The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 11, 1934
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Awarded Highest Honors as "Iowa's Best Weekly Newsvaner" By State University of Iowa, 1933 P OFFICIAL AND COUNTY PAPER Established 1865 Jltometf THE WEATHER Possible in north Iowa, colder temperatures. ~ — _ , , ., . , Ten Pases vnro., ™ 0 ^^^ ^^« " ~~ ~ _—.. . — ——. _—, __. ' >t'i,. .>j.— NO. Z 25 MENTIONED IN COUNTY OFFICE RACE Federal Bank Insurance Now IOWA STATE BANK ADMITTED TO NEW GOVERNMENT PLAN Sums Up to $2,500 Secured 100% Under Federal Bank Insurance Corp. BANKS ADMITTED WHO GET APPROVAL The Iowa state Bank of Algona is among the 13,423 banks In the United States which have government insurance on deposits, It was announced worn an official source this week. All SS^ 01 ,^; 600 and under «* Insured, Ralph Milter, president, stated, and guaranteed 100 per cent against loss X£ U | JU £ I. 1 . 934 ' TWs to the first *™*J? the history of the country that depositors have had this protection. Af- «w July first, the sum guaranteed end •insured 100 per cent against loss wlij oe 910,000, 75 per cent Insurance on deposits from $10,000 to $15,000 and 50 pet <eent insurance on deposits over Several Business Firms Look Over Algona Prospects Rumors that several new business Institutions were to be established In Algeria were circulating under cover here this week. The Cummlngs store, to be vacated by W. H. Cummings soon, was reported sought after by both the Berg and Kresge companies. No verification of this rumor has been obtained. The store being vacated by Neville's Toggery might be occupied by either a Women's ready-to- wear store, a drink parlor, variety store or restaurant, according to gossip. It was also rumored that a large chain store was seeking a location in Algona, although *hla Is also merely talk without any definite foundation. _ general nupposltlon Is that «Msrc will be very little trouble with re*"£*" tne de PO»K« of over $50,000. W Per Cent of Depoalton Safe 1*e bank insurance was recently tn. 2!!£! r 2 te<1 J 1 ? the sovernment which lormed a Federal Bank Deposit Insurance Corporation, with Walter J. Cummings as chairman. The president la cons-ratulatuur him on the culmination SJn!:^ 81 ""? 1 ! 0 "sanitation, issued the following statement: "X congratulate you because you rave in th«se few months accomplished <!OTOplete jwccess » task the pessimists said couldn't pos- we mazed will give renewM "I am also happy to know of the Jta« cooperation given to you by the RecoMtruct'on Finance corporation." All national banks and Federal. Reserve system members are automatically insured under the new federal tew. To become members of the federal Insurance guarantee, state banks wen reoulred to meet rigid conditions by the federal authorities. To finance the bank deposit Insurance, the federal government has subscribed $150,000,000 to the capital of the federal deposit Insurance corporation, the federal reserve banks have mbscribed $140,000,000 and in assessments. the corporation ban received more than 07,000,000, making a total of $337,000,000 available for immediate use of the corporation. Burt Bank Eligible For Insurance At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Burt Savings Bank, Buit, Iowa. Tuesday, Dr. W. T. Peters •was elected president. F. E. Bubey was named as vice president, J. T. Heaney, aa cashier, and L. E. Llnnan, W. A. McArthur, G. W. Bleich and O. W. Patterson were elected directors. The bank officers are ako directors. The Burt Savings Bank, it was reported, has been examined and recommended for admittance to the government Insurance plan. The directors have until July first to decide upon the matter. A dividend of five per cent was also declared. Local Bank Deposits Increase At the annual meeting of the Iowa State Bank, held Thursday, a report showed that the bank deposits subject to check were •1,180^33.19 for 1933. as compared with $731,288.37 for 1932. To. tal deposits in 1933 were $1,264.261.33 to 1932, as compared with $1,750,206.17 in 1933. WHITTEMORE CO-OP CREAMERY HOLDS ANNUAL MEETING George Gengler wins Cream Scoring; C. W, Elbert is New Director Whittemore: The WhltUtaore Farmers Creamery Association held their annual meeting Saturday afternoon at the Higglns halL The first thing on the program was a cream scoring contest and prizes w«re given to the three high individuals. They were: George Gengler. first, Peter