The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1899 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1899
Page 15
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THE UPMR Dm HOMES; ALGdNA, IOWA, WlBKESBAY, MOBMBEB 13, 1899. TOtJ BEAD WEB LATEST BOOK ? CONTENTS. Domestics- Pages • Prints, Muslins, Ginghams, Percales, Ducks, f Q : : Denims, and Cheviots, from 5c to lO ; Linens— Table Cloths, Crashes, Towels, Napkins, and 1 Kf\ Handkerchief Linen, from 6c to. 1OU Silks and Satins— China, Jap and Wash Silks, Taffetas, Liberty Silks and Satins, Peau de Soie, Nearsilk, Ami- 1 A K silk and Howmuchsilk, from 250 per yard to. *OO Dress Goods— Domestic and Imported Fabrics, Cashmeres, Serges, Mohairs, Mohairs, Sicilians, Venetians, Broad Cloths, Plaids, Crepons, Novelties, QK/'N " plain and fancy Blacks, from I2^c to <COVy J Miscellaneous— Kid Gloves, Kid Curlers, Handkerchiefs, Lace Curtains, Neckties, etc., etc ......... . PUBLISHERS: Chrischilles & Herbst, Dry Goods and Notions, ALGONA, IOWA. PROFESSIONAL. v_X-\_^^X^**^^X_^-S^-N»»-'s_*~i t ^^X'V-«'^X'«^'^, CLARKK & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOAN'S. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Galbraith's. SULLIVAN & MeMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-Fercuson bl jolt. • E. V. S WETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. iDTelephoneNo. 20. |i J. O. RAYMOND. E. C. UAYMOND Raymond & Raymond, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, lOfflce over Durdall's store, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M, CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. B, F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office: South rooms over Durdall's store, Algona, Iowa. |T. P. Harrington, J. L. DtoJdnson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Geo C. Call's. Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. I Office in the Boston Block; residence on north Thorington street. H. C. MeCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office at residence, McGregor stroo.., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. • M. J. KENEF1CK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence over Taylor's. DR. MARGARET E. COLES, fomeopathio Physician and Surgeon, Office and residence in Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. DENTIST. v A. L. RIBT. D. D, S, Local anaesthetic loi deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth. H. C. DEVERBAUX, D. D, S., DENTIST. Pare of children's teeth a specialty. Grown and bridge work. Painless extraction. Office: Hoxle block. Algona. CASH FOR OLD IRON, Rags, rubbers, copper, brass, zinc, lead, tea »° s, and bottles. Save them up. Pay Ttte Highest Market Price, s ttxem to us at Algona, *<wa, ajafl get log- ffce:m. Pj>P- Brown's Uvery barn. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. F. M, Curtiss has gone to Nevada for a home visit. Claud Nicoulin came from Minneapolis yesterday. Gardner Cowles came home from Wash ington Monday. Dr, Coles was called to Garner on Saturday on a professional visit. Mrs. Beedle is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ford, at the Tlios, F. Cooke home. W. P. Jones wont to Peorja last week and bought a car load of now machinery. Fay Reed was down from Blue Earth City last week. He is running a restaurant there. Gardner Cowles goes to Des Moines torn orrow to arrange for a boarding place for the .Session. <} B. W. Haggard, who has been in the eastern states for the Call Mail Route Co., was home last week. John G. Smith went to Garner yesterday to watch the county treasurer contest and see how it is being conducted. Robt. Pinkerton and his wife came from Adair yesterday for a visit with old-time friends. The passing years treat both kindly. Charley Rovve is back from Blue Earth City. His brother will take his father's place in the laundry and continue the business, and Mrs. Rowe will make her homo there, Chas. Knutson was over from Clear Lake one day last week. He says everybody hopes that Charley and Wilbur Quick will both bo benefitted by a little war experience in the Philippines. Geo. W. Paugburn was down from Buffalo Center yesterday trying a law suit before Jesse L. Bonar, as referee, with 'Squire Raymond. Bro. Bonar presided with grace, learning, and dignity. John Bennett, who used to work in THE UPPER DBS MOINES office 80 years ago, came over from Emmetsburg Monday to help us on the holiday edition. He is one of tho pioneer printers in tho northwest and loses none of his skill. Rev. Day came up from Webster City Monday and yesterday went on to Minneapolis with Rev. Smylie. They are the attorneys in a prosecution of Rev. House of Ida Grove, who was expelled from the conference last fall and who has appealed. The case is to be tried today. Mrs. John Goeders was in Chicago last week to see her son Dennis, who was in the hospital 13 days as the result of an accident. The boys had kicked a foot ball up on the roof and Dennis climbed up to get it. In so doing he caught his hand on a spike and tore out a big piece. Lockjaw was threatened and blood poisoning did set in, but he is now getting better. Mi's. Goeders is home again. THE finest line of chrislmns candies in the city at Blade & Taylor's. DR. HENSON lectures on Backbone, Wednesday evening, Dec. 20. Notice the change of date. FOR lowest rate on real estate loans, inquire of (39) DANSON & BUTLER. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. poultry Wanted. I am ready to buy poultry at the old stand at the Northwestern creamery. Highest market prices paid. 38t2 A. L. BELTON. WE have a full stock of window glass at prices that will make anybody take out the old pillow and put in a new light before cold weather. R, H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. THEY can give you great bargains in clothing and shoes at very low, reduced prices. Star Clothing and Shpe coin,- pany. TYPE writer supplies, full line, at tbe U. D. M- o$oe. Matl orders will receive jpiae4iate TttE LOCAL f 1ELD. Buy In Algona. Walker Whiteslde comes Jan. 11. The Irvlngton bridge Is now passable Don't miss the fireman's bait New Year's night. The Smith-Ward contest opens next Wednesday, Deo. 20. Algona's holiday display is worth seeing if you don't buy. The city collected about $360 las month on electric lights. E. W. Ivey, for some years living near/West Beud, Is tooting to Millstofa Wie. The towa Central is considering the advisability of a Sunday train to Algona. Saturday and Sunday saw heavy rains. The roads were as bad as they often get at the end of it. Dr. Henson, who was to have lectured tomorrow evening will come next week. He was unexpectedly called east. Aiden Benedict, out old time school teacher, has dramatized "Quo Vadls" and will open soon In New York City. A green Christmas makes a fat prrave yard." This is a good winter for the coal bins but a poor one for everything else. The third of the club dances was liven last evening. The parties given this winter have beaten anything for several winters. Judge Quarton held court two days asl week. Motions were made for new trials In the Govern and Hager cases againt Russ but were denied. Mrs. Prank Goodrich of Hebron had her marriage annuled Friday. She and her husband had lived together >nly two weeks. Prank is a brother of Wm. Goodrich. The Northwestern now runs the passenger car through from Des Moines at night and does not switch off at Eagle Grove. It also is making schedule time with this train. Dr. Lacy refuses to pay the $200 alimony granted his wife by the court, and Deputy McDonald went down last week and levied on his property for the K50 that is due now. Horace Mann calls our attention to he fact that there will be practically a total eclipse of the moon Saturday evening just after sunset. The middle of the eclipse will be about 7:30o'clock. At tho Masonic chapter, Monday evening, Chas. A. Cohonourwas installed high priest; S. D. Drake was installed asking; E. N. Weaver, scribe; R. A. Palmer, secretary; C. D. Smith, treasurer. C. S. Dodge of Monroe, Wis., has come to lake charge of the Lamb umber yard in Algona. He is a long Lime lumberman and a pleasant man to meet. He will bring his family in the spring. Charley Taylor and Leon McCall nave bought the Bohn restaurant kt Wesley. Leon will take charge of it and Web Minkler will assist him, Wesley is lucky in getting two such good men. Complaint comes in that no fuel is 'urnished by tho railroad companies at the crossing north of Bancroft and that is many as 20 passengers have been tept in the cold or crowded into the ZJlaussen store there. Still another Dr. Lacy item was his fine of $75 yesterday, at LuVerne, for carrying concealed weapons when he issaulted Link Minkler. John Sullivan prosecuted and Prank Miles de- 'ended. Lacy will appeal. Tho new Iowa Central time card went into effect Monday, The passen- jer now arrives at 9:45 in the morning ind leaves at 12:30 in the afternoon, arriving at Marshaltowu at 6:20. The relght leaves at 7 a. m. and arrives at 9:50 p. m. The opera house will bo full of holi- lay attractions. Tbe "Breach of Promise" comes Doc. 26 and is a live :omedy from New York. Dec. 28, Mr. Owen appears again, January 1, 'The Signal of Liberty " and January .2, Walker Whiteeide. Bro. Bach man knows what it means o go into politics. He announces in ihe West Bend papers: "lam very much in need of money, Expecting to fo away the first of January to be gone wo months I want to get all accounts iettled before that time." Fred Dormoy's house had a narrow escape last Friday. Some curtains Jdught afire and the celling was nearly jurned through before the trouble was iiscovered. It is thought some one must have stepped on an explosive match and started the fire that way, H. J. Tremain, the new hotel land- ord, comes to Algona to-day, to remain. The furniture for the hotel was hipped Saturday. The. third story is •eady for the carpets, and the second vill be soon. Mr. Durdall says the penlng will not be later than Jan. 10. Dr, Lacy has filled his answer in the livorce case brought by his wife. He lenies that he has over treated her in