Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1966
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ADVANCE ALMANAC Digest off W««k's NEWS NiW COURT CASE James Antonie and Paul Christ vs, Board of Supervisors, writ of mandamus. WEDDING PERMITS James F. Antoine, Bancroft, Maxine Meyer, Fenton; John M. Connelly, Charlene Lafiarre, both Denver, Colo.; Lawrence Youngwirth, Wesley, Nancy Ringsdorf, Algona. ALGONA MARKETS New Corn $1,22 Beans $3.55 Oats , , 65c (Markets furnished weekly by Hobarton Branch of Whittemore Elevator.) ALGONA WEATHER High June 29 90 JUne 30 90 July 1 92 July 2 94 Lew 65 66 67. 68 67 67 72 60 Rain July 3 :__ 94 July 4 95 July 5 93 July 6 — 60 .28 BUILDING PERMITS • H. or Cammila Engstrom, re- shingle, $375; James W. Walker State Historical Society lova City, lova City, iotrja -' Seven medicare patients at St. Ann - but no" deluge 1 The "deluge" of expected medicare patients at hospitals has failed to materialise although St. Ann hospital in Al* gona now lias nine medicare patients, according to information from the hospital Tuesday. There were three medicare patients at the hospital Friday, July i — the first day the new federal health program went into effect — hot two of these had already been patients prior to July 1. Several more .were admitted to the hospital over the Fourth of July weekend and Tuesday morning but at least one was dismissed after treatment this Week. In alii there Were seven medicare patients at St. Ann as of Tuesday. A spokesman for the hospital told the Advance "we have* n't been swamped and have plenty of rooms available." It is doubted if there will be a large influx of medicare patients immediately for several reasons: (!) No one wants to go to a hospital in the first place. (2) Medicare eligibles can't just "walk in" for hospi- tahzation. They must be certified bya .. & is possible there* W$ysbl| an influx of patients wild will be transferred from nursing homes to hospitals to qualify for medicare • benefits, ^fittt for the time being at least, this has not been the case. Kim, demolish garage; Kenneth Garman, repair roof, $175; A. D. Crawford, construct driveway, |300; Donald Hansen, reshingle dwelling, $200; Robert Lickteig, construct house, $18,000; Alfred Semon, construct driveway, $300. MAYOR'S COURT Leon M. Arend, Algona, 0. M. V. I., 5th offense, bond of $1000 not furnished, to jail; Harold L. Petersen, Winterset, O. M. V. I., $350 bond furnished; Cecil Lu- Verne Anderson, Des Moines, O. M. V. I., $350 bond furnish ed; Craig Dean Taylor, Algona, stop sign, $5; Marie Agnes Lampright, Algona, failure to yield right of way, $5; Darrell Steven; Algona, passing on the right, $10. ST. ANN HOSPITAL lussell David Eldridge Jr., Fen* ton, Rambler; Francis F. Harris. Algona, Plym.; Earl Robert hambers, Corwith, Olds; Clara Marie Mueller, Fenton, Chev.; Edward J. Sonnenberg, Titonka, Merc.; Louis J. Ferstl, Algona, Ford. Boy Scouts take donations for Danielsen family There will be a community benefit drive Thursday night (tonight) for the Arnold Danielson family, sponsored by the Boy Scouts. City donors should leave articles of resale value, such as furniture, dishes and bedding, on their porches Thursday evening for pickup between, 6 and 9 p.m., while country donors should leave articles on the porches Friday morning for pickup sometime Friday. Clothing is not requested. Seventeen Scout trucks will be canvassing the town Thursday evening and four trucks will be operating in he rural areas Friday. Anyone may call the Farm Bureau for further information or leave donations at the K. C. hall on Friday. Ronald Peck and Raymond Spencer, auctioneers, will donate their services for a sale Friday night, July 8 at 6 p.m. at the K. C. hall. Unhurt when car rolls over "Our competitor never disputes this fact — the Advance has the largest PAID circulation in Kossuth County" Alqona uth County Entered at Mcond clou matter, Dee. I, 1908, at Algona, Iowa. 50511 -postaffiet under Act of Corwreu March ft. 1179 VOL, 66— NO. S3 THURSDAY, JULY 7, 1966 — ALGONA, IOWA — 14 PAGES IN 2 SECTIONS ' '*» Kossuth County ifyimming champions •- - • • AW,...,.