The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1944 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1944
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE lOLA VTfER rsfca-—CHARLES F. SCOTT- IMS AKGELO SCOTT, ?obIi»ber. Kntered at the lola, Ksnsa«,'FSit OUice as Second Claas Mattyr^^' Telephone i; 'i^in^..:...... 18 (Private Bn>nch ExchaUice-Ci^nnecting All DepartmeDtiK^ - . • ' '-if: 8UBSCRIPTJOX RATPS Outside Allen and Adjoinla'^ ^uotif^" One Year „ »6.00 Si.\ Months »a .iiO Three Months i-i—- A ....$1.7S One Monti: ..r;. i 73-In Allen and Adiointnz Couatiea Wne Year "v-Sv-'^^-"" Six Months 50 'Three Months ..' »1.50 ;One Month- f. 6oc iin Kantaa add 2% sales tux to ayure rates. « , MEMKKB A8SOCIATKI) PRKSS Tlio Kegister rarries the Associated I'reis rftport by special leased wire. The .V ^MO- 'Hateil Prean in exilnsivcly entitled to use • lur republirnticn of all news dispatches 'ireUiteil to it or not ntherwije credited in •this imper ami also the local news pub- li-slied herein. All right.t of republication of apecial dispatches herein are also reserved. Bible TJiought for Today Slander and defamation cannot fool aU the people aU the time: Thoti Shalt hide them in the secret of thy presence from the pride of man; thou shalt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues.— Psa. 31:20. THE lOLA REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 23, 1944. only the main Allied invasion: port, it is the only one except Cherbourg. It has been in use now for about a month and the amoimt of stores piled up in its near vicinity now could probably be counted in the hundreds of thousands of tons. If the Germans are able to push their drive clear through to this port, they would not only capture military booty of incalculable value, but they would sever the life-line which Is feeding our side of the whole western front. Such an achievement sKU. of course, would not mean victory for the Germans, but It certainly would cut the heart out of our.own offensive. It could easly delay victory a full six months, maybe longer. It could cost us, in effect. Just about everything we have gained since the blitz through France. I don't think it will happen. I believe we have the power, the courage, and the generalship to stop them considerably short of this goal. • But it does suggest a reason for the gamble the Nazis are taking and the size of the stakes which are being played for. •ON EARTH, PEACE' Throughout the world today i • Americans once more are celebrat- j * iiig Chri.stmas, in their own homes and churches, before the altars of <. strange churches in strange lands, oh tropic beaches and snowy bat- t.rcfields. In barracks and hospitals naA prl.son camps. '. ' ' For a little time their immediate feelings of anxiety or pain or lone- • 1 25 YEARS AGO Item* From The Retrister December 23, 1919. One of the most interesting musl- cal events of the year occurred at the _ Presbyterian church Sunday evening when the chorus choir un- lihess will be crowded out by the der the direction of Mr. Ernest: emotions of love and fellowship Bayles rendered the Christmas can- \ which Christmas alwa.ys kindles. tata "Promise and FulfiUment".. „, ^ , There were thirty voices in the ' .Wherever they are there will be i chorus. The parts were well bal- the old carols, and the did familiar | anced, and were supported by Miss story with its triumphant hymn^'of: Elva Russell at the organ, Mr. Lloyd tlio angelic host, "Glory Uo God in ' «^t^^P!^"°. S.^-, , J • , : Burrell with the violin. The m-! the highest, and on earth peace, struments furnished a splendid 1 ROod ,will toward men." ; j background for the tuneful and! Slowly, through defeat and de-1 well trained voices, and with the i spair and cynlcl-sm, the ChrUtian: ^reat chorus where all the parts' ,. . „„ ,»..,„;.,„j were taken in unison, the effect world has struggled over the cen- I thrilling. turles to transmute those words' Into reality. And two thousand I Russell Taylor is home from; years of failure, made bitter by this Pittsburg, where he attends the | „»j * t II • Manual Training Normal, to spend i present and most tragic failure, jj^^ with his! cannot erase the hope- that those . mother,. Mrs. Mary Taylor, words arouse. Today the struggle is,; not sym- lola basketball squad will open hniino'i h..f fio>«„i„ nf .