The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1899
Page 5
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THE UPPJBK ] m MOINfe: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1899* """"-"•— "' ---- ' --------- - ~ - : Linens HAVE YOtT BEAD THE LATEST BOOK? CONTENTS. Domestics— Pages < • Prints, Muslins, Ginghams, Percales, Ducks, 1 Q ^ Denims, and Cheviots, from $c to 1O < Table Cloths, Crashes, Towels, Napkins, and Handkerchief Linen, from 6c to | Silks and Satins— China, Jap and Wash Silks, Taffetas, Liberty Silks and Satins, Peau de Soie, Nearsilk, Ami- silk and Howmuchsilk, from 250 per yard to. I Dress Goods— Domestic and Imported Fabrics, Cashmeres, Serges, Mohairs, Nohairs, Sicilians, Venetians, Broad Cloths, Plaids, Crepons, Novelties, plain and fancy Blacks, from ia£c to I Miscellaneous— Kid Gloves, Kid Curlers, Handkerchiefs, Lace Curtains, Neckties, etc., etc • ;. PUBLISHERS: | Chrischilles & Herbst, ;; Dry Goods and Notions, ALGONA IOWA. New Store. New Goods. New Prices. Attend the Grand •NOW GOING ON 1 in Algona at the CLOTHING AND SHOE CO.'S State St., building formerly occupied by Vincent's Racket Store. Come and get our prices and see how well you can do for your money. ' Fourth-Grand Holiday Opening, Monday, Dec. II Harp Orchestra will play afternoon and ( evening, and souvenirs given to me la- j dies. Dome one, oome all. ' Ehlcrs & Adams. Dinglcy & Pugh, . MINNESOTA LAUDS In the Famous lV>d Ulver Valley. Price of land, $1,000 to $2.500 per 160 lucres, according to location and tm- Iprpvement, on the most favorable Iterras, with a payment of 20 per cent. idown, balance on long time or crop Ipaymen.t. Come any day over the f North western, taking receipts foryour pare, and I can eeoure you excuraion rates. Railroad fare refunded tq»all ! ; whobuy. Call at my office, 188 E. 3d let., St. Paul. JOHNGROVE. BUY your fall outfit of clothing and lehoes at the Star Clothing and Shoe rpompany. Vincent's old stand. FOR time lows on real estate apply fat Kogsutb County State Bank. - VlSCT^the Star Clothing company jpu will b£ treated »f 9l(J stand. January Clearing Sale in December KRAFT'S Boys' Long Pant Suits One-third (330 Off other bargains, THfi LOCAL MltD. Warner Comedy corhpany tonight. Petef Purvis is talking some of aCal- ifornlatrip. Owens arid his fine company comes December 27. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Henderson start tor California today, "The county teachers meet, at Ban* croft next week Saturday. The Iowa Central depot Is enclosed. It is a neat and commodious building. The storm Thanksgiving kept the Spencer boys from coming for the football game. Doxsee has the Congregational church furnace in and the church is comfortably heated now. The town of Oatbralth Is to have a postoffllce. The local merchant Mr. Brandt will be postmaster. Judge Quarton opens court tomorrow. He was kept at Spirit Lake and did not open Monday as he expected. The piers for the steel bridge at Ir- vlngton are being set this week. Austin of Webster City goi the contract. Qeo. E.Clarke was In Forest City yesterday and Charlie Cohenour in Le- Mars. The flrm was covering a wide territory. W. Flnnell, a cousin of I. M. Plnnell, Is licensed to wed Myrtle Coleman. W. J. Bell and Christina Buchanan also have a license. At the Polk county tax sale they bid for a vigitiltonth of a vlpitlllonth of a vipfUllonth. But that don't equal half an infinitesimal. The public library record for November is flatterlnc 1 . LlbrHrlun McElroy reports 932 books loaned nnd 818atte'nd- ance in the rending room. It is not settled yet when Alex. White will quit the Lamb company, as they have no new man selected for the place, and have no one in view. The firemen are going 1 to have a big New Year's dance at the armory New Year's night. The firemen give good dances, and a crowd will be out. A member of the surfacing gang on the lown Central got a pickax on his head the other day, but was not serious- hurt. .Dr. Morse pat.cbed him up. Chrtschilles & Herbst have entered the list of book publishers. A prospectus of their Intent publication will be found nmong our advertisements. L. Riifus Hill, who conducted oma- tnerdrnniatlcs in Altfonn years ago, tnUiny a local company to Garner once, is ho re with the Warner Comedy Co. Fred Bacon, the St. Jo. butter-maker, takes Aug. Nurel'n plane nt Hobnrt. He is one of the experts of the county. DloUmnn of Wesley (.tikes lift* place nt St. Jo. On account of the storm the at- tendenoe at the Thanksgiving service was small.