The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Molnes, Algona» Iowa, Jan. 11,199ft Algona High Bulldogs Smother Clarion Cagers Tuesday, 39-21 - /-s— ———— ——— .... *^ - ** LOCAIS ANNEX EARLY LEAD TO THROTTLE FOES Score at Half, 26 to 3; Medin and Oretz Lead Scoring in Rough Battle Expecting a hard tussle, the Algona nigh Bulldogs found somewhat easy opposition in the Clarion high quint Tuesday evening and walloped the visitors, j.9 to 21, and could have turned 8 er scorc ' had Coac h Mercer nhls strin *- But he t u all the boys a chance, which gave Clar- Jon its scoring opportunities. . „. - looking on, the and Blaek outfit started the fracas by knocking off eight points before Clarion could tally, and the score, a free throw was not allowed when the lad stepped over the foul line. • ' rhe ^ s * ore «* the end of the half was 28 to 3, which gives one an Idea Of what the first team was doing. »"- Medln who has been proving something of a Deadeye Dick -J higti scoring honors with Chuck ca-etzmeyer, but the work of the rest of the team must not be overshadowed »y the more sensational art of dropping in baskets. Post, Shackleford and A? I^IU 111 were important factors In which by the way, Academy Quint Win* Two Games In Recent Tilts Two victories in three days was th record set by the St. Cecelia academ cagers this week. The quint defeated Pocahontas there, Sunday, 40 to 27, an< downed Cylinder here, 27 to 20, Tues day evening. The Cylinder game found the aca demy quint ahead, 15 to 9, at the end of the first half. Wade Hansen, who lad been playing a stellar game the trst half, was removed by Coach E< Sutler due to a shoulder Injury. Kelly Baker and Daughan were other outstanding men for the academy. The girls defeated Pocahontas, 26 to I, and also swamped Cylinder girls 27 to 4, in the preliminary contests. Bancroft, which lost to Swea City by only one point, will come here Sun- lay afternoon for a double-header. The Irst and second teams will both play. Tie first game is slated to start about :30 p. «n. The Cylinder score was not a fair epresentatlon of the power of the two earns. During the second half the cademy boys followed Instructions nd concentrated on passing rather han trying for baskets. Their team- ork kept the ball away from Cylln- er most of the time. a lot to make the boys forget *.. c , K « e £ lng wltn Clarion on the foot oall field. Clarion had a big team, but with th exception of McGrath, did not possess ball handling ability. McGrath ac counted for 11 of his team's points The contest was rought throughout If the scoring slowed up, somebody fouled to keep the scorekeepers busy There *ere ft total of 29 personal fouls called, with Algqna also ahead in that •wpartment; administering 17 during the evening, to clarion's 12. The Thundering Thirty, otherwise Snown as Maestro Collins' musical pro- teges, furnished plenty of snappy music greatly in a good, hea thy atmosphere of school spirit. Algona plays Humboldt there on Jan- twry 13, and then goal to Webster City 18. Webster CHy annlhil- Clarion much worse than did Al(Tona, and If the Bulldogs can get by Humboldt, they will find a real test in Webster City. U tCSt ln The summary: Alfon* (39) R. Medln, f ^ ^ P i Boren. f ; 0 „ 0 B. Post, 1 2 0 4 Spencer, f 0 0 j Cretaneyer, o 6 3 i Stewart, c 002 Bhackleford, g 0 0 4 D. Post, g 0 Q i 6ellstrom, g i 3 j Bruns, g !.!!'o 0 2 Shllts. g •.V/.o o 0 I*rson, g 0 0 0 VI. E. Sunday School Board Elects New Officers for Year I The Sunday School Board met at the residence of the Superintendent. Homer Tuttle, last Monday evening in its first meeting of the new year. District Supt. Muhleman was present and spoke on problems and opportunities in the field of religious education. Mr. Muhleman spent part of last week in Chicago and was able to direct the attention of the board to a wealth of new material, designed to fill the needs of the modern Sunday School. Samples of this material were distributed among the teachers and department heads who were at the meeting. Only