The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1899 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1899
Page 17
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THE tJPPEft DES Gambling! LGQffA TOW A. , „ jf,* -* r 7 I I 1 *l* r - - f * •< D101MB1M 18 It's too f isky, this gambling with yotir cough. You take the chance of its wear- ingoff. Don't! The first thing you know it will be down deep in yotif lungs and the game's lost Take some o£ Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and stop the gambling and the cough. "I was given t:p to die with quick ' consumption. I ran down from 138 to 98 pounds. I raised blood, and never expected to get off my bed alive. I then read of Avcr's Cherry Pectoral and began its use. I commenced to improve at once. I am now back to my old weight and in the best of- health."—CIIAS. E. HARTMAN, Gibbstown, N. Y., March 3, 1899. qMCW You can now get Ayers Cherry Pectorzl in a 25 cent size, just right for an ordinary cold. The 50 cent size is better for bronchitis, croup, whooping-cough, asthma, and the grip. The dollar size is best to keep on hand, and is most economical for long-standing cases. The way of the wiss man is to let a voraan have her own way. Winter Excursions. Tho Southern Pacific Company and |ts connections operate the best first md second-class service to California, Arizona, Texas and Mexico. Through Pullman Palace Sleepers and Tourist Sleepers from all principal eastern points. Personally .conducted Tourist Bxcupslons from Cincinnati, Louisville, 3t. Louis, Chicago, St. Paul, Minne- Ipolls, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas 3ity. etq. For particulars and descriptive literature write W. G. Neimyer, 3en'l Western Agent, 238 Clark St., Chicago; W. H. Connor, Com'l Agent, Chamber Commerce Bldg., Cincinnati, 3hio, or W. J. Berg, Trav. Pass Agt., 220 Bllicott Sq., BufTalo, N. Y. A real blessing seldom has to assume disguise.___ , Dally Paper for SI H Yoar. J.The Iowa leKlulature meets this winter, congress pill deal with ninny problems, uiirt wars In Africa and the Philippines will lend to groat results. The «V)S Moines Daily News will tell you all uliout -jjese events and all other news of Iowa and tho forld, Including telegraphic markets. Hiibsorln- Hon price, one year, SI; six months, 75 corns; ffiree months, 50 cunts, ciisli in advance. Address I'no News, Des Moliies_lpvva. i; Several boys were trying to steal nto a theatre in Batavia, N. Y., by Entering through ihe scuttle. One of jhem, John Baker, Jr., aged sixteen. accidentally touched a live wire, and TJie was shocked to death. Vucuiunte Tour Hogs. ^Reliable men wanted to vaccinate swine jritu Dr. Gillett's Hog Cholera Serum; liber- 1 offer to field operators; inclose stump for artieulars, W. J. Gillett.M.P.. Parsons.Kas. jThe father of David Livingstone was i operator in a cotton mill. TryGrain=0! I TryGrairKH Aslc you Grocer to-day to show you a package of GRAIN- O, tho new food 4 \ drink that takes the place of coffee. «| The children may drink it without <> injury as well as the adult. All who <> try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that J '; rich seal brown of Mocha or Java,' < > but it is made from pure grains, and < > the most delicate stomach receives it J* Without distress. ^ the price of coffee. IS cents and 25 cents per package. i Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee insist that your grocer gtvea you GRAIN-O |; Accept no Imitation. arketing Early Fruits, KT'-'- ~Jx*4»^citM •"»*•* "li Peachefjiu June, la other fruits and vegetables equal- fin advance of the season, is one of i sources of profit to the farmer in > Southwest f you are Interested In securing a home In » >< » b .?^ outdoor vvorft IB aone the wr §," (jmd Lii^r^^^^f^R'r^ISSS^fe' i&i'ir'u Df* MQ|IJ«?S, No, so.—iSaa - ,.y-. „, .,.„„,..,, ,., f L _ PISO'S CURE FOR «** • CONSUMPTION Commence Monday and Con* tiflue Until Friday, STRICT PARTY VOTE DECIDES, DemocrAtle Leader, Protest Aft»ln«t the Short Time Allotred tot bebate—An- alysis of Financial Estimates tot the tear—items of Interest Washington, Dec. 11.