- ..',-. •- if, IB^F m Junt 29 — William Liesner Algona, medical. June 30 — Mrs. Carol Adams Algona, medical. July 1 — Elmer Kelley, Algona, medical; Harold Hutchins Algona, medical; Marabell Kain Algona, medical. July 2 — Mrs. Margaret Fox Bancroft, medical; Mrs. Esther Diers, Bancroft. July 4 — Ralph Steinman, Al gona, medical; Darrell Becker Bode, medical; Myron Alderson, Algona, medical. July 5 — Anthony Buscher- field, Algona, medical. ST. ANN BIRTHS An 18-year old Algona youth, Patrick D. St. John, escaped without injuries Friday when his car went off a gravel road southwest of Burt and rolled over in the ditch. The machine, owned by Durwood St. John, had about $800 in .damage..., The .accident occurred about 8 a.m. two miles south and one-half mile west of Burt as St. John was passing a gravel truck and the wheels of his machine slipped off the roadway. Rain ends hot spell after high of 95 PICTURED ABOVE are the first place winners in the swimming meet which was held Thursday, June 30, at the Algona municipal pool. They are: back row, Tim Clark, Bill Obrecht, Ron Nelson, Doug Barr, Jim Johnson, John Schutter,, and Bill Bartlett; third row from front, Susan Walker, Brian Murphy, Pat Gregson, Nita Limbaugh, Kinv Sloniker, Cheryl June 27 — Mr. and Mrs. Larry Evers, Algona, girl, 7 Ib. 3 oz. June 29 — Mr. and Mrs. Dewain DeRoos, Algona, boy, 7 Ib. 3 oz. June 30 — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blocker, Bancroft, girl, 6 Ib. 11 oz. July 1 — Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McGuire, Bode, boy, 8 Ib. 4V4 oz. July 2 — Mr. and Mrs. Dale Doughan, Algona, girl, 8 Ib. July 3 — Mr. and Mrs. David Doocy, Bancroft, boy, 7 Ib. 9 oz.; Mr. and Mrs. David Bunkofske, Burt, girl, 7 Ib. BVa oz. July 4 — Mr. and Mrs. Steve Canaday, Burt, girl, 8 Ib. 2>/ 2 oz. July 5 — Mr, and Mrs. Donald Degan, Bancroft, 6 Ib. 7 oz. NEW VEHICLES . Gerald or Donna Williamson, Swea City, Winnebago; David Lynch, Lone Rock, Miley HT; Gary Dean DeBoom, Algona, Dodge p/u; John T. McGuire Co., Algona, Chev, p/u; Don D. or Josephine F, Clapsaddle, Algona, Olds; Doris Marion Sathoff, Titonka, Chev.; James or Jean Johnson, Lakota, Ford; Wm. or Ora Oldenburg, Elmore, Plym.; James H. Andreasen, Algona, Dodge; David Larry Erickson, Algona, Plym.; Ubbe Theodore Meyer, Wesley, Plym.; Milton H. or Jolene J. Wilhelm, LuVerne, Plym.; Helen Dingley, Algona, Pont.; Lewis John Heerdt, Lone Rock, Chev.; Irvin John or Alvina Kenne, West Bend, Rambler; Ervin Niel Nielsen, Ringsted, Ohev.; Geo. W. or Imogene M Hobscheidt, kuVerne, Ohev. Frank D. Fisher, Titonka, Chev. Warren or Joan Andreasen, Algona, Plym,; James Edward Vas ke, Bancroft, Ford; Morris M {sabrand, Titonka, Pont.; Con ley R. or WUma V. Goodwin, Al gona, Chev.; Lee or Irene M Piy, LuVerne, Buick; Engelbart Fred Logemaan, Ledyard, Ford Scout Award JOHN STORK, Bancroft, 17, has received the God, Home and Country award. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. J. H. Schultes presented him the certificate and medal after mass Sunday. This award is presented to a person for being an outstanding leader and individual at school, home and in the community. Bird, John Clapsaddle, and Charles Cassel; second row from front, Linda Lovstacl, Rosemary Bullock, Ann Taylor, Debbie Utt, Susan Bullock, and Maureen McDonnell; front, Shannon Lynch, Gene Chrischilles, Randy Nielsen, John Sjogren, Rick Nielsen, Randy Lauck, Mike McDonnell, Jerry Dogotch, Marilyn Gengler, and Joyce Lensing. The .summer's first prolonged hot spell ended at least temporarily Tuesday after Kossuth county had sweltered under hot and muggy temperatures for a number of days. The curent spell began Tuesday, June 28, with a 90-degree top reading and the temperature reached at least 90 degrees tor eight straight days. However a hign of at least 66 has been recorded every day since June 