The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1899 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1899
Page 10
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TM& UPPJEH 1/EH MOlNEfe: ALGONA iOVV-A, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20 L 1890. DR. FELLING IS NO MORE. Died on the Tl-ftitf While on the Way to the Asylnrn. WAS a Man' of Powerful fcttitd—Bad Whiskey and Consequent insanity Laid Him Low. Dr. Felling of Wbittemore, the biggest and most powerful man in the county, was taken to the asylum Monday by Sheriff Cbristensen, Henry Thompson going along to assist. He had been sick for two weeks and was almost helpless. . Before that time he had been drinking heayliy, his dally ration being a quart of brandy. Besides being off In his head the doctor's heart was so seriously affected that Dr. Morse thought he might not live to reach independence. The doctor's mania seemed to be that he had a roll of money and that someone was trying to get It. He did dot mention his many creditors, but it was doubtless some of them he had In mind. Dr. Morse's fears proved well grounded, for when nearing Ctilnmr the doctor suddenly collapsed and was dead. He sank gradually after leaving Algona and his death was painless. His remains were brought at once back to Wbittemore on the morning train yesterday. The doctor was once tried in court in Algonn for an alleged abortion. He was not convicted. He was a nian of good ability and pleasing address, but, even now that he is dead nothing can be said commendatory "f his character. Mrs. Felling is a woman of intelligence and hns the esteem of the community. agreeing upon anyone to Pendlelon, and it will be asslng to Messrs. Cafr, Lathrop to pick a man. succeed Mr. very embar- WeaVer and L. EUFUS HILL FOB HIMSELF. at Esthervtlle ChHftt- a Company of His GRIP CAR FENDER. Tfc* froni Pick* Vf Ita.iiii« Will** W»*o»*. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Misses Mabel and Ruby Smith come Saturday. E. R. Cook and family will go to Colorado sometime this month. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Keith have gone to Preston, S. D., for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. \. P. Hall are going to Philadelphia to visit his relatives. Mrs. Winchester Is making a visit with her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Davenport. Will and Mrs. Salisbury are talking of locating in California. They like the climate. Miss Louise McCoy is at home for the holidays, and is greeted by many old time friends. W. W. Winchester of Chicago has been making his sister, Mrs. C. E. Davenport, a visit. Mrs. Chas. W. Russell of Omaha and Mrs. W.J. McChesney of Iowa City will come to Algona next week for a visit at the Ingham home. Mrs. Edith Clarke Williams and little boy started east Thursday. They visit in Chicago and meet Mr. Williams and then go on to Erie. J. W. Wadsworth attended the meeting of stock men at Ames last week and was on the committee to name, officers. Thos. F. Cooke was also down. Lamont Cowles come up from Burlington Monday for a few day's visit with his brother. Mr. Cowles is a prominent lawyer of Burlington. Dr. Richmond and family come from Ames last week to visit his son George. Dr. Richmond used to practice in Algona, and built the Horan house. Gardner Cowles came from Des Moines Saturday. He has secured rooms at the Savory for the winter. He says the new members are gathering in _._j * i~ _ t- 4-V.j-t n».tli m i M •» »i*r na n iru CO ft Vfi I* He Will Open mas With Otvn. L. Rufus Hill must have left the Warner company after their week at Algodft, according to the Estherville Democrat, which says: Mr. L. Rufus Hill, remembered here for his work with the Clara Hamner Theatre company, is in the city organizing his own company for the season of 1900. Mr. Hill has a company of nine first class people engaged, and will give Esther- vllle a series of high grade productions commencing with a gala opening at the opera house Christmas night. t , NEWS OF THE OOTTKTY. Titonka's school enrollment is 40. The Germania Yeoman have 60 members. Titonlta has a bfg masquerade ball tonight, LuVorne wants a night watch. There are symptoms ol burglary. The Countryrnans are trapping mink at Swea City and get a good price for the skins. The Whittemore home talent play was a great success. A dramatic club is talked of. Titonka votes on incorporating Dec. 29. The incorporation is to take In all of section 9. Ernest Ludberg, the Fenton blacksmith, Is married to Louise Anderson of Swea City. Peter Graves of Renwlck has moved to Germiinia and is now jeweler in the Waud drug store. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Sherman of Bancroft went to Minneapolis last week to to visit the Lantrys there. Fenton had a dance.last night for the benefit of the band. The Fenton band starts out with 13 members. Tim Burl band played for a store opening at Fonton one day last week, and also for Will Weisbrod's tin wedding. Swea City is organizing a company to take another of the McLaughlln Bros, big stallions. They are fine horses. Ledyard wants F. S. Jenks for supervisor in C. S. Pendleton's place. Mr. Jenks is a good man for the place and Ledyard is centrally located. Mrs. S. X. Way and Fred Bacon have gone to Des Moines to visit with relatives and to attend the reception given to Grandpa Bacon who was 100 years yesterday. Agent Day of Burt wants to move to Lone Rock. His health is poor and the Bnrt work is too much for him. The Northwestern will doubtless make the change. The hyponotists busted up at Wesley. Some of them couldn't pay board and warrant's were gotten out. They sold a, good coat for $10 and a ring for $2 and paid up. The Burt Farmer's exchange has in six months shipped 70 cars of grain, sold 18 cars of coal, 80 barrels of salt, and 300 sacks of flour. It is a successful combination. Ledyard Leader: Miss Edith Bowyer of Algona was in Ledyard Tuesday arranging for a class in music. Miss Bowyer is a fine musician, and Ledyard's young people will be very fortunate to secure such able instruction as she can give. The Whittemore Jarley wax works show was a success. The Champion says: Edith Bowyer played some of The- unfold aad hitherto tti»t»*p6et*d possibilities of the street cat fender as a collector of things various washlteted at by an occurrence on Washington street th* other day, whereby the gentle gripman camt out considerably ahead of the game, reports a Chicago paper. A market wagon laden to the guards with sides of beef and hamaand barrels of tenderloin and other thing* edible, and efery way pleasant to look upon even in their raw and unwashed condition was occupying the track in front of a Madison street cable train. The gripman sounded the gong lustily and the driver of the meat wagon attempted 10 pull out of the track to make way. But the grip was too close for comfort and it grazed the wagon, jarring the load and spilling hall a dozen hams on the ground. The driver pulled up his horse hastily when he had cleared the track and jumped off to gather the precious produce from the street, but two of the hmns fell within the tracks and were promptly scooped up by the fender. Tbe gripman threw his weight on the lever nnd the train shot along toward the west with the hams reposing safely on the steel carrier, probably to enrich the lurder of the gripman. Now, if some one would drop an occasional overcoat or a barrel of flour now and then in front of a cable car the life of the gripman would be one long, purple holiday. SUICIDE OF A ROGUE CAMEL. faille;.;- to Kill a Cruel Master, the VI dona Meant Takes Ita Own Life. A valuable camel working in an oil mill in Africa, was beaten by its driver. Soeinjj that the camel had treasured up the injury and was only waiting a favorable chance for revenge, the driver kept a strict watch upon the animal. Time passed away; the camel, knowing that it was watched, was quietand obedient, and the driver began to think that the beating was forgotten, when one night after several months had gone by, the man was sleeping on a raised platform in the mill, whilst, as is customary, the camel was stabled in a corner, says an exchange. Happening to awake, the driver saw by the bright moonlight that, when all was quiet, the . animal looked caU' tiously around, rose softly, and, steal' ing toward a spot'where a bundle o: clothes and a burnous, thrown carelessly on the ground, resembled a sleeping ifigure, cast itself with violence upon them, rolling with all its weight, and tearing them viciously with its teeth. Satisfied that its revenge was complete, the camel was returning to its corner when the driver sat up and spoke. At the sound of hia voice, and realizing the mistake it had made, the animal was so mortified at the failure and discovery of its scheme that it dashed its head against the wall and died.on the spot. Umbrellas. Wizard silk, guaranteed one year, sterling trimmed, engraved free $5.00 Leather covered cane handles $3.50 and $4.50 Nice ones $2.00 to $3.50 Mufflers, (Oxford) 50c to $1.75 Fancy Shirts. Jewelry. Cuff buttons, pins, etc. Initial pins 10c. Good goods at about 25 per cent, less than .regular jewelers' prices. lies put up one in a fancy box, fresh from New York. rancy in wool and cotton. J Fancy Night Robesj in pink, blue and white sateen at $1.00 and $160 5 Outing flannel gowns for boys j and men 50C 75C $1.00! Men's and boys' fancy vests $1.50 to $3.50 Suit Cases and Grips. Nothing more appropriate. ; Linen Hkfs 25c to 65c Cotton Hkfs 5C 10c 15c Silk lined gloves at $1.00 $1.50 and $2.00 Others at 500 to $1.00. Men's and-boys' lounging and bath robes, $3 $4.50 Always acceptable. and that the preliminary canvass over speaker is very warm. Senator Funk was in town Monday evening on his way to Des Moines. He is very much interested in the Cummins campaign and is confident that the first round will be won in the election of Eaton speaker of the house. THE HOLIDAY TEADE. The Stores Are Full of Handsome Thtiigs—WUat to Buy. Although the weather has been anything but Christmas weather, the Christmas spirit is abroad and the past few days have seen lots of handsome gifts stored away for Santa Glaus' disposal. The trade was slow at first but the merchants report a lively closing Bale, and the coming three days will see a big. lot .of goods go out. The stocks in Alffdna were never better and the giftB that are selected this year will have permanent value. The Algona merchants have done their part towards an enjoyable holiday season, and everybody can be made glad at little cost." It will pay our readers not to wait till the last minute but to get around early and select. WILL OPEN JAN. 16. TUe New Durdall Hotel Will be Beady for Business-Landlord Tre- malu Has Fixed a Oate. Landlord Treroain says