The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1899 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1899
Page 8
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**- tlFI*^il: Jgg MOI^J&g: ALQOKA, IOWA, *VEDNE8DAY, BECEMBEB 6, 1899. SCENES EH ROUTE Bfto etatoiin ffeif&et? Describes the Trip to California. I* tiHfyfgmed *rfth the Grandeur of the Mountain Range* big matujfactgriBf plant far kJsboB*e|d0*B Iff aatt tit oar hardware stores at Sfeaewfe, III. He aajre t&e past ; atad sac- a ami se»5tje fast as gnod ywsr bas been a tmsf owe aad tbat be " tsarfced 15 eeal& ba» bad at i be «»M do. — Dr. aad ^Irs. Stoli staffed f£$$€vdav »*••**• E^wcatfoix. for Kansas to *feU Isaac Frye. Mr. Sea*tor C. J. S. Erielrspti of BOOB*, a Frre wrote tbat tbe * possoaa aad * promises! Seaediaariaui of tbe state, **eet potato were twtfc ripe, f M M recsBSlj IB aa address fee gave at id* AjrcfcLKS, Cat.. Jfor. W.— To tfce Editor: It seem* mncb more than a month §?aee we ipald oar f**t visit to THZ Birrae DBS MOKTES office bat in pealitr it is bat little more tban that. Since then we bare ri*ited many states and man; different cities add town*: but among ail toe places tfeere bas not been one to compare with dear old Imra. We started from Britt Fridaj morning a* about half past 1 o'clock aad when we *fe-8Jrened at Des Mornes amass: tbe faces on tbe pisiform we saw Walter Teller'*. The foprney wai as nnioter?siing as possible Friday, and Sato/da/ moraine did; not promise to be mac* beSser. Tbe night had twee rainy aod cloudy, Alnsyjst everyon** , on tbe car except (tie writer was familiar f be wish mownSaio acen«rj. All arewod in-g If beard them wonderine wben tn« first I mountains woald be sighted. Many of j them were mountain bora and lore the! great peaks even as I lore the the lerej Mr. aud Sirs. W. H. {aghast in Iowa Cf tjf a weefc afo, aed Tfesnk9«riT!r,j=r «itb Tftcs. At ABSJBOSJL Mr. Erraabraek Sirs. Infifjsaj are eoosins. Sfwnt R. B. Warrea came frtRB Miaoe- spolia MosdsT, Mrs. Wanren for a shfl'S risit- The wedding of Mfss Edoa Waterbouse passed oS nSSy. Her basbsftd is general fneigfc. eswiSmetor oa ose of !be Mg- lines, aad is a rising yottng bosiaess maa. W. L, Drake, who osed to be in A!- gooa years ago, risiSed Woodsy wtib bis <w**in. S. D. Drake. He was oal on a rery interesting mission, no less Sbao bringing bf» wife home from Nebraska, where they were married - f week. Mr. Drake lires in De- f ? n wlM>«e debt he bad eostrf trat- ed HberaHj to psjr oS: I woald not pressrae So deliver a lector* to this aodience oa higher edovation, bat I desire to ssy to prsrsut*. aad especially to these of «rar eutiioaaliiy. socriBce some- tbiof io order tbat year children mar bare tbe benefits of higher Aa4 to young people I wcraid sar. s$ri*e IB ererj war So obtain the rery best education tbat lies in your power during yoar school years. I know br experience what it mean? not lobe of ao education such as oar ©st • Sc* ma& feata *»y Jrtr «fc» I WATER OR PAT. Arte^ac wet, ocwaactcw. I bare - *-. «- •« * aiw^cSMfc*. *-c« *.V*»M^«.«JS. J E*a*V ti>C OTllT institutions are so weH prepared to I eafeie steam arfJliog macMne OTIKH. SB tie gire. I have regreUed hundred* of i JSP** 1 s^^^s for water sspp^fwtowns, time* all •hroa.b'.r life that mv ow? tt^JSg^WET^gf''^^ ; aid not uoderMaod the value f ptey oaljr expert drffiers. Address A. F- Dairey. Alerma. Iowa. WEW8 OF THE (K)TJ1TT " W»QJ.J-. leted. F-r-ntoc crsatnery is a boat cotu- hnporSaoce of higher edocstfon. f t It \ (2ad found & frieod or socoe one to urge upon me at tbe proper lime this sreaS advantage, and be had beeo tbe means of arousing in me the ambition and reioluilon Jo obtain a higher edu- i Baes, ratbers. coppsr. brass, zinc. lead, tea GASH FOR OLD IRON, Great Special Shoe Sale, We will put on sale for two weeks our en tire stock of men's, women's and children's snoes, overshoes, German sox, rubbers, warm lined shoes, leggings, overgaiters at a special would have my prarie. Wten ;hej learoed that I bad i p «|'G«.TI« I* palling «.!.»p. in hi, S{.rin« fttore at L'J \ erne. ' We were VCTJ- cear Colorado {.rn« when; the cfoads saddeoSy lifurf asd gJo'r- I>«* Piiee-* P««k lootnel np befo.