The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1899 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1899
Page 2
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AM0NA. IOWA 6. 1809. WE HEWS m IOWA L**. NEWS HI GENERAL , Dee. Om-i »BS<3»Ji{it»l to SB* MB tA»»tlaS ircrt cwrK-i ;. t*9**«««4* tut mania #•*• ***«*- •r ..flee. • Fioafiaig, of Use gi^rMwarl? f *«• «r !»*«**«<*. HcffiS C3S6 Itlyft *fi£Esfii*l£ oi? 4Ji*e i 38jfc3fc2UL. 3M3*", Siia. ' -A £&^£s s»i ira*a StS-'Ej'j&ajr KaS ftr*-1 C5aL B-3 sfeSeaSafi 42s- reS»s3 3ven- Yffldfe ifeafii j| <sff SeeEsafe jytejauB&iao S3*3 Jfsrwi •srs $5»e SPRITES; «£ | faw»k jwwse vta ife «AJJ.MJSI c€ Sine mcr^- or tint Ills* is the ter <c£ ST3 Tiff fraaa 3_ J. . Citf* .^t^yrgft C?t25 $53©*s sal Otis »TB tlotf It se put TOfrlBLE BATTLE. i» Be <ae jftltflnap-if M the . . . , 3*.— UK *aB-oSeefew| tibe late* atigM Bo M 8 ^ **«S* •o aaeaae •& ^s&^sS&ms. Slae ri- fee- . as fcsaa tfease osat tftta* • fewees as fiset ** -well >» a:a«i>3* «€ sTirf! fca hiSs^ iS« ftsr «C>>ST east Sii-S>*3. i 51s issej!«i»g&. H« sayi S ST.. *2»3 er«sB ei»8lT_ as Sisciar postswa •* . ia a -wiSely exS«»<fe(i | «^ asad Bspf»<s»sie»i Irs- 1 -^ At ia JAs* JSwaea *ss>4 ET be f jwaswtasszr V ™= •; Bid • Siia . s sraise of IE f— H j2s,Slj *gil«sEis *o fee f wrmey. ss> as liber eaa be prcterted fewai 1fee le-r. A eoJssns of S.^iC iat- CoJosssI -JT A. Caawo food or , fcawl ia a hwrraics d -Brats Ws-ely attes^e*.; .^j£.^_£ - « •".^JLU. s* end of the i She . •£. — Tass y : KKAXIT f ESI c5 - "WOOD r* CMO5EX. A S Issr say sericras o2fsk-nlty. s'-ar^eEts -wxpuJd 5iseTL»ab2y hare closed 1 in behind th*r*3 s-* *c*ou SL* 5-hteT p3L*^e:d- f s^£Gf"3s~ni£r the-'cSA^ty of hAvimr 5^2f- | Seient trwps to hold tie ooantry son. fl ia wires, the " wi * 1]1 party " fl«e I eT serai Metfas-en i iae t«at*se at Sc^oJssi of tbe York a I2!, Hopfcis,] beisr br OKSCT-nk-atkws is O-T^C-O KOBEETS Trrt-I. BE BiEKED. e EarrtS; «OE?IESI . CA3rvA«» or <JT>r.r» X«I3TBfe. 2f ca-. OScssJ csa it so rta«a Sass 3Bb£s m eraE3a*!B- mriSa Tai* Ja QSj jfc Fcri Sk»ar* rsaa ifj«r iaK ^c fclfc trsstiks lissuB-^ssJ ICsi&co! Cctr 3CJj?.j!fcl •aasasassK.-sitT Inr Site .*5*S* '^"fc fciil-i.* •j.m'*^' jT^S^j^iS JOT las ij He -srill G-ea- «f Tits TSA .tilrssa ersl d. bsi ia t&t absen-oe of asay in- *isc«3 or troalCe—aed iKsse Is *;:£- s3 by tie adsiinisiralioa—his yf Tolaat/.ers. whjth -arjIS enable to tbe regTjjtr anay rs -who remain 5a Caba «jcd*.r his ' are to be -srfthdxa-wa. aud those •sill be placed <Jea- or5er«. To ap,r>sas»2 those try** lob* ifae Bos**. Des. i.—At a eoafer- abwat t-srenty-STe prcsaineat epablieaui. held at Ihe eapitol rht. it was decided that the of RepreseatataTe-eiect Roberts of Uiah to oecnpy a *«at in the bosse of representatives s&cmld be ia- Testirated aad determined snd that to and tiaS. a.s hsTeiofore. fee will not again be beard frosi catil be fcs,< forirhl asolher battSt- aa<3 gained auwtfaer tisi^e. Tfersse Trfeo are a*- qcaint«d is-iJa Gt-rsf-rt". Metaaea thick his Jerwj dt*er:j.".kta of the battle of Jloti<ier rjTer fontca*1,s *"a fearfcJ Vatcfc-ers" biiL" Mr. Payae . by Mr* bwlfe of •Brhsasn h&c ' <Ji4mte5 orj.eiE.any. Tie rol ^> r ., , c3-^es. viie shO'isjBsi'; asaiioa. After 2 <^K '' ' Mr. Hec/ierwn f further news ol * Appreciation of 1 be honors CUR soOTessest- or the 'i apes fciaj. Mr. PayTae of JTe* fga «ya«. Xnis ss 1 called 3lieat5-on *o Ifoe itzrro-sr itT IB tbe fcc-Tis? and offered a : ?5:tra. i sr?jich wat* aSopisdL that aol <?f absence sfeoaSc for arg-eal rexs^is and that one i ber should be appcintsd to look the pairs. A rewfataon by declaring thai tbe rales of t fc"arte and Sfiy-Sith ecso^ressaonal j Eeed rales) *bcnl' •ac atlack by Hepbara, METHCKX WAS WOODED. A-XEW TKtPXE He 12««eiTed a Bnllet in peadiag- tise deciK<?a he . .not be * permitted to ?afee iiae oath of o£ae. This cet-iiicca •svas arri-red at by those Hep-reyeataitETe Taylor of Oi»3o, irbo Trill hare charge of the setter In tfie hoa^e. esplasaed after the had ad"k>snjed that this iish*s tit- Dee. 1.— Tfee Tiroes follow ieir df*pav.0i pub- j I»5n>f)jc. 1. — Joseah for LOTTOS-. Dee. 3.—It is oS-rialJr ao-3.n«aed f lass Sfessn;*-., is SQWBI Jitrt «f -~t5it .«B* «f tii Tint «ssne4ar •" '• •ssaj&a sererai proaaotiocs to brigadier -sj, gi£Eerski=hip* of the neg-tilar array. re ; Tbctw to be tacA hsErored are Generals •"* .; L/s« and »*«"ils<oa. ibrd the members an Tote after a tfcoroash acd cosapJeie preseataiioa of ti« case lor their General Meihsen -wa*. p onEG«>Q at the baltle of GcEeral SfeJioen. it to j dereloped late-, ^as slightly vroocde-i inTes4:.gatioD by a bullet Trhich iriaicted a does act :aro!Te a pre-jadg-asent of the,' SE»ng- s cs ''-'-- bnt of party -prill.] Wodder river. a5brd 4b I The. -rrar oS3c-e disi>at«-b - j asiKJv.T -»S A3IEBICAX Tf VJCTOEV. TEQOJPS TO tEATB CCBA. * -c-'l* for l3s Tiese rttsinis. ar*: sol jet a* aaore ACCXDJEST SEAE T«*EOr£ Botfc Arm* Core tc*e «CE»4sis»&d forr tJie icasr r i«j»Brt* sirs- sii feriiK; cd t£« jstpes. It is .at i*ai3 Scrap*. Itee. i. — A terrii-le e oeean*d ac t*r»T3i era Sort2i-»re*t* i sTi braadls Tie of fsa Ma Ctesfe of tSse. epcrontj, *aa: bat Ksllfe& for tbe of fa* refavwi to par for tr>e drink*. figizt cccot ffMfsvnA betw&fca the A XOT. 39.—A yocng- xnao -i-ssssed Frank Weiwr. eiaisloyed in fjfeatdni'ji? <i c?ym fchrfedder niciciiiue OB EHfiker farsi. •sreas. of M&scatine •with a terjible accsdeist. B^5th d*-.ra>5te all fci» attempts to ertrl- • cstie them they "vere dravm inv> the ' -Kiert'JBe-A trap. His cr?ft% of ZIS-OET :• 'teoa^iat »eJp, an.3 isrhen the laacliine i! Jx.'tli Mi han/1% were j/<*3se ! Vym aa'j iaaDe5e<l within 1 ; Port of TijpiD Capiored by Blue Jacket* ' 3IZ£d JA&fUlft^U 1 ' ifAJnr.ji. Xor. .^.—A dispatch from ! iv^e Asoeiaied Press corrtsjxjndent at ; • Xaa2Si«jii.s^eaa. pix/rictie of Union, dated .' | Sanday. Koreinber 35. says: "The : J tstptured tbe port of Vlgan, > TXXK of Scmth nortaof here. • to-day. Tits Samara and Cal!ax> ran -i c-3cse in fchore. •& few shots -were fired, \ Order to Be Zsraed ClrO sd then the Samara. Callao and Oregon engaged in & sharp bombardment of Vigstn. The Sring from the -. 3<».—General Leonard Wood, who reached Washington Friday night, had a two hoars' conference, with the secretary of war yesterday. After the conference Secretary j Root annocneed that his reoommenna- f tions as to tbe removal of troops from j Cuba had been approved and that or- j ders -Brocld be issued putting them ] into effect. It is stated that the president has decided on the revrard to be I wocnd ia tbe thiph. icakes public the f< | from the ofScer ooanaaiidina- at Cspe | ToTrn. nnder date of XoTcmber 23: | "Kimberiey a31 well to Xoveaiber^S. j >:ail and telegraph open to Modder GaJacre Lek*.bter yeslerdav. said that party be bad foasd himself a the ilaaders and ibe -tiase.r sort, of poliiiciaas." that he bad found sreBsrotis