19. Monday, the Fourth of July, was a real "cooker" with a year's high of 95 degrees recorded late in the afternoon. Although the temeperatures have not oeen out of the ordinary, the humidity has been extremely heavy and made residents un- cormoiitable. The first rainfall in several weeks, a total of .28 of an inch, fell Tuesday and that started the cooling off period. The low of 60 early Wednesday morning was the coolest reading record ed here since June 19. <*! Swimmers break 21 old records in local meet Twenty-one records were bro- sen Thursday evening, June 29, at the first swimming meet of the season held at the Algona municipal swimming pool. All towns in the county were invited to attend the meet, but there were no pool team scores in the contest, only individual and relay squad awards. The first place winners in the various events were: Girls 11-13 25 M freestyle, Susan Walker, 15.7 (record); girls 14-16 25 M freestyle, Susan Bullock, 16.9; boys 11-13 25 M backstroke, John Sjogren, 19.6; open 10 and under 25 M freestyle, Shannon Lynch, 16.7 (record); boys 10 and under 50 M freestyle, Shannon Lynch, 39.4 (record). Girls 11-13 25 M backstroke, Nita Limbaugh, 19.5 (record); 25 M backstroke 10 and under, Randy Nielsen, 20,0 (record); boys 11-13 25 M freestyle, John Sjogren, 14. 8 (ties record); inner- tube, Charles Cassel, 23.3; girls 14-16 25 M breaststroke, McDonnell, 23.5; boys 14-16 50 M freestyle, Gary Nelson, 29.3; 10 and under 25 M breaststroke, Randy Nielsen, 24.2'(record). Boys 17 and up 50 M freestyle, Doug Barr, 27.1 (record); girls 11-13 50 M freestyle, Susan Walker, 37.8 (record); boys 1113 50 M freestyle, C. Cassel, 37.5 (record); 17 and over 50 M breaststroke, Jim Johnson, 38.1 (record); girls 14 and under freestyle relay, Nita Limbaugh, A. Taylor, D. Utt, C. Bird, 1:10.5 (record); girls 15 and over 100 VI freestyle relay, P. Gregson, L. Lovstad, R. Bullock, S. Bullock, 1:08.5, (record). Boys 14 and under 100 M freestyle relay, R. Nielsen, S. Lynch, J. Sjogren, K. Sloniker, 58.6 (record); girls 14 and under 100 M medley, N. Limbaugh, S. Walker, C. Bird, A. Taylor (record); boys 14 and under 100 M medley, R. Nielsen, P. Martin, S. Lynch, B. Chrischilles, 1:25; R. Nielsen, J. Sjogren, K. Sloniker, R. Lynch, 1:13.2; boys 15 and over medley relay 100 M, lifeguards 58.2 (record). Boys 11-13 25 M backstroke, John Sjogren, 18.9; boys 17 and over 100 M freestyle, John Schutter 56.0 (record); open 20 and under 25 M sidestroke, B. Chris- chilles, 30.3; 17 and over 50 M backstroke, Doug Barr, 36.1 (record); boys 14-16 25 M breast- _ stroke, Gary Nelson "17;4r"girtrl—"' 14-16 25 M backstroke, Patty Gregson, 21.0; girls 17 and over 25 M. freestyle, Rose Bullock, 16.6, (record). Boys 11-13 25 M breaststroke, Mike Cooper, 24.3; girls 11-13 25 M backstroke, Susan Walker, 21.7 (record); boys 14-16 25 M backstroke, Gary Nelson, 17.2; girls 14 and under diving, Marilyn Gengler; boys 15 and up diving, Tim Clark and boys 3 M diving, Dan Merryman. Linde's win first Lays injured WES BARTLETT was reeleet- ed to the international board of trustees of Kiwanis International at the annual convention in Portland, Ore., the first of the week. : He has served one term as a member of the seven-man board- He is a ^former vBTesi- dent of the local Kiwanis club and past governor *of the Nebraska-Iowa district of Kiwanis. - • trfwSt j 12,000 bass dumped in lake A TOTAI* OJF 12,000 large mouth bass were dumped into the new lake three miles north of Algona by the conservation commission, assisted by Game Warden Bill Basler. The fish were hauled from the federal hatchery at Gavins Point, S. D., and are an inch to an inch and a half long. It is expected they will be ready to catch sometime next year. Republicans in drive to fill county ticket With the filing date for the September primary closing July 13, it appears the republicans for the first time in many yean will present a complete county ticket. Nomination papers were being circulated Wednesday for Mrs