The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1899
Page 7
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The Bible needs reconstruction ac cording to some insldo and outside the pulpit It is ho surprise that the -world bombards the Scriptures, but it i; amazing to find Christian minister picking at this in the Bible and deny Ing that until many good people are left in the fog about what parts of the Bible they ought to believe, and wha parts reject. The helnousness of. find ing fault with the Bible at this time ii most evident. In our day tho Bible ii assailed by scurrility, by misrepresent ation, by infidel scientists, by all the vice of earth and all the venom of per dltlon, and at this particular time even preachers of the Gospel fall into line o criticism of the word of God. Why, i makes me think -of a ship In n Sep tember equinox, the waves dashing to the top of the smoke stack, ami tho hatches fastened down, and many prophesying tho foundering of the steamer, a.nd at that time some of the crew with axes and saws go down into the hold of tho ship, and they try to caw off some of the planks and pry ou Borne of the timbers because the tlmbe: did not come from the right forest It does not seem to me a commendable business for the crew to be helping th winds and storms outside with thel axes and saws inside. Now, this olc Gospel ship, what with the roaring o earth and hell around the stem am etern, and mutiny on deck, is bavin; a very rough voyage.but I have noticed that not one of the timbers has start ed, and the captain says he will see It through. And I have noticed tha keelson and couuter-timber-knee an built of Lebanon cedar, and she is go ing to weather the gale, but no credi to those who make mutiny on deck. When I see professed Christians in this particular day finding fault with the Scriptures it makes me think of a fortress terrifically bombarded, and the men on the ramparts, instead of swabbing out and loading the guns, and helping fetch up the ammunition from the magazine, are trying with crowbars to pry. out from the wall certain blocks of stone, because they did not come from the right quarry. Oh, men on the ramparts, better fight back, and fight down the common enemy, instead of trying to make breaches in the wall. . While I oppose this expurgation of the Scriptures, I shall give you my reasons for such opposition. "What!" say some of tho theological evolutionists whose brains have been addled by too long brooding over them by Darwin and Spencer, "you don't now really believe all the story of the Garden of Eden, do you?" Yes, as much as I believe there were roses in my garden last summer. "But," say they, "you don't really believe that the sun and moon stood still?" Yes, and if I had strength enough to create a sun and moon I could make them stand still, or cause the refraction of tho cuu's rays so it would appear to stand still. "But," they say,. "you don't believe that the whale swallowed Jonah?" Yes, and if I were strong enough to make' a whale I could have made vory easy ingress for the refractory prophet, leaving to evolution to eject hlm.if he were an unworthy tenant! "But," say th:-y, "you don't really believe that the water was turned into wine?" Yes, just as easily as water now is often turned into wine with an admixture of strychnine and logwood! "But," they say, "you don't really believe that Sampson slew a thousand with the jawbone of an ass?" Yes, and 1 think that the man who in this day assaults the Bible is wielding the same weapon! I am opposed to the expurgation of the Scriptures in the first place, because the Bible in its present shape has been so miraculously preserved. Fifteen hundred years after Herodotus wrote his history, there was only one manuscript copy of it. Twelve hundred years after Plato wrote his book, there was only one manuscript copy of It. God was so careful to have us cave the Bible in just the right shape that we have fifty manuscript copies of the New Testament a thousand years old, and some of them fifteen hundred years old. This book, handed down from the time of Christ, or just after the time of Christ, by the hand of such men as Origen in the second century and Tertullian In the third century, and by men of different ages who died for their principles. The three best copies of the New Testament in manuscript in the possession pf the three great churches—the Protestant church of England, the Greek church