sppreeiatioa of the of his oc<nntrysie=. Continuing, said he -sras deeply _ that she foreign relations of G •srere so satisfactory, aad that the country ot»ed a defc gratifsde to Lord Salisbury for great IjnproTen&eni ia Great B: position. It •srasespeeiaU-v rarer. Ga'acre reports November =4 j he said, to note Use friendly rel that the atMOOBBiuscfaaigaL'' existing between the Angi A djspatcn from Estcourt says Gen- * - - - 6 era! Jonbert has retreated to Colensc toopp«j«: Co'ocel Baden-PowelL THE BCTCKJER-S B1I.I_ Beacb landed. . and ii] ' & few- aucrbes of his elbows, the njas^les j iiStngsBo' in *hr*ds. Pnvsjcians -irere i _ "*' ii e3jir.aivE.ed ao« both arnas were ampn- ,, a saied a 25ttie above the elbuw.s. leaving JjSia onlv fe' but tSie rail rapiers KSDS AX from the back of tbe afc^k to the said bis faee froca the ear tottie xaoath. was also eat. i!c- wfts eat in tins &lx!oiaen, : at gra*h throa^a wbic-h his in- Pcrpetmt«r of the rilr fc ttrrtiKl Itec, 2, — A ALTEKCATIOX. Crime VoIutitB- ierribSe mar- ; with a field piece, : ; It is reported that 1.7O9 in- ; ander Generals Tino and ', masked at Tagnden, ten : miles north, and ii has been concluded i 1 to ivait at JCaicacpacan for reinforce- 1 meats. The American military force j was still at Kamaepacan Sunday, bnt 1 north was expecte<l to take ] Monday. Two companies of the | Thirty-third voionieers are on their S TkAt Wa * nvay north to -reinforce the troops at j Xaxoacpacan. SritUh Lot*f* at Madder Rlrer Xearly a Thon^and Men. IX»STK>K. Dec. 3.—As surmised, iae t,^.-.*. j j , - , . ., , - Bntisa dead and ^vonnaed at the hard* i.. v_^» *»••-. *ongnt battle of Jloaeer river number stated that the geaera.1 is to sacceed General Sternberg- as surgeon general of the army irhen the latter retires by law next June. The surg-eneraiship would plic-e General Wood at the head of the medieal staff of the army at bnt little over ii years of age. KAX A BLCJTr. HEAVT F1KK AT PHItADELPIUA. der was coaunstted in St. ilary'fe tosvn- ^ BB»|B*«« Hou*e* nod Coct«at« Talaed ftbip r in the north part of MilLs county, j S3, 000^.00 Henry Broker went to the home ol tesisne* prwtrudfcfL His hand was also \ John'fl. ilartin to get some furniture badly <ent_ by broken tceu were Utored there. An altercation ensued, | when Martin got his fcboijnin and shot "* 6 Jim Mayne's hand was cat The' two wounded on a special train to ; Broker, who died a few hours later. Martin came to Gjenwood and g-ave him**lf np and is in jail. Attempt to Djnaroite a Home. CKUAB KAFIDS, Dec. 2.—Some unknown parties made an effort to wreck the home of Attorney Cron. A dyna- at PHILAI>ELPJHA, Nov. 30.—Xearlv 52.- the bospita! at €&rroll, aiad it is reported tiiat IfcDoisoagh cannot live. The Maj-aes disappeared acid at 1 cot beea esptnrexL Thief Convicted. j Mourzs, Dee, J.—Ittookthejory In tiie Fred W. Beats ease ja*t eleven | mite package, containing about twc minutes to rfelurn a verdict of guilty in | pound* of the esplosfve was placed by Jcdge Bi*hop'» ©oort, Reals is the ; the front door. The fu&e burned tc fellow who went fato S. Joseph'8 jew- j the ^p bnt failetl to explodc . p ersoa . elry e*taMwJjtefnt two week« ago and, , -. - j , ^ •sei^ atray of diamond rinjs, en- j al epmit 3' ls "PP«^ to be tbe earn*. deavored to make off with them, bat] BBErme* ." __ . GOT. Khaw annonne&s that he \villap f»rty Gulag to W«,»l»ijit*«a Soon. point Clifford P, Smith of Mason Citj Ites MOJKE«, Dee. 3.