The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on September 15, 1971 · Page 27
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 27

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1971
Page 27
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TOP VIEW By CLARKE WILLIAMSON "Laugh and the world laughs TONIGHT'S HIGHLIGHTS 6:30-8 (NBC)— If ever a role aug an e wo :- — ever with you," goes the verse. Is and star were ma de for each s^ass.'s& « * Fa * "fit?'? " J llumbo, which premieres as the That", while amusing us with!first of three rotating series on his barbed cracks he uses tooi m y S t er y movie. Ogden. Standard-Examiner, Wednesday, September 15, 1971 i_3c , REDEYE Falk, who has played the, part in two previous World Premieres, is great as the head- scratching, awkward, guileless; detective who always gets hisj man. much the deadpan expression and-not enough his smile and laugh? Whatever the reason, nearly all actors who go the rounds of TV variety programs find it tough to eke out satisfactory ratings. Today, for example, only Florence Henderson and Henry a lua jui "u."-*-— --• -. Mancini share top-notch scores, starts with a killing in full view ] beating out average Nanette | 0 f the audience. The fun is| Fabray and Peter Gennaro: | watching Falk outwit his clever j Florence Henderson, 73.0, j adversary. . superb. Tonight it's Jack Cassidy in Henry Mancini, 77.5, superb. a fin e performance as half of Nanette Fabray, 70.0, good. a famous mystery-writing team Peter Gennaro, 67.5, good. j wn o murders his partner, Mar- Everly Brothers, 64.5, fair, jtin Milner. DOM'T 6S.T IT] 3 HAVEN'T MADE A SINSL5 SAL-6 The format is that of an old- fashioned murder mystery with ry_ a major difference: each show LI L . -i.i_ ^ 1,:1i:»-irt- nn -fill! 171 AlV IM TM£ DESERT/ AMD rr HASM' TO YOU WHY NO CMS WANTS TO PO BUSINESS WITH YOU? THAT'S IT I . MY DSODORAMT ISM'T \\t3RKIN6 IM THI5 HOT SUM I " LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Alan King, 57.5, fair. Jose Feliciano, 56.0, fair. Liza Minnelli, 49.0, poor. Jackie DeShannon, 47.5, poor. Cass EUiott, 45.0, poor. The new '71-'72 TV season is \,l lYJllll^i , 8:30-9 (ABC)—Shirley's World brings Shirley MacLaine to the tube in a low-key, semi-comedy filmed in London. She's a photojournalist who has requested to transfer to Blightey. DOESN'T BELIEVE Her prospective new boss, if JLier Ui Uo y t;tj 1*1 v c nc- VT « «~~ j -•*• indeed "he agrees, is John Greg-|0OTTY I ...l,^ Jrtrtc-n'-f ViollOVfi fhp Ifit-I _ -—, iust starting and networks have been beating the drums for new shows in TV commercials all S&ic? in on xv ^sSS5aSra?.s when the Federal Com-1 she's a resourceful, responsible, munitions Commission socked ^f^^^le a dry eye in the house at the end of The Man and the City, a touching debut episode fori Anthony Quinn's series. [ He is Thomas Jefferson Al- - lilLUH^CI>«i'"'i»O w"-**"-™ — them with the 3-hour nightly limitation on TV entertainment. Gone are oldtimers "Green Acres " "Red Skelton," is done in Albuquerque) a man •'Music Hall" and "Andy! of warmth, heart and temper, Williams." Variety programs j and Quinn plays him magmn are cut to the bone, and other ' -"" new shows are also bopped. But you've noticed summer programs the cently. The story concerns a court action which is obviously going to remove a normal foster child from the deaf couple which has adopted him. Lee Harcourt Montgomery is rou inmK me urasiu.- extremely believable as the toey have been forced child and his parents are played > will give you a better!by Audree Laurame Norton and season than last year? . jLou Fant. ads for their new r _ e which the networks trust — nay. pray — you will enjoy this fall think the drastic (Clip Ballot this portion and mail promptly to: Top View TV SEASON FROM ADS YOU'VE SEEN? Circle only one opinion: _ 1 I think some of the drastic changes the networks have made will give the viewing . public a better TV season. 