The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 4
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The Algona Upper Pes Moines, Algona» Iowa, Jan. 11, OLDffiYINGTON DAYS DISCUSSED - BY HORACE MANN Death of Lttella Andruss Dilts Recalls Memories of Irvington School Days (By Horace Marni) Long Beach, California, Dec. 20, 1933. Bdltors Algona Upper Des Molnes: There are two Items In the Algona Upper Des Mblnes of December 7, that especially invite comment. The first la the obituary notice of Luella Andruss XNltB, reporting her passing away at her home In Randolph, Iowa. A typographical error In the headline said "In Illinois.'' This to relatively unimportant, although, of course, annoying to the editor and confusing to the reaJer who does not know which state to the correct one, and so I repeat, Iowa. But I am sure vou will be srlad to have fcom me a brief tribute to the memory of Luella Andruss Dllts, who was my sister Alice's most Intimate friend, be- in* S months voun<rer, (born March 1, and June 2, 1865) and it to quite remarkable that both have passed away this year and within flve months ol «ach other. The schoolhouse where we all went to school, stood on the southwest corner of the Andruss farm, and 1 recall as teachers, Alice Patter.glll, Sheldon Baney, Abram Crose, J. P. Oolby, Stella Hudson (Reed), Clayton Strangers Prove to be Old Pal* It was early morn In late December. It ww dark. The train on the Milwaukee railway had Just come In and two passengers had slighted. One of them hurried forth into the darkness toward the town which was Algona. The other followed a few paces behind and finally caught up with his unknown companion of the wee, small hours of this particular morning, "Hi-ya," said the first, by way of opening the conversaltlon. "Hi-ya," replied the second. They walked In silence for a few blocks. "Didn't know anyone on the train beside myself was headed for Al- prona," continued the first. Where did you get on?" "Charles City," the second answered. "Where you from?" "Oh, 'Ohllbagd," came the irepty. "Sav. doesn't the old town look good?" Upon that remark which was delivered with much enthusiasm, the second speaker looked sharply at the speaker who at the same time was gazing at his listener. "Well, L'U be ," they chorused, with additional, various and similar exclamations. And the two mysterlouslv figures who. (to keen you readers from further suspense) answer to the names of Maurice McEvoy and Harold Strelt pumped each other's arm with a misto that bespeaks only of old acquaintances who have long been separated. ben Purcell built the first cabin, was •£ TM ^r * « • mtBUmmmm •» *• •** ••«™ - — — — AT RETURN OF RELATIVES ON HOLIDAY Polks From All Sections Back to Spend Yule Season at Home Hutchins, (5 terms), Cornelia T. Dodd, It lor himself or for Clark? The Ma- lachl Clark place was the present Robert Gaffney farm, and the log cabin stood a considerable distance northeast from the Oaffney home. I do not believe that the statement, "soon after William Clark and Hiram Wiltfong built cabins," Is quite In accordance with fact, nor the statement that "later that fall Jacob Wright, Thomas Robison and Philip Crose families built cabins near where the old Mann place Is located." If It said that Hiram Wiltfong built soon after the Clark family occupied their cabin, and that Philip Crose built a cabin on the Mann place, where the twins, James and Joseph, the first white children born In Kossuth county, were born on Homer I. Wasson, J. J. Wilkinson, Agnes Garfleld, Joseph crose, Mar?hnll E. Lumbar and Lettle Hutchins. That I'st contains two who were afterward County Superintendents of Schools, one wife of a superintendent, and one who was county surveyor, county auditor and state representative, material for a chapter of Kossuth county hls'ory, and I have only named the earlier teachers who taught. Luella Andruss and the Carlons, Armstrongs, Manns, Croses and many others who were privileged to attend the school usually known as the "Andruss school" until the