The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1899 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1899
Page 11
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DBS MOBMB, ALGOKA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, A OOLOSSAL BANKRUPT SALE •COMMENCING* )ec. 16, I 'S SENSATIONAL SALE, Extraordinary Holiday Bargains for CLOSE BUYERS, ' The wholesale clothtng fi m of Tho,npso,, & Goodrich, 702-704 Broadway alllt C^'™'* ™>«>y "fa/ in *—, our buyer has been 1 a&ferf to secure tie e n t, re BANKRUPT CLOTHING STOCK at 48c on the dollar for oar™™,, store,. P art o f thls immense stock has to Algona, to be deposed of Mediately, thus p,aci,,g us in . posltion £ of ferto the people of Kossuth county the greatest bargains ever kno m , in i ts h,story. In this GREAT BANKRUPT CLOTHING SALE we include our en- t,re /me of clothing, ladies' and gents' furnishing goods, shoes, rubbers, and overshoes of all hinds, which presents to you opportunities never before equaled. A glance at the following bargain price list will convince you that we deserve your constant patronage. Bankrupt Clothing and Shoe Sale 16, and will last until Christmas Child's fleece-lined underwear, all sizes, for 150 worth 25 to 35c. Child's wool mixed underwear medium and large sizes, for 250, worth 35 to 500. Child's wool mixed underwear, small sizes, for , worth 25 to 35c. evea/t Star Clothin and Shoe Co. Onr store is next door to Sorenson's butcher shop. HE STOPPED A BOLD THIEF Judge Tlioraas Has an Interesting 1 Ex perience in Washington. Ladies' fancy back yarn mittens, same thing we had last year; every lady who has bought them fully realizes that they are the best mitten ever sold for 250. Ladies' kid mitten with fur top for 3oc. The infallible Systme Jay kid glove for Christmas giving—in all colors. Another great bargain event in ladies' and children's jackets. We have a large stock and will close them out AT HALF PRICE. HOUSE WRAPPERS-Our Fleece cloth house wrappers, fancy trimmed, lined to waist, full skirt and pretty colors. We have over-bought on these goods and will give you prices which will cause a sensation. Warm Goods for zero weather — Flannelettes for 8c, worth 10 to I2^c. Heather Flannels, a great bargain, will close them out for 6c, worth 8 to roc. Outing Flannels for Sc, worth 8c. Outing Flannel for 6c, worth 8 to loc. Shoe and Overshoe Sale— The close buyers will find it to their advantage to look our stock carefully over before purchasing their winter footwear. Holiday Ribbons—Colossal Sale. We will place on sale all of next week a fine display of plain, fancy striped and plaid ribbons, just the kind for the new stock collar and pillow ruffles. Xmas Handkerchiefs— an immense stock to select from. Embroidered, hemstitched and other effective and handsome designs—always a practical Xmas offering. Great Table Linen and Napkin purchase. While in the city we selected with great care the finest line jof these goods—just the suitable thing for Xmas giving. Holiday Dress Patterns in all the latest goods; the only house in the city which can give you the latest designs arid ideas for frock making. Our dress trimming department is complete in every detail. Embroidered and fancy striped silk for yokes and stomacher; ornamental butterflies in silver and gold. Also a fine assortment of buckles for belts and stocks. Mink and other furs for dress trimming. Mirror and pasm'e velvet. The latest weave in velvets for waist decorations. How He Made a Diamond Suatche Disgorge—Miscellaneous Semi- local News Notes. An interesting story is told on Judge Lot Thomas by the Washington cor respondent of the Sioux City Journal Representative Lot Thomas of Storm Lake was initiated into his congress ional career today with a unique experience. In the great jam attending the opening of congress, while making his way through the east corridor ol the capitol, he felt some one jostle up against him. Looking down at his immaculate shirt bosom be noticed the absence of a valuable diamond stud. At the same time he observed a man rapidly passing from his side and elbowing his way through the crowd. Mr. Thomas gave pursuit. The stranger passed into the restaurant floor below and was going rapidly along the main corridor towards the doors which open on the capitol plaza when Mr. Thomas called to him to stop. "I have not time to talk to you," the stranger exclaimed in an