of St. Petersburg, and the Romish church of Italy. It is a plain master O f history that Tischendorf went to a convent in the peninsula/ of SJoqi and was by ropes lifted over the wall into the convent, that being the only mode of admission, and |hat he saw there in the waste basket for kindling for the ores, a man* Mcrlpt of the Holy Scripture?. That nj|j)t he copied papy of tlje passages teen years bad passed of earnest entreaty and prayer and coaling ajid pur- efcsse 9» We part tfrat $at sopy 'of - - - • was put fro you not know that the catalogue of the books of the Old arid New Testa tafctttl as we hate it, is the same eat aldgtie that has been coming on down through the ages? Thirty-ntn* took of the Old^ Testament thousands o years ago. Thirty-nine now. Twett ty-eeven bookfc of tho New T&tafnen sixteen hundred years ago. Twenty seven books of the New Testatnenl flow. Marcion, for wickedness, wa turned out of the chufch in the second century, and in his assault on the Bi ble and Christianity he Incidentally gives a catalogue of the books of the Bible—that catalogue corresponding exactly with ours—testimony given bj the enemy of the Bible and the enemy of Christianity. The catalogue is now just like the catalogue then* Assault ed and spit on and torn to pieces and burned, yet adhering. The book today in three hundred languages, confronting four-fifths of the human race In their own tongue. Foxir hundred mil lion copies of it in existence. JJoe not that look as if this book had been divinely protected, as if God hat guarded it all through the centuries Nearly all the other old books are mumified and arc lying in the tombs o old libraries, and perhaps once in 20 years some man comes along and picks up one of them and blows the dust off and opens it, and finds it the book he does not want. But this old book.much of it forty centuries old, stands today more discussed than any other book and It challenges the admiration of al the good and the spite and the venom and tho animosity and the hyper-critl clsra of earth and hell. I appeal to your common sense.If a book so divine Iy guarded and protected in its pros ent shape, must not be in just the way that God wants it to come to us, and If it pleases God, ought it not to please us? Not only have all the attempts to detract from the book failed, but al the attempts to add to it. Many at tempts were made to add the apochry phal books to the Old Testament. The Council of Trent, the Synod of Jerusalem, the bishops of Hippo, all decidee that tho apochryphal books must be added to the Old Testament. "They must stay in," said those learned men; but they stayed out There is not an intelligent Christian man that today will put the Book of Maccabees or the Book of Judith beside the Book ot Isaiah or Romans. Then a great many said: "We must have books added to the New Testament," and there were epistles and gospels and apocalypses written and added to the New Testament, but they have all fallen out. You cannot add anything. You cannot subtract anything to the divinely protected book in the present shape. Let no man dare to lay his hands on it with the intention of detracting from the book, or casting out any of these holy pages. I am also opposed to this proposed expurgation of the Scriptures for the fact that in proportion as people become self-sacrificing and good and holy and consecrated, they like the book as it is. I have yet to find a man or a woman distinguished for self-sacrifice, for consecration to God, for holiness ol life, who wants the Bible changed. Many of us have inherited family Bibles. Those Bibles were in use twenty, forty', fifty, perhaps a hundred years in the generation. Today take down these family Bibles, and find out il there are any chapters which have been erased by lead pencil or pen, and If in any margins you can find the words, "This chapter not fit to read." There has been plenty of opportunity during the last half century privately to expurgate the Bible. Do you know any case of such expurgation? Did not your grandfather give ic to your father, and did not your father give it to you? Beside that, I am opposed to the ex purgation of tho Scriptures because the so-called indelicacies and cruelties of the Bible have demonstrated no evil result, A cruel book will produce cruelty—an unclean book will produce uncleanness. Fetch me a victim. Out of all Christendom, and out of all the ages, fetch me a victim whose heart