The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1899 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1899
Page 6
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M01NES: ALGO^A* IOWA, WEPKESDAY NOVEMBER Use It •*! tare ese£ Ajtt't H«r Vigor for • grot auay jttn toatt fett &eet vctj tttisfactory to me ta every nay. 1 fcxre recotnffieadeti tt to a grot mtaj of my i rieotis *aA tlvfjr tare au been penectry itliltcd inti it. —Mrs. A. Edvxrds, San ft**coco, CtL, Fdk «^ 1899. Talk About It Tkrt's afam ti»s WIT oar HJST Vigor, Wkea persons we it tfeey are alwirs So pleased with it tlut titey tScir fmais about it If yosr iuir is s&ort, too t&a, splits it tie cods, is roagk, or s fiQkg ost. omr Htir Vigor iH perfecdy sstafr yog. If TOUT feiir is jsst a fittlc ', or perfectly vlsite, Ajcr's Vigor -will teiag bid to it til tfce dirk, rki color it lad yeas sad yeas tgo. *"* * ****- Write the Doctor desire frsaa ttss E»S of tte Tiger, write jt, H; -»ril2t»-a -<n-j it. Hair xad if Dr. J. C. ATZZ, loweH, Kzsz. That Mysterious Major... _BT_ seems CHAPTER L Tire rambling. oid-fashloBed hostelry of tbe "Royal George" bad stood upon the greeti billsJde overlooking the now taskkmable watering-place of SalteESe from t&e time wbea that pictar^sqae «ad prosperous town consisted of little more tBaa a few fishermen's hots and •man lodging houses. Bat, tioagh hotels acd boarding bosses—magniSceat •traetores which gave qaite an appear- LOTC is. ail right HA an ilmskrn. bnt % a fa':t matriraojiy is tb* real thing. Wisttr in the ^oafb. The s*afton approaches whea one's tfaonghts tarn toward a place ^vhere the inconveniences of a Northern •winter may be escaped- Xo se*tlonof this country offers saeh ideal spots as the Gnlf Coaftt on the line of the Lonisville & Nashville Bailroad between Mobile and Xew Orleans. Jt possesses a mild climate, pure air. even temperature and facilities for hunting and fishing enjoyed by no other section. Accommodations for visitors are first-class, and can be secured at moderate prices, ^e I/. A J». B. IJL is the only line by ^srhieh it can be reached in through 'cars from Northern cities. Through |ear schedules to all points in Florida [by this line are also perfect. Write 'for folders, etc., to GJ». B. HOBSEB, D. -K A., St. LonlA, Mo. What a lawyer doesn't tbiak lie knows ifen't worth lying- about. The ad. of T. M. Roberts' Supply Hou#e in another part of this paper should be of interest to everyone. The firm is reliable. Ofet thfrir complete catalogue of everything you need before making purchases. utee of superiority to the small town —had sprung np oa all sides, the little bostelrr itself still held Its own. Indeed tire "Royal George," though quits as retired, was still as preposterous as It bad been forty years before, when the hnge board upon -which the monarch after whom it was named was displayed, looking as gorgeous and kinglike as Ms crown and tmlimited qrian- tity of somewhat stiff-looking ermine could make him, hang out over the narrow little doorway, with the name j of tie worthy proprietor. "Andrew Gillibrand," set ont in gilded letters below. And, as one stood in the lovely Quaint old garden and gazed arottnd at the stretches of down and the heatb<?r- gro*ii cliffs beyond, one could hardly believe the changes which had been Jffected scarcely a mile away. It was late one evening toward the end of July when a stranger who had Just arriyed sauntered leisurely into the large'dining room of the "Royal George" and gave orders for dinner to be prepared for him Immediately. He -was a tall, dark, striking-looking man, with a soldierly bearing and decidedly distinguished air; and, as he crossed over toward the bay-window and sat down at a small table' the waiters pznsed. involuntarily with their white table napkins slung over their arms and trays of jingling glass held np high above their heads, while Josiah Williamson, under whose charge that particular table happened to be placed, mentally decided that he was in for a little luck at last. "What will you hare, sir?" he bean, with an air of expectation— his lips, as though to disprove the truth of them, a handsome black French poodle came trotting into the middle of the room with an air of unruffled composure decidedly at variance wKh the aspect of his mistress, who a