The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1899
Page 4
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mm vvrnn &m MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA. til f£ wTH TBAR. mem AM * Term* to . tar Sent to anj address at abort ratee. tooatfca oat Se OfeiEiit Irt* ofafty nidiey 01 iSei f J^M^ *4 j ji> >Ttfh Bates of »drettt*lng seat on appUcatfcn. Keep History Straight. Walter Well roan, in complimenting Iowa for tbe magnificent majority this year, take* pain* to rehearse a favorite dander on the Iowa delegation at tbe St. Loots convention In 1896. He says: "Threeyears ago at the St. Lonia national republican convention, it was the state of Iowa Which gave more trouble than aajr other delegation from a northern state when the gold question was raised. The Iowa republican leaden shied at that word. They were as afraid of it aa if it carried contagion. They predicted that their state would go over to the enemy if it were forced upon them. This was before they had thought modi of it. Bat when the necessity arose not only the leaders but the masses of the party in the state began to stody tbe question of tbe gold standard." This is sheer poppycock, but it is, nevertheless, popular with a lot of Iowa papers, which singularly enongh have never paid the Iowa delegation at St. Louie tbe honor that it earned and fully deserved. Kobisaat of Chicago came to tbe St. Louis convention with a resolution in favor of gold and ignoring tbe standing pledge of tbe republican party to use its best efforts to restore bimetallism. It was due to tbe Iowa delegation that this resolution was amended, that tbe lime-honored republican position was reaffirmed, and that tbe bottom was knocked out of tbe free silver campaign. The pledge tbe Iowa delegation secured, President Me* Kinley faithfully fulfilled, and every real bimetallist in tbe United States remains a republican. No one today can tell wbat would have happened in 1896 if the Iowa delegation bad weakly joined in the craze at St. Louis in favor of abruptly changing front on tbe silver question. It is hardly worth while to notice tbe suggestion that after a while the Iowa republicans "began to study the gold standard." Some of the Iowa republicans Mr. Wellman refers to helped to establish the gold standard about tbe time he was born Thanks'largely to Senator Allison, Mr. Wellman bas grown up under tbe gold standard, and if be first discovered that fact in 1896 there is no especial reason why be should advertise bis previous ignorance by claiming that everybody else found it out at tbe same time. Mr. Wellman and his Iowa endorsers should remember that there bas not a bit of money legislation been pat on tbe statute books since 1896, and that our monetary laws are exactly as they have been for the last quarter of a. century, and that the same gold basis we are nowon we have been on eince the republican party was born. HEWS AHD OQMMEHT. Vice-President Hobart died yesterday. The Cedar Rapids Republican cites tbe incomes of neighboring state univer cities as follows: University of Minnesota, 1351,740; University of Wisconsin, £400,000; University of Illinois, 1354,982; University of Missouri, 1183,000; University of Nebraska, $2*7,000: University of Michigan, f&il,572; University of Iowa, f!50,036. It comments on these figures: " It takes money to make a school. If Iowa is not willing to spend as much money as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and Michigan, it stands to reason that her university can not compete with tbe universities of these more liberal states." It seems to be conceded that Bernard Murphy of the Vinton Eagle will be chosen state printer if the office is not abolished by tbe legislature. He is one of tbe most deserving republicans in Iowa, and if he can afford to pull up stakes and go to Des Moines be oagbt to win. And now the people who gave Dewey a house are mad because he bas deeded it to bis millionaire ' wife. Somehow even Dewey is not an ideal hero. Col. Henderson has chosen Julien Richards of Waterloo as his private secretary at Washington. Mr. Richards is one of tbe best known newspaper correspondents in tbe west, has had lots of training for bis new work, and will be popular with everybody. Mahlon Head of Jefferson and P. J. Blake of Fort Dodge are both candidates for speaker of the coming house at Des Moines. The Tenth district will be on band, Chas, W. Sarchett of Algona has writ.ten a book on Imperialism. ' It is well written and presents tbe fears and buga boes of tbe aijtis in -a forcible manner. The author, we fear, takes too gloomy a view of tbe situation in God's universe. We have confidence