv it •• • f •,, * who can treat Mich ca«t : a KCfenuUrai. , -»u.t *u' fully. Spermaturrhr -a or r*--ninaJ KaiLifti-Mi", ;• r- . ( T ar»nc>- of self fttiusr, irrntT^i *7TT| -dinpi ' - «u • tthout the use of ninnjtfraua Inotrum^nLj Alliligeiiaefl :acl<l.>T.'4l t.. i-inai-s i -^^^j »-••[. , u Th* 1 new Prcnch (*'• i--l >1 r-rem y n v _,, t n | constantly on hand. l'h«- I nftiri.i •• u.- M t ,*< . ,..,.19 THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE AGE. •T&ukrc, Otlol-cl .'T $3r~ Tbr iit-oVc *ale ta n ihc-lUi ii.»j ol^r>, I- U. 8. M*Ul,jj's Uftl c, iait o'clock f. ii., an.l 4 n 'cloc *vrjr 6, ioiS, al •> o'ut/vft r. u., & metiiiwEeti »lrove. MArsIaKl'a Office, Milwaukee, y, January , a it ; W &i it,-. < r«;- The -j. M.r rc a*f>: da/ o< brtcL v fun v> , K. 6, lia>3, fci 'I Vt-Jr CA,).-») . y, li rspc.-t ,. t-,..a*.-»- Marshal 1 * *..rt»c . n.'^-lft^tl fc£7~ 'flit: ab^i Wrmlay, the ai tile U. U-il of Ra , u'ciurk r. AI., thr sa Vhich l.'s li JM..I, at* *t 'cutck April 17, IN v k r alV Office, Mtlwaub*-*?, Kct. U'., \ rt 1 H w-ti M. J. TIlOMA.", I litj »»>uv>- «llr [<t iici chj t,tntt*-r , ttir li»tti aa> ol" J u'ic, l&.'k'i, A' ' 1 M«.rsti«J'. Oll.Cr, iMw3u of Ra Un> ad Iron mentioned .tti.-- If , Detroit *t Milwaukee K. K. FKEIQHT DEPAKTMKNT. B greater correnlence u merchants shipping or f obtalntag Information relatlux to Frelshi, an offio* (No. 8 Wlscontrln »tre-t> opened on th« 1st of April. where omen fpr collection or fJallTtry of foods will receive prompt attention. The oBce wilt be u-.otr ihe ssiperlDtcmdeiice of Mr. Paaw, Arent for HrQdrlc A Co., from whom all necessary Information can be ofctadned. W. K. MO I B, 6en1 Superinteodent. Mllwaotet, March 30th, 18S9. iflil. Railroad. TFTK,'tbe undersigned, having been appointed agents » T for the collection and delivery of Jfrelght tor this company, beg to Inform merchants and others that an ofllce (So. 8 Wisconsin stref t,) opened on tie 1st of April, when order* can be left, and will receive prompt at entlon. onr aolboriJed collector* will receipt goods at the warehooses of «nlpper<. IrtformMlon respecting freight transportation on tills Une can be had by app (cation at the office of Mr. A. FKKW, Aecnt. OHANOE OF TJME. O N and arter Mendav, Aprn 4th, trafos on Uie Mll- wsnk«e, W«*ertown t Barakpo Valley Rallrofxi. wm mr I:3S *. 464] (IT.wi ag*>m*t Jadgmipt of Foreclosare*nil Sale. FARE REDUejSO ! Br. THB <-• NEW YORK & ERE RAILROAD! J. fi. CftAWVOBD. , ^ o'clock, p.jn. aad 4 u'ciack, (». ID., KIJU HiursU.ij. Junp 1 7, 13»S, at 8 o'clock F. u.,ai the rrj-pectivt pUr- meutloncd abovr- MuabaJ't, Office. MUtFHukce. April 15, l^-> aprlC-dlbwU M. J. THOUAd, L'. S. iUn-h»l gi^ Ta« above gale ia hereby farvlier Kdjoarnetl tf. wfedDvftdaj. the Hth day o( Juij, is5S, »i liu\-(^ck 4. «., at Utfc