The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1899
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1899, VOL. XXXIY-NO, 38. Annual Sale. Annual Sale. Bee. 11.12,18,14.15 and 16-ONE WHOLE WEEK-A real, genuine TAYLOR sale. A real price smasher and record breaker. Gowns, Sacqucs, Skirts over and under. Choice of wrapper stock $1,00 Worth $1.25 and $1.50 each. Ladies' eider down sacks, all colors, fine fitting, go at $1.00 Fine ALL SILK Taffeta Skirts, real value $7.50; annual sale price, 4.95 LADIES' UMBRELLA STYLE Petticoats, made from heavy nearsilk, large flounce, black— only j.oo INFANTS' EIDERDOWN CLOAKS—all wool, all colors, pink, blue, tan, and cardinal, braid and fur trimmed, go at. .. 1.25 Blankets. Minneapolis grey 10-4 go at 48c One case 5-lb. goods, asst. borders, tan and grey, worth $1.50, go at g8c One lot, part wool blankets, extra large size, go at... .$1.7$ Special Bargains. j.WIre hair pins, per paper Olo jjNickel safety pine 02c ^Velveteen binding, buuch 03c ^Crochet cotton, silk cotton, per ball.._ 04c S^Two spools sewing cotton .' 05c |Lofc 21A Handkerchiefs, H. S., two for 06o |4-inch shell hair pins, per doz. 07c fBarbone's linen thread ' 08c aal linen handkerchiefs, H. S 09o Sensational Dress Goods Sale MONDAY ONLY all 2Sc Remnants go at .................. 150 TUESDAY ONLY all 3oc and 35c Dress Goods, including a lot of joe, 7§c, and $1.00 short lengths — all go at .............................. 2$c 48-in. Black Jaquard Cloths, cheap at 750, W 'N be sold for. . .* ............ 5oc All suit lengths 25 to 50 per cent, off to close them out quick. Short ends in silk to close, whole piece SQC, worth $1.00 to $1.50 per yd. Jackets and Capes, Gfa iK ; A 5? ing CAPES in black, 27 in. long, full sweep, double cape, fur trimmed, O 15 in. deep, a snap at $3.7$ — annual sale price. - - <C» prce. All-wool Kersey Jackets, made to sell at $8.50, sizes 32 and 33, 38 and 40, but two to a customer — annual sale price, $12.50 TAN JACKETS, all silk lined, inlaid velvet collars, all sizes go at 7Sc — Taylor's Annual Sale, Dec. n to 16. Collarettes and Muffs will be sold at our Annual Sale, choice blk. Muff, $ i.oo kind go at 5oc, Annual Sale, Dec. II to 16. Choice baby cloaks, all colors, also fine dress skirts, suits, silk and wool waists. For further information see other paper? and bills for prices. Choice Goods, Annual Sale. Ladies' Fine Neckwear, Silk Petticoats, Fur Collarettes and •Muffs, New Art G-oods, Emb'd Hdkfs, Night Gowns, Silk for Yokes, Lace Curtains, Portieres, etc., Down Pillows, Silk Waists, Kid Gloves, Jewelry. Underwear. This uncertain weather wakes these Underwear values sur-. prising values when one stops to consider the sharp advance on these goods. Children's extra heavy fleeced pants $c for 16—8c for 18 LADIES' SILVER GREY RIBBED, also ecru, sizes 4, 5, 6, worth 50 cents—go at BOYS' GREY SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, worth 39 cents—go at LADIES' FAST BLACK fleece - lined Hose—I2£c kind; also a lot of children's—some stores sell them at 3 for 2$c and call it a big thing. Taylor's annual sale price f\j~ is only. Choice Bargains. 'Hand bags, largo size .25o Pocket books, all leather, 6 in. long, sale price ,16c Boes Universal Button Fastener, never wear out, regular lOo kind, sale price 05o Coats thread, 7 spools. 25c Sllkollne, nil colors 08o Choice prints 3jo Amoskeag ginghams. .06o L. L. muslin ... .Q4o Fast red table linen i6o Table oil cloth .12J Blankets .48c Ladies' hats 49o Jackets $2.48 Special in Millinery. We announce for this sale our annual sale values. Great preparations have been made for this sale, and will positively offer the choice goods of the season at such prices as all will buy. Sale of Fine Crepons. tt S5£?Si.*J2?' $3.50 silk and wool Crepons go at $225 $2.50 kind go at V '.'.'. '. 1*76 $1.75 kind go at !.!!.!!!!";!!! 1.25 The above are 3i to Gi yds and are the richest and best crepons made. Like all of Taylor's sales—the whole stock. See bills and other papers. Strictly as advertised. , butter, and turkeys taken at the highest market price. The store where they always do business. JAS. TAYLOR. SEMI-LOCAL NEWS NOTES. Peculiar Legal Contest Started by the Lamb Lumber Co. rs. J. J. Ryan Gives a Concert—A Sudden Death—Gilbert Will Shoot—Minor Mention. ime time ago the Lamb Lumber Co. ted to incorporate and got into a mte with the secretary of state lUt the fee. The lumber company jned that all It had to pay was the imal filing fee, but Mr. Dobson ^ .ed that this was in fact anew fprporation and that the revenue " s of $700 must be paid. The matter Submitted to Judge Conrad, who Is that Secretary Dobson should .