Andruss farm was purchased by A. P. Ives, and Zebina C., and Amanda (Armstrong) Andruss moved to Kan- MS to make their home. John and loefla Dills with Virgil had previously located at Randolph. Bernice was teaching in Algona when I came home from Buffalo. New York, In 1911, and afterward married Prof. Spauldlng. I believe, at Nora Springs, and they have two sons. The other news items referred to Above also concerns Irvington township and mentions "the old Mann place," so of course I want to gets Its historical setting accurately stated. The statement that, "the Malachl Clark family were the first veal settlers of Irvington township and took possession of their cabin in April, 1855." I telleve la historically correct. If Ru- Compare The Plymouth With any other car in the Low Price Field. That's all we ask. ELBERT Garage Dodge & Plymouth August 25, 1855, It would have been historically correct I believe It Is true that Philip CTOM sold his claim and cabin to William Cl.irk, who wanted to adjoin his father's place, and then Mr. Crose went over north of the Purcell Creek, and built a cabin which was the Crose home for many years. I am possibly the on- .y iran living who can locate both the Malachl Clark cabin and the birthplace of the first white child born In Kossuth county, and so I thank your Irvington correspondent for bringing out this discussion of Kossuth county hl- Ftory. Sincerely yours, Horace Mann. New 1934 Licenses Begin to Appear With an extra grant of grace from tthe state vehicle department tor pay'. ment of 1934 license dues. m*ny •poisons are taking advantage of the extra time stated Carl Pearson, deputy In charge of licenses here. However, the 1933 rush for 1934 plates is a litMe better than was the case a year ago, he added. Special numbers have been requestet by a good many persons. A few o the number for 1934 are as follows: 65- to Martin Dufly of Whittemore. 55-1 to TJ. S. Senator L. J. Dickinson, 55-3 to E. W. Lusby of Algona, and 65-5 ; to J. A. McDonald of Algona. W. O Muhleman, district superintendent o the M. E. church evidently is not sup erstltlous, for he asked for 55-13 an got it. (Crowded Out Last Week). Wesley: Numerous homes In the Wesley community were made happier through the Christmas holidays by the return of their members of the family who live elsewhere, to spend Christmas with home folks. Among the visitors here were Lieutenant and Mrs. A. J. Mumma and two sons, Jerry and John of Annapolis, Md., and Dr. and Mrs. Alson Bralefr of Iowa City at the H. J. Braley home; Miss Louise Sherman 01 Chicago and the Misses Mae and Irene Sherman at the C. J. Sherman home; Leo Wellik of Crelghton University at Omaha * the P. J. Well* home; Miss lima Ward, teacher at Mitchell at the home of her [parents, tine Clarence Wards; Mrs. J. W. Finders of Des Molnes at the J. T. Meurer home; Linus Eisenbacher of the Trinity College ai, Sioux City at the Ignatz Eisenbacher home; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Erickson and Forrest at the Arabella McPherson home; Miss DeEtta Hall of Forest City and Miss Leota Hall of New Richland, Minn., at the home of their brother. Rodney; Miss Margaret Flaherty of Carroll at the J. T. Flaherty home; Margaret Haverly of Port Dodpe jit the Henry Haverly home; Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kleinpeter and three children of Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Melenev and dnuehter of Britt at the Albert Kleinpeter home; James Gibron family of Bancroft at the E. N. Loebiu and Zack Gibson homes; Gordon Kunz of the Iowa State capitol building at Des Moines wilth his mother, Mrs. Ann M. Kunz; Clare Wolf of the College at Conception, Mo., at the Ed Wolfe home: Earline Flom of Ames and Marparet Flom of St. Olaf College at Northfield, Minn., at the home of their parents, the H. H. Floms; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft and Jockle of Seneca and Miss Grace Looft of the LaSalle Business college In Chicago at the home of their mother. Mrs. Bertha S. Looft; Miss Helen Funnemark