U. d. sttarchil'i OUlce, UilwautLet;. t.Z(.t-|>T UIP aajes u/ &ailn>atl Iron mentioticU m &<-bc4luU- U., which are UxJjouroetlxrflpectiTel/ to Wcdnrnlav, Jul> U, 2 o'clock P. H., aou Friday. July 16', 1163, al & u'oftocl r. M-, at the rcajx-curc places menliottet' kbore. Marrihal'B Office. Milwaukee, Jane 12, Isii. : jel&-U«U U. J. THOMAS, U. 8. Marshal. ' fJSfiT" Thti above saJe lJ hereby further a-jjouroetl io i Wcdoesdajf. Lhe llth day of August, 1355, at U o'clock ' v. H., at lire L'niUd ytau;« llarshal's OQice, Uilwauk e ( &xc«pl the ;tmiea of railroad Iron taentloocU in sche.4ulc tU, which Are adjourned respectively to We<lD»>iaj-, Aotfuil^, at ii u'clock p. M., and Friday, Au^rut , 18, IbiVsatS o'clock p. n t at the reipecUTt pi*cea mto- ! Uoned abotr, MarnhaJ'l Office, Milwaukee, July U. 1&5S. JJ IS U. J. TlloMAH, U. A. Marshal. f£^" The above »ale U herrby further adjourned to WeJncwlivy, the 15th day of September, ISSS.atll o'clock *.. «.; at thf U. 8. BJarthal's Oflicc, Milwaukee. except the talm of Cailroaxl iroa mt-ntioued in schedule B., vFhich are adjourned re»i»eeilveiy t« WedoesJ;*/, fiepumber 15, Itvito, ai J o'ctoc* r. •.. and Friday, £ep- temb«r 17, lS&&, at K o'clock r «., at the reapf-cttvt places men.tloDe\l above. Marshal 'J Office, Milwaukee, August 11, .UM. augW-l*WU >t. J. TliOilA3, D. 8. Mardhnl. fy~ Tbtf above Bale is hereby farther adjoin Ded to Wcdnewlay, the i£tth d&j ol i^eptember, lb&8, at 11 o'clock A.. •., at the U. 8. Manual's OJBr*, Uitwaukee, except Uie aalea of Railroad Iron mi'ntioned tn *chedulV B.. which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, September £>, 1*6«, at U o'clock p. •., and ?nrlay,Ocut- t>er I.IS&S,:*! S o'ciock P. u., at the respective placet ffieoUoneri Abore. * Manbal'0 OOice, Milwaukee, Sept. 15, 1853. acptl*-laWU U. J. TtioMAS, U. 8 Martha.. e above «»U Is hereby further adjourned to h« sutli day of December, 1S&S, at 11 o'clock At the 0. £. Harahars office, MDvauLee, except jr*or ftailroad Iron meotloued In •chcdaie B., trhlch ire «4joorr.ed respectively to Monday, December 6. 18M. at V o'clock r, «., and Wednesday, December &, 1*58, at • o'clock p. ui, at the respective places mentioned above. ManhuJ's office, MHwmaKoc. Sept. &0. 1608. •eptSO-os.wo'w M. J- THOMAA, U. S. Mi.r»h»l. t3T" Tho»*ove sale la hereby farther Adjourned to Wetlnrtdajs thol'Abdav erf J»nn»ry, IKoC, M 11 o'clock A. •.. •Ctbc D.8. Marshal's Office. Milwaukee, except the **les of Railroad iroo mentioned in the schedule if., which arc adjourned respectively to Wednesday, January 18, 1859, »t 9 o'clock p. M-, ftnd Friday, January 14, 16&9, at 8 o'clock P. •., At the respective places men- Ion ed Above. Marshal'* Office. Milwaukee, Deo. 6, 1S59. d«c7-oAwtt M. J. THOMAS, U.S. Marshal. |y The Above isJe Is hereby further