The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1899
Page 4
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L PPKK : ALGON A, IOWA. ^Hjvkjfe (Mtt^i^^g^fc "BBtj^jr dMtt '^k^tk^M- ME «ilfpF* pip ffifWf& f*h»fcfert€ SfaKinf gy frr Bis ntev- s&e all frtrefgn affair* of s&e aatfbnv aftje {foe>- mXRSttt wftfeft will well rsp*y ttfte St'ma ^ ttwssy re«f BT., Ji f# ft strong- dow- ififirtt Tfar rwMmmendiitJtins are art flteae *ad sensfhle, sort tft«re far mr «vaSfmfrfnwpmwi6tir«r. Tiraate.. afcrf E •«rvftaft r Ctefttv fifte PTiili pptae», eoin- eYptMMfoir, army reorganize y t&e- money question, ete. T ette , sif are treated fearlessly and patrfoeietJTy. Is is a m&atagK worth rawff ag-. Is ap- peaia to the good sense of every Amerlean citizen. GAtt *»wf «*m» plan *fJ! (•IjjPKiBw tl^Htti- 'J^fiEft OUrmftir SBfhwjt quwwlnw fit &TW» **y<Jirt8«s0*lrertfti»wfrt»r. WiW *»* BMtrtK. PVwHifsue Seorgs E. SseEeaa of sBe SUtteUbtVi-rsfsy of onrniBC aeftante fa KaraH»at; «e iaat: aeaHan of tBe ieff- TBis ayatKtu a one witft * acfioot of adpw&af. vrill ftudime IMF Sftrae to Sftepfwsfof" ateflv prsvenKng: tire a»5 of «fre greeir- i ttadrofartfie purpose of drawlnjf era£t&*; ^nfe tei issue cirrTsncy to sfie SJCB vai~l Id«t£»i so; sfi« afd surf l,, an* «« atennemBry snnnme sr» operated <t£ a. muoh tM»«gt- m eftso Vrottftf fe powiBie if sfiey attempted SB d» adTanngd w*jrir. f* pf aa fe Jfee Mbf ires to mi one Srstrdasr normal scfiool ia number af poorly B Inurauiffily ttr r a»'tiui4 sawn of swift prwpwr-i atfrf BH»| at pt*f ftr.atir Wuioeflagar otmn ty w mri!iHng:i'fitc& 3B 6s try tfeest fee of iftof OB.fliB amxrf su-iulur»t: ttej|JUl XU&tifc^. .A £fetttt of "" will &e rwrairerf 5n ftrlffii Sie ; tfti* 3B t tfian <aBBt»*53B for m poultry ear ?» St tsiftesF 39 Busfieift qf gam £B w&icfi uoutfs I Teas and Coffees. A Pome By TBe Rjfldwtnc verses ttsTe more than n» lit »ill nafi ennHtdereif. ' Open* Congress opened Monday. man Roberta of Utah, eh* waa not penait&al to take the oadi af offlca ami hla case will be decided later. Col~ HfflHfersijn ivjolr the chair ami da t dent McSSnley'a read. n the demonraCB will tmntaii aenafiec on carrsncy and PbilH'pnfne ~^. * as Pfenrta. TBe Cnnrier pubiisfied Iiwc week a t&iry of heavy drinking- at Penria by PrwMdHJiS McKinfey. The beat rest <if all afcirfes. as Gflv. Shaw aays. is their inherent prohality <ir improbability. E»en if the president: were- a. drinking- man, wh te.h. he ia not, he wauf d be careful at a. public banquet. BuC in Shis instance: we have asill better evidence, for President Miifioaiey, in in iquor at Penria. story ia a. heiated and: foolish cam- jam. THE. Ekthenraie Democrat shows up efaaa rrnrrnai school cngta a. great deal i of money, and where site scflaofe are Si i hft Mjponrted &y *tate approorifttiotw ; it aeema doubtful rf mure Shan on& Srst ciaaa acftwiL with * Rill equipment for yrfving- training- to teacher* for ad" TTUicwf wnrftv <ran fje siipptjr&ed. Strire ; Shan this, while E hnfd tnaC a cnilegK j sdueacinn fty an meana anftiH a teacher f for conducting; an, eieinenEsry *:hnol. I us a. <wmer? <£i*fcrfct school, yac at. the same time is does not aeem neKRwar? that * teacher of suen a action! abonid have * enilege education. The fact i» Shaft the salary paid in country xhanls by nn means w«rranta * coilege education, is is undoubtedly true in lavnt as in practically ail