-e B». A fall of fresh snow the oigfat before crowned tfce summ-t witbflr^ap^imy. Tbec:,-B. as cation, lie. of all men. ever'a-'tiDST gratitude. In speaking to people about the ad- Tsn'.a^e of obtaining' an education, one i? frequently met with the replv: "I J. O.Rawson of LoUa Creek ha^^pn hn , oir man - V men " h " h * ve fw"^** icrhi-»*on re - u |onlya common school education who * " ~ ' I have been successful in what they hare E<idy of Wesley 5.* in 1 underSaken. and have attained bones, , . bottles. Save them up. The Highest Market Price. Pay ' Bring them to u* at Aleona. Iowa, and get 1 caa& for them. Opp. Brown's livery bam. 1 HARRY LEWIS. C. C. Samson. B. F. Croa« held a ib<ia.,and pin it and parple tints J whies are like fiuthscg- oo earife oa'sess ft be tb« "irisoa tbe traras-ftbed dove." Taej iriosds were rapid ly breakioz away. Mr*. Trapper* are getting Sols of fur anima!s abo-jt Swea Cily already. Young Geo. Angas was out from Chi- Speeeh!ew I gazed as it: sfee beaoty'waa so cago for ThanksgiVing at home in Burl grea?. *o wcuderfsl to n»e tha: H burt me, i To Et'ink of baring lived 2 iifeiioie aaJ istcrf' I coaM DOJ bare Qttered a word doriozt!ia«e few for any iadnee- tsent. ac?! iodised, all Uia5 da? I felt atrao^Sy sabdaed and qoiet. We fead a tferee boats stop-orer at Pnfeblo fetiji alczc** eTftryoce insprored jfae s^me bj- eoicz over tbe business portion of the ctly. Tbe effect of Ibe bi^&er altitude was first noticed bere. It is by DO means an un- pEeasatt sensation at first. There is an inclination to tare arocnd and arocnd- Yon feel as thoa^rh yoa were the monarch of the world. TDK psrtzenlar ex'uSIerating- effects ' eren tbe facial expression. Tne eyes are brighter, toe cheeks gJow with color. A» yon go higher you stiil feel this perculiar happiness bat yon suffer eztreine pain with it. At Sa'.ida boys w-;re 5C-!!in? finft Colorado app'e*. They are a pretty bright red. Have a sort, of a sasvdusty ve^etaWe taste and are aboul a% pal-alable as a piece of cha.'k. Indeed there L% but one varieSy of apples in the west that fs worth tasting, that Is the Bell Fiower. Fiorence, a great oil station, is an interesting pSaos. " Here r s a steam Irishman," remarked oar neighbor across the isle. Perhaps if he had said a steam Dago we woal/I have gjjessed without looking cut tha: be meant a sUram shove!. '• A/id lhere r s a grasshopper," he continued. It is well named asfrassh&pper. Power for pumping ten, fifteen and even tsventy different weHs is fnraished by one plant. The pomps are great clumsy affairs constructed from, heavy timbers, and as they thump up and down at irregular intervals, cootroijfcd and directed by the threadlike cables it is more like some hugh un- weildy insect than anything else. The constantly increasing altitude began to tell on the passeners by this time. We were all very qoiet while passing through Royal Gorge. The solid wall of rock on either side extends upward hundreds of feet. The Arkansas river se?ths and boils and hisses and bubbles and thunders along on one side of the track. About half way through the gorge we were to pass a freight train at a siding'railed Echo canyon. After a delay of about half an hour a track walker announced that the f reign r. had !x-en wrecked about two miles ahead of us. Soon the little canyon was filled with merry voices and the solemn peaks caught the happy laughter and flung it back and onward wit a thousand different cadences and tones. * black cloud ahead of us drew the attentio of someone; but we little thought at tha time that it was a dreaded mountain water spout- About 9 o'clock tbat evening w , were up to the timber line and in a blindin snow storm. A prairie dog village is a nols place at this hour and a few minutes a gen uine "grizzly'' loomed up against the whit snow. The sight was so ezciting tbat. bu for the fact that I secured a desperate' on the rear of Will's coat, uo doubt h would have succeded in leaping from th car window. Like myriad fire flies appeared th electric lights of Leadviile several hundre feet below us. The altitude at Leadviile i BO great that it is impossible to boil pota toes. Water will not boil. Everything 1 steamed instead of boiled. Tennessee Pas was our highest altitude. The slightest ex ertion here would bring on severe nos bleed, or if the person affected had wea lungs, a bemmorhage was liable to result Every bone ached in the body, it seemed leaden weight was on the chest, bat yo A. Matson of L/HSs Creek has ins ported a ear of northern wheat for swd. F. J. Slaenders, who edited the Ledyard Leader, has