adjourned to Monday, the Hth day of Pebruary 1&&9, at U o'clock A. •., At the D. S. Uarthal's Office, Htlwankee. except ihe sale* or Railroad Iron mentioned In the ichedale B., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, Pebrn ary U, 1SMJ, at v: o'clock F. M., and Wednesday, 1V>- ruAry 10, 1859, at 8 o'clock P. M., at the respective place* mentioned above. Marshal'* Office, Mflwaakee. Jan. U, IS69. janlS-oAwtt - H. J. THOMAS, 0. 8. Marihal. far" The Above isle t> hereby further a<lj corned to Thursday, ihe 84th day of February, 1859, «t lu o'clock A. M., At thfl D 8. Uarshal's Office, JtUlvaolcee. exc«pt the tAlai of BAllroAf£lroD mentioned in schedule ft.. •rblch are a»ljoatn,i4 respecUrely to Thursday, Febrn- •rs 24th. 1S&9, at 2 o'clock r. u., And aa.tard*y, ary 26th, lS5i). A* 3> o'c.ook p. M^ al places inentio»ed Ahof t- MarihAl's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. H, IS59. ^QAWU 14. J. 1U011A8 U. 3. Marmhal. Thg aho*rp taJa is hereby further AuJ-oumedto i Uie 23d d*y or March, 1859, AI 1» o'clock 1* the forenoon, at the U. 8. Marshal'! office, MUw»u- kee, except | the AAles'of B All road iron mentioned In schedule «.. which Art Adjourned respectively to Weil- Desday, March $8, ISA», AC 2 o'clock p. is., AOtf frlda; Mwcb »5, !Wr», A( A o'cleck r. H., At the not dnpair Oil rou ha»« trlwl A TIB'S Cuxxar Pscroaaj. It U mad. by on« »r th* b««t mniicai chfitnjata la the world, and Ita cure* all around QJ bwpaak the high m«rtu of Its rtrtnaa. — fluladflp/aa Ltdfftr € f Ayer's Cathartic Pills. nHBE irfencM of ChflSaistry and Madldns bare b^u A tAi«d their ntmoatt to prodac* thlj b*s«t, mnn perfect porj^tlve which t» known to m*&n. Incanmrnbla prrvif*- ue ibown that thtM Pnx« hav* rlrtnM vtUcii tnrpan In #xo«lleD«« tii« ordinary medidDM, *u»d tbut they win an prroMJontMlj apon tha mtwm of aJ] mt>n. Tboy ar« taJh and p)«>&mit to Uts, but pcnr«rfal to cnra Their peno- I Iratinp: propTtle., itlmnlat* th« rltaj .wrtjTldwof tb« body, i reaioTw th* nb«tractlonji of IU orfmnm, pnrlff tbi» blood, ftQd mpft UKAUM. Th«jy purge out thafbaJ bamort whlrb ! breed and (prow dlt>l«iDper t itlmtilAt* iln^iib or dtMir i der%dor7anilnto thfdr oat arm! actlotv and Impart h»mlthy • tone with itrv>Dgtli to the whole lyvtam. Not only du th«7 cnre th« *v*rj-d*j compJalnt* of rf«ry b«jdy, bat ' tdtw formld*ble aod d»nferoa*i 1lii*a<in that haT* baJSm] ! : lh« b-mt of human ikOl. WMIe tbay prodnc* powerfbl i r(T*><-ta. th«y ar* al th* tarn* time, to dlmiaUhod Jo«e&, tb« ' u/ect and h*»t phy-dc th^t can be •mplo^ed for childrrro ' Bein( •U£*r-coai>d, they art pleaaxat to take; aad being i purely •^••table, ar* fr»* frwm any risk of harm. CQTM ! ba-v-« b««Q made whJch curpaM b«U«f w«r* they not fub- l •UnttaU-d by men of iQcb, «xaJtod poattioD and chararter ' *A to fhrbld th* farplcvnn of rntrnta. Many emlcocl rUrpjujf Q acd pbyalclani hav* lent their ntxu* to mrtlfy { U> thn [jtjbL(«" tb« rpltabtUty 0f mj rrmrfihi. whU* oth«n ; h»*»» trnt m<> the anoraBc* of their ooarlction th*vt m? tTfparatJnnji nmtrlbuU lmmt>D*ely ta the retW of m; afBiirtrd, mffpriDK tttIluir-[D*B. •> The \g*nl betow named ta pl«*Jl«d to rorutab fratii my Amerli?an Alman**. cnotaltilng dirvctlonj (br th*lr rue aod ,«rtio<-*L*M of th*-lr rur**, of the- following ooaplaJni* — Co«dT*..o*am, Blllooi CVimpUJntm, Rheamatlnu. Dropsry, Ufkartbarn, Ilead»rb*» arlitng from a (boI ctomafh, Naa- j*«i. InHlicMtr-m. Morbid Inaction of th* Bowtai »ntl Palii nr- 1 .*.!!!; tli*-n*from. FUtnlenvcy, tx**** of Appctit*, all rir*T- nu» >vtfl Catan*viQ*) DLS*!**** which r*qalr« an «Ta*"aiuit mMtiria*. .-tcrnfuU or KlDjr**j ErtL They alao, by purify IPS th»» Klf •-! tnfl ftitnuiatlnf tb*. ify»t*»m, rur» manj .i-mpln.tQtj whKfi It v:taId not b*» *mppr.fmd they could .N-r»'.ii* Irrii-ittility, I>«rmn,rem*nU "f th* LJT«r and S W- DO>«. (i'-'it, HD-I uth«-r ktndrwJ ootnplalnta aikting frnnj a ,..»> -if th« b««ly or (»b»tractJon of It* function*. D 1 ") r>'>t h*> ptit off by anprlnrlplfjd tl>n*J*n with •omc ^lh#r J.fll th-7 mai» raor« profit on. A«k for Arm's Ptl-U, and ta.i*> nt'thln*; el*m So other they «an jfl»* you rriuipiir>« with thti tn Itj Intrinsic *ajo« or cnratlr* t"iw*n Tb«> i\f\t vaut th« bo«t aid lh«r« if fcr th*m. •-D1 th^y chofild hAT* It, Prepared by Dr. J. C. A YttK, Pr»ctici.l and Am.lytical Chemist, Lo-well, H&u. Pmia 9» On. res Box. Fm Bozxa roa | 1. SOLD BY li.i-viaki:*. K\K[) .« CO .Chicago, *,nd N I) t > t I J H »n n I'r Ajfents tn How mauy th- 4 I U I J'll THK 1.1 VER I^XI.GOK A T ( OK! Knlirely from GLMS, I S ONK nf th»» r*jt or.w Vn-Cr.rt- UK- puhho. all r;i irl" f> ^r t »-l m it: r ,• from it'f *ysti»m, tjpjil > • • 'Ri{ in ih*-ir [>! see .1 h»*a.Uiv (low of '-.I', ' riir.>rHt.nir tf.o »t..marh. ^ cMnm«r lood m ,1 c*-s\ • «••?!!, i"trifyin<j t k f L w[t« ma- health tn the eflVtmc a ri'li*-ml cert- BiUioa.9 <iUticjL-# \T t . cured, and, «K*i is better, prtv-nted by th e oc- I'AjloQAl use o' the Liver One dose afler eitintr ts sufficient Co relieve the. 5ti..m.ich and present iNt food from rlsinp and soarinc- Onl T one dodf taken before reMrlnp, j>reTent.« Onty one doap taken »l, night, looseoa Uie boweta irentljr, and curri <'•>*- Z> i*H > One dose tek^n »ftei each meal will cure />y» One .lose 'of two icVi; fiict Uedduck Only orip do**- Imme- teii re- AU v\ . ust tt are ny (n it* /dfv*r. voter in l\« mouth One .; -.1 t i Tttiifri t'Tcveri' Only -. • Une P--tije £»»?., . . <A iun* / fert removes an Hallo wne*s or >.ion \liin,> •• >lor fr Jin ihe ikiD. One In*.- taken » «N.>n rr akrt Lhe f<..-.