impatient tone, waving the member from Storm Lake back while still heading toward the door. Mr. Thomas, however, kept close on his trail. " But I tell you to stop," he exclaimed, 11 1 want to talk to you." "Can't stop now," said the man, and by this time he was close to the door. "If you don't stop," said Mr. Thorn as, "I'll call a policeman." This brought the stranger to a stop right by the door. He fumbled in his Jooket impatiently and held out the Hamond. "Here take it," he said, "and let me go." Mr. Thomas seized lis treasure and ,the next moment the ihief bolted through the door and was out of aight. gressman Dolliver fixed up matters at Algonn, we are not surprised." The clerk hire allowed the Algona postofflce is $32,50 a month, and was fixed while Mr. Starr was postmaster on account of the star routes running from Algona and on account of the business of the two big firms of star route contractors in Algona, all of whose bids and contracts the post- muster must look over and sign. The same clerk hire was received by Mr. Hinchon. It has not been increased in the past ten years, although the business of the office has nearly doubled. The reference to Mr. Dolll- ver is entirely gratuitous. AJjfoiia and Peoria. Estherville Vindicator: A party of Algona business men took a little jaunt over the Iowa Central one day last week from their town to Peoriti, [llinois, the road's eastern terminus. They were shown all the advantages ihat town has to offer as a market of Kossulh county's produce. All accounts given by the press representatives who were with the party make special mention of Peoria's great dis- jillerles, which are said to consume immense quantities of corn, barley and •ye. The possibilities of complications n the relations between a prohibition ,own like Algona and a distillery city ike Peoria renders a discussion of the probable benefits to be derived from his visit of business men a delicate matter and we stand from under. We lelieve there are several men in tetherville who will be pleased to take trip similar to that of the Algona men, when the Iowa Central will have ompleted its line to this city. ever that will raakebutlittledifference as they can get into adjoining counties very nearly as easily as they can get to some of the depots they already have. Had a " Merry Time." Etnmetsburg Democrat: The Spencer football team spent Thanksgiving in Emmetsburg. The boys had started for Altfona, but while on the wny received a telegram not to come on account of the snow storm. Judging from reports they had a "merry time" here. In carpets, matting, linoleums, etc., everybody knows we carry the largest stock in the west. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. WAS A KOSSUTH PIONEER, The Death, Yesterday, of Mrs. Susan Paine, After Long Illness. Has Been a Severe Sufferer for Some Months—Charley Sample and Mrs. Chapman. Col. Jjyon Is All . Col. Lyon of Peterson, who will be pleasantly remembered by all who attended the senatorial convention at Emmetsburg, believes in enforcing the lttw - Some Petel ' 8 ° n people have been gambling and he has had them hauled up and has fined them $100 each and costs. He is mayor of Peterson. Will Stay by (Cold Water. Estherville Vindicator: The W. C. T. U. fountain at Algona Is to be something elaborate 'In design and surmounted by a town clock,—something, indeed, as attractive as the "gilded palaces" of some other town. Algona isacoldwater town and the W ,C. T. U. ladies intend keeping it such. KEEP AWAY New Hotel People, Humboldt Independent: Mr. and 4rs. H. J. Tremaln were Thanksgiving risitors at the Tremain home in this ilty. They expect to take charge of he new Algona hotel the first of the ewyear, The house Is now being repared for occupancy and it is ex- eoted that a general opening will be lold early in January. We can con- ratula,te our friends in Algona on the roposed management of their fine ew hotel and we can congratulate our rlends the Tremains on so eligible a K>8tion for the business for which hey seem so well fitted. Clerk Hire In 4lgona, Emmeteburg Democrat says: Though box rent in Emmetsburg has publed and the general receipts of department are Inpre&sing, the ial deficit \t becoming larger- W gpfe hire has been distributed as gen- Presiding Elder Smylle, Spencer Reporter: Rev. Smylie, pre- iding elderof the Algona district, was In the city Tuesday attending the M. E. church