The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1899
Page 5
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THE MOIMSS: ALQONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 189». '^^^^^^^^^^^"'"'•'•••'''* M ^"'"" keAja "- a ^" VJ -^-i^iiiiViV.7ffi--\ri-tT;--ii-r'i-t-i -f'-i'i- -ii-i-vn- TI ' ^ ....... .._..._ ........ . - . * . - . ^^ i^ T .»-«—* »x- m^ * ^T the close of the most successful business enjoyed if. its history we take pleasure in patforis ami the public in general our best pefouS atid A Happy New Year. We take this opportunity of thanking those who favored us with this patronage during the past year, and respectfully ask for a con trnuance of this business. To those who have not already joined the ever increasing rank O f our customers we suggest that they give us a trial. Our aim i to merit and to do the largest business in the largest town in the largest county in the state. Yours for 1900, Chrischilles & Herbst. We will sell you an Iowa Coal $4-50 per ton, delivered, which we guarantee as good as any coal offered you at that price. F. S. NORTON. LUMBER AND COAL. OGOOOOQOGQGQQGQOQQOCX5QQQQQ spen If a man is in love——• that's his business; if a girl ] is in love that's her business; < ' but if they are engaged to be mar-j ried it's OUR BUSINESS to sell' the engagement ring and make the i [ bride a present. ' Dingley & Pugh, Sign of the Big Watch, Warm Up. | Our Hot Soda Apparatus is now in j i operation and we are serving: j i Hot Chocolate with cream; Hot( j Bovax with snow flake wafers; Hot! Liquid Beef with snow flake wa-J fers; Clam Toddy; Coffee withj | cream, Gingerade, Egg Phosphate ( | etc., etc. " ! Best line of cigars in the city. Ehlers & Adams, Leading Druggists, Algona. . C, Samson. B. F. Grose SAMSON & GROSE, [Successors to Hay & Rice,] ABSTRACTS REAL ESTATE LOANS. FARMS AND WIM) LANDS FOR SALE AND FQR RENT, ^ House Block. IOWA. GASH FOR OLD IRON, r8 ' °°PW brass, zinc, lead, tea and bottle. Save them up. Pay The Widest fn^I\^ vv ^ &-t J^lti toy them. Qpp. pw &. ' \ Price. Iowa, and get livery bam. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. RoscoeCall is home from Ann Arbor Mies Helen Starr Is home from lowi college. Haswell Ramsey is over from Seattl for a visit. Will F. Walker reached Algona fo Christmas. Gardner Cowles goes to Des Moine next Tuesday to stay. A. H. and Mrs. Langdon Christmas in Algona. Geo. Rowe was down from Blu( Earth City for Christnas. Will Hinchon and Will Kain are up from Iowa City for vacation. Mrs. Prof. Spencer and children ar visiting at the old home in Alden. Sam. Grabscheid is off to Webste City and Dubuque for the holidays. J. W. and Mrs. Tennant are at Hart ley for a visit with their daughter. Miss Lutie Wallace is home from Parker, S. D., where she is teaching. Geo. and Mrs. Call spent Cbristma at Sioux City with A. F. Call and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh havi gone to Shell Rock for a visit with hi parents. Charley Crammond is home Irom Cedar Rapids, and will return nex Tuesday. Mrs. Mary Smith and son, Earl Hum long, are visiting at the Lewis H Smith home. i Miss Gertie Williams visited in Algo< na yesterday, going to Minneapolis this morning. Milo Chapin is home from Berosford, S. D., where he has charge of a big lumber yard. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McCoy are at the Geo. E. Clarke home, coming from Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Alex. White have been visiting at Earley and Ida Grove, but are at home again. Miss Jean Patterson, Charley Chubb and Homer Horton are home from the Minneapolis university. Miss Ada Smith is at home for vacation. Arthur Huntington js alsoat the Dr. Rist home for a visit. Miss Maggie Hunt is greeting old acquaintances, taking a vacation in her studies as a trained nurse. Geo. Horton is home from Chicago for the holidays. He is rising rapidly as a Chicago newspaper man. Thos. McDermott came from Mason City for Christmas dinner. He is meeting with excellent success in the law. Belle Tellier is home from Cedar Falls and Bertha from Audubon. Bertha is teaching music in an academy. The new man at the Lamb Lumber company yard is a Mr. Lincoln. The other man who came out would not stay. Mrs. Chas. W. Russell comes from Omaha and Mrs. W. J. McChesney from Iowa City, both arriving tomorrow night. Louis Jenktnson of Union is down to Mollne, III., for a visit. It is his first trip and he will have a memorable Christmas. Prof. Frank Tellier is over from his school