The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1899 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1899
Page 9
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Buller at Tu- tXr 5T " WaS ever y w «"e believed that Buller would be able to achieve a •decisive victory, relieve Ladysmith and cause to be forgotten the previous ill success of British arms. Gen. Buller planned to cross the Tugela river, but the deadly fire of the Boer forces rendered it impossible, and he withdrew his forces in order to avoid greater losses. Ten guns were captured by tho Boers. Following Is the official report of the British reverse: "Buller to Lausdowue, Cheveley Camp, Doc. 15.—I regret to report a serious reverse. I moved in full strength from our camp 'near Cheveley at 4 o'clock this morning. There are two fordable places in the Tugela river, and it was my intention to force a passage througn at one of them. They are about two milos apart. "My intention was to force one or the other with one brigade, supported by a central brigade. Gen. Hart was to attack the left drift, Gen. Hildyard the right road and Gen. Lyttleton was to take the center and support either. Early in the day I saw that Gen. Hart would not be able to force a passage, and I directed him to withdraw. He had, however, attacked with great gallantry, and his leading battalion, the Connaught rangers, I fear suffered a great deal. Col. L. G. Brooke was seriously wounded. "I then ordered Gen. Hildyard to advance, which he did, and his leading regiment, the East Surrey, occupied Colenso station and the houses near the bridge. At that moment I heard that the whole artillery I had sent to support the attack—tho Fourteenth and Sixty-sixth field batteries and six naval twelve-pounder quick-firers, under Col. Long—had advanced close to the river in Long's desire to he within effective range. It proved to be full of the enemy, who suddenly opened a, galling fire at close range, killing all their horses, and the gunners were compelled to stand to their guns. Some of the wagon teams got shelter for troops In a donga, and desperate efforts were being made to bring out the -field guns. "The fire, however, was too severe, and only two were saved by Capt. Schofield and some drivers whose names I will furnish. "Another most gallant attempt with three teams was made by an officer whose names I will obtain. Of the eighteen horses thirteen were killed, and as several drivers were wounded I would not allow another attempt, as it seemed that they would be a shell mark, sacrificing life to a gallant attempt to force the passage, unsupported by artillery. I directed the troops to withdraw, which they did in good order. ''Throughout the day a considerable force of the enemy was pressing on my right flank, but was kept back by mounted men under Lord Dundonald and part of Gen. Barton's brigade. The day was intensely hot and most trying on th-3 troops, whose conduct was excellent. We have abandoned eleven guns and lost by shell fire one. The losses in Gen. Hart's brigade, I fear, are heavy,* although the proportion of severely wounded, I hope, is not large. The Fourteenth and Sixty-sixth field batteries also suffered severe losses. We have retired to our camp at Cheveley." Benllze What the Strncel* Menu* London, Dec. 18.—The immediate consequences of Gen. Buller's reverse are very disheartening. Among the few experts who have as yet heard the news the opinion prevails that it will be impossible for him to proceed to the relief of Ladysmith, and the gravest fears are entertained lest Gen. White may be compelled to surrender the city. The appalling news startled Great Britain as nothing has done in recent tim°s From now on the country will go to' war as if the life of the empire depended on the'issue, as it truly does. Pretoria has now become as vital to the preservation of the British empire as the possession of Bombay, Melbourne or London Itself. The struggle in South Africa will now be treated as a great war, which it-is and not as an expedition. Great Britain will now mobilize the militia and colonial troops, and also call for volunteers, if necessary. She will pour loldierB and guns into South Africa without number. But the first thing Srwill do is to call a halt. There will be no further attempt to invade the Boer republics until a great army »s massed in Africa, and more than a £<££ iuet ela P3 e before this can be d °After midnight the war office au- he statement that srrange- remaln practically on the defensive. ' lhe latest dispatches Indicate the continued bombardment of Ladysmith, whose position is now perilous. The news from Kimberley and Mate- king is still reassuring, each garrison remaining in fine fighting form* Omdartnan Hero to l«n<l. Considerable satisfaction Is felt both in military and civilian circles by the announcement that Gen. Hector MacDonald, whose splendid defeat of the dervishes' flank attack at Omdurman turned a critical situation into British victory, has been ordered to leave India immediately, to succeed the late Gen. Wauchope in command of the Highland brigade. Gen. Tucker, commanding at Zecunderabad, has also bean ordered to the (Japo to command | a division. Will Use Extreme Mea*ar<>g. London, Dee. 18.