of Rake at the Olaf Funnemark home; Julius Kunz of Davenport here with his family; Margaret Otis of the canning company at Vinton, at the home of her n'Other, Mrs. Mary Otis; Vera Kouba of Fort. Dodge and Grace Kouba of Algona at the Frank Kouba, Sr., home; Miss Delia and Miss Edith Welter of Aleona, Ralph Welter and Mrs. Hudson of Mason City at the home of their parents, the Robert Welters. route to Burt to visit bte sister, Mrs. Guv C. Olddlnes. A week of nraver will be observeobv the members and friends of the Ooo- areirational church here beein*un« next week Mondav and rontlnulnetmtU Friday. Meetings wfll »«** j£°|* J? 1 tne . different homes of members Berntsen as leader. Miss Barbara Laumann and a -s Well* Colonial CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. The Cradle Roll party held Saturday. December 23, for the children of ex- service men in this community and fponsored by the Wesley American Leion Auxiliary under the direction of ATS. J. T. Meurer, Cradle Roll cnalr- an, was attended by eighty-five child:n and mother, who were rewarded by reals handed out by Santa Claus who rrived in due time followng a well- ounded out impromptu proeram srlven v the children and women present. The decorated Christmas tree was \er**<l during the ItotMUt*, and the children showed much delight In being jresent. Miss Irma Ward returned to Mltchel 1 Mondav to resume her teacnine duties Tuesdav mornlne. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wester of Aleona were New Years dav ewsts at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emll Wester. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Goetz and fam- ilv were entertained New Years Dav at the home of her sister. Mrs. Ber- frlend of Mason Cltv spent Sunday and Mondav vlsitlne at the home of Rov Sherman. The Shermans ateo entertained as their (ruests New Years day the C. V. Kerrlns family and the Jim Gibson family of Bancroft. Mrs. Barbara Knopp of Marion returned home with Mr. and Mrs. Guv M. Butts, following the funeral of her husband, Henry Knopp, 85, uncle of Mrs. Butts, whose death occurred shortly before Christmas. MrsUKnonD Plans an extended visit here with her niece. Miss Anna Johnson, who la spending her vacation here with her several sisters. was taken sick last week and rushed to the hospital at Algona Thursday. Her condition improved and she was able to return home again without an operation as was at first believed necessary. Miss Emma Studer received word the fore part of last week announcing the death of their cousin. Mrs. Anna Fischer at Avon. Minnesota, which occurred Christmas eve about midnight. IShe was a dauehter of the Prank Immer- falls. Mrs. Immerfall being a sister ol Nathan Studer. Jacob Johnson has been critically ill for the past week or more and nw two daughters, Mrs. J. L. Haverly and Mrs. Will Becker of Aleona have been home a good share of the time nelnlnff their mother care for their father, Mr. Tohnson lias been confined to nis tea for n vear or more. A goodly number of members of the local Congregational church drove to Brltt Sundav nleht where thev held a union New Yenrs eve watch partv at the church. The evenlne was enfov- ablv spent In listening to home talent sneakers and sones followed bv the fcrvlne of refreshments. Irene Havne.s returned to the Mer- cv hospital Pridav to resume her student nurses' trainine course following a week at home with r>"r parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Havnes. She came home to be present for Christmas dav. f>nd became ill belne unable to return for her work until the latter part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Llchter of Aleona are the proud parents of a babv bov born to them Wecfnesdav. December 27, at the Kossuth hospital, and he has been riven the name of John Walter. Mrs. Lichter will be remembered as Miss Leona Arndorfer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Arndorfer. south of town. The Algona District conference will be held next Monda". Jan. 8th. besrln- nine at 9:30 at the Methodist church in Aleona. Besides all the ministers in the district. lavmen of the church are Invited to attend. A covered dish lunch will be held at noon with the Aleona church furnishing the coffee. cream and sugar. Mrs. Peter E. Skow entertained as her guests Christmas dav all the members of her family, together with tnelr wives and husbands and children. All he members of the Skow families gathered at the Ole Flom pleasant farm lome Wednesdav nieht when thev en- loved their Christmas tree and elfts. Grandma Skow remalnine at the home ol her daughter for a several davs vis- About fortv of the vounRer BW. et bovs and eirls fathered at the Georgs Wnrd home Saturdav nisht where thev cnlovcd a blrthdav partv honorlne Miss Ruth Ward, who this dav was seventeen vears old. The evening wai plcasantlv spent In playtne earnes and In remembrance of the occasion, the friends left, for Ruth a nice collection of elfts which she will always prize most highly. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Erlckson and son the irvington thwch served tench MJd the sum of thirty doHi» WM m ***\l*£ Stewarts art still undecided as to their future location. Howard Blanchard, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Btenchard, «twrn«* *° Clarion Sunday to resume hte teaching activities after luwrint spent his xmas vacation *t the home of his parents. While home Howard had his tonsils removed. Edmund Oaperius, son of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Capesius, who Is attending Columbia College at Dubuque spent the holidays at the home of his parents. Frank Capesius has recovered niffldenMy from his recent illness to be out again assisting with the farm duties. Sidney Clark, only son of Mr.a»d Mrs. Paul Clark, remained in Cedar Rapids for his ohrtstmas vacation. Sidney Is a first year student at Coe College and is working his way through school. Part of the time he Is employed in a men's clothing store restaurant. He Is one of young men who are m8kln « ^ and Mrs. Clark reside on the old Harold Hutchins farm. People In the Irvington community were Christmas day dinner guests at various places. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mll- Ter entertained Mrs. Miller's parents, Mr and Mrs. John Cox, the Verne Barkers were at the home of Mrs. Barker s aunt In Algona. Mrs. Schoby, who also had all the Schoby - TITONKA HIGH SCHOOL AUIMNl HOU> ANNUAL BANQUET; GRADS RETURN for a fam- Miss Phydelia Peterson El- lected President; K. I. Fisher, Vice President (Crowded Out Last Week) Titonka: The! annualI alumni banauet was held Tuesday night In the school house and a large crowd of old Brads met and enjoyed themselves. A snaD- DV and humorous one act olav was provided for entertainment before the business meeting and banauet. Miss Phvdelis Peterson was elected president, K. I. Fisher, vice president, Myrtle Ama. secretary and trea f ur !, r j A, fl ge time was enjoved by all and win be back blrcer and .better next year. Eddie Bovken attendtaK co«e« at Decorah. Is home over the holldavs. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Tienan of Ventura were euests Sunday at tne M. a. Craven home. worth dined with the John Dltsworths west of Algona. Other guests here were the Edward Ditsworths of Hurt, James Dlteworth and Mr. Crulkshank, father of Mrs. John Dltsworth. Merle and Marie Weiner of Waterloo were at the Prank Asa home. Mr. and Msr. Alvln Weber were at the A. L. Jordon home near Burt. Joe and Edna Jordon of Mason City also returned for the hoU- day season. Mrs. Reaper was at the home of her son, Charles, as were the Prank Haldemans and R. P. Clarkes of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Sieve Stewart entertained Mrs. Cora Virgin. John Simons. Sr., Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Worster and the John Simons, Jr. ST. JOE NEWS are nard Schrauth. Prank and Will Prlmml returned home Friday from Mareneo where ttiev had vtilted their sister. Mrs. Ryan, since Christmas day. Mr. and Mrs. Jack O'Nell took one of their dnuehters