Mertie M. Huber, Burt, for the republican nomination for coun ty recorder. Already out on the republican ticket are Don Jor ;enson, for county treasurer nd W. B. "Bing" MacDonald or county attorney. Long-time holders of the of- ices, all democrats, are Rosella Voigit, treasurer; Clara Walker, recorder; and Gordon Winkel, county attorney. There is opposition also for tate representative with Mancil lurlburt, democrat, and Karl tiilsholm, republican, the only candidates filing before last week's state deadline. Casey joss, long-time representative, esigned when he was named to the board of regents. County officers serve for four years, hence the terms of Clerk Alma Pearson, democrat; and Auditor Marc Moore, are not up at this time as they were reelected two years ago. It is anticipated there will be no primary opposition in either party and the candidates will become the official nominees after the September primaries. The late Ronald Collins; killec in a farm accident recently, hac announced in opposition to Mr Hurlbunt for the democrati nomination for state represent* tive. THS^ office of state senate is held over this year until 19$ on a four-year term. in AC contest The Linde Implement Co. of Swea City won first place in the recent contest sponsored by the Allis-Chalmers Co., it was announced this week by district representative Don Shaw of Algona. Police investigate minor accidents An accident Wednesday afternoon June 29 resulted in $50 damage to a 1956 Ford driven oy Lu.verne A. Wiskus, Algona. His auto struck a parked car owned by Marcella M. Zittritsch on Hall street. A second minor mishap occurred Tuesday afternoon July 5 at 4:45 p.m., and involved cars operated by Joseph Ringsdorf, Burt, and Helen M. Strickler, Algona. Ringsdorf was backing from the parking on State street when his auto collided with the Strickler car. There was $50 damage to the Ringsdorf car. west of Algona A Rolfe man, 23-year old Lowell Fehr, was hospitalized early Saturday morning after he lay beside his wrecked car for four hours in a one-car crash west of Algona on the McGregor blacktop. Fehr was found about 50 feet from his car 4% miles west of Algona by Gene Walker about a.m. Saturday. It is believed She crash occurred about 2 a.m. Fehr lost control of his car as it crossed the railroad tracks and the machine went into the south ditch and rolled over. Fehr sustained back and chest injuries and was taken to an Emmetsburg hospital. BROTHER IS DEAD The L. L. Coles attended the funeral of her brother Harry Merriam, 77, July 5 at the Methodist church in Garner. He had farmed all his life in Kossuth near Corwith until he had a stroke 25 years ago. He is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son. Daughter of early Kossuth pioneers dies Bancroft — • Funeral services for Mrs. Josephine Sutmeier, 83, of Minneapolis, formerly of Bancroft, were held Tuesday: at St. John's Catholic church in Bancroft. The Rev. Msgr. J. H. Schultes officiated and burial was in St. John's cemetery. Mrs. Sutmeier .died Friday morning at St. Joseph's hospital in Minneapolis. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Winkel, pioneer settlers in north Kossuth county, Mrs. Sutmeier, who was born May 31, 1883 in Bancroft, is survived by her husband, Ben; two sons, John of Minneapolis and Richard of Duluth, Minn.; one daughter, Elizabeth, serving with the Armed Forces in India, and six grandchildren. Golden anniversary for Millers MR. ANP MRS. MAX MIL^R, Algona, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sun day July 10 at the parlors of the Algonsi Methodist church from 2:30 until 4:3i) p.m. All rela tives and friends are invited to attend. It is their wish that there l?e no gifts. Children soring the anniversary celebration are: Mrs. Max Miller, Jr., Davenport; Mr. aii(J Mrs. Hardgrove, Toledo; Mr. and Mrs. Pudge Miller and family, AJgona; and Mr, .^ndMrs, Chuck grove and family, Algona. PJiptQ by Gleiuj'§

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