has been hardened to cruelty, or whose life has been made impure by this book. Show me one. One of the best families I ever knew, for thirty or forty years, morning and evening, had all the members gathered together.and the servants of the household, and the strangers that happened to be within the' gates—twice a day, and without eaving out a chapter or a verse, they read this holy book, morning by morn- ng, night by night Not only the elder children, but the little child who could just spell her way through the verse while her mother helped her, The 'atber beginning and reading one ?erse, then all the members of the fam- ly in turn reading a verse. The father maintained his integrity, the mother maintained her integrity, the sons ;rew up and entered professions and ommerclal life, adorning every sphere n the life in which they lived, and the daughters went into families where Christ was honored, and all that was good and pure and righteous reigned perpetually. For thirty years that amily endured the Scriptures, Not me of them ruined by them. Now, if you will tell me of a family where the Bible has been vead twice a day for thirty years, and the, children have beea brought up in fc&at habit, and the father went voruin, and the mother went to ruin, and the eons and rhters W era destroyed by it—if you tell me o,f one such iuuia.wtt, | will hrQW away my JBJWe, gr J •ftctty. l4eUyp.v4 ( jj with what he calls the, at in, £is $a^tfi fl*0 'iW«i^ti«i»» cannot ""'" ' ~ copy BO fflftrvelousjy protected. wickedness, nncleaimeBVn. .i.a!l softs, ia purposely and rightecm&iy a dlsgust- litg account, instead of the Byrontc and the Pattsian vernaculaf which makes sin attractive Instead of appalling. "Wnen these old prophets point you to a lazaretto you understand it is a lazaretto. When a man having begun to do right falls back into wickedness and gives up his Integrity, the Bible does not say he was overcome by tho fascinations of the festive board, or that he surrendered to convivialities, or that he became a little fast in his habits, t will tell you what tho Bible says: "The dog is turned to his own vomit again, and the sow that was Washed to her Wallowing in the mire.' No gilding of iniquity. No garlands on a death's-head. No pounding away with a silver mttllet at iniquity when it needs an Iron sledge hammer. I can easily Understand how people brooding over the description of tm- cbanness In the Bible, may get morbid in mind until they are as full of it as the wings and beak and tho nostril and the claw of a buzzard are full of the odors of a carcass; but what Is wanted Is not that the I?lblo be disinfected, but that you, t.hf. critic, have your mind and heart washed with carbolic acid! I tell you at this point In'my discourse that a man who does not like this book and who la critical as to its contents, and who Is shocked and outraged with its descriptions, has never been soundly converted. The laying on of the hands of Presbytery or Episcopacy does not always change ;i man's heart, and men sometimes get into the pulpit as well as into the pew, never having been changed radically by tho sovereign grace of God. Get your heart right and tho Bible will be right. The •trouble Is men's natures are not brought into harmony with tho Word of God. All! my friends, expurgation of the heart is what is wanted. You cannot make mo believe that tho Scriptures, which, this moment He on tho table of the purest and best men and women of the age, and which were the dying solace of your kindred passed into tho skies, have in them a taint which the strongest microscope of honest criticism could make visible. H mei. are uncontrollable In their indignation when the Integrity of wife or child Is assailed, and judges and jurors as far as possible excuse violence under such provocation, what ought to be the overwhelming and long resounding thunders of condemnation for any man who will stand in a Christian pulpit and assail the more than virgin purity of inspiration, tho well beloved daughter of God ? • Expurgate the Bible! You might as well go to the old picture galleries In Dresden and in Venice and in Rome and expurgate the old paintings. Perhaps you could,find a foot of Michael Angelo's "Last Judgment" that might be improved. Perhaps you could throw more expression into Raphael's "Madonna." Perhaps you could put more pathos in Rubens' "Descent from the Cross." Perhaps you could change the crests of the waves