-t l' - Wf\\. fc ed.cur^ (jhrvnic t>mr- rrWaVi In ita worst form, while Swntrwr a i // Botctl OompLiintft yn*!d almn«t to the Dnt doie. A few bottler w:tl cart Dropsy by excitln,' the ihsorttenta. We t»kp pleasure tu re comniending thu m f d cine M a preTcntiT? fo f~9T t?r and AyuA, (. h \ Tfvtr, \nd all Feven 4 BiltivuA typ«. It op- ermtci -rlth certainty, «nd thotisanda nre willing 1 vi testify u> Ita von- undnim-OTM t^utlm/v thsir lieTl -Itntr a«!iftifn>r !• .r-s n < t.- *'-n^ to .tr. ^reaa ..n your rr, n.l t; •,; ,., , . . , oanct: -tf prevfUliijij is ru-tt.-r ;;. , t ,, ull » In the .MKOli 41. I>Is< ov KU \ you hAfe both ihe (>ri-»-DlAtiVr- ,„ i •*-,. v - jr - greai and good qaaJity. that n *'il o^v-r an<l>r emnst&nce, Jo yjo »n injury. Yoars truly, DONALD KKN Pnce $1.011 prr *MHI. ir K r i.ilr ny «" v; ,. MI*. in MifwaaSey, tir-.-i A l;.,tt... D. *n.: I\>,wn r th anu at retail bv ^ru^vata -v -ryw'<f-r" TO rn \.N run RICHEST 1)4 A Di Ever Horn by Kings or A BlUrTlFCL HKAD OP H Al It A BKAUTiFUL HEAD UF HAIC. A BICAL'TIPVL HUAD (if Mill; A BHAfTIFUL UKAD II r HAM LltiY Lr i J U 1> LH.^l j i 'A I i I ' ru i*i la • NATl KX'.- nH \ . i.n> SATL Rfs ./'.VN ,,u> ! N *rr.*A's . <•* \ ifi\ CAN BK PRESERVED ISFALL1BH CAN IIK PRESERVED INF.ILUHI V CAN BS PRESERVED INKALUHLV CAN BK PKtfclERi'KD I.vULi IB^V BOTH THE GUnW rii AMD BOTH THK OBUWTI1 A.\u BtXTH TUK ii .UWTH l.\D l.iiii l.i'R I.L' -< tAs,itin-, am PRIOl OXK DOLLlA FKB BOTTLL DR. HANFORD, I'TOprietor, No.845 Brobt Tor . Retailed by all Druggists. Bold also, by JOHN jyl Wholesalesale »od Retail, Mllwaak , W\s. NKW TREATMENT NOTICE. .., , Jtll»»nkee;»prlI8,a«68. | f-VS«o<J«ner April Wh, J65», lu>4 utit further BO \J Uoe,M pcMM I* •olhotKcd Io m»te Jporclwct , or ocmnot hrtB«t«ri«li for Uie IfjIwMkn «cd CMc»- (0 *^ain*4 wtUuwta written order fro «L aoitw1tt«ei»taBi(«tlil>Mtdaee onUnncd wilt *•>• ettwcni tlitt nf rl»cti to resfcr - -jT'TItt JOKph E. Treat, Jaot* wTiteanu, Benjamin V. Bre»«WeBtorth<*ranneT« ilfnlera' Baa ter*.BriOon,E.W.Wbeeloek, Bonot H. rr -mat CUMbetfa. WrwUe, OateD «. Pataenoi ttiF-Z Patterson, ba wife. Jadg»ent»«reolo*ore. I N v1rtue;or«nd psrioant U Compoand. 160 FAMILIES NOW USING IT. H. wu»e,<., f«b2&-l»wll H. /. THOMiS, 0. HT"Tb«*bofe«»l« It hereby farther adjourned ta SawiMtay, -.he 2d 4«r of ApfU, IDS}, M IS o'clock 4. M.. M tb« UoHeU State* MuibaT*. OAce, MllirMke*, tx- eept the Mil of »»Ur«*d Iron menJonad' In icbcdil* - j T — r •fere. > . . »«r2*-J»wtt . M. J. THOMA8, D. B.Mtnlm. : |a*T*The More ikU 1* hertbj fnrthw *Mooraea to 8»wnUy.t4e7tti4*»of»Uy,18ea, « 10 o'clock *.«., MtteUnlud^auiSsanlul'. (Mice. MUwtflkee, . o*yt UieMle* of Kaaronliron nunlloeed In »«*»*. plac»« •a — -ftenwoplfof MUwauk««<!'»n»oonaln, tkatke .