—The house .•riday adopted a special order for the bate will continue until Friday; on Saturday amendments may be offered, under the five-minute rule, and on the following Monday the vote will bo taken. The democrats, populists and sllverltes presented a solid front against the adoption of the resolution and every republican voted for It. Mr. Dalzell offered the resolution, and said there was no disposition on the part of the majority to press the bill. It presented single propositions .ivhich had already been debated In the house. bottbt. "Whowftft the scientist that .•*«,«» the discovery that baldness is a sign of intellect?"/ 1 '1 don't know his name. All 1 kttow Is that he was bald." New frktt in Rocky Mountain*. After numerous hairbreadth escapes * party of explorers in the Rocky Mountains stumbled onto & new pass, Ito a like manner, people who believed dyspepsia incurable are astonished to Bnd that Hostetter's Stomach Bitters used faithfully will make the digestion etroflg, the bowels regular, the liver I active. Try it. No fool is fool enough to acknowledge it. something entirely out of the ordinary in the way of railroad literature and will be of interest to all. Copy will be sent to any address on receipt of 2-cent stamp.—F. Mi Byron, Q. W. A., Chicago; A. J. Smith, Q. P. A., Cleveland. It is considered a deadly insult to tell a Bostonian that he doesn't know beans. minority, said he dissented most emphatically from the proposition that the bill contained nothing radically new. For the first time in the history of the country it was proposed by statutory provisions to fasten the gold standard upon the country. If such a suggestion had been made two or three years ago, he said, half the other side would have been up in arms against it. He considered the rule unusual and unjust to the minority. Mr. Bailey also opposed the resolution. Mr. Cannon (111.), in response to tho thrust of Mr. Richardson, frankly said that he had voted for free colage of silver in Its78, but he had done so because of the impending resumption of specie payments when the democratic party was howling for flat money. But specie payments had been resumed without disaster despite the democratic howls. Since then the country had been on the gold standard. Mr. Dalzell closed the debate by recalling some of the rules under which the democrats had forced through important bills in the Fifty-second and Fify-third congresses. Mr. Richardson attempted to reply to these statements, but Mr. Dalzell refused to yield and the special order was adopted, 163 to 144, a strict party vote. The house adjourned until Monday as a mark of respect to the memory of the late Representative Balrd of Louisiana. ANALYSIS OF TUB ESTIMATES. A HOLIDAY BOOK FREE. Christmas Is near at hand anil tho an- fliml question, ''What shall I buy for i Christmas?" again recurs. AbookofSofl I pnjrcs, with 8000 fiu6 illustrations, issuotl by tile Merniod & .Tuoourd Jowolry Co., |401-40T N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo., will solve the question. It contains everything pood and now in Diamonds, Watches, Gold and Silver Jewelry, Silver and Plated ' Silver Ware, Table Cutlery and China, Clocks, Lamps, Music Boxes, Umbrellas and a thousand of tlieso pretty Silver Novelties, so beautiful and yet not costly. You will find in it articles suitable for Christmas presents, ranging in prico all the way from 20 cents to §1,000. Tho Mermod & .Taceard Co. liiwe been In business in Dt. J.ouis for moru than BO yours, and tholr reputation for fair dealing and reliability is known all over the United States. Send a postal card with your name and post oflice address plainly written, to Mornt nd ft Jaccard's, 401-407 N. Broadway, St. Louis, JIo., ask them to send you their catalogue for 10011, and it will bo sent by return mail, In (indent times Grecian athletes, when training for physical contests, were fed on boiled grain, fig's, and new ' cheese. They were not allowed to eat meat, and their only beverage was warm water. The joyless man robs others of joy. Totul for 10O1 Is Moro Thau the Expected Revenue*. Washington, Dec. 11.