F. Kolla»ch, second, and SCHOOLTEACHER RESISTS ATTACK BY DRUNK YOUTH Second Girl Also Accosted By Young Man; Both Escape Unharmed ALSO PLAYED PART OP "PEEPING TOM" Pear of Publicity Keeps Charge from Being Piled Against Assailant Reports of two unsuccessful attempted attacks on young women, one in Effect; Guarantees Deposit and Btste Brand Creameries, of Mason City w*i the speaker and gave a very interesting talk. Albert O. Christensen of Minneapolis, auditor of the State Brand Creamery Association in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota explained the report. The year's business report was read by Secretary M. W. Fandel. Herman Meyers, one of the directors, whose term had expired was succeeded by C. W. Elbert. At the close of the meeting Manager Ralph A. Bartlett served lunch. of them a local school teacher, activities of the "peeping Tom" var- ety were reported in Aigona durlne the past week. All of the incidents occurred on Saturday night of last week. The first attempted attack occurred shortly after 6 p. m. near the high school building. A young school teacher was returning home when a matt; Judged to be between 22 and 24 years of age, suddenly seized her as she was passing him, and threw her to the ground. Her cries frightened him evidently, as he finally fled when other persons neared the spot. Peeped Into 'Windows A call to Chief of PWttoe Frank Green from the Mrs. Harry Lewis home a short time later informed him ASSESSORS BEGIN TASK;BOARDPICKS DEPOSITORY BANKS Eight Banks 0. K.'d by Supervisors to Receive County Funds DECIDE TO SERVE 8 PAUPER NOTICES Charles Morris is Elected Board Chairman for Coming Year The annual work of county assessors was underway this week, following a meeting held last Friday at which the assessors received their supplies and In- Who's Who and What They Do No. 12 of a Series of Thumbnail Port raits Butler, county ' JURY LIST FOR JANUARY TERM OF COURT NAMED Court Opens Jan. 29; Several Women Are Named 011 New List borhood. At that time ttia police had not been Informed of the other Incident. The third case was another one of attempted attack. 4 young woman was approached by a man answering the same description and was thrown to the ground, but he also was frightened away when the girl cried for help. Both reports state that the young man involved seemed to be under the influence of liquor. Unofficial investigation County Attorney McMahon stated that the first case had been reported structions from E. auditor. The following figures will be followed by the assessors in their work this year, with regard to general assessment. The figures submitted apply only to an average animal. Colts, 1 year old ............ 4i(4o Oojts, 2 year old ............ $20.06 Odte, 3 year old .......... $38.00 Stallions ........... , reported .nJ 1 ^ 68 ' 1 year ° 16 ' * 2 °! 2 '«' old, $28; 3 and over, $40. •£*"» ................ as reported Cattle In feeding, a basis (left to assessors) for feeders of 1,000 in weight, w .iS?.. an lncre8S e of 2c per pound on additional weight. . Heifers, 1 year old, $8; 9 years old 915. Why don't you ever get a woman in your Who's Who, we were asked, recently, which did sort of make us stop and think that maybe, without Intending to, we had overlooked the ladles. So we got to going over names, and when we found Mrs. J. H. Warburton of Lakota, had been honored by other Kossuth county women-folk to the extent of being reelected head of the Kossuth Federation of Women's clubs for three times, and had also been county chairman of the women's project work in the county for the past eight years, we visited her. Mrs. Wwburton was Just finishing making a mighty nice smelling batch of cookies in the kitchen of the Warburton home, a half mile east of Lakota. when we arrived. Will Brown, manager of the Peterson. Studio, had brought his new home photographic outfit along with him, and several pictures were the net result. The new contrivance will take pictures in anyone's home, Just as well as In the studio. Mrs. Warburton Is no stranger to Kossuth's citizens. She was born Just west of Algona, and her parents were one of the pioneer families of the coun- y, coming here In 1870. Mrs. J. H. Noble, mother of Mrs. Warburton, Is now maknlg her home with thi ?