—The New York Journal correspondent cables: "Tho immediate eflect of Buller's defeat will be the mobilization of Great Britain's whole naval and military power. All the reserves will be summoned to their colors. The entire militia will be called into service. Every ship in the navy will be commissioned, as a warning to European powers to keep their hands off. "The Cape Colonists who have been sympathizing more or less secretly with the Boers will now undoubtedly rise in open defiance of British rule in many parts of South Africa. European nations are certain to give at least moral support to the Boers. How far France, Russia and Austria will go no one can tell. Russia is certain to take advantage of the opportunity to push closer to the borders of India, and France will do the s..aie in northern Africa." Terrible tosses of tho Hrltlsh. Pretoria, Dec. 12 (via Lorenco Marques, Dec. 15).—Detailed reports of the battle at Magersfontein, six miles northeast of Modder river, yesterday, point to terrible slaughter on the British side. Gen. Cronje. estimates that 2,000 British soldiers were put out of action, while be estimates his own losses at only 100. The Black Watch regiment of Highlanders was almost wiped out. The Scandinavian volunteer regiment of Transvaalers suffered* most heavily of all engaged on ' the Boer side. They stormed a position, but were driven from It by a fierce cavalry charge, Gen, Cronje being unable to send aid. RrUlsh Subjects to Bo Kxpolloil. Cape Town, Dec. 18.—The British consul at Delagoa bay has telegraphed to Gov. Sir Alfred Milner that tho Transvaal government Intends shortly to expell all British subjects from the South African Republic. The natives In Tembuland are restless, and unless there Is a speedy British success the authorities fear that the position will become critical. The colonial Boers on the borders are also excited by the Boer, successes. Gannda OfTern Aid. Toronto, Dec. 18.—Telegrams from Ottawa and other cities show that the reverse to Gen. Buller is intensifying the demand that Canada offer her whole militia force of almost 40,000 men and that the dominion undertake the garrisoning of Halifax, Esquimau, Newfoundland and Jamaica so as to permit the regulars from those places going to the front, and that tho surplus Canadians not required for these duties go to South Africa. Mlinrr Wunta Martini Law. London, Dec. 18.—It is said that Sir Alfred Milner, British high commissioner in South Africa and governor of Cape Colony, demands the assent of the imperial government to tho proclamation of martial law throughout Cape Colony. Lord Salisbury is unwilling to grant the request save as a last resort. Sir Alfred Milner reports that Dutch disaffection has now reached a point where ordinary law is useless to stem it. Berosford Quits Parliament London, Dec. 18.— Lord Charles Beresford has resigned his seat in parliament for York to take tho second command of the .Mediterranean fleet, This fleet has been e«ormously strengthened during the last few weeks, the government deeming it prudence to forestall any intrigues In Egypt and Abyssinia. Seeks liner Recruits. Lima, Ohio, Dec. 18.—Jerome Shine, a strong anti-British sympathizer and a prominent busines man, has opened an office here for the receipt of names of thpse willing to go to South Africa. He already has several hundred applicants, nearly all of whom are of Irish or Dutch descent. the of artillery. transports are due to arrive between Dec. 1J and, 15,000 troops of all lioera' lions at London, Dec. 18.—A dispatch to Router's Telegram company from Modder river places the Boer casuallties In the battle of Magersfontein at 700. The British retired, the dispatch adds, because of the lack of water. The Central News says the Boer losses amounted to 2,000. Only 8OO Oppofteil Oat no re, Bterkstrom, Cape Colony, Dec. 12.— The Boere state that their force which defeated Gen. Gatacre at Stornaberg numbered only 800, and they were surprised to see the British retreating. If the British bad arrived half an houf earlier the Boers would have beea surprised. To 4dv9»o« FrpIjTUt Rote*. JJew YflTb, Dec. W.-^-TJjere waj» a. consultation In this ctty Friday <?f freight tra»<s waRageve and ageuft <# Bome'pf tlje #w k Unef relative t» tUp changes ip fretetrt ola^sljc^tipn au<J rates whlpli becpnie opsraiyYe, on Jan,, j, Tfce aavanw l» rates wltt «ffee Even in the most peaceful years the nrmies of the civilized nations of the world comprise £,700,000 soldiers. To feed, equip and pay these men the sum of $?, 500,000 a day is required, and it all tomes out of the pockets of the taxpayers. Winter law*. Should you desire information regarding California, Arizona, Texas or Mexico, and the long limit, low rate, round-trip tickets, sold to principal points, the various routes ria which the tickets can be purchased, of regarding one way first and second-class rates, through sleeping car lines, first-class arid tourist, call upon or address \V. G. N.imyer. Gen'l Western Agent, Southern Pacific Co., 238 Clark St., Chicago; W. H. Cottnor, Com'l Agent, Chamber Commerce Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio, or W. 