Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on September 12, 1935 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1935
Page 4
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THE LBNoyrnatE TABLE. LENOX IOWA THURSDAY The Lenox Time-Table LENOX, IOWA VERLIN L. SWEELEY MARY E. SWEELEY Publishers Entered as second class matter, March 2, 1904, at the post- ofnce in Lenox, Iowa, under the act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Subscription price in Iowa, $1.50 per year in advance; out- Bide of state, $2.00 per year in advance. Six month price one- half of foregoing. 6 cents. Single copies THURSDAY, SEPT. 12, 1935 Huey Long Huey Long is dead, the victim of an assassin's bullet, and the state of Louisiana is left with a headless political machine that will probably, and should, waste away for lack of a strong man' to hold it together. Huey Long was ruthless in his climb to power and, having attained it, was ruthless in wreaking his revenge on those who opposed him. Ruthless to the end, his hired body guards shot down the man who assassinated him arid then poured shot after shot into the body of their victim as it ; lay, twitching and jerking under the impact of the bullets, on the floor of a capitol building corridor. We cannot condone murder as a political weapon. The people of Louisiana had the weapons in their hands that would have retired Long from public life every time they stepped up to a ballot box. Assassination of public officials had no place in American political life, no matter how outrageous may be the deeds of the official. To Long's family and personal friends, we extend the sympathy that is due them in their bereavement, but to the state of Louisiana we can only offer best wishes for the future. Huey Long may have been a necessary evil. It is true he pointed dut and fought against some abuses. It is true that he built up- : his state by giving it roads and schools, that, politically at It is true least, he fought for the under dog, but none of these good things he did" can justify the means he used. Huey Long had a good mind and in many ways was brilliant^ He aspired to the presidency. Had he been able to control himself; had he been able to pursue the hpnest path to advancement In public life; had he been will- Ing to recognize that freedom Is the first consideration in America and that the dictator has no jplace in our life, Huey Long might have gone far. As it is, after flashing meteor-like across the sky, he has fallen, to be remembered only as a bad dream. M. F. C. Ladies Met Mrs. D. L. Carter was hostess Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 11 to the first meeting of the M F. C. ladies, for the new clul year. Fourteen members re sponded to roll call with summe: quotations. The program consisted of re ports of officers and committee and the president's address by Mrs. O. D. Tyler. Rook was played during the social hour. The following were invited guests of the hostess Mrs. Roy Bassett, Mrs. Raymond Miller, Mrs. George Ridgeway o Pocatello, Idaho, Miss Lois Huntington of Corning, Miss Francena Sterns, Miss Marie Evans and Mrs. John Drain. A lovely two course lunch was served. Lenox Fortnightly Club Meeting Mrs. George Cheese was hostess to the meeting of the Fortnightly club at her home Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 11. Fourteen members were present. Mrs. Sarah E. Patton of Fresno, Calif., was a guest. After a short business session the afternoon was spent playing bridge. Mrs. J. W. Walter received the high club score. Mrs. Ed Nelson will be the next club hostess, ^September 25. Refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by her daughter, Mrs. Glen Leckliter. Meeting of ' M. O. Club Mrs. H. C. Killion was hostess Wednesday afternoon to the meeting of the M. F. O. club. Twelve members and Mrs. Bonnie Maharry of California, a charter member, were present. Officers for the coming year were elected as follows: president, Mrs. Chas. Wiirs'ter, 1st vice president, Mrs. Harry Cheese; second vice", president, Mrs. Clifford Dougan; ; secretary, Mrs. Allen Pine; treasurer*, Mrs. B. L. Walter. '•••'^ '-•-.•• The program- for th« afternoon was: Mrs. K. R. Huff, sang two numbers; Mrs. Roy Nelson read a poem and conducted an interesting contest. 