—An official j judge of the Twelfth judicial party will go from Iowa to the capitol at Washington about the middle of the month. Governor Shaw and Adjutant General Byers will go, at leafct. expecting to prosecute the claims of the state against the general government on account of war expenses. OOO.OOO worth of property was destroyed by two fires in the heart of the bus- of the city yesterday. The greater of the two fires started in the big department store of Partridge \ I & Richardson, the very center of the ] j chopping district, and before the } flaicc-s bad been put under control they had spread to adjoining- property and caused a loss of about Sl,7&0,€KK». While this fire was in progress and j spreading every moment, another fire Surrendered to Lienf. Mnnro. MASTT.A, Dec. 3.—The capture by Lient, Mcnro and fifty men of the Fourth cavalry of the Filipino general. | Conon, with SOOofficers and men with j rifles, several Americans and seventy I Spanish prisoners, at Bayambong, I province of Xneva Yiseaya, was a sue- j eessful bluff. Lient. Munro tapped j the rebel wire and telegraphed to I Conon that he was advancing with a : large force and demanded his surrei After negotiations Conon eon- to capitulate to a superior force, whereupon Lieut. Munro telegraphed he would enter town with a Km? guard and j eceive the garrison's surrender. He captured the whole Filipino force and secured their arms, the j to succeed Judge John C. Kherwin. supreme judge-elect. The re*ig-natioc ! «p«nc«r Line. 1)28 Moists, Dec. 3, — The grading of ILbe new line of the Milwaukee from Fonda to Spencer will be completed within ten days. The track laying force ha$ followed tbe graders pretty elate, and it is expected the line will be feaAy to be opened for t raffc December 15. In a «cna«ar. CJEUAB HAi'U>a, Nov. go.— Walter Holbert, aged ?J, who«j borne was in Mia- «ouri, bat who had been v,'orking neur F»rf*, Wnn county, was thrown front * fcnggy <?» J»i« W»y home ffO^B ehnrch. He was Dragged a inile with. ^ line around hj* fc ajn kicked tP 4»»tb- to take effect Jan- the govt-mor thit we! I* Itave tpep ppene<J with » flne of Judge Sherwin uary 1, reached morning. KearMuseatine recentlj- Chas. Hunger, a young farmer, aged 3<i yeara. went out to tbe field to repair some fences on bis farm, C miles west oi here, taking his gun withbim. .About noon his body was found near a fence, with the head blown off and the gun lying near, Th.e presumption is that the discharge of the gun • was accidental. Des Moines dispatch; It is announced that tbe auditorium will be fitted «p at onee for an opera house, and the management is now in correspondence with eastern parties }n regard to stage fixtures* aad other paraphernalia go |Q make np firbt class thea- L masager is ty be tecurcd. The s In corre^pondepee with a number of theatrical men and several hare been rieceiired, |t it 3t>e«t, however, |« gtt the $riH broke out four blocks away, at this fire is estimated at The losses of the two fires are than covered bv insurance. , rebels supposing Munro had an army behind more SCOFF AT "EMPTT THBEATS." GBKAT BRITAIN WAK.VS FKANCE by Jot*ph Flain "Words f««d in Public Cba taberla In. IXUEDOX, Dec. 2.