The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 25, 1966 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1966
Page 14
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14 Vfer Zagtom jfrn Friday. February 25, 1966 Cross May Not Be Tried For Second Death •r i AUSTIN (AP) — James C. Cross Jr., convicted Tuesday in the sex and strangulation slaying of Susan Rigsby, can't be tried oa a second murder charge, one of his attorneys believes. diaries R. Burton said Thursday Dist. Atty. Tom Blackwell "used every scrap of evidence he had in the first trial (on both slayings). I feel we have a good double jeopardy plea if he tries to try him again." Blackwell said he had not decided what to do about the second murder charge. He said he has three alternatives: prosecute Cross on the second charge, accept a guilty plea and recommend a concurrent life term or place a detainer on Cross at Hlintsville to prevent a possible early parole. . Dist.. Judge Mace B. Thurman Jr. has been too busy to discuss the second charge, Blackwell said. "Just as soon as he's free we'll take it up with him," he said. ' Burton said he feels sure they will plead Cross guilty to the second charge and get a. concurrent life Jerm. ; Cross, 23. allegedly strangled Miss Rigsby and Shirley Ann Stark. 21-year-old sorority sisters from Dallas, in his apartment last July IS. AVOID THE RUSH! HAVE YOUR CAR INSPECTED NOW NiAGARA FALLS, New Crest ! J r COf! ~ mile " ft i " i ^ 1 i j f o_ i i 1 i I __!_ r 1 - I - i i } F n L X • 1 i 1 [—• 1 J I - -4Old Crest Fallen rtion / i i Rochester — —•_——f •. ihalo 68 ft T—"-tl—J I . T ' NIAGARA FALLS TO BE TURNED OFF—Several dedicated men in Chicago are plotting a historic project to turn off Niagara Fails to permit repairs. Map on the left locates the dam '.hut will divert the water from the American Falis to the Canadian Faii<. Diagram at the right illustrates how rock slides have changed the Xiagara Falls shelf since 1931. The leader of the project is Brig. Gen. Roy T. Dodge, chief of the North Central Division of the U. S. Army C^rps of Engineers. Camel May Soon Be Replaced By Car Brown Spider Is Dangerous DENTOK (AP) — A North Texas State University professor is taking a scientific look at • ordinary' brown spider which is potentially as dangerous as the more colorful black widow. Dr. Kenneth Stewart of the University's biology department is making the study of "!oxo- celes reclusa," tha scientific name of the familiar insect. This is a spider which has i>een around longer than man and until recently was considered harmless. ; But in 1958 a Kansas physician traced a necrotic (gangrenous - like) bite to the brown spider. Medical men and other scientists immediately began to ask questions. Dr. Stewart has been studying the brown spider's life history for more than a year. He has learned a lot about the .pider's personal habits and read much of available information concerning it. Since the study began, four cause a breakdown in red blood | than- a pencil eraser. Color, cells, chills, fever, general body ranges, from light to dark ache and sometimes a rash. Distribution is not confined to brown. There is one sure way of iden- any single area of Texas or theltification. i>. Stewart said all Southwest. Brown spiders have j the spiders bear the perfect out- been found in all extremes of Texas climates and altitudes. "I believe you could find one of the four species in every county in Texas." Dr. Stewart said. line of a minute violin near their heads. The "violin's" neck, extends to th e rear of the spid-j er. How common is the brown spider? The brown spider varies inj "Very common." according to 'Dr. Stewart. He has collected! size and color. The larger ones are about the sire of a quarter or half dollar with legs spread. his breeding stock from within two miles of Denton. The bodies are small, no larger! The brown spider's habits Squatters Seek New Life On Land Indians Deserted Calif. (AP) — Bro- autos, dilapidated! house trailers and tattered i shacks mark the homesites of MECCA, ken-down ALGIERS (AP) — The came!, historic desert cruiser, may soon gH'e way to the automobile on the ancient caravan route across the Sahara, if plans go through for a superhighway across the world's greatest wasteland. African governments construct an asphalt Eight hope to span from the Mediterranean coast to the Niger River that would enable a motorist to make the 2,000-mile trip in a few days. Trucks with special tires and some time. The trip is hazardous" and uneconomical for large- scale freight movement. An from asphalt Algiers highway exists to the oilfields around Hassi Messaoud, a distance of 500 miles. Beyond that, an ill-defined track winds for 1.500 miles across the virtually uninhabited, sandblown wasteland. Drivers have to undergo special desert training, carry compasses, snake serum and heavy equipment to dig their vehicles out of the sand. Water and gaso- survival equipment have been 1J ne are available only at out- venturing across the Sahara for PINCHED NERVE by Dr. Jeffle Halsfed Some people are bothered by the outer portion of the hand being numb and a lame feeling in the arm. This weakens the arm considerably. The cause of this condition may be traced to the shoulder, but more often to a pinched nerve in the neck. Scientific Chiropractic corrects causes and thereby clears up affects. If you aren't well, investigate! What can you lose except bad health? 