2. I am uncertain. Probably about the same season as last based on ads I have seen. 3. Too much change too soon and I fear the coming TV season will be worse than ever. 4 Other differing opinion (specify): Circle your age bracket: Under 21: 21-49; 50 or over. TELEVISION PROGRAMS '• ACCURACY of television schedule is the responsi: Tbility of the station. The following is printed exactly ; as submitted to the Ogden Standard-Examiner. -CHANNEL 10 KUTV (NBC) CHANNEL Q KCPX (ABC) , - CHANNEL Q KSL (CBS) EDUCATIONAL iV STATIONS 7 KUED. Silt Lake; 9 K06T, O a dtn;_11 KBYU. _Pro»" 18 KWCS. Ogam Corner Pyle 11 Dinah's Place* The Lucy Show* 8:30 P* Concentration* 0 Cartoons and Morning News* Family-Affair .'Denotes Color EVENING WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 15 6:00 FS Scene Today—III* O Truth or 3:00 • " Consequences* • • @ Channel 5 Eyewitness News* G:80 'd NBC Mystery Movie* '.•'• Q Fran Tarkenton— Man In Motion* •"'•'- 13 Primus* 7:00 CJ Bewitched* - .0 Medical Center* 7-30 O Courtship of Eddie's Father' 1 " 8-00 ! O KUTV Wednesday Night at the Movies. ~ . "Fate Is the Hunter" : with Glenn Ford, Nancy Kwan .. id The Smith Family* Q Wednesday Night Theater. "Up From the Beach'' with Cliff Robertson 8:30 El Shirley's World 9-00 O The ^ an anc * ^ e City* 10:00 PS Scene Tonight* CJ Perry Mason g Channel 5 Eyewitness News 10-30 PI The Tonight Show* 10-40 -0 Wednesday Night Theater. "The Spoilers"* with Anne Baxter, Jeff Chandler 11:00 Cl Hth Hour News* 11-30 CI Dick Cavett Show" 12-00 £» Man to Woman" 12-05 0 The Late Show, "The Ambassador's Daughter" with Olivia De Haviland, ! . John Forsythe :; THURSDAY, SEPT. 16 MORNING 5? 55 El Farm Report 6" : 00 13 Sunrise Semester* 6-15 O Understanding Our World" 6": 20 O Guideposts 6:25 O Farm Report 6"-"30 Q Viewers Digest : " @ CBS News* 6-45 F9 The Morning Scene* 7t;00 CT Today Show* ' Cl Fireman Frank Show 13 Beverly Hillbillies* 7:25 61 TV2 Morning Report* 7:30 O Today Show* 9:00 IPS Sale of the Century* 65 Petticoat Junction* © Romper Room* 9:25 O Channel 5 News* 9-30 55 Hollywood Squares* £3 That Girl* gj Love of Life* 10:00 53 Jeopardy* O Bewitched* © Where the Heart Is* 10:25 S3) CBS News* 10:30 '0 The Who, What, Or Where Game* O Password* © Search for Tomorrow* 10:55 '& Carolyn Dunn Show* 11:00 O Somerset* O All My Children i © Midday* ill: 30 & Three'On A Match* I O Let's Make a Deal* I £3 As the World Trims* ! 12:00 S3 Days of Our Lives* ! O Newlywed Game* I gg Love'is a Many i Splendored Thing* ' 12:30 £3 The Doctors* 63 Dating Game* 63 Guiding Light* 1:00 g? Another World— O General Hospital* 63) Secret Storm* 1:30 6J One Life to Live* m Edge of Night* 2:00 0 Jackpot Movie, "Attack!" with Jack Palance, Lee Marvin Q Mike Douglas and Dialing for Dollars" 13 Big Money Movies, "Wings of Chance" with Jim Brown, Frances Raffetry 3:30 O Bugs Bunny* 3:55 S3 Spotlight Five* 4:00 f% What's My Line" 'O Daniel Boone* 63 Big Valley* 4:30 '0 I Dream of Jeannie* 5:00 & The Scene Today—I* CS Five O'clock Report* Q Dragnet* 5:30 |g! NBC Nightly News* @ CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite* KLO -'430 54 Hours Bally HevB, Sports, Music RADIO NETWORK STATIONS KSL—1160 24 Hours Daily News. Music, Sports KVOG—H«0 5:40 a.m. to 12 Midnight News, Prtusic, Sports KSVN—730 6:15 a.m.-6:45 p.m. News, Music, Sports ~~, INDEPENDENT RADIO STATIONS .ICANN—1090 KBUH—800 i KCPX—1320 ug. to 7:45 p.m. •<wi. Music 6 ».m. tc 6:43 p.m. Hi-Fidelity Music News, Music 24 Hours Daily Nows, Music KBOC FM—101 ANSWERS: Across — 2. SHEEP, 4. ASHTRAY, 7. CHAIR, 8 PUMPKIN, 11. SEESAW. Down — 1. BED, 3. HIGH CHAIR,, ./. BOAT, 5. PARROT, 8. PUMP, 9. PANTS, 10. SAW. ' I-AMD WOVJ THAT I'VE. \{s DONE. MV DUTV— \ ;I CMA1R.'