moment later suddenly appeared in the open doorway with a rather bewildered expression upon her face. "You bad dog. Sambo! I was just wondering if you could have found your way here. Coald you give him a feone. Henry ?" Bat here her care of Master Sambo was unceremoniously cut short, as, raising her head, she suddenly encountered the gaze of a pair of amused gray eyes, and for the first time became aware o* the presence of a stranger in the room. As for the owner of the gray eyes. he carefully surveyed the figure in the doorway for the space of about three seconds longer, and then, looking away, tried to become absorbed in the merits of Mr. Andrew Giilibrand's wine list. But, after studying it Intently for five minutes, he tossed the card aside and steadily regarded the doorway through which the fantastically clipped poodle and its mistress had just disappeared. "By the bye, who is she?" There was something strangely inconceivable in the question, and the waiter, who had made his appearance with the first course, paused to stare in astonishment "She, sir?" he repeated. "I beg your pardon, what she?" "Oh, the young lady with the dog! Surely you know whom I mean!" "The young lady with the dog? Ah— that is Miss Evelyn! Oh, yes, sir—of course I know Miss Luttrell"—here a placid smile expanded the waiter's face —"and a very nice young lady she is." "She is staying here, I suppose?" There was commendable indifference in the speaker's tones. "Yes, sir—with her aunt, Lady How- ifo'oi* feai> in* laa-ii^/iy has both »troag ao<i weak points — batter and coffee. »1OO 81OO. The r*a<3*rr* r/r tWs paper viH l>e pleated to tearr that (it/.- re ia so. leaj<t r/cie dreaded dteea-se that fccientt: bits been a'Jfc to cure is all Iw «t&ge«, and tb^t w Caurrb. Half* Catarrh Cure i& the oulr positSsre cure uo*r krwwrj to the QtedScai fraternity. Cutarrii tx-!ug a constita- tional disease, retires a cca%t»tat£otial treatment. Kail'* Catarrh Core i« tat:»:n Internally. acting directly upon tb« t-J/xxl taocouja; *>ar- faces of the Ky*t£ia. thereby destroying the foundation of thetiiseas<e,ar>d giving the patient strength by tiaildiog up the cowtitimoa and atwisting nature in cloliig UK work. Tee proprietors have KO much faith io its curative powers that they offer One Uiindrecl Dollars for any ca«e that it fitlts to cure. Seud for Hot of Testimonial*. Address P. J. CIIKN'EY & CO., Toledo, O Bold by driif!?!st.<4 TSc. HairHFamfiy i'illbarc the best If you call .a man a gay dog it will flatter li ! jn. Call him a pup, a hound, or a car and he will try to alter the map of your facft. f jn«»r»r. JHn't it. _ K Cure* Cold*, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, In. fhienza. Whooping Couflh, Bronchitis and Asthma- A certain cure (or Coniumptlon In fl'st stiiget, and a »ure relief In advanced stage*. Use at once. You will »ee the excellent effect after taking the rrtdoe. Sold by dealer* e»erywh«e, Urgs d50 brbelrf of thelute AntUony i > .)]IoV,K«i.,forbB»tro»rt. time ltf.e-*itrljiK »f>pll»are. We c«« fu rol»li y«u lofoiv W* N. U, t P*« Molnes, No. THERE WAS A MOST BEWITCHING SMILE UPON HER LIPS WHEN SHE REPLIED TO SOME REMARK OF HER COMPANION. "coupe a la Reine, Bouillabaisse or Julienne?" "Bring me anything you have ready," said the stranger, brusquely. "Yet to think," be murmured to himself as he took up the wine card and lazily studied the long list—"to think that the Jaat time I was here, twenty years ago, Andrew Gillibrand was brewing his own ale! It was certainly a primitive bill of fare that he had to offer his customers then—only ham and eggs or bread and cheese and a pint of his •prime Octpber; today he has all the delicacies of the season. How things change, to be sure!" Then he turned and looked out of the open window. There, however, the change was not so remarkable. The "Royal George" had always possessed a lovely garden; and, if the grass was shorn a little closer, if the paths had a neater appearance and the flowers were more recherche, prim rows of calceolarias, geraniums and stately dahlias taking the place of the quaint old clumps of sweet-williams, marigolds and pinks, the change was not BO great as to strike him with the same force as naturally did the interior. This evening the garden had a very 1 serene, unruffled air. The tennis courts were