the states. Sims the salary paid fn nnuntry schools and the achofll* in smaller towns, which constitute by far the greater proportion of lag* fir Haamretr erroney wSere TTroa. . JL Way SP" 81 * ttTR- Bttiiey aatys nl» Big: vats SMs year in sftae tffwn»ftf p was due t» SSeloys wftaue nmtfiers are-sung: ur tfiis po«m: j cffiti B 11.1 n>f ftn tT T fjjtfj* ^-*lKntf y * MI* 1 w tiifp^- r^itTM* cr^MMifc^ sftJ^BC^'vstcrs TSUI, * WBra» Camelia, May Byd, and Rose Bud Naban and Monsoon. . Us. wintry aicrw tir .ronnner*"* mn. rtl sInyiaiF 9rai.«ei SUr SUlngfrrTi. Boieata tSu grw«n»nn«f * «pr»adlnir s&ade. WBras <mce a tlansTtiot nrciiln atiaj'jjf Amt waited in the pert hi 7 Tn<i(t. WlHr iSBs »B« mind, anm tn»k or Souk: TBooB iialcyTii Jars of mtnai 3ai am. Caaae'eT mram. fair EUlnorrm. WTlan tirrrwm aim* raillmf -rtT^vwl sag amtmii. Within aiosft «iiitnilHs profimnd. Fall many a Sin* wtfli srnantr S?«c. " Cs Boys amt grift" SUITB -rniutH Frnm pedajpienp. wtm !ann?!a wnn aionnit a» wnod are .-jparSUmt ,. waen gactipt?d nn.a-artnrryriiictit. Wltft P.m. aoA WUl amt Dar .inii'Btr. ^nrt Zlm and John and Howard anoi Thers giane " -tkHin*" if - yara" in-nt jpnn. And slrls wen* iraegetl. in. EUimztno. "~ re In Coffees: Diamond Mocha and Java, Flint Mocha and Java, Challenge Brand, Capital Brand, Victor Mb cans, High Life i-Ib cans. totec timfc IBM r r anil giving- it tlie 7a- before the presenc can- edition. Estnervilleoug-ht more Hnerai with aieSures hancfaome ftuildrngs, hue the «Iii, and is handswmeiy printed. Tni» ae«ai» to THE. UPPE2. DHS! 5fOIS29 an absurd! a^er-statenient. Piits-f ting: the <word "^nfd" inm the *tatnte» j iff the: pface of the word " coin" ia she leant importans changB that will he! made by th» congre*» in oar monetary j laws, because for over 2fl years she re-1 publican party haa. heirt coin to | mean grnid,. and because if Bryan ia i eleesed aext year aJt the words w> gnid" | that can be written, into the iaw snli! aoC present flnanciai uneaainess. The Changs of th> wording- of the statutes wiit not in say way modify the flnanciai [ policy T whica. the repohiican party ea-l tab! i.-iheri when is resumed 1 , speciis pay- J meaca,- and has since maintained. It | wrll not of itaeif strenghtan the g-flid i reserve, make it any easier M tnai ntain ! our ergdis money as par. nor help oa trt i prewsnt a dramage- af gnid' when she I puiiiierevenues are insufficient; or she; balance of trade is againsK us. The on t y j poastMe eantingsncy that ««an- arise,! where is will make any dliFerwiee-l whether''jjoid" or ^cflin" ia uaeif in f th* law, will he the: election of a free j ailwsp peeaiifenK wishous a free siiVer j eongresa. In shas e^en:" she president, i tfrrougji. bi* secretary of treasury-, can ! pay outtailTer onthepubiicrthifgaeions, ! .furfg-e Quartan -fentancetf a. rlarkey at ErttherviUe last week to prison for life. Ee was cnn^if.te*! of murder. who ownng-ed who wa«t in'A Dtiffie on a land the Geo. Ei. Da7f». worirf'a fair and •iniyi with Jtuige J8 dead, ^ HurnhnidK Endepfin/fent: Hr Grant Sample of Frirfflirrxin 7u»is»»d wiUi. his iincfe, Sf. L Simple and family, last Thursday and actended she sale at Col. • weakest poinr, in she educational : system. Fs is in these •schools thae ; hetier trained! teachers are needed. It. i is impossible to set graduates from a ! state normal to teach, in. shese achoola, ; if there is