The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1899
Page 5
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n^#> " ,\ T -~ **• THE UPPEK i ES MOUKJBSS ALGONA* IOWA, WlDHSSSlUY, NOTBMBER 29, 1899* '^~ Ah "-°~ J -—^------^ = -"-* --. -.- ,.„.. ^ J ., J ^^ J ™^.S™,«- 1 L.t I1 «i li ^.a u a^B.,. l ^ M a_.™_i_ L^.. 1 M M «BHJ»lu«-li- n ^J^U J 4 1 H^lM^»rt^^*«™^.^i- i ,. liJ ,..!.,.,„._. .... ....,....,..., * Chrischilles & Herbst. Better Values Than Ever. A second purchase of DRY GOODS Fine Dress Goods, Silks, Trimmings. |We are after the Dry Goods business of the town, and we should have it. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? ~- - A -_- T ~« we , Clin bu X goods on better terms than other dealers. IBECAUSE selling more than others we can afford to do business on smaller margins. JECAUSE we have the most complete and finest stock in the city. MAKE OUR BUSINESS pay us by making it pay you. Chrischilles & Herbst. ttend the Grand In •NOW GOING ON- in Algona at the TAR CLOTHING AND SHOE CO.'S State St., building formerly occupied by Vincent's Racket Store. Come and get our prices and see how well you can do for your money. Warm Up. Our Hot Soda Apparatus is now in i operation and we are serving: | ,, Hot Chocolate with creum; Hot< jBovax with snow flake wafers; Hot< Liquid Beef with snow flake wafers; Clam Toddy; Coffee with < cream, Gingerade, Egg Phosphate) jstc., etc. Bost line of cigars in the city. Ehlers & Adams, Leading Druggists, Algona. To Be Happy iy a Parker fountain pen. Solid gold, k. Pen diamond point, and positive- guaranteed not to leak. DlNGLEY & PUGH. •WE are showing the largest line of Ik for waists that was ever shown in ;e city, G. L. GALBRAITH. dONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest, itional payments, H. HOXIE. FMONEY to loan at 6 per cent, A. D. CLARKE & Co. ?MY farm is for sale. S. S. BIST. WALL paper at greatly reduced prices. Can save you money on this r . R. H. Miller, druggist and jew- |ler. _^ ,,. BUY your fall outfit of clothing and |hoes at the Star Clothing and Shoe ompany. Vincent's old stand, _ REMEMBER we make your watch keep |time. R. H. Miller, druggist and jew- leler, ______________ BEAUTIFUL women everywhere owe f their matchless loveliness to the use of iRooky Mountain Tea. Plain women |made attractive. R. H. Miller. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, A. D. CLARKE & Co. House and Lots for Sale. I will sell my house and eleven acres Qt ground in the south part of town, s,u5 all roy personal property. Call st iogiey & Cook's office*. 31 E. R. CQQK. THIY can give you. great bargains a nd shoes a^ very Jpw, Star Clothing pid ->••' PEKSONAL MOVEMENTS. J. W. Sullivan went to South Dakota Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Tlios. Henderson will start for California at least by Dec. 10. Wm. K. Ferguson's sister and neioe are here from New York for a visit. Roscoe Call came from Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving. He returns Saturday. Miss Nellie Taylor is at Minneapolis to attend the marriage of Edna Waterhouse, Gardner Cowles went to Washington Friday on mail route business, to be gone a week or ten days. Mrs. Judge Quarton entertained her lady friends pleasantly at a button hole making contest Saturday evening. Chas. Rovve got woi-d yesterday that his father is dangerously sick at Blue Earth City and he went north yesterday after_noon. Rev. Suckow came with his family from Sioux City Saturday. He says he had a very pleasant time in the city and that the meetings were attended with considerable interest. Rev. Rome Walker spent Sunday in Algona. Yesterday he went on to Colorado, where his wife lias been. She is recovering her health, and Rome is figuring on locating in Colorado. Col. Martin was in Algona Monday, and yesterday went over the new Iowa Central line. He is much recovered in health. Algona feels under great obligations to the colonel, He is the man who pushed the Belinond extension through. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Warren went to Minneapolis this morning to attend the marriage of Miss Edna Waterhouse which occurs at her home tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock. Miss Edna is marrying a young man connected with the Soo railway named Herbert Allen. Her young friends in Algona will extend most cordial congratulations. HOUSE, with six rooms, to rent. 36t2 E. TELLIER. VISIT the Star Clothing company and you will be treated right. Vin^ cent's old stand. You can get a good calico for 3o a yard at GALBRAITH's. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co, WE have a full stock of window glass at prices that will make anybody take out the old pillow and put in a new light before cold weather. R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. WB have what you want in the Jlne of type writer supplies. INGBAM & WARREN. DON'T be led astray an4 maele to be.- lieve tbfti there's Bomytbinff iu,s,t> as good, ae Ro,ofcy MwHio Tea,; %tre's ball 90 gft9d P. H, THE LOCAL HELD, Knnawha is talking incorporation. Business men's meeting tonight. Attend. Hohnrt, has onp of it* famed turkey shoots today. Company F hue ft dance at the armory this evening. The public schools will enjoy a Thanksgiving mention. A. M. Coan la talking of building a house for himself yet this fall. Comptiny P'a . faftious turkey shoot comes tomorrow at ^he armory. Supt. Hod if e went up over the Sanborn Hue yesterday on his special car. Supt. Van ErdewyU holds his last teacher's meeting at Bancroft, Deo. 1 The Warner coinpany opens at popular prices at the ouera house Monday evening. The tnim who cannot give thanks this year need never expect to feel thankful. Judge Quarton sentenced Scott, 'who stabbed Peterson iit Swea City, to eight months at Anamo*a. The Chicago directors of the Iowa Central were In Algona Saturday. They like the new line. Rev. Chlpperfleld will give the Thanksgiving sermon at the Baptist church tomorrow morning. The Lndy Norwood has gone into winter quarters. The hoys dragged her up on the river bank one day last week. Henry Relbhoff has moved to Minnesota with his family. Kossuth loses an excellent farmer and one of the pioneer boys, Wm. K. Ferguson may build another house to rent In the spring. It will aland just west of the house he put up this season. Wm. Owens and company will play in the opera house Dec. 28. Many consider his "Shylock" the best play yet given In Algona. The ladles cleared $30 at their carnival last week, besides furnishing two enjoyable evenings. The armory was prettily decorated. November is closing in a way to make Its memory green. A more delightful m'onth Iowa never saw. It has been like a model October. Thren pioneers are very low, Mrs. John Heoknrt, MI-B. J. L. Paine and Alonzo Wltham. Mrs. Heckart and Mrs. Piiine are sinking fast, A sneak thief took Dr. McCoy's new luirness from his barn Wednesday. Sneak -thieving is getting common. Mr. Jones mourns a good robe. It is settled that Walker Whiteslde will come to Alerona. in January. All ;heatre goers will remember his Hamet, put on here a few years ago. Any one who sends the Daily Capital 52 on'Dec. 28 will get it for a year. Dec. 28 is the only day. The price in ess than the paper and press work !OBtS. Algona will be in style with a Thanksgiving foot ball game. The Spencer boys come tomorrow. This will be an exciting game well worth seeing. Edd Careton, who has been with (Mex. White at the Lamb lumber yard, goes to Nemalm this week to take charge of a yard for the W. J. Dickson company. The public schools are to a new upright piano. It will be hero in a couple of weeks. It is bought with money the students have raised from time to time. Contrary to all expectations Will Phillips is alive and apparently likely to live. Dr. Gay has gotten his spinal •oluinn together again, but he is still jadly paralyzed. Company P has got its money for the Jlear Lake encampment, nearly $400, and is feeling good. The band has nearly $200 coming, but it is slower about getting here. Marriage licenses have been issued iO L. A. Reep and Susie Lucksinger, Cohn Zaugg and Emma Jones, Edward Wilner and Minnie S. Heide, J, W. Post and Anna Miller. J. P. Nicoulin was down to Kanawha nspecting his store building last week. The Record also notes that \. G. Seas- .ream is improving his building, which 'a one of the best in Kanawha. Eugene Reibhoff, son of James Relb- loff, is married to Elizabeth Cogdill. Sugene was born In Kossuth and be- ongs to one of the pioneer families. He has the best wishes of all the old settlers. The builders are now figuring on the )lans for Win. Ehler's new house, and 10 still hopes to get the .foundation .his fall. He has plans for a handsome cottage that will cost from $2,000 to $2,600. There will be a meeting at Samson & Jrose's office this evening at 7:30 o'clock to reorganize the Business VIen's association, and organize the sown for business. Everybody should <urn out. The