—Referring to tbe attacks of the foreign press, Joseph Chamberlain, in his speech at a luncheon at Leicester, said these newspapers had not even spared i- the almost sacred pel-son of the queen." This, continued the speaker, provoked natural indignation, ''which may have serious consequences if our neighbors do not mend their ways." An outburst of cheering greeted this threat of the colonial secretary. It was a matter for congratulation, Mr. Chamberlain added, that the worst of these "disgraceful attacks" 'did not appear in the German LEFT X 1-2 WltLIONS. Will pf tbe Z4tte Vice PretlUent File4 for Probate PATKB&PS, H, J,, Pee, &.— The will 4 the late vice president, Garrett A. Itobart, was Sled jj» thePaesaiccoupty of is «ot givefl, b^ife ty js to be 2}^ million dollar* Of the Ml«- ^feJW^e Hobart, ^hc widow, j|nd feajf of tbp pe^ after a wm^feer of bequests tfee^on, Oarrett A, French Papers Discredit Anglo-American-German Alliance. PABIS, Dee, 3.—Some of the newspapers attach considerable importance to the utterances of Joseph Chamberlain at Leicester and consider that they show that Emperor William's visit to England was partially political. The majority, however, characterize certain of Mr, Chamberlain's declarations as empty threats and regard the suggestion of an alliance between Great Britain, the United States and Germany are simply eccentric. The Matin observes that Mr, Chamberlain alludes to the alliance as an accomplished fact and as being his work, and ••seizes on the opportunity to address threats to France, which leave us as unmoved as does the famous prospect of a new triple alliance." WRECK OK IACKAWAKNA, YORK, Dec, 1.— The eastbonnd Buffalo express on the Delaware, Lack- awann$ <fc Western railroad, while standing outside the ste*ion at the Van Winkle street crossing *t Paterson, K. J., was run into by a swiftly moving accommodation train bo«nd jfronj Fhil- lipsburg, JJ. J,, to Jersey City. Six persons were killed and there are now twenty injured ia the hospital at I^t" erson, of whom some ww probably we* wbil^ some of those pot seriously i ber 73 were killed. ba.d been given out. So It is Impossible to ded-nct from the t*»i •'batcher's biiFr snch information regarding tbe nature of the Sglit as the details .as to losses of different traits generaSly indicate. From General Foresteir-Walker's dispatch it is proven that, al! reports of General Meihuea".-. advance after the battle of ModtSer river were premature, though Traits the railroad working, he should not be long in constructing a temporary bridge. His enforced delay, doubtless will be of considerable service in giving his hard pushed column a needful rest and in allowing for the arrival of reinforcements, of which he must be sorely in need, after three such fights, placing hors-de-cosnbat upwards of a thousand men out of less than seven thousand. General Foresrcir-Walker's announcement that the Canadian marksmen and other reinforcements have been pushed forward to the neighborhood of Orange river, to protect Methaen's line of communications, has relieved much anxiety here, where it is fully expected the Boers would attempt to at tack the vulnerable point*-of our line, of communication. branches, saying- that the nnde ing- between the United States Great Britain was indeed a guaranii of the peace of she world. A triple alliance, between the Tent race sad the 4— o great branches oft Anglo-Saxons, wosld. said the eolo secretary, be a potent influence in fntn?e of the wc>j"»L The speaker p'ained that he ased the word "i anee,~ but tbat it mattered whether they had an alliance commit! to paper, or "an nndj which €£sisted ia tie minds of the statesmen of the resoeeiive countries." 