•::•«. Warburton taught school at Gerled, and since her marriage 38 years ago, she and Mr. Warburton have resided in Lincoln township. A keen interest in women's club work of all kinds, national and international affairs, and books characterise Mts. Warburton. The large number of volumes in the family library, unlike many other collections, shows distinct signs of having been wed. She teaches a Local Bank Pays $260,802 Corn Loans A total of $260303.03 in corn loans money has been paid out by the Iowa State Bank since the corn loan went into effect, Ralph Miller, president, stated Tuesday. That amount la now actually in the hands of the corn loan borrowers. At the same time, he added that $51,101.10 more is in the process of getting approved, and should be here within six days. It la now taking about six days for a corn loan to get official government approval. The total sum of corn loan money in Kottuth county to well over a h«|f mii. lion dollars, court bouse records have revealed. With the January term of district court slated to open on the 20th, the grand Jury and petit jury list was drawn and announced the first of this week as follows: Grand Jurors Norman Anderson, Harrison township; Matt Bormann, Irvington twp.; Floyd Col well, Grant twp.; Earl Gushman, Bamsey twp.; Mike Frielinger, Sherman twp.; L. E. Fairbanks. Algona; Ed Hlaverson, Lbdyard *wp.; Joseph Loebach. Lotts Creek; L. J. Lowman, Union twp.; Bay McWhorter. Portland twp.; G. W. Simpson, Whittemore twp.; Henry Seller, Prairie twp. P4Ut Jurors Joe Arndorfer, Union; C. H. Belsch, Irvington; Bobert Braatz, Whittemore; W. W. Boettoher, Burt; Irene Ooleman, Algonat Lorrance Curran, Sherman; Herman Carlson, Wesley; Fred Dransfeldt. Wesley; Bobert Elchenberger, Greenwood. Carl Froehllch, Wesley; B. H. Fln- nell, Whittemore; Emma Funnemark, Westey; Catherine Otfmore, Algona; Cora Hutchlnson, Harrison; Abram Habeger, Garfleld; Owen, Harris, Algona; L. A. Johnson, Sherman; Wm. Knoner, Ledyard; Emil Klepper, Garfield; Alphonse Leasing, Greenwood; Tom Murphy, Br., Greenwood; Evert Nash, Whittemore; 8. M. Peterson Portland; A. J. Ringer, Greenwood. Fred Bmgsdorf, Burt; Bay F. Smith, Ledyard; Anton Schneider, Greenwood; R. H. Shackleford, Algona; William unofficially to him, but due to the fact that neither of the young ladies desired to obtain any publicity in the matter, no formal charge bad been filed with «iU,«r the county attorney or city officials the first of this week. An unofficial Investigation of the entire affair la understood to be in progress, however. No direct action can be taken without the filing of an Information. U l*ATWt*f Af4 * C£JUJ VCU swine, over 0 most $3.00 Sheep, over 9 mos .$2.00 Goats, over 1 year ... .as reported The assessors are as follows: E. H. Beardsley, Algona; B. E. Goddard, Bancroft; J. p. Cunningham Burt; W. C. Stamer, Fenton; A. E Ogren, Lakota; Leon Worden, Ledyard; Wm. G. Flalg, Lone Bock; D. O. Kills, LuVerne." Mrs. Clare M. Erlckson, swea City; John E. Kell, Titonka; Ihno A. I decides, Wesley and Frank W Elbert, Whittemore. Bay E. Hansen, Buffalo twp,; R,.* 1 , Hawcott, Burt; Mrs. Eleanor Potter, Cresco; O. W. Berggren. Eagle: Fredj Sunday School class of young people among other work, and all things combined go to explain quite fully why she was awarded a community service aw- nrd certificate by The DCS Molnes Register and Tribune in 1931. —Photo by Petenon Stndlo Mn. jr. H. Wartmrton "It's tiarder work having pictures taken than baking cookiei," laid Mrs. Warburton, but although she was put to some inconvenience in the process, the air of warmest hospitality prevailed, and it was easy to understand why the Warburton home Is generally recognized for its genial welcome. TRAINING SCHOOLS JBUMBL0ESL CORN-HOC DRIVE Township Committemen to Meet at Whittemore, Wesley, Lakota, Swea Pour training schools for the town- committee* w h ° will handle the »PPUcfttlons for the Corn-Hog con- tracits - wU1 •» *eld In Kossuth county . . , i C. Wegener, Fenton; Henry Klepper, I « t *f» 1 n§r next Wednesday. "*" --»—«-..