42.. was, played with Mrs .O. L. Gojyeiarici' holding high score: Refreshments were served by the hostess. giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimi I Letters Time Table: Will you please put this ad in your paper. Am enclosing money. too many words If there are you may cut I am interested in How much is it by out some. your paper, the year? Will you please send nje a copy with my ad in it. Yours truly, John White, Corning. Time Table: My subscription expired last winter, intended to renew I had not because T read Mr. Menoher's copy. But I.en joyed reading the paper this summer and, in any case, I know that I have to pay for papers I .accept. I've forgotten the subscription rate but if it is than a dollar will you please send me a dollar's worth? Please note the change of address. Grace Harland, Shannon Pity. Time Table: We are planning for a- feig crowd at the "Iowa Day" program at the exposition. We want to tell folks "Come and see your home town newspaper." May we ask you to send us a recent copy of your paper, that it may be placed on the table Jor the perusal of the Iowa folks who will attend the celebration? Thank you. Yours on behalf of the Iowa people in California. Myron Insko, President, Iowa State Society of San Diego, Miss Mabel Christiansen of Mason City, la., overturned her car trying to dodge a dog, and had to have five stitches taken In her leg. The dog to scratch a flea half a block. Entertained G. C. W. Club, Thursday , Mrs. Marie Miller was hostess to the G. C. W. club last Thursday afternoon. Eleven'members and several visitors were present. The afternoon was spent in quilting and piecing quilt blocks. Delicious refreshments^were served. . r . The next meeting will be;iwith Mrs. Thelma Schmitt, Thursday afternoon, September 12. Altar Society Will Meet At Kent The Ladies Altar society will meet at the home of Mrs. K. R, Mclntire, at Kent, Thursday, September 19. Surprise Party . A surprise party held Tuesday evening, September 10, in honor of the birthday of Mrs. Mabel Boltinghouse. The guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Orval Belding, who are visiting here from Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Eno, Mrs. Emma Putman, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Reed and son, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beadle, the Fletcher children, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reed and family. Watermelon was served Mrs. Childs was graduated, with honors, from Northwestern University at Chicago, where she affiliated with Kappa Alpha Theta and Phi Beta Kappa sor- rorities. Mr. Childs is a graduate of the Lenox High school and attended the State University of Nebraska, where he was a member of the fraternity. Alpha Tau Omega He Is now connected with the Epply Hotel company, located at the Elms hotel at Excelsior Springs, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Childs left Monday afternoon for Excelsior Springs, where they will make their home. Meeting of G. V. C. Ladies Mrs. Harry Stoner was hostess to the regular meeting of the Powers of Corning and Rev. M. Tennessen of Red Oak were present. No preparation was made for speeches but Msgr. Stoll insisted that it was the proper- thing to do and after an interesting speech on the role of a pastor in a community called in turn on Fr. Powers, Fr. Tennessen, D. E. L. Brown of Clarinda and an old friend of Fr. Pouget of the Isthmian Panama Canal times. It would offend the modesty of the departing pastor to repeat the compliments paid him as a priest, a neighbor and a friend. When called upon by Mcgr. Stoll to give a reason for having strayed so far from Sunny France, Fr. Pouget gave an insight into the workings of the mind of a young college boy, the cause that made him choose a missionary life and then a touch on the life of a priest in the 'early 90s in New Mexico, of life on the Panama Canal zone and some experiences in the jungle. He ended by saying "You have Tuesday evening, Sept. 10. Seventeen members were present. Roll call was answered with a Canning Hint. Mrs. Edna Haas was a gue*t. Mrs. Don Tyler read an article, The Monastery at Dubuque. At the close of the bridge play Miss Anna Turner received the high club score for the evening. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Harold Gustin on September 24. Refreshments were served by the hostess. home ;known me for"o^ 13 yeTrs and Those from Lenox who attend ed the picnic were: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Folcey, Dean Eth ington, Bing Miller, Wendel Fleming, Verlee Gordon, Helen and Margaret Wurster, Milton Bricker, Elaine Stogdill, Keith Cash, Genevieve Beamer, Gaile Potts, Miss Ardith Dunshee o Chariton and Miss Arlene Ceci of Cedar Rapids. The day was spent with games and contests and prizes were given in the various events. Al refreshments were provided by the company. Meeting of Past Matrons Club The Past Matrons Club met the H. C. Killion home Monday afternoon, September 9th with Mrs. Killion and Mrs. K. R. Huff as joint hostesses. Ten members were present. Roll Mrs. Richard Bridge Hostess Mrs. W. E. tained Tuesday four tables of Richard enter- call was answered with a current event. Mrs. George Ridgeway of Pocatello, Idaho, a Past Matron and a house guest of "Mrs. Phil Ridgeway, was a guest of the afternoon. Owing to the absence of the president, Mrs. W. L. Dey Ermand, the meeting was in charge of the vice president. Reports The dinner in spite of bad of officers were given. Election weather was well attended and'of officers resulted as follows: I need not say what my work and my life has been among you. Pray for me as I will pray ! for you." the ladies felt happy over the success of their efforts. evening with bridge. Table] prizes were given as follows: Mrs. W. H. Madden, Mrs. J. W. Walter, Mrs. H. C. Killion, and Mrs. Robert Potts. Those attending were Mrs. J. W. Walter, Mrs i J. J. Walter, Mrs. W. H. Madden, Mrs. Fred Childs, Mrs. Robert Potts, Mrs. F. E. Solberi, Mrs. Claud Dixon, Mrs. E. , Pennebaker, Mrs; Anna Wainwright,'..Mrs.. Ed Nelson, Vlrs.'' Jay Httglie&.