hue nne school in she and is is conrimttwi an * espenswe enaugrh Co preoare for at! grades of worir. But; I ; if there are several eiementai-yr normal i schools in different parts of che state, j where less time and money ia required ! to get she training", we might get i better trained teachers for the «le-1 mentary achoola When the teacher | has compieted the work in one ofi these elementary schoola, if he wfahes. let him then go to she ad^ancfid nor- • mal anif 3s himaeif for higher workr. i The expense &>• che state wouid. be ' much. less if the schools were con.- ! ducted in this way. it aeems to me, j K&an if several advanced 5 sflhools on i Thnngfi Inst Go oiOhf— to memnr? tlnar." And .iw»i«i»!rt5ian aiiciir 'neatti cSe mn, Tluwe scftdoi girt ;t1«iila of Ellington, TTPE writer -Hippffes, full line, at ShfttT, D.5C. office. Mall order* will receive immediate- attention. an Uncle Jos. Dicirerson, who came to Clear- Lake in L«5I, is stilt hale and acarty at Britt He haa been In Hewitt eamefrom thrtrt-nearly years eqoai hn»i» are wish several \ffii-e- wipoorted. 3chooi» r, the same aupporr,, is f» extremely dif- i flcult tn jec any of them in x. nosfnion to dn the owe wnrk. r thlnic that it ia thediitj of hiffh achooi*. ftiso.. to train teachers- for the elementary [A Bald Spot TO GOME. Wra. CVose'of this city. ^'- R * *fa«e( Seftiey came orsr from *!*""* ? st ?';' i!i J' t»' see her father T ° " unlovely. an exceptional esnibit of fine Frock Trimmings. } Mrs. Galfaraith has just returned from a two- montfe' Cnicago | trip, where she has devoted most of her time studying the | marvellous combinations of the London and Paris Frock creations. The Correct Dressers will find it to their advantage to call and look over the novelties _ worn by the ultra fashionable folk of Europe and America. Mrs. G. will be in the store for a short time,, and will be at liberty to* give the ladies of Algona and vicinity the benefit of her experience in combining materials and colors. The winter meeting- af the Upper DesSfoines Editorial association arm be held at Emmetshurg. The time is likely tn be ahour, the flrsc week in Pehruary. The program enir.mic&c^ wiil meet 3»imetime in" Decsmfaer, Emmetdhurif Beporterr H f Wii- s°ent f t"^*" Ca ' nft ° TOr ^"^ afl(i who had heen aoendinar the week here' r Supper at che Congregational church.' : Thursday December 7, at « o'eiock, j ; all invited. . j ' "Sermon themes at the Baptise: chureh next Sunday at II a. in,, "A Tribute of che Greatest ^Tatioa, I \ Throug-h. the Greatest Century, to the i : Memory of its Greatest Soldier—i Statesman—A Memory of the Han-i dredtfa. Anniversary of th.e Death, of i Washington." T:.10 p. m,. a Biole! study, '*• What is Salvation.'" The Congregational cnurch: Service themes for Sunday Il:flO p. m.: George —an address pnrpared ' [•. k^e Miller's-Hair Toni.r i., ci'ally for this purpoie. hai;- in a smooth. £•;,>«, dition, *tima!ate,-+ the roots, pi-events) dandrnff and iuthinar, anii hoids H.