The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1899
Page 4
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v ; ALGOKA, IOWA, tixft. BY INdMAM A WARRftK. T*tm» to SubseHbSrt. Oneoopy, on^yeftt ......*1.5 C»« copy, six months 7 On* copy, ttatee inontbs 4 Ettfit to any adflrtss fct above rates, , Remit by dHrft, money order, or express or awftt eat risk. BttM of advertising sett on application. A Got, Pillabii*? Wanted. r. Plllsbury of Minnesota and Gov Larrabee of Iowa have had to some ex tent Identical careers. Both have been self made men, both have accumulate fortunes, both have had to do in an in timate way with the public institution of their states. There has been R dif ference in their motives and their aims and It Is a difference that Iowa may well begin to note, because in the out come all the wide gulf between a big thing done in a big way and a littl thing done in a little way divides the honor that the state may win for itsel from the contempt that it may also win. This difference has received marked illustration during the pas ten days. Twenty years ago Gov. Plllsbury wa in a position to determine the future o the Minnesota university. A new pres ident was to be chosen. The ables man in the country could be had a $6,000 a year and the state had been paying but 93,000. The board of re gents had given up and were content ing themselves with second grade tal ent. Gov. Plllsbury stepped in and said that Minnesota must have the bes and that he would pay the extra $3,00( a year himself. Although probablji not a wealthier man than Gov. Lar rabee, be followed up this de cisive step by building and donating to the university a $165,000 building. The state caught the spirit of this grea and generous leadership, and although a much poorer and less populous state than Iowa it is known all over the world for its magnificent university. Gov. Larrabee has come to the Iowa university at a critical moment. It i at the beginning of a new era. A new president has been chosen who fills the public eye. The halls are over crowd ed. Its management is in the hand of some of the ablest and most earnes men in the state. Gov. Larrabe spends two days at Iowa City, and al he can see is that buying dead bodie for the dissecting room is left too much to one man's discretion, and that th< board of regents have exceeded thei legal authority in buying a coffin for ; poor devil of a fireman who lost his lif trying to save the university library. It is impossible to believe that a ma like Gov. PiJlsbury could have content ed himself, at this juncture, when th possibilities of the future appeal to th most unimaginative, with a mere de tailed report of financial technicalities But even if he had he would have pre sented at least a few of the thing which have been done right and whic deserve the commendation of the pub lie. If be referred to the legal righ of the regents to borrow money on th Clay county land at all he would hav stated that by so borrowing the boar was able to sell a raw quarter 12 mile from a railway station at $26 an acre when all it had been offered at th time the money was borrowed was $22 If he referred to the care of the univei sity funds by the treasurer at all h would have stated that the treasure has nearly $300,000 of endowment of tb university so invested that it is paying net six and seven per cent*, on first rea estate mortgages, a record without par allel in Iowa. If he had referred to th payment to Mrs. Scbaeffer of on month of President Schaeffer's salar; •at all, he would have stated that Presi dent Schaeffer had so far complete his work for the school year when h died that the board was able to sav about $4,000 of his salary and that th records show that that amount was co vered back into the treasury. Not one of these things or dozens of thing equally to be commended does Gov Larrabee refer to, Without the leas mention of the fact that the salary lis is lower at Iowa City .than atany schoo of like pretensions in the United States that the students are educated at lesi cost per capita at Iowa City than at any school of like pretensions in the Unitec States, that more school room has been secured In fairly good buildings at Jesi cost than in any school of like preten slops in the United States, Gov. Lar rabee sends out what purports to be t review of the business management o the school, which is heralded 'abroad voder startling bead lines indicating i sensational disclosures have been i of loose methods and extravagant expenditures. It seems incredible that any man could, pretend to report on the new BOW being built at Iowa City pnd nothing to eay excepting that architect bad not certified that certain work wae done that has been |pr, . Major gjgley, who. has had ,0 public tpff^r, haj maje, hjs .BBJjflpiaJ Ohajrge. Cement footing has been dug up. Brick have been thrown out Every precaution has been taken to have this building stand with the Iowa capitol as a lasting monument to honest construe tion. Major Higley and the board have not been satisfied lo leave the super* vision of this work to the architect alone, and only in a general way does he have anything to do with it. The board has chosen its own supervisor a man of ample experience and known integrity, who is with the work