^Mrs: Arlo fcichard, Mrs. Llbyd 'Davis, Mrs. J; H., Barber,' Mrs.:'H. C. Kildon and Mrs. Sarah E. Patton ofFresrtq; Calif. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess; »• <,.}*,.• ... Mrs. Patton Was Entertained Mrs. tained Albert Friday Glasgow for Mrs. enter- Sarah Childs- Costello Wedding A quiet home wedding took place Monday morning, September 9, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Childs, when their only son, Hal F. Childs, and Miss Jeanne 'Costello of Kansas City, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Costello of Chicago, both now deceased, were united in marriage. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. F. L. Shepherd of the Methodist church in the presence of only he immediate family and a few close familf friends. r> The. bride •F.W giyeu'^n jpu&rriag* ;&y the uncle of the groom, Mr. W. H. Madden. The,groom was at- X _ . - V -m • _ ' .i i-^-f- -•"'-*"-. ->f. f ClZ - '* W ,i-' Hottensen; Pollowinr.j;ha .w •f\r\lr **h1 A _._. _ J iTi ; *S. *r Hotel Lenox. Patton of Fresno, Calif. Other guests were Mrs. Albert Pinker; Wilbur Pinkerton, Bertha Pinkerton of Clarinda, and Mrs. Arlo Richard. i ' -i Missionary Society Meeting The Missionary society of the ihurch of Christ was entertained at the home of Mrs. H. C. Killion Friday afternoon, Sept. with 13 members present. Devotional leader was Mrs. Bert Archibald. Mrs. Sweeley was program leader. The subject of study was "Treasures await the •ioneer". Mrs. Mary Eckler and Miss Annola Toler assisted with the program. Farewell Dinner to Father Pouget A dainty dinner was prepared by the ladies of St. Patrick's hurch as a farewell to their 'astor, Fr . Pouget, who has ser r ed them for the last 13 and i half years. He came here when Fr. W. Treacey resigned an ac- ount of illness and took charge n January 22, 1922. His dutie, tarted early for at 3:30 a. m f that Sunday morning, he was ailed to administer the las acraments to Mrs. Catherine Baloney. Since then many of he old pillars of St. Patrick's parish have gone to their reward, but why recall the sad events? Aware that His Excellency the Most Reverend Gerald T. Bergan, Bishop of Des Moines, had ordered Fr. Pouget to pack up his books and answer a call to Dies Moines Catholic College for special work among over one hundred families of stranded Mexicans in Valley Junction and South Des Moines, the Ladies of Sf. Patrick's parish decided to give him a farewell dinner in token of their appreciation for his services. They invited some nine priests of the surrounding The dinner being giv- on Sunday prevented some Schmitt-Cartwright Wedding Announced Miss Geraldine Cartwright of Creston, and Albert Schmitt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Schmitt of Lenox, were united in marriage, Thursday, Sept. 5, at St. Patrick's church in Lenox. The marriage was solemrSzed by the Rev. Father H. C. Pouget at! 8 a. m., after which a wedding dinner was served at the home of the groom. The bride was dressed in pink and carried a bouquet of pink and white asters. The bridal couple was accompanied by Isabel Schaub and John Schmitt. Those present at the dinner, president, Mrs. Mary Sweeley; vice president, Mrs. Jake Walter; secretary, Mrs. J. W. Walter; treasurer, Mrs. Phil Ridgeway. Bridge was played during the social hour with Mrs. Jake Walter holding hign club score. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostesses. Chapter FW, P E. O. Met at Dougan Home Mrs. Clifford Dougan was hostess to the meeting of chapter FW, P. E. O. at her home, Friday evening, September 6. . Sixteen responded to roll call with a Musical Quotation. The program given was two vocal solos by Mrs. K. R. Huff, a vocal besides the newly married couple were: Mr. and Mrs. Schmitt, Mr. and Mrs. ' °\ L< Co f ^ nd and Chas I ' a P iano sol ° by Phyl- Leoii 1Ls c °P eland - Group singing was Mrs Ethel Howie, led Mrs ' 0 Long ' The nexfc Father Pouget, Father Gaule, I WiU be ' 19 , , Mrs. Ray Stump Ernest- Schmitt, | at the - hom e of Miss Fanny Wil- John Schmitt, Mrs. Floyd Der-j rickson and children, -Miss Viv- 8011 ' ian Carlson, Miss . Miss ! Loretta Mrs. Margaret Schaub, Mrs. Frank Schaub, Isabel and Rose- _ „.. i—.. and Mrs. Shepherd ^ct Guests °f Honor. ^ Rev. arid Mrs. Shepherd and Norman were guests of honor,, _________ _____ mary Schaub, Mrs. Elmer" Miller, l Tues day evening, when' Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Arnold entertained at a seven o'clock dinner. Other guests were Rev. and .Mrs. I. G. Randels, Rev. W. A. Thompson and Joy Arnold. Bridge Party For New Teachers The returned faculty of the from attending and the rain and muddy roads scared others. Right Reverend Mon- signer V. Stoli of the north side the tothe Eloise and Drexel Miller, James O'Dell afid Mrs. Dell Hawks. The table decoration scheme was pink and Miss Vivian Cartwright and Miss Loretta Carlson waited upon the table. Mr. and Mrs. Schmitt will make their home at Creston where he has work at; the Woodhull bakery. United Presbyterian Missionary Society The Woman's Missionary society of the United Presbyterian church met at the home of Mrs. Donna Runyon Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Mclntyre was leader of the devotional services. Mrs. Wright had charge of the program. Refreshments were served by the hostess. | House Party For Mother Mrs. Arlo Richard entertainec with a house party for her mother, Mrs. Sarah Patton of Fresno, Calif., who is making'an extended visit in • her home House guests were Mrs. Alberi Pinkerton of Clarinda and Mrs. G. E. Patton of Des Moine.s W. C. T. U. Program Friday Evening The W. C. T. U. will give the following program at th Cehris- tion church Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Program Prelude Miss Heath Song, "How Firm a Foundation" Audience Prayer — Rev. F. L,. Shepherd Song, "The Robin's Song".... Bobbie Davis Reading, "The Reason Why".. Lois Clayton 'Where Our Membership Dollar Goes" .. Mrs. Milo Fleming W. . T. U. Round Table World W. C. T. U., Egypt and Soudan Mrs. Mclntyre Reading Mrs. Will Bryant Address Rev, W. A, Thompson Offering school entertained for the new ihembers of the faculty. The party was held at Hotel Lenox Wednesday evening of last week ' At the close of the bridge play Miss Anna Turner and K. u Parker each received the high score prize. Refreshments were served. of Christ noon at at the l The W . o. at th Thursday, September 12 The Priscilla Circle is meeting this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Jennie Preston, with Mrs. Barteau and Mrs. Wall assisting hostesses. The Woman's Relief Corps is holding its social meeting at the home of Mrs. Dave Donaldson, this afternoon. _ The American Legion Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. Chas. Bivens tonight. There will be election of officers. Friday, September 13 The L. F. G. club will meet xmight at the home of Mrs. R. 3. Poindexter. Mrs. Raymond Miller will be assisting hostess. There wjll be a gift exchange. The Aid society of the Church iai program of and a free w]n taken. The Auloj ary Society Party this of Mrs. ing hostesses"are" Anderson and Mrs, i , Salome chapter o . ho d its fi rst meetln 0 fall this evening jJL? will be served, " tron is asking fo dance. ~ --- In keeping with M. reputation for cuy ing team has been J among the inmate of reformatory at Concord tion. RED A WHITE HOME OWNED | Red & White OATS < 5 48 ounce package \[ | Red & White CORN FLAKES """"ij, = Large size, 2 for lj | Blue & White COCOA " 1ft i | 2 pound can IDfi = Red & White MACARONI PRODUCTS = 3 packages 1 _ | Blue & White OVAL SARDINES 5 2for___ 1 Red & White KRAUT i No. 2 1-2 can, 2 for 1 Red & White MILK 1 3 tall or 6 small „_ | Red & White BIRD SEED I With free cuttle bone, 2 for. __• . 1 2 pound box = LADY GODIVA TOILET SOAP 1 4for__ I Blue & White PORK & BEANS = tall can, 2 for • 'i I 0. L. DAVIS iTiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif Song, "A Prayer" — Quartet Jotted Employees Held •icnic in Dt£r Moines Employees ;pf : theUnited Food rtarkejsi;^ tneir families and riends, totaling 220, held a picnic at th'e^iir ,q^jcpu|ids in Des lolnes,Sunday,^Because of bad weather the n*a«b4nery. halt was FARM AUCTION Season When you hold a sale, Remember THIS PAPER WILL BRING} BIDDERS TO YOUR SALE FROM THIS ENTIRE COMMUNITY You Want More Bidders BIDDERS are attracted to a sale through Advertising. The larger the Advertisement used the greater is the attention given to what you have to sell. The size of the Advertisement. regulates the cost. It also brings more and better bidders to, ;| your sale. ONE EXTRA BIDDER, in many cases, would more V J .than offset the cost of the additional space used. • ADVERTISE IN U The Mnox Time Tabll reach $h£ &&j(|t number of farmers in "tins community • - ;K i T * ; • ••••.. • ...<. E •'•--£- - T -- r • • "&'• \'jr'-*f L-'Hi^^Vi.**\i'^'!>'•' -^ -lv^ ', i ,«, -..-»*-

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