The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1899 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1899
Page 6
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P ALGONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 22, 1899. My Mother Had Consumption •KK^MHMttttMMMmi _ "My mother was troubled with consumption for many yeats. At last- site -was given up to die, A neighbor told her ftot to give tip but try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. She did so and was speedily cured, and is now in the enjoyment of good health." D'/P. jolly, 8 Feb. 2, 1899. Avoca,N>Y. Cures Hard Coughs ••••ram.n.'iiiijf. imumin | |IMIL| No matter {sow hard your cough is or how long you -have had it, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the best thing you could possibly take. But it's too risky to. -wait until you have consumption, for sometimes it's impossible <o cure this disease. If YOU are coughing today, don t wait until tomorrow, but get a bottle of Cherry Pectoral at once and be relieved. It strengthens weak lungs. Three sizes: 25o., enough for an ordinary ooldj Me., ]ust right for asthma, bronchitis, hoarseness, whooping-cough, bard colds' SI.W most economical for chronic cases and to keop ou hand. Clucks for Oncer Uses. K One of the latest developments of the |pmmon domestic clock is worthy of ferious attention. It comes .from Swit- ierland and takes the form of a phonographic attachment to an ordinary Pock, which at any desired hour of the morning will shout: "It is (seven) g^clock; get up! Now, don't go to ileep again!" The possibilities of an gxtension of this principle are im- ||nense. There might be clocks for the oxing ring, saying, "Time, gentle|men,"and clocks for the parliamentary pOre, with a cry .of "Vide! vide!" jghurch congregations which bave suf- p|red many things at the hands of Bong-winded preachers might subscribe a clock which should utter a sonor- "Amen!" at the end of a suitable |4ieriod. Equally valuable would be a fpinepiece which should convey a gentle hint to. the unwanted caller; in- pied, this particular development is so ^tractive that I am thinking of enlisting its aid for the purpose of shorten- »g editorial interviews at the Truth Office.—London Truth. Hundreds of Skeletons. A Brooklyn man named Frederick ||raun owns a collection of 500 skele- s, illustrating the craniums of every ||ving race and -many long extinct. SOVERNMENT If AN PS... There are still thousands ot acres of gov I' eminent lands in tho states of Washington i and Oregon, also prairie and timber lands i near i all road and water communication (hut 'can be bought for $3,00 per acre: and then> ;' are no-cyclone's', 'b'imurds,' lonjf winters oil-real hot summers, no failure of crops, but I: always good markets. »' If you wish 'to raise grain, principally, or i, fruit, or the finest stock ou earth, you unn find locations in these two states where yon 'can do this to perfection. It youareiook'inu ( for employment und wish to secure steady work at good wages, I can help you to do this. I have no land for sale, but if you want Information about this write me at 199 E. Third St, St. Paul. Minn. . R. E. WORKMAN. '. E* DOUGLAS 13 &3.SO SHOES k IndorHcil by over > 1,000,000 wearers. The genuine have \V. L.l RDouglas' name and pricel ^stamped on bottom. TakeC 'Sup substitute claimed to he. Has good. Your dealer ^should keep them—if j ' inot, we will send a pair , Ion receipt of price. State • kind of leather, size, and width, plain or 1 cap toe. Catalogue A free. W, L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO.. Brockton. Mapg. (R. ARNOLD'S COUGH URES COUGHS AND COLDS.. RpVENTS CONSUMPTION. H All DroeeJsts. 85 C . Uo0(t Salesmen (who can 1'iuiiK' conroyiu]co),u>sellour lurgolliic tobuccus lu oue ormure couutluH j u every scci.lou of tlio (lulled |tos. Good pay to thu right inuu. K. U. 1'AT- iKSON, Tobacconist, Y haxtuii, Va. I 1 MITftt I ft m I ftll I £411 I LU ' *»f ¥ • ^>w indites writing a. comfort. 