—An analytical comparison of the estimates for this year, the appropriations of last year and the various Increases has been issued by Messrs, Cleaves and Courts, the clerks of the senate and house appropriation committees respectively. It shows total estimates this year of $738,855,248, against $694,006,489 last year. The estimates this year are $114,298,578 more than the amount actually appropriated last year. The chief Increases are: Army, ?47,2S1,- 929; fortifications, $6,819,036; navy, $26,145,539; ipostofflce, $5,143,661; sundry civil, $21,686,777. The total estimates for this year exceed the total estimated revenue for 1901 by $71,081,994, but, counting the sinking fund, this excess Is reduced to $18,081,994. Roberts Wants Public Sessions. Washington, Dec. 11.—The committee which is to inquire into the status of Congressman-elect Roberts of Utah held a session behind closed doors Friday, Mr. Roberts said he was desirous of having the committee first go into his prima facie right to a seat, afterward taking up the general merits of the subject. He favored open sessions. He indicated also that he desired to present testimony relative to the manner in which the charges against him were prepared. Mr. Roberts then retired, The committee discussed methods of procedure, and at 2 o'clock adjourned until 10 o'clock today. Chairman Taylor said the work was progressing satisfactorily and smoothly. May Pass Boer Resolution, Washington, Dec. 11.—Senator Mason's • resolution of sympathy for the Boers of South Africa may pass. A strong pro-Boer sentiment has Invaded the senate and many friends of the resolution declare that not less than fourteen republican senators have announced their purpose to vote for Mr. Mason's resolution. There is a prospect that the Boer war may occupy a larger place in the affairs of the senate between now and Christmas than even the finance committee currency bill. T« Probe IclnUo mining; Trouble. Wasflitjgton, Dec. 11.—Representative Lentz of Ohio Friday introduced a joint resolution reciting the charges growing out of the presence of United States troops un4er Brlg.-Gea. Mer- dam at the centers of mining troubles In Idaho, <md asking for an investigation by a special committee of'nine jnembers. 1° be appointed by $»9 epealcer. ' Offer* Hltt ol Illl»9l9 t^e meajwre year, to th? bou,4e by tfee Epicurean meals do not make athletic men. PUTNAM FADELESS f>YES do Hot spot, streak or give your goods an unevenly dyed appearance. ,^ The funniest thing about some men is their efforts to be fnfiny. Beware of OlnttnenU for Catarrh That Contain Afferent?* As mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering It through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they trill do is tenfold to the good yott can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catart-h Care, manufactured by P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. O., contains ho mercury, nnd is taken Internally, acting directly ripon the.blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you got the genuine. Itis taken Internally,andmndo in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. Sold by DruRglsts, price TBo per bottle. Ball's Family Pills a re the best, Many a man's wits are sharpened on the strap of poverty. A Bargain In Guitars. All music lovers wilt be interested in the "ad" of John M. Smyth Co. shown In another part of this paper, i« which they offer an elegant guitar for $2.65. The flrm Is thoroughly reliable. Get their catalogue of everything to eat, wear and use. One is apt to strike a happy vein in the vicinity of the fnnny bone. TO CUBE A CoTtfYw'oNte DAY, Tnfco Laxative Hromo Qulnlno Tablets. All flruRjrlsts refunfl the money H It, falls to cure. 250. 1C, \V. C! rove's blgimuiro on each box. The greatest virtue is industry; all other virtues follow hi its train, Mrs. Luland Stanford, in a San Francisco interview, Hays that t>he bus already £ivcn 910,000,000 to cducationnl institutions on the 1'acifio coast, and that what shu has left at her death will po for similar purposes. Tl I ITITtTrrnfi Af H A I H NIX Vla>««tii|Wti!litnhllllylr«!. No ntloniey'i 1 JU.1JUJL1 J.M r<'» ""til Ptttimtlmilluwrd. Circular fruo DR. ARNOLD'S COUGH CURES COUGHS AND COLDS. |/lg B CR) PREVENTS CONSUMPTION. KILLtK All Druirjrlsts. 