a few changes occur In the ward as reelected for the coming year Following Is a list of its members as at present constituted. Superintendent, H. A. Tuttle; assistant supt. Milton Norton; s*retfery, 5eo. E. Johnson; treasurer, D. L. Lefert; pianist, Ha May Leffert; orchestra leader, Grace Miller. Supt. Adult Dept., H. A. Tuttle; eachers, A. Hutchinson. Mrs. Jane Clark, Prof. O. B. Laing, Mrs. P. L Mbon, Mrs. A. A. Bishop, Rev. C V. ~ulse. Burdette Agard, Mrs. Olen Ro- Spencer Merchants Flash Class Here; Beat Boosters, 63-14 After holding the fast Spencer Mer chants independent basketball team on even terms for the first four minutes I Wesley Basketeers Split at Whittemore The Wesley basketball teams Journeyed to Whittemore last Friday evening and divided a double header with the Presentation academy. The Wesley girls were defeated 34 to 25. In a _ last period rush, the academy girts the Algona Boosters fell before a inigh- worked up a decided advantage in a ty offensive which started with a bang game that looked to be any one's game and looked at the outset like a fnlr- up to the last period. The score at ' " half time was 13 to 13. The Wesley boys in the final game of the evening were victorious 33 to — „... .„.,_- lrcvll Burc tu is. ine contest was slow and ragged score even a fair percentage of their with neither team playing a smooth shots, they would have passed the 30 brand of basketball. The Presentation point mark, although they were far school opened the game with a set up outplayed at every turn. But the ball shot from underneath the basket, but which stemed ot hop through the net after that the Wesley team was in com- In a well trained manner for Spen- mand of the lead. Score at the rest ccr, simply would not drop through whenan Algona player tossed it at the bRcJcbo&rd. The first half massacre found Algona trailing 28 to 1. Pearson sank a free throw to prevent that half from being a goose egg for Algona. close game Into a rout. The final score was 63 to 14. Let It be said In defense of the Boosters that they have been able to period was 14 to 9. The next game to be played on the "icme court is January 12, when the fast Thompson quintet makes OieJr first appearance. The Thompson team Is reported as being a hard team to beat and a close game can be looked forward to. The first game will start promptly at 7:30. In the second half the boys went In spurts. The substitution of Atkinson at center, although did not stop Bennett from scoring, did i —-— •••"-• »*w**UQi U4U gl $V®tXSSXf^^ Societies and Clubs Clarion (11) ,,,,...•? 14 11 17 f . • ..... 4 s Schump. f '.'.\'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.\'.i Q Nagie, o !!!!!i"!.'!!l!|.'o i Mcdanmhaiii' 'g''.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'."p 0 Pf 0 8 3 0 a 6 8 12 The Algona high second downed the Clarion seconds. 40 to 13, In a preliminary game. Mercer used everyone he bad handy, but still the points mounted up. Monlux. Ouderian, Boren, Spencer Twya Fido Medln. Stewart, Larson. o. Poet, Hancgan, Bruna, Shut*. Miner. SlRsbee and JBoettcher all got Into the *r»y. Mr. and Mrs. John Amesbury and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sturdlvant and Opal were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Franzen. und, Zelba Maxwell and Paul Danson. Junior Dept., Supt. Mrs. Henry Jo- annsen. Jr., teachers, Mrs. Pauline Worster, Mrs. C. V. Hulse, Milton Noron, Hugh Black, Mrs. B. Agard, Mrs. uby Thorpe, and Adrls Anderson Primary Dept., Mrs. L. J. Malueg, upt., teachers, Mrs. W. A. Poster, Lena Smith, Marian Rising, Gladys Rls- ng, Gertrude Long, Valeria Plckett, and Mrs. Velva Runchey. Beginners' Dept., Mrs. David Ward, Supt., teachers, Mrs. Anttma Dldrlck- sen and Bernlce Dearchs. i The Woman's Foreign Missionary society will meet this week Thursday afternoon with Mrs. F. E. Sawyer. of her friends at three tables of brldg* Tuesday evening. Lulu Kohl and Zora Keith cut for high prize with the former winning the prize. Second prize NOTICE OF TUB FIRST MEETINQ OP CliGDlTOHf* !