9,000 OFFERED r» of the late AatUoay Pollofc, Esq., tor best mart• . $r» o imi , _. Weraufuralshyoulufor- HASPS. yiinmcK * uwntNot;. ffirtimtim. u. u. ijoifNw.nio9Rls, 1wtiihiu([foM,n,c; ites Claims PISO'S CURE. FOR rdmgglaU. CONSUMPTION Remafkabld Strength of Prices Still Maintained, SOME SHRINKAGE IN DEMAND troh and Steel Product* At* ftot So Eagerly Sought For as a JTeir Weeks l*o—Wheat and Cotn Shipments— Failures for the Week. New York, Nov. 20.—R. Q. Dim & Co.'s weekly review of trade says: "The signs of shrinkage in the new deftiand for iron and steel products become more clear, and while prices of pig are maintained without change and billets are quoted lower pnly because premiums for earlier deliveries are no longer paid, plates are quoted lower at the east, with some small mills selling at 2.5 cents at Pittsburg and sheets are sold by some works there at $5 to $4 less than the regular price. Shipments of boots and shoes fall off, and yet are larger than in any previous year. Textile manufactures are doing well, although in woolens the speculation in material threaten to cause some embarrassment. Worsted goods are in good demand and have been advanced in price with somo flannels. Failures for the week were 219 in the United States, against 22L last year, and 20 in Canada, against 26 last year." Bradstreet's says: "General trade and industry continue at a maximum volume for thia season of the year, while prices as a whole manifest a strength unap proached in recent years. Strength in values is still most notable among manufactured textiles, but cereals, hides, leather and manufactures thereof have also strengthened slightly. On the other hand, pork products, raw cotton and tin are slightly lower. The great majority of prices, however, remain firm at unchanged quotations. Wheat, including flour, shipments foi the week aggregated 4,540,007 bushels, against 4,050,842 bushels last week. Corn exports for the week aggregate 4,603,718 bushels, against 4,581,447 bushels last week." "SOUNO-MONEY" BILL TO PASS Financial measure Likely to Uo Adopted by the Next C<mg;roHB. Washington, Nov. 20.—President H. H. Hanna of the Indianapolis "sound- money" commission, who is in Washington in the interests of the financial bill drawn by the house republican caucus committee, said he felt confident the measure, or one on similar lines, would be passed by both branches of congress at the coming session. He looks for early action in the house and thinks little change will be made by the senate. The senate finance sub-committee has not finished consideration of the caucus bill, but it is thought a meeting will be held before the assembling of congress, though final action may be postponed until the vacancies of tno finance committee are filled. Sdliley Has Made No Move. Washington, Nov. 20.—Rear Admiral Schley has not yet asked for a court of inquiry, as he is understood to have been advised to do by some of his friends, on account of the official criticism of his conduct in a letter sent by Secretary Long to the president. Today is the last day when he may do this, as he expects to join his ship at once. The department officials do not expect Schley to make the request. If he doeu a board will toe convened at once. It is understood the composition of such a board, in anticipation of Schley's demand, has been arranged, so no time may 'be wasted' in taking up the subject. Adam Hoivell Ulog In Ohlcaeo. .Chicago, Nov. 20.— Adam Howell, president of the Hawkeye Insurance company of Des Moines, Iowa, died in Mercy hospital last evening. Death r< suited from kidney disease. Mr. Howell was 59 years old. For thirty yoars he had lived in Des Moines, and aimost all of that time hd was president of the Hawkeye Insurance com- pitny. He was one of the wealthiest men in Iowa, Kud °f the Steamer Patrlu. Hamburg, Nov. 20.