jruel or Inhuman manner, and alleges bat whatever domestic troubles they wve had she has caused. Ha denies ever having touched her in anger or laving abused her in any way. Some canvassing was done last week or pictures for the souvenir book of Algona views with excellent success. ?here is lots of work about getting up uch a souvenir and it is not oftan an 'Pportunity is afforded to get in at net ost. Every creditable building in Algona ought to be in if it is to accomplish what is expected of it. The Warner company closed a fair week's business at the opera house Saturday evening. It is a company of adies and gentlemen and has a reper- oire of good new plays. All the spec- alties were pleasing, Mr, Warner ays he may reach Algona again dur- ng the year. If he does he will have more liberal patronage. Monday's adjourned tax sale was a epetition of the one a week ago, R. 4- Whitwer wasover from Mason City .gain and most of the land was eold for ,n infinitesimal part, Of course there s no such thing asaninflplteglmal pjjrt \t anything and the counts, would " }de, Put the tax only ruus from „ >20 and it would cost $§0 to have THE NEW "DURDALL" **? Above is a cut of " The Durdall^ Algona's new hotel, the formal opening of which is to occur Jan. 10, 1900. It is the season's most notable improvement, and one in which all Algonians feel a just pride. its delinquent tax and what specula* ion there is In It is just as safe on an nfinltcsimal part as it would be on tho ectlon. The Algona men got most of .he lands. E. C. Hughes, who often tried law mits in Algona when he lived In Snon- cer, has lately bought a half interest In .he Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the big mper of the Pugot Sound country. The irlce was $350,000 and Hughes and his mrtner paid mostly cash. Hughes has )ecome wealthy In Seattle and Is In the >lggest law firm In the state. Haswell Ramsey works for him. Down in Carroll county the defeated democratic candidates for treasurer, superintendent and coroner are all making a contest. Think of contesting ,o got into the coroner's offlcel The lerald calls attention to the fact that J. J. McMahon, brother of our Algona ittorne.y, was twice elected superlnlen- tendent by less than 60 majority but hat the republicans accepted the esult each time. Joe Murray of Bancroft ran Grover C. up in Minnesota last fall and won a •ace In which a rider committed a. plain foul. The judges thought it was rover C's. rider and set the horse back. All the jockeys said it was another rider who made tho foul and tho >thor rider finally admitted it, but the )oard of appeals of the American association refuses to reverse the decision, the Register says. Hebron township is the center of a ively little contest at present. It is certain now that C. S. Pendloton will resign his'Boat, as county supervisor at .he coining board meeting. The county clerk, auditor und recorder will have LO appoint a new man to fill the vacancy, and Hebron wants to hold the office. A public meeting was hold a week ago nd all the north end of the count.y was ut. R. Lyons of Springfield, R. A. Richardson and W. A. Smith of Heiron were candidates. The vote stood 5 for Richardson and 30 for Smith, .he Springfield men not, showing up. tftiny petitions have been circulated, ind tho Elmore Eye says some have Igncd all three. It seems to be under- tood that all will now urge Smith's appointment. In tho meantime P. S. "enksof Ledyard has friends and other mrts of tho county want the place, "i 1 . J. Finn of Germania is talked of. THREE TOUGHS TAKEN IN, An Exciting: Episode on a Milwaukee Freight Train, Took a Shot at tho Conductor—Got Ofl 1 nt Algona—Finally Captured by tho Sheriff. Jim Hardy, freight conductor on the Milwaukee, hud a lively experience at Emuielsburg last Thursday morning. Three strangers wanted to come to Al- goua and ho told them they could not ride. One of them showed fight, and, not liking the looks of the crowd, Hardy got away, when another of the three pulled an ugly looking revolver and fired at him. Saturday morning Sheriff Chrlstensen and Deputy McDonald caught tho throe men in Algona and in tho afternoon took them back to Em- me'sburg. The men gavothoir names as Frank White of Mllwaukuo.John Howe of Caspar, Wyoming, and Tom O'Niol of Spencer. An nearly as can be learned the Wyoming man pulled the gun, and he was carrying a regular cowboy arsenal when arrested. MINNESOTA LANDS In the PuiiioiiM Tied HIvor Vulloy. Price of land, $1,000 to $2.500 per 160 ores, according to location and improvement, on the 1 most favorable erms, with a payment of 20 per cent, 'own, balance on long time or crop layment. Come any day over the Northwestern, taking receipts for your are, and I can secure you excursion ates. Railroad fare refunded to all vhobuy. Call at my office, 183 E, 3d t,, St. Paul. JOHN GROVE. SEE our line of Christmas candies efore purchasing, SLADE & TAYLOR. BUY your fall outfit of clothing and hoes at the Star Clothing arid Shoe ompany. Vincent's old stand. FOR time loans on real estate apply t Kossuth