«„r rm.» . tlie 1919-1920 season Friday night , bol cal but fiercely literal. The war ^^^^ ^ ^^j^ j,^^ K. U. AU Stars. a real sense a cri^sade. For , james E. Parker, coach has gone i the Christian world Is battling cruel to Illinois for his vacation and Mr. , and pagan enemies whose goal has I W. P. Harris will manage the team been the destruction of peace and^""" ^'^^^ nighfs contest. With the ^ approach of the big interscholastic ! good will and the substitution of a 'Slavery of body and spWt masquerading as something .called Co- Prosperity and the New Order. season the followers are turning i their attention to the candidates; and find that the coach hasabund- { ance of material with which to ! ^ . ^ , • mould a winning combination. I That enemy threat is being avert- j^g^ie ijollinger, and George Paige ed, and peace will be won. With it are veterans of several seasons. Wll- j must come good will, for the one ford Moore. Victor Kirk. Kenneth .iannot exist without the other. Colb.V, Jim Ewing from last year^s ^ squad are out for positions. Don Never in the history qf Christen- j ghearer. John Yowell and Vern dom has that fact been more ap- i Moyer are members of the squad, parent than now, and never have Bob Thompson and Eugene Oliver t|ie peopje of Christendom been i '^yi,^ '1'"^"'=^ ^° ^^^1 ^i'lf ~ 7, , ^ , ^ ^ , , On K. U.'s team will be Roy Benmore actively, acutely determined j ngtt j^j^n Bunn, Howard Miller, that peace shall be built upon an Howard Richey, Kenneth, enduring foundation of good will. Ezra Munden and Harold Ausher.• It 1.^ a task as hard as war Itself, : ™an. ^ ^ ^. ^ , .... , J ,„ , Forrest DeBernardi or Frank Jn which men's good will must over- , will officiate the game, come their fallibility. It, will need headers as wise and courageous as those who have led our armies. "On earth peace, good will toward men." The wonder of it is not that the Chrtstian world has r failed of achieving that blessing, but that it ' Is still bravely trying to fulfill that promise through blood and toil and ifalth. BIG STAKES There is, indeed, one mighty Brim possibility in connection with the" German counter-offensive, and that lies in the suggestion that 'its objective is Antwerp. Antwerp is the largest port in Europe next to London.. It is not HARMONY Los Angeles. Dec. 23. (AP)-AIter 25 years the third French horn and the first bass viol finally got in key. Richard Perissl, third French hoi-n ' player, and Helen Smith who plays bass viol in the Los Angeles Phil- ' harmonic orchestra, are hone\-moon- inp. 1 They met in 1919 when both played with the National Youth: Orchestra here. BOMBS AWAY! | Holley, N. Y.. Dec. 22. lAD — William Daggert's last SpcncciMrt | ordnance works Identification badge j was returned to him by member.s: of a bomber crew in England who • found it among a cluster of incen- j diaries. "You make 'em," the crew wrote him. "and we'll drop 'em." THIS CURIOUS WORLD still the R-ayer the World Needs "The extra time I put in shoveling' tiie patlis crooked : buys c.xh^^^War^^nds^ mc)" ' I Rt.AL ESTATE TRANSFERS : :8v tola• Abstract Company I Clyde Thompson, Mgr. December 22, 1944. H.; A, Harwood and Hattie D. Harw;ood, his wife, to John Mead, W. 'i of the SE. V, and the NE. V. nf S^. of 29-25-18, less I acre in .squaie form in NE. cor. of NE. Vi of SE. I., $1.00. The Union Central Life Insurance Company, to Nannie O. Kohler 3hd Charles. E. Kohler, N. >i of NE. '•, of 20-25-20, $1800.00. VERIFIED Salt Lake City. Dec. 22. (AP)—Al Ball was there as a witness when Ills brother. Tom, raised his shot- mn and pulled the trigger once. Six ducks tumbled earthward. LaHarpe Items LAHARPE. Dec. 23—The H. Y. club held its annual Christmas dinner and party at the hq^e of Mrs. Irene Ruckle. The table was gay with holiday decorations v and gifts were exchanged around uie Christmas tree. Mrs. John Lu^t presented the devotional lesson;.^s. Anna Tredway reviewed "Tree?Grows in Brooklyn," by Betty Smith. Members present were: Mesdames Caroline Lust and Lula Hut^inson of lola, Jessie Robinson, Vema Godown, Susie Roe, Sarah Liist, Vivian Chapman, Mable Zink, Eya Marsh, Misses Effie Stevenson ;^nd Josephine Weith and guests. Miss Irene Roe and little Larry Zin^, and the hostess, Mrs. Ruckle. * Mrs. Chas. Troxel recejiVed a cablegram from her hustand. Pvt. Charles Troxel, who is In England. Harley Dean and sister, Mrs. Addle' Stinnet of lola visited last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peet, north of LaHarpe. S. O. N. 2-c. Nigel McDonald arrived home Thursday from coast guard. duties between England and coast of France, to visit hjs mother. Mrs. John McDonald and brother Allen, and other relatives. The coast guard duties during the invasion was principally rescue work. Misses Thelma and Riary Kay Stevenson will be at home over the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.