25o. •mitafci!»»Bi flfSFtriniu SrVtdlj'i B«n<tf<rfL DA. R. H. KUJtt. The average man ls£olite to & lot Of other men he would rather kick. i know that my life was saved t»y Plso'S Cure for consumption.-John A. Miller, An Sable, Michigan. April a, 1895. Some men cut acquaintances while scraping 1 them—barbers, for instance. Cored A f ter ttepeft t*d Faltnres With Other* t will inform nadlctod to Morphine, Laudanum, Oplam, Cocaine, ot naver-fatling, hftiMiti, homo- cure, few. M. H. Baldwin, Bo* ilia. Chicago, in. Luck is blamed with a lot of misfortunes of which it is i^orant. ^ . _f fire* _ tfdfwi w offii (Ptr6«t»M.t MILLIONS of ftcres of choice »f«. cultnral LANDS now opened for settlement in western Canada, Here 18 growil the Cel- ' WflEAT. Which brings the highest prfce Iti the markets of the world : thousands of cattle are fattened for market without being fed grttlnttfid without a day's Shelter, Send for information and secure a free home In Western Canada. Write the Superintendent of Immigration: Gfttt- *ii, W ftddfOBS th«f ttfi(terSlgned,'%M Wllf a'att you atlases, pnmphiets, etc.. free of cost. N. Bartholomew. DUO fifth St.. Des Moines, la. JPOfc 80 SATS •««* OAW tATf I* *bft 10 CENTS. PROMINENT PHYSICIAN Has to say who has had 35 YEARS of active Prs^lce of Medicine) 1 have never before hi My aSyeSrs of practice of medicine given my ttstlmoftial of «coittifle»* datioti to any patent medicine, but there Is h remedy .the result of which has come under «v own observations for there Is no Disease which has so baffled the medical skill of all ages as Rheuma- ..-^ _.,.. «..., . „..._...- _,,„ ,_ ... ... At las j we h ^ fo?t(d u )n ^BB ijncun,,^ ~)fJOP-s.">.. __i ( - Wam> has proven tlsrrt and to find a Reliable remedy, for the same. „. .„.. „„ .,«, vt factured by the fifrttfwon Rheumatic Cur* Company, Chicago, Ml. The "« DROPS, ..„„ ,,.„.,;„ itself wonderful for Its curative power in Rheumatism, not as a Temporary Reliever only, bill to give a Permanent Cure even In chronic cases. Sometime ago. I had among othcts several Rheumatic cases under my treatment and Prescribed for these tolients the very best Remedies which 1 skillfully selected, but without desirable results. I then heard of "g DROPA" and of Its Wonderful Cures, and Described it to a few patients who found relief front Its use within n few days. After that I prescribed It to a (treat immlwr and to my Surprise, i will say that in the course Of Two Or Three Weeks after they had nsftd " s DROPS" and "B Drop" Plasters they were Cured. Among these were n few. who hnd, for n number of yeari been suffering with Chronic Rheumatism, who had piloted themSeli*s nround on Crutches. They came to my office without Crutches and t61d mo they were perfectly Well. Thny fjive all the credit to "S DROPS" and to "a Drop" Plasters and this is their testimony to the Swnnson Rheumatic Cure Company for their kindness nnd for the conscientious way in which they nre placing these Wonderful Remedies among suffering humanity, which they told mo to write to the Company as an acknowledgement. As I hnve seen the Curative Power of DROPS" aml^" g Drop" Plasters, in a great many instances, 1 can Truly recommend them and also tliat the flrm is perfectly honr-H niufreHahle to deal with! SWANSON'8 C. A. JACKSON, Physician anil Surgeon, Kearney, Neo 4 ., Aug. 39, 1899. ! s ll'ompst iipwcrfiilspcclBo known. I-'rco from oplntcs and tierfoctljr hantt. >osa. HollohsuBimlly foil tho nrstnluiit. Hlsapoaltlvoaurofor JKheiimft. • 4, . . . tUm, Baltttlcn, Ncurnltfln, I>y«pi-p«ln, Ituvknchc, Aithmiv, liny Fovei', Ciitufrh, Hlcou- le«i«iicR*, Nnrvoimneiii, Aicrvoim ami Nenrnlgttc IIcnduclicK, K-.ti-uclic, Toothache, llonrt MenldieM, «'roii|>, Mtrclllnir, IM Orlppo, Malnrla, OrccphiK IVumhno««, etc,, etc. OQ f) A VC& to enable pHltorcru to (?lv« "B I)HOl'S' 1% at Icaat a trial, wo -will send a S«o nnmple bott)e> **'* 6*»» • >* prcpnldby nmll.fiirlOeti. \iiamplnliottlowlUuonvlncoyoiii Also, tnriro bottleg (300 dueoB)U,00, Obottlcntortn.' Sold by UB and n^ontn. AUF.NTB 1VANTKI) In Non Torrltorr. WIUTK 08 TO-1UY. T'lIEVMATlO fetfJBB CO., 1OO to 1«U Xako St.. CHICAGO. Evcrusoltf You should. I Get your Pension )DOUE' E QUICK Write CAPT. O'PAHRnt.L, Pension Agent. 