County State Bank. VISIT the Star Clothing company nd you will be treated right. Vinent's old stand. THE date of Dr Benson's, lecture has een changed to Wednesday evening, Dec. 20. MAKES fat, blood, and muscle more apidly than any known remedy, It's ood for the blood, brain, and nerves. "hat's what Rocky Mountain Tea does. R. H. Miller. Type Writer Supplies. Buy them at home. A stock is car* led at THE UPPER DES MOINES office, vhich includes ribbons for both the Remington and the Smith-Premier, arbon paper, type writer oil, stenog- aphers' note books in 5 and lOc kinds, to. Prices are as low as you pay to utsiders. Other things being equal rhy not buy at home? R. H, MILLER sells the Joint]ess /uoky Curve Geo. S. Parker fountain en. The Lucky Curve means no screw o break, no joint to leak, no old-fash- oned nozzle. Perfection. TRUE beauty comes frpns within, in* tead of without, A b^ajjUJyl /»Pe JS he outward sign. Tliftt'ft ^ - • fountain Tea make? jyonjen, H, " MEETINGS TO OOME. W. R. C. moots Thursday evening at 7 o'clock for election of officers. Prudence lodge meets in regular communication Tuesday evening, 7:30 p. m., at which time the annual election of officers will take place. Program for W. L. A. S. Friday, Dec. 15, at 8 o'clock: Current Events, Mrs. L. H. Smith; The Foot Laureates, Rov. Suolcow. All Indies cordially invited, The Ladies' Aid society of Trvington will hold their fair Saturday afternoon and evening. An' oyster supper will bo served in the evening, andothoraimiBG- ments. Everyone is invited to come, The ladies of the Episcopal church will give an oyster supper and sale of useful and fancy articles this afternoon and evening at tho Grange hall. Admittance free. All are cordially invited. The Algona Ministers' association elected tho following officars for the ensuing year: President, Rev. Stiles; secretary, Rev. Suckow. Meetings are planned for the week of prayer, one service to be held in each of the five churches participating. Full program to be published hereafter. The mothers'meeting will be with Mrs. M. Stephens Thursday, Deo. 14, at 3 o'clock. All ladies are invited. Tho program will consist of muslo and tho following papers: Nutrition, Food Elements Needed by Children and Adults, Dr. Colos; Eggs and Milk, Including Prepared Baby Foods, Their Value as Food, Mrs, Studley. Ip strong the frame of the mother, the son will give laws to the land. All mothers should take Rocky Mountain Tea—gives life and strength—86 cents, R. H. Miller. WE have what you want in the line of type writer supplies. INGIIAM & WARREN. WE are showing the largest line of sjlk /or wfiists that was ever shawn in the city. G. L. GALPRAITH. No WONDER the Star Clothing and Shoe Co. is doing one of the biggest businesses over known in ; the city of Algona and surrounding country. We are selling our goods as we advertise. Wo will be pleased to have everybody call at the Star Clothing and Shoe Co.'s. The great sale is now going on. SEND 6c in postage to Lafe Young, Des Moines, Iowa, and receive the Weekly Capital campaign edition until the November election, 1809. RAILWAY TIME CARDS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL, LOCAL TWAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at ................ ...... 0 :05 a, in No. 3 departs at ................... ... 8 :58 p TO Freights that carry paseeagert,- No,83 departs at ................. 10:46pm No. 71 departs at ................... 3:30pm No. 05 departs at. .... ................ 8:30 pro KT „ TjOAWB BAST. No. a departs at ......... , No. 4 departs %t ....... . Freights that oa,rry passejagers- No, 7f departs at, ..*... ..... *,...„ 40; tfc. a| d§part> at A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you' look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely. Miller's Hair Tonic is prepared especially for this purpose. It keeps the hair in a smooth, glossy, healthy con^ dltion, stimulates the roots, prevents' dandruff and Itching, and holds as bay, as well as cures dandruff. PRICE, 50o. R, H, MILLER, The Druggist, QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQGQQQQQQQQQ - If a man is in love that's his business; if a girl 1 is in love that's her business;« but if they are engaged to be mar-! ried it's OUR BUSINESS to sell! the engagement ring and make the < bride a present. ' Dingley & Pugh, Sign of the . ., .-,,-.,.,. Big Watch, . ALGONA. The Falling of the Thermometer is certain at this season o.f the. year. It is therefore advieabl.e to order sufficient fuel to carry ypu> through this month. We have an excellent quality of HOCJK $6.25. It burns bright and clear, but Ittste 1 welhtttid is free from dirt, stone crapy- other foreign matter. We aleo keep, all grades of cheaper coal, and fill or-. ' dors promptly. 'Phone 30. LUMBER AND COAL. EiSTRAY NOTICE. The fallowing estrays were taken up by Peter Kirsch oil Ulb (arm in lUyoi'ilalo tqwuship, und owner Is hereby aotltted. to call tor same ana pay costs as by law provided; One ba,y 8teH *» **° ^Sf-W '•• °S* M WSfefi

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