The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1899 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

trivia* momm. loir A. . yoV£MBEB 1 Cs«e Wntw Ransrfta Upon PMfc Hwnw* flftw HI* Monterey Case Wiltse, the pioneer of otd Ramsay. figures out the recent election returns «a * eonttlustve way in IheTi- tonka 'Popic. We commettd his con- cftt»i*>fl to the prajer/al consideration of the Courier- As I was thinking of our flO,000 majority, the thought; came into my mind of how many juries of twelve would it make. Ja»t 5,000 juries or about -50 juries for each county. These 30 juries sitting in 50 voting precincla in 99 counties brought in a unanimous verdict of guilty ag-atnst the democratic pnrtv for advocatinsr a bad policy. It appears to me this should relegate democrats to an everlasting- nonentity. _ C. WH.TSE. Phil C. FT(»nna f 9 Good Job. Phi! C. Hanna has received his paas- port to Monteray. Mexico, and will leave in a short, time. The Lu Verne Me-,vs aays: Phil now ranks higher than he ever has before, and as consul general at Monteray he will hare some 30 consuls under him. The salary is 32.500 ami with fees will amount to £<000 «r S«,000 a year. f;ainolH«» Celebrate at West Bend, The Catholics have dedicated their church and new school at West Bead. Fathers Sehilmoeller of Wesley. Lech- tenherg-of St. Jo., and Dullard of Whit tsmore jwsisted. After church services a,' dinner -.vaa served in the basement dining- room of the church, at which some 3*50 people were fed. It was a day for Catholicism. Sesitb taS *iH rent his farm. He fs a «JH of t»e plotoeftr settler Jerre j"* Chaff. Horttgfr has beat la the past week frona Fenton Cowles & Sfbrteutgfi. AMERICA Stirt, Dec. re. Hefaonedftfte b»i.f A member of our firm spends t&e greater part ot his time in France, where he buys all of the best Percheron TR^rC^tftWBitem^foriFrericii Gmcfa Stallions offered for sale, and we can assure the public that we have more hnporfetf Ptfdfcfen and Kentucky, where he will *isit 6f» Q^ §taHHH1S «*»* OH» fee fcKBtrf "m SHW oflter «$fc*Wishm«tt HI the fjrowiers For s- WSSK of* two. | •" The JTrtrth astern road sets a go**l t •ell at Bart at (m feet. The sras«»r r ( Comes within IT feel of the surface. We*ley has a eimiiatinjr magazine ' library. Each member subscribes for j a magazine and they all earchaoge. j Flossie D. and Grower C, the Bair-i croft runners, are now a tame domestic \ baggy team, and the Register says a i gnod one. • j Sfi-s? Bertha Mann haa been nursing' j the HttSe Bartholomew gir! at Swea Vhfoureux Is undoubtedly the evenest and best 3- City. who was operated on for append!-* ,« » /v _«._n citil She is recovering. [ year old drak stallion in America today. of his Onls two colts age were ap- Titonka- Topic: Algrona ETai-porches-j tra furnished the music which in sweetness and melody could not be found anv where outside of Aigona. The Burlington crossing t3 now a. > busy place. A correspondent in the i . , » _ ~ Leader says that more people i proved by me government inspectors of France for service this year, and Vigoureux was one of them. His large size, beautiful conformation, aud flash action make him an almost ideal draft horse. Western Electric Co. ? s Extension, The Western Electric telephone company has added 500 miles of Line the past year. They now give excellent service from all points with St. Paul. Minneapolis Sioux City, Des Moiaes, La Crosse, Duhuque and ail intermediate points! The increasing business will necessitate the opening of a branch ofSce in Sioux Falls, negotiations for which are now in progress. Hampton's Story of the Game. The Hampton Globe teUs about the foot bail contest at Algona as follows: Our boys had been laying Sow for A.I- g-ona for some time and on account of their reputation had expected a hard game, all of which happened exactly as they had figured, oat. The Hampton team <*aa late in getting to Aigona on account of a broken engine on the branch, and when they arrived there it was after time for the ^ame tranafer there than at any of the smaller towns. Kossuth co'inty now has 15 railroad town?, and, the Swea City Herald ?ays. nest year will see a boom in ait of of them. They have 25 banns and 