deserted, the chairs under the trees unoccupied, and, excepting for the gentle lapping of the waves upon the shingly beach, scarcely a sound disturbed the dreamy stiliueas of the July evening. "It is an idyllic place, I suppose," mused the stranger, "but U would drive jne ma4 if J thought J bad to stay here a moment longer than twen.ty-fottr hours. There does not seem to be a soul about," His closing sentence was spoken half aloud; atk'd, just as the words left ard. They have been here more than a fortnight now; as they generally do remain for" a month when they come, I don't suppose they will be going till the end of that time. Her ladyship is Miss Luttrell's guardian." ' "Ah—she is an orphan, then?" "Yes, sir, 'Squire Luttrell died just about two years ago. You will no doubt have heard tell pf him." "Luttrell of Luttrell, do you mean? Oh, yes—of course I have! He was one of the largest land-owners in Blank- shire. Who has inherited the property? Had he a son?" "No; Evelyn is the only child, and has come in for everything, I believe. They say she will have something like ten or twelve thousand a year." "Really!"—and the speaker turned to the contemplation of the Julienne soup, considerably astonished at discovering in the curly headed mistress of the black poodle Miss Luttrell of the far-famed Luttrell court and owner of one of the finest estates in the county. He had almost finished his dinner and was quietly contemplating a peaceful stroll round the ground with one of his best Havanas, Wuen a sharp bark mad.e kirn Ippk up Just in time to behold the black poodle once more, dashing across the lawn In hot pursuit of a butterfly. In and instant he was all interest. If the dog were there, his mistress would not be far away; and even as the thought passed through his mind the same laughing tones which had been ringing in his ears for the past halfrhour were borne distinctly toward him/ Bending forward, he saw the girl herself, a slight, graceful figure, leaning hack in ope of tfce. }QW pambqp chairs which stood so invitingly beneath the shade o? the trees. She *- - B&t alcne, feowBtet, ffc close attendance this time was ft rat* is ereniag dress, *feo bad seated hlsj- seif by h«r side on a, straight Iron- backed form, which be had evidently chos>?n m preference to » more 1st' crions seat half a yard farther swxf. Yes; at a second glance he came to the conclusion tbat Miss Lattrell was eTcn prettier than he had Imagined her to be at IrsL There TFSS nothing stat- Besqoe about her beauty, nothing ab- solntely perfect fa her features; but the face before him was one which, once seen, could merer be forgotten. CHAPTER n. There was a most bewitching smile upon her lips BOW* as she laughingly replied to some remark of her companion, wbo was leaning forward swinging bis stick backward and forward and trying to knock off the heads of some daisies; but his head was turned toward the girl beside bim, at whom he was gazing in rapt attention. "Who is the fellow," murmured the stranger, as he put up his eye-giass and surveyed the individual in question with an air of cariosity not unmingled with envy. "Her brother? Fiddlesticks! More likely her father!" with a shrug of his shoulders, though an unmistakable cloud gathered upon his face as he noted the unpaternal manner in which he had laid his hand on tba back of her chair and was listening to her words. "I can always come within a year or two of anybody's age, and that fellow is either 44 or 45 if he is a day!" The man to whom the stranger at the window set down so decidedy to play the unromantic part of parent had the word "Bachelor" written upon every line of his countenance. At the same time he was a noticeable-looking personage, gentlemanly in appearance rather than handsome, with a clean- shaven face, clearly cut features and dark, almost fascinatingly determined eyes set deep beneath overhanging brows which gave character to an otherwise unremarkable face. For the past few minutes, however, the spreading branches of the trees had thrown everything into shade. But the sun was setting in a crimson glory, and one golden shaft strayed beneath the dark, heavy foliage, where it lingered for a few seconds to bring out the lovely blending of tints in the girl's nut-brown hair and to light up every feature of