every hour of the day, and it is on his knowl edge and Major Higley's knowledge that the work is being performed in accordance with the specifications tha it is being paid for, the certificate o the architect being the merest form. It is probably in bad taste for THE UPPER DBS MOINES to refer to these matters. But THE UPPER DES MOINES is in position, to know that the regents of the state university have urged the board of control to attend every meet ing they have held, that full reports o all their proceedings and full financia statements of the university have been forwarded, that a special committee was appointed to secure if possible the attendance of the board of control a the meeting when the financial review of the year was made, and that at al times the regents have been willing to adopt any suggestion that the board o control might feel like offering. THE UPPER DES MOINES is also in position to know that the board of control ha not come near the university until now just at the meeting of the legislature when after a two days' investigation it issues a one sided, unfair, misleading and picayune report that cannot fail to create a prejudice for which there is no occasion. There never was a time if Iowa wants to maintain a university at all, when there was more reason for confidence In the .management, confi dence in' the school, and confidence in the future. The board of regents con tain as able lawyers as Judge Kinni and as able business men as Gov. Lar rabee. They have attended every meet ing, they have discussed every problem they have cut and tried, filled in and dropped out, adjusted here and there and pieced out their limited revenue to meet the exigencies of a school that i inevitably in comparison with school having double and treble the income and not without reasonable success THE UPPER DES MOINES will stake It whole reputation on the statement tha the state university is as ably and in telligently and as economically man aged as any public Institution in Iowa and that It is today in general and In particular a credit to the state. Gov. Larrabee has been a strong man In Iowa and he has rendered grea service to the state. But the time ha come when a Gov. Pillsbury is needed The time has come when some man who can see the great future tliH awaits Iowa should dominate the thought and purpose of the state There is more to the capable manage rnent of an institution than figuring on how much can be saved by buying gro cerles In Chicago, or by drivingYanke bargains In corpses. These things are Important in their way and the Healej investigation was wise, was ably an fearlessly conducted, and it has result ed in good. But this investigation am all like investigations only clear thi ground. If the ground is to be bull upon the genius of some great, afflrma live, confident and inspiring leadershi must dominate public thought and leave its impress upon public legisla tion. NEWS AND COMMENT. As Sam Clark sees It: "The Boer are making so great a fight that they en list universal sympathy and even an Bug lishman can scarcely avoid regretting tha they must be overcome by superior powei in the end. They are fighting from a mere animal instinct, that of self-preservation and they represent nothing worth while in civilization. But a woodchuck making a brave defense of itself in its hole commands admiration and so do these Boers. If they had their way tbey would turn back the shadow on the dial plate of the world's pro gress, but they are great fighters and deserve praise because of that. They have brought the greatest power in the world into such discomfiture as has not come to il for a great many years," The State Register sums up some ol the proposed legislation at the coming session and says: The agitation for more normal schools will also be pushed by members representing a number of different sections of the state. Every session for several years bills have been introduced for the establishment of more normal schools. The institution at Cedar Falls, under the management of President Seerley, has grown so rapidly that all the students can not be taken care of. Appropriations to enlarge the buildings there will be asked rpr and will probably be granted. But at least two and probably three more normal schools will be demanded. In the past, normal school bills have failed because the different sections of the state seeking a school have opposed each other. ^ This year plan is on foot to log roll and establish lerhaps three in the three corners of the tate not ROW supplied. Bills of various qharftoter have been prepared, and are ea.dy for submission with this end in view.' t is probable teat the bill which, will be will provide ojoly far theitytab- K.OOJM. 11 Boston & ft commission |o be appointed by '' normal colleges are liable to be established. Algona, Harlan, Denlson, Atlantic and Wapelloftre among; the towns which are candidate* for location of new normal schools. A great man died in Dwight L. Moody, tie was self poised, made no mistakes, never got ont of his field, adapted bis means to his ends, did what he started to do. The legislature convenes a week from Monday. Both sides are still making con fident claims both on speakership and sen- atorship. About all that is settled is that the speakership and Senatorship will go together. If Dr. Bowen is elected speaker it eliminates the Cummins candidacy for the senate. If Eaton is elected speaker Gear may not be forced out, but his chances will be greatly lessened. The Bowen men and the Eaton men claim success with equal assurance and give out figures to prove their claims. It is the closest and most hotly contested fight that has lately been seen in an Iowa legislature. The State Register says: "At the state university the board of control has asked that changes in the methods of business be instituted, whereby a closer surveillance may be kept upon the expenditure of moneys." In this connection It is well to recall that for four years Gov. Larrabee was chairman of the board of regents of the university, during which time he is credited with having taken a more active interest in the financial management of the school than any governor excepting Gov, Shaw. The " methods of business" were exactly the same during those four years that they are now. C. P. Wennerstrom, who is one DJ the leading candidates for labor commis sloner of Iowa, is a friend of Presiding Elder Smylle of this district. Rev. Smylie says he is abundantly equipped for the office and that his appointment would be a well merited recognition. The Vinton Eagle is out with a hand some souvenir edition. It is full of pictures of Vinton's fine homes and substantial bus iness houses, and it proves conclusively that Bro. Murphy ought to be state printer, which he will be. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Fred Gllbart of Spirit Lake won the inanimate target championship 01 America from Wm. R. Crosby of Batavia, New York, in that city by a score of 120 to 119. Miss Norma Gilcbrist, who has been dangerously sick at Wellesley, Mass. where she was attending school, is back to Pocahontas. She will not return to Willesley. W. W. Read, who lives northeast o Corwith, raised about three acres o broom corn for which he received over one ton to the acre, which is worth at present $200 per ton. He expects to put out 10 acres next year. Two Clear Lake men who spent four weeks in trapping at Rice Lake secure: in that time 1,016 muskrats, 28 minks and 20 skunks. Ten of the skunks they dug from one hole, where the anl mals had " denned" up for the winter F. I. Chapman of Lu Verne has been appointed district deputy of the I. O, O. F. for this district, which is com posed of the counties of Kossuth anc Hancock. The News says Frank will fill the position in an acceptable man' ner. The Estherville hired girls have ef fected a union and demanded higher wages. They get $2.50 to $4.50 per week, and have the use of the parlor every evening and the horse and car riage Sunday. The Republican says they are still unhappy. D. R. Hubbard, for five years past the successful superintendent of agencies of the Des Moines Life, will resign his position the first of January, and move to Spencer. " Dick," as he is known began as editor of the Ruthven Free Press. He graduated into insurance and is rich. Emmetsburg Reporter: J. E. King and family cease to be residents of Emmetsburg- this week. Thursday Mr. King came over from Algona anc had them moved over Friday. Mrs. King followed Saturday. The family have been residents of Emmetsburg a good many years and their departure is deeply regretted by a host of friends. All, however, wish them happiness and prosperity in their new home, Cowles on Normal Schools. State Register: Gardner Cowles of Algoim was in this city yesterday and left for home.last evening. Mr. Cowles Is thoroughly intested in the establishment of normal schools in the state, Algona is prepared to bid high for the establishment of a school at that place, and Mr. Cowles will push the project as energetically as possible. Concerning normal schools, Mr. Cowles said last evening: "There are certainly more normal schools needed in the state. What we need is better teachers in the country schools, who can be paid better wages and who can do systematic work teaching. Algona wants a school and will offer all that the town can afford to offer, but we do not propose to attempt to overcome the impossible. If there is a feeling among the members friendly to the establishment of one or more normal schools, we snail make an effort to secure the establishment of one. But if there is a general opposition, we shall iccept the inevitable. We believe, lowever, that the time has come when the need of more schools is realized and when they will be established." A abort time ago u clairvoyant named kfadom Chapon, an elderly lady, vis- ted, Emmetsburg, stopping at the St. James. A JloofU cigar njaker by the same of $wa.neop owljed to have hJs for, , told. It ie alleged that for the modest, sum of $5 he was promised that wpujd, meet lw npftr- the Congre- l onuroji at 2. o'clock in the £ of pejoember Jg, she would r h/tt, $ wfaip tW.ftPM which be says the fellow left Emmetsburg intending to come back on the date set. He reached Iowa Palls on his return trip and came up from there in order tdtneet her on time. When he got there the Madam was nowhere to be found, and he is yet at a loss to locate the tree near which his treasure Is buried. It is rumored that several other local cigar makers paid well for similar