«Mw«Oen for Mte, • prcctntlon' known u In 41u «»ji »f ihe franchise* an* «tier corporate pro- ptrtj.tha pjt»e« «ho thall «Ml*fj Ue*»ecnUon, with take Muh^liKUi* fcrtha *hotte*i*|*'-iod of Uae, and <o rec*lv* durlnithMtbM all *ach tpllas nldmrpsra. tloowouia bylawbeentiU*<Jto«>«.ian<J, ' •' *Ue»ei (ke Jjlfliett bidder, MArahal^ JMU*. MUw*****, foiifid««lial Medical Adrice i T the Buffalo Private DosplUl— esubllihed for tb tM. cure of Syphllli, Seminal Weaincuand the Secre Infinnltle* of Toath and Maturity, by Dr AMOS * SON, Buffalo, N. r. Office, corner of Uaiu and Qua itreeta, (up stairs.) A MOST gciEtmnc INTENTION. An Initntcuet for the cure of Genital Debility, o Nocturnal KmisBtonay more properly known, aj 8emlna> WeakceSB, Ac. — can be permanently cured In from Dfl-en day* to Iwp men ha by the use of this butrumeot, when n*ed conjolztty with medtclaea. TOONG MEN TAKE PABTICULAK NOTICE. I?r. AMOa A SON take pleasure In announcing tha they have invented^ a moat Important Instrument foi ;th? rnre of the above diseases. It ha* been subjectec to a leal hy the most eminent physician* in Londo-j 1'art), Philadelphia aod New York;- it has been declare •tha coly nscful Instrument ever Invented for the cure of Eemln&I Weakness, or any disease of the genital or- ^mn>, caused bf the secret habit of youth. Price ten dollar* by mill or express. j -'. A CUBE WAHEANTEP. Dr. AMOS A SON have devoted their attention ex- Closivel/ to thl* peculiar class of maladies, and Ihe rtllef they have 'consequently been enabled to reader their fellow creature*, U fully testified and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patients and other* dally arriving In town from all part* of the country for the express, purpose only of consultations, while their exertion* have beeo crowned with the-most-signal advantage*; jet from what they have experienced hi en- QnlrlBf Into the causes of those mfeetlou complaint', (front th«i«njo«it simple condition to that of the mast .. - and Inveterate,) they have alwan enter talon! the pOMlbtllty of their prevention and lemonal **d tfteVue Invariably feund that the moithorrlole and mallfnaBt forms of diseate could almost Invailahlv pirated to one ofHhe following cause*: Ignorance pegleel, «r the HI tleets ofoniklllful —^ • r> .(rmaf - -- .-^ . - - tmtnt; IhereWre, D«. AMOS * Sox have the eelee'aon o eorner aTWIteeastoaDd COMPOUND. tv-tonod to . • crlevooi affliction* that are to aadwh-eb, White they w aloud for claim* J«»hi,t»*14<e. ^7*> J rTT-.. " •"•*••!•• , jJfulyfatWiii tl*.rn>»*tt 0«ce In the City of Hll ,U^*XHriU*D*Vt4J*utaaclaim*ud 4*xM**W«r«l BOTU TUK URoWi'H AND ! TO TUci GREATEST AGK. TO THE GREATEST AGE. TO THK 8R1CATKST AGE. TO TdE GRKATKST AOK BY L'SING U-OOD'S HAIR RKSTHR l n Vf BY USING WuOo'i UA1K SKS inn VTI v ; BY U..1.NG WOOD'S HAIR RKJiT'iRAV.iilK BY USING woou'n miR UK-rnR\r; > • IT ALSO RK.VTORKS GRAY UAIR IT ALSO HEJTORKS «RAY HUR IT AL."O RKdTURES GKAY Hiln IT ALSO RESTORES GRAY HAIR TO ira NAT i Kt L d/i • K TO ITS SATM. n.i L ,-,,, ,,„ TO ITS N.»n R.»i. . i.i ,.