12 newspapers. At Wnittemore a lot of new fur overcoats were found in a hay ^arn. carefully hidden. They had been stoien from A. H. Dorweilers. About -5200 of goods were found. Thos Wau'i of Germania was one of the 12 out of 40 applicants to successfully pass the state pharmacy ex- ; arnination at Deft Moines last week. He i is a son of Dr. Waud. • W5U Raney and crew of Lu Verne I have built and repaired over 1000 feet i of bridges in the south and west part of ! the county this season and., the News • says, are not yet through work. { Register: Holloway's horses will be ! shipped next week Saturday for London, j their apoearar.ce in Berlin having-been ! postponed on account of King- being un- [ der the ^entbfr for a while. They will J have a long run in England before go- I ingr to the continent. j The Topic don't take a back seat for i Titonka: "'She Is the acknowledged j great center of northern Kossuth. the | commercial and emporium center of i tradf. She is the one altogether j lovely and beautiful, the brighest jewel j in the diadem of Kossuth county." VISOUREUX. to The Swea City Herald says Scott, who goes to the penitentiary for stab- bins', is a grood fellow when he do^-. not have liquor. He haa a young wife and a. little' baby. If there waa any man .in him he would have sense enonjrh even when drunk not to stab anybody. The quicker his wife geta a divorce the better for her. There is fa | altogether too much sympathy wasted '' on alleged srood fellows who persist in warm u p or get iad been caused by laying «™ nd j Mason City ah day Prom the arntu. was apparent that the Aljfooa hojaj were in the chase for blood and tney took our boya down the field as a merry * clip during the first half, and until they | had the ball within a yard, of our goal j it looked as though nothing but a \ fumble would atop them from scoring. [ mraoie^ wuuiu »'V , , . ° However, right took a brace and shoved them GOOD horse and buggy for sale very ^ ae lf separately. In^ f R w . Ha< . kman . 1 ' - BRAVE EXPLOEEES. Like Stanley and Livingstone, found it harder to overcome malaria, fever and agae, and typhoid disease germa than aav age catmibles: but thousands have discovered that Electric Bitters is a wonderful r -p, , cure for all malarial diseases. If you have in time to save & touchdown, inej cn j[! a w j t h fever, aches in back of neck and second half was a walk away for our j head, and tired, and worn-out feeling, a hovs and two touchdowns were made trial vtill convince you of its merit. W. A. -- - • •• | Null of Webb, 111., writes: "My children I suffered for more than a year with chills and fever; then two bottles of Electric Bit- the 12 minutea played. Dr. Day as a .Lecturer. Rer. Prank Day has been lecturing: at Webster City. The Freeman says Ma lecture "abundantly sustained the excellent reputation which the new Methodist pastor haa secured since his appointment to Webster City. It waa full of wit, pathos and wisdom and was highly appreciated by the people, who were delighted with it in every way aad who testified their pleasure by hearty applause. Dr. Day's rapidly growing reputation gained much from the lecture taat night." HEWS OP THE COU5TY. Swea City haa a jail. Penton is talking school house. W, A. Bronson of Bancroft Is moving to Eagle Grove. Hardy Buell and wife are in their new home at Burt. Ao Elmore beer wagon makes regular trips to Ledyard. Aug. Narell of Hobart started for the old country Saturday. VST. O. Hodgson is buying the Fenton Reporter of H. B, Hallock, Wesley and vicinity has laid SO miles of tile the past season. The "Boyle company shipped 52 cars ol bay from Whittemore in 29 days. JtJIsa Angelini Tiss, Mrs. Ike Fin- nell'a Bister, will teach near Lu Verne. German ""alley has a Thanksgiving •boot MxJay witb 100 turkeys anS 200 ducks. The Algooa railroad gang went to Wesley last week to help tile the depot grounds. Bey. MesNamee Is back to Wesley. The hotel be rented at Cor witb baa been sold, Prof, N. H, Connor, late of Burt, has secured (be Jewell Junction schools at 970 a month. Pr, B. F* Punjap, formerly of Ledyard, I« now a succewful practitioner at Obarjea City. 3, W. Hiochon has bulU a sidewalk at Sexton, in front of a