The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1954 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1954
Page 19
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MONDAY, MAY 81, 1954 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Leads the Way in A NEWLY STYLED ROOM AIR CONDITIONER with a fully adjustable window mounting that permits installation of the unit. to fit the needs of the user, introduced for 1954 by Philco Corporation, is shown above. These models are adapted for flexible mounting. The unit can be installed to a flush mounting on the window sill line inside tbe room, as shown above. The controls on the new models are grouped together on the front of the air conditioner cabinet and the control panel is concealed by a drop cover shown here in the open position. The controls are of the rotary type and are clearly identified for simple operation. These deluxe models have Philco's Thermo-Cool, a reverse cycle valve that permits the air conditioner to heat the same size room as it cools. Philco Features Adjustable Window Twenty-two room air conditioner models are in the 1954 line introduced by Philco Corporation. The new room air conditioner line features a completely adjustable window mounting for room air conditioners that permits installation of the unit flush or nearly flush with the window sill, to fit the needs of the users, reported Jack Cherry, Sales Manager for room air conditioner sales. Newly styled and engineered models ranging from one-third to two-horsepower are included in the line announced for the new year. The new mounting is available for newly engineered models and permits flush and near-flush mounting inside the room either as a window or wall installation, Mr. Cherry pointed out. The new mounting requires no extra support for the unit either inside or outside the building, other than the standard installation bracket. Controls on the new models are grouped together on the front of the air conditioner cabinet for convenience in use. The controls are of tbe rotary type and are clearly identified for simple operation. Many models have the control panel concealed by a drop cover. Philco's reverse-cycle room air conditioner unit that heats or cools the same size room is available on all deluxe models, except the water cooled two horsepower console and the consolette models. The reverse cycle unit extracts heat from the outside air by reversing the refrigeration cycle which normally cools the room. Deluxe window models and con- solettes have automatic temperature control that prevents overcooling of a room when outside temperature drops. This is achieved by restricting the flow of the refrigerant in the unit and not by shutting the unit off while the room temperature adjusts itself to a prese- lected level, then restarting the unit. Philco's Automatic Temperature Control is fully automatic and continues the circulation of fresh dehumidified air without the intermittent stopping and starting of the unit. Other features on the line include "pump out" for exhausting stale -air and odors, and an adjustable fresh air intake for bringing in fresh air. They can be operated separately or at the same time. Of the 22 models in the 1954 Philco room air conditioner line, 17 are window units, four are consolettes and one is a water cooled console model. They are color styled in .mahogany finish and arctic dawn. By ROY KOHN NEW YORK iff] — Here's the latest on animals in the news: Soft-hearted zoo-men go for hard- backed armadillos; sore-armed dancer picks python over puma; duck-billed Cecil re-woos Penelope the platypus. At Riverhead N. Y., Sidney Schwartz complained he was up to his ears in armadillos. Two lady armadillos, which he bought in order to write a thesis on their birth habits for a New York University doctorate, produced seven armor- plated babies. Armadillo? habitually sleep during daylight hours and whomp it up at night. And they eat like hogs, not armadillos. Schwartz said local zoos and dealers wouldn't take the mothers and sighed hopefully: "There must be somebody who likes armadillos." Well, there is. In Toronto. Can., the Riverdale Zoo said they'd adopt an armadillo. And Arthur Watson, director of Baltimore's zoo, said he'll be glad to take the entire batch — and even pay the express charges. Feels Better Now Schwartz feels much better now, although he says, "there's nothing final about it yet." Prancing about in Putnam Valley, N. Y., was a puma, a dancer, some newsmen—and a press agent. The dancer, Lonnie Young, 26, apparently keeps the puma — a pint-sized panther — in her hotel room. Miss Young said she was switching her night club act with a python to the puma — only she didn't know. Just the other day, she said, the puma took a bite out of her arm. Anyway, with newsmen present, the dancer let the puma out of i his cage. The puma roared and j the news hounds retreated. Miss ' CONDITIONING Young cracked a whip. The puma merely looked annoyed and seemed I to toy with the idea of taking another bite out of his mistress' arm. Lingerie Saves Day According to witnesses, a piece of lacy lingerie saved the day. Miss Young tossed the garment into the bathroom and the puma bounded after it. Miss Young slammed and locked the door. The cage was shoved in front of the door, the door was opened, and the puma raced into the cage. Thinking it over, Miss Young said, she guessed she'd stick to plain old pythons. Now back to New York City and up to the Bronx Zoo. The "who's who" of the zoo, for several years, has featured Cecil and Penelope, the duck-billed platypuses. The zoo has been trying to get the egg-laying Australian-born animals together so they could raise a family. Last summer, Penelope retired to her tunnel early, a sign of motherhood. Keepers pelted her with goodies and felt "this was it." But Peenlope was only fooling. It turned out she just liked goodies. But this is another spring, and Cecil is chummy with Penelope — who doesn't seem to mind at all. Foreign Accent NEW LONDON, Conn. (fP) — A witness in Common pleas court referred to a "krik." The court stenographer, a recent import to Connecticut from Brooklyn, N. Y., cupped his ear and asked the witness to repeat. The stenographer finally got it—c-r-e-e-k. Amused, Judge Vine R. Parmelee said: "Haven't you gotton over that Brooklyn accent yet? We call it a 'krik' up here." WONDERFUL FUN IN "WONDERFUL TOWN "-Rosalind Russell, relinquishing her role in the New York stags hit, "Wonderful Town," to go to Hollywood for a new movie role, seems to be hiving • wonderful time at her farewell narty At left, she beats out a farewell tattoo on the drums, and at right, coproriurcr Robert Frvn rate? a ^ . !;m.«? HUR as he presents th» casl'f gilt, • cilver ci$arei lighter. New Designs May Be Mounted Flush With Window...Takes Less Space...Adds To The Appearance Model 81-J This Great New Philco, with Super Cooling Power and All Philco Features Is Yours for I Ton eats or Cools! (MODEL 86J) Philco's Exclusive Reverse Cycle Unit Gives You Instant COOL AIR OR HEAT! FURNITURE

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