>( TO IT9 NATT'R.iL CUI.DK PRSVENT3 ITS fALUN«. PRKVENT8 ITS FALUMW. PRKTtNTS ITS FALLl.Vb. PREVENTS ITS FALUNt*. COVERS THE B.H.U UK i r CDVERJl TUB I1U.D H> l, . OOVERg fp E BAL!) tlKU , FRIES THE SCALP FROM ALL DISKlit^ FKEKS TH« SCALP FRnM ALL Dlsr iSK.-i F»E»a THE SCULP FROM ALL UISKA-M FRKES TUB SCALP FKOM ALL DI."KA-K.-< SOLD BY ALL. PKDGOISTS SOLD BY ALL DRCGGIaTS. SOLD BY ALL DKDQGISTS. SOLD BY ALL DBCGU11TS. AND BY 0 J WOOD i Co AND BY O. J. WO i) ,« CO AND BY 0. J WoO'i i CO AND BY 0 J WTJOD i C"' 114 MARKJCT ST., ST. LOCIS. 1M MARKET ST., ST. L0013. 114 MARKET ST., ST LOUIS 114 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS. AND 31i BI10ADW.IV V Y AND 312 KKUADWA7, N y AND 312 BHOADrt'AY, N V AND 312 BROADWAY, jl y The Restorative Is put op In bottli-a ,.f i m,.«, vis large, medium, and small; the small tioMs ^ a p in ,„,] retails for one dollar per bottle; the mnlmm i>-.i,i» , r least twenty per cent, more In proportioo-Umn tne sin i i retails for two dollars per buttle; the Inrjc v-iii* « ,,,,., r . 40 per cent, more In proportion, anil r»ta!la for *•! .141 a bottle. 0. J. WOOD 4 CO., Proprietors, SI i Broa.lway »,-. York, (in the great N. Y. Wire Sstlmg Establl.hmenf and 114 Market it.. St. Louis, Mo Bold by 0. HA8TUNOTON and all rood and Fanoy Goods Dealers. lii't UI J - i O il! Cl • i J *f~ " T" "= •«. - t ' J !)-• f \l>- I marl SlCiHT AN1J HKAKIN(i DR. P. A. C/VDWKI.L, Formerly of Toronto, C. W., now of Chlcatro.Ill., ».. eminent and fklllful operator on the .. „ .. _ JUTE AMD EAR At Ho. W Randolph, corner of Dearborn street, is T * ;*£ rMeg nilracle* In the way of restoring LOST SIGHT AXD U3ARIXO Upward* ol TWO HUNDRED have been received bv >r. 0. within the last four weeks, many or whom hire be*n Mind for month* and ye»r». have had their tight restored Instantly by dtlicatiana difficult operation,. ihU» ether*, .ho hav* been *aff--rer. from disnase av*t<ten mlraculoiuly cored by mild aad gentle tren- ment. • * v The bat; proof u to how Dr. O.'* services ara appre- lated I*. that he Is daily receiving new patient* from "ar/^TOelvede COIU ' trJ ' <md ' !rUlnl *' ng ' *" W "*' hta aofi* Uireqmlrtd foraa examination or opinion.— an. II r-iiu S. I) i .\ VI HI In ..... \f«r.-h I7in Publ-e Aur: >ITI K ..i «n l-.VJ I . .ta« whyu the 2>wattMc«a« a*uf ft* ta b* had gratU m ap- iftt-HMm V nectssar; tu r \i-t "•Blnck nmntier .1 '.:.ii :y-'tir- • dillUOn, ll> the Kis''lli iV.ji,! wnahee. In ihe county it Mm of Wisconsin." Dated sheriff's Offlcs.JlUwauk.! D V!5 * ^"M. t "' •»• ' , r n', . llll April III. MM. Fl'ITa Att- , SherilT 4111. Co.. W t.

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