work at Emmetsburg. He is having good success as principal of the Emmetsburg schools. Geo and Mrs. Pangburn were down from Buffalo Center for Christmas dinner at the Rice home. Mrs. Pangburn starts for California early next month. Mrs. Randall and little boy are over from Mason City at the Frank Nicoulin home. Miss Myrtle Pinkerton, a daughter of Wai. Pinkerton, is also visiting. M Z and Guy Grove are both home for a holiday visit. G".Vt all " 8 °™ e ° f moving to Minnesota if Wm. C. Wheeler Mrs. Grove's father, moves to Cedar Falls, as he sometimes plans. Guy likes it up north. Walter Tellier, Chris. Kain. and Walt. King are up from Des Moines. Walter is studying art and making great progress, Chris, is in the Highland Park-business college, and Walt. King is in Reed & Reed's law office studying law half days at the school. FAKM loans, lowertrate^an^beBt options, (w) THfi LOCAL FIELD. Owen tomorrow night. Masonic installation tonight. holidays a Don't miss the Fireman's annual bal Monday evening. Dr. Stull, the Corwilh dentist, is a' home for the holidays. Company P has another big rifle con test for turkeys Monday. EiT h ?« r 2 gu ' ar term of court opens Deb. 19, Judge Quarton presiding. The holiday trade was big in Algona All the merchants report big sales. Horace Mann attended a meeting o the economic club in Chicago last week Landlord Tremain Is at work in the new hotel. He says he will open Jan An adjourned session of court opens Tuesday. Judge Quartan will hear some motions. Until further notice service will be held at the Presbyterian church, Ir vington at 2:30 p. m. A craze for carom and croklnole seems to be on. One store in Algona sold 60 boards last week. Popular prices of 26, 85, 60 nnd 76 cents rule at the Wm. Owen plays tomorrow and Friday evenings. Word comes from Montana that Lu Weaver has shot a deer. He and his mother will come home next month. Rev. Smylie was the recipient of a fine gold watch for his Christmas present from a friend in Sioux City. Walker Whiteslde got six curtain calls at Des Moines last week. The papers speak very enthusiastically o him. The return of Wm. Owen Is an event of dramatic importance to Algona. He is an excellent actor nnd he has a com pany of excellent actors. Christmas was appropriately cole brated at all the churches. The Sun day school scholars all got something, and all had a hilarious time. The new hotel will surely open Jan 16 with a program that will attract everybody. Some foreign talant wil be present and the opening will be an event in Algona. Up till Christinas day the skating was finer on the river than it has been in many years. It snowed just enough Christmas to spoil skating without affording sleighing. The Episcopalians have plans pretty well along toward securing regulai services in their church. They will unite with Britt again, and have'a rector for the two parishers. Bert Hallock of the Burt Monltoi has bought a half interest in the Eagle Grove Eagle and will move at once. Eugle Grove is one of the coming cities and Bert strikes a. good location. A. J. Lilly has measured 109 grades put in by the county board this year. Sometimes we hear that the county is doing no grading. We should consider 109 grades a pretty fair showing. The biggest mail ever received in Algona came Monday morning. There were 11 tie sacks of packages and papers besides the letter pouches. The nail received in Algona this year is 'ully one-half larger than it was last. One of the amusing ballot mistakes disclosed by the contest was made by SweaCity man, who wanted to have his 'riend hold a. " full term" and wrote in 'fool turn." Then ho forgot to write n the name of the man he was voting or. Charley Grimm of Clear Lake, who till claims membership in the Algona. .;un club, was one of the 11 to tie in a Dig shoot in Chicago last week. It was oo late to shoot off so they drew cuts and Charley won. He got a handsome ilver water set. Perry Burlingame has some soft maple sugar that is as nice as anything weet can be. Perry says the soft maple makes a fine sugar, not so sweet as bard maple, but sweet enough. Kosuth ought to become a great maple sugar producer if that is so. The Courier corrects THE UPPER )ES MOINES about that Northwestern Sunday train. It runs to .lewell June- ion, instead of to Eagle Grove, and so vest to Sioux City. The Courier does not, however, correct its own mistake ibout Smith's majority in 1890. Geo. E. Boyle gets after the commis- ioners of insanity for taking Dr. Feling to the asylum. 