- Rev, . Chlpperfield gave n very (1n« sermon on the duly of being thankful. Prank Niooulin won his law suit out in Dakota that J. W. Sullivan went out to testify in. The judge took it from the jury. It involved the title to a good farm. Company P will have another rifle shoot nt the armory -for turkeys on New Year's day. A new scheme will be'nrranged to let the poor shots have an even show. A gang of thieves Is working nil the way from Whlttomoro to Spencer, stealing coats, jewelry, etc. Our officials get complaint from every town along the lino. ' Summer ended abruptly Thanksgiving day. A heavy snow fell nil day and Monday morning the murr-ury was down to two degrees below zero. It was a sudden tumble. Stone Is on the ground tor a new cottage on Frank Single's block, the cellar is excavated for W. Spurbeok's house, nnd part of the foundation is in for O. W. MoMurray's. Company F had 11 great rifle contest Thanksgiving day and 60 turkeys were won. As there were 50 shots to each turkey it is easy to figure out that considerable powder was burned. Ed. and Lew Hack man begin a'two story building at Ringsted this week for J. C. Anderson. He is going to locate at Ringsted and Bnrt Peck, Clark Peck's son, will go with him. Piorson, the fireman on the Iowa Central gravel train, went to shake the grate in the engine when the shaker broke nnd he fell on tho holler, cutting his head open. Dr. Kenefiok sewed him up. O, B, Durdull says that the hotel will he ready by Jan. 1. The third floor is completed and the carpenters are hanging doors on the second. The steam radiators are expected this week and will soon be in. E. Wright, who used to live in Algona, has sold his fine farm near Spencer, and is talking of going to Texas. He made n good thing at Spencer, selling at $20 an acre more than he paid two years ago. The Tltonka planing mill men were in Algona last week with a view of moving their plant to the Hamilton grounds near the depot. They have an outfit of machinery that cost $8,500 and wnnt to get to a little larger center. There Is a rumor afloat that Agent Vesper will be promoted and will go to Mason City to act as agent for the new Northwestern line there. He says he has not heard anything of the kind and until he.does he is inclined not to credit it. W. J. Crammond is making a handsome harness for H. L. Walters to go to Chicago. H. L. after looking about and pricing fl/ie harnesses found that cou'd beat Chicago. Mr. Crammond is feeling highly complimented by the choice, W. P. Jones is to read a pa,pur at the state meeting of machinery men which comes at Des Moines In s, few weeks? He leads a discussion on co-operative stores. Mr. Jones stands high with the Implement dealers, and is a popular member of the state association. Louie Eller has bought the Rooka- fellow place over south p,f town on the Thompson road and, Ua| built a gpod' new house. RaokRfello^ has erpne to to live jnfUb s. slstor. He lias made B neat little improvement over la the ravine, and is aft intelligent and thrifty resident. t C. M. Doxsee has lately had a letter from Alfred Edmonson of Morecombe, England, a hardware merchant who got possession of one of his books o/ advertisement*, fie writes that he has made a study of advertising in the hardware line and has taken much Interest in Mr. Doxsee's work* Thirty-five farmers and stock raisers have joined and bought the handsome Peroheron Stallion that has been at the Brown barn the past week. They put In $100 each, the horse costing $3,600. He Is undoubtedly the finest draft horse in the state. The purchasers meet Friday to organize and elect officers. The Warner Comedy company has put on two good plays at the opera house, and the program for the week Is excellent. The comedy last evening, "Sylvie's Romance," was bright and excellently well presented. The company is playing at 10, 20, and 30 cents, and all who enjoy clever and clean acting should go out. The specialties are all good. J. E, Stacy recalls the famous winter of 1867. He says November was as mild as It has been this year, and that from Dec. 1 for 40 days snow did not melt In the sun. The weather was bitterly cold, and the winter as a whole was the worst the'country has ever had. He looks with suspicion on our fine November. C. C. Hill, engineer of the Iowa Central, is reporting to the poatofHee department on the towns and postal facilities on the new line. It Is likely that railway mall service will go on soon. No announcement has yet been made about railway mulls to Fen ton, olo. J. E. Laird Is still taking the malls overland from Algona. Frank Butlerfield, who was once a hardware merchant of Algona, leader In homo dramatics, etc.,'died last week in Minneapolis. He had been on the road for a hardware house, but was not In financially good circumstances. Frank will be pleasantly remembered by finely Algotiions. He was full of good spirits and helped to make a pioneer vllliage lively. Agent Vesper says tho report In the Blue Earth City Post that there are transfer charges at Elmore on the Northwestern line Is not correct. He says also that there Is no plan to carry freight around by Mason City to Eagle Grove, and that the arrangement that has been is merely to accommodate towns between Blue Earth City nnd Mason City until the lino from Mason City to Bello Plaine is completed. W. H. Tngham met Chas.E. Putnam at Cedar Rapids last week for the first time in 32 years. Mr. Putnam has been for many years cashier of the Merchants' National bank and enjoys life amidst comfortable surroundings. He came to Algona In 1855 and for a couple of years hunted and roughed It with Mr. Ingluim and A. L. Seeloy. Our readers will recall a pleasant account of his experiences which he wrote a couple of yearn ago for THE UPPER DES MOINES. One of the bidders at the tax sale has figured out what a.millionth of a piece of land would be, A town lot has 1,254,528 square inches, so the man who pays the tax