The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1954 · Page 20
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 20

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1954
Page 20
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•LYTHEVILLE (ARK.> COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY SI, 1354 "FILE" FULL OF AIR CONDITIONING — There are no visible controls on this new Servel room air conditioner for casement windows and other narrow windows. Instead, the front of the conditioner pulls out like the drawer of a file cabi- net. It has three positions — "full cooling" (shown here), "cooling and ventilating" (for warm days), and "ventilating only" (when the outside weather is pleasant.) Serve! Features Easy-fo-Operafe Air Conditioner Single Dial Gives Five Variations of Cooling, Exhausting Many people have been postponing the purchase of a room air con- <lifioner and putting up with the discomforts of sweltering summer days, because they've been waiting for an air conditioner with several luxury features offered at a moderate cost. The Servel company has designed such an rai conditioner. The new Servel room air conditioner is noted for its smooth, quiet performance, its simple, trouble-free operation and its distinctive modern design. The owner of a Servel conditioner can. pick ms own weather by turning one simple-to-operate dial, the rest is automatic. To obtain the indoor weather desired, the single dial can be placed in one of 5 positions: 1. Day-Gool—full power for mountain-top coolness. 2. Nite-cool — reduced power that's just right for Bleeping. 3. Cool-fresh—blends outdoor air with cool air. 4. Fresh-air— circulates fresh air only. 5. Exhaust —draws off stale air, freshens the room. And it's designed especially to be read from a sitting position. Adjustable grilles provide gentle circulation of air, free from drafts or air blasts, and keeps an entire room uniformly cool and well-ventilated. No special installation is required for the Servel Room Conditioner. In most instances they are just plugged m. Architecture Changed By Air Conc//faonmg Home design is changing swiftly I property and with the view? Do with the coining age of year-round air conditioning. We're approaching the end of an era when new houses were pretty much like grandfather's. The push for better homes designed around air conditioning is coming from architects, builders, newspaper and magazine architectural specialists, and from the public itself. Some of the long overdue changes may not even be apparent to the ordinary person except in terms of comfort and better living.- Some may lead to definite architectural styles as recognizable in their own way as Cape Cod or Colonial. Many such as roof overhang and proper orientation have been in the cards for years as an asset to comfort and convenience even without air conditioning, but they are directly related to air conditioning costs. Research by leading engineers and as a result of a $27,800 architectural competition held last year for best designs of air conditioned homes indicates these facts: 1. It is possible to reduce the air conditioning cost — both the initial cost and the operating cost —• by good design. 2. It is possible to provide not only greater comfort but more convenient patterns for day-to-day living and greater privacy through designing for and around air conditioning. 3. Orientation of the house and its window areas, both with respect through the sky, is becoming increasingly important. We are learning to be a nation of sun-respecters. Summer heat is a inexpensive commodity in terms of frayed tempers, they provide privacy where needed and do they permit convenient furniture arrangement? FIXED WINDOWS — More of the windows in the house can be fixed not only in high strip windows but in large window areas. This mean; reduced cost for the windows themselves and elimination of many screens, which also cost money. ROOF OVERHANG — Roof overhangs or other shading devices should be provided to protect sun- 1:", windows and walls. An overhang can be most effective on a south exposure where it can shade glass and wall area during the summer and expose a portion of it for solar heating in the winter when the sun is lower in the sky. A wider overhang is needed in the northern part of the country than below the Mason-Dixon line because the sun is lower in the sky in the summer in northern areas. Roof overhangs are an important visible style change and can be expected to end the boxy look of so many houses built during the past decade. TRELLISES. SCREEN WALLS, AND SHRUBS — All of these can be used to shade east or west walls A trellis can be designed with re- 'ersible slats which will shut out the heat of the sun during summer and admit it in winter. Or it can Oe covered with vines which leaf in the summer, cutting off the sun's; rays. A combination of a masonry ; or shrubbery wall and a roof overhang can be used to create a pri-; vate patio outside a west or east- j facing master bedroom. The