extension meeting. A number of his many friends enjoyed a pleasant call. While pastor in this city Mr. Smylie did splendid work. His power as an organizer, his able sermons, and -his earnest, conscientious efforts left an impress that will count for good in the days to come. A Hint to Algona. A new departure Js being taken in many of the business houses and some of the private residences of Britt In the matter of heat. It is now being furnished from steam through underground pipes from the electric light ind power company. The Britt school wilding Is boated and ventilated by (his steam used in connection with the Sturtevant blower system. Got $750 for ft Bad Sidewalk, gy Judge Quarton presided at a case ast week in Spirit Lake where a woman got |7§0 damages for a (fall op a defective sidewalk. w«> wiy ip*»«i Room. Bailey; The AJgooa paper* »re etlU publishing R. K. rumors* Jf all the roads come there, that they have pj.per, there won't he raom iuth county for the sjde tracks, HQ.WT From the Algoua Foundry. We do not want anyone hurt and can not be bothered with visitors The foundry is our workshop, not a sales- r i°°, m ^ .^ are P avln £ hi & h PHces for skilled labor, and wish to give our men B i f fi! rt u ha 5 oe< If you have business with the firm, call at our office. If you wish to visit the foundry and learn how iron and steel are melted, come on ?nnn° P ^ ing ^ ay ' Whleh wil1 be J^- 1, 1900. On this day we shall 'be prepared to show you everything of interest there, and we shall not expect to accomplish very much work. Our whistle will announce the beginning of the new century. Our shop will be open all day, and we will melt iron in the evening. It will not be a suitable place for children unless accompanied by their parents. We invite on this occasion all citizens who are interested in the manufacturing interests of the city, and we shall present our guests with souvenirs which will be made during the day from brass, aluminum and other metals. We can make anything you want In oast Iron. Our prices range from 1 to 3 cents per ppund, We have a good su P.Ply ,°f sleigh shoes, bolster plates, sleigh knees, horse powers, feed mills, and large iron Hetties. We pay the highest pi-toes for old iron and metals ' J ' Al Yog can get » gopd calico for 3o a A, B, CWSBC! $ CO, loan money at 5 per cent,, with optlp&aj payments iereet payable anjmftlly * The death of Mrs. Susan Paine occurred yesterday morning after a long illness. The funeral will be held at the farm home south of town today at 1:80 o'clock. Mrs. Paine was one of the very first settlers of the county. She came to Kossuth in 1855 and located at that time on the farm she died on. Mr. and Mrs. Paine were part of the Whitinsville colony, as they were known, which included sone of the best as well as best known of the pioneers. After some years on the farm they moved to Algona, where Mr. Paine had a store. In later years they the farm where Mr. Paine died six years ago in September, Four children were born. Mrs. D, T. Smith and Arthur and both well known residents of Algona, Mary is now in Los Angeles, Cal,, with her husband, and James Is a partner in the big Comstook store at Spokane, Wash. All of them grew up in the pioneer settlement here on the Des Moines and all of them have honored In their lives the memories of parents whom everyone has known to respect. Mrs. Paine's maiden name was Susan Horton. She was born In Massachusetts Aug. 9, 1824, and was consequent- y In her 75th year. She was married in Woonsooket, June 6, 1848, a little over 60 years ago. She came to Kossuth nearly 45 years ago. She was a woman whose home absorbed her energies, and who did not make a wide circle of acquaintances. But those who knew her knew that she came from the finest New England stock and that the virtues of that stock were not diminished in her. She was a woman of refinement, of energy, of conscientious devotion to duty. She leaves behind her a benign memory. he tuberculous and although he was operated on twice afterwards in Des Moines he got no relief. During his ong illness he has been cheerful and hopeful. Now that he is gone the old friends of the family will mourn with them his untimely death. Mrs. Sample and family desire to thank the Woodmen and all kind friends, for thefr assistance and sympathy, and the Irvington friends'for the beautiful flowers, Death of Charley Sample. The long illness of Chas. B. Sample ended fatally last Wednesday morning and Friday the remains were taken to the Irvlngton church where the funeral was held, Rev, Suokow officiating. At the ground in the Irvington oemetary the Woodmen of Irvingtop and Algona conducted the ceremonies. Mr. Sample was one, ot the boys, born in Iryipgtpn, pe^ity ag<?. He would ba.vf b,een " -— February SI ' ~ "B years ago mj .