The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1899
Page 4
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UPEBfi BIB MOIK1SJ ALGONA, 10 WA, WEJDSJfieJDAY, DEOEMBEE 20,. 1899. Tfifi PRICE. SlonxRapldg Editor is Beaten in the Supreme Court, Aigoiia P&etot Kindly Mentlonfed- Setnl-iocAl News Notes TFtotn Neaf-by Sections. The supreme court has affirmed Judge Quarton's decision in the libel prosecutions against Jos. Hosklns, who opened lip on Judge Hetaell so venomously when he ran for judge. J. J, Bruce of Pooahontae charged the judge with changing county records and HOB- kins published it. Both were heavily fined* , Bey. Chlppetfleld At Reporter: Rev. Chipperfield of Algona occupied the pulpit for Rev. O. K. Maynard in this city, in exchange with the latter. Mr. Chipperfield is a fine talker, and in the morning gave an earnest and instructive elucidation of the twentieth century movement that is now being agitated in Methodist circles in this country. The closing part of his address was an eloquent appeal for greater consecration on the part of Christians, and an earnest endeavor to bring about the conversion of the 2,000,000 persons sought after. He said that if this was done the raising of $20,000,000 for church purposes would be a foregone conclusion. His address in the evening was a fitting sequence to his morning address. It was a convincing argument that nothing save the consciousness of the indwelling of God's presence can satisfy the yearnings of the human heart. Jim Farley's Grease. Bailey: Our old friend, Jim Farley of Whittemore, who la a republican in disguise, but masqueraded as a free ellver detnopoprepub at Des Moines a couple of years, IB still on earth, though out of the ring somewhat. We clip the following from the Whittemore Champion:' "I have Klondyke oil for windmills and. machines that will run in winter and wears well. J. M. Parley, tf" The fact that Jim will sell windmill oil " till further notice" is proof to us that he is going to stay in Whittemore, and if he didn't run well in the fall he is going to sell the people something that can run In the winter. The fact that it wears well is anothar point in its favor, and if he'd only grease Hincbon's political machine with it perhaps it would make a windmill run well in the fall too. We hope those Kossuth fellows will buy a gallon of Jim's oil. Iowa Central Will Extend. *- The Marshalltown Times-Republican says the Iowa Central line-to Algona is a very important addition to the system, and that it will be extended: "The Iowa Central management believes in expansion. This is demonstrated by the determination to reach out towards the north and west into fertile territory and the utilization of its own lines on the south end. The Algona extension will be an important factor in-bringing business to the road and the indications now are that this line will be further extended next year and become a very important part of the system—as important, perhaps, as any other portion except the Story City branch." TUos. A. Way's Uig Scheme. Thos. A. Way, T. A. Potter, and others are planning a new telephone exchange in Kansas City. The Company has been incorporated and already have 4,000 subscribers pledged and expect to have upwards of 5,000 subscribers when the exchange is pu't in. The company already has 1,500 miles of line connecting with Kansas City which will be made a part of the system and greatly increased. The Bell people and another independent exchange are already on the ground in Kansas City, but the new company is composed oJ men able to cope with any adversary in business, and the exchange will be there to stay. . An Estliervllle Case, Judge Quarton had a railway injury case before him at EstherviUe. Miss . v: ,Whittelsy was injured on the Burlington road. Within a day or two there after an agent of the company pre vailed upon her to accept $100 damages and sign a contract releasing the company from further obligations, Her injury proved more serious than she an ticipated and she brought suit for more money, alleging that she was incapable of transacting business at the time ol signing the contract. The jury returned a verdict for the company. A Prominent 'readier. The Des Moines Capital says: "Miss Lucy Curtis of Algona, a former member of the state board of educational examiners, is assisting in the office of the superintendent of public instruction in the work preparatory to the examinations for state certificates, which will take place Deo, g7 and 28," Miss Curtis is Mrs. Capt. Dodge's sister, who fcas spent the last summer in Algona, Sunday Service to Eagle Grove. The Northwestern now runs a Sunday morning train out of Des Moines, which brings the Sunday daily papers up to Eagle Grove and then west. Eagle Grove is still the jumping off place. _____________ WaJJier WJilteaide lu Des JMoluee. Walker WWteeide plays "The Red Cockade" in Des Moines tonight. He gives the same play in 'Algpfla Jan, JJ, The p}ay is founded, en M. Poijisard'e great romantic comedy drama, AWQ»rea.u«, » This play, depicting._, tgrbulenj scepee during the French, ' j ' ~/ % of Terror, en to ftocfte Hme the beat n)»y at defter F4'«wml«» J>a.f'" ~~' ' i .