- ------- Men in Assault Case Split Costs James Taft, charged with assault and battery, was released from custody following a recent hearing before P. A. Danson, Justice, when he and the plaintiff, E. H. Mttzdorf, were ordered to split the costa of the case and let the matter drop. The recommendation was made by Maurice McMahon, county attorney. Mltzdorf, according to the story, formerly roomed at the Taft home. He left his sheepskin overcoat there, and returned to get it after some time had elapsed. It happened that a brother- in-law of Taffs way wearing it at the time on a trip and Mitzdorf could not get it then. One thing led to another, and finally the whole matter led to the justice court. Livermore Votes Down Town Hall Livermore, after one of the hottest community votes in its history, decided not to build a town hall, in an election held last Thursday. lite plans, as we understand them, were to combine a town hall with a gym and alto offer a place where community affairs of all kinds could bs teM. Turner, Creek. Algona; Mary White, Plum Car Skids, Cream Cans Bruise Girl West Bend: Mr. and Mrs. AJbert Keller and daughter, Esther, met with aii accident while coming to town Friday morning. Esther WM riding in the back seat and. two cream cans were be- teen the seat*. The car turned around on the icy road, somewhere near the Aportolic church, and tipped over. The cream can* hit Ectiur and she was cut and bruised and her back waii injured besides having cream spilled over her Wade Sullivan Has Appendix Removed Wade Sullivan was operated on Thursday at St. Francis hospital in Waterloo following an acute attack of appendicitis. He was taken sick in the night and operated on early Thursday morning. Mrs. Sullivan and his mother, Mrs. J. W. Sullivan, left Thursday morning to be with him. Thursday also happened to be Wade's birthday and it is understood that a number of his friends who are up to tricks now and then sent him a variety of packages. Wade has been heavy weight scales inspector for the north third of the state since leaving the Algona Upper Des Molnes staff, and was inspecting scales ia the Waterloo neighborhood when he was taken sick. He expects to be able to return home the fore part of next week. Algona Retailers to Meet on Friday There will be a general meeting of all Algona retailers at the court house Friday evening, January 12, at eight o'clock. As every local retailer is effected by the code, a full attendance is urged. T. H. OhrischiUes, NBA chairman for Kossuth county, is calling the neeting. Garfleld; juonan Ubben, German;, •».• L. Beynolds, Grant; Clarence Vaske, Greenwood; L. A. Baratou, Harrison; Oscar Frandle, Hebron; A. J. Seller, Irvington; John E. Smith. Ledyard; W. H. Patterson, Lincoln; Andrew Elbert, Lotts Creek; John E. Smith, Lu- Verne; H. L. McEnroe, Plum Creek; Jay Graham, Portland; John N. Lud- wlg. Prairie; A. J. Cogley, Bamsey; Thomas Crahan, Blverdale; J. W. Bol- llg, Seneca; E. C. Green, Sherman- Charles Haas, Springfield; Leo Guerdet, Swea; W. J. Bourne, Union; Henry C. Nelson, Wesley and James Hogan. Whittemore. Salaries Set by Law Salaries of the assessors for $3 a day was set in accordance with a recent state law governing their pay. The supervisors, meeting last week, designated the following aa depositories for funds of Kossuth. county. The maximum amount that may be deposited in each bank is set opposite the name of the bank: Iowa State Bank, Algona. $400,000. State Bank cf Ledyard, $88,000. Titonka Savings Bank, $86,000. Exchange State Bank, Wesley, $85,- XX). Farmers & Traders, Bancroft, $85,000. Lone Bock Bank, Lone Bock, $35,000. Farmers State Bank, Whittemore, $85,000. Burt Savings Bank, $85,000. Humboldt Trust & Savings, $85,000. Upon a motion by Oosgrove and a second by McDonald, the following appointments were approved for the year 1934 with salaries fixed as follows: A Few Salary Chance* C. S. Pearson, deputy auditor, $90 a month; Leo J. Immerfall, deputy auditor. $70; Irene Vaudt, auditor's clerk, $75; Earl Griffith, deputy treasurer. $90; Elliott Kuiander, deputy Measurer (auto clerk), $80; Imelda iJooley, deputy recorder, $65; Casey Loss, deputy sheriff, $100; H. M. Smith, county engineer, $245; Don Nugent, assistant engineer, $140; Alma Pearson, deputy clerk of district court, $80; George Palmer, janitor, $65. A motion was also passed that pauper notices be served on Eli Goodnow and family; F. A. Merry and wile, Martin Gregerson and family; Ben Dorr and family; L. K. Johnson and four children, Michael Walsh and wife and Walter Walsh and Carl Walters. Charles Morris, Lone Bock, was elected chairman of the board. Seek Fort Dodge Pair A Fort Dodge mac and his girl companion were being sought by local authorities after a visit they paid to Algona last week, and in which several local men were solicited by the man to engage in unmoral conduct with hte companion. The schedule follows: Jan. 17-18, at Whtttemore academy, Fenton, l^tto Creek, Union. Whittemore, Oresco, Garfleld and Blverdale townships. Jan, 19-20, Wesley, Kleinpcter hall- Buffalo, Plum creek, Wesley. Irvington, Prairie, Sherman, LuVerne townships. Jan. 22-23. Lakota, Woodman hall— Springfield, Hebron, Ledyard, Lincoln, Banjsey, German and Portland townships. Jan. 24-25, Swea City Legion hall- Eagle, Grant, Swea, Harrison, Seneca, Greenwood and Burt townsh'ps. The local loaders wanted .t distinct ly understood that the schools are no for the general public, but only for thi men selected as township committees. In listing the names of the township committees, last week, the names o John Zeller of Rlverdale, Elbert Keller of Garfleld and E. B. Schlei of Fenton were ommltted by mistake. Chet Williams to be Manager, Partner in New Firm Here Announcement that Chet Williams for a number of years connected with an Algona clothing firm, will become a resident partner in the new clothing More to be opened in Algona shortly was made yesterday by John Leuthold and Guy Hlnkley. Mr. Leuthold is head of the Leuthold Clothing Co. and Mr. Hlnkley is district representative The new firm will be known as The Hub Clothiers. Associated with Mr. Williams as resident partner will be Lyle Beynolds of Greene. Iowa. Mr. Beynolds will move to Algona tn the near future, and he with Mr. Williams, will run the store. Redecorating is now under way, and the store will also undergo some remodeling. Management of the store will be entirely in the hands of Williams and Beynolds. Mr. Leuthold will also have an interest in the store, but the entire management will be in the hands of the local men. Sid Backus Still in Hospital But is COUNTY POLITICS GET GOOD EARLY STARTTHIS YEAR Early Indications Point to Plenty of Candidates for June Primary INCUMBENTS WILL SEEK RENOMINATION County Attorney Post Finds Dame Rumor Nominating Eight for Job With the primary election almost five months away, political froth was floating about Kftssdth counter this week with renewed vigor, indicating hat the county is liable to see one f the most ardent political years In ts history. All incumbents in the court house ndlcated Tuesday that they will seek reelection, and it is generally toileted that both supervisors whose terms ex- Ire next year will also be candidates gain. Many Mentioned The county attorney race Is fraught with possibilities, and many candidates mentioned. Most of them have made o definite decision regarding whether r not they will seek office, but eight lames have been mentioned, and It Is ertain that at least four will be in he field when the primary election oils around in June. The offices, and candidates whose names have been mentioned, follow: Supervisor, fifth district—P. J. Helken and J. H. Holoomb. Supervisor, Fourth district—Charles Morris. County Atton*w~«<ybtTt Katrtnc* Sid J. Backus, Algona postmaster, wat reported as resting comfortably at, the Methodist hospital, Des Moines, fol lowing an incision made by doctors last Thursday to determine his condi- tlon. He had been taken there following a severe Illness. Mrs. Backus and his daughter, Elen- tior, are still with him and will re- nain there until he is ready to return lotne. Beth, postofflce employee, re- •urned to Algona this week and Howard, a son, went back to his school Car Hits Culvert W. O. Ireland, field man for the Equitable Life Insurance Co., was shaken up considerably Saturday night, when his machine was thrown against a culvert near St. Joe. The mishap occurred when he met another machine. Boy Breaks Arm Robert Humphry, 10, received a broken arm, Sunday while coasting on a hill south of Algona. His cap fell down over fcis eyes and he hit a tree before be *iM again regain his vision. position at Coulee City, Washington. Bid's numerous friends in Kossuth ounty and the state gathered during ils many years of service, first as coun- y superintendent and later and until le fall of 1932 as one of the publish r* of the Upper Des Molnea-Bepub can, will welcome UM opportunity o; Ishing him a complete recovery. Cossuth Mutual Annual Meeting Held on Tuesday Forty-eight members of the Kossuth County Mutual Insurance Co. were present at the annual meeting of the organization, held Tuesday morning, in the court room here. Harry Bode, president, who presided at the meeting, was reelected: i-d Droessier of Bancroft was reelected vice president, N. A. Smith of Algona was named treasurer, D. D. Paxson was reelected secretary and L. S. Bohannon was reelected assistant secretary. The board of directors had one change. Hugh Herman replaced D. D. Paxson. Other directors are Bode Droessler, Smith, E. A. Miller, Jos. Hauptmann, Nick Herman, H. L. Potter, and E. O. Mann. Hauptmann and Miller were reelected as their term expired. The annual report of the company showed that the organization paid 90 claims, aggregating $22,530.01, a total of about $2,000 below the average loss for the past ten years. Rotarian 'Pinch Hit' Program Opens '34 An impromptu program furnished on the spur or the moment by W. G. 