— It is reported from Cuxhaven that the Athesia, which had the burning liner Putria in tow, broke away near <the North Hinder lightship, on account of the frightful heat. The Patria was unapproachable, the fire having completely 'enveloped tho vessel, which had to be abandoned. The mail matter which the Patria wa* carrying is lost. Need Not P»y the fax, Washington, Nov. 20,— The eommis- sioner of internal revenue has reaffirmed a decision made by the internal- revenue bureau a year .ago, iif which it was declared that mutual- benefit associations were the only class of life- insurance concerns exempt from taxation under the war-revenue law. IMajcuo Danger Almogt Gone. Alexandria, Egypt, Nov. 20. — The bubonic plague has completely died out here. Only a single case was reported a week ago, which was the only one in three veeks, and that was of mild fern, There have been no deaths in over a month and at no time has the pJajjue been In Cairo. Virtually Arranged, New York, NOV. ?0.— Champion Jef^ flies an<| James J. Corbett were virtually matched Friday to fight twenty- five rounds for the heavy-weight chapjpion9hlp of the world. The articles wijl be aigned next Tuesday, when the d»te will be selected. • < "It is a, constant •«rond«5t to me," said the stttdeiSt of human nftttitc, "to see lum qiikskly the minds of some Men act. I met a man the other etenitig. •who .had an intellectual gfrasp i that was astounding. I met him in the hall just as he was reaching- for an nm- Tom Corwitt'had an eiiormous month. He once said he had been insulted by Deacon Smith. The good brother asked for further explanation. "Well," said Corwin, "when I stood up at the lectih-e-room to relate my experience, and .t opened my mouth, Deacon Smith rose up in front and said: 'Will some brother close that window and keep it closed?'" One day Bunsen sat with another shining light of Heidelberg University, who like him had had the highest honors bestowed ttpon him that could be gained in a scientific career. Dunsen was cool and taciturn, while his colleague never ceased to chatter of his financial losses, suffered through the great fall in Turkish bonds. 15un- sen remained silent while 'the other went on to console himself in this wise: "I can get a certain amount of consolation for my bad investments out of the fact that the great Hehnholtz hiin- iself invested pretty heavily in Turkish bonds, and has lost a lot of money, too.' 1 Then, at last, Uunseii broke his silence with the laconic words: "1 didn't think Itclmholtsi was so big a fool." An old Irish laborer walked into the luxurious studio of an artist and asked for_ money to obtain a meal. Ho explained that he had just been discharged from the county hospital and wns too weak to work, lie was given a quarter and departed. One of four young- Indies, art students, who were .present, said: "Mr. Madder can't wo hire that old man and sketch him?" Madder ran out and caught him, and said: "If you can't work, and want to make a dollar, come back to my rooms. The young ladies want to paint you.'' The Irishman hesitated,, so Madder remarked: "It won't take long, and it's an easy way to make" a dollar." "Oi know that," was the reply, "but Oi was a-wonderin' how th' divil Oi'd git the paint off aftherward." Murat Halstcad, the great journalist of war-times, went to General William T. Sherman's headquarters once for "the latest news from the front." Halstead was armed with many fine introductory letters, but decided to rely mainly on one given him by Thomas ISwiug, Sherman's brother-in-law. Ho found the general and presented Kvvin's letter. The general opened it somewhat impatiently, read a few lines, folded it and said: "Ah, you come from Ewin, and you desire to have 'all the latest news'—the. 'next probable move'of our army—eh'.' Well, there's a train leaving this town for Cincinnati at two o'clock. Here, tuke this ticket and step over there and get your dinner—and then get on that train." "Well, but, General Sherman " began the newspaper man; but Sherman waved him off. "Go over and get a good dinner; we havo plenty and always strive to treat our friend's well. But bo sure you don't miss that two-o'clock train!" And Halstcad wisely obeyed. Plso's Cure for Consumption is the best of all cough cures.