-J bay i as well as cares dand rui.. ' PRICED -50c. j R. 1. MILLER, Tte Bnigiiat. Geo. L. Galbraith. Governor Shaw tfci* Of fcaelf di for not produce thej f C iu the f tb * ***"- Mem- . figure, Tnere ha* heen aitogather- too much of a tendency for a. few year* to admit that the renuMlean- parsy haa beea if^ptog- the csoatry O a tain fee Snan- l- come about. Taer& haa beett too much- of a. tendency to Eiiaft av few magieal changes ia oar law* witt fiz tc-i* eountry so- that no posaibte outecmae of tiie election af 190ft ean agraifl eanae paaie, T&e fitcta ar& tfaa* tbe repobliean parl^ haa estab- Jfehe<f aa4 mai»taic«i for over 2fiyear» | the same safe financial aysteni that w& now h»vfc awl sfeai we will coatiasie to feave after Ebe unwrfttea law that coin mean* goid ia cbacged to written law Tb* fact* are ai*&, toa£ with our vaa of ere4It money, asd, smal : *e«err» r BO legal legerdemain wit . paniea whenever we have fail : Sa rereesea, oe uaf*y&rable foreig *, or whenever a national alee tide eatj«*« t&e leaat uncertaiety aa to future fta»n«iat policy, Bryan* < fn JS60 will briag us to a stand •till just ss ejuielrly witb " goid'' ia tae law aa with "e&itt"sew} toe republican papers that fio not keep that fact plainly and eon»pieo«>u«fy to the frost are natisaieg tb* ebief lesson of our late C&anefaJ 4fda»ter. The one truth of the wfeote bflaines* tbat ought to be aeif &rii&ett f» that MX matter bow perfect I»w» an4 sjitferod may be alt depend* 4& bow Istelffgeirtty a&4 faooestly they are &4mfBi«tere4' Tbe republican par- tjjr caaoot perfect so «Bgfse that» free »H»er eogiueer pa&BGt get off the track. .. e previous meeting read and ap- *K>8flpRr.wi:f<5- ounniAircB so. 10. *W8n^ rt2t) 1504 «fe 5forrtittjn. Co. t Water i of hu death.. 7:30 p.. m. r -The N" e , i tive and Poaitive Sides of the Chria; tian Life." lOtflfta. m., Sunday school ' | 8:30 p. m. r Y, P.. S. C. E. A general agitation of the Tw^n tieth i Century Movement is now on in the ! JTorth west Iowa conference. In pur- ! auance of this plan the pastor of the 1 ; Algona Methodist church and the ; pastor of the Emmetaburgr Methodist i church will exchange poipiw oa next ; Sunday, December 10. A cordial in-( i vitation is extended to all members ; and: frieoda to be present and bear of i the scope and methods of this move; ment. Councj BanJfc e«tambla rneanrfftacant iaini "to etee- " SI 34; 1018 i a . . . .. §«n«at Eeetrte Co., '.-nson f anl *«stern EteetKcai Co., W >., electric goods •*! TO 1-204' 10654 Di«ca88ioa. Barrett ?&e/ three D«JW normal it f* not at all eartaia that will at a time. we pubiiih fb* : C.H- Co^eiampa.. .. "... . zreaa 5S wtrtng. 50 * K4 3ft W, y, Cation, iajiixy, ate .. * anlt gapacck, eartage WrfiKft£ <^ ^^- f^ftlfttU! 3A<$ daft^g8 i, WitK, woric on water woricj ... g, W, Toongr, esoKyt,. .,3,, L. Hbraa, jwrit on«tre«a 455ft W, BaWwtn, w«rtcena«wer ftft> B. Barton,aai&e ..;; jg^ i. F. BaOey, wiring. 4430 - EB6Bftwand.wSlnK -2150 Cbair. Fodtfer,. ju^u.^^ ^^ . W. Hotan, aalary and exftsa »orfc- ['!!",.'; 53 &> J.i. Hamfi»n*Co. r lamber .../;.'' eoff Moved and seconded tbat tbe rule* requiring ocdinancea to be read oa tbree different daji be diapecded with and Appropriating Ordiaance No. l& be placed o>n ita final passage. Ayes: Warren, Morse, MaeMaboa, Paine, Stebfaina, Chapio and Samson, Kays; Jfone. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn. Carried. J, L. Douwsoo, CftyCterk. J. A. HAMHTOS'S PLlffS.. i lie WJ» Open up With a Xumber of j Eaterprfaet* In the Spring. . J. A. Hamilton ia buying several : blocks of ground about bia foundry site ! and haa plans afoot that promirte quite ; a manufactut'ing center. He haa a tile ! machine and a. lot of wood working ! machinery and ezpecta to set up both, | and will get a fc "Y" tbat wilt connect ! hiA ground witb all three railroads. j He aays he baa inseatigated and find* ;' that be can: ship tile elay from C'almar i cheaper than it can be dug and hauled j by team from any point in thii locality | off the railroad, and cheap enougb to ] allow bis product to*compete. He abo } baa quite a wood working factory In I view. John ha* made bia plans pan i out before and there is no reason- why i he will not get a big cbing going. He j baa the location and everything be is i attempting ia feasible enough, and tbe j opening ia here for it. | Tbe Smith-Ward Contest. S Bancroft Register: Our private I opinion ia tkat, unless tbe case is dis- miased before all tbe rotes are gone over, Mr. Ward'* majority will be increased instead of decreased, wbteb mere fact will not be worth, tbe amount it wili eo&t tbe taxpayers. Went to San Francisco to meet the 5ist Iowa from Manila.—but if you wish to see some thing fine in the line of Farairare go to j. R. LAIRD'S. He has jest received about two cars of fine Rockers, Chairs, Sideboards, Bed Room Suits, Book Cases, etc., the finest ever seen in Algona or Mg Kossuth. Call and see for yourself. J. R. LfllRD. J.T.Chri.<i< : hffies, &.C. Hudso-o. r T. H. La.-ntry r James Patterson. Pvanaait. Vice President. •*- --- ~ tb*s. r »his bu-Ti-.^att: if a girl «i but if tbey are eng;»g-ed to he- married it T i OriR BUSINESS to sell tfaeengag-emeat ring-and make the bride a preaent. Dingley & Pugh, ; Sign of the Big Wa£eh r ALGONA. ] ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. - [DTCORFG RATED-,] - HIGHEST PEICES PATO for all kinds of Grain, and Seeds; * Dealers in Hard and Soft C'cai. Manufacturers of Ssriettyr Higii-giade Flour. Snecial atteacicn. paiti to t£e ^COOCCGCCOOCCGOOCCCCCOCO! SOU) AT LBDYABD, Conldu Prf re, Arnwtrong Journal: A young man with a girf who had bf«B by «e»4iejr ber » requcsl to g, a»d when ehe had joyfully and rr^ h&i-aeJ/out tu her ft£«t fc^jr a l* f il Yield- are Fo»tma»ter Wrigbt>« IP* Yellow Ore—tbe at Work. Po»tntaster Wright of Ledyajrd deserves good fuck and be oe««i$ to be b*¥iog ft. Even G^o. Boiloway's ioBipiDg jpoele« won't he in it if alt reaaoaabie expect*iioo* are /ulglfed. HI* well at each baeketfot of water thitnblefsl or fese of yeUow lfe»l alt ioc^J experts **y {s gold, ,y;i3..^,<. /'••'• taw.-i«' <3 lt , ,, r a ,f , , '-HsKsfe-^ f-'.U ,'',-,', ,,-" •" " fJ '~-'\ -•%•-•-";.; Owing to the Large aa«i eonatantly increasing (k'mand for oar superior grade at ituor we are enabled to offer from a- to 10 cents per boahel abo^e the markes price for gcoa wheat. F. W. &&S&LSY, Kossuth County State Bank, ^ Etepoalta received, moeey toaniKl. foreign, stnd domestic eaaliajige boogiii; ami soil. CoU*e *'». H. IK6HAJI, Pithiideirt; f. CHitKCHILLES, Vi«« Prea; UEWK B. SJUTH. ' The Falling of the Thermometer is certain at this =ea*oa of the year. It is therefore advisable to order sofHeiee* fu^.-J to carry jou through this caontb. We have an ex- celieot quality of BOC'K CdVtt at |&?5. It bona* bright and c!ear» bos lasts weil and Is free from dirt, *toce or awy other foreign oiaster. We »ijw> keep all grades olehesper eosF, »»d SU order* prompt ly. 'JPKene 3ft. First National Bank of Algona. . «30,flOC - Pmufiotf | CJffiS. »«*«»»«• A, Efc C. a , Tfco*. H. Laatry, 6«K L. GaiDratth. Gtaeral

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