The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1899 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1899
Page 18
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' f V ' i- . ALQONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, P3SCEMB3SH 18, RIB NEWS Of WE COMflrl *AL£A$f ABdffi tmcit& Pentoti is planning on street lights. Wesley is having & week of phre- L ***»• ia«* i-fcat f* lift* ia tt*liit SncceMf*! Te»t. * ** « i . ». ^ •"'**** • . I '* ** Oil1 ^ wiuiin rn e last rew years J. M. Farley is back to Whitlimofe that sailors havt discovered the pi-eat from the south. advantage of carrying ballast on the Jos. Cucle, Sr. of Wesley will move decks of empty ships, says the Matt to Cilfifrmflfin. Ontrt. • I^I..L-I^^ r\. *• » ...7. ... to Cleveland, Ohio. W, H. Godfrey has platted a 25 acre addition to Lu Verne. Huph Hinton of Whittemore is on n sheep ranch, in Montana. NV L. Cotton will build a fine house at Lone Rock in the spring. Wiley Robinson of Ledyard has leased a I i very barn in Bancroft. .Chns. Miller of Burl has deserted his wife and the town at the same time. f. J. DHU has had 20 turkeys stolen. Some one wants to celebrate the holidays. Dr. Armstrong of Irvington spenti , Thanksgiving with bis sister in Min- cnn be ^^ to car *'y weight so high Up, neapolis. but the number of tramp steamers that A. A. Crosesays there are three good I ?° to sea ^^ rubbish on their decks schools in German township that can't get teachers. Miss Abbie Good win of Burt is at Chester Guardian. In sailing ships, of course, it is necessary to have th6 weight as low down in the hull as may be, for the object Is to give the vessel "stiffness" and to counterbalance the pressure of the wind on her sails. But in steamers the weight of ballast heeded to prevent the ship from capsizing Is small; most of it is carried to immerse the propeller and to reduc'e rolling, and as a steamer's center of gravity is generally nearer to her deck than to her keel, ballast on deck steadies her more than ballast at the bottom of the hold. Some captains, it Is true, still refuse to believe that it can be safe to carry weight so high Up, Highland Park, Des Moines, to finish her school work. Geo. E. Marble, the merchant of Dolliver, is at Colfax, taking mineral water, we presume. Jos. Eldrldge has bought the old creamery nt Lone Rock and talks of making a store building of it. Dick Harcott of Burt has gone to England to visit his parents. He left the old country when he was 15 years' old. Bakke, Michels & Co., is the name of Penton's latest general merchandise firm. Mr. Bakke recently completed his new building there, a 22x40x18. L,edyard Leader: The probable resignation of Supervisor Pendleton has put the supervisor bee to humming in the head gear of several fellows in north Kossuth. A traveling man bet So at Swea City that be could walk to the crossing in an hour. It is six miles nnd when he got" ready to start he forfeited the money and got on the cars. P. C. Smith, Whittemore's druggist was married Nov. 28 at LeRoy to an estimable young lady. They are housekeeping in Mark'Boyle's 'house Mark ought to have use for the house himself. Frank McGhee left the crossing and Ledyard last week for Guthrie Center for a few week's visit. He went across . with a team and covered wa^on It a pretty cold trip for his family of small children. •* Mrs. Jennie Heflin, late wife of the notorious Swea City doctor, has a di- voroe and is Miss Jennie Olson a^ain The Herald says the doctor is in°MiV sourj, and that the Heflin that is in the penitentiary in Minnesota is probably a brother. Levi Good, the German Valley merchant, will remove to Bancroft and remain until spring when he will go up into Minnesota where he owns a bis chunk of land, The Register says be will open a store at his new location He has done a big business at German Valley. A hypnotic company played at Wesley last week. The News says- On -Monday mVht one of their own subjects was put into a twenty-four hour-sleep aud awakened Tuesday evening;. During the day he was on ex- nibitton on a cot, in Kunz's west show window. Tuesday evening several from, the audience were asked on the stage, but the hypnotists apparently f-ould not get them