'Jic- Elroy of the Chicago Tribune, a guest, Luke Llnnan and N. O. Bice was the Botary club offering to members this week following the luncheon, Monday, n the Algona Hotel. Mr. McElroy spoke on business conditions as he found them in five states, and expressed himself as feeling optimistic about 1934. Mr. Linnan who recently returned from the southwest, gave an account of a Rotary club meeting in San Antonio, that he at- ended, and Mr. Rice spoke on the moving picture industry as he believes 1934 will develop It, giving also some interesting sidelights on the business as a whole and the bookng of pictures. Archie Michel, chairman of the pro- Tarn committee for the month, was in Des Moines. A. Wander, L. A. Wlnkel. H. B. Wtoite and P. A. Danson. County Auditor—Barley Bartlett, E. J. Butler (incumbent). Clerk of Court—E. J. McEvoy (incumbent), Clark Orton. Sheriff—Carl Dahlhauser, (incumbent), Wm. Blcklefs,. Claude Sampson. County Treasurer—M. J. Duffy, (incumbent), Carl W. Pearson. . County Becorder—Mrs. Helen Dickinson, J. J. booley, (incumbent). Justice of Peace—H. B. White and A. Danson (both also mentioned for ounty attorney.) Constables—Lafe Griffin and Floyd ewville. Incumbents. Coroner—Dr. B. A. Evans (incum-. bent), Thomas McMahon. To quote from the Swea City Herald of last week: "Politics in the fifth supervisor's district, scene of many gory struggles, began to sizzle with the opening of U»e new year. J. H. Holcorab announced that he would be a candidate for supervisor on the republican ticket in the June primary." Not all of the candidates mentioned above were as definite about their plans is was Mr. Holcomb. several stated ;hat they were undecided, but did not 'ndlcate they they would not run. Both H. B. White and P. A. Daneon. at present holding the offices of Justices of the peace, have been mentioned as candidates for county attorney, but in all probability If they do not run for 'hat post, will seek reelection as J. p.'s. D'putleti Possible Candidate* In the case of Harley Bartlett, Oacl Pearson and Mrs. Dickinson, all three were deputies who were let out of their posts the first of this year. Bartlett; nd Pearson have definitely decided to run for the offices of auditor and. reaiiurer. Mrs. DicklWion has been. itrongly mentioned as a candidate. A survey of the candidates indicates hat there seems to be greater likelihood of hot contests in the. republi- an primary than there will be in the democratic, although plenty can happen in the next three months, and al- hough 25 names are listed above, there s every reason to believe that more lay have thrown their hats Into the olitical circle before the actual primary at hand. "Bad Boy" Caught Laurel Paulson, 17, a genuine "bad >oy", was arrested by Emmetsburg of- tcials and confused last Saturday to a series of crimes which may solve ome of the robberies in Kossufh couu- y. Sheriff Carl Dahlhauser made a rip to Emmetsburg. several days ago, o question the youth. Two New Members Join Kiwanis Club Two new members were present at their first meeting when the Kiwaniaiu met last Thursday at tha Algona Hotel. They are, Dr. c. D. Schaap and Wm. Steele, Jr. The program consisted of a talk on Literature which was given by Rev. Raymond Kresensky, who, it will be remembered, has written a number of poems which have been published iu various magazines and newspapers. Gillespie Heads Sandmen Laurence Gillesplo was elected president of the Algona Military Band, Harry Spongberu was named as vice president and Alvin Huenhold as secretary- treasiirer at the annual election. Theo. Herbst was again selected as director. Practice is slated to start next week. Falls on Ice Fenton: Frank Eigler ts unable to be around the past few days an the result of a fall on the ioe. striking his head and breaking hia eye glasses. It is hoped no ill results will follow.

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