Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1966
Page 6
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M6N6AV, BY THOMAS t.O'HAft* £Mlrrii«h, board of truit»M • NitfofiM Association 6* lnv«ktm«nt Clubt " Q. I have a peculiar problem. In 1953 my husband and I bought semi shares of Motorola. About, five years «go,/when we had seme extra <mottay,)l went blithely down,to buy kerne more. Believe it or net, I haven't ft* the stock yet. All I could get from the brokers In my town wat booklets on mutual funds. I let myself bo talked into Investment in anoihef mutual TONIGHT, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY JUNE 27-28-29 , DRIVE-IN^ AVAtOM^mFUNiCELLO FABIAK^WILLS T'lEY LIVE FROM SPINOUT TO CRACK UP and they love as fast as they can get it! AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL -PANAV1SION-COLOR tlu tlinlnf HARVEY * JULIE IEMBECK-MRRISH , ,„._. SufcASHER-uoTOWNSEND SBbASHER-fefti NICHOtSON^y-uu: ARKOff "• G1966AmMicinlritirnitlonitncturn ' SECOND FEATURE COLORSCOPE •MAMINIC AM INTERNATIONAL PICTUNB C 1964 American Intimation*! Plcturar '- •<:• ' - i •- * . '- - if I had (Mtfthf Motofftfa, I'd be « lot further aheetl. New I have) laved seme mere money •INI fine] myself goiftg through the MM* performance. I •till wont to buy Motorola, but the •wetter recommends • mutual font), I reelito thit $1,000 It • •malMnvettment, but I fill to MO why I fthtuMn't a* able to fit even MM share of the stock I want, A. t can't understand why you can't get the stock you want, either, f suspect, however, as I look at the waSslfted phone book for your town that the organization you have called upon to buy Motorola for you may be one that specializes in mutual funds and is not actually equipped to buy listed securities for you* There are three stock broker* age firms in your city, all members of the New York Stock Exchange, and I am sending their names to you. If you have been, to a salesman for one of these firms and he has talked you out of Motorola, I suggest you go see the manager of the' office and tell him. It may be that you simply have a greedy salesman who is conscious of the fact, that his commission on 1 your $1,000 purchase of Motorola' would be only $17, while his commission on the mutual fund, depending upon which one he talked you into buying, would amount to between $70 and $85. A thousand dollars'is not, a small Investment and you are absolutely right in insisting that you get .what you want. Q. What it your opinion of an investment in a now life Insurance companyf By investment, I moan buying the stock along with purchasing a life insurance policy? Tv« boon offered one that supposedly will see the profit from the stock pay up my policy in a few years and then keep giving me a profit in dividends. A. While the life insurance industry is probably one of the more attractive from an investment standpoint, there is probably as great a risk connected with investing in a NEW life insurance company as there is with the purchase of stock of a NEW firm in any other type of industry. For you to get a profit from the insurance company after you have bought its policy and stock, two things have to happen. First, the company must make a profit and, .second,, the directors of the company have to allocate a share of that profit to your particular class of policy. There is no guarantee that either of these two things will happen. Advertise in the Advance Largest PAID circulation ALGON * Sunday thru .Wednesday, July 3-t Richard Burton "SPY WHO CAME IN FROM COLD" Plus "WINTER A GO GO" , Thursday thru Saturday, July 7-9 NOW MIGUEL" _ Mkha ' c , Ans ; rq . Sunday thru Wednesday, July 10-13 . Robert Taylor "JOHNNY TIGER" Plus ''THAT MAN IN INSTANBUL" Thursday thru Saturday, July 14-14 Elvis Presley , . . .