1 KOER-S MEET WITH EEPCtSE. British Lossfc* at Belmont. LOJTIKIX, Dec. 1.— The revised list of British casualties at Bel moat shows the officers killed were four; wounded, 2; non-commissioned officers and privates killed, 46; wounded, 225, of which number the Guards had 35 killed and 159 wounded. The revised list of casualties sustained by General Hildyard's forces at the battle of Beacon Hill shows: Killed, 13; wounded, 64; > prisoners, ;. miss- Smallpox Epidemic in llUnol*. SPBJSGFIELD, 111., Dec, 1. — A smallpox epidemic is reported at Dixon. where someone hundred persons have become jU. Local physicians diagnosed the cases as ehickenpox, but Dr. C. S. Kelson, the state board of health expert, who went to investigate the matter, wires that the illness is typical smallpox and that it is spreading at an alarming rate. _ Young Hay GeU a Job. WASIHJJGTOX, Dec. 4. — The president nas designated Adelbert P. Hay to proceed at once to South Africa as the representative of the state department to take the place of Maeram, the present United States consul at Pretoria- Hay is a SO.R of the secretary of state- Koy. 91.—A dispatch to the Daily Ma|} from Sy«U»ey, If. S, W., says that a disastrous civil war has broken out in the British possessions of New Guinea, eleven villages having- and dispat Atiat-k » Brids«- at Cole-nso I»rKee Back. Lo.vcos. Dee. r.—A special r*;-xTeIr«J from Frere, dated November rS, says that while attem{ Ing- to blow up a S^X-foot. bridge the river at Colv-nio the Boers we driven back by both the artillery mounted infantrr. Message. NOT. ?0. — The cabinj g yesterday was devoted aln ejcelusively to the consideration of president's message. A large portic of the message was read by the pr dent, after whieh the members enter into ~i long- discussion of the pol; and reeoEomendassoDs it contained. met with & gc-ceral approval and afj ihe meeting had adjourned several the niembers expressed the opii " that it was an nnuioally strong able document. t'nlt^tt States Fate tit Office Bo&lne DE* JJoixiis, Xov. iS. — The examine of all the thirty-four divisions exeeji Jug- three arc now under one month arrears with their work. Five hi dred and six patents were issued la week and fifty-eight of them to one ventor lor printing machinery. Iowa inventors 9 for various snbje Minnesota S, Nebraska 3, Missouri Illinois 37, Xew York Ho- Mrs. E. ' Bondinot, of Des Moines, has been lowed a copyright for a book entitj ••Patriotic Poems, Oar Heroes Promf to 5 &9. ±! Patents have been allowedj follows: To C. E. Baker, of Moiaes, for a label, the title of is ••Gzeno," a coined "word for a res for catarrh. To S. S. Tea»pleton, j Dunreatb, la., foren automatic fcr watering troughs adapted for i lating the flow of water therefrom ; preventing waste of water by ania that are supplied f torn a source or i ply connected with a trough by of a tube, Valuable printed matter sent I address and advice to inventors free, Tnos. G. OBWM & Co., Registered Solicitors o£ Patent PI-OTTIXG TO KILL THE SULTJ Four Bomb* are Sliced u» uopie. COXSTAXTJXOPLK, JJOF. 39.— 4 leading Mussulmans have been ed, including a general of di vision i several important with being engaged in. aplp^ to! ?ultan with dynamite bombe. bomb$ have been seised. The \ who have beep exiled to " already heen sent *o tji0r pri*onwent Th* bo«j( (the o!4 citj el wre freaky escit^ .ares have been taken

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