The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1899
Page 7
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y- UPPER DBS MOIKES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEBHESBAY, 20, 1899. HOLIDAY SHOPPING & Herbst's, Algona's Busiest Store, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Holiday buying at .our ;•*«* Jf ! «d«fd » Pleasure. In the first place you have at your disposal the largest stock in Kossuth county. Secondly our custom of displaying and pricing everything in the store enables you to find what you want easily and without loss of time In the third place we guarantee our prices to be the lowest and the quality of our goods unexcelled in any market. Furs. Scarfs. Beaver, Martin, Russian Mink, Electric Seal, Astrakhan, Natural Fur, - Collarettes. Beaver, Martin, Astrakhan, French Coney, Muffs. 9-50 6-75 6.50 575 2.90 22.50 12.50 6.50 2.50 5.00 and 8.00 - - 7-50 2.90, 3.90 and 5.90 Beaver, Martin, Electric Seal, Monkey, Krimmer, misses', - - 3.00 French Coney, - 85c and 1.25 3.00 Capes. Before the rise in the price of furs we secured a few choice garments in Ladies' Astrakhan Fur capes ranging from $23.00 to $28.50. Handkerchiefs. Ladies/ A beautiful line of ladies' hemstitched, lace edges, and scallops at 5c and roc ; others at I5c, 2Oc, 35c, 4Oc, SQC and 6oc. Men's. A complete line of men's pure linen handkerchiefs, hemstitched and plain border, at i8c, 2oc, 25c and 35c. A good cambric handkerchief per dozen at 35c. Children's. A pretty lot of handkerchiefs for the little folks at 5c and roc. Lincoln Park handkerchiefs at 5c. Colored bordered and good cambric at only ic. Holiday Hints From Many Departments. The Kid Glove Department. We handle a kid glove at $l.OO which we guarantee—something all dealers will not do. A complete line of colors. The Bedding Department Offers a beautiful line of bedspreads from 75c up, an extra fine all-wool white blanket at $5.00, and other blankets at almost any price you want to pay, from 490 up. The Ready-made Department offers a swell line of petticoats made' of mercerized silk, also black brocaded skirts from $1.00 up to $7.50. The Curtain Department offers an exceptionally good variety of tapestry portieres. Lace curtains, full size, from $1.00 per pair to $6.75. The Linen Department enjoyed a phenomenal Thanksgiving businesH. and now offers some choice now things In table linens at 25c to $1.50 per yard. The Cloak Department offers Holiday gifts of a practical nature and nlso money saving opportunities; every garment at a price greatly reduced, and still the best variety in the city. UPPER DBS MoiNfiS eftld U' will find that it said nothing of the hind. Wm. Owen and his excellent players will present <% Davy Crockett" at the opera bouse next week Thursday evening. Friday evening he plays "The Marble Heart." The Fontfttne Oriental lecture and entertainment did not pay out, although highly spoken of by all who heard It. He preached In the Congregational church Sunday evening, ,T. O. Heaver has sold his newspaper in Atlantic and has gone again to Knoxville, where he has bought a third interest in a dry goods store, fie will make ft good merchant, and his Algona friends wish him well. C. N. Rose wall is putting in a handsome soda fountain that has just arrived. It is an elegant affair, reaching from the floor to the celling. Charley paid spot cash for it, and got It cheap, but It cost in the neighborhood of $600. Contractor Pox, who Is building the Ledyard ditch, was over from Garner Monday. He has closed bis work for the winter, but will open with a steam dredger In the spring. Mr, Pox is also member of the county board In Hancook. Tbos. Henderson writes from Orange, Cal., dated Dec. 14, nnd sends the following choery Christmas item: "We had preen peas for dinner today and supper " fresh strawberries for He snys California suits him for a winter resort. Doxsce is giving polypbone concerts at his store every evening us a holiday attraction. He tins a double geared phonograph that talks as loud as anybody ought to talk and that sings like a bird. It Is a great curiosity and well worth hearing. Mrs. Lars Johnson of Seneca was taken to the asylum last week. She is mother of tho democratic candidate for clerk last year, Is about 60 years of age and a fine woman. She had a severe attack of grip a year ago and has suffered deep melancholy since. Surveyors are at work on the Northwestern between Burt and Eagle Grove m ,1 m 1 1 * n trip riih IP 1 U lllv 1 LLUllV^i I wish to say that all persons desiring to buy goods in my line in small quantities will find my prices as low as the lowest. And to any desiring to buy Five, Ten or Twenty Dollar orders I will give Wholesale Prices or meet all competition. Do not forget that I am headquarters for apples. Respectfully, •James Patterson: 1*1 Cowles* Block, Algona. Merry Christmas All an( * to make it merry we give a <*vll» pretty doll with every purchase amounting to $2.50 and over. THERE IS NOTHING Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, At the Busiest Store in Town. CHRISCHILLES & HERBST. Langdon &.Hudson want you to try their line of Teas and Coffees. In Uncolored Japan Tea: Camelia, May