142S New York Avenue. WASHINGTON, D. C. MAMMOTH" 'MAILORDERj HOUSE:. ISO TO 166" EST MADISON ST,< CHICAGO Fliis Guitar is made of the finest imitation mahogany with either solid rosewood or walnut fingerboard, pearl inlaid position dots and German silver raised frctst it has fancy inlay around sound hole and best quality American patent heads; the top of Guitar is beautifully bound with celluloid; it is strung with a full set of best quality steel springs and is ready to play upon. THIS ELEGANT GUITAR FOR $2.65 No moro, no loss, than R.OOO of thorn, probably tho largest contract In Ruitnra eyor imulo — nn instrument Mint positively Bella from S3.5U to $7.00. When this Jot ja nxhnustou we cannot duplicate this oir»r. Quantity tnlks. Only by operating 011 such a bis: Hcalo, to«othor with our well-known small profit policy, could such tin olIcriiiK bo possible. Anothor reason for disponsinK such n bareuin broadcast is Ilia conlldoncu wo feel tliut every fruUnr sold will win for us a permanent patron nnd u friend whoso recommendation wo can count upon. \Vo will forward tho guitar to any address C. Q. I)., subject (.o examination, upon receipt of 50c. Wo, however, advise that cash la full bo sent, as that saves return charges for money and wo stand perfectly ready to refund money if tho Kiiituris noc all and moro than we claim for it. Ho mo nib or our special prico on 5,000 of them only is f?n which is listed at lowest wholesale prices a everything to eat wear and furnish. ed on receipt of only JO? to partly pay .postage or exprassage and as evidence W good faith the lOfTis allowed on first ^purchase amounting to $199 or above. \ '[\\ OUR MONTHLY OROCERV PHICE UI5T FREJ^Q :ovo for S:|I.<M. rmvdmu ,—,...,„...'rrotlt-niwe the Whole*Mers l j rout. Tnkft rumintdKO of our ooutrnot ~>uronnan. Othorn nuvo ndvnnoed their prices of r«rli>r Uloveii, hut our uunt.rnot with tho tnnnunioturom uompoln thorn to furnlnh IIH witti tnoHo, no wo can null them lit iv small profit at (U.41, $24.!i7 nnd: f'.'7.77. YOU would bo proud of clthnr onoof these piirlorntovoB. ThoptoturoH glvo but n mint Idon ot tholr nlegnncn. BnntO. O. I>. on r<icolptntU7c, you to liny bulniica to your bunker or freight ngnntoanrrlTnlntyonr donot. < B9*ThBKrnntitatbttrKii!n»everofreir«d. A Large Stove tnkeit laps f uol tiiun n uiunll ouu fur liout given* lionr In mlntl whonnrdnrlna. BK*H!tf m-PAOK HTOVK CATALOGUE FUEE. CLEAR YOUR FREE JTurnltnre. B—Hnraen &ud VehtolM O—Stoves and RnngOB. D-AgrlouItural Imnioments. E—BnbyOnrrliMteB. F—Union nnd 1'ntent Medicine*. C—Munleul Jnntrumentd. H—Orounn and Banlng Much I lira. I—Illoyolea. J—Gun" and Sporting GcoJu. K—Ladltw and Gents' Fnrnlnhlna Goods. L—Ur> ClooilH. M—Kondr-miulaOlotlilna (or MOM nnd ttojra. hi— Bootn nnd Show, O—Ludlen' Ctapen nnd Olnakn. Send W al« nnd our Lnrge Hupplr Out ttloitue contain* ina over lOOOimtfenand over one Hundred thousand outt ttnd prlcoa wilt bo sent exiireBB imld. T, M. UOmOKTS' SUPPLY HO US ID, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. ***************** .* * * * * * * * TIN TAGS "Star" tin tags (showing small stars printed on under side of tag), "Horse Shoo," "J. T.," "Good Lack," "Gross Bow," and "Drummoud " Natural Leaf Tin Tags are of equal value iu scouring presents mentioned below, and may be assorted. Everyman, woman and-child can find something on tho list that they would liko to have, nnd can bare XAO*. Box ........ . ................... or, S Kn fo, olio blndc, Hood nteol ......... 25 S HflinmrMfJnalKHi ................... 35 4 Child'* Rot, KntfH, Fork and Spoon a) b Halt nuil Pepper B«t,on«each, quadruple plate on whlt« metal ......... M « French Briar Wooil Pipe ............. 