Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 4, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 4, 1966
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Coffw Bruk •;•. What became of our Pood Shtntitt to itll all-lowa chow •* Mrtf Interstate highways every 90 miles? to tndtar u> to tour* litof . . . It It trut that Fran Hub- boll ingham hat boon given 2 •mill boat* by two of Okoboji's mott personable one*oared yech- ttmon? ; . . . Yos, now jobs of Iowa Orads toorn high-pay till first grocery bills drift in. -':'•' * * # I've been drawn into the' HOT- .Btafce Historical Society Iowa City, lov/i "Our competitor n«vir dtuputw this fact - the Advance has the largest PAID circulation In Kotwuth County" . . - ' i;' v ! • ' Algona teHth County atio Alger Society Heroes of his books for boys all start as newsboys or shoeshine boys. But once they get rich and grizzled they insist on sons-in-law who golf at the swankest country Clubs within 100 miles. * e ' * They're running a state tennis tourney for mature men at the Iowa State University courts: men beyond their 40th birthdays . . . Some of the men com plain 40 is too young. They demand a tournament for golfers ever 55 years old. "You don't ever groove your swing," they argue, "till you're 40." Snt*r«d as second elow mAtttf, D*c. t, 1908, of Altforid, Iowa, 50511 '(let uridef Act of CotWMt March i. 1179 VOL. *o-NO. 52 MONDAY, JULY 4, 1966 -* ALGONA, IOWA.-8 PAGES PLUS SUPPLEMENT "—mermaid unw a mink coat" My BW may hav« got this tto- ry mixed up: About on* marmaid bawling out another marmaid for wearing a naw mink coat. —"Your costume," she said, "reflects discredit in June on mermaids everywhere." This bit of cattiness is reported at Clear Lake, but I've reason to believe it happened on the Mississippi near Bettendorf. * * * TONGUE TWISTERS Sally selling sea shells? Black bugs' blood jive times? Peter picking pecks of. peppers? Mixed with likely leaky limes? Simpler far t^a^, t^es^^cajies: I catch my tongue in my braces —SHEILA MYERS West Des Moines •••-• - • •"• -"••>•!>•*••• •;':'»":'•. 0-:••'•'-''.-• ••>..•,:-,.• • Four of DM's prettiest gals play in the same tennis four some at Wakpnda, & one of them hopes the pro at next win ter's indoor tennis will be Jason Mason. I looked up the Masons & found Ronald (Joe) Mason, t D. R. (Gus) Mason. Also L. H (Pug) Ryan, & Cleone (Mickie) Ryan. Probably he'll be listed Jason (Bud) Mason. I'm tempted to list my name as Harlan (Red) Miller, as 1 was known in my prime. # # * Memo to builders & architects: Between the day you move out of your house A the day you move into an apartment, there ought to be an intermediate, transitional place to dwell. The English have them: Garden apartments all in a row, 1 or 2 stories high, with a 20-by- 30 foot garden in front A a 30- by-40 garden in the rear. How the British love 'ami '—where the action is? Huh?" They say one picture Is worth 1,000 words, but in this picture rou can't tell, whether they're itssing or quarreling. Meanwhile, a sneaky female photographer snaps an action shot. (Probably just a publicity stunt.) I'd like to see Somerset Maugham's ghost or John O'Hara depict A analyte this same situa rion in 1,000 words. We wouldn't need any picture at all. * >:• ' * A group of lowans patriotical ly saluted the Jimmy Doolittle cupboard at the Air Academy. There's a mug for each of his Tokyo bombers, with name engraved. For the dead, the mug is turned bottom up. In the center of the cupboard: a magnum of champagne. When only 2 of the Doolittle fliers remain alive, they will open the bottle & drink to the Memory. * # * CHARMED MUNIC/PAL/TY ''t. Dodge has a fort museum And we have a shopping center Really something to remember. Then too we have Ed Breen Viftiest gent you've seen. All this info ere you flyaway FYom the best durn town in Iowa. —FT. DODGE SCOTTY *lf you think "center" really rhymes with "remember" hold up your left foot. CHILDREN participating in the Algeria Arts and Crafts Program listen to a story read by GinnyLee*Hutchison on the Algona high school lawn. -The three to six year olds comprise a group which averages fifty children daily. . . Our governor's daughtei works at Look Mag's DM offic as. . . The General Grahls (long of Iowa) have one son in the Army, one in State; live in DC suburb. . . East High & West High (DM) held reunions in adjacen dining rooms at Hotel Ft. DM their songs merged A blendeo, thru the walls. No fisticuffs. ..