Bud, and Rose Bud. In Ceylon: Naban and Monsoon. In Coffees: Diamond Mocha and Java, Flint. Mocha and Java, Challenge Brand, Capital Brand, Victor Mb cans, High Life 1-lb cans. MINNESOTA LANDS In the famous Rod River Valley. Price of land, $1,000 to $2.500 per 160 acres, according to location and improvement, on the most favorable terms, with'a payment of 20 per cent, down, balance on long time or crop payment. Come any day over the Northwestern, taking receipts for your fare, and I can secure you excursion rates. Railroad fare refunded to all who buy, Call at my office, 183 E. 3d St., St. Paul. JOHN GROVE. R. H. MILLER sells the Jointless Lucky Curve Geo. S. Parker fountain Pea. The Lucky Curve means no screw to break, no joint to leak, no old-fash^ toned nozzle. Perfection. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. p. CLARKE & Co, have a full slock, of window glass ' ftt prices that will make anybody take out tbe old pillow and put IP » ne . w ' t before cold weather, R. H. MUl- ruggist apd jeweler. oar- which includes ribbons for both the Remington and the Smith-Premier, carbon paper, type writer oil, stenographers" note books in 5 and lOo kinds, etc. Prices are as low as you pay to outsiders. Other things being equal why not buy at home? It MaUes Him Laugh. Whittemore Champion: Hal Rogers of the LuVerne News wants the normal school at Lu Verne. Oh! ha, ha, ha. MAKES fat, blood, and rapidly than any known food for the blood, brain, muscle more remedy. It's and nerves. ?h1t' 8 °Vhat Rocky Mountain Tea'does. R. H. Miller. __ • FOR lowest rate on real estate loans, inouireoi ») PANSON TRUE beauty comes from within, in* at i County Btotf THE LOCAL FIELD. Visit the Algona stores. Dr. Benson lectures tonight. He is well.worth hearing 1 . Dry cows brought $45 at the Turn- buugh sale last week. Geo. C. Call was' down to Marshalltown one day last week. The schools will be closed for the holiday vacation from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2. A good guesser guesses that the Sac City line to Algona will go in early next year. Christmas comes next Monday. It is rarely that we have l)a.d a milder winter up to the holidays. The guess is that Lew Owen would be sheriff if he had contested, in view of the outcome in Hnncock. Algona is getting about $500 a month from water and light rentals. Its plants are already on a paying basis. Jas. Mahoney has moved froVn Marshalltown to Algona, which place will be more convenient for MB business. The " Breach of Promise", was to come at the opera house next Tuesday evening. It has gone west and canceled the date. F. M. Curtiss has been at home in Nevada the past 10 day3 sick. He returned to Algona yesterday feeling some better, H, A. Paine is again in charge of the Northwestern elevator. Thos. Williamson has sold to Samson & Paine and will buy a farm. Supt. Hodge writes to one of our citizens that no changes will be made in the passenger service on this line from Eagle Grove north before spring. The skating has been good lately. W. L. Joslyn and the editor went up to the Rice bridge and back Saturday, and wer'nt so very long at it, either. J. G, Voggenthaler had a good sale at the R. A. Palmer farm southeast of town Monday. He is moving to Dubuque where be will work lu the shops, The roads are getting better and the holiday trade is booming. With a little snow for sleighing Algona would have more than the merchants could attend to, Martin Benson and Annie Madsen, James Johnson and Paulina M. Masner, C. E. Pearce and Nora E. Jensen, W. L. Campbell and Orma Hall are licensed to wed. Joseph Laird, who has been carrying the mail to Fentpn, is very sUsfe at home as the result of exposure this bad weather. He hag Me, Altwogg doing his work for him. "^ The West Rend A4vf»oe says: "Tap UPPBR DEB MOIM8, jQOBjmenfclngr On Dr. ~ ' • leveling the grades and preparing for the new track that Is to go In in tho spring. It is reported that the grades .will be materially cut, making.this n splendid line for heavy traffic. Geo. Holloway was in Algona Saturday. He says he has an offer of $20,000 for his diving horses and he has sent a power of attorney to his partner to sell them. If the sale is made he will not go abroad. If it is not he will leave at once. The horses open this week at Chrystal Palace for four weeks at £100 a week. The school board have a final session with Contractor Gross today, over tho new school house. They have put in a claim for damages owing to tho delay in completing the building, which amounts to nearly $600, and Mr. Gross refuses to allow it. He now puts in claims for extras that he did not have in before. Mrs. C. C. Samson, who broke her ankle a week ago, is getting on nicely but is likely to have a slow recovery. The ankle was broken and the ligaments torn loose, and all who know what that means will appreciate tho seriousness of the accident. Mrs. Samson slipped at the back door of her home. Edward Johnson, the Sexton merchant, was married to Edna Benchoter last Thursday at the E. N. Weaver home in Algona. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Ben- choter and they were visiting in town. She is an attractive young lady and her husband is a successful business man. A littlo spice of romance attends their happy union. At the meeting of the W. R. C, Dec. 14 the following persons were elected to office for the year 1900: President, Sarah McCoy; senior vice- president, Marion Patterson; junior vice-president, Joann Pettibone; treasurer, Cornelia Dodd; chaplain, Eugenie Smith; conductor, Mary Taylor; guard, Julia Bosslngham; delegate to state convention, Mary Mason. Port Dodge is in trouble again. When Dr. Bayers assisted tho state veterinary in condeming the tubercu- lous dairy cows, it was arranged that those not seriously affected could be shipped to Sioux City and bo killed under rigid meat inspection and used, if found suitable. It seems that the owners have .instead fatted tho COWB and sold them for beef in Port Dodge, The Des Moines Mail and Times says: Miss Grace Clark, the soprano soloist of the Plymouth Congregational church, will go to Algona Jan. 16, to appear on a concert program at tho opening of a large hotel in that city. Miss Clark is one of Prof, Hadley's most promising pupils. She has a magnificent voice and is endowed with that musical temperament so essential to become an artist. Manager Donahoo will surprise theatre goers with a lot of new scenery at the Owen plays, He has engaged Fontaine, the lecturer, to repaint all the scenery. In addition to his other accomplishments Fontaine is an expert on theatrical scenery painting, He will take the lady out of the, moon we have looked at so long, and also round out that lady on the pedestal in the garden and straighten her back. The Courier says L. C. Smith had 27 majority over M, P.- Randall for recorder some years ago, and that THE UPPER DBS MOINES is incorrect in nutting it at 18. Here are the totals, M. P. Randall 1,191, L. C, Smith, 1,210, J. L. Blunt J, Smith's majority was 18, which we hope the Courier will note. It is unimportant, but the Courier ought to be accurate in its figures, belug wrong on about everything else. M. E. Plnualey, who comes to Algona in connection with the Northwestern, brings a bride with him. He was married at her home near Renwiok to Miss Florence Long, Thursday evening, Deo. 7. The Renwlok Times says: The bride is one of Boone township's most estimable young la.diee, w active work* w lu tho Sunday school, and, i8 loved and respected by all, The groom is a, well known yotmg man of sterling Worth, and a wembep of *Ue Papist ohuroh. He spent tbe earl/ years of life on a, fttjittt n,e#r l NICER for a Christmas present than a We have them in the latest patterns and pair of shoes or slippers. up-to-date styles, just received from the best makers. See our line of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Slippers. are beauties. . They BROWNELL & ALLKED, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Flno repairing anil custom worlt. ALSO AT FENTON, IOWA. After Christmas the practical affairs of the home will receive the attention of many who are running the various departments of that institution. A few hints may not come amiss. Cutting Sausage Meat is no sina.ll task if you are without the proper machine. We have the proper kind. The ordinary family size will cut one pound of meat per minute, which means an ordinary sized hog in 3 hours. It is a chopper that every housewife can use every day in tho year for some purpose. It is a perfect substitute for the old chopping bowl and knife, with one-tenth the labor. Our price has not yet advanced... : uisvvi fiuu $1.50 __ ( t ^te^austfswrasifflHiss^^ ^ttirtO Dona'irintf can be done winter evon- •3I1UC l\£pdllllU£ h,g8 at home if you have tho tools and materials. We carry half soles, cement, thread, wax, eto. Wo have a few sets of REPAIRING OUTFITS left which contain all tools necessary to do ordinary mending, Cflft which we arn silll soiling at %JUU them to the store not later name attached. will be given awav Jan. 1. All who have ), oen collecting ads are requested to bring than Saturday, Dec. 80, securely tied, with O. Cheap goods are dear at any price. We keep the best and are here to stay. A complete stock of Felt Shoes and Slippers, Overshoes, and Felt Boots. CALL AT- The Other Shoe Store. c. o. Repairing and custom work. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 a in No. 3 departs at 3:58pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at 10:45p» No.71 departs at 3:20pm No. 05 departs at.. 8:30 pra TRAINS HAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 am No. 4 departs at 8:38 p rn Freights that carry pusseugovs— No. 76 departs at...... 10:10pm No.94 departs at 3:30pra R. F, HEDIUCK, Agent. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTEBN. South— North- Pass l:65pjnP»SB i:55pm Mixed 0:35 am Mixed I0:60p in Mixed 7:B4pwMtsea 7:20am Freight ..,,.18:15a jnFreight U;30 am • F. H. VESPER. Agent. Warm Up. Our Hot Soda Apparatus is now in operation and we are serving: Hot Chocolate with oreuin; Hot Bovax with snow flake wafers; Hot Liquid Beef with enow flake wafers; Clam Toddy; Coffee with cream, Gingorado, Egg Phosphate etc., etc. Best Hue of cigars in the city, Ehlers & Adams, Leading Druggists, Algona.

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