under their control and were obliged to use their own man to perform with. steadily increasing. The Mancunia, which has just had her first experience of the Atlantic, is the first steamer in which provision for carrying water ballast above the water line. The sides are double, and the space between the inner and outer skins can be filled or emptied at will, so that there is no occasion to cumber her decks with solid ballast. Her captain's statement that this voyage in her was by far the most comfortable of 12 made by him across the Atlantic "in ballast," confirmed as it is by the record of the ship's clinometer, is certainly remarkable. KILLED W A PITCH. Oaf toetember Thaw Canseft Death In Gat-Held Township. While working on a fourteen-foot ditch from Goose Lake, east of West Bend, Gus Prochnow, a well known ditcher and tiler was killed by a cave- in of dirt loosened by the sun thawing the frost out, Friday morning about ll o clock. The Journal says several of Ibe ditchers bad narrow escapes, and it took five men twenty minutes to remove the debris. NOTICE—Life insurance companies will reduce the rate 33 per cent, to all who agree to use Rocky Mountain.'fea A wise measure. R. H. Miller—35c. JURT SAVED HIS LIFE. It was a thrilling escape that Charles Davis of Bowerston, O., lately had from a frightful death. For two years a severe lung trouble constantly grew worse until it seemed he tnusl die of Consumption. Then he began to use Dr. King's New Discovery and lately wrote: " It gave instant relief ana effected a permanent cure." Such wonderful cures have for 36 years, proven its power to cure all Throat, Chest and Lung troubles. Price 50c und $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed. Trial bottles at R. H Miller's drugstore. FINEST FINITE! THf\T MONEY GfVN BUY. CARTRIDGE BEER MUGS. The Ilrnas Shells Slant Hnve Been U»cd In the Late War to De the Real Thine:. Of all the war relics which have deluged the country, the new cartridge beer mugs are the most unique. A fashionable Xew York jeweler has discovered that large cartridges lend themselves to this purpose, and has prepared several attractive designs, says the New York World. The cartridge beer mugs are made from empty six-pound shells. The cartridges are a little more than three inches in diameter at the base and slightly narrower at the top, where the shell was placed. The opening is large enough to drink from comfortably. It is the same size as the hole made by these six-pounder shot in the sides of the Spanish warships. The cartridges are made of brass in order^ that they will stand the strain put upon them at the moment of explosion without bursting. This quality of brass will take a higher polish than poorer grades of the metal. When polished, the mugs glisten like gold. Some of the new mugs are arranged with detachable handles, so that the cartridge may be used as a vase. The only other decoration is a silver band on the front setting forth the history of the cartridge. The inscription records the name of the ship. HARD ON HIS NERVES. A Chlcairo Proof Reader Who Could Not Stand for Badly Punctuated Slgrn*, BRAVE ME.V FALL. Victims to stomach, liver and kidney troubles as well as women, and all feel the results in loss of appetite, poisons in the blood, backache, nervousness, headache and tired run-down feeling. But there is no need to feel like that. J. W. Gardner of Idaville, Ind., says: "Electric Bitters is Just the thiDff for a man when he don't care whether he lives or dies. It gave me new strenght and good appetite. I can now eat anything and have n new lease on life" Only 50 cents at R. H. Miller's drug store Every bottle guaranteed. PAID DEAR FOR HIS LEG. B. D. Blanton of Thackerville, Tex , in two years paid over ?300 to doctors to cure a running sore on his leg. Then thev wanted to cut it off, but he cured it with one box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve. Guaranteed cure for piles. 