-Prank Stevensort. Thelma is employed at Fort Riley and Mary Kay In the state house at Topeka. 'WW^U The LaHarpe telephone-company will be closed all day Christmas until 6 o'clock in the evening. Mrs. Wilma Payne and children are spending Christmas in Fredonia. For emergency calls. Mj-ss Betty Zink will be available. ; Uttle David Patton of Parsons, is visiting his aunt and iincle, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Johnson. .Dene and Marlene Williams of Parsons, are spending the holiday.s with their erandparents. Mr. and Mrs. A. Z. Paddock. The LaHarpe Panther; suffered defeat at the hands ^ Moran Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Herscjiel Smith and Mr. Henrj' Ensmlng^? and Mr. Albert Pvles were vLsttlng Mrs. Pauline Ensmlneer anc mother, Mrs. Carrie Phillips Frttfay. TOLA. KANSAS More than 900 languasres are In use on the continent of Asia, according to estimates. JUST- MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Cook's Drug Store SUN, BECAUSE OF 115 GREATER DISTANCE, HAS ONLY TWO-P /^mS AS MUCH PULL ON • TVIE TIDES AS DOES THE A^OON./ The Season s i To Our- Friends and Customers Thank you for shopping early, for carrying your packages, for cheerfully accepting .substitutes when necessary. We appreciate your cooperation, and you can depend upon our consistently bringing you the high quality to which .you are accustomed. Again we say: Best HOLIDAY Wishes PERHAM'S com. i »44 ar ROOM ORKalNALLYwAS CALLED A ...AND A\EANT A PLACE 7«WITHDRAW TO, , I M. REC. u. s. F«r-orr—' • .: Mia ii ; WERE HAND &RENADES USED Q BEFORE THE RRSf WORLD WAI? f ANSWER. Hanj^^^nades have been used for 1000 years. NEKT: Di4 yon ever try to catch » turkey? One of the real joys ofvyuletide is the opportunity to pnt aside the routine and customs of every day business and in real ff -incerity wish our friends .... A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR , SLEEPER Furniture Store This Store which for a great many years has supplied the families of this community with neighborly things, wishes every family an unusually happy 1944 Christmas season. FRYER BROS. GROCERY ^ MKT. U. S. Army Group Xnxwrr •» i*rt-vlou« Vasclr HOBIZfiNTAL 1 Depicted is insigrK- of U. S. Army aoth 8 Card game llPaid notice 12 Eagle's nest 13 Malt diink , 14 Goad 10 Get i!p 17 MeadouM 19 Was indisposed 21 Dress 23 Royal N;ivy (ab.) 24 Ells English (ab ) 1ft Once move 28 Keen 31 Circle part 32 Division of geological time 33 Be in accord 35 Type of- fortifict-i.ion 38 SymVol for iridium • 39 Hebrew letter 40 Withstood 46 Ceases 49 Observed 50 Auditory 52 Dill 53 Indian gunny cloth 54 Fragment 56 Half-em 57 Standing room only (ab.) 58 Keeper of fiock.s VERTICAL 1 .^dxeiitiin.u.-^ 2 gciri 3 Indian aimv (.-ih ) 4 Wei«hl or India 5 Klowor " Rcquu'c 8 Hand part D On the :hc'.- , tried .sicle 10 .More .•^hnmfful 14 Brazili;T! .-^tate . 1 .T Frf>ni 18 Stall :'0 Walfzfis Insot.s :;(' Sv .i .<s 1 i\ci' 2U Garden lool .•If) Aho onulrlcs 34 Wclcfinic- .'ifi .Subjcin ;;7 Bird';; 'nrj.m..' ! 1 (kmlock catch •1- To the inside 4-; Hui -I 44 Krgiavc Dreadful 47 .Symbol for t.iMtalum •If) Hen\'y blow .•it HiMd cover .").'; .Symljol for 1 Z :> 5 |7' 1 s 10 l\ 12 13 IS • V It, n 18 i=t to z\ l\ :':(} M z4 ^7 28 01 n- IT" is '!\ 42 4i 4S 4!, ^1 50 SI S4 ss 51 58 73 Merry Christmas May you ever be young enough in .spirit to appreciate the sentiment carried in that phrase. We hoijc this will bo youi- merriest Christmas, and— BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR Model Feed Store The Ida State Bank CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TRAVELERS CHEQUES . MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSmNSURANC ;K CORP, THOS. H. BOWLUS. President Q. R. BOWLUS. Vlc«-Pro«. L. V. BOWLUS, Cashier. GEO. H. MACK, Assistant Cashier. Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS CAPITAL $30,000.00 SURPLUS $100,000.00 DEPOSITS OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS Deposits insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Cor> poration, Washington, D. C. Maximum Insurance for each depositor $5,000.00. FREE REMOVAL -OF- Dead Hopses• Cattle-Hogs HaF SALVAGE WASTE FATS FOR Tel^hone 638 lola lOLA R: •5

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