to the Kossuth hospital last Thursdav where she has been under the doctor's care. Mrs. A. M. Lease assisted bv Mp. J. L Grattldge will entertain the Methodist Ladles' Aid at the Lease home this week Wednesday afternoon. The C. J. Primislntt familv of Melvin wre miesta over the New Years week end at the home of Mrs. Prlim- Einit's mother. Mrs. Elizabeth Matern. The Hutchins RiblB study class will meet the second Friday In January at the home of Mrs. Oscar Johnson with Mrs. Marion Paulson, leader of the lesson. The American Leeton bovs enter- ATTQRNEY8 AT LAW R J. Harrington J D. Lowe HARRINGTON * LOWE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Booms 212-H First Nat'l Bonk Blk ALOONA, IOWA 3. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALOONA, IOWA W- B. QCARTON II. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth Conntv State BanK OfTIrp Phone 427 ALOONA IOWA A. Hutchison T n Hutchison mrrriiisov & HUTCHISON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Qulnby Blria Phane 25 Algona, Iowa. B. J. VAN NKSS * O. W. BTILLMAN LAWYERS OfTtr* over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-w Alaona Iowa G»v1or<1 D Shmnwav Edward D Kell RHI'MWAY * KEI.I.V ATTORNEYS AT LAW Otiu-r ovpr Qinnbv & Krau&e Bulldtn AluT'.a Iowa Phone 61 I. A WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Qulnbv Bnlldlne Phone 180 ALOONA IOWA W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahon L E. Llnnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALOONA, IOWA. PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS J. N. KSNEFICK. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON ffice formerly occupied by Dr. A. L Rist over Rexall drug store. Office Phone 300 Res Phone 32B ALOONA. IOWA C. II. CRET/.MEYER. M. D. Surt,'i-or. &i Physician Office jo^n Ga'braith Bldg. Phone 444-310 W. D. ANDREWS. D. O. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Genera! Hospital Phones: Office 187; Residence 888. Algona, Iowa. P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge 8t. Phone No-Res 366; Office 686. Forest, who soent the past week her with their daughter and sister. Evelyn at the home of her aunt. Miss Arabella McPhcrson. left for their home at Elmhurst, Illinois, Sunday, stopping until Mondav morning at the Rea Hutchlnson home In Waterloo from where thev went on home to be there In readiness for school which reopened Tuesdav following the Christmas and New Years holidays. Miss Anna Wester who graduated from the home econom'cs department at the Iowa State College at Ames last spring where she specialized In a course of dietitfcs. left last Thursdav night for New York City where she will serve ntne months interneshln in dietician work at the Fifth Avenue hospital. Upon her arrival In New York Cltv_ she was entertained at the Karl Ohlers V-omc, until Mondav morning when she b:tran her duties at the hospital. Some over a dozen tables of flve hundred and bridge were in proeress during the evenina Thursday when the fiined t!-eir wives, and members of the D of £ iod B e"neld"thelr holiday par- mpriran Leirion Auxiliary and tneir (ty a( . tne , r lot j ge hall. The door urlze Leirion Auxiliary usbands at a oartv in the Leeion room E. C. Mi-MAHON Attorney at Law OfTIt* over Qutnbv & Krause Bldfl lows Phone I3» HIKAM a WHITE Attorney at Law Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 206. P. A. DANSON ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office Pbcrae 460-J Rea. 815 Iowa. CARROL A. WANDER Attorney-M-Law Ov«r postofflc* MELVIN G. BOURNE. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Offire over Post OHlce Bdg Phones Office 197 Re*. 91 DENTISTS OK. H M. OLSON DENTIST Gas or Novocaine used for extraction Located over Chrlstensen Store Phone: Business 166, Residence, 470 ALGONA IOWA DR. C. D. 8CHAAP. DKNTI8T Qulnbf Bldg Phone tlh Res Phone 174 Algona. low* VETERINARIANS Dr. L. W Pox Dr. J. B Wlnke OHlce 220 West State Street. Office Phone 475-W Re*. 