-*-**,*,• /»mity, a.nd kfodjwfh'te ago M'KJJ Miss VIrn JOamb. All older Algonalans will remember the E. S. Lamb family, and Miss VIra, who grew up here. Last week Monday she died at Storm Lake. The Storm Lake Vidette reports as follows: Miss """Ira D. Lamb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Lamb, departed this llf Monday evening about 8 o'clock, afte an illness of about a year's duration She had been suffering with what 1 termed by the medical profession pro gresslve pernicious anaemia, or starv Ing of the blood, and while everything was done that could be done for her, in eluding treatment for several weeks a a hospital in Sioux City, the trouble was recognized as incurable. Miss Vira D. Lamb was born in Boone county, Illinois, Aug. 8, 1867 two years later she accompanied hei parents to Algona, Kossuth county this state, and from there to Odeboldt at the latter place uniting with the Presbyterian church in 1888, and becoming a member of that denomination in Storm Lake In 1891. She was foi four years employed by F. A. Brown as deputy postmistress, during his incumbency, serving in that capacity most ably. Her memory was remarkably good, and it is safe to say that she recognized and was able In an instant to speak the name of nine out of ten of the patrons of the postoffloe. In order to qualify herself for other work, deceased took the commercial course in Buena Vista college, graduating with the class of 1899, ALGONA'S $3,500 HOESE. Mrs. Prof. Porde's Mother. Mrs. Chapman, who has been visiting her daughter in Algona a couple of months, died Monday evening Her home was In Mankato. , .4-,) «&,i f "£.* ! 5 Puerto Woo. Three tours of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico are scheduled toleayeOhl- cago Jan. 11, Feb. 12 and March 8. Spe^ c}al Pullman sleeping and dining oars will convey the party to New York, thence on board the splendid new steamships Ponce and San Juan, through and around the island by rail, automobile, carriage and hoa,t. Tickets «,1J expenses every- ie select Itoftefl parties wtu be the special escort of Mr, WaJter Memberti and Officers of the New Fancy Stock Breeder's Association. That Is Organized. The company that has bought the $8,500 imported stallion met Friday at the city hall and organized. D. S. Long was elected president; C. C. Samson, secretary; and J. VV. Wadsworth, treasurer. The other directors are C Dau, S, C. Dodds, R. E. Kain, Chas! Wooster and J. K. Walker. The stookliolders,besldes those above named are: C. B. Hutchins, Myron Schenk, R, M. Gardner, D. Rice, Hugh Hermnn, A. D. Barr, F. BeJohlmeir, M. E. Southard, E. Hartwell, James Stewart, M. Thilges, O. Ingalsbee, Walter Ranny, Henry Arend, Peter Brass, Ben Button, S. Trumbul, James Armstrong, Thomas Kain, John Seefeld, Wro. Paetz, John Zeigler, John &roh, Geo. Ashellord' Chas. Carle, Joseph Zanke. HOLIDAY candies at— SLAPB & TAYLOR'S. EOS8TJTH BANKS OOflTBIBUTE. Twelve Hanks in the County Furnish $470 to Help Urine the 61st Iowa Home. Gov. Shaw asked the banks of the state to advance $40.000 to help bring the 51st Iowa home from San Francisco, and await reinbursemont from the legislature. The Kossuth banks make a ?ood showing In the list as follows: Kossuth County State, $100; First National, $100; Algona State, $70; Wesley State, $50; Bancroft State $25; Bancroft Farmer's $26; Whittemore State, $25; Tltonka Farmer's $25; Whittemore lerman-Amerlcan $20; Burt State $10; Ledyard State $10, FAKM loans, lowest rate and best options, (39) DANSON& BUTLER. To Be Happy >uy a Parker fountain pen. Solid gold, 4 k, Pen diamond point, and positive' y guaranteed not to leak. DlNGLEY & PUGH. CAPES and jackets go at out prices J »B wi'uk. G. L. GALBRAITH. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station, Two HOUSES to rent. Inquire of 38t2 E. TELLIER. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent; interest. * Optional payments, Bj. MONEY to loan at g per oeat, 4. P. Ol«AHgB. & CO,

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