(Mr Mr. Whlteeide: "Walker Whlteeide at the age of thirty has gained a position that commands respectful ad mira- tion. He possesses exceptional natural gifts which he has cultivated with ceaseless industry and with a soul on fife. Temperament, impulse and environment early conspired to make him an actor. He has drunk of the pure waters of poetry and the exhilarating influence of the draught will remain with htm to the end of his days. For this and for other reasons his present engagement is doubly welcome." ESSENTIALLY QUIBBLES, The board of control has filed a report oh the management of the state University, which is so quibbling In the character of its criticisms that it Is difficult to believe that it was written except With a view to prejudicing public opinion. THE UPPER DES MOINES has space to notice but one or two sample Items this week: The board says the regents allowed the widow of President Schaeffer his salary without legal authority. President Schaeffer died Sept. 24, a few weeks after the school year had opened. The board estimated that his work for the new year had been so fully done that stopping his salary at Nov. 1 would not more than be an actual pay ment for services rendered. The board had as much authority to decide what he had earned as It had to fix his yearly salary, or to do any other business of the university. Judge Babb and the lawyers of the board discussed the matter thoroughly, and the payment to Mrs. Schaeffer was made upon the basis of actual work performed by Mr. Schaeffer. Every man who knows anything about a school knows that the bulk of the president's work comes at the opening of the school year. • The board of control says the regents had no authority to pay the funeral expenses of Fireman Lentz, who diet while fighting the flee in the university library. The board had authority to hire men to assist in putting out the fire and In rescuing the books and In repairing the library building. It Is very singular that connected with this authority should not be coupled the legal right to meet any of the Incidental expenses connected with this work. Fireman Lentz died saving the state property, and paying his funeral expenses was a fitting recognition o, <lhe service. The suggestion that his suffering family be referred to a legis lative session two years away is poppy cock, neither law nor sense. The board of control says the univer sity treasurer ought to have more to do with the university .funds. The uni verslty has no treasurer in the accepted sense. It has its secretary act as both secretary and treasurer, thereby sav ing one salary, which ought to com mend the management to the board o: control. The treasurer as a matter o. fact is a finanqlal agent merely, who handles the university's reserve fund of over $250,000 and keeps it out at th biggest rate of interest now paid in Iowa, for which he receives $800 a year He also In a general way acts as treas urer, but Secretary Haddock is the financial manager of the university The special committee which examined the university two years ago, pointed out that a better check could be kept i the university had both secretary and treasurer, but the regents had no mon ey for an extra salary, and have nol had, and, moreover, no extra salary Is needed if the board of control will look at results and not quibble over theoret leal book keeping. There is ample check on the secretary to satisfy the board that the university money is be ing honestly handled and to satisfy any business man who will examine the methods employed. The criticisms of the board of contro of the methods adopted by the execu live committee in auditing bills are of like character with those named, They are not intended to reach any grievance or correct any abuse, but merely to hamper the regents in efficiently and cheaply attending to the business in hand. The criticism of the hospital management cannot be judged fairly at 'this distance because the hospital is new feature of the school, and is still in an experimental stage. The suggestions of the board may point to the most satisfactory method of managing that institution. This much is to be said, however, the chairman of the hospital committee is Geo. W, Cable of Davenport, brother of the president of the Rock Island railway, and as able and conscientious a business man as Gov. Larrabee, But the board of control says the regents had no authority to pledge the university lands to get money to buy bqoks. When the library was burned the regents appealed to the special session pf the legislature but it decided that the matter must go over to the regular session. The regents then decided to sell the university lands in Clay county and buy enough books to go on with the school. It was the wrong season of the year to sell to advantage and $8,000 was borrowed on he land. Part of -the land has einee been sold and the $6,000 ba'e been paid The regejjte have authority tp the'land or lease it. It ie very [Jugular they have pn ft in, a.n boa>£ pf control, tfce' papers furnished the board of control full record of all their proceedings, together with tabulated financial statements. They have invited the board of control to come to Iowa City at every meeting of the regents, and a special committee was appointed to urge the board of control to be present at the meeting when the financial management of the school was under discussion, The board of control has never come near the institution, until now just on the eve-of the meeting of the legislature when after a cursory examination and without any apparent knowledge of the problems the regents have had to solve, it proceeds to declare illegal acts which were fully debated by such lawyers as Judge Babb, Judge Tlsdale, Gov. Shaw, C. E. PiOkett and Shirley • GtllSland, and to declare lacking in business method transactions under the especial charge of a committee consisting of Major Htgley, president of the Merchants' National bank of Cedar Rapids, P. K'. Holbook, one of the leading bankers of northwestern Iowa, and Col. Abernethy, who has a genius for details ii anybody In Iowa has. The board ol control Is taking itself altogether too seriously. It is time it learned that it is not the only pebble on the Iowa sand pile. THE UPPER DES MOINES doubts very much if it is managing a single institution under Its charge as intelligently and with as much real economy as the state university is being managed. If it approaches its duties at the other Institutions in any such Pecksniffian and picayune spirit as it has shown in this report, the quicker It is abolished or new members appointed the better for Iowa. wax Candles Nothing else adds go much to the charm of the drawing room or boudoir as the softly radiant light from CORDOVA Candleu. Nothing will contribnte more to the artistic success of the luncheon, I tea or dinner. The bent decorative candles for the simplest or the moat elaborate function—for cot, tage or mansion. Made in all colon and the most delicate tints by STANDARD OIL CO. and sold everywhere. The Wetmore Truss. '"'*.! THIS TRUSS Mel I \VFAR TKUSS A truss embodying the simplicity and du rability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most-simple truss evei made. Is practically indestructible—wearf forever. Made on strictly hygienic princi pies—no cumbersome springs to pass aboui the body. It gives perfect freedom of action with out the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hole the rupture that the old style takes. Hold the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays Just where it is placed. It' is the cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It is absolutely guaranteed to flt and hole the hernia with comfort, or money vvill be refunded. Don't buy any other truss before giving the Wetmore a trial. For sale and guaranteed by W. J. STUDLEY, Pharmacist, Boston block, ALGONA, IOWA. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the Eldredge, Victor, and Andrae "Wheels, J. L EDMONDS, ALGONA, JOWA, Removed—now next door to Frank meat market. State street. R. H. SPENCER, o Real Estate, Has some choice bargains in tnjproved ana unimproved lands in Ko^suth eoustv ai»<3 else.«, q,oj»e aiftd J<K& ever m «8tJ . A COLOSSAL BANKRUPT SALE IS NOW GOING ON I The wholesale clothing firm of Thompson & Goodrich, 702-704- Broadway, New York City, having- recently failed in business, our buyer has been enabled to secure the entire BANKRUPT CLOTHING STOCK at 48c on the dollar, for our various stores. Part of this immense stock has been shipped to Algona, to be disposed of immediately, thus placing us in a position to offer to the people of Kossuth county the greatest bargains ever known in its history. In this GREAT BANKRUPT CLOTHING SALE we include our entire line of clothing, ladies 1 and gents' furnishing goods, shoes, rubbers, and overshoes of all kinds, which presents to you opportunities never before equaled. ' A glance at the following bargain price list will convince you that we deserve your constant patronage. P. S. Remember that this great Bankrupt Clothing and Shoe Sale commences SATURDAY, DEO. 16, and will last until Christmas eve, at Star Clothing and Shoe Co, Our store is next door to Sorenson's butcher shop. Holiday ' Sale—— OP Trimmed Hats, Sailor Hats, D Street Hats. Until the first of January, 1900, we will sell all of the above at ; 50 cents on the dollar. Come now for the best bargains you ever saw in millinery. Matson & McCall. A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely, Hftir Tonic is prep,ared especially fgp this purpose. It keeps the hair in a smooth, glossy, healthy condition, stimulates the , roots'j prevents £ruff and itching* ftod holds, as buy wejl as c«ree dandruff, PRIQB, 50*5, R. H. MIUEUhe Druggist. a y Grand Display in Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Dress Goods, Trimmings, Fancy Goods, Shoes, Overshoes, etc. Geo. L. Galbraith. The Falling of the Thermometer is certain at this season of the year. It is therefore advisable to order sufficient fuel to carry you through this month. We have an excellent quality of HOCK Qoal at $6.25, It burns bright and clear, but lasts well and is free from dirt, stone or any other foreign matter. We also keep all grades of cheaper coal, and fill. or-, promptly. 'Phone 30. LUMPER AND COAL. W ANTED-A reliable la distribute samples tvr gentlemanto 1 make a bouse to !*p to $76a mbjjFfi eaSiTy'macie'." 5forw &*fceed., i|s to 850 Austto avenue, OW eago, in. sou QGQQQQOQQQQQQGQGGGQQQGQQQO - I*"'- ' - •tt T EGAL BLANKS "^"^ rFTTTn GT^A NTDAS 1 •jl- Jl JiV M JL ***••* *">*3T -*-»*" r *' VJfVJ.VXts7 TOWNSHIP PtATSJIRIX INCHES SQ You find these »* v;fte Upper pes Me

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