he will open the new hotel Jan. 16 without fail. He is now in Algona stowing away the carpets and furniture, which began to come Monday. The carpenters and plasterers are done with the third story and about done with the second. Tbe walls and wood work are to be tinted and oiled. Over half the tile floor is In on the first floor and the plastering will be done tbU week. The heatipg radiators will soon be in and the plumbing is well along. For the oneping &be store room will be used as rtmofng ball. Mr- Durdall will not wove until the last of tbe month. It is now believed that C. S. Peo<J}e» ton will not resign as supervisor, even though be U unable to attend tbe board meVtW- It seems that be will be wnMHfld to miss hut one meeting, and tbe genera) sentiment seemi to be that • it is oettep to leave tbe matter pi selecting a, new njftn to tbe Ml' <jQ» on, Va# fcW Mewe. E'toe 9l her excellent selections on the piano a few readings reputation as a and Mae Farley gave which established her reader of rare ability. The Bancroft Register says Supervi* sor Pendleton should hold his seat: " He intends going to the coast some time next month to visit and look over the country with a possible view to locating, but his family remain here and he will be back for all but the April meeting, until election when the voters could settle tbe matter of a successor. In the interest of the party harmony in the north end and for the peace of mind of those in the west row of offices in tbe court house Mr. Pendleton should hold his seat. The Wesley News says of our Algona boys in the restaurant: Both Messrs. Taylor and McCall hail from Algona are fine appearing fellows and very pleasant to meet. Mr. Taylor Is also connected with the Hudson restaurant and bakery at Algona and has had an extensive experience at the business. L. D. McCall has clerked for the Hudson Grocery company five years but during tbe past few weeks was on the road for tbe Algona wholesale house. He will be permanent manager of the business here. Ike Sweigard, who lacked two votes of being elected treasurer in Hancock, lacks 122 now that the contest is over. Ballots were thrown out by wholesale, sometimes as hiffh as 25 percent, being defective. In Crystal township Reed lost 25, Sweigard 16; Avery township, Reed 14, Sweigard 47; Boone township, Reed 20; Sweigard 19. Thedefects were found mainly in the township ticket. In writing that in very many voters managed to ruin their whole ballot. No one can tell how our Kossuth vote will be affected, but it is likely that many ballots will go out. STATEMENT ov Kossuth County State Bank of Algona, Iowa, at close of business, Deo. 9., 1899, made to auditor of state. ASSETS. Loans and discounts 8151,847 08 Gold coin 7,60000 Silver coin and bullion 3,935 60 Legal tender and banlc notes 9,000 00 Drafts and cash items 812 40 Due from banks as follows: Citizens' National, Des Moines,... 1,653 43 Metropolitan National, Chicago.. 2,13537 First National, Minneapolis 3,658 71 Union National, Chicago 5,496 07 Nat. Exchange Bank, Milwaukee. 7,499 04 First National, Dubuque 707 56 Farmers & Traders' Savings, Bancroft, Iowa 1,19537 Bank of Lu Verne 371 90 Chemical National, New York.... 689 38 Farmers' Savings, Burt, Iowa 1,506 92 Des Moines Savings 7,764 94 Bank of New York, N. B. A 6,720 63 Overdrafts | 2,441 40 Realproperty 7,50000 Personal property 1,74982 Total assets $224,08652 LIABILITIES. Capital stock $ 50,00000 Sight deposits ....161,48366 Undivided profits 12,60286 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE Total liabilities 8224,086 52 All liabilities of directors 84,800 00 Sworn to and subscribed by WM. H. INGHAM, President. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Sworn to and subscribed before me by Wm H. Ingham and Lewis H. Smith this 8th day of December, 1899. [L. s.l H. E. BIST, Notary Public. Attest: JOHN G. SMITH, I D i re otors Jos. W. WADSWORTH, f ulreolors - TAX SALE NOTICE. ToO. D.Payne: You are hereby notified that on the 7th day of December, 1896, the following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, Lot One (1) of Southeast H of Northwest 54 of Section Thirteen (13), Township Ninety-eight (98) north Range Twenty-eight (28), west of 5th P. M., Iowa, was sold by the treasurer of said county to W. 0. Danson, who is now the law ful holder of the certificate of purchase there of That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made unless re demptlon from such sale be made within 00 days of the completed service of this notice. gated this 19& day of ae^WM Otie Hundred Is offered to any person who can duplicate toe CJGAR FOR 5 CENTS. JOHN SCHU & urns****- Everything subject to exchange for size, color, etc. January Clearing Sale Prices on all Regular Stock. Kraft Clothing Co. Are warranted to be well made and well finished in every particular. We will put them on trial with any responsible farmer, and if they do not do more and better work, and are not stronger and more durable thanlany similar machine rated at the same capacity, they may be returned at our expense. Has always kept for sale the leading lines of farm machiney. It si leads in that respect, The Appleton Modem Hero Mill and 4 Horse Power has no e<ii as a» outfit for grinding feed. W© have a full line of feed grinders, oorn shellsrs, etc, Wilfrid P, Jones. *J THE Burt

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