in Turner's "Slave Ship." Perhaps you might go Into the old galleries of sculpture and change the forme and tho posture of the statues of Phidias and Praxiteles. Such an Iconoclast would very soon find himself in the penitentiary. But it is worse vandalism when a man proposes to refashion these masterpieces of Inspiration, ar.,1 to remodel the moral giants of this gallery of God. Of all the works of Dore, the great artist, there was nothing so impressive as his illustrated Bible. What scene of Abrahamic faith, or Edenlc beauty, of dominion Davidlc, or Solomonic, of miracle, or parable, of nativity or of crucifixion, or of last judgment but tho thought leaped from the great brain to the skillful pencil, and from the skillful pencil to Immortal canvas. The Louvre, tho Luxembourg, the National Gallery of London compressed within two volumes of Doro'a illustrated Bible. But tho Bible will come to better illustration than that, my friends, when all the deserts have become gardens, and all tho armories have become academies, and all the lakes have become lennesarets with Christ walking them, and all the cities have become Jerusalems with hovering . Shekinah; and the two hemispheres will be clapping symbols of divine praise, and the round earth a footlight to Emunuel's .hrone—that, to all lands, and all ages, •xnd all centuries, and all cycles will be the best specimen of Bible illustrated. Vn«nrle» of Mrs. JUiioC'ormlolr. The vagaries of Mrs. MacCormlck, as disclosed the other day to the Divorce 3ourt at Dublin, Ireland—the Queen's Proctor intervening—are remarkable. ;n 3896 the lady left her husband suddenly, and disappeared. The next year Mr. MacCormlqk went through a form of marriage with a young woman, whose brother later on prosecuted him or bigamy. Mr, Justice PiiUlimore leard the case, and Mr. MacCormick was sentenced to a long term of imprisonment But in the meantime the ady, as it turned but afterward, had married and became a widow, and Irawn her husband's insurance money. >Jot satisfied with her position even ,ben, the widow brought an action for divorce against her imprisoned bus- land, and secured a decree. It is a bewildering story, and it is not surprising that the decree has been re- icimled. !&i8i£;^ tho petJ-sJt J,9flrnaJ? fairy we »<H ' Once, the Ji0ro f ti%te& ejco Jft pf PW fmellj Tbe fftitit'Hjt* t&jjl :® A Georgia aegrtfj wfod has already thought of Christmas, has written as follows to his employer: "Mafse fPotn, ft you gwlae te<- gittimo dhH'mns #(' dls Chrls'ttMi« I wish you please stth 1 sen' me a pverc6at Marae Tom, of I had one or flesa overcoats which reach ' tea- de grouft' J'd go ier preaohin' fo' ! sundown!" j ' Kate Field used to fc.ike daily ,^^ uuo I In Latin from Walter SAvage" Landdf, I when she was in Florence^ and at her efttrwhce Into the room his rugged ex* preeston Invariably softened and he became what his pupil Called "chivalry ln- earfrate." One day he dropped his spectacles, and as she picked them ut> a«d handed them to him, he exclaimed, "Oh, this is not the first time that you have caught my eyes." General Joubert, when he in New York City a few years ago as the guest of Henry George, told with modesty (says the Sun) of his negotiations with the British at Majuba Hill, and his eyes sparkled as he recited his reply to the British Commander-in-chief. "It does not comport with these," said the British general, pointing to the decorations on,'hiebi'eeohes"to accede to your terms." To which said Joubert, pointing to bis riflemen: "And It does not comport wltk those to offer any others." A Now England lad's Idea of Thanksgiving is pio, and plenty of it, says the New York Mnll and Express, and when the president recently appoint&il November 30 for its celebration, an eight- year-old descendant of Mayflower stock prpYsnted this menu for his mother's consideration: Furs!. Corse. Mince l?lo. SoUnnrt Coiw, Punklti I'll- niul Tcrkny. Tb'.nl CorBo. Linrnon Pin, Tcrkoy, Crnnbwrys. Fourth CorROi distort! Pin. Apple Pic, Mlnoo Pio. Chocolntn Cake, loo Cream and Plum Pudding, Dosnrt. 1-anc's Family Modlolno. Moves the bowels each day. In order to bo hoalfchy' this 5s neecsuary. Acts gently on the livor and kidney's. CUI-CH sick headache. I'riuo -35 audfibc. Red skies in the evening precede fine morrowH. Plso's Cure for OoiiHiumitlon lias been a Bod-send to inc.