<. .Nice to hear noises of temper-temper at the City Hall again. Too much sweetness makes you nervous. . . . There is no solution; seek it lovingly. Robert Palmer gets master's degree Robert J. Palmer, formerly of Algona, recently received his master's degree in business administration from Loyola University, New Orleans, at the annual commencement. He is a graduate of the Algona high school and received his B. S. degree in industrial engi neering irom Iowa State university and is currently employed as an engineeer for Boeing Ah 1 craft in New Orleans. Robert is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. James Palmer, Algona, and an AHS graduate. He was employed by the Advance while atending high school here. Smith to open / « »« « _»r!__» A. * -."-I. 20 more east The A,lgona city council met for its regular meeting Wednesday, June 29, and approved a number of measures. The council adopted a resolution approving the Edna Smith First Addition to the City of Algona. Some 20 residential lots will be for sale in the area east and south of the Bertha Godfrey school. They heard from C. R. Schoby who visited with the council to see if there would be enough in terest in the community to construct some type of a historical museum. No action was taken on this topic, pending further study. Russell Buchanan was reap- ointed to the library board, and n offer by Vic Samson to buy city property on North Phillips treet was tabled. An ordinance o vacate West street from Cal treet north to the city limits was adopted, and the city clerk , r .^.-^._ —,~ iV —«,.'.-]Wai^er-lleft) f ianAMEl^neS3ruch <&#*Je»ry>vBennett, son of Mr. and Mrs ; .Jini.„,,„..,,,,, ,,„„.. .„»..,shown assisting children of'the Algona Arts' ana Crafts in the * - er, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Meyer; and Nancy Moore, daugh- making of clay animals for their morning project. The children from left are: Tom Berger, son of Mrs. Theresa Berger; ter of the Merle Moores. All are from Algona. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. Car hits utility pole on U.S. 169 An accident Thursday afternoon at 3:38 involving an auto driven by Barbara Ann Reding, 17, Whittemore, and a city street sweeper being operated by Roy Arthur Burris, 39, Algona, resulted in $350 damage to the car and a bruised Up and knee for Miss Reding. The Reding 1964 Chevrolet was traveling 169 near the north on U. bridge south S. of Algona when the accident occurred. She applied the brakes when she saw the sweeper turning around on the south end of the bridge, and the car skidded more than 160 feet, jumped the curb, and struck a utility pole. There were no charges filed. W.C. Ireian shows good improvement Latest word on W. C. Ireian, 70-year-old Algonan who is a patient in the Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge, is that he is coming along well. He suffered two broken collar bones, detached ribs, collapsed lung and facial injuries. But if his condition continues to improve as it already has, he will probably remain in the hospital only about 10 weeks. He was injured in a two-car crash in which his wife Mabel, was killed at the junction of highways 222-169 recently. * n was authorized to advertise the land for sale, Action by the council will be taken at the,July 27 meeting concerning the sale of this property, , , , ',,'•> Finally, the council authorized City Clerk Dave Smith to 'enroll in a, correspondence, course on "Municipal Public Works Administration" offered by the, University of Iowa. : J ", Cigarette and beer permits approved include: Cigarette, the Colony Inn, Diagonal Cafe, Fare- way Stores, Inc., Hilton's Super Service, Mary Ann's Cafe, Johnson's Maid-Rite, Johnson House, Joe's Texaco and Ron i Jack's. Beer permits which were approved were for:-Colony Inn, Mary Ann's Cafe; and the Johnson House. •' ' f '<VH' V -• ' Liquor applications came from the Johnson House, class C; 'the VFW, class C; Legion, class A; Colony Inn, class C; and. the Algona Hotel, class B. to ten year olds. Judy Parrott is in charge o the younger group, with an av erage of some 50 youngster each day. She keeps them busy with drawing pictures and mak ing things from colored con struction paper. • There is a sto ry each day and an organized or | free playtime, and soon they will begin to take short "hikes" around Algona. Judy says, "The little