Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1966 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1966
Page 11
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Nine Swea area men in Guard camp/Minnesota SWEA-EAGLE - The following young men left June 18, for Camp Ripley, Minn., near Little Falls, for National Guard duty. They are listed in the order v of their enlistments, with Larry Torine, Charles Heidenwith, and Terry Johnsen having served the greatest length of time, and in that order. Others are Michael Koons, Lowell Jansen, Larry Kluger, Richard Johnson, Roger Mart and Michael Reynolds. They will return July 2. Another man Dwight Guerdet, son of the Leo Guerdets, enlisted at Fort Dodge and will go to Camp McCoy, Wise. Dwight graduated from Central high school this spring. Evelyn Rippentrop spent the past week at the home of her sister, the Homer Henriksens at tUngsted. George Tobin at Bast Chain spent the afternoon and enj6yed Mess-Free 93LDEEPTINT TINTING BASE supper at the home of his brother and sister-in-law, the William Tobins one dlay lajsrt week. On Friday, June 10, Mrs. Floyd Montgomery and Mrs. Elmer Lee took Mrs. J. H. Montgomery to Minneapolis where the latter boarded a plane for Texas, to meet her son, Merlin. He met her a br< and they flew to his home at day. Arlington, where she plans an extended visit. Mrs, Floyd Montgomery and Mrs. Lee spent the day shopping in Minneapolis. The Marlin Hardts were at Okoboji over the weekend. Their guests included Russell Parker of Marble Rock, and Ines Ewing, Swea City. Mrs. Fred C. Newlin and Pauline and Mr. and Mrs. Darrcl Newlin and family exchanged homes about two weeks ago. The Darrel Newlins now reside in Eagle township and Mrs. Fred Newlin and Paubne have moved to the farm that Darrel and family occupied in Swea township Joey, 8-month-old son of the Thomas Prestons, is hospitalizcc at Holy Family hospital, and has been a patient there for a week at this writing, Mrs. Laurel Peterson and daughters spent the weekend at the home of her parents, the Otto Falks, and attended the wedding of a cousin at Grove City. At the O. D. Koons, Lakota, for Father's Day, were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Koons and family, the Franklin Koons, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Christ, Jr. and family, Lakota, Mrs. Violet Burt and Linda, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Koons and family, Estherville. Sunday evening, the Jim Koons were at the home of her •nrenis, the S. E. Nelsons, Forest City. forines ofi fueSd&y Mid than eft to go to the Warren Mimes iome at Mason City, where Mrs. limes Will stay for an indefinite visit. Mrs. iteytiold StoltZ of Btootnv ng Prairie, Minn., was a Sunday overnight guest at the Chris Peddersen home. She came to be with her mother, Mrs. Hagge, who submitted to surgery Mon< day at Holy Family hospital for a broken hip sustained last Fri ed in army buddy of Janet Walker and Parker Larimer, both of Marion, spent the weekend at the home of Janet's parents, the Ralph Walkers. Sharon Magnuscn, Minneapolis, spent the weekend at the home of her parents, the Walter Magnusens. Sharon is leaving June 30 for Los Angeles to employment. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Magnusen and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Cutler of Trimont, Minn., visited a brother-in-law, the P. C. Med sens, at Charles City. He was hospitalized for bleeding ulcers #Ni'th*y USE SATIN ENAMEL The Original "Homogenized" Paint No mixing, stirring or thinning No runs, drips or spatters — no mess to clean up Outstanding durability — washes like porcelain Flows smoothly, evenly — levels beautifully i Minimum identifiable odor i Choice of 1,001 colors NOW ONLY Portland Mrs. Victor Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Phil Carlson of Algona are the parents of a baby boy born Monday, June 13th, Mr. and Mrs, Orville Letts, Iowa, caJne on Friday to spend the weekend with their daughter and son-in4avy, Mr, aftd Mrs. Stanley Ruse and family,. ^ Mr. and Mrs. die Frendahl 0f Algona were Tuesday dinftef guests in the Victor Fitcli honifi, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Skilling of Algona and Mrs. Forbus Stiltz and David of Uvermore Wei£ dinner guests in the Ray Fitch home Father's day. This was alsd in honor of Ray's birthday whieh was Friday, June 17th. , ; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood, Jean and Randy, attended a Kert- ne family reunion Father's day at the Dorweiler park, West Bend. Between 70 and 75 rela* lives attended. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett attended a family dinner in the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Glamm, of Janes' ville, Minn., on Father's day. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood and family attended the wedding of Mrs. Wood's cousin, Donald Kenne and Nina Cotiley, Tuesday, at the Corpus Christi Catholic church at Fort Dodge. Mrs. Minnie Samuelson, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy, and Sharon left Saturday for Fort Dodge where they will attend a wedding and visit rela lives. They are from Colorado and have been visiting here for some time. ALGONA (lew») ABVANC6-3 THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 1966 ing Father's day in the Mike Arend home at Algona; This was 69 8 dteptones slightly hlghtr COWAN CORP Formerly Ready-Mix Concrete & Lumber Company Monday coffee guests at :the Mervin Johnson home in honor of Mrs. C. K. Myers, Virginia Beach, Va., and Mrs. Bob Himes, Los Alamos, N. M., were Mrs. Jim Smith and children, Mrs. Darrel Bishop and children, Mrs. Art Larson and children. Mrs. Ella Hagge of Blooming Prairie, Miss., came last Monday for a visit at the home of her brother, Chris Feddersen. Friday Mrs. Hagge had the misfortune to fall and fractured her hip. She was taken by ambulance to the Holy Family hospital at Estherville. A group of relatives called al the Chris Feddersen home Friday evening, the occasion being Mr. Fedderson's birthday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fedder- en, Spirit Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tordoff and Mr. and Mrs. Asgar Hansen, Estherville, Mr. nd Mrs. Henry Feddersen and Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Feddersen, )olliver, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold 'la u sen, Ringstad, Mr. and Mrs. 4. H. Rankin and Mrs. and Mrs. foe McConnell, Armstrong, and Mrs. A. J. Kremersmeier and Jerry Kramersmeimer. Father's Day guests at the Vlarvin Johnson home were her Barents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil God- Eredson, Humboldt, and Mrs. C. K. Hyers and boys. Mrs. Myers and sons have been at the home of her sister, Mrs. Mervin Johnson for the past 10 days, and will spend the next two weeks at Humboldt with her parents, the Cecil God- fredsons. Robert Himes came from Los Alamos, N. M., Tuesday of last week to be with his mother, Mrs. Louella Himes, who has been at the Francis Torine home for the past month, and to join his wife and daughter, who preceded him here to visit her parents, the Torines earlier. All were dinner guests at the in the St. Ann hospital, weighing 7 Ib. 3 oz. He has been named Michael Philip. Michael has one little sister, 19 months old. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Axel Carlson of Burt. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms, Portland. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harms were Friday evening visitors in the Herman Harms home to celebrate Father's day and Saturday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schadendorf of Lone Rock in honor of Father's day. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Hansen and family and Mr. and Mrs. Rollo Moore were afternoon guests in the Herman Harms home, on Father's day. Mrs. Tony Jandl, Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy and Mrs. Minnie Samuelson and Sharon were Thursday afternoon visitors in the home of Mrs. Jessie Miller, in Algona. Mrs. Martin Becker of Algona was also a guest in the Miller home. Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Davis and family and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Davis of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis and Todd of Algona and Mrs. Oliver Campney were Father's day guests in the Fret Davis home. Cousins, Mr. an< Mrs. Hubert Campney of Ruth ven and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ener son of Estherville were after noon, visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Free Davis, Mrs. Oliver Campney, Mr and Mrs. Hubert Campney am Mr. and Mrs. Roy Enerson went to Buffalo Center in the afternoon where they visited Mr. Oliver Campney at the Buffalo Center hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Eckels are the