• ' "BLUE HAWAII" Plus "BYE BYE BIRDIE." Ann Margaret — Dick Van Dyke Sunday thru Wednesday, July 17-20 Bob Hope — Elke Sommer "BOY DID I GET A WRONG NUMBER" Thursday thru Saturday, July 21-23 Jack Chaplain — Heather North in "GIT" Plus "K|D RODELLO" Janet Leigh — Don Murray Sunday thru Wednesday, July 24-27 June Christie — Lawrence Harvey in "DARLING" Thursday thru Saturday, July 28-30 Peter Fonda — Nancy Sinatra in "THi WILD ANGELS" fuadoy tfcfu Wednesday, July 31-August 3 Kirk Douglas "THE HEROES OF TELEMARK" PlMS "THE COLLECTOR" JULY 1966 DRIVE-IN THEATRE /xuporsiA , IOWA MIDNIGHT SHOW SATURDAY. 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MIDNIGHT SHOW — "HE ROES ISLAND" SHOW STARTS AT DUSK COME OUT EARLY AND ENJOY HOMEMADE PJZ2A .Whit flit «Ht (no the Algona fir* department answered a fire call at 3:02 IHUriday afternoon at the Jack flcitfy farm 2 miles west of Al- goha It was a brush fire which ca'J*ed litle real damage to the .property, ilthougli It took some BIO gallons of water to extitv feuish the maze. '•• Another fire at 4 p.m. Thut«« day burned nearly two miles of -grass along the railroad right of | woy and ditches on the Plum Creek blacktop near the scene of last Thursday's grass fire ihear the Cedl Long farm. Tlie rural fire truck and the rescue ! truck first went to the scene, i.rd another truck had to be called before the blaze could be •extinguished. Damage was limited to the grass. It is believed , that a passing train also started FHIL TAYLOR, son oi Mr. and the : flrR Mrs. Rex Taylor, 'Algona, will leave here June 30 for a one month stay with the de Souza family in Juiz de Fora, Brizil. He will fly from Mason City to Chicago; from Chicago to Mia•. _. * m _ . «*f' L.;• f -.-S'-'!'•««•"•' •*'* -. mi; and from Miami fo Rio de Janeiro.* The de Souza family consists'Of five I members: the parents, Ferraz and Frineia; and the children, Sergio, Salvador, and Jussara. Salvador de Souza Stayed with the : Rek Taylor family during the 1964-65 school year as an American Wield Service exchange student. The dty of/; Juiz de Forlt Bas approximately 150,000 inhabitants, and is located about 100 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. Ferraz de Souza is a colonel in the Brazilian army. Phil will return July 3lJ ! Tilonka bowling team 24th in state meet The Boyken Insurance Co. bowling team of TUonka placed 24th in a field of 31 teams in the State Handicap Team tournament held last Sunday at Des Moines. They had a 2,825 total compared to 2,128 and 3,078 in preliminary action on Titonka and Mason City alleys. Series totals included J. L. Intermill 501, A. J. Budlong 583, Merle Hoover 530, Elwobd Nelson 501 and Phil Jaren 491. Martin to enroll > 'v nu, j i,ii»'i-j:-i - vivi/'f. ,40 at Iowa State U. Algbna't Dave Martin is one of ton outstanding high school wrestlers who have signed letters of intent to attend Iowa State University this fall. Coach Harold Nichols indicates ho possibly might have the best freshman crop of matmon in his 14 years at Ames, Iowa. Martin is twice state champion in the 145 and 154 Ib. classes. Car crashes outside raco track A 1961 Ford owned by Marvin Doan Grisham, 21, was totally demolished late Friday evening whan it went out of control anil crashed into the fence near the race track on highway 169. Grisham and a companion, Oscar Romer were reported to'have been seen running from the scene of the accident and their whereabouts were unknown at press time, Charges are pending, and be filed. Nnbaml of Ltart WOfMR IS Lowell Winter, who was married to Elsie Lockwood, BUrt, on Jan., 2$ died Friday in,, the Spirit Lake hospital. He had a coronary Monday, June 13. Funeral services Were Saturday, 3 p.m., in the Harpole funeral home, at Spirit Lake. Rev. M. C. Da vies, Hurt, officiated, assisted by Rev. , Revor Baskeryille, of the Methodist church in Spirit Lake, and Rev. Harold James,: of Methodist camp there. The body will 'be taken to Los Angele,, this week for. services in the Knox Presbyterian church, with burial in Los Angeles. Entries sought at Fenton for corn contest • ••••>;•' •• ; •:.