Clare Vaughn Wales company it the Methodist church Friday even- .ng was well worth hearing. Miss Wales is an excellent reader, and the musical numbers were all encored. A fair audience was out. ' The new time card on the Iowa Central is not yet completed and may not be for two weeks. When it goes into effect the passenger will leave Algona about 1 o'clock in the afternoon instead of at 4:40 in the morning. The carpenters are at work on the Iowa Central depot and the gravel jang is getting the road ballasted. The latter put in Sunday for fear the fine weather might not last. The new road gets a fine bed to, start with. Jerome Finnegan hae gone to Kapa* to take charge of the G. M. Johnson machinery business. Pan Prazer has been in charge since Mr. Johnson's • '', and will now divide MB ^nje be . Taylor gave jfpHj'ab on. toe soientife 8 ^§| qf guestion during %* ftftft . filew fqrpiUB talker a.D4 mate many la Paine** Celery Compound, about one- fifth of which is alcohol, in Hire's Hoot Beer, in lemon extract, eto. Lemon extract has more alcohol than straight whiskey, Sheldon Malt; Shirley Aigyeroame home from Af£ona this Week fop a fetf days visit. Od his return to Alffonft Shirley and his employer, Mr. Gibson, are going to ftome town In Florida to put in an electric light plant. John G. Smith bought a yearling bdl nttheagrlcultural college fast week for the poor farm for $160. H« is very highly bred. The poor farm has some fine stock and during the past two years has more than paid running expenses. Conductor Haupt, who has for so many years run from Spencer to Spirit Lake, and who is related to Algona through his wife, who was a Fill girl, Is moving toDes Moines. He will now run from Pea Moines to Spirit Lake over the new line. Our old-time Ike Swigard was beaten for treasurer in Hancock county by eight votes, and he also is contesting. In Palo Alto county the republican candidate was beaten by seven votes and he is not contesting, The republicans accept the result. The county fair association got Its $200 from the state yesterday. The association comes out $425' behind on the fair and is paying its premiums 40 per cent, cash and 60 percent, warrants due In a year. One more Buffalo Bill show will end the county fair business. W, P. Jones drove a party over to Lhe poor farm yesterday to see a windmill he set up do everything. Lew Millen is making a model farm for the Bounty. The board has bought thn 80 north of the original farm and with the "Dutch Henry"forty nowhas280 acres. The county bought the original quarter for $5 an acre. THE UPPER DBS MOINES publishes ..his week a picture of the famous Whlttemore stallion and also of one now In Brown's barn In Algonn, which i local coinpany IH being organized to buy for $3,600. They are the two handsomest horses ever brought to this part of the state. The Algona company will consist of 35 who put In $100 each. The best farmers hereabouts are taking hold of the matter. The county treasurer contest is likely iO open Dec. 18. Chairman Smith sets ihe date and it must not be less than 20 days from filing the notice of contest. Both Ward and Smith will choose a judge who will sit with Chairman Smith and decide. Then both will have attorneys to present their side of the matter. If the whole vote of the county is reviewed it will take several weeks. There were over 4,000 Dallots cast, and no one knows how many questions may arise. a. H. LIGHT'S OOAT SLOLEN. An T5x-Whlttoinore Man Takes Ills Coat and Soils It Near Aluroiin for Two Dollars. Constable Osterson of Rulhven has Jhas. Pullerton in custody. Fullerton i'oke in the Light cottage and took an overcoat belonging to Algona's onetime landlord and sold it "near Algona," the Appeal says, for $2. Fullerton now lies in jiiil 16 days for his offense. The coat has an interesting history. Mr. Light has had it in his possession since 1860. The wolves from which the skins were obtained and made into a lout, were shot in 1860 by a brother of VIr. Light, and only for Its sentimental value did he seek to recover the coat. The LntcHt In Millinery. Armstrong Journal: A girl in stherville is quite economical. Instead of buying a new hat she took the crown out of an old one and let the cow tramp on it a few times. She then caught an offending rooster and pulled a feather from his tail and stuck it n the hat crossways, and there she was. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 >er pent,, with optional payments In- 'erest payable annually. October In Iowa. The month was warmer than usual, with a very large per centaga of clear and fair weather, and generally deficient rainfall. The monthly mean .emperature of the state, as shown by .18 reports, was 56.7 degrees, which is about, 6.6 degrees above the October average. The average precipitation or the state, as deduced from reports of 136 stations, was L73 Inches, which 's about ,6 of an inch below the normal or October. The prevailing wind di- •ection for the month was south. The month was very favorable for farm operations, except plowing, for which work the soil was too dry and hard. Puerto HIco. Three tours of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico are scheduled toleayeChi- cago Jan. 11, Feb. 12 and March 8. Special Pullman sleeping and dining cars will convey the party to New York, thence on board the splendid new steamships Ponce and San Juan, through and around the island by rail, automobile, carriage and boat. Tickets Include all expenses everywhere. These select limited parties will be under t.he special escort of Mr. Walter Boyd Townsend under the management af the American Tourist association, Reau Campbell general manager, 1423 Marquette building, Chicago. Itineraries, maps and tickets can be had on application to the agents of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway—3614 RAILWAY TIMS CARDS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. LOCAL TUAJNS WEST. No. 1 departs at 9 No. 3 departs at 3 Freights that oavry passengers- No. 98T departs at........... ..... ..40 No. 71 departs at 3 No. 05 departs at..., 8 TRAINS HAST, No. 2 departs at ,..10 No.4 departs at, ,.,., Q Freights tot parry passengers— No. 76 departs at JO: " i, 8i departs at r R,#, :05 a m 58 pm :46pm :20pm 30pw 45 am 28pm To the Public, I wish to say that all persons desiring to buy goods in my line in small quantities will find my prices as low as the lowest And to any desiring to buy Five, Ten or Twenty Dollar orders I will give Wholesale Prices or meet all competition. Do not forget that I am headquarters for apples. Respectfully, -James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. Thanksgiving Thoughts. Material thoughts about those few little things you need to make the preparation of your dinner less irksome and your dinner table complete, The Brownie Roaster. Large enough for a good-sized turkey. It Is self-basting and allows the bird to be delivered on the platter full of juice and flavor—the largest we have ever oX ed .!™..' h . om °°? y : 50 cents Tea Spoons Solid nickel silver—no plating to wear off. A substitute for solid silver—guaranteed to wear as well as silver, at a much less /£ A ~ nn Lf. price. Per set of,6.... UVI CtlUS White metal spoons, plated on solid white metal, only 26 cents per doz. Carving Sets Made from the best English steel—material guaranteed of first quality. Made up in various, styles of .stag handles at prices fc| CA ranging from *pl»3U If you wish something cheaper we have nicely-finished Butcher Knives— good enough to put on your dining table—for 60 cents. Cheaper ones for 26 cents—all fully warranted. A Food Chopper would be one of the most convenient things you could use in preparing your Thanksgiving dinner —chopping apples, meat, raisins, and spices for your mince pies, nuts for your cake, and afterwards the remains of the turkey for dinners to come. Prices have advanced, but our price remains the same; while <j?| "C A present stock lasts «[pI.«?U C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. " Just Right Is the expression so often made by by purchasers of our shoes. Material, Pattern, Workmanship and Finish combine to make our Boots and Shoes the very best obtainable. Just now our stock is very large and comprises the very best makes and qualities in Leather, Rubber and Felt Footwear. Prices and quality always right. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Fine repairing and custom work. ALSO AT FENTON, IOWA. The New Lumber Yard. We have a large dry shed and keep our lumber dry and in the best possible condition. When in need of any kind of building material, cedar or oak posts, hard or soft coal, call and see what we can do for you. Being here for business, we solicit your trade and will use you right. LOOK m Q" ALITY - Cheap goods are dear at any price. We keep the best and are here to stay. A complete stock of Felt Shoes and Slippers, Overshoes, and Felt Bopts.

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