parents of an adopted baby boy. They went to Coun- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arend and family were among those spend in honor of Father's day and also Mr. Mike Arend's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms, Mary and Norma, Were Sunday dinner guests in the Andrew Harms home at Burt.. This was in honor of Kent Andrew, little son of the Andrew Harms, who ivas baptized Sunday in the Burt Methodist church. Other guests ere Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Weiner and other relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bristow and family of LuVeme and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown and Sharon of Fort Dodge were dinner and supper guests in the P. W Marlow home Father's day. Mr and Mrs. William Gifford of Burt were Tuesday afternoon visitors and supper guests in the Marlow home. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlow Were late guests at a family picnic supper in the Billy Gifford home. "It's no disgrace to be poor, in fact, it may be the only way to make a living nowadays." TO YOUR HEALTH — While drinking, to the health of another, one performs a social grace which .owes its name to an outmoded custom. In. earlier days a.bit of toasted bread was dropped into a-cup of wine to improve the liquor's flavor. Ever since then, raising the glass has been called a "toast." Ottosenwiil have fireworks next Monday Ottoseh .-± Ottosen will have an old fashioned celebration on Monday, July 4, sponsored by the Commercial club. The pet parade will begin at 1 p.m. Following will be races for the children and ball games. There will be an eat stand and watermelon stand and others, by local organizations. The Legion . • .-;,/> *•»• .{,' ,,'!,»- • ^ # * * |sf Jfrif* lliU^ UJdliiiy if ififtSldflnt a talfentftne latent eOnwwJ .jtiteit to b^gin at ? p.m; This Mrs, Oeatfl fg**f will be foltowed by; fireworks, 379-1381 of 1 'Mif/'y ittd a '"' Th( and a dance, 'hose w ';.;• r ;•..',»? 3?9,14S4.":-.;^'-^M v . > »„ . /InHtt^tiMi,! \ ', Sk . Might afi$ you can make a 3-minute station call to'anywhere in the U. S. (except Alaska and Hawaii) for $1.00 or less, plus tax. Same low rates in effect all day Sunday. Pick up the phone and enjoy a Long Distance chat!. Mar thwcstern Bel! "EARLY HARVESS MEANS BIGGER YIELDS WHEN YOU HAVE DRY-O-M ATiON" Early harvest avoids field losses that usually amount to several bush*!* If) acre. With Stormor Dry-0-Mation you can harvest these extra fauMiefs Mfljr, We can help you plan a Stormor Dry-0-Mation system with capacity to Ktep up with as many picker-sheller or combine units as you want to operate. , A single 36-foot Stormor Dry-0-Mation bin, used as a batch dryer, can jiandii up to 5,000 bushels a day. Let the extra bushels from early harvest help pty for a Stormor" Dry-0-Mation System that takes the labor and woffy out Of erain conditioning, storage and handling. ' ,. KYLE KEITH ; "REPRESENTING STOCKDALE'S OF IOWA* FALLS"' Phone 295-3801 Alf •««, low*. • Dry 0 Matter) • Bttetl Mnf ' ' • New Speed T»r*« • Crik* • Oxygen-Free Stoflfi -, • Bulk Feed tin* - cil Bluffs last Tuesday to bring him home. He was born Tuesday, June 14, and was one week old when they brought him to their home. He weighed 7 Ib. 14 oz., and was named Monte Wayne. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlow of rural Burt. Mrs. P. W. Marlow and Mrs. Dennis Meister attended a shower at the Paul Tjaden home for Monte Wayne, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Eckels. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harms accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Neswald to Sioux Falls, Now-put new Dinosaur Power in your engine Sinclair announces the most important gasoline improve* ment since World War H. Puts new muscles in your motor, Restores lost power. Solves many winter problems. Drive irr today and try new Sinclair Pino or Pino Supreme Gasoline,, Hilton's Sinclair Service 195-3054 Stiff i Jon»» Str««ti Algont BUY OF THE YEAR! New Maxwell House Coffee Percolator with 1-lb. of coffee vacuum sealed inside.... Special Low Price! .ffffff -^fp"" I lt's new! The Maxwell House Coffee Percolator! This fabulous percolator is a great value. It's made of top-quality Corning® Heatproof Glass—stylish and heatproof—yours from Maxwell House. It's filled with 1-lb. of ground Maxwell House Coffee! 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