26 7 Razor, hollow ground, (Inu Kngliah nteal ........................... .... cu 8 Butter Knife, triple pinto, boat quality ........... . ................... no 9 Snuar filioll, triple pliite, beat nnitl. . till 10 Rrnmp Bnx, Btorllnu nilver .......... 7H 11 Knife, "Koon Kntter," two bladns.. 76 13 Butcher Knifo, "Keen Kntter," 8-l.n ' ...................... 13 Hli<mr», "Keen Kuttnr " 8-iium ...... 76 H Nnt Bet, Cliaokor tind 6 Flats, silver m.ited .................... ... ......... 80 16 B»H« Hall, "AHWK'ia'lon," boat nnul.iou 18 Alarm Clook, nloknl ................. 150 17 Six Gotmlmi Rogers' Teaapoons, beat I luted goodd,.., .............. ...... 151) 1« Watp.h, nlckol, «tem wind and H«t.. 800 19 Carvem, «""'! "teal, buukhoni ImmlloH .............................. 300 20 Btx Uimuinct Hours' Tublo Spoons, » l>««t plated itniidH .................... !MiO SI Six enitli, Knives and tforks. buck- lioru ImnilliM ...................... SOU 23 Blx ennh, Uoimine Uniiora' Kiilvou auu Forks, heat plnted |{ood» ....... SOU TAQ3. an Olonfc, 8-day, Calendar, Thermom- utnr, Barometer ..... . ....... ....... Bt'O !)4 Ouu case, leather, no batter inado. 600 US Revolver, nntoinutlu, double notion, 83 or «8 caliber ...................... 6UO W Tool Bet, not plnythlnaa, but real toold .......... ..... ..... ".. .......... 830 27 Toilet Bet decorated porcelain, very handsome ..................... 800 28 ItamfuRton Hide No. 4, 3t or S3 <>al . 800 211 Watnk, sterling stiver, full jeweled 1000 liO Dnisa Biiic Uaae, leather, handaome and durable .................... . .. 1UOO 81 Bowlnu Machine, Hrnt cliisa, with allnuachiuenfa ..................... 1500 83 Ruvolver, Oolt'a, 38-caIlbo.', blued stenl ....................... . ......... 1600 IIII Uitlo, Colt's, ID-shot, aa-callboi- ..... 16JO 84 Ohittnr (Wiishburn), rosewood, Inlaid ......................... . ....... 2000 85 Mandolin, very handsome .......... 2000 iill Winchester llopeiitliiH Shot Gun, 87 IteuiliiKton, donble-lnrrel lnun- inorBhot Qnn, 10 or 1,1 nun go ...... 2000 88 Itloyclo, atandard make, ladloa or genta. ...;.;..... .............. .;.. ..251)0 89 BliotOun, Hamlnglon, double bar- ' rel, liaminerle^.s ..................... 8000 40 Koghiii Mania Box, 10M inuh UUo.,6000 THE ABOVE OFFER EXPIRES NOVEMBER 30TH. 1900. ." Tin T««a <thaU», Smr tin ta«s with no am-ll nn under «Mn of ttiK), aro Hot tumil for r>r<nenta , but will be. paid for In CASH on the buau of twenty coutb per hundred, If rec.Hlv»d liv UN nn nr before Ma-nli 1st. 19iHl. IN flIINl) thftt u illmo's wonli i.I STAR PLUG TOBACCO will liut lonjfur nnd nfl'oril in;u-e plunoiirc than u dlinu'j wuvtU of any other bmud. IV^/IAKE: THE TEEST ! Send lags to COXTiiVK^TA.^ TOBACCO CO., SI. Loun, Mo. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Sick headaches! Always trace them to a lazy liver or a sick stomach. Poisonous matter, Instead of being thrown out, is reabsorbed into the blood. When this poison reaches the delicate brain tissue it causes congestion and that dull, awful, throbbing, sickening pain. CASCARETS remove the cause by stimulating the liver, making the poison move on and out, and purifying the blood. The effect is almost instantaneous. Ladies, whose sensitive organisms are especially prone to sick headaches, do not suffer, but find relief in CASCARETS Candy Cathartic. Loolc out for Imitation© emd Counterfeits; I funeraTP" 1 —-Kansas uit'y"independent". ' " "Both my wire and my self bave been using CASCARKTS, and they are Ihu best med lolne wo have ever bad in the house. Las t week ray wife was frantic with headache for two days; she tried some of your 0ASCA RETS and they relieved the pain In her head almost immediately. We both recommend Casca- rets." On AS. STKDEFORD,- Plttsburg Safe & Deposit Co., Pittsburg. p». "Sonny," said Uncle Eben, "Hokout fob AMNUAL 5,OOO*OOO BOXES. f ™ ^? ^^^^^ ^^ ^K jM4jR^fpf^|^|^ fl^ ( s "->•• ^ tOc. 25e. SOc, DRUGGISTS •/<I>V/ , 'f^ '- 'r ;,K? <>•< ') ' • < f *'<>v ; ae .i4 >"• i. *fJ*'\ftz r; ^n I I. 'f , -i I: 1-^CE «FC & ^ 1 • /A(' &M# di'&.^L''^Ms/dl^^Ax,^^ , "* '"^B^vffB^^WjWSWP' 1 ! .',* J»« ''V ; 4 ^"^ i /*> v i « «A A i J- vu^ fc (Ai j*Ll j£~J* f :!$tr'

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