bought the Kamrar Ksipper. W". Korti« is eiected night watch at Whittemore. The town seems to need a »ood on".. Robert Welter has 140 head of pure bred Aberdeen Angus cattle on bis Landlord L-^wis of Titonka will move to AJgotsa. He has leased bis hotel to Lou Campbell of Brill. Wbittemore is Ho hfive a local talent theatrical. FSoydKelley of Springfield. Mo., is training the players. The Fentoo Reporters-ays tbe Brownel! shoe stock is the biggest between De-> Moinesi and Minneapolis. Louie Nawell and wife celebrated their JOth wedding anniversary at Fenton last week and had 200 guests. Geo. E. Boyle went to Chicago last week. Tbe Champion intimates that he may bringa widow home with him. Etiis McWborter's nine-year-old boy got a broken arm last week in Portland by having a horse fall that he was riding. Ledyard had two fights in one night last week, and no arrests. The Leader says it takes officers as well as ordinances. Editor Ellis is building a handsome home at Swea City. He ought to be in it this weather, instead of just having the foundation iaid. honor." We grant thi* is true, but we do not know the extra lime. *abor and brain force expended in carrying out those undertakings which would have been comparatively easy had they pos> " place. a suitable education in the" first R. S. Grubb has finished up a job of fencing on his place near Lu Verne putting up 610 rods of three wire fence, using 600 posts on the job. , still feel tbe same sense of exhiliration at first despite tbe pain. By the time we reached Mlnturn we wer fast asleep and never knew that the train was stopped thereby tbe news of the wate spout and land slide ahead, until tbe nex morning, and in the quiet of the snow cla< mountains we leave TUB UWEKDES MOINB readers for tbe present. With regards fo all our Algona friends, from both mysel and Will, Yours sincerely GRAHAM SALISBURY. from PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Geo, C. Call went to Chicago Mondaj evening, Gardner Cowles IB expected Washington Saturday. Miss Edith Bowyer went to Ft, Dodge last week for a visit. C, A. Tellier is now at Fonda anc is still with the Milwaukee surveyors. Prof, and Mrs, Spencer spent Thanks giving with bis sister, Mrs. McAllister in Spencer. Miss Amy Hedriqk left for tbe south yesterday. She will be gone till after tbe holidays. C, f'. Samson's brother-in-law oj FJandieau, S. D., was an Algona visitpr on Monday. Apaong the Algona teachers Miss Gage spent Thanksgiving in Des and Miss Turner in Spencer. B, A. Towle, principal of tbe Humbolt schools, visited in AlgQQft last Friday and spent (be day in toe schools. Mrs. Harry Podge and Helen Dodge were down from Minneapolis visiting at tbe Captain Dodge home last week. Miss Pwrje ^lice is bpwe from Buffalo Center, where ehe b,as been in Geo. PttBgburn's o#lce, Mrs. I (Of CftUforflift Jftfl, 1, , O, !l»ekf0j-4t Mrs. Prof. Colby was called from Wesley to Chicago last week by the death of a sister. The sister's son is a professor in Chicago university. Herman Rantzau's shop" at Whittemore has been burglarized of a lot of cigars. The theives were carrying out Herman's favorite theory of divid^ ing up. J. S. Ovens of Swea City, whose children were burned to death a few weeks ago, has taken an outfit of graders from Swea City to work on the Burlington line at Worth ington. All the secret societies at Lu Verne united in a banquet one night last week. The Woodmen, Odd Fellows, Yeoraen, Royal Neighbors, Rebekas and Good Templars were out. Frank Sheets has bought the old Peter Roskoff property south of the track at Sexton and sold half of it to Mrs. Geo. Lister. He builds on his half. And Mrs. Lister has bought tbe Immerfal! property, adjoining her half, which has a residence on, and will move into it. Mr. Immerfall mdves to St. Benedict into the store building recently vacated by John Math|as. MEN'S overalls worth 50 cents now for29 cents during the great sale of the Star Clothing and shoe company. Houne aud Xiotn for Sale. I will sell my house and eleven acres of ground in the south part of town, and all ray personal property. Call at Dingley &'Cook's office, 31 E. R. COOK. BOYS' knee pants worth 40 cents for 18 cents at Star Clothing and Shoe Company. . EXCURSION tickets to Cedar Rapids, via the Northwestern line, will be sold at reduced rates from all stations in Iowa, Dec. 12 and 13, limited to Dec. 14, on account of meeting Nobles of Mystic Shrine. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.—It MAKES fat, blood, and muscle more rapidly than any known remedy. It's 'ood for the blood, brain, and nerves. That's what Rooky Mountain Tea does. R, U. Miller. 1 ejrong the frame of the mother, the son will give laws to the land. All mothers should take Rooky Mountain Tea—gives life and etrengto—35 cents. Whittemore Champion: One of our business men wftp peijes entirely on people of this vicinity for bis income ent |o a bjg Chicago mail prder bouse )ents. He had to send cash in advance flr Jtjpl Puerto lilco. Three tour* of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico are scheduled loleaveCbi- cago Jan. 11, Feb. 12 and March S. Special PulEman sleeping and dining cars will convey the parly to New York, thence on board the splendid new steamships Ponce and San Juan, through and around the island by rail, automobile, carriage and boat. Tickets include all expenses everywhere. Th**e selecl limited parties will be under the special escort of Mr. Waller Boyd Townsend under the management of Ihe American Tourist association, R'.-au Campbfell general manager, 1423 Marquette building, Chicago. Itineraries, maps and tickets can be had on application to the agents of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway— 3814 Mexico. On Tuesday, Jan. 23, a special vesti- buled train of Pullman Palace cars, compartment, drawing room, library, observation and dining cars will start from Chicago and going to tbe City of Mexico and to the other prominent cities of the republic and back to Chicago again without change, making the tour of Mexico, complete. The party will be strictly limited and absolutely first class. Tickets include all expenses everywhere. The tour is under the personal escort and direction of Mr. Reau Campbell, general manager of the American Tourist association. For maps, books of the tour, tickets, etc.. call on agents of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y.—36t4 We Are Getting There. Emtnetsburg Tribune: The Wholesale Grocery Supply company of Algona bas been flooding tbe Palo Alto county postofflces with circulars, including price list and order blanks. Algona has an idea that pretty soon she will be a. Chicago on a small scale. Type Writer Supplies. Buy them at home. A stock is carried at THE UPPER DES MOINES office, which includes ribbons for both tbt ' Remington and the Smith-Premier carbon paper, type writer oil, stenog rapbers' note books in Sand lOc kinds etc. Prices are as low as you pay to outsiders. Other things being equa why not buy at home? BBAVE EXPLORERS. Like Stanley and Livingstone, found i harder to overcome malaria, fever and ague, and typhoid disease germs than sav age cannibles; but thousands have discov ered that Electric Bitters Is a wonderfu cure for all malarial diseases. If you have chills with fever, aches in back of neck anc head, and tired, and worn-out feeling, trial will convince you of its merit. W. A Null of Webb, 111., writes: " My children suffered for more than a year with chills and fever; then two bottles of Electric Bitters cured them." Only 50 cents. Try them. Guaranteed. Sold by R. H. Miller, druggist. . EDITOR SEES WONDERS. Editor W. V. Barry of Lexington, Tenn., in exploring Mammoth cave, contracted a severe case of piles. His quick cure through using Bucklen's Arnica Salve convinced him it is another world's wonder. Cures piles, injuries, inflammation and all bodily eruptions. Only 25 cents at R. H. Miller. ^ SIX FRIGHTFUL FAILURES. . Six terrible failures of six different doctors nearly sent Wm. H. Mullen of Lockland, O., to an early grave. All said he bad a fatal lung trouble and that he must soon die. But he was urged to try Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. After taking five bottles he was entirely cured. It is positively guaranteed to cure all diseases of throat' chest and lungs, including coughs, colds, la grippe, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, croup, whopping cough. 50o and $1.00. Trial bottles free at R. B. Miller's drug store. MADE YOUNG AGAIN. ," One of Dr. King's New Life Pills each night for two weeks has put me in my 'teens' again" writes D. fj. Turner of Dempseytown, Pa.,. They're the best in tbe world for liver, stomach and bowels. Purely vegetable. Never gripe. Only 25c at R. H. Miller's drug store. SAMSON & GROSE, [Successors to Hay 4 Rice,] ABSTRACTS REAL ESTATE LOANS. FARMS AND WILD LANDS FOR SALE AND FOR RENT. Opera House Block. ALGONA, IOWA. X. P. HAGGARD. G. r. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.! Abstracts, .IVCcll JC/StcltC AND Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. DISCOUNT OF 10 PER CENT. Our stock of shoes is large, well assorted and of the best makes, such as the well-known Pingree & Smith line of men's shoes, the J J Richardson line of fine ladies' shoes, the Wolf Bros.' line of boys' and girls' shoes, the Alfred Dodge line of warm lined winter shoes for ladies and children. All in need of shoes should not tail to look at our lines and exceedingly low prices. Yours for trade, JNO. GOEDERS. PROFESSIONAL. "*-^^—* x -* - V^-»w^X-'-'»-«'>M'-s - «-<»^-.™^ - ->_^.^-»_ CLARKE &' COHENOOR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Galbralth's. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Fergnson bljck. The New Lumber Yard, We have a large dry shed and keep our lumber dry and in the best possible condition. When in need of any kind of building material, cedar or oak posts, hard or soft coal, call and see what we can do for you. Being here for business, we solicit your trade and will use you right. NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Bnsiness.- Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Eaplds, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. & GEO. M. BAILEY. Holiday Goods. OTTOMAN Is putting in a Hue of Holiday Goods. He is located in the old Grange Store stand, south of the court house. Be sure and look him up, E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LA W, Algona, Iowa. DTelephone No. 29. THE Maspn City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices, F. Q, S, my station, WB have what you want in the llpe of type writer supplies. J. C. RAYMOND. E. C. RAYMOND Raymond & Raymond, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Durdall's store, Algona, Iowa. M. FREDERICK ATTORNEY CURTISS, AT LAW. Office over Kossnth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office: South rooms over DurdalTs store, Algona, Iowa. T. P. Harrington. j. HARRINQTON & DICKINSON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Geo C. Call's. Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Office in the Boston Block; residence on north Thorlngton street. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON. Office at residence, McGregor at roe i. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON. Office and residence over Taylor's. PR. MARGARET E. COLES, HotneopatMo Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence la Boaton Block, W. H. Reed (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had in the way of up- to-date, fine FURNITURE besides everything that can be desired in plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings and goods that are required for beautifying and ornamenting the home. A specialty made of Inflertaling and The Wetmore Truss. Tins TRUSS with prices always at the satisfactory point. y W. H. REED. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the DENTIST, 4, Local anaesthetic foi deade gums when extrac pain in H, C. PgVEREAUX, P. P. Crown Viator, Audrae Wheels. J. I,, ALGON4, IOWA, Bemored— now next door to Frank Wink«i's meat market. State street. „ Tf E STANDARD FORMS I WEAR THE TKUS» A truss embodying the simplicity and durability, of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles—no cumbersome springs to pass about tbe body. It gives perfect freedom of action with- jut the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old style takes. Hold the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays just where it is placed. It is the cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It is absolutely guaranteed to nt and hold the hernia with comfort, or money will be refunded. Don't buy any other truss before giving tbe Wetmore a trial. For sale and guaranteed by W. J, STUDLEY, Pharmacist, Boston block, ALGONA, IOWA. One Hundred Dollars-- , Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. JOHN SQHU & CO, . Th* i follow ter Klrecb on NOTICE.. estrays were token farm la »pd pw posto as by Jaw OToytdWi •*—*-* * oitft wSfcWyi gte^r about steer, left two y> ear ~~ P»C wmw

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