476-B Algona, Iowa. Mr tind Mrs. Lee Ooetz drove to Alona Fridav. where thev visited her sis- er Mrs Wal'er Uchter and made the riunln'air" ',: the nr-w Lichter babv jnrn Wednesday. ErVntr Flom left Mondav for Ames 0 ncistor for another term's wcrk at I he Iowa State Cnlleee in the dalrv Icnartm'. nt. following a ten davs visit with home folks. I Rolfe Goorlnow. mess yorcoant with comnanv 1757 In tha Civil Conservation Corps at LehiKh, spent a flve day lurloiiL-'h Nr-w Years visiting his parent'. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Goodnow. Mr. and Mrs. George Denncr returned home Tiiursdnv nliflit from Kvt-rlv. wlu-ji- thi-v "ad visltt-d during the r!i"-tm;is wci-k ot tli« home, of their daut'htc-r. Mrs. George Snancltr and family. Swan Nelson and dauehter. Hannah. Mr« ,Joh;inn:ih H:mM>n and Many and Har Id were entertained Mondav at New Year's dlini'-r at the home of thrir (hni"!iK'r and sister. Mrs. Fred Seefeld und family. Mr end Mrs. R. C. Bauer and their children. Mrs. Maiv Uhlenhake and Marlorv w. re entertained at the homo I of their brot.-er and son. J. P. Uhlenhake and familv at Whittemore for 'New Years dav. 1 The Foreign Missionary society will hold a meeting Fridav afternoon at t> e home of Mrs. John Amesburv witn . was awarded to Mrs. Icnatz Eisenbacn- t-r with the brirtae hltrh nrize eoine to Linus Eisenbacher, and the flve hundred first nrize colnc to Morion Seim- cr who held hleh score. The crowd im-sent en loved several hours of danc- inw after refreshments were served . IRVINGTON NEWS I- M. MERRITT Mortician A Funeral Direct** Phone No 11 low* Mrs Gordon Glddines leadini? In devotions. Mrs. Carl Hanson will act as the uroirram leader. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hall of Hanlontown were truest* at the home of her sister. Mrs. L. L. Leai-e Sundav and New Ytars Dav. The K. R. RowlfcV familv were suuuer uuests at the Lease home New Years eve. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Giddnes received a box of real holly during Christmas fiom their daughter, Mrs, DeSoencc Btntlev. who together with her nus- band who Is a government chemist, live at Eirminuharn. Louisiana. Clarence Haverlv returned to his work Tuesday following a visit with his Barents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hav- erlv. since the Thursdav previous. A friend, John Schmlllen of Mason Citv. scent Sundav and Mondav here witn Clarence. Edwin B Ward of Minneapolis, son of Mis. Matilda Ward, who formerly lived northwt-bt of W c slev. stoooed here briefly Sunday. December 24th. tor a visit at the A. S. Glddinan home en- (Crowded Out Last Week) Mr. and Mrs. John McGuire are the parf-nts of a baby girl. This makes the McGulres a family of four girls. The McGulres live on the old Ashelford farm. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Johnson and sou. tenants of Edw. Mawdsley farm, were Sunday visitors at the home of Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Dexter at Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lage accompanied by Mrs. Lage's mother, Mrs. Alice Duryea, motored to Fort Dodge on Thursday of last week to visit at the Earl Nelson home. The ladles are sisters. Henry Soneppman, Jr., accompanied Mrs. Tom Chllton and daughter, Etta, to Plattevllle, Wisconsin, to visit Elmer Wight, son of Mrs. Chilton, who is recovering from an appendicitis operation. Friends (Crowded Out Last Week) Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Devlne the parents of a babv bov. Joseph and Peter Becker were callers n Fort Dodee Wednesday. Rav Mueller of Whittemore spent this week at the John Frldcrs home. Joe Lentsch has spent the past few weeks at his home In Livermore. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wagner are vls- ,ting relatives at Mallard at this time. The Bob Casev and Hlko Karel families have been having the chicken nox. Mrs. T. L. Rowell of Swca Citv was a visitor recently at the Peter Schmidt lome. Mr and Mrs. Edward Prazer of Des Molnes spent Christmas at the Mike Wiltgen home. Victor Hammer returned home on aturdnv after several davs at Platte- ille. Wisconsin. St. Josenh school was reopened on "iiesdav. January 2nd, after a week of Christmas vacation. Nick Wevdcrt of New Richland. Minnesota, Is visiting with relatives and friends in this locality. Adele Fabpr of West Bend Is toend- intt a abort time at the home ot her a&er. Mr*. V*UT THUMB. Nicholas J. Becker left Tuesdav fo: Sioux Ciitv after spending the Christ mas vacation with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shore and children moved to Aleona where Mr Shore has obtained work on the CWA Cyril Reiline celebrated his blrthdav Sundav bv Inviting a few friends to help him celebrate the oc caslon. The Friendly Club will hold the! monthly meeting this week at the Jack Devlne home. Mrs. Wm. Metzcer Is assisting hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Faber of West Bend were visitors Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Fuhrmann. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kramer, new- Ivweds. who have been visiting with relatives In Minnesota and the Dakotas has returned home. Mrs. Nick Klnch and children of near Algona spent some time last week at the home of Mrs. Klnch's Barents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wevdert. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Llovd and children of Swea Citv were visitors at the Peter Schmidt home. Thev returned .to their home New Years. •flhe infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Reding was bantlzed Leon Marv. SBonsors were Mrs. Wm. Arndorfer and Mike Reding. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sheplee and two sons of Huntlev. Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Woodln from Clarion were visitors at the J. B. McNelll home last week. Word was received hero New Year's mornlne of the death of Hnrrv Peck at West Bend that mornlne. Funeral services are to be held at West Bend on Wcmesdav and interment in St. Jo- fenh's cemetery. » Simon and Raymond Zeimet left for tlu-lr homes at Milestone. Montana, to ftnend the holldavs with their parents. Raymond Zeimet a< 0*11 led bv his mcther. Mrs. Nick Zelr>.ct. returned Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Fuhrmann and Km. John, from Portland. Oregon, left Thursdav for Mlnneanolis. where they will visit with friends before returning of Algona Christmas dav. Mr and Mrs. Howard French had as their guests Sundav. MT. ana Mrs. Wendell French of Algona. Ardlth Nauman left ^ ld <«to spend Christmas and the holidays with friends t West Union and Oelwein. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Downs and son. DIckev ate Christmas dinner with his mother. Mrs. C. E. Downs at Wesley. Mrs W. F. Callles and son. Lester, cent; Christmas with her daughter. Irs. James Hansen and husband at Hutchins. John Pannkuk who attends college at Dubuaue is home over the holidays vTs- Jng his parents. Mr. and Mrs. B. s. Pannkuk. Marie Bufflngton returned to Garison. Iowa, after vlslttne a week wUn er mother, Mrs. Philip Bufflngton, nd family. Mr. and Mrs. Guido Sartor and vfavme Oesterrelcher left for Ohio last Tuesdav where they will spend a week Isltlng friends. Harold Gartner attending the TJnlver- tv of Iowa Is spending the Yuletlde olldays with his parents. Rev. and ATS. L. G. Gartner. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. French drove to Igona Friday night to bring their auRhier. Jean home who had been isltlng there since Christmas. W. A. Conklm and son. arrived on hrlstmas eve from Chicago to spend he holidays visiting with his daughter. •Irs. Stephen DeFrles and family. Magdalene Sartor left for Magnolia Monday where she will resume her eachine duties after cnlovlnsr a week's acation with her parents and friends. Mr, and Mrs. E. R. Harris left for Hampton Tuesdav after spending Sun- ay and Christmas with Mrs Harris' nother, Mrs. Philip Bufflngton and amily. Mrs. Sadie Schenck and daughter. Maude, of Minneapolis and Lois Schenck of Chicago spent Sundav and Christmas with their son and brother. Horace Bchenck and wife. Lawrence Hughbanks of West Union was a guest at the Ken Fisher home Sundav and New Years. Merle Nauman returned with him to West Union where he will visit a few davs. them to enjoy the holidays wwn nomo °Mrs. 3. 