the man by her side. "The deuce!" broke involuntarily from the stranger's lips. "Yes, sir—beg your pardon, sir! Cheddar cheese or Stilton?" The waiter was engaged brushing crumbs from the next table, but in an instant he was at his post. "Neither!" was the brusque reply. "But"—with a detaining gesture— "have you such a. thing as a visitors' list? If you have, let me see IL" "Certainly, sir. I will bring It at once." And the waiter smiled to himself as he followed the direction of the stranger's eyes and then turned away. It was astonishing what an amount of interest he could raise by the mere mention of Miss Luttrell and her ten or twelve thousand a year! (To be continued.) OLD WINE. 3Iay Become Too Old and 0nCt to Drink by Deterioration. New Orleans Times-Democrat: "There is such a thing as a wine being too old," said a member of the board of trade, chatting with some friends in the front offices. "I had that illustrated at my house the other day under rather interesting circumstances. Back in 1848 Gen. John M. Lewis, who was then sheriff and afterward mayor of New Orleans, gave my uncle a basket of four-year-old champagne. My uncle afterward moved north, taking that and other wines with him, and on his death, in the early sixties, the basket was still intact There had possibly been some agreement about opening It at a certain time, and, at any rate, the champagne remained in the family cellar untouched, and only last month my cousin, now in New York, broke the lot and sent me down four bottles. I was naturally curious to know how the old wine would look and taste, and a few days ago, on the occasion of a little anniversary at our house, I opened one of the bottles. I had considerable difficulty in removing the cork without breaking it, but it finally gave way. There was not a vestige of pop and the wine ran out perfectly dead and limpid. It was pale amber in color and had a faint, pleasant bouquet, but the imprisoned gas that had once given it life and sparkle were gone forever. It was interesting as a relic, but not fit to drink, and some friends who are connoisseurs said that it had evidently been deteriorating since 1870. It's a great pity my northern relatives held it in too much veneration to sample it about that time." Clara Barton in Cuba. Rev. Peter McQueen writes to Frank Leslie's Monthly the following anecdote of this energetic and practical woman. One night, away out in the hills, J asked a Third cavalryman: "Whom do you think the greatest .hero of the war at Santiago: He changed his quid, took out of his mouth an old corn-cob pipe, looked away at the r«d rim of hills which the sun was coloring, and reflectively replied: "Well, pardnei 1 , ef you want to know, my ideas is thet thet there little old lady, named Miss Bavtoum, or Battom, or Blartoin, or whatever is her najne-~ she's the best of all. She is a strictly proper character, neighbor. I seen her a-goln* through two feet six inches o' mud to tie up a chap as was bleedjn' to death. She, comrade, is to my td/eaa the hero a' this yer campaign." f 8ANKLYN SYNDICATE BR0K£rt Tett-Per-Cent-*-irc«k TTtord b iv dletM, bat Ese*p«-». Ne* York, Nov. 27.^-The "FranMyii syndicate" has been put ont of DBfil- ness r and William F. Miller, the pnta- tive silent partner and manager of the "syndicate," is reported to have been indicted by the grand jury of Kings county on a. charge of conspiracy. He Could not be found by the police. The "Franklyn syndicate" was one of the most barefaced swindles ever unearthed in this city. Miller advertised profits of 10 per cent a week on investments, and thousands of gullible people poured money into his office in 3treaiLs. Even when the newspapers exposed the scheme many people would not be convinced, and gave up their money. The Bankers' association finally took up the case, and decided that its members would no longer receive Miller's deposits. A person in a position to know says the receipts of the Miller concern have beeen $40,000 a day since Oct. 1. If this be true, Miller has been receiving for two months at least $180,000 a wesk. This would make his receipts for nearly two months 51,440,000. Of course, his business increased rapidly from the 1st of October on. If he averaged anywhere near that amount each week during the past year he would have taken in between $9,000,000 and $10,000,000. Those who think they should know say that at the lowest calculation he has taken in at least $5,000,000 during the last yeur. DAMAGES ASSESSED AT $5, Verdict for FlalntlC In the Scottsburg Lynrhlnc Ca«e. Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 27.—The jury in what is known as the Scottsburg lynching case brought in a verdict Friday afternoon, after being out a day and a half. The oait was an action In the United States court by the father of Tyler, the victim of the mob, against Sheriff Cobin of Scoit county, asking $5,000 damages for the death of Ms son through failure of the siieriff to protect him from the mob. The Jury brought in a verdict for the plalatiff, assessing the damages at $5. This is enough to carry with it all the costs of the litigation. Chicago Board of Trade. Chicago, Nov. 24.—The following table shows the range of quotations on the board of trade today. Articles. Wheat- Dec . May , Corn— Dec . Jan . May Oats— Dec . May Pork- Dec . Jan . May Lard— Dec . Jan . May .$ High. .66% .70 Ts .32 .31% .33% .22% .24*4 8.07% Low. $ .65% .70% —Closing.— Nov.24.Nov.23. ? .65% ? -66% .7014 .™->i .3H4 .32% .31V4 .31'b .3^ .33',4 Short Dec- Jan May 9.05 4.90 5.15 5.32 Vi -22% .23% 8.05 3.50 9.60 4.90 5.12% 5.30 .22% • .24 8.05 9.50 9,60 4.90 5.12% 5.30 .22% .2414 8.05 9.50 9.60 4.90 5.12V. 5.30 ribs— 4.97% 5.10 4.95 5.07% 4.87% 4.87 \« 4.95 4.95 5.10 5.10 Kentucky Fife-lit Nearlng Kud. Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 27.—The Conn of Appeals will render a decision today in the Nelson county contested election case, in which 1,198 votes, erroneously certified for W. P. instead of W. S Taylor, are involved. The decision wil have an important bearing on "the final settlement of the gubernatorial muddle, as it is likely to embrace a full review not only of the scope of jurisdiction of the courts, but also as to the powers of the state election commission. The latter body has set no time for its meeting officially to canvass the returns, but it is understood that a meeting will be held for that purpose either Tuesday or Wednesday. Cruiser Charleston Is Lost. Washington, Nov. 25.—The navy department has received the following cablegram from Capt. Leutze, com-, mandlng the naval station at Cavite, dated Manila, today: "Culgoa reports Charleston disappeared." The Culgoa was the relief ship sent out from Hong Kong. It is believed at the navy department that the Charleston has slipped down into the water from the steep bank on which she was resting at the bow. This report has dissipated the last hope of saving the ship. Fifth Wreck in Week on B. & O. Auburn, Ind., Nov. 27.—Two freight sections collided at Auburn Junction on the Baltimore & Ohio road Thursday night Six cars were demolished, and Conductor Theodore Thorman was killed and George Ridgsway of the wrecking crew was dangerously injured later. This is the lifth wreck on the Chicago division of the Baltimore & Ohio in a week. Want HOIK! Often- Extended. Washington, Nov. 25.—Secretary Gage is in receipt of a large number of requests from financial circles to extend the bond offering limit beyond Nov. 30. The secretary said no action will be taken in the matter until Nov. 30. .T ; . Revision of Treaty. St. Petersburg, Nov. 25.-—The Novoe Vremya says that Count Mouravieff, the minister of foreign affairs, has suggested a revision of the treaty of com* merce between Russia and the United States which was concluded in 1832. Daniel tor President•Richmond, Va., Nov. 27.—-The mo»4 Tiroes, In a leading eclJterlal| nominates Senator John W. Daniel o.{ lh«i United States, to tta*. n. to E. Pmkham'a pound has done to* me that Would Sore- Pinkham's JMliiiitiiti ...... «* swifSHtCHIB If they Only Mrs. King n^nogoodoftU 1 to deaden ffe J ucii i aUaost&Mb itty. t M sonie of tm& received benefit from it at «^ 1 have taken it ever since and aejj have no backache, no pain in ^ side and my stomach and bowels tn. 1 perfectly welt I can honestly say tS there is nothing like it. If I could onlj tell ev^ry woman how mnch good yow medicine has done me, they sorely try it."