ones become bored easily, so there is constant activity from nine until 11:15 a.m." Initiated only last -year, this younger group has become very Arts and Crafts summer program is popular again Again this year the city of Algona is sponsoring the Arts and Crafts summer program for children of ages from three to ten years. The sessions are held in popular as shown by tne higll the Algona high school gymna-1 fJ„ , ' * & sium from 9:00 to 11:15 a.m. on weekdays. There are two groups for the children, one for the three to six year olds and one for tiie six Algona class of 1956 holds reunion The Algona graduating class of 1956 held a reunion Saturday June 25 with an attendance of 41 out of 63 members. The reunion activities began Saturday morning with % family coffee at the Call state park shelter house where coffee, milk and rolls were served from 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. At 6:30 p.m. the class members met at the Algona Country Club for a social hqyr which last §d until 7:45 p.m. Hosts aM hostesses were Lugnoa A& Pits* worth and Ronald Ditsworth and Loren Nelson and Marcia Cowan Nelson- , A small corsage of 3 yellow rose was given to each woman made bv Virginia Simons, desig- ren Shirley; least hair, won by da; Nancy Kain Cook, Upland, Perry St. John, Savage, Minn t * ••*>•. v **j ? *» o" -p t w i.u~«* i r\-i:c . r\-«:™ r>«*u TJ^Ir.4- Al rm *^ , •, TT *i__ T~ ,1 nated where all the members were presently living. A large scrap book was shown with all letters of correspondence and pictures from each classmate. After a blessing given by Sharon Strayer Rule, they enjoyed a smorgasboard supper. The master of ceremonies was Perry St. John, Minneapolis, and the class prophecy was r«a4 by Marilyn Seller O'Brien aiuj we class will by Virginia Simons, Loren Nelson showed inovies and presented prizes. Prizes included: In memorial to Gordon Braun, deceased, won by Janice Markla Dodds; man's door prize, won by Dick Vipond; Don Hansen; came the farthest, | Calif.; Doris Rath Hoist, Algo- and a large m#j>, women's door prize, won by Ka- Cheryl VanderWaal; longest married, Jerry Ferstl; most recently married, Robert Jensen; and most recent baby, Marcia Cowan Nelson. Entertainment was provided by the Anodynes (Phil Taylor, Brock Laws, and Brad Kraft) and M.C. Perry St. John who played his guitar for over an hour. Pictured above are the. members of the class of 1956 who got together Saturday, June 15, Ipr a ten-year reunion. From left to right they are: Seated, Luanna Alt Ditsworth, Algona; Carol Godfredsen Groen, Algon«a; Marilyn Seller O'Brien, Fon- na; Mary Palmer Fritz, Saugus, Calif.; Donna Mae Hansen Wai Donald Hansen, Algona; Jody Cutler, Ames; Loren Nelson, Alker, Irvington; Sharon Strayer :S° na Rule, Holstein; Elaine Branson Chandler, Dubuque; Janice Meyer Hentges, LeSeuer, Minn; Jeri K. Voigt Licht, Clare; Virginia Simons, Rochester, Minn. Second row, left to right, Ronald Ditsworth, Algona; Avis Finley Christensen, Burt; Janice Markla Dodds, Algona; Larry Johnson, Algona; Jerry Ferstl, Algona; Karen Shirley, Oakland, QaHf.; Sandra Hutching Allen, of Des Moines; Cheryl VanderWaal, Sausalito, Calif.; Arnetta Sweet Norland, Titonkg; Marten Smith, Algona; Robert Harms, Algona; Back row, left to right: Jac Robert Givens, Titonka; Frank Kern, Algona; Verna Pugsley Gagen, Des Moines; Sue Sprague Schrader, Britt; Robert Jensen, E. Lansing, Mich.; Eugene Helmers, Des Moines; Doug Meyer, Humboldt; David Phillips, Berkeley, Calif.; Richard Yeoman, of Algona; Harold Bjustrom, Whittemore; Gary Webb, Algona; David Seller, Algona; Edward Berninghaus, Whittemore, and Richard Vipond, Sioux City. Exclusive Advance Photo by MiJse StUJinan. attendance. The older group, which averages 25 boys and girls per day, is under the direction of Elaine Bruch, and it is for the six to ten year olds. They also color and draw and have a daily project which might include leather crai't or painting clay animals which they have made. Elaine tries to get the children outdoors for at least a half hour each day for a walk or a story, but has i'ound that a pantomime skit is enjoyed most by the kids. The annual program began on June 20 and will continue for six weeks, ending July 29. it is under the auspices of the Algo^ Playground Commission leaded by chairman. Frank MouJ- ton who is assisted by commis- iion members liobt. Laing, Miles jloniker, Mrs. Madonna