3. Budlong and the MJtte» Hazil and Edith Briton* and Wend of Hamoton arrived Saturday to sneM Christmas at home. M£ B ^™*££ her friend returned Monday to resume her duties In the ban*. ner Who Is attendlna college there, returned home with them. Alice Sartor and (her cousin, Sffi-MS ffift IS nW^cTa KfchlroS.dv; remained for a km- irer visit. Mrs. PhillD Buff ington Marie and Blanche, had I as their Wednesday afternoon. Mrs-Carrie Bonacker, Mrs. Oscar Btenohard, Mrs. Horace Schenck. Mrs. Ken Fisher. *«» Lucille cosrarove and the Muses Magdalene and Alice Sartor. Holiday Business Better, Merchants Heartily Agreed Business men here were practically unanimous in declaring that the 1983 holiday business far surpassed that ot the year before. All lines of business seemed to show a marked improvement, and there was a direct correlation between the volume of business done and) the advertising which helped to bring; it about, the merchanta stated. Mason City reported the heayieet Christmas business in years, a member of the Globe-Gazette staff told this paper, even surpassing 1928 and 1928. Good roads made it easier for shoppers to travel to larger centers for their buying, and many of them evidently took advantage of the chanct. H.N.Kruse Iowa State Bank Building. Insurance Loans Luretys Bond Ask Us About Our Aetna Accident Tickets "Insure In Sure Insurance" Phone 125. "A Specialized Insurance Service" The Algona Insurance Agency C. R. LaBarre Low Rates Quick Claim Settlements Surety Bonds—Loans—Investments Phone 55 . 1st Door North of Iowa State Bank. When In need ot glasses have your eves thoroughly examined by DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. AH™*, of Arthur Eenscihoter are glad to hear the report that he la gra- j dually Improving after having been confined to his bed for some months. Sunday he was permitted to get up for four hours. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nelson of Port Dodge were Christmas holiday visitors at the Ralph Lage home. Ralph drove to Fort Dodge the day before Christ- to get the Nelsons and took them back on the 26th. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough of Lone Rock were Sunday dinner guests of the Blanchard family on Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blanchard. Jr., were guests ol the A. D. Hewbroughs of Lone Rock. The farm sale of Geo. Steward wa» well attended and things in general sold well. The Ladies Aid society of 10 tiiL-lr home after several weeks' visit in this vicinity. A card Dartv was held last Thursday in St. Joseph's hall. Bridge was Dlaved at seven tables with hiu'h urize.s being awarded to Stella Bormami and Geortre Lenertz. Five hundred wa.s Dlaved at 13 tables with H'.'h prizes bf- Ing award to Adeline Ei'n'.ldlna and Sylvester Wat'ner. Mrs. O?orce Thul VJHS chairman of the serving committee. Stomach Trouble Sufferers Drink YERBAVIDA This remarkable beverage, made from a desert herb known, as the "Plant of Life," has brought about most amaiing results la the different forms of stomach trouble—hyper-aei- dHy. gastritis, heartburn, dyspepsia, and ulcers. Yerbavlda Is a drugleas beverage and its delicious flavor Is very pleasing to the taste. A cup at each meal promotes good digestion, while a cup at bedtime Insures good refreshing sleep. Yerbavlda la inexpensive, too. A large package, enough for 240 cups, can be obtained for only $1.00. If your local 'Irugglsts cannot supply you. accept no substitute, but send tl GO direct M Yerbavida Sales Co.. 612 Southwe»» Bldg.. Los Amreles, California. Or a 20 page book. "The Story of Yerbavlda" free on request. For Sold at Lusby'a Drug BUM* RITZ HOTEL * Minneapolis Newest "Fireproof Hold R«t*« Reduced $4 AND UP H *Ml 44*. Di ne and Dane* AI 'Ml » A M O « I SPANISH VILLAGE » |Mrti«t. CONVENIENT,TO EVERY"JH-iV

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