that tbe future is several shades brighter than be predicts, and we hope that be will be spared to see that the new generation is equal to the job it has on band. It is a curious coincidence tbat tbe book is issued just as tHe American people by* decisive majorities have decided to take the course he oondemug. >. The 4*PUC> JS*w £»»*•«. W$ of railway hi*8 been oottfied tbaf tbe Jfonhweeterp «»a,a hft«^ supply pHiOW* new freight tjar^ ^i$|i wbipb it* J0 e*- ^?tiptlly rejteve tfee <sar »• frag 'been JR 'exbiepqe tbe past three months. Tbe commissioners are receiving fewer complaint* of tbe famine and say that all tbe main roads have so materially Increased theff car service as to do away with tbe famine almost entirely. 0 THIS mQHBORHOOD. D. C. Chase of Webster City is opening a branch taw office In Des Moines. CbL Smart is going to bare a big stock sale at bis Homboldt farm lo- tnorrow. Tbe Spirit Lake Beacon promises a new hotel on tb« old Hotel Orleans site next spring. Tbe Kraft clothing store at Estherville bas moved into a handsome new brick block. Fort Dodge is to have a $100,000 court bouse. It will be built where tbe old one stands. Dr. Bacbman received tbe largest majority ever given to any candidate For office in Palo Alto county. Mrs. J. P. Grose at Emmetsbug was very sick last week, threatened with pneumonia. Tbe Reporter savs she is better. Tbe Emroetsburg Democrat says that of tbe county officers elected in tbe past 14 years in Palo Alto, twenty-five have been republicans and twenty-three democrats. Livermore Gazette: Glen Bronson was in town tbis week. He is traveling for SL cigar firm. If tbe firm would place Glen's picture on the box tbere would be no other brand of cigars sold here. Armstrong Journal: An Algona man, to get even, bas taken to selling bis wife's old clothes. He says every time he puts off a summer suit to put on a winter suit his wife sells his clothes to a second-band dealer, and be proposes to sell his wife's party dresses to gel even. Armstrong Journal: Resting both elbows upon* tbe pie counter Pete Cbristensen flicks the crumbs from his mustache with the placid satisfaction of one who bas dined well. He was reelected sheriff of Kossutb county by nearly 200 majority. Pete is an automobile and a horse can't keep in sight ofbim. West Bend Advance: Our old friend Henry Allen w*as over from his farm near Algona Wednesday, and paid this office an appreciative call. Mr. Aller bas cropped 1.200 acres of land anc after all running expanses are paid wiK have a nice little sum to meet obliga tions incurred when luck seemec against him. West Bend Journal: The democratic incumbent of tbe treasurer's office in Kossuth will contest the election o his opponent, John Ward of Wesley Ward bas 17 majority. That democrat should read a lesson Irom Palo Alto county, where the democratic incum bent, elected by but eight votes, is not contested by bis republican opponent That fellow" is somewhat of wbat tbej they spell b-o-g. Eagle Grove Times-Gazette: The Algona UPPER DES MOINES contain? tbe information that H. G. Tremain o Spencer is to be the landlord of the fine new hotel just completed at Algona a a cost of about $20,000. Harry was in tbe Occidental for some months here and made a splendid hotel man. Tha be will do well at Aigona is a foregone conclusion, and that the people of tha thriving city will find him and his es timable wife" mo»t excellent citizen and companions is a prediction we make without reservation. MORE TIME FOR DR. LACt. Bis Cfcaes All Coathreed Until Sett TVna of Coart, Another Femtw* of tbe Land C**e* Cone* to Msbt-Otber Matte** ia Dtrtrlct Onurt. The Dr. Lacy esses are all continued until tbe December term mf court, F. il. Miles appeared for him before Judge Quar- tern and rare various reasons for the continuance., among others that bis other attorneys are busy, that bis* health \» poor, etc. There are three cases, an Indictment rand* by the grand jury charging assault with intent to commit murder, a suit 'or divorce, a prosecution for selling liqnor. 3e is also bound to keep tbe peace. Another I,and Ca»«. Another new feature of tbe Land cases bas come np. Govern is one of the men •bo bought some of tbe Ross land and paid ind for it- He. unlike some of the rest, got a bogus contract from Lnnd as well as a bogus deed, and consequently bad no claim whatever to the land. When be lost lis land be began suit for the value of tbe approvements be had put on it Ross settled with others who were situated as be was and offered him $300, bat he refused. 