Skog- strom, and William Studer. in with bat Thursday An Algona girl, Liz Anderson, 10, was acciihnUy struck by a bat at a girl's softball game between the Bears and 1-Iav/ks Thursday night. The puncture-type wound required four stitches. She was struck on the forehead. Uz is the daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Ander- Last rites for Arnold Danielson held on Friday Funeral services for Arnolc Danielson, 55-year-old Algona farmer, were, held at 2 p.m. Fri day, July 1, at Trinity Lutheran church,',,Rev. G., J. C. Gerike of ficiatihg. Pallbearers were Dale Briggs, Glen Gabrielson, Cecil Long, Perry Lowman, Carol Potter and Mike Wagner. Burial was in the Eastlawn cemetery. Arnold Danielson was born Jan. 1, 1911, in Tama county, Iowa, the son of Carl and Margaret Nielsen Danielson. He married Edna Mae Fitch on Dec. 6, 1941. Survivors include his wife and seven children, Carl and Larry (U. S. Army), and Danny, Janice, Dianne, David and Bruce at home. Brothers and sisters are: Einer, St. Charles, 111., and Edith, Vigo and Max, Copenhagen, Denmark. He died at a Rochester, Minn, hospital of lockjaw Tuesday after being hospitalized there since May 13. He farmed in the Sexton area for many years. Church bells ring here July 4 Algona church bells will ring for five minutes at 1 p.m. July 4 in observance of the Declaration of Independence. The observance is being sponsored locally by the Republican women's organization. Such observances are being held all over the country and Whittemore couple celebrate 25th Whittemore — Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fickbohm celebrated their silver wedding anniversary Friday, June 24, and their children entertained them at the Johnson House last Sunday in their honor. They were married June 24, 1941 at St. Michael's church here and were the parents of ten children, eight of them still living. Injured when tractor tips BANCROFT — Alfrod Men- kt, Bancroft farmer, was hospitalized Tuesday after e tractor tipped over with'him on it, while he wes operating the machine-.on his farm 1 near here. He, suffered several bro- • ken ribs, a fractured ileft 'shoulder blade, scalp cuts and•' bruises. He was coming along •Svwejl as could be expected, this weekend. Ex-Lakota man dies Tuesday in Minnesota A former Lakota man, George Geerdes of Blue Earth, Minn., died last Tuesday at the Blue Earth hospital. Funeral services for him were held Friday with burial at Blue Earth. He was born in Germany on Sept. 6, 1886, and came to this country when just four,, years old. His family 'lived in the Ep- lington and Ruthven areas, and later near Lakota. He was married to Mina Geerdes at Lakota on March 5, 1915 and the couple lived at Lakota until 1926, when they moved to a farm near Blue Earth. They, retired in 1952. His wife survives as well as seven children, .There are also six brothers and sisters including Mrs. John Steenhard of Lakota, Louis Balgeman is new candidate Latest to file for county office is Louis Balgeman, who filed last week on the democratic ticket for supervisor in the First, or south, Kossuth district. He was born and raised in Kossuth and is- farming east of West Bend. He has served on several county and community committees,- He is married with a family of two girls and a boy. His father, the late Frank Balge- son. AT CONVENTION Waverly — District Agent J. T. Tielebein, Algona, has just returned from a three-day regional convention of Lutheran Mutual agents from Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, %t Lake Ozark, I Mo. Local youths smash bottles on streets Four Algona youths were apprehended by the Algona police department after they had smashed pop bottles onto the pavement on Jones, Elm and Hall streets Tuesday evening. The boys appeared before the mayor Wednesday morning and were ordered to clean up the glass, which they did that morning, under 'the direction of an Algona policeman. man, served the district as supervisor for many years. Public is welcome to view lilies The public is welcome to see the lilies opening at the Harry Treganza home any time from July 5 to 10 at 1UQ E. McGreggor in Algona. Free fireworks Algont will! cttobratt the Fourth of July holiday with i giant firework* display bind concert f|, tht grounds beginning *bout p.m. Bveryont U w< attend ind thtrt if minion $h«rge, Tht sponwred by tht " i ,

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