—George W. LoU, Fauucher, La., August 20, 1895. The hunter has taken the flshermun'3 place. There Is n Class of I'eoplo Who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there has been placed in nil the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN-O, made of pure grains, that takes the place of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not. cost over one- fourth as much. Children may drink it with great benefit, in cents and :J5 cents per package. Try it. Aslc for GRAIN-O. • . I'umpkin pies, possums and s\ve«t potatoes are popular at present. The deserts of Arabia Are specially remarkable for their pillars of sand, which ftre raised by the whirlwinds aad have ft close resemblance in their appearance to waterspouts. Sweat and fruit acids will not discolor goods dyed with futtiahi Fade* less Dyes^ Sold by all druggists. Some of the underground railroads in London cost as high as $3,265,000 a mile.' THE OKIP CtJRE tHA* DOES CtTtttt. Iiojcatlve Bfomo Quinine (Tablets removes tho cause thst produces. lift Grippe. E. W; Store's signature Is on each box. SSc, We all have hours of joy and minutes of sadness. Winter In the .«otith. The season approaches when one's thoughts turn toward a place where the inconveniences of a Northern Winter may be escaped. No section of this Country offers such ideal spots ns the Gulf Coast on the line of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad between Mobile and New Orleans. It possesses a mild climate, pure air. even temperature and facilities for hunting and llshlng enjoyed by no other section. Accommodations for visitors arc first-class, and can be secured at moderate prices. The L. & N. R. U. is the only line by which it can be reached in through car.s from Northern cities. Through car schedules to all points in Florida by this line arc also perfect. Write for folders, etc., to GKO. B. HOIINKII, D. P. A., St. Louis. Mo. Live .up to principle and mankind will respect you. In tion Angolan and Southern California Every Friday night, at 10:35 p. m., n through Tourist Car for Los Angeles and Southern California, leaves the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Union Passenger Station, Chicago, via Omaha, Colorado Springs and Salt Lake City, for all points in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. In addition to the regular Pullman porter, each car is accompanied by an intelligent, competent and courteous "courier," who will attend to the wants f;f passengers en route. This is an entirely new feature of tourist car service, and will be appreciated by families or by ladies traveling alone. Particular attention Is paid to the care of children, who usually get weary on a long journey. These tourist cars are sleeping cars supplied with all the accessories necessary to make the journey comfortable and pleasant, and the berth rate (each berth will accommodate two persons) is only ?6.00 from Chicago to California. Ask the nearest ticket agent for a tourist car folder, or address Geo. H. Heaft'ord, General Pass, and Ticket Agent. Chicago, 111. One of India s sacred fires that still burn was conseu.ated 1,300 years ago. JASON CHOW, OSCARVILLE. C3A. Writes us, May SI, 1899: "i feel it my duty to write and let you know what your medicine, '5 Drops,' has done for me. 1 have had rheumatism about eighteen years, but was able to be up most of the time until a year ago last May, when I was taken down and not able to move about. About six weeks ago I saw your advertisement and wrote for a sample bottle. After taking a few doses it did me so much good that I ordered some more for myself and friends, arid in every case it has done wonders and given perfect satisfaction. "Dr. Wood!Iff, my family physician, who has had rheumatism for fifteen years, Is taking the '5 Drops,' and says it is the most eflk'lent rheumatic medicine he has ever used." "5 Drops" is the most powerful specific known. Free from opiates and perfectly harmless. It is a perfect cure for Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Backache, Asthma, Catarrh, La Grippe, Neuralgic Headache, etc. If you or any of your friends are suffering, do not delay, but send for a bottle of "G Drops." Large-sized bottles (300 doses), $-1. For tho next thirty days we will mail a 25-cent sample bottle for 10 cants. SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURR CO., ]60 to .104 1C. Lake Street. Chlcnpn. 