'Squiro Clarke ells us that when the board was at Whittemore George approved their ! ecision and said that it was the only hing to do. It is now up to George. Lawyer Dickinson's father has lought the old Roan farm north of Al- *ona on the river, and his brother will manage it. His father and mother will nove to Algona to make their home, ind will be welcome additions. S. P. 'eterson, who sold the farm, will also move to town. In a county like Kossuth, where ndges of election are fair and intelli- .eiit, the original count is likely to be he fairest test there is of the intention f the people. There ought to be a uspiclon of fraud or of deliberate in- ention to do some one an injustice to varrant a contest. It seems that Fuller, who rented the illiard hall, etc. in the new hotel, has orfeited his $20 and dropped his lease. Jharley Plumley has_ leased the bil- ard hall for a year, and will put in a eat outfit. Charley is a good manager or a clean and orderly hall and will ive good satisfaction. S. P. Christensen raised the famous ivlng colts that Geo. Holloway 'is tartling Europe with and C. J, Brown roke them to harness. Charley claims art of the credit for their teachable- ess. He says he never used a whip on nem and that is why it has been pos- Ible to train them so well. A clever theif has recently tapped he dentist offices for gold, He visited, 11 them and got about $2,5 worth in otb pr. Riet's and Dr. Glacier's, and ess ID Dr. Devei-aux's because the rowoe be found were gold plated. He ook gold crowns and gpld fjlUug>, The outlets do ujat lock. th,e}r oftlces fully and do not especially conceal their material. It seems that a systematic Wd is being made all over the state on dental offices. Ralph Miller's brother wrote to bito to ftafn the Algona den tists, but the warning came too late. A big crowd attended the opening oi the high school faultdtog last Thursday everting, and enjoyed the program The unanimous verdict is that a hand somer ot» better building is. not to be found anywhere. The school board built for the future *hen It put up such ft creditable public Improvement. Df. Stull reports that Isaac Frye Is well down In Kansas and Is enjoying life. But he don't like the populists down there, and Is nbout to vote the republican ticket If the democrats don't change bed fellows, and the democrats can't change. Isaac would be a welcome addition to the republican fold. Lew Owen was down to watoh the opening of the contest over treasurer. When the boys asked him why he did not file notice of contest he said he did not want office that way. He said If he couldn't get a majority on the ordinary count he would stick to farming. Come to think of It we guess Lew is about right. A curious incident of the holidays may Involve a Sexton citizen In serious trouble. He thought It would be n good joke to send a dead pig of small dimensions to a relntlvo he don't like in Algona, and accordingly mulled it. Dead animals are not mailable, nnd the lawyers are looking the statutes over to learn If the sender can be hauled up by the United States authorities. "David Garrlck," the most charming of the fine old English comedies that are ranked as gems of the drama, will be presented at the Call opera house tomorrow evening by the William Owen company, one of the most tal ented and evenly balanced theatrical companies that tours the west. As "DadldGarrick" Mr. Owens is at his best, sustaining the role through the varied scenes of romance and comedy with an ability that stamps him as a bright, particular, dramatic star. Mr. Owen enacts many roles but in none is he afforded a greater opportunity for the display of bis wonderful versatility than Is afforded by the character in this clever comedy. The supporting com pany is strong, and a rare dramatic treat and many hearty laughs are insured patrons of the pla.y. Prices for this engagement 25, 35, 50 and 76 cents. To Bo Happy buy a Parker fountain pen. Solid gold, 14 k. Pen diamond point, and positively guaranteed not to leak. DINGLEY & PUGH. WALL paper at greatly reduced prices. Can save you money on this line. R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. You can get a good calico for 3c a yard at GALBRAITH'S. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. F. O. B, any station. FIVE cents buys the biggest school pad you ever saw at U. D. M. office. GETS $550 FOR DELAY. Tile School Hoard IiiHlHtH upon Contractor GroHH FnyftiK For NooUlc Delay til C'oinplotliijr tllo New School Building. Contractor Grown finaly agreed to an award of $550 for delay in completing ;he new high school building. It was at the rate of $10 a day for 55 days, i'lie hoard conceded a few extras that iad been put in by the contactor that le could not under his contract sue for, but stood firm in its demand for dam- iges by delay. This is a good precedent. Too manny contractors allow work to drag along after the time is up 'or completion, expecting not to be )eld for damages. GETS A LIGHT SENTENCE. Che Wyoming Dusporudo Who WUB Arrested In Algoiia OJetn On" Hatty. John Howe, who was arrested in Alfona for shooting at Conductor Hardle at Emmetsburg was tried last week, fhe evidence was given by the conductor and two brakesmen. None of he witnesses for the state swore posi- ively which of the three strangers did the shooting. The jury was out for several hours and returned a verdict of assault. This means imprisonment in the county jail for a short time. The other two prisoners will probably be discharged. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, A. D. CLARKE & Co. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 ier cent., with optional payments In- erest payable annually. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. WOOD choppers wanted. Inquire of 38t6 PETER WINKEL. WE have what you vyant In the line f type writer supplies, INGHAM & WARREN. WE are showing the largest line of ilk for waists that was ever shown in he city. G. L. GALBRAITH. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL liOOAI, TRAINS WEST. . 1 departs at 0:05 a ui Vo. 3 departs at 3 :G8 p in Freights that carry passengers— sfo.93 departsat lOilBpru fo. 71 departs at 3:20prn " '. 85 departs at 8:30 p m TRAINS BAST. To. 2 departs at 10:45 a m "o.4 departs at e:88pw Freight? that carry passengers— fo. 76 departs at...... 10:10 p j» No.94 departs at , ..... IJ:?OPTO S. F. rr "~"' • A - * Sovitli- 'ass Mixed , To the I wish to say that all persons desiring to buy goods in my line in small quantities will find my prices as low as the lowest. And to any desiring to buy Five, Ten or Twenty Dollar orders I will give Wholesale Prices or meet all competition. Do not forget that I am headquarters for apples. Respectfully, James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. 19OO Boots and Shoes. Enter the new year well shod. If your shoes need repairing or are worn out and you need new ones, we are prepared to fix you well for the coming year. Our stock is very large and comprises the very newest styles and best goods in the market. We solicit your patronage, BROWNELL & ALLRED, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Fine repairing and custom work. ALSO AT FENTON, IOWA. ^•OQOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO t ^ ie P ract i ca l affairs of the home will receive the attention of many who fKt*jcf mac are runnm 8 t ' ie various departments V-»l " I3U ' I£W of that institution. A few hints may not come amiss. i] Cutting Sausage Meat io no small task if you are without the proper machine. We have the proper kind. The ordinary family size will cut one pound of meat per minute, which moans an ordinary Bitted hog in 3 hours. It IB a ohop- per that every housewife can use every day in the year for some purpose. It is u perfect substitute for the old chopping bowl and knife, with one-tenth the labor. G4 CA Our price has not yet advanced.'.. ^ liwU Shoe Repairing can be done winter oven_ s at home if you have the tools and mntorliils. We curry bulf soles, cement, thread, wax, etc. We have a few sets of REPAIRING OUTFITS left which contain all tools necessary to do ordinary mending, which we are s'llll selling 1 nt .............. Pl*l7P Kodak wil1 be B^ven uwav Jan. 1. All whp have r 1 1/.*, IXUUOtX been col | ecl{n g ads are requested to bring them to the store not later than Saturday, Dec. 30, securely tied, with name attached. . DOSSQSIEKEU LOOK m Q UALITY - Cheap goods are dear at any price, We keep the best and are here to stay. A complete stock of Felt Shoes and Slippers, Overshoes, and Felt Boots. CALL/ AT- The Other Shoe-Store. C. O. ©IZLCF-SCOT. Repairing and custom work. Governor Shaw Went to San Francisco to meet the ^ist Iowa from Manila—but'if you wish to. see something fine in the line of Furniture go to J, R, LAIRP'S, He has just repeived about two cars of fine Rockers, Chairs, Sideboards, Bed Room Suits, Bool? Cases, etc,, th,e finjgsj; gyej s,ee.n in ^Jgorja qr big sjjth, ~ ' " '

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