.' IT I-S MY-DUTY TO I 1MFORM YOU T OFYOURRIGHT TO BE SI LENT-- WOT SO FAST,VOU SLIPPERV OLD BATS.'.' THIS CHAIR IS. WAK1TED FOR QUESTIONING.'.' , Q> TALK EtLAST you-TALK// THOSE SWEET OLD LAPIES JUST TOOK IT OUT/.' WHERE'S THAT WHEEU- CHAIR? GOOD UUCK-- AMOBESURETO LET US KMOW IP YOU WEEP ANYTHING AT ALL— JM. OM MY WAY BACK TO COLLESE" JUST WANTED TO SAYGOOP-BVEi V4IL5ERT! WHAT BRINGS HERE? COM5 IM.' By COKER & PENN LANCELOT SP A CAT UP THE SO LONG, \VONMUS! NICE MEETING YOU,' ...SLIT LET ME KNOW HOW HE MAKES THE SCENE, W1LUYOU? YEAH, GOTTA SPLIT, YOU'RE... >MAN.' I'M CONDUCTING LEAVING? j A SEMINAR TOMIGHT THAT JUST WONT WAIT.' PEACE, MAM. ITS SEEM A iSASJ RU3HTON,DAP.' SURE WISH I COULD STICK AROUNP ANP WATCH HIM SWING/ WELL, WHAT POYOU THINK. By DICK BROOKS JACKSON ^ ^ WOULCM T IT BS NICE I.- HE STARTS? COMING X«OUNC> ASAnsI ANP SWEV3LIA RIDE IN HIS DUNE BUGGY. ">OU LnTLE — SCHEMER OkAY, I'LL LOOK HELPLESS.- STUPY THE BOOK IN SCHOOL WHECE HELL BE SURE TO SEE /WE f THtEV Llk£ GIGLS TOPE k3NP'A DUMB AN' HELPLESS LIKE KNOW1N TOO MUCH P GUVS GET PUT OFF BY THAT WOMEN'S LIB " JUNK? WHAT SHCOLP BE CAKERJL ABOUT; TEEM ITE HELLO, LEMNjyj I WANT TO TALK "O you FOR A MINUTE—ABOUT YOUR FRIEND RON KAVKERJ THAT'5T LENNY GROWLED MISTER— OVER THEREJ MANNY, I'M SORRY ABOUT THOSE THINGS I SAID YESTERPAY.' I DIDNT MEAM TO HURT YOU—BUT I STILL THINK VOU'RENOT CUT OUT BE A COP.' 955 THANKS —FOR NOTHING! PALOOKA : THINK YOU'LL F1NP HIM OVER ATTHE FOOT- BALI- FIELP, CLAYTON" HANPOFFTOBKINKFOKA FEW PLAYS ..-I WANT TO SEE IF HE CAN RUN.' IT'S STILL'MAJOK ...UNTILYOUMAKE PRIVATE I HOPS IT'S NOT TOO L.ATS TO'OBTAIN LUNCH/ S., AT THE." HAPPV ELTER: MISSION^ JTHE WORRY CL8N8C i •• • " Know Focts ., idential campaign by prospective new voter. cons tantly employing the "ad But, Dr. Crane, Ins giapa- hominem " fallacy in its father began, "do you think such young people are capable of analyzing the pros and cons of political arguments? "Can't they be stampeded by negative version. RAN ADVERTISEMENTS He deceived even brilliant college graduates until L-3n t lllcy ut: oLam^*-!^-"- "j ^ o i jw f-f ^ e,* clever politicians into ruining clergymen then ran full page this «reat Republic?" I advertisements in the Chicago ° -- automobile!TRIBUNE to announce they When new WnSn a. Jlt>" auLviiiv** 1 - j A i L.J..LJ ^i ^ *~* *-w IA..*.~.-.-».~ comes off the assembly line, it]were voting for Kennedy ^ has its maximum horsepower i prove they were not "bigots, available at once. Here are some of the siai Not so, as regards human mental "hor- infants! For Uieir sepower" doesn't reach its dard fallacies of logic that all voters need to recognize the moment a politician tries to employ them: seoower ooesn t i^duu iLOitia^tuv ui^u*. zenith till they are at least 161 • (1) Ad Hominem (Used either vears old. positively or negatively.) ' — - ji - : -- i—=- — (2) Guilt by Association. to _{A1-O UiMl lliereafter, their brain can function just as brilliantly as that of an older adult, IF. And by that big "IF," we mean, IF they have access to Sacred (3) Kowtowing Cows. (4) The Eithcr-Or fallacy. ,„_„ „ ^ , (5) Fallacy of Self-Evident the specific facts or data by;Truths. . which to arrive at logical! (G) Fallacy of "Everybody s conclusions. _ . Doing It." But they need to be trained in sifting true facts from mere propaganda and slanted political oratory. Even with the I.Q. of a genius you can still be deluded by magicians unless you've been taught their tricks! (7) Hasty Generalization. (8) Ad Populum Fallacy. (9) Fallacy of Irrelevant- Correlation. (10) Anti-Papa Fallacy. Lack of space prevents my illustrating these 10 fallacies, so present your high school xUgm Uicli Li i^iva; ij./jv-Jwi' ,r"«' ••*£>" Astute politicians use verbal | students with the booklet named legerdemain to deceive voters, below. „__ . -Ji

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