11J. "I wonder where 1 could get a good cook?" "I don't know. I will ask" the first policeman Tsee." The biggest eaaal project is to connect the Orindbo, Amazon and Platte, but it will cost anywhere from $100,000,000 to three times that amonftt. Wot* to Sitv* Monoj on Sftneft. Members of the United States Co-operative Boot & Shoe Purchasing Association save 33 % percent on all purchases of shoes. Mr. E. II. Tilton, Secretary of the Association, 105 Summer St., Boston, will send an illustrated book on shoes, Instructions how to join the association and full information concerning it to anybody upon request. A modest girl Commands our warmest admiration. ' • Electric Headllghtd. Once more electricity has taken the place of other llluminants.; The Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy Railroad has just commenced to equip locomotives with electric headlights. The famous Fast Mall of the Denver Limited travel at such a high rate of speed that a stronger light than the old style has been found necessary to safety. Attend to your own business and let your neighbor do likewise. Thanksgiving comcth and the turkey is writing his will. For Every ITonaoholtl. The sewing machine bargain advertised by the John M. Smyth Co. in another part of this paper should Interest every housekeeper. The firm is thoroughly reliable, having been established in Chicago over 30 years and anyone dealing with them may be assured of square treatment. Get their mammoth catalogue of everything to eat, wear or use. More than 12,000,000 acres of the Sahara have been converted into fertile soil with the aid of artesian wells. • [tittfe* *6 &*«. rtftfcfiAU *tO. "l)RA»Ml^.ftrStKHA4i-t Ihtafc It IK lay duty to Write to yen* efcpresstog my filncere gratitude for the wofldet- ful relief t have experienced by thetiSe of tydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Cbta* pouhcl. 1 tried different doctors, also different kinds of medicine. 1 would feel frette* at times* theii Would b« Us bad as ever. " For eight years i was> great fetlf j ferer. 1 had falling of the womb and tvas in such misery at tay monthly periods I could not work but a little before I would h ave to lie down. Yotitf medicine has made a new woman of me. I can now work all day and not get tired. I thank you for what you have done for me. I shall always pfaifift your medicine to all suffering- wonJett." —MRS. E. E. Kuim, QEKMAITO, OHIO. $ " I have taken eight bottles of Lydia E. 1'lnkham's Vegetable Compound end used two packages of your Sanative Wash, also some of the Liver Pills, and I can say that your remedies Will do all that you claim for them. Before taking your remedies I was very'bad with womb trouble, was nervous, had no ambition, could not sloop, and my food seemed to do mo no good. Now I am well, and your medicine has. cured me. I will gladly recommend your med* Icino to every one wherever I go."— MBS. M. L. SHEAHS. GUN MAESH, MICH. 1'it Wnnlilngloii.n.O. .Ait. iituMllty Irrc. NnuHorney't •'« nllnwt'd. Cln-ulnr freo. Tt i tntiiTtnn an.^^.™!^ H A IH N IS vl ™»" l "i"»«'i''i> 1 U. 1 illll 1 U ft* until pstraii In i W. N. U., Des Molnes, No. 47.