3e was represented in this case by F. M. •Cnrtiss, Welt Miller of Wbittemore, and a lawyer from Cedar Rapids, Clarke & Cobe- nnr for RUM. Tbe only matter in controversy was the value of the improvements to RUM and the value of the rent to Govern. Tbe jury gave Govern $1,375. Tbe Rights of a Tenant. A case was on. but was con tinned after tbe jury was impaneled, involving a curious question. A renter bad gone and left a farm north of Wesley with tome corn unbusked. Tbe next man ploughed it under. Tbe renter claims that he bad tbe right to the corn. Tbe owner claims that when March 1 came the renter bad noclaim to anything. Corliss and Fellows are on tbe renter's side, Sullivan & McMahon on the other. Simmons Exceeded His Authority. Judge Quartern took the case of Aultman, Miller Co. against^I. P. Harrison from the jury and decided in favor of the company. He held that the agent, Simmons, had clearly exceeded his authority in selling tbe machine to Harrison. BUTTERMAKEB8 AT MASON CITY. Spurbeck <fc Lambert Make a Fine Exhibit—Large Attendance From Konsutb. The Iowa buttermakers had a ven large state meeting at Mason City las week. Spurbeck & Lambert made a fine exhibit of their dairy supplies, on of the best that was made. Among those who were over from Kossuth were Walter Spurbeck and J. A. Cron holm from Algona; D. L. Driver from Burt: P. A. Bacon from Sexton; T. J Tokheira, R. M. Gardner and C. W Hopkins from Plum Creek; A. Gilmou and" Aug. Nurell from Hobart. Everybody reports a most enthusi astic gathering. Addresses were de livered by the leading dairymen of th west. The next meeting will be heh at Storm Lake. Algona should try anc secure the association one of thes days. TWO WOMEN FIGHT. The Wife of the Aluoiia Iowa tral Conductor Enga^ea in Com bat. A week ago as the Iowa Centra pulled into Hampton from Algona Mrs Roe, wife of the conductor, met a woman, Julia Rierson, who she alleges has been*tampering with her domestic happiness. The'two women fell to with their fists. Conductor Roe quick ly separated them. Geo. F. Hollo-way Starta at Ouce. Bancroft Register: G. P. Holloway received a cable from his partner, Capt Boynton, Monday, announcing the clos ing of a long contract for the whit wonders in Berlin. He has also abou dated the high divers for exhibition in London and other European cities up to the opening of the Paris exposition when they will go to tbe French capi tal. George expects to leave in a ver short time for New York to accompan the horses across the Atlantic. Beef Will Itemaiu High, Joe Trlgg: The calf crop of thi country at large is 20 per cent, shor this year, and this fact effectually die pose's of the supposition that cattle are being produced in sufficient numbers to bring tbe prices of meat down to their former level- Beef has gone up to stay Bate*. On account ol Thanksgivings day Nov. ?0, J899, the Iowa Central Weefcern, railway wilj sell rpund tickets to points within 160 miles at a rate of one fare and one ifolrtl for the round trip, Nov. ?9 and 30, 1899, Limil return, peg. i, 1899. have what you, want ip. the line tone wjrjtej' supplies. A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely. Miller's Hair Tonic is prepared espe"- cially for this purpose. It keeps tbe hair'in a smooth, glossy, healthy condition, stimulate* thr n»o«.«. prevents dandruff and itching, and hoids sis bay as well as cures dandruff. PRICE, 50c. R, H, MILLER, Tbe Druggist. Scott Pleadt* Guilty. Scott, who stabbed Peterson at Swea City, while drunk, pleaded guilty yesterday. He will be sentenced later. F. M. Curtiss was appointed by the court to defend him. t * Court Notes. Monday a suit between A.. J. Dunlap and Farrell of Ledyard was on. Dunlap sued on a ^60 note and Farrell set up a counter claim which was in effect for usury. A. J. Dunlap was up for contemptof court at this term. He was charged with taking some grain from a farm after it bad been judicially awarded to somebody else. The Bobn fence case is continued until next term. J. \V. Sullivan goes out into South Dakota as witness in suit over the title to a piece of land. Frank Nicoulin is bringing tbe suit. HE DELIVEEED THE KISSES. Joe DeGraw IsKqual to the Occasion at the WlilttemorePoHtofflce—Paid More TIian Waa Called For. The Whittemore Champion tells a story on Postmaster DeGraw. A blushing maiden called with a monej' order for $5. After she got the money Joe asked her if she had noticed tbe entry on the margin. She had not and it read " I send you $5 and a dozen kisses." Joe said' "you have the money and I suppose you want the kisses." She said she wanted all he had sent her. When the girl got home she told her mother that the postoffice system is getting to be a great thing. "Jimmy sent me a dozen kisses along with a money order and Joe gave me twenty. It beats the special delivery system all hollow." Going to Roast Him on Thanksgiving day? We refer to the great American turkey. Don't let the dinner be a failure through the fault of the coal. Send us an order for a ton of Hocking coal. It will take'a very small portion of it to cook a dozen dinners and each will be done to a turn. This kind of coal is only about ten per cent, higher than last year. Other kinds have gone up about 50 per cent. Therefore burn HOCKING. * Holiday Goods. OTTO NEUMAN Is putting in a Hue pf Holiday Goods. If£ is located in the pld Grange Store stand* south of the sourt hoyse. If a man s in love that"* bis business!!; if u girl is in love that's hur business; i but if thev are engaged to be mar-! ried it's OUR BUSINESS to sell, > the engagement ring and make the 1 ''bride a present. Dingley & Pugh, Sign of the Big Watch, iT/-r>vi ALGONA. OGOGOOCOCCGexaOGOOCGOCOOOOC Another Grand Opportunity To secure the services of ilie celebrat ed Des Moines specialist. His phenomenal method of extract ing teeth without pain is known t thousands of Iowa people, many of you own town. It contains none of th rnuny poisons generally used by othe dentists. Fear of Humbug kept many of you from trying it on ou last visit, and will this time and mayb next time, and HS long as you do no believe it thai lony must you suffei Our method is painless to the patien and is a. protection against cold and th old-time terrible after effects. Neve mind what kind of weather—there i no danger. SPECIAL—Our prices this visit wil he 50c each and deducted on plale 01 derm. Future prices will be $1.00eacl tooth or root, except on plate orders. Thorington Hotel, Monday, Nov. -27 Emmetsburg Nov. 28. Des Moines office, 610 Walnut St. CASH FOR OLD IRON, rubbers, copper, brass, zinc, lead, tea mes, and bottles. Sar? them up. Pa e Highest Market Price, Brjng them to us at Algona, Iowa, and ge ca,sb tor them. Opp. Brown's livery barn. Langdon & Hudson want ycra to try their line of Teas and Coffees, [n Uncolored Japan Tea: Camelia, May Bud, and Rose Bud. [n Ceylon: Naban and Monsoon. In Coffees: Diamond Mocha and Java, Flint Mocha and Java, Challenge Brand, Capital Brand, Victor Mb cans, High Life 1-lb cans. MONDAY, IOT. 27, an exceptional .exhibit of fine Frock Trimmings. Mrs. Galbraitb has just returned from a two months' Chicago trip, where she has devoted most of her time studying the marvellous combinations of the London and Paris Frock creations. The Correct Dressers will find it to their advantage to call and look over the novelties worn by the ultra'fashionable folk of Europe and America. Mrs. G. will be in the store for a short time, and will be at liberty to give the ladies of Algona and vicinity the benefit of her experience in combining materials and colors. Geo. L. Galbraith. 1 J. T. Chrischilles, &. C. Hudson, T. H. Lantry, James Patterson, President. Vice President. Treasurer. Secretary. THE ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. [INCORPORATED. ] HIGHEST PRICES PAID for all kinds of Grain and Seeds. sDealers in Hard and Soft Coal. Manufacturers of Strictly High-gi ade Flour. Special attention paid to the Owing to the large and constantly increasing demand for our superior grade of flour we are enabled to offer from 5 to 10 cents per bushel above the market price for good wheat. F. 17. DINQLEY, Manager. Governor Shaw Went to San Francisco V to meet the 5ist Iowa from Manila—but if you wish to see something fine in the line of Furniture go to J. R. LAIRD'S. He has just received about two cars of fine Rockers, Chairs, Sideboards, Bed Room Suits, Book Cases, etc., the finest ever seen in Algona or big Kossuth. Call and see for yourself, d. R. Lf\IRD. B. J. QILUOUK. President, O. V. HUTGHIKS, Vice President, M. HEKOK, Secretary, J. IF. WADSWORTH, Treasurer. DIRECTORS: JAS. NOLAN, H. W. DRE1"£K, CHAS. WOOSTER, S. STEVSSY, J. 0. KAIN, J. E. STACY. The Farmers' Milling Go, (INCORPORATED.! ^^ - ' OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. Can furnish the trade with choice flour from selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground reed in lots to suit purchasers. This is a farmers' company and solicits the farmers' business. Highest cash price paid for good wheat. We can and will do as well by you as any mill in awa, Give the new company a trial. J. S. ffOFIUS, General Manager. NSURANCE. Also Land, Loan and Collection jBusine«s.- Offloe ove? 4igona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of RocUford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Mfe of New York. ,GEO,'-M. BAIUY.

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