information. NOTICE—Life Insurance companies will reduce the rate 33 per cent, to all who agree to use Rocky Mountain Tea. A wise measure. R. H. Miller—35c. Dally Capital for 98. The state of Iowa will have been in the union 63 years on Dec. 28. Lafe Young, the publisher of the Daily Capital at Des Moines, will offer his eight page dally paper on that one day, Dec. 38, for 13 for the year 1900, check to accompany the order. The Capital is a regular eight-page daily newspaper, well established and thoroughly modern in all respects. The publisher owns his own building, costly linotype machines and every thing else going to make up a modern daily newspaper. JURT SAVED HIS LIFE. It was a thrilling escape that Charles Davis of Bowerston, O., lately had from a frightful death. For two years a severe lung trouble constantly grew worse until it seemed he must die of Consumption. Then he began to use Dr. King's New Discovery and lately wrote: "It gave instant relief and effected a permanent cure." Such wonderful cures have for 35 years, proven its power to cure all Throat, Chest and Lung troubles. Price 50c and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed. Trial bottles at R. H. Miller's drug store. BRAVE MEN FALL. Victims to stomach, liver and kidney troubles as well as women, and all feel the results in loss of appetite, poisons in the blood, backache, nervousness, headache and tired run-down feeling. But there is no need to feel like that. J. W. Gardner of Idaville, Ind., says: "Electric Bitters is Just the thing for a man when he don't care whether he lives or dies. It gave me new strenght and good appetite. I can now eat anything and have a new lease on life." Only 50 cents at R. H. Miller's drug store. Every bottle guaranteed. PAID DEAR FOR HIS LEG. B. D. Blanton of Thackerville, Tex., in two years paid over $300 to docters to cure a running sore on his leg. Then they wanted to cut it off, but he cured it with one box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve. Guaranteed cure for piles. 25c a box. Sold by R. H. Miller, druggist. A KEEN CLEAR BRAIN. Your best feelings, your social position or business success depend largely on the perfect action of your stomach and liver. Dr. King's New Life Pills give increased strength, a keen, clear brain, high ambition. A 25 cent box will make you feel like a new being. Sold by R. H. Miller, druggist. A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely. Miller's Hair Tonic is prepared especially for this purpose. It keeps the hair in a smooth, glossy, healthy condition, stimulates the roots, prevents dandruff and itching, and holds us bay as well as cures dandruff. PRICE, 50c. R. H. MILLER, The Druggist, Holiday Goods. OTTOlEUMAN Has put in a nice line of Holiday Goods. Drums and children's books a specialty. In the old Grange Store stand, south of the court house. Be sure and look him up, One Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. JOHN SCHU & CO. R. H. SPENCER, Real Estate, las some choice bargains in improved and unimproved lauds iu Kossuth county and elsewhere. Come and look over my list. j«0Jn,eso$ee ? Langdon & Hudson want you to try their line t>f Teas and Coffees, In Uncolored Japan Tea: Camelia, May Bud, and Rose Bud. In Ceylon: Naban and Monsoon. In Coffees: Diamond Mocha and Java, Flint Mocha and Java, Challenge Brand, Capital Brand, Victor 1-lb cans, High Life 1-lb cans. Holiday Goods Grand Display in Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Dress Goods, Trimmings, Fancy Goods, Shoes, Overshoes, etc. Geo. L. Galbraith. Holiday Sale— OF Trimmed Hats, Sailor Hats, VND Street Hats. Until the first of January, 1900, we will sell all of the above at 50 cents on the dollar. Come now for the best bargains you ever saw in millinery. Matson & McCall. The Wetmore Truss. M.P. HAGGAHI). G. P. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smlth.l Abstracts, Real Estate,^^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. WATER OR NO PAY. Artesian weu isouwsctor. I have the only cable steam drilling machine owneu in the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities, and railroads. Special attention to :ann wen worts. Estimates made. I em- jlpy only expert drillers. Address A, P. Pauey, Algona, Iowa, Tins Tsuss I \V.':AR TUB STMOIili TsuSJ A truss embodying the simplicity and du- ,• rability of all other trusses, and yet unlike J any of them. The most simple truss ever (1 made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles—no cumbersome springs to pass about the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss, Does not take one-half the pi-essure to hold the rupture that the old style takes. Hold the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays just where it is placed. It is the cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It is absolutely guarantaed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money will be refunded. Don't buy any other truss before giving the Wetmore a trial. For sale and guaranteed by W. J, STUPLEY, Pharmacist, Boston block, ALGONA, IOWA, 'j Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the , Victor, and j Wheels. J. L EDMONDS, Removed— now next door to FwwU meat isarkftt! gtate street.

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