byildinjr be 0W8* over there. Harry parson pf Swea City has to MlotjeapoHf to a*te»a a tern} in toe agricultural sebooj, Dr, Saunders, l«t«t Of 8>wef Cit; M»O| MaoJla, WM hje^ te ters cured them. them. Guaranteed. druggist. Oijly Sold Sold by R. H. Miller, Splendidc Won first prize at Nevers, France. He is one of the most intensely brilliant bred Percherons that ever left France. H i s great size, heavy, bone and grand action stamp him as one of the very best if not the best draft stallion, either in this country or Europe. Splendide was approved by the French government to stand for public service in that country. If IP EDITOR SEES WONDERS. Editor W. V. Barry of Lexington, Tenn., n exploring Mammoth cave, contracted a severe case of piles. His quick cure through using Bueklen's Arnica Salve con^ vijnced him it is another world's wonder. Dares piles, injuries, inflammation and all bodily eruptions. Miller. Only 25 centa at E. H. SIX FRIGHTFUL FAILURES. Six terrible failures of six different doctors nearly sent Wm. H. Mullen of Lockland, O., to an early grave. All said ie had a fatal lung trouble and that he must soon die. But he was urged to try Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. After taking five bottles be waa entirely cured. It is positively guaranteed to cure all diseases of throat' chest and lungs, Including coughs, colds, la grippe, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, croup, whopping cough. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at R. B, Miller's drag store. MADE YOUXS AftAIN. " One of Dr. King's New Life Pills each night for two weeks has put me in my teens' again" writes D. H. Turner of Dempseytown, Pa.,. They're the best in the world for liver, stomach and bowels. Purely vegetable. Never gripe. Only 85c at R. H. Miller's drug store. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile' and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. P. O. B. any station. Eureka Harnew Oil l» the beat preservative of new leather and the best renovator of old leather. It oila, softens, black- en«<ftod protects. Uw Eureka Harness Oil oo f oar he»t b«rD«M, 7°"' <>W tan- new, and you carriage top, ana Uwy will not only look wtter Dot wear longer. Bold everywhere to can*—»B tlzev fto» oaM pfnW to five gaUonfc H*4»»I »T*JIP*»» W CO, SPLENDIDE. MCLAUGHLIN BROS., Columbus, Ohio. J T. Chrischilles, Q. C, Hudson, T. H. Lantry, Jamex Patterson, President. > Vice President. Treasurer. Sec-fetary. ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. - [INCORPORATED.]— - - HIGHEST PRICES PAID for all kinds of Grain and Seeds. Dealers in Hard and Soft Coal. Manufacturers of Strictly High -giade Flour. Special attention paid to the Owing to the large and constantly increasing demand for our superior grade of flour we are enabled to offer from 5 to 10 cents per bushel above the market price for good wheat. F. W. DING LEY, Manager. B. J. 8ILUOVR. PrasSOeut, C. S. BVJOBWa, T& Pratidml, Jtf. HgtrOK, Secretary, 3. W. WA.VSWORVS, Treasurer, DIRECTORS: JAS. SOL±N. B. W. DR£YEK, CK4S. WOOSIEB, S. .STJgFASr, J. 0. KAiy, J. B. STA.OT, The Farmers' Milling Co, ^^ (IXCORPORATED.! OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF WHJJlUPpp wNj^i T^fr ?PP w "PWIPF *Pw i(f ^Hr ^frwl(B!w!WI^^P Ijf WPWR^Wf ^fcffl^l^w^ir 9 4 furs** «w |wd» wltt» cW& ( ilotstoenitipurcbftsera. TWa) from selected wheat; aJso bran, efcorts, *nd ground I'comDanyaad&oilcttet&er^roiere'bqsinaaa. a Great Special Shoe We will put on sale for two weeks our entire stock of men's, women's and children's shoes, overshoes, German sox, rubbers, warm lined shoes, leggings, overgaiters at a special DISCOUNT OF 10 PER pENT. Our stock of shoes is large, well assorted and of the best makes, such as the well-known Fingree & Smith line of men's shoos, the J. J. Richardson line of toe ladies' shoes, the Wol| Bros,' line of boys' and girls' shoes, the Alfire4 Dodge line of warm lined winter shoes for la* dies and children, All m need of shoes should not Jail to look at our lines and exceedingly low prices. Yours for trade, JNO, GOEDERS. NSURANCE. Farmers' of Ceggr Bfplda, ~ ^.of Hftrttord. rot New Yp

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