25ca box. Sold by R. H. Miller, druggist. A KEEN CLEAR BRAIN. Your best feelings, your social position or. business success depend largely on the perfect action of your stomach and liver. Dr. King's New Life Pills give increased strength, a keen, clear brain, high ambition. A 2o cent box will make you feel like a new being. Sold by R. H. Miller, drug- wheels with MICA Axle Graasa Get n box and learn why it's the best grease ever put on an axle, Sold everywhere. pLOSE OALL AT LEDYABD. Hard Coal Gas Kearly Ended the Life of Gertie Tllltnoiiey. Gertie Till money had a very narrow escape from being asphyxiated a week ago Thursday night by inhaling- the gas from hard coal. The Leader says the door of the hard coal burner had been left open from whence the gas escaped. She was nearly unconscious when found, but on the admittance of fresh air soon revived. The effect of the gas caused her to be quite ill for several days. Mexico, On Tuesday, Jan. 23, a special vesti- * buled train of Pullman Palace cars, compartment, drawing- room, library, observation and dining cars will start /rom Qhicago and going to the City of Mexico and to the other prominent cities of the republic and back to •Chicago again without change, making the tour of Mexico, complete. The party will be strictly limited and absolutely first class. Tickets include all expenses everywhere. The tour IB under the personal escort ^and djkeetion pf Mr. Reau Campbell, general manager of the American Tourist association. Fpr waps, books of the tour, tickets, 'eto., pall on agents of the Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y.—36t4 The old proof reader, who had been for more than a score of years correcting the thousand and one minor errors which the haste of newspaper-making allows to creep Into "copy" before it reaches the printer's hands, was a most methodical man, as proof readers are likely to be. He came to work at the same hour and minute every evening 1 , worked in the same methodical way and knocked off at the same time, starting immediately for home with one particular chum. But one nig-ht he made a change in his mode of procedure, which was the more remarkable corning from him. It was the end of the week, and like all welJ-regulated printers, he borrowed his weekly dollar and started for home. But instead of taking- the nearest road he struck off on a roundabout course. "What's the matter?" inquired his partner, "why don't you go down Twelfth street to-night instead of Taking- this long route?" The proof reader hesitated H moment and then saad: "Well, I'll tell you. I'm getting so I can't bear Twelfth street any more, the sagnp over the stores are so badly .spelled and punctuated." FOR OLD HARVARD. The Singular method Selected by MB student to Show Hid Pride. W. H. Reed (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had in the way of UD- to-date, fine FURNITURE besides everything that can be desired in plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings and goods that are required for beautifying and ornamenting the home. A specialty made of Our stock consists of bed room suits, parlor suits, odd pieces, divans, Roman chairs, corner chairs, rockers, Bissell sweepers, cyco bearing, broom action; also G-oshen sweeper, broom action, all rubber wheels, finest sweeper in the market; I also have a fine line of tables, parlor and diners, golden oak and mahogany, and cheaper lines; rockers of different styles; I have about 500 or more opera leather upholstered cobbler and saddler seats in mahogany and golden oak. I have the finest spring rocker in the market and the price is reasonable. Don't forget to see them before you buy your PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS. Sideboards from $10 up to $30, and all fine; buffet book cases and'secretaries and book eases and secretaries combined, from $10 up ; dining chairs-there is no end to them; mattresses and springs, will have a car load next week; I have the best all steel spring ever made; ask to see it; window shades, especially adapted for bed rooms, also the common kind of window poles for draperies and lace curains brass and wood; also sash rods; agent for Elwell's Kitchen Cabinet, saves the cook a thousand steps a day; a fine line of pictures, the latest styles. The Wetmore Truss. with prices always at the satisfactory point. J W. H. REED. WATER OH NO PAY, Dally Capital For $3. The state of Iowa will have been in the union 63 years on Dec. 88. Lafe Young, the- publisher of the Daily Capital at De? Moitt.e$; t wiU offer his eight page d^ly paper on that one day, Deo. 98, for $3 for the year 1900, check to accompany the order. The Capital is a regular eight-page daily new&iwper, well established and thoroughly modern in all respects. The publisher pwns his own building, costly linotype machines and every thing else going to make yp a modern daily newspaper. Away by fcate Trains Bancroft Register: gen ,Waruer'e company is playing in Algona this week but ^e train ie always Iftte wpen anyone wtyots to gQ down. MJ-. W- eaye he is bqQ.fce4 ahead till spring, eo tljere is . , little Change of Bancroft getting bjra, While a crowd of Harvard boys were selebratjng the Pennsylvania game in :he cafe of a Boston ho'te! one of the students became infatuated with a gorgeous white waistcoat which was worn by one of the colored waiters, says the Xew York World. He called the colored man and said to him: "I want to buy 'hat waistcoat I" "What you want of that we#t. boss?" said the man. "I just want to buy it. What will you take for it?"; 'After a good deal of guffuwing and some hesitation the colored man allowed that he would take $5 for it. "Done," said the Harvard man, and he jjuHed out a $8 bill and gave it to the negro, who began tp pull ofThis waistcoat. "Ob, you needn't do that," eaid the student, "I dop't want you to give it* to me—I Just wanted tfl feel that I owned, that waistcoat," The negro went cm to -wait pn hi? table, wh«j» tbe student called to him! "Com* beret" "What do you want, b,o*i»?" Jh£ #«' dept called the negro up oJoee, dipped .A-. Artesian wen contractor. I have the only cable steam drilling machine owneti in the county; sink wells for water suppi'yfor towns' and railroads. Special attention tn well work. Estimates made. I em- .. va> ,, v**.u* -uoviiuatc ploy only expert drillers. Dalley, Algona, Iowa. Address A. p. 50 YEARS' EXPERIENCE TRADE MARKS DEBIQNS • .. • COPYRIGHTS &c. Anyone sanding a sketch and description may qufokly ascertain our opinion free wfiethor MI Invention U probably patentable. Cowmumca. tlons strictly confidential. Handbook on PatenS, •ent free"Oldest agency for MeurtnJtMteSur* »?5^%^SS.fe»^.Mi»?a t £coT revive A truss embodying the simplicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any or them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly'hygienic principles—no cumbersome springs to pass about the body. It gives perfect freedom of action will out the slightest movement of the truss Does not take one-half the pressure to hoi the rupture that the old style takes. Hold the rupture easily, yet firmly an surely. It stays just where it is placed. It is the cheapest high-grade truss ye produced. It is absolutely guarantaed to fit and hoi the hernia with comfort, or money will b refunded. Don't buy any other truss before givin the Wetmore a trial. For sale and guaranteed by W. J. STUDLEY Pharmacist, Boston block, ALGONA, IOWA. DAILY EXCURSIONS TO CALIFORNIA Through first-class and tourist sleeping cars to points in California and Oregon every day in the year FEBSOIttlY Every Tlru.rscLay. 3=3a/tes on. t3ae IE3oa,d. Only route by which you can leave home any day in the week and »i^ rt f^ b ^^^ Chicago & Northwestern Railway. and with them ff* s*wtl »* 'W ""* -•\,''tf\riij£,. '¥**»£? *tv*iw* i»»*«v** vvctiavi M# VMO Scientific American. r«np».$8 a ewedealera. Kft* Fie lite S3 ^^wf&" ^B[B^^ BUYS A STOVE ?«My We have them—the best we can buy, Prices no higher than you pay elsewhere. Give prompt attention to mail orders. * . ED, GHRISGHILLES CO. Proprietors Department Store AND AGENTS' SUPPLY HOUSE. ^an ui YYUI.O 101- uiruumrs ana pri and eggs taken In exchange. sts, Algona. R. H, SPENCER, Real Estate Iaas-u.raaace Has some choice bargains In improved and unimproved lands In Kossuth county and else where. Come and look over my list; 3Bostoii One Hundred Dollars ~ person who IGAR FOR 5 CENTS. , JOHN SCHU & 00. Holiday Goods. | OTTOMAN Is putting in a line of Holiday Goods, He is located in the old Grange Store stand, south ot the court house. Be sure and look Mm op. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed, Also agent for the , Victor, Andrae , L EDMONDS AfcGONA,

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