for a millionth gets a little over a square inch. What a. duo clecillionth would be some one else can figure out. A quarter section of land has 1,003,624,400 square inches. A billionth would be but a fraction over a square inch. If a. man should get a tax'deed it would bo to a Inch to be taken out of the north east corner of the quarter. Tho contest over county treasurer comes a. week from next Monday. Neither Mr. Ward nor Mr. Smith has announced who his judge will bo. The more that is learned about the vote in Riverdiile, Prairie, and Wesley, the less reason there is to believe that Mr. Smith will find the count wrong. An amusing feature of the whole matter is Mr. Smith's sworn statement thalhebe- lieves that every election judge in the county failed to count votes for him and did count votes illegally for Ward. Mr, Smith will not gain any popularity out of his contest. The business men's meeting last Wedni'nday evening was well attended. The only matter brought up was getting up an Illustrated souvenir of Algona. for use this winter. The committees were appointed; M.Starr, J. W. Hinchon and Harvey Inghara to have charge of the printing, etc., and Geo. C. Gal), . Thos. F. Cooke, and C. C. Samson to secure the patrons and to attend to the business end, The purpose is to have a handsome book of viaws of Algona's finest scenery and best buildings printed In the highest style of the art by some city house, and make the cost actual net to the patrons. Special photographs will be taken so that no poor pictures will be admitted. Such a book will be a thing of beauty and valuable in Itself, nnd will also be a desirable means of showing off Algona away from home. No WONDER the Star Clothing and Shoe Co. Is doing one of the biggest businesses ever known in the city of Algona and surrounding country. We are selling our goods as we advertise. We will be pleased to have everybody call at the Star Clothing and Shoe Co.'s, The great sale Is now going on, SEND 6c in postage to Lafe Young, Des Monies, Iowa, and receive the Weekly Capital campaign edition until the November election, 1899. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CH1CAOO, MILWAUKEE £ ST. PAUL. LOCAL THAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at — 0:05 a m No. 3 departs at. 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departsat 10:45pnj No. 71 departs at 8:80pm No. 05 departsat 8:30 pin TRAINS BAST. No. 3 departs at 10:45 a m No. 4 departs at 0;?8pw Freights that carry passengers— No. 7(f departs at I0:10pjn No. 84 departs at 3:20 pin . H. F. HjiomoK, ' ' pWCAOO * So^th—- l:66ii 1:36 Ik ml 9] rp x i TV 1 1* A tnP rlmhr 1U IJLlv*/ 1 uUllv^i I wish to say that all parsons desiring to buy goods in my line in small quantities will find my prices as low as the lowest. And to any desiring to buy Five, Ten or Twenty Dollar orders I will give Wholesale Prices or meet all competition. Do not forget that I am headquarters for apples. Respectfully, James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. Made of heay copper- and heavil.y nicltel plated. They lool: as nice as silver—they wear better Umn silver, and cost you mnch loss than silver. Ideal. Those two items are combined In our oelo brated •OOQQOQQQQOQOOOOOOOOQOOOOOQ purchased at a hardware store is always sure to please the recipient. A present bearing the stamp of beauty and possessing utility approaches the ! Rochester Nickel Goods Kettles, the kind that ^1 A(Y I In does not rust, at prices from u)l*\/\/ LJIJ Tea and Coffee Pots that always C A p I \»\ look nloe undtiover leak, from *J \J \s ^'r' Nickel plated spoon holders .65 cents Nickel plated cream pitchers • • • 75 cents You should see our full assortment of nickel goods before selecting your presents, C. M. DOXSEB, HARDWARE. (X3QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO9(. "Just Right Is the expression so often made by by purchasers of our shoes. Material, Pattern, Workmanship and Finish combine to make our Boots and Shoes the very best obtainable. Just now our stock is very large and comprises the very best makes and qualities in Leather, Rubber and Felt Footwear. Prices and quality always right. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Fine repairing arid custom work. ALSO AT FENTON, IOWA. E. J. (llfMOUlt, President, O. II. JlUWniNS, Vice I'rertaent, M. IIENOK, Seui'ctaru, J. W. WADSW01CTH, '1'reumirei; DIRECTORS: JAS. NOLAN, JI, W. DKEYER, UffAti, WOO8TER, S. STEU8SY, J. 0. KAltf, J. JS. S'fAOY. The Farmers' Milling Co. (IKCOHPOKATED.} ' ^^ OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. Can furnish the trade with choice Hour from selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground feed in lots to suit purchasers, This is a farmers' company and solicits the farmers' business. "Worils: a Specialty. e can and will do as well by you as a .*• /. B. HOfflUS, General Manager, Highest cash price paid for good wheat. We can and will do as well by you as any mill in .owa. Give the new company a trial. .*•*.•*«.-•*« LOOK m Q" ALITY - Cheap ggods are dear at any price, We keep the best and are here to stay. A complete stock of Felt Shoes and Slippers, Overshoes, and Felt Boots, AT-

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