The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1899
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1899, VOL. THE NOVEMBER MEETING, The Supervisors Count the Votes of the Recent Election. Also Secure a Reduced Hate for insