The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1899
Page 5
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#*• - '- ' THE tJPPEM DES MO1NB8S- ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, KOTEMBEB 22, 1890, jj^ Baai igi li j tMaMIB ^ (aM ^ aaMl j aai<aiiaiJiaa<lilMaMiaa ^ al ^ aM ^ l , Bll ^^ Bi ^^ ..^ ^, _ ~ Chfischilles & Herbst. jiilii»«Biiliaia«MMiBaa^^^^^^^aaiMa«iMiij«aBja*iM^attigaa^^ ^.. _,^ >,. J .^. J Better Values Than Ever, A second purchase of DRY GOODS Fine Dress Goods, Silks, Satins, Trimmings. We are after the Dry Goods business of the tovfrn, and we should have it. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? BECAUSE we can buy goods on better terms than other dealers. BECAUSE selling more than others we can 'afford to do business on smaller margins. BECAUSE we have the most complete and finest stock in the city. WE MAKE OUR BUSINESS pay us by making it pay you. Chrischilles & Herbst. It is Our Christian Duty To inform our customers how much cheaper it is to buy good goods. We have cheap stoves, for instance, but a little more money put into a Garland, Radiant Home, or Round Oak is the best investment you ever made. We are not ashamed to look a man in the face every winter for years after we have sold him one of these. Call and let us explain their advantages. Algona. Sexton. J. W. ROBINSON. Attend the Grand Now going on in Algona at the STAR CLOTHING AND SHOE CO.'S On State St., building formerly occupied by Vincent's Racket Store. Come and get our prices and see Jiow well you can do for your money. Warm Up. Our Hot Soda Apparatus is now in j operation and we are serving: , Hot Chocolate with cream; Hot< Bovax with snow flake wafers; Hotj Liquid Beef with snow flake wa-j fers; Clam Toddy; Coffee with< cream, Gingerade, Egg Phosphate j etc., etc. Best line of cigars in the city. Elilers & Adams, Leadipg Druggists, Algona. To Be Huppy buy a Parker fountain pen. Solid gold, J4 k, Pen diamond point, and positive- I ly guaranteed not to leak, DINGLEY & PUGH. WE are showing the largest line of bilk for waists that was ever shown in toe pity. G. L. House and Lots for Sale. I will sell my house and eleven acres of ground in the south part of town, and all my personal property. Call at Dingley & Cook's office. 31 E. R. COOK. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments, H. HOXIE. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. My farm is for sale, S. S. RlST. WALL ' paper at greatly reduced prices. Can save you -money on this line. R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. _ BEAUTIFUL women everywhere owe their matchless loveliness to the use of Rooky Mountain- Tea, Plain women made attractive. R. H. Miller. FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & CO. THE LOCAL FIELD. The second club dance*was given las evening. The opera house company wilt put In new carpets. D. T. Smith has put a sizeable addi tlon on his bouse. Hoy t's " Bunch of Keys" was a pretty lively combination. A fine concert is on at the Methodis church Friday evening. The calendar carnival opens at the armory tomorrow evening. W, D. Nugent rejoioesover his fourth son. He says he likes boys. Haggard & Peek got a good farm in Lotts Creek last week at a bargain. There is no truth In the report thai J. A. Hamilton has failed tn business. The Iowa Central will accommodate local trade by changing Its trains Sun day. Wm. Owens and his company is expected at the opera house again about Dec. 28. Alex. White is talking some of going to Washington to go into the lumber business. A year ago Monday we had the big storm. Snow was six inches deep a year ago. Grandma Wallace at the Chubb home Is very sick. She is nearly 90 years old. E. P. McElroy preached for Rev. Suckow Sunday and gave two excellent discourses. The opera house company is negotiating with Walker Whiteside for a night soon. Mrs. Mat, Freilinger died at Seneca Sunday morning. She was Barnet Devine's oldest daughter. The stone is on the ground for the foundation of O. W. MoMurray's new house on east State street. F. F. Avery will keep his hotel open until May next. Now storm windows will be put on the house fitted for winter. The Titonka Topic says Will and Mrs. Salisbury did not like the climate at San Francisco and are now at Los Angeles. The Algona boys expect to play Eagle Grove or Clear Lake foot ball on Thanksgiving. The game will not be at Algona. The glass has come for the new hotel front and the building was inclosed yesterday. The inside work will now go on rapidly. L. J. Tokheim quit the Plum Creek creamery Monday, and Mr. Evans, a brother-in-law of A. W. Sterxbach, succeeds him us butter maker. The new hotel is to have a full electric alarm bell system, The board is here. Each bed room will have a call bell and a return to the office. Thanksgiving services will be held [n the Presbyterian church Thursday, Nov. 30, 10:30 a. m. Rev. R. T. Chip- |)erfield will preach the sermon. Program next week. The Northwestern is down 700 feet 'or a well at Burt. It is rumored that Lho coal sheds at Algona will be moved to Burt as soon as° H permanent water supply is secured. J. A. Brownell look a slock of boots ;ind shoes to Fenton yesterday and opens his new store this week. Lee Hunt, who has been in the store here, will have charge of it. A party is going from Algona to °eoria tomorrow over the Iowa Central to look at the new line and its outlet, ihe biggest stock feeding and corn Buying center in the west. The new switch board is here for the telephone exchange and the offices will soon be moved to the Boston block. A >rivate booth is in for long distance use, which will be appreciated. The Sioux City Journal gives a full •eport of Rev. Suckow's sermon Sunday. It says the meetings are being argely attended and that Rev. Suckow vill preach each evening this week. Mr. Peterson, a new comer who lought largely at the Call estate sale, ms rented the Wheelock house for the winter. He is p. .welcome addition to Algona. He Intends to build in the pring. Will Starks will move lo the G. A. D aul farm, east of town, next month. Mr. Paul will go to Tennessee to locate, as he wants a warmer climate. The county regrets to lose so good citizens as Mr. Paul. The meeting Friday evening for the organization of a Christian citizenship eague was not largely attended. Horice Mann explained to those present what he expected to do, and will go on with the organization. Col. Cooke gave a very interesting mper on architecture in dwellings at he Friday meeting of the ladies' read- ng club. He said that Theo. Chris- jhilles'. cottage is architecturally as perfect as anything in Algona. Regular worship at the Baptist hurch next Sunday 11 a. m, Sunday ohool at 10, Junior at 3, B. Y. P. U. at :30. In the evening the congregation will join in the union meeting in the Methodist church to hear Dr. Taylor. T. D. McLaughlin of Columbus, Ohio, was in town Monday talking to he horsemen. He is out with the fine tallioii bought by Whitteinore parties, lenry Wadsworth and C, C. Samson vent over with him to see the new horse. J. W. Wadsworth has bought the veil known quarter of land in Cresco vest of R. A. Palmer's farm. It is one if the finest pieces of land in Iowa and' las long been looked at by would-be Buyers. .Col. Spencer got it for him at (27 an acre. Marriage licenses have been issued a Ulysses S. Grant and Anna E. Brpwn, Aug. Lurok and Amelia Calies, Frank Vaske and Katie Funke, lenry Blocker and Elizabeth Hellman, °.. H- Blpor and Sadie Murray, Otto imanuel and Mary Komark, All who remember prof. Shoup, who ias conducted several institutes in Al- "•qna, will be interested ip knowing .hat his son was killed at foot ball in Sioux City. He was H years old. His nee was sprained, inflammation set in, ' death, resulted tvam nervous A Peg MplBfe hoy ^B at Iowa City Saturday. He was in the senior class, and had his skull crushed. He died in 20 minutes. The annual festival of the W. C. T. U. will occur this week Thursday and Friday In the armory. Doors open Thursday evening and Friday afternoon and evening. Admission 10 cents. All come. Those who have promised donations will please have them ready by Thursday morning. The Clare Vaughan Wales company will be at the Methodist church Friday evening, seats 35 add 26 cents, on sale at Gilmore's store. The company includes an exceptionally fine violinist, soprano singer, and pianist. They all come with the highest recommendations from the press, and having been drawing full houses in tbe cities. It is practically certain that L. C. Smith will make a contest against J. H. Ward's election as treasurer. There has been some doubt, but J. W. Sullivan is drawing up the-papers and It Is as good as settled that a new count will be asked. Mr, Smith has two weeks yet in which to file notice. Then John G. Smith as chairman of the board will fix a date for hearing, to be within 20 days of the filing of the contest notice. The Hampton boys boat the Algona boys at the foot ball game by having tbe last half played in tbe dark, the Algona boys getting the kick off. During tbe first half ourboys outplayed the visitors and were within two feet of a touch down when time was called. The other boys got the bull in the last half nnd no one could see who had it. The Hampton boys are a big, husky set and if a return game Is arranged there will be a good one if it is by daylight. D. A. Haggard was at Brltt Saturday to sell 160 heiid of stock and while there had a call to act as auctioneer at some of the now town site sales over east. He is planning now on attending i national meeting of auctioneers to be held at Hutchison, Kansas. He had a big sale at Brltt and got good prices. D. A.'e fame as a salesman is spreading ind although he has weathered many hardships as a pioneer, he is still a's hale and hearty and vigorous as he ever was and can still put as much vim into an auction. He has all tho business he can do, and at times has more calls than he can fill. The turkey shoot at the armory Thanksgiving is being arranged so that all sorts and kinds of shots will have a chance. There will be four targets and all who make a score of bettor than 20 will have to compete at No. 1, all b'etween 15 and 20 at No. 2, all between 10 and 15 at No. 3, while all below 10 will ahoot at No. 4. There are five shots at a target and five bull's eyes means a score of '25. As soon as iinyone wins n. turkey at any target lie has to compote in the noxt higher class. Anyone can use his own