—1899 A DOLLAR STRETCHER Qnclady -writes that the greatest "Dollar Stretcher" she has ever found is the new and original method by which J.C. Hubinger is introducing his latest invention, "Ked Cross" and " Hubinger's Best" starch. Site says: With your Endless Chain Starch Book, I received from my grocer one large package of "Red Cross" starch, one large package of "Hubinger's Best" starch, and two beautiful Shakespeare panels, all for Sc. How far my dollar will go, I am unable to figure out. Ask your grocer for this starch and obtain the beautiful Christmas presents free. i VVVVWVWWWVftA*^^ MAMMOTH MAILORDER HOUSE: CM, 25 The Best Oi*ri£.u -_ Machine on Earth At the Price. $14.25 (or Our , "MELBA" Sowing Machine. A high-arm, high-grade machine equal to what others arc asking $25.00 to $35.00 for, Ouaranteed by us for ao years from date of purchase, against any imperfection m material or workmanship. The stand la made o? the best Iron and la nicely proportioned. The cabinet work is perfect and la furnished in your clioico of antique,oak or walnut. ID bus seven drawers all handsomely carved and with nickel-plated rim; nulls. The mechanical construction is equal to that of any machine regardless of price. All working parts uro of tho best oil-tempered tool stool, every bearing perfectly jltlcd and adjusted so us to make the running qualities the llghteit, mtutper- ,,_..„,,,,,, feet and nearest noiseless of any muchme raatl °; ASS !&Ya5S. Mno! } In ?,J M . ls n'ltl'o latest improvements. It mokes a perfect and uniform LOCK bTITCH, and will do tho best work ou either thu lightest musllna or heaviest cloths, sowing over Houms and rough places without skipping stitches. A full set of beat steel attachments, nicoly niokot.plittocl and enclosed in a handsome plush-lined RnDNt&VnnroiiD* 1 'm (i c ? m P'*f e . assortment of accessories and book of Instruction FURNISHED FREE witli each machine, fifl DAYS TRIAI WoslilpthlBmnehinoC.O.D.subjocttoapproval.onreceiptof two ««« «™ ,,' doHnw. If. on examination you are convinced that we are Buvimr you$25 or$30on agent's price, pay tho balance and freight char«os then try jh i m the machine. If iiotsatlsliedat uny tlmo xvltliiuUDiliiytimmd tho machine SI I /B. xmsuand we wlUrofuiul the full purchnsu price (jl I •ffi fn which is listed at lowest wholesale .prices! averythinis to eat wear and use.isfurnisl* Af\ *>•* MA* AIM* A* AM It • lf\ f* A • • _ _ _hll _ ( iuiu iiiuuiliUU* ±1 IlUbtmiilHllliU II back to UB ut our expense and < I £|»-»w !*•«»" v»w *v> « .«, «>»^r*vw^B -w»» !•*« , purchase amounting to »I99 or above. _ m OUR MONTHtY 6ROCER.V P^IOE llsf7HET|(y SPimnmnnnninffmi^^ Lazy Liver You know very well how you feel when your liver don't act. Bile collects in the blood, bowels become constipated and your whole system is poisoned. A lazy liver Is an invitation for a thousand pains and aches to come and dwell with you. Your life becomes one long measure of irritability and despondency and bad feeling CASCARETS act directly, and in a peculiarly happy manner on-the liver and bowels, cleansing, purifying, revitalizing every portion of the liver, driving all the bile from the blood, as is soon shown by increased appetite for food, power to digest it, and strength to throw off the waste. Oe\A/eire= of Imitations I BK Jet swimnun'."— "I have been troubled a great decl with n. torpid liver, which produces constipation. I fouud C'ASOABETS to bo all you claim for them, and scoured such relief tho Brst trial that I purchased another sunply and was completely cured, i ahull only be too glad to recommand Casearets whenever the opportunity is presented." J. A. SMITH. B920Susq,uelianna Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. at i rnuix Tim* i rmsjs O'C'C "He did it nuickly mid systematically i THETABMT fo& [ 25c, SOc, I DRUGGISTS I -__ , ,., .... * WrelJ T«g«t*Wecpnupound. Wo wrwjrjsl 9r other mineral piU-poiaon lo Cawwets. Pascfrots yrompttr, ettecyvely a«d ,,„„».»,«„,, ^3 i gj ^» evepr «f 9t«er ot tfte §tPW*cJ>, I-jver an4 Intestines. They^ot wly c«W constipation, bt»t correct any »o4 every fc>rw of irregularity ot the bovtf*', iwlu4iine fliiuihseaana dy«e»tery. S =2 Pleasant, palfttabje, potent. Taste eoo4, do good. Mever sicken, weakei) or gripe, B» sure you get; tbe genutae I Bewar? P| taijtaWon^ «na substitutes'i 8wyAbi>;$otOASC'~ ana if not pleased in every respect, get your money back I Write us for booklet an* free sample I Agrees STERIIWG REIJBPY CQMP4.1^7, pgiCAGO or {jgw YQiK. MiUUiUiUKMl^^^

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