^the application and then pass on question of issuing the certificate, fretary Dobson will appeal from M this ruling and the supreme j'rt will be asked to decide whether irporation whose certificate has ex- r jd must pay the revenue tax when takes a new certificate. Ira. J. J. Kyau Gives a Concert. jMrs. J. J, Ryan is not allowing her fusical talent to waste* in her new She has lately given a concert Barnum, an adjacent town to Fort |pdge, assisted by Miss Ursula Ryan, {iss Alice Wright, and Miss-Cbapler. Pbe Messenger in its report says: |Mrs. Ryan possesses a magnificent alee, clear, musical and voluminous, 3d capable of delicate shading and Coring of tone. Her rendition of "Day Dreams' was exceptionally fine deserving of special mention, a complete repertoire she sue- eded in holding the attention of the Idience from the beginning to the Id of the concert. The proceeds of iconcert were donated by Mrs, Ryan the Barnum M. E. church and a i sum was realized. The people of i|s place will ever hold her In grate|l rememberence for her generous B'rk." A. Sudden Death, 1 Mrs. B. Pankuk of German died jpddenly last Friday morning. The |fincroft Register reports the follow- Sbe arose and ate breakfast as gual, but a little later complained of lot feeling well and lay dowh on the fed. After a while Mr, P. went up |nd asked how she then felt, and she ild she felt much worse. He then lurried to the 'phone at German falley and asked Dr. Walters to come |ut at once. The doctor answered the •ill hut she had passed away before he Irrlved. Just* what the trouble was it > hard to determine, but it must hare sen some heart affection that took her i suddenly I Fred Gilbert of %Irit Lake ha? gone 4^ N. Y., jyo wee* W, R. j^sby, tteo, Ifti for the nouienal work of late, so that it is confidently expected that the match will prove to be of more than ordinary interest. Whoever wins the trophy, now held by Crosby, will not hold it long in undisputed possession; too many men covet the trophy to allow It to remain quiet for any lengthy period. „ Kindling liros.' New Scheme. Ringling Brothers are reported to have purchased three islands off the southern coast of Florida, These they will use as farms to raise wild animals. The islands are covered with thick undergrowth and the animals will have everything they could find in their native jungles. They will be allowed perfect liberty in every way and when wanted will be captured in the same manner HS when taken from their native heath. liouuht In Altfoiia. Spencer News: J. L; Bisbee loft Tuesday morning for Algona, where he went to purchase some creamery machinery for the Bisbee farm about three miles north of Spencer. Fifty cows will be added to the herd and the separating and butter puking will all be done at home. ' Mrs. Ellen Reed Married. Mrs. Ellen Reedt county superln- tendendent of Clay county, formerly a student In the Algona normal school and well known hereabouts, Is married to Harlan J. Buck, a young lawyer of Spencer. The happy couple are In the east on a wedding trip. Beady for Next Year. West Bend Journal: " The high school boys are now playing football. They started a little late, but have the material to make Algona hump when they get after her next year. Iowa Falls' New Opera House. E. S. Ellsworth is building a $40,000 opera house at Iowa Falls that will be opened In January. It is to be very handsome. Don't They 1 Emmetsburg Democrat: There must be some mistake about the matter. The Algona fellows don't drink. Poultry Wanted. I am ready to buy poultry at the old stand at the Northwestern creamery. Highest market prices paid, 38t2 A. L. BELTON. WE have a full stock of window glass at prices that will make anybody take out the old pillow and put in anew light before cold weather. R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler- MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A, D. CLARKE & Co. WILL HAVE HEAVY RAILS MONEY $Q Joan at 5 per A. P. & CO. THEY CAD give VQU great bargains in clothing and shoes at very low,reduqed prices. $for Olojbing ftnd. ghpe opnj. Nekt Move on This Division of the Northwestern Line. Rapid Rise of a Good Rail rot) d Man —Miscellaneous Notes About the Railways. The rumor