riflu, but he must lake the cartridges furnished at the armory. The following books have boon added io the free public library since Nov. 1: Muloch, Adventures of a Brownie, Plantation Jim, Soldier Boy; Phelps, Loveliness; Page, Simla Glaus'Partner; Ollivanli, Bob, Son of Batlle; Hillegas, Oom Paul's People; Munroo, Midshipman Stuart; I-IuUon, A Boy I Knew ind Four Dogs; Otin, Capl. Tom; Barr, Was It Right to Forgive? Taylor, House of the Wizard; Dunn, Gen.'Nelson's Scout, On Gen. Thomas' Stuff; Vlajor, When Knighthood Was in ?lower; DeFoe, Robinson Crusoe; Andersen, Fairy Talcs; Aesop's Fables; 3oys' and Girls' Own Budget. OHKISOHILLES & HERBST, A Second Trip to Mni-kot. We have replenished our stock by a second purchase of seasonable merchan- lise, giving us a larger and betler assortment than we had at the opening of tho season. This second purchase includes many ate novelties in ladies' jackets, dress foods and trimmings. It includes a irie assortment of 80 and 5o outing lannels and the bcsl standard prints at 5c. If you are looking 1 for an up-to-date ackot, the latest thing in dress goods n- new trimmings for an old dress you mve decided to "make over," we can how it to you out of our new stock, CHIUSCHILLES & HERBST. the DR. TAYLOR, the soientlfito temper- ince lecturer, is called east by death in iis family. The lecture is postponed o the 25th, 20th and 27th. BUY your fall outfit of clothing and hoes at the Star Clothing and Shoe ompany. Vincent's old stand. REMEMIIER we make your watch keep ime. R. H, Miller, druggist and jew- sler. Puerto Rico. Three tours of the beautiful island of ^uerto Rico are scheduled toleayeChi- ago Jan, 11, Feb. 12 and March 8. Spe- ial Pullman sleeping and dining cars will convey the parly to New York, hence on board the splendid new steam- hips Ponce and San Juan, through and iround the island by rail, automobile, arriage and boat. Tickets include all expenses everywhere. These select limited parties will be under the special escort of Mr. Walter 3oyd Townsend under the management f the American Tourist association, ileau Campbell general manager, 1423 Marquette building, Chicago. Itineraries, maps and tickets can be iad on application to the agenls of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail- vav—3614 RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST, I.OOAL TRAINS WEST. •Jo. 1 departs at 0 :OB a m o. 3 departs at 3 :B8 p m Freights that carry passengers— lo. 03 departs at '...10:46 pin *Jo. 71 departs at. 3:20 pm STo. 66 departs at 8:30 p m TBAISS BAST. •Jo. 2 departs at,.... 10:45 a in tfo.4 departs at...,. e:28pjn Freights that carry passengers— * Ho. 78 departs»t...... 10:10 . 04 depavts at , 3: B, F, HWflOft, A_, I wish to say that all persons desiring to buy goods in my line in small quantities will find my prices as low as the lowest. And to any desiring to buy Five, Ten or Twenty Dollar orders I will give Wholesale Prices or meet all competition, Do not forget that I am headquarters for apples, Respectfully, -James Patterson. Cowles 1 Block, Algona. Thanksgiving Thoughts, Material thoughts about those few little things you need to make the preparation of your dinner less irksome and your dinner table complete. The Brownie Roaster. Large enough for a good-sized turkey. It is self-basting and allows the bird to be delivered, on the platter full of juice and flavor—the largest we have ever I™.." 1 ."..".™??. 1 50 cents Tea Spoons Solid nickel silver—no plating to wear oil'. A substitute for solid silver—guaranteed to wonr as well as silver, at a much less /C(\ „-._!_ price. Per set of 6.... OU CClUS White metal spoons, plated on solid white metal, only 26 cents per doz. Carving Sets Made from the best English steel—material guaranteed of first quality. Made up in various styles of stag handles at prices *| r/\ 1-. ranging from *pl.«3l/ IO If you wish something .cheaper we have nicely-finished Butcher Knives- good enough to put on your dining table—for 60 cents. Cheaper ones for 25 cents—all fullv warranted. A Food Chopper would be one of the most convenient things you could use in preparing your Thanksgiving dinner — chopping apples, meat, raisins, and spices for your mince pies, nuts for your wike, and afterwards the remains of .the turkey for dinners to coino. Prices have advanced, hot our price remains the same; while present stock lasts , uu(t i;ui $1.50 C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. ARCTICS German Socks, Overs for German Socks, Felt Boots, Overs for Felt Boots, Warm Overshoes and Warm Footwear of Every Description for Men, Women and Children. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Fine repairing anil custom work. Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Also at Fenton, Iowa, after Nov. 20. LOOK m Q" ALITY - Cheap goods are dear at any price. We keep the best and are here to stay. A complete stock of Felt Shoes and Slippers, Overshoes, and Fel't Boots. OALL, AT- The Other Shoe Store. O. O. Repairing and custom work. The New Lumber Yard. We have a large dry shed and keep our lumber dry and in the best possible condition, When in need of any kind of building material, ce^Mja^fiteiSiigJjsrd or soft coal, call

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