-. " " •• i Ponton '• — The 5 acre corn yield contest sponsored by the Fenton Community club needs more entries. Here is the program. 1. Anyone growing 10 or more acres of, corn in one field in Iowa, except hybrid corn seed production fields, shall be eligi- t ble to compete. 2. The entrant may select the .fontest area of at least five alcfes from* a field-of ten acres in size anytime before harvest. The contest area may be selected from any part of the field, but must be in one continuous block of which no part has be- en''harvested. • ; 3. A minimum of 1.25 acres must be harvested, and supervised by a member of the sponsoring organization, this to include the measuring of the rows, the harvesting, weighing, sampling, testing for moisture NOW THROUGH WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29 8I& y THEATRE COLOR' ^ : mm NUN' Gall.rSM JOHN C. LOVE Fst STOCKS & BONDS MUTUAL FUNDS COMMODITIES T. C, Hand-arson Do* Moines, lows 41$ South H«ll St. Established 1930 § Algena f 295-3500 Members New YoFJf St<¥Jk Exchange tot and <?alciilAtbn of the 4 the entry tee will be payable when signing tip the contest. 5. Deadttn* for entry will b& June 30, 1966. 6. All rules set forth by the "town Master Corn Grower* Contest" must be followed to be eligible for the awards. ?. Place of entry is the First TrUst and Savings bank, Fentdn, or Fenton Coop elevator. Judy Connley, Mason City, spent Tuesday Visiting Judy Big* ler. They were college class* mates at the university of Iowa. St. Lukes Lutheran Men's dub aftdi wives/met Sunday hlng at th* church for a picnic OITI DOtfORATI ^ato«JeM, CaM», - The doctor of philosophy degree has been conferred on Charles D. DeBott of Ledyard by President L. A* DuBrtdge of the California Institute of Technology at the annual dltech commencement. Son of the .Gilbert De Boers, Ledyard, he ha* maiored in chemistry at Caltedi and was graduated from. Antes, B.S., 1M2. IXP1RT PRINTING AT THI ADVANCE WINS HIOH OMICB LuVerne - Jdcki daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fran* els Wolfab, Mi Vernon, and granddaughtef of Mrs, Marthn Ifltttz, LuVerne, was elected W the setond highest office, lieutenant governor, at Hawkey* Girl's State, held June 6 to June 12. Some 304 girls attended Girl's State. \ BULLPUPS LOSE TWO, The fresh-soph baseball Miatt. of Algorta high school lost of games last week, 6-2 at , Lake there Monday and 0-4 to Clarion Thursday afternooft. JUMBO • 32-Qt. • With Handle 9-INCH Piper Hates 100-Count Pkg. 77 1 *• • . ."«-.- , \ Paper Napkins 250-Count Pkg. 37' WOODEN ARM Lawn Chair $ 60-H. Garden Hose • Green — Plastic • 8-Year Guarantee \ m\ m m\ m\ m m m m\ CLIP THIS COUPON CON-ACT Adhesive Plastic WITH THIS COUPON 20-lich Window Fan CLIP THIS COUPON Family Size Crest • 3-Speod • Guaranteed — WITH THIS COUPON 66 3.88 CLIP THIS COUPON Chocolate Aqua-Net HAIR SPRAY — WITH THIS COUPON — C - FROM OUR READY-TO-WEAR DEPARTMENT - LAPIES A,»rt«l*F.ney JAMAICA SETS 1.66- Girl's SHORTS SETS 88c MEN'S STRETCH DRESS SOX KIDDIE'S - IDEAL FOR PUY BOXER LONGIES - SPARKLERS - lOc t Up Fijncy 2 pair 77c 88c Park Colors Pair 'EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HOLIDAY FUN'

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