601 West Gulf - 582-2382 posts hundreds of miles apart. At many points, there is no track at all. but only a trace of parallel tire marks in the sand. In some sections, progress is less than 40 miles a day. The new highway would make Construction would take al least 12 years. Preliminary sur- , ,. - . - , ,_-.., . i squatters who have occupied a ^ h H!L^" 8 *? ^J^l««ote Southern California des- been found. In fact, the brown) spider rivals the black widow veys are being made by the' as a menace to man. United Nations Special Fund, which is expected to contribute to the over-all cost. A modern trans-Sahara communications link wa s long thej dream of French colonial administrators. They actually In comparing the brown spid- c-r and the black widow. Dr. Stewart said the following simple analogy can be made: The brown spider is similar to the rattlesnake because the venom has blood and necrotic built two rail lines several effects. The black widow and hundred miles into the desert. | coral snake on the other hand. The farther advanced, however,! have venom which effects the the more formidable the difficulties became. The project finally was abandond. It is estimated that 25.GDC trucks and passenger vehicles would use the road every year. nervous system. The brown spider's bite has varying effects. At the minimum level, it causes a small blister similar to insect bites. But in 90 per cent of the cases No Fish Story WEST Ralph Catron, 22. his wife. Joan, 21. and their two children have been living in a 1956 station wagon for weeks. "We came down from Stockton (Calif.). The car is our home. everything w^ own, except for the old mattress, a couple of blankets, the rags on our backs, the crate of potatoes and a quart of milk for the baby." Catron explained. "I make 525 a week in the . I've looked all over for a I never went to high school. . .„„„.. „. i^,-i an-. ^ am a B 00 ^ mechanic's yon, aoouV s!X~mlle^ from "this hel t^ r - . r can 't find work." Ca- ert canyon for the winter. The squatters — abou 300 of them — live on Indian and government land, have no nearby water, no sanitation facilities and little hope for the future, the Los Angeles Times reported. The men. women and children have chosen to winter by the).' steep sandstone cliffs oa an oldji Indian reservation in Box probably hava prevented ft Scorn ,• becoming notorious. { It leads a quiet life and being! ».nighttime hunf<?r. it ie:ifs dur-i ing the day in cracks, crevices.] under tables and in closets. It seems to prefer dry. warm places. Dr. Stewart said thej spider is likely to be found inj wood piles or old bams. He said j he found a "tremendous popu-' lation" in a section of a barn s:nce used as a feed room. There were several old sacks strewn about. Dr. Stewart said the spider is ern homes the brown spider- will be found primarily in little- used closets. ! Most of the spider's bites, us-j u a 11 y during daylight hours, j have occurred as people pull onj coats or shins which have been! hanging undisturbed for a long! time. ! • The rarer nighttime bites are reported to occur when sleep- log people roll over in bed onto 'he hunting spiders. Dr. Stewart said thh spider is a recluse and; is not aggressive. It becomes aggressive only after it has been provoked. Then it will sink its two fangs into the victim and inject its venom. Dr. Stewart said the brown spider should not be considered un immediate dangerous threat. A good cleanup campaign will eliminate its living quarters. The NTSU biologist said he expects to have a paper ready !o publish on the spider next year. Presently, research on the subject has come to an almost standstill. The spiders are hibernating and won't be out until warmer weather. a substantial contribution to the N.H. (AP) — Robert Burns studied there have been de degrees of necrotic effect. This is similar to a gangrenous condition and the area affected can varv from the size STEWARTSTOWNJcf a dime to that of a half dol- development of the Sahara region and change the habits of nomadic tribes hitherto barely touched by civilization. Morocco. Alberia, Tunisia, | Mali, Mauritania, Chad, Niger and the United Arab Republic might have thought he had a sailfish on the end of his fishing line. But he knew better. He was ice fishing in Lake Francis. hope to raise 5127 million to harder build ° j about He cut the hole larger and $4.25 i maintain it . and to supply! Finally, he hauled the beast million a year to! onto the ice — a large, dead otter. lar. according to Dr. Stewart. "When the area heals there is a heavy scar tissue and it gives the appearance that the tissue has been scooped out," he added. One NTSU faculty member's wife, was bitten two months ago and bears a small indentation on her leg. Dr, Stewart said there can also be hemolitic effects. These small community. Water is hauled in by the bucket and jugful, picked up 20 miles north at drinking fountains in Coachella City Park Meals are cooked over open fires of mesquite wood, and candles are used for light. The families include farm laborers, pensioners and drifters. tron said. Phil Sigley, 24. his wife Lola, 27. and their two children, came from Medford. Ore. "We made our house in three' day s from stuff we found at the; Coachella dump." Mrs Sigley said. The Rev. Melvin Mclntyre, a Baptist minister, and his" wife. don't know where else to go." The one sign of civilization is the school bus that passes through the canyon daily to pick up the children. Principal Murray Southard of the Mecca Elementary- School said, "We opened our doors to the squatter children. We figure those Their ;chool.'' peop! e are living children should there, go to re camping on Indian land." Mrs. Mclntyre said. "Only no one knows where the, Indians are that own the land, i That's why we haven't been! chased out of here. i Around the Mclntyre trailer! are 25 trunks and boxes which! he said contain his theology li-| brary. He said his last pastorate was in Wellfleet. Neb., two years ago. He said he 'some- tirnes preaches to the squatters.! AT BAYTOWN-S BEST TUNE-UP SPECIALIST WE CHECK • POINTS • PLUGS . CONDENSER • WIRING . COMPRESSION • HOSES • COILS Special NOW ONLY B CYLINDERS 6 4O ON V-8 PLUS PARTS 4 40 PI, Plus Parts We Maintain All American Make Cars SINCE 603 W. TEXAS 1934 582-8186 Come in NOW...During Our Factory Authorized MAGNAVOX BIG Solid-State STEREO VALUES! ANNUAL SALE TUBES Because highest-reliability space-age Solid-State Components replace all "tubes" and damaging heat, they're guaranteed 5 years, replaced by us if defective under normal use. We also provide free service for 90 days. Enjoy this magnificent FM/AM Radio-Phonograph The Winthrop -"."ode! 2-RP294. Gliding top panels give most convenient access to record player and ail controls -without disturbing your top-of-set decorative accessories. Annual Sale Priced. A vast improvement in the re-creation of music! 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