two together will shade the windows; from the sun. Windows facing this \ patio should be specially arranged I health, and efficiency on the job. jto obtain the maximum effect of an 4. Even the color of the house, i outdoor extension of private space, and the roof slope and overhang. A carport or garage can also be Helpful E mp/oyer PASADENA, Calif. (#) — When P. H. Hammond, a manufacturer, found it necessary to lay off a few men he advertised in the local paper to get the men new jobs. Scores of'persons who read the ad called Hammond to commend his action. And 19 employers called to bid for the men's services. All but one were hired by a competitor who thanked Hammond for the experienced help and promised to hire! the last man, too, when he re- j turned from sick leave. and composition are important. The details are not difficult to understand although it may take a professional to put them all together for your dream house. Here are some of the facts you should know before you build that house of yours: T 'TNDOW ORIENTATION — You can cut the air conditioning re- used to shield one of these walls. TREES—Home-owner spare that tree. Trees shading the house have \ always been considered desirable j butt hey can also cost money. Now i they may save you money in lower air conditioning costs. If there are trees on the lot when you start! building, save them. It may mean j a little extra effort for the builder,' Perifs of Teaching STORM LAKE, la. (0 — Whenj the leading man in the class playj fell ill, School Supt. Charles Waterbury of Nemaha filled in. The role called for him to Spend considerable time on stage minus! his trousers. The play title wasj "Let Me Out Of Here." ! Waterbury was voted a smash hit | by the audience. \ Vintage Car Approved NORFOLK, Va. (f) — Thomas E. | Moody appeared in traffic court to j answer a summons for failure to! have an. inspection sticker on his I automobile. Moody told the judge | that after he received the summons the car passed the inspection with "flying colors." The judge imposed a $5 fine but suspended payment. Moody's car is a 1914 model. quirements sharply IT you face the i but it will be worth it in dollars major window areas north or south, j alone. or if you provide adequate shading COLOR — Light colors for both ' for windows in east and west walls walls and roof will reduce air con-1 to protect against the worst heat of ] ditioning costs. White is the best the sun. In fact, the tendency today j defense against the sun, but light is to turn living; areas around tow- j shades are also good. ard usable lot space and good sun THE CORE UNIT — Grouping of orientation instead of toward the i the kitchen, bath and utility closet street. j or room in one area or core has al-! Window-walls facing landscaped j ways made sense in dollars saved.! property then provide a visual ex- j These are the areas with plumbing. I tension of living space within. Un- j gas lines and heavier electrical shaded windows on west and east; service for such items as sinks, walls, and standard size windows! stoves, automatic washers and dry- looking directly across the proper-jers, water heaters and heating ty line at the neighbor's wall a few | plants. It can be considerably feet away are tending- to disappear cheaper to install plumbing and ! or change their shape. They aren't heavy wiring in one location than needed any more for cross-ventila-1 to extend it to several parts of the tion with the coming of air condi- i house, tioning. I With the compact new year-round If they are needed for light in \ air conditioning units which can be these walls, they can be moved up; installed near living areas, the core higher and become horizontal strips! unit makes even better sense. Some of glass, leaving large wall areas i favor placing it along one exterior for furniture or built-ins. If bed- i wall so that it won't break up in- room windows face the neighbors, i terior living space. One of the pre- they can be moved up to shoulder | fabricated home manufacturers height for privacy. Ask yourself: manufactured the entire core in- these questions when you start, j eluding bathroom, utility closet studying house plans. Do the big! and kitchen in one unit, trundled it windows face north or south? Are i to the site on a special trailer and east and west windows protected j set it down on the slab, requiring from the sun? Do the windows inte-! only a single hook-up with outside grate the house interior with your! services and drains. — r ^ 1 THREI MEN IN A TUB— No. the m*n to the are not .. " America's BIGGEST Air Conditioner Value 8 Reasons Why You'll Enjoy SERVEL Year 'Round! • COOLS your rooms! • DEHUMIDIFIEStheair! • FILTERS out pollen dusts! • CLEANS air of soot, dirt! EXPELS smoke, stale air! VENTILATES without drafts! CIRCULATES fresh air all year! DEADENS outside noise! AS LOW AS See Servel's Sensational Values Today At... WEIS BUTANE GAS CO. S. Highway 61 Blyrhevillfl Phone POplar 3-3301

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