that new heavy steel rails will be put in on this division of the C. & N. W. seems to be founded on facts. The latest is the following which is taken from the Eagle Grove Times-Gazette: As ' soon as spring opens up in earnest, work will be commenced on the laying of the heavy steel on the north end from Eagle Grove to Burt. The present weight of steel Is not over 60-pound and will not admit of the heavy traffic which the new Sanborn extension will bring this way. The now steel will not be lighter than 72-pound and may be even heavier than that. The new steel will be laid as fast as possible and the line gotten into good working shape for the spring and early summer. R. II. Alshtou's Rapid JUtio. " Dick" Alshton, who two years ago was superintendent of the Eagle Grove division, is now general superintendent of the whole North western system with offices at Chicago. The promotion is phenomenal, but Alshton is the kind of a man that goes up. Mr. Aishton was born at Evanston in 1860, and his entire railroad career has been with the Chicago & Northwestern, whose services he entered as an ax-man with a surveying party in Dakota in 1878. Years ago he was known as "Dick" Aishton, and was a civil engineer. During the sickness of Bridge Superintendent Waldron some tjrae ago Mr. Aishton filled that position. After Mr. Waldron returned Mr. Aishton was sent to Eagle Grove as assistant superintendent to Hughes, and after the death of the latter he became superintendent of the Northern Iowa division. Two years ago he was promoted from the superintendent of the Northern Iowa division with headquarters in Boone. Northwestern Stands Second. The Northwestern company has issued a statement showing 298 miles of road built this year, and a total mileage of 8,278 miles, which makes it second in the United States. The Pennsylvania system has a few more miles of road bed. , A Rpuwdabput Route. The Northwestern IB making a peculiar arrangement for 8e_rYlosQn the O}ty line. • l\> haj efwure^ the use pf the Mason City $ Fort Dodge line and will PUB pweflgep drains j r om Blag Earth Oljiy 4o.wn, t<? Mftspn City a.nd - ' ' B r v," f( '' -i * ••»' /7'>r. *\\ • direct line to Blue Earth that shipments can bo made around by Masou City to Eagle Grove cheaper they can direct south through Algona. There is something about the connection between the Northwestern and Omaha lines at Elmore that ought to be investigated, if this report is correct. Aluoiia Will be a Center. Bancroft Register: And now comes rail road, rumor No. 98376 and says the Milwaukee will build from Algona north to Sherburne, Minn. If all those railroads branching out from our county seat materialize it will look like the center of a spider web. Is It a IHuffif There is a rumor that the Burlington IB talking of building from Germania merely to bluff the Minneapolis & St. Louis into renewing a contract for the use of Its line. On the other hand recent letters from the head officials of the Burlington indicate that the new line built. ITinc Depot at Fort Dodge. Prom Port Dodge comes the report that the Illinois Central contemplates building in that city a $40,000 depot. The building will be It is said, 50x800 feet, and will be constructed of brick, Northwestern Improvements. The Northwestern is soon to put on a Dee Molnes and Sioux City sleeper. The Northwestern Is to put on an early morning train out of Des Molnes on Sundays. FOURTH GRAND HOLIDAY Opening—On Mouday, Deo. 11. Harp orchestra will play .afternoon and evening, and souvenirs given to the ladles. Come one, come all. EHLEKS & ADAMS, DlNGLEY & PUGH. A NEW IAN IN THE RING. Monday's Tax Sale Developed a Surprise for the Bidders. Ho Set a High Ijiinit and Made Matters Warm On a Cold Day— Sale is Adjourned. WOOD choppers wanted. Inquire of 88t6 PETER WINKEL. WAIT for the Methodist ladles' fair, Deo. 15 and 16, before buying your Christmas presents. TWO HOUSES to rent. 88t2 Inquire of E. TELLIES. WE are showing the largest line of silk for waists that was ever shown in the city. G. L. GALBRAITH, MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments, H. HOXIE. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. • WAI* paper at greatly reduced prices. Can save you money on this U&e, R. H, Miller, druggist and jew. we make your waioh time, a H, MUlev, aPUff gist ftttd will reduce (tye rate, 8|,i ffih&ajF^lgttjSg,' Awl! Considering that Monday was a cold day the annual tax sale wus a warm affair. A stranger, R. M. Whilwer, said to be from Mason City, appeared on the scene and from the outset put the limit high. He bid on everything that offered and at fractions that would not give, him as much land as would,cover his thumb ;iall. He got townlots in Ledyard at a deoilionth about as much land as a pinhead. The local bidders were not to be left and for a few hours it bothered the mathematicians to tell how to figure. • The climax was reached when the stranger ran out of a name and said he would pay tax for an infinitesimal part, when E. V. Swotting immediately bid at, half of an infinitesimal part. The taxes on several pieces were paid for an infinitesimal fraction. At noon about half the list had been finished when a motion to adjourn the sale was made and Treasurer Smith adjourned it one week. The stranger protested and it seems he is right. The law says the treasurer must continue the sale, until all the pieces are offered and can adjourn the sale after all have been offered', in case some of them have not been bid off. It looks as though Treasurer Smith by adjourning might Involve the whole subsequent sale in a legal tangle, If the adjournment is not legal, tax deeds bought on next Monday's sale will not be worth anything, and all who pay taxes on other men's land will do so with a pretty good prospect of making a donation, When the adjournment occured Whltwer assured the local land men that he would again be present. There is a rumor out that he belongs to a syndicate which has had a man at every sale in the state, to hid in all the delinquent lands. There is big money in it and if such a syndicate has really organized it is a shrjwd move. Many assume that it would be easy to let bidders take a deed to the very small fraction of land they take as security for the taxes they pay on whole pieces. But the costs of court and of a referee to set off the fractions, etc., would amount to more than the original tax, Away Mrs. A. J. Dray ton of Algona attended. Mr. Rowe was 54 years old. He leaves a widow and four children, two sons and two duughtors. The family came to Algona from Dysart and were well and favorably known here where they have a wide circle of friends. Mr. Rowe was an honorable man in business find was esteemed by all who knew him. In their bereavement the family have the sympathy of all. KEEP AWAY From the AJuonii Foundry, We do not want anyone hurt and can not be bothered with visitors. The foundry is our workshop, not a salesroom. We are paying high prides for skilled labor, and wish to give our men a fair chance. If you have business with the firm, call at our office. If you wish to visit the foundry and learn how iron and steel are melted, come on our opening day, whieh will be Jan. 1, 1900. On this day we shall be prepared to show you everything of Inter' est there, and we shall not expect to accomplish very much work. Our whistle will announce the beginning of the new century. Our shop will be open all day, and we will melt Iron In the evening. It will not be a suitable C lace for children unless accompanied y their parents, We Invite on this occasion all citizens who are interested in the manufacturing interests of the city, and we shall present our guests with souvenirs which will be made during the day from brass, aluminum and other metals. We can make anything you want in oast iron. Our prices range from 1 to 8 cents per pound, We have a good supply of sleigh shoes, bolster plates, sleigh knees, horse powers, feed mills, and large iron kettles, We pay the highest prices for old iron and metals of all kinds. J, A. HAMILTON & Co. You can get a good calico for 3o a yard at • GALBRAITH'S. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 percent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. MONEY to loan at 5 percent, interest. Optional payments, H, HoXIE. R [I. MILLER sells the Jolntless Luck; Curve Geo. S. Parker fountain pen. The Lucky Curve means no screw to break, no joint to leak, no old-fashioned nozzle. Perfection. Democrats Hunger fo»r Office. One of the most sensational political contests In the history of the county has been precipitated at Ft- Dodge by the filing of a police of contest of election by E, H, Cox, demoora-tiQ oajodl, date for treasurer. At the recent election the votes tor J\ A, kindqulst of Cowrie, tb.9 republican candidate, E, H. Qox were Had, The

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