—2 " ATTLEBOBO, '' The way women trifle with shows a degree of indifference thatb 1 pastnnderstanding. Happinessandnse- I fulness depend on physical health; &, does a good disposition. Disease makes women nervous, irritable and snap, pish. The very eff or fc of ailing women to be good-natured makes them nw . vons. Write to Mrs. Pinkham, she will help yon to health and happiness. It costs nothing togetMrs.Pinkbam'k advice. Her address is Lynn. Mass. STORYETTES. Some time ago Xat Goodwin had an opportunity to witness Alf Hampton's imitations of himself in his favorite roles. Hampton, knowintr Goodwin was present, outdid himself, bat at the close of the seance Goodwin had never a word to say. At last an intimate friend ventured to ask how he liked it, "Well," replied Goodwin, all I can saj is one of ns is d—n bad." Prince Henry of Orleans, when he travels, takes with him a physiican a scientist, an editor, & historian and a photographer, each of whom make a daily contribution to the book which is to describe the jonrney. In describ-' ing his method at a Paris salon, a friend ironically asked: "And what is the hard work which yon do for your 'dopk? n "The hardest of all," said the prince; "I have the overwhelmingdnty Of making the various accounts agree." President Kruger is minus the thumb of his left band. In his youth it was badly wounded, and rather than nurse the troublesome member, he cnt it off. Some time ago, in discussing the present situation, and wishing to illustrate how he would do with Sir Alfred Milner, as he had with his predecessors, he began with the little finger of his left hand: '"I was too much for Sir George Gray." Then annotating with his third finger: "I was too nvuch for Sir Howard Berkley." Passing to the middle finger: '"I was too much for Sir Bartle Frere." Next with the index finger: "I was too much for Sir Hercules Robinson, and I shall be too much for Sir—alle maagte!" he exclaimed, for he had come to the place of the missing thumb. The incident has said to have depressed him not a, little, as he is very superstitious. " [ —. _ _, ,A boy never thoroughly enjoys an apple unless there is another boy looking wistfully on who hasn't any" One way to get anything on tick U to put yoxir watch under it. : Free Dewey Souvenir Spoon. Every patriotic girl, who will send us ter name and address with stamp, will receive by return mail, FUEK, an Admiral Dewey Souvenir Spoon, handsomely engraved and of exquisite design. F. A. KEED & Co., Jewelry dept. 209 Hudson Street, New York City. C.C.C.LINE Completed and Opened to the Public. Greatest Improvement of the AR« -r ~ Anyone Can R1<1* Over it to Health : anil The 'varsity crews at Yale and Hft" vard have heard all about the lastrowi of summer. • • -~ FREE GOVERNMENT LANDS... Tfeere are still thousand^ eroment and Oreeoo. also pear roifroad and water W be boughVfor SJ.Q ones, bliz ,. IruU. or M»« flnest stock em »«»• find locations In these tw can do tWs w perfection wish to secure The hello girls at central have a motto that ''a ring on the finger is worth two on the 'phone." TO CURE A COI.D IN ONE DAT, •fake Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. 85c. E. W. Grove's signature on each bor. .Nobody ought ever to take a woman's word when she denies that she's homesick. < •' Clilcago.—[Speclal.l-The new C. C, C. line is now open to the public, and at onc« gained an enormous patronage on account of the meritorious service it performs. The line is built on solid merit, and leads by the straightest and shortest route to Health. Everybody is delighted.. and those who thought they would ( never reach Health and Happiness again haV» found this an easy and sure wuy or get- S^nety'per cent of the ills of humanity are caused by lazy livers, chronic consu pation and their consequences, mpura blood and a poisoning of the whole svs- tem. What's the use of stumbling a the roadway, sick and weary, when can quickly ride to health-by taW"" carets. Buy and .iry Cascareis ---.-,Cathartic to-day. You will rtnd thaD_tt.« what they (Jo, not what we say '"eyj 1 /t do, that will please you. Sold by aru,,' gists generally, lOc, 25c or 50c per box, or by mail for price. Send for "ooKier and free sample. Address, Sterling Remedy_ Co., Chicago; Montreal, Can.. ."*ew This is the CASCATIET tablet. Every tablet of tlie only genuine Cascarets be»is ID » magic letters "C C C. J at the tablet before and bewaro of fr.-ui'i

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