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La Porte, Texas, is now attracting the attention of the business men of the United States and during 1900 great Interest will be manifested In 1L Owing to an advantageous natural location It Is destined to enjoy a growth In commercial manufacturing and shipping Interests which millions of dollars In advertising and years of energetic promotion could not give it were It not so favored by nature. Men of affairs with large experience in the | upbuilding of cities are predicting a future for La Porte which if but half realized will make It the greatest seaport on the Gulf of Mexico and Indeed one of the principal seaports of the United States as well ns a city of great Importance In the manufacturing, railroad and commercial world. It is nt the head of Galveston Bay in the celebrated coast country of Texas and has a summer and winter climate which makes It a resort for travelers the year round. The farming land surrounding it Is as flue as any lu tho United States. Angelina'is from Greek. 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The contract price is about ?3 per ton or 87 per cent more than the Receivers paid for rail during the time they had charge of the property. Of the total 'amount just ordered tne B. & 0. proper will get 26,000 tons, the D. & O. S. W. 12,600, the Pittsburg and Western 4,000, and the Cleveland Terminal and Valley 1,000. Mrs. Byron Alford, of Eldred, Pa., owns and operates a uitro-glycerine and dynamite factory. THE CHRISTMAS ISSUE Of the Lake Shore Book of Trains is something entirely out of the ordinary in the way of railroad literature and will be of interest to all. Copy will be sent to any address on receipt of 2-cent stamp.— F. M. Byron. G. W. A., Chicago; A. J. Smith, G. P. A., Cleveland. There is nothing 1 good in n mim but liis young feelings and his old thoughts. A Itostoii TVIuii 1'loiiHoil. 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KOBKHTS 1 SUPPLY BOUSE, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. * * * SAVE YOUR TIN TAGS "Star" tin tags (showing small stars printed on under tide of tag), •• Horse Shoe," "J.T.," "Good Lack," "Cross Bow," and " Drnmmood " Natural Leaf Tin Tags are of equal value in Beouring presents mentioned below, and may be assorted. Every man, -woman and child caa nod something 'oo the list) that they would like to have, and can have 1S3 2 TAQS, ............ ... ........... .. 85 3 Kn fe, ope blade, good steel ......... 3i S firioiiora.Wuolies ......... . .......... as 4 Child's Pot, Knife, ffork und BJIOUH 2j $ fcu't nnd Pepper Set, one each, quadruple plato on white metal ......... tn t Fron«li Briar Wood Pipe ............. 55 1 1tnzur, hollow ground, nne JCimllsh steal ..... ....,..,., ..... ,, ...... .. ____ (a « Butter Knlfo, triple plate, uwt quality ............. ...... ............ 81) B Sugar Shell, tnplo plate, best qual.. CO 10 Stamp Box, bfurUnH sllvor .......... 70 11 Kulfe, "Ketm Kuttei-," two bladaa.. VO 13 Jiutoher Knife, "Keen Kutter," 8-lu Wide ..... ........ ...... .... .......... 76 18 Jlmara, "Kton Kutter," 8-inuti ...... ?6 U Nut Bet, Uiauker and 0 1'icis, silver Pitted ............ , ................... so 16 Jiaau Hull. "AsaoelaHou," best qual.lOO >} Al»rm Clopk, nickel ............. .... «« V Six Qenniae Roaera' Teaapoons, boat ila'ed gooaa.." ......... ; .......... isij 18 W«'<M), /iloiul, stem wind and net.. 20U l» Oarvera, good steel, buukljorn handle* . 80 Wx ....... . ............ . fleunlne ROEMS' T«bl« Sppona, beat plated gao&f ............ , ....... 800 SI Six eacu, KiUveaouaiforks, buck- horn handles ............. „. ...... J5« U P»x eachTaeuulae Boaew' Kuivos • WWl Fprks, tKHt plato4 gopds ....... «0u TAQ8. U3 Clocl:, 8-day, Calendar, Thermorn- eter, Uiroma ei 1 ......... . ..... ...,, WO 24 Oun rase, leather, no better made, $00 85 Hevol ver, Hutouiatic, double action, 88 or a9 caliber ..... , ............ .... W 88 Tool Km, not playthings, but wl tools .......... ..... ..... " .......... ., «$o 27 Toilet got devoratea jioictjluin, very baadsomo ..... ,,...,. ..... .... 800 88 BemlUKtou Kills No, -1, !| j or 83 fftl . 800 29 Wutou, atorllug bilvei'.full jeweleil )000 SO Dress Suit Cane, leather, haudsoine Bud durable ,. ..... ....... ......... IOOQ 31 ScwiHL' Machine, first vlusa, \vitb ullattaohineuig,...,.., ....... ......1600 sa Ilevolyer, OoU'a, 88-callber, blued steel .............. „. ....... .,,, ..... 1MB 33 Hide, Colt's, H-Hliot, aa-oallboc ..... l&W U4 Guitar (AVoshburu), rosewoflfl, in- laul ................... .,..,..., ..... JOIN 3$ Mu,naolln, very hnmtoptue. .,,,.,, ..90W 3$ Winchester- Repeating Shot Qua, " 87 Bewigatou, double-birrel h»iq- uierS)iotaun,luorU«»uge ...... S 88 Blorole, standard, make, Indies or * 39 Shot Oau, Kemlnftoa, r«l, »oo 8900 Soacial Notica-1 W«"W»rj'TiuT»g8/tu»m8>»rti a t»g? WIHISO* g|Jgy»«l nmiyp-j ^^ wrfijM on m»d« »icU ot t»«), »ro t»o.,t (Wrt /orpr«* ^^^^^^ffjf^^^^^^ 1 ^ ***w STAR^IPUUC'TOBAOOO ' * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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