—Wm. B. McOlclliin, Chester, Florida, ticptcinbur 17, iKftj. Corn or wheat, if fed alone, produces ,'iit and clieokM egg production. ACTS GENTLV ON THE KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS CLEA NSES THE 5YSTEM OVERCOMESJ,;^? & ' jj^ %*•••* ^^ ' nMltft M A h.tff*&MMU f OR s Aim MI QRuscisUi emu »flt fin Mint. bring your children tip on It. Successfully Prosecutes Claims. itePHnptnal ISxftminer ILfS.PenBlon Bureau. rfBln civil wiir.- 18 iHlliiilldiiiliitffliiliim.attyaliica. $19,000 OFFERED by holm off ho lnt.ii Anthony J'ullok,E«q., for l>e«t maritime Ilro-Buvliiuiipplliiiu'a. Wavnn furnlrtiyou lnfor> mutton. HASO.V, l<;;NHICK*I,i\YltKNCK, Wuhlnffam, I), e. ttafflict™) with •oro eyou, mis } Thompson's Eye Water W. N, U., Des Moines, No. 49.—1899 CIFTY DOLLARS pays fora scholarship In the Iowa Business Got- ' I ( legc, good for one year (ten months) in any department, If arranged i * for during December. This popular school, with Its strong faculty. Is endorsed by over one hundred bankers who received their train- Ing here. We have the most successful 'Qiilroad Telegraph School in the West. From our Shorthand Department alone during the month of November, we placed sixteen stenographers in good positions, and had twelve calls we could not fill. To the best of our knowledge we have not . a graduate from any department out of a good position. Send for our handsome catalogue, or call and see us. Address Dept. » IOWA BUSINESS COLLEGE, Des Molnes, la. PHONE 073 $50 250. SAMPLE BOTTll: lOo. FOR NEXT THIRTY DAYS. • I • How Long Have You Bead About "5 Drops" Without Taking Them? Do you not think, you liavc wasted precious time and suffered enough? II so, then try the "5 Drops" niul lie promptly cuut permanently cured of your afflictions. "S Drops" is a speedy and Sure Cure for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciullca, Lumbago (lame back), Kidney Diseases, Asthma, Hay Fever, Dyspepsia, Catarrh of all kindc,, Bronchitis, La Grippe, • Headache (nervous or ucuraleii:},- Heart Weakness, Dropsy, Earache, Spasmodic and Catarrhal Croup, Toothache, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Creeping Numbness, Malaria, ami kiudr^l diseases. ,?'5Drpps" has cured more people during tho past four years, of the above-named diseases, tlian all other remedies known, and in case of Rheumatism is curing more than all the doctors, patent nterticliics.elcctric tells and hattcriescombined, forthey cannot cure Chronic Rheumatism. Therefore waste no more valuable time and money, but try "S Drops" and be promptly CURED. "5 Drops" is not only the l«:st medicine, but it is the cheapest, for afl.OO bottl» contains 300 doses. Price i»r bottle, $1.00, prepaid by mail or express, or 6 bottles for 1S.OO. For the next 30 dnys we will send a £>c sample FIJEI2 to anyone sending' 10 cents to pay for the mailing; Agents wanted. Write to-day. - ' .|^A N SON RHEUMATIC CURE CO.. I6CM64 E. LAKE ST. CHiCAOO. CTRADE MARK.] JOHN ^ S ===-S=!='*=5=3===^ fMAMMOTHt 'MAILORDER HOUSE YTHCO. eST MADISON ST<i CHICAGO 5,000 GUITARS AT $2.65 Fhls Guitar is made of tlie finest Imitation mahogany with either Eolidrosewood or walnut fingerboard; pearl inlaid position dots and German silver raised frslsj it has fancy inlay around sound bole and best quality American patent heads; the (op of Guitar is beautifully bound with celluloid! it fc strung with a full set of best quality steel springs and is ready to play upon. THIS ELEQANT GUITAR c FOR $2,05 No more, no less, than 5,000 of them, probably the largest contract la mil tars ever mode — an instrument that posi- Uvuly Belly from $3.50 to $7.00, When this Jot is exhausted we cannot duplicate* this offer. Quantity talks, Only by ppor- utiug on uuch n bIB scale, together with our \voll-lfnowu small profit policy, could such un pUorjng bo possible. Another rousou tar dispensing such a bargain broadcast is tho couflqenco we feel (bat every guitar sold will win for us a permanent putron and a friend whose recommendation wo can count upon. We wiiJI forward the guitar to any address v< O. p., subject to examination, upon receipt of 50p. We, however, advise that cash in full be sent, as that sUves return charges for money and wo stand perfectly ready to refund money if the guitar is not all and wore than we olain) ior it. Remember our 4t M A n Bpecial price on 6,000 of inunlyia ..,....! [to which is listed >"t |pw«*t wholesale prices II AtfAwi«vklM(4 **% «««%4 .*.,*_»_ - I - * *.r •_ fT 14P

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