The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 3
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WOMAN PASSES Maty Helgesbn Made Her Home at Armstrong For Several Years Family Reunion in Good Hope Unite* All After 11 Year* i Mitchells th.^m't.^I'i* 17 ' Sunday - * the Mitchell home. (Crowded Out Last Week) who Is I*, o . itll tery. ManyStudenUEnjoy Mid-Year Vacation ed in the bv the tert y ; Ve VOUn « Deoo 'e entertained for the evening at the 0 ' ALGONA PERSONALS ff*v*MirAaft f\nti V <h»x **v. _• >. (Crowded Out Last Week) mom. ana ."•:"'^?? hdlns a Week at f 16 nom « of wie former's brother, Oscar Erlckson. Esther tatnuth and Carroll Puth spent Sunday and Monday in Fort Dodge at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. W. H. Ryno. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Pech and aiildren of Marlon, Iowa, visited at *e home of Mrs. Henry Steussy during the Christmas season. They left again •«t week Thursday. 8. W. Russell of Tama, Iowa, left for his home Monday after visiting here S£ r « e j 10 ^? 8 ^to. ™* daughter, Mrs. O. 8. Buchanan, and at Mason City with another daughter. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Skow and family nd Mr. and Mrs. a. M. White and Miss Dorothy Turner were guests at he home of the ladles' mother, Mrs Kate Turner, over the holidays. The directors of the Druggists Mu- uai insurance Company are holding a East State Street, Miss Beane and Miss French rendered several vocal setec- K.I h e °^ ler home Rwl ftt th * Dalslel home various stunts and games Jiff /f en c J" Joyed - At th e Call home the tango had been in evidence. At 61 home the lft(Ura "ad to represnt Japanese. Tea ve<1 ln Jaoanese CUDS and » been 8utlR *° flt to Contests and games were «•» K '— • »-»»** Anno, r. JD, -—-«, home fche following FWday they left for Sioux ' they spent New Years. On —. Sftuncters drove to Omaha to^ attendla directors, stock- - ~™ „„,,„,„,. ng: of Kennedy & Parsons The eleventh annual exhibition and the next day the two re- corn s h °w of the Iowa Corn and Small „ their ~!, n h ^l ftt Amcs tne previous week _ ~° "» **i_vi>j MIU Jean, spent the \\ northern Iowa had made an ex- Christmas holidays In Algona among *!'' ennt sh °wlng. Of the best ten ears their old friends. They returned to °I eorn of ""^ variety, E. R. Mawdsley home In Des Molnes last week ' ° ? urt had ^ken third In the north Mtirtaghs are how acclimated to i £ en t ra l se f tl0 "- Of the best single ear n n=. »»»t— and fee , thorough _ > hp *""» •»*» *»••— "-•— — •- - Coal Shipments Direct From the Best Mines in Their Respective Fields Arrive Each Week ly at a fine record as state comptrolier"an'd rt,,? n< ; » u most Popular officials In the state house. ; has been appolnt- chalrman to take V. Bonnstetter who being made ~^-<u4>ii oc<;i.iuii. \ji tne c he had also taken third. h r«n rf has resigned. In the best j had taken and five off- the ear to row meth- !,,,• ~ -« nsaln taken third. In tne experiment association special, best ten ears of Silver King corn. J. C had taken second. This had given KossuMi a large share of the premiums Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rubles of Al- bertLea and P. J. Larson of West Bend were guests at the home of M. »' DUffv hnrntk Rurtriavr ***** *»_»..* -" — — •••«!-« LfUll Cll/IiCf .- — or to Mrs. Helen John- American Legion Auxiliary j or to the Legion rooms, where zmh Zumach. who wer " horn, and New Year's va foUowln K : *«>m the College at Ames > William Llchter ' W^ Pta Kennet h and Carl ™ 011 ' B^und Nor- Richardson, Julia Dearchs OTtimea college at Qrinne'll: J 101 ?' M^^Wte DaWel and Harrington. Fr om the Iowa e(fe at Cedar S ' the University of ' Margaret Vigars and : EIeanor K ^ ft nd Also, Harold Streit, Collcgc at Cliicago; rrmp Capesius, student at Columbia College, Columbia, Mo.; Mary jan- Minh^' st " dent at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Joe Kelly, Jr., student at Notre Dame, South S' flndl * na : M °ry Elizabeth Foster, student at Cornell College, Mount Vernon; Maurice McEvoy, student at Muscatine Junior College, Muscatine, Iowa; i2 £, Smlth ' student at Morningl side College, Sioux City; June AdeUe Aman, student at the Iowa State Col- ivfl£ ?^ Uty Culture . Des Molnes; Dorothy Sellstrom, student at the GusI tavus Adolphus College at St. Peter, Minn. > who *!* taken to the Mr . t , Sun <Jay and Monday. Rubles Is a sister of Mrs. Duffy. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. M. Frost and son, ' . . . . sent Christmas home at , at the C. E -«-. Moser and daughter. Lola 3imf wv whlc ? was scheduled for evenl nsr at which Dist T^ to show his Cen- P lctures and direct lo- will bo announced In thenear Iowa State Bank Under Fed. Guarantee 's Well* Colonial •DREAD nn Bank *»««»« are . cn Joying a guarantee of their deposits by the United states irovern- ment up t o $2^00. Pre 5* nt «^ lh Sfv.n ^ St K Week recel ved a certificate Riving the bank credit for being in the A-number one class, which allows the guarantee by the government. After JUiy first as we understand it the bank deposits will all be guaranteed b T ft. *,, j *"""" •»" ™«Kie uruve. *red left Wednesday for Tama after spending two months here with his parents. D . r - «nf Mrs. auy Anderson and eir children of Ackley spent the holidays with his father, Fred Anderson, and other relatives In Algona. Dr. Anderson went to Rochester the fore part of the week for treatment for sinus trouble. He and his family expect to return to their home the last of the Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Saunders spent _ _, „„ nf ^ xj^ S ii/ij luuins, wnere local government woman worker th , em for on the sup- 10cal a»h nlav greatly enjoyed a Christ- given In their honor t,t the r>B»ii<* -j i »••«•« w» y 10 return Cardiff giant to Fort Dodge soon. n e Jf! y T^ prlor to thu tlme sum fmm a< ^ tn a , hutre block ot «vo- sum from the deposits near Fort Dodge and sent it to New York to be carved by a sculptor into the likeness of a man ' of A • «« and rt cd ,™ lte establishment years ago and is perhaps one of the soundest banks in the whole country. '*-*™ v ™~*™*****i***j<*?*?jyixy^ JHEATRE CHATTER! A sound, educational picture for modern America, Is "Little Women", the latest starring vehicle of Katharine Hepburn, she of the husky and brisk voice, and the masculine tinge. But she is anything but masculine in "Little Women." Her performance as a lithesome miss of bygone days is enough to make one almost regret having missed that period of existence, and the other young ladies In the cast, despite the concealment which style of yore went in for, do Justice to the best of what our grandmother's day had to offer. "Little Women" la a beautiful, tender production, a page from the life of a past decade, and its romance, even in 1934, leaves one with a decided warms of heart. of huge stature. It was" then burled'on a farm in New York. Soon after that ' discovered bv our tics In se&rch neral lands and men of learning were called Into consultation. Some =-.-... ... „.„=„ ,, UJlor ^ me tnought the remains a hoax while oth- Wednesday night, December "^ stated that they believed the stone > -MM,. . . body represented the form of human me existing ages ago. The owners had placed !6he giant on exhibition and fortunes had been made from the ad- ; -'-sion fees paid by the people from over the world. Later the truth me matter had been made known ... —_ j,^,, ycu[ UT the Cardiff giant had gone down accepted the office for the i n hlstor y as one of the biggest hum- , " "" ^SL? 1 y*e age After negotiations' lasting over a period of two years, the figure had been sold to J. H, Mulroney of Fort Dodge for the sum of $10,000 (This Cardiff giant Is now on exhibition at Fort Dodge in Exposition Park* ' , ^ ldren werc allowed to T 1 8ames cent « ri ng about ,,, decora ted Christmas tree, following treats of candy, nuts 1 ,,? SW*' Z en lnvlted in to . i * dellcloilsl y Prepared cover- a " lunch. Mrs. Sturdivant who !of be « n . oracle for the past year or . ADM OMA««|-«^ U.t._ _ at _ _ * . . fy,v««"°.*;r'i Was presente d a Blft as a token of their appreciation of her ser- T Paratn on"«' decided to star Jackie Cooper in "Lone Cowboy" at the f.f tast Saturday, they JuTtook over the cowboy setting was genuine. The other feature, "College Coach" brought Pat O'Brien, Dick Powell Ann a^ot'n 1 ^ Taltat ' Hueh Herbert and others into one film. Fat O'Brien. Mm rrf, m T^ P * SC " Whl °h ^ok Ir.™ I ' ls back agaln as the col- J«?n * • Powc " ls the footba11 captain. Ann Dvorak offers the compilca- ^ e ? f the bie f0otba » heroes hri L in a bis way ' and hc r hus- hero' C ° nchl goes for the football • » • By Golly, we like Milan Harvey! And here she is again, in "I Am Suianne." her name was Molly, we'd still like aUh ° Ueh Slncc seeI "S Oene , . S ,, an animal traln «- «nd he's slipped a bit in our humus%o P be wm^! Ulttn U ^ enou 8 h ror us to be willing to concede Gene a lot of points, and also a share of luck inlaying the lead opposite the young St1 llkCS t0 play wlth EnB , llsh fllma has been Ian 8uages. Our Bins arc filled with Premium Ooals. Try a load and be convinced of fuel satisfaction. Prices as low as elsewhere—quality none better. Prompt careful delivery. ' Call 229. F. S. Norton & Son •••"•••••••••••••••••••• WRltzcs as well aa all other kinds, n *" be en presented to the Prince of Wales, which fact we will overlook She nDver uses soap and water, removing ThTm" ^f h , a «% Cleanl "8 "3d g That, in brief, is a thumbnail portrait f h f S ^° made " X ^ Suzance" the stellar attraction last Sunday" and Monday at the Call. • * * George and Tom are bosom friends. They meet Oilda. They fan in Tore with her. both of them. They have a wntleman's agreement, but Oilda disappears. Well, -Design for ia v ii. s ™ta i.'ot a course in art. unless you want to assume that making love or belnir desirable is an art-and on second - an >eu of a time with An Eyeful for Style Clear Vision Ventilation More power on a gallon of gasoline than any Ford engine ever built eight cylinder performance available to users of low priced cars... new dual carburetor insures greater fuel economy . . .with the Ford name behind every automobile, i doing the hunting, with Everett Edward Horton thrown in for comic relief rne boys each share in the victory fln ally, and when the picture drew to "a close at the Call Theatre. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week you find the trio in an attic in the Latin Quarter of Paris—which is by the we'd like to visit. .. Al *d ths week. Thursday and Friday the Marx Bros, are back with us at the Call in "Duck Soup" . which should be a bowl of fun The 1934 Ford Offers Y Better Performance New, Improved Beauty Greater Comfort OU Easier Riding Qualities New Body Interiors Easier Steering Twent Years Ne^us The only car under $2,000.00 with a V-type, eight cylinder engine If vou once drive a Ford V 8 you'll know why 1934 will be a Ford year and riwr MEDIATE DELIVERY, ' ' ' Now on Display at The KENT MOTOR CO. (Crowded Out Last Week) • Taken from the flies of the Upper Dea Molnes-Republican for the week of January 7, 1914.) Fred Slrandberu had been employed at that time in the Goeders store as clerk. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Byther and baby Algona. Iowa Ittr, and Mm fYank MaUies had rented rooms over the Piene shoe store and were to reside there for the present at that time. UtUe Bernlce Stock entertained a number of her friends, Saturday at a 6 o'clock dinner at her home on McGregor street. O. S. Lindsay, then a mall clerk, had been unable to make his usual run because of illness and had come home from Dubuque. Miss Mary Anderson had been placed on the regular pay roll of the county as clerk in the treasurer's office Heretofore she had been extra help. Miss Zada Kinyoii had accepted a Dositlon as domestic science teacher in tht Sac City schools and was lo leave the next week and assume her dutlea. There were a treat many complaints beins made at this time bv motorists because of broken glass found on numerous highways. Evidence showed that the glass had been placed there and broken up on purpose. > * akeB from News and Comment— alii collectors are about as numerous at this season as the friendi whom we wished to remember were before Christmas. The big disadvantage of early wu get broke that Nesr Year's call* were in fashion and «re were a number of ladies who held open house. At the Suuley home ott USed &S a guide to show you what you actu-al£ pay to * uT teJ I ^ XfJfl 0 ?7 C 5 AIM ~ that the Pharis Tire is better than other first line tires-nor do we claim it is as good WF S2 M *T D K'l7A hatitis th ° Pharis First Line Tire. WE DON'T CLAIM-that the Pharis Tire is blow-out pioof, puncture proof and what not . BUT at tte Pharis Tire has two extra tread-one, a patented cushion cap, 8 K° ck & ly ' «t«dlng from bead to b * " €to *-~* V*™* « «T «« «n r>3r; *&*** PI»- t> j A7 . iae ieaai «g cars in the gruelline «r!f ^ ^ SIC were e 1 u 'PP ed with Pharis STOCK A TTRE rRAWrp ntire I? 3 mile C0urse - WITHOUT n. iiioi i/riAWGE, reaching speeds as bleb as i« mi '°s per hour. 6 8.40 METHANOL ™^ f^T £""<"> ^ Ttr, Sl.OO 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 Anti-Freexe Ha j jjrao treeilng point » Denlt- S r M *; c <""»- Wo uapleuanl odor. Bulk, Per Gallon RADIO PRICE! REDUCED! Our radio prices are lower than thev were a year ago. NOW that we are cleaning up our radio stocks our prices offer a rare opportunity to secure t fine electric radio at still lower prices. Console, Superheterodyne, Cash Price $ 39.95 Mantle Radio Price ^1^ X>T<S^\ ta 'y Ttima ^^r V/iNTER OIL Plows it 25' Dclow—Bulk 5 Gallon Lots Wm.m HIM i ii in CAR HEATERS Modsl "A" Fot4 89< Hot Water He«tcr«, J4.M HOUSE LAMPS Licensed under General Electric Patents. Inside frosted. 120 volt. 15-30-60 watt. Sale Price 4^2 Electric Irons, Heaters, Poppers, Percolators and Hot Plates at Cut Prices! Two Vz Lb. Bars CHOCOLATE With Fmtto Pan 29< Me Value FLASHLIGHT CELLS Each . ; 4< Quilted Gloves Double Thickness, Pair 15< Canvaa Glovei 2 pair 15c B' Battery „ , Radio Tubes . Razor Blades . Harness Oil . Bumper Guards . . . Pair 69< . . 45 Volt 89* . 39<To>1.39 Big Boy e t 4 .. Blue 5 tor 14< 5 Gallon Lots -Jk> • Bulk—GaKon RE-BUILT GENERATORS For ForJ "T"-Kjrhan|« <2.98 GeaerJiufs for other can SPARK PLUGS HtliouaJ, for Foid, Cher. eic. ' 25< TIRE CHAINS SAG—iOxHi, 29H.M 2i>l4.SO JOil.SO ' REPLACEMENT PARTS For All Coin fiitoa Biuis ...... ioc to ISc S«diator Hose ..... Sc U> ISc Geaacatoc Cut-out ....... ifte I ..... ""• ............. Illl BRAKE LINING to 36< 13 PLATE WASHER, BRAND HBW, MOT HBBUILT. tot Fort. Chevrolet and Similar Size Cars. Vully Our- rXCHAHGK PRICED GAMBLE STORES 21O FRIENDLY STORES Bud Barnard, Mgr. OVyNED BY EMPLOYEES Agencies Humbuldt 105 West State St.

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