• Ike DUtrtvl Comrt of the limit rA 8Utri for 4 he Northrrn DIKriet of loirn In the Matter of B«rt Larsjn. Bankrupt. No. 3428 In Bankruptcy. To the Creditors of the above named Bsnkrup-, of Bweu City. In the County of Kosf.uh and District. aforusalJ • Bankrupt. Kotlce IB hereby given that on the «th day of January, 1934, the above named bankrupt waa duly adjudicated bankrupt and that the flrnt meeting of hl» creditor* will be held at the office of the undersigned referee, nt 707 Snell Uldg., Fort Dodge, Webit«r County, Iowa, on tM-tPth day of January, 1934, at 2 o'clock P. M., at which time the aid creditors may atttnd, provu tholr lalmH, appoint a truitee. examine the bankrupt, and traniact auch other bu«i- n«>»a a* may properly conxi twfore iald meeting. The bankrupt l« required to be present. Fort Dodge, Iowa, January S. 1934 JOHN M. 8CHAUPF', Referee In Bankruptcy. Public Sale Riddle Sale Pavilion, Phone 79, Algona Saturday, January 13, at 1:30 P. M. Sharp We are listing stuff every day and will not give a complete list for this sale, but we have the best offering of furniture that we have offered at any time, to be sold at public auction or private sale. 75 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 75 50 head of hogs, consisting of feeding shoats, weighing from 40 to 19* ^,,^H« Chester White gpring boar. Will also have boara of Head of Caitl* Consisting of spring calves, two year old steers, weighing from 600 to 800 Ibs., also two Shorthorn cows to be freeh in 4 to 6 weeks also a number of other cows, heifeis and steers and 5 t» 8 head of horses One hundred and twenfcy-ave White Leghorn pullets, One dozen White Jersey Giant pullets and 6 geese. There will be other chick- One of the best selections of furniture yet offered Including pianos electric and battery radio sets, one 4-wheel trailer, new scoop ahovela ax handles, bushel baskets, neckyokes, doubletrees, other broken lots of hardware, and other articles. Bring what you have to sell and be on hand to buy what you want. TERMS—Cash. No property to be removed until settled for. C. 0. Riddle, Auctioneer Sale pavilion east of C. & N. W. depot. List property with Jesse Raddle at the Coryell Oil Station, pbone 93, or auctioneer. owrn-Frshfr NnpUals — Mrs. Florence Bowen and Adelbert isher were married Thursday evening January 4. at the Methodist parson age by the Rev. C. V. Hul». They were intended by Mr. and Mrs. Rasmle Han fen of LuVern?. After the ceremony a wedding stipper was served at thi home of the bride's mother. Mrs. An. na Madron. Those who attended the Teddtn? supper were Mr. and Mrs Wm. Fisher, parents of the bridegroom Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Burbank, Mrs Geo. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Hansen. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher are making their home for the present with her mother. Mr. Fisher is employed as a mechanic at the Helberg Oarage. He formerly drove a truck for the Algona Bakery. Entertain S. S. Teachers- Rev. and Mrs. J. B. Hoerner entertained Monday evening at a e o'clock buffet supper in honor of the Congregational Sunday School teachers. Other guest* present were Mrs. John Coughlln, Meryl Qriffga, Mrs, Eohannon, Mrs. H. D. Hutchins arid Mrs. (Andrew meeting followed. A business Bernlce Storm Bertess— Bernlce Storm entertained a group Algona a ,.js the big scoring cog for Spencer. The former Iowa player tipped in shots from under the basket time after time, while his team mate, Hutchinson led the scoring in the second half. Delm, who played with the Swea City Cardinals last season, and is a Swea city boy, played his usual strong frame at guard.; Summary: Algona (14) White, f .^ 8 Pearson, f 3 Nordstrum, c .0 Atkinson, o ' o Williams, g [o Samp, g ' o Walker, g .'..".'.'.'I 1 Hub Parlor Has 20th Birthday with the locking of Ks doors at the ctes* of th« day, last Friday, January 5th, The Hub. owned by W. A. Barry, obwrwd tts twentieth year CLASSIFIED ADS For Sale FOR SALE—Team of horses,—JB. R, Schlel, Fenton. 2* FOR SALE—Horses at the old Cosgrove barn.—C. L. McVey, Phone 791. 2-3* KANT GO RONG—Com fed beef quarters, 6 and 8 cents per Ib. Call SF22.—Alvin L. Weber. 2* Announcing Our New Location AT 116 SOUTH DODGE In the Railway Express Office ... where we have a display window and a complete line of new Stewart-Warner sets. Stewart-Warner "Companion" Miscellaneous Rave you tried our Thrifty Wash.— Kn-sch* Laundry. Phone 987. 49-tf FOB SALE—Threshers or corn shell- rs' liens. Algona Upper Des Molnes For Rent FOR RENT—e room modern bungalow. 701 N. Wooster St. Possession Feb. 1.—Irvln Seem an. 3* Total 5 4 7 Spencer (63) Fig Ft Pf Nelson, f i i o Hutchinson, f —9 3 o Bennett*, c n 5 0 Marsh, g o 0 1 Moe, g i o 3 g 1 0 3 LOST—Dark red Bvershap. Doric style. Reward.—T. H. Chrischilles. a A 5-tube AC superhetero- dyne, automatic volume control, short and long wave. $29.50 Shirley Radio Service Expert Repairing Phone 44 Total 27 9 4 Referee: Agard, scorer, McFadden. Boosters Bally to Jest Hvermore The Algona Boosters scored their rat basketball victory of the season t Llvermore, Monday evening, de- eating the latt<rr quint, 34 toM/llv'* more was ahead at the half by one olnt and at the three quarter mark by ve points, but a late rally turned the Jule Storm received low prize. A two | point man for Ateona. while course luncheon was served later. Zgs *£, ftSSf^nd M were Llvermore's mainstays. Many easy shots were missed by Algona. Thimble Club at Mrs. Anderson's— The Thimble club, a newly organized sewing club, met at the home of Mrs. Anton Anderson Monday afternoon. Twelve •women are member* at this club and meet every second Monday for an afternoon of sewing. The next meeting will be with Mrs. A. A. Bishop. There will be a special meeting of the W. c. T. TJ. January nth, at 3:30 o'clock at the home of Rev. »nd Mr*. C. V. Hul»e. You an Invited. . • D. A. R. Meet at Oflmore Home- Members of the D. A. R. met with Mrs. H. L. Gilmore Tuesday afternoon. Mr*. OWnoite wu assisted by Ola Lewis and Mrs. Joe Cosgrove. Bible Searcher* Meet Chanced— The Bible Searchers Class will meet Wednesday. January I7tn, instead of the 16th with Mrs. C. V. Hulae. Royal N<4fbtw>r Meeting- Royal Neighbor* will meet Thursday evening at the Legion hall at 7:30. There will be installation of officers. Elmer Peterson and his family of Dunlap are expected today for a few days visit with his parents, Mr. und Mrs. O. J. Peterson. Mr. Peterson baa a bee farm near Dunlap. Swea City Cardinals Play Here Tonight The Swea City Cardinals will play here tonight at the high school gym. while the Silver Masked Marvels of Duttuque are booked for tfte near future. Next on the schedule after these two high class teams is the famed Hottentot club, all negro aggregation, booked for Monday, Jan. 22. Truck Overturns; Nobody Penton: Excitement ran high for a short tune last Thursday, January 4 wh*n i some of George BoeUcher-0 friends passed his overturned truck five and a half miles north and one mile west of town. No one was near the truck and they feared he had been injured and taken to a hospital but upon investigation he was discovered in a nearby field chasing hogs that had gotten loose. Mr. BoeWcher escaped without Injury. The rack on the truck was badly damaged and several hogs had to be killed because of injury. The accident was caused by slippery roads. Let the TJ. D. Bfc-a. estimate on youi next- Job of printing. THE WEEKLY RECORD NEW CARS LICENSED Algona Coop. Creamery. 1933 Ford truck. F. S. Norton it Son, 1934 Chevrolet ruck. Francis J. Hauptmann, Wesley 1933 Chevrolet trucic Joe Traub, West Bend, 1933 Ford coach. WUUe Schealler, West Bend. 1933 Ford coach. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Burton Johnson and Ruby Darnell, both of Ledyard. NEW CASES FILED Prudential Life vs. H. C. Lunning et al, foreclosure. Equitable Life vs Warren L. McMur- tle, et al, foreclosure. D. W. Bates, Supt. of Banking vs J. H. Warner, note. D. W. Bates, Supt. of Banking vs R. H. Hardt, note. D. W. Bates, Supt. of Banking, vs J C. Johnson, note. Tire Sale! 30x3% 30*45*21 357 Coast to Coast Store Joe Bloom, Manager K. E. Krause and C. L. Krause vs Theo. and Tille Smith, note. Fred Bierstedt vs Walter Block, lease. Equitable Life vs Joseph Banwart et al, foreclosure. REAL ESTATE ^BANSFEHS Sheriff to Travelers Ins. Co., E'X- of and N',4 of BE'A of Sect. 6. 99 N., R. 30, W 5th P. M. $10,Sheriff to Guy M. Butte, adm. to Helen Hansen, deceased, all E»/4 of SWV4 of Sect. 36 (ex 2 acres owned by St. Joseph's ch of Wesley) in TWD 96, R. 27 W. 5th P. M. $7,500. Sheriff to Travelers Ins. Co. 8E>4 of NE>4 and SH of Sect. 5, in Twp 87, N. R. 29. $27.000. Jacob Winkel and wife to L. A. Winkel. NE% of Sect. 33, Twp. 96, N R 29 W. of 5th P. M. $1 and other con- lideratlons. .Hi 5: °£ ^.i^J? State of Iowa. 26.' Henry Kunz and wife to Metropolitan Life, 8>/4 of Sect. 25, Twp. 97 N R ' " W ' of 5th P. M. $1 and other valuable consideration. Henry Kunz and wife to Metropolitan Life. S',4 of Sect. 26., Twp. 97N R. 27 w. of 5th P. M. $1 and other consideration. L A. Andrew, Supt. of Banking, to T. L Larson. Lot a, Block 42 of Original plat of Algona. $1. John Lamuth and wife to Irene Elizabeth Lamuth, Lota 3 and 4, In block 118, Call's Addition, Algona. |l and other cons'dsration. Emily j. Rawson (widow) to Georgia Rawson. Lot 4 of Block 55 of Original Plat, Algona. Grantor reaerv- ng possession, use and occupancy during Hfetlfe. tl and other consideration. WEATHER Jan. 3, IVi inches snow 24 11 Jan. 4, «4 inch snow 33 10 Jan. 5, 1 inch snow 33 10 Jan - 8 37 12 31 S . 21 5 Jan - 8 25 17 Jan. Corn, 2 2 2 Oata .., ALGONA MABKETS yellow mixed 37 Hogs-Sow* Hogs, 140 210 Hogs, 160 o 40 Hogs, 180-200 2 80 Hogs, 200-260 !!!."" 2 90 Hogs, 300-350 "' 2 60 Packing Sows, 300-360 225 Packing Sows, 350-400 205 Packing Sows, hes^vy 2 CO Poultry and egg prices due to a nuc- uating market are not quoted this A Personal Letter to My Friends With a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction I announce my affiliation as one of the resident partners of the HUB CLOTHIERS whose personnel is Leuthold-Williams-Roynolds. For many yearB this substantial institution, known as the Leuthold group, have enjoyed the complete confidence of both their customers and the leading manufacturers of clothing and footwear in the United States. Mr. Reynolds and myself will be in complete charge of this store, which is strictly an Algona institution, taking its part in civic affairs and everything for the betterment of business and living conditions. The Hub will feature Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes and the leading brands of furniahihgs-and footwear for men and boys.' By freight and express the new goods are coming daily and within about ten days we hope to be ready to greet you with the kind of a store that I know Algona and the surrounding country will appreciate. Just a word as to our business policy— Standard, reliable merchandise at reasonable prices. (No shoddy goods at any price.)— One low price to all— friendly coufftaou»>"iToa'tB6srtvs.^J3vs' with a real replacement should it go wrong. This is the kind of store I have long wanted to be connected you, my friends, I am grateful for all favors of the past, and you, each and all, in the years to come. 'guaranteed with. To hope to serve CHET WILLIAMS Tirestonc Tires -- Batteries - Brake Linings Make driving safer and starting easier. We are equipped to adjust a? the sa n me y time ^ 8 ° * ^ *" P P erfectl y ° n -"four ^23. YEAR ROUND DRIVING SAFETY With T)r«*ton« Tires A smooth tire is dangerous on icy roads. Equip your car with new Firestones and play safe. Dependable Starting Power •!•• ?M f«u m*m__ ""«•» life •tnrni** •«•• «••• «• M«i I* ••M «<«th«, - QUICK STARTS ON COLD MORNINGS Ttrettooe SPARK PLUGS Each fiftttOflt Brak. lining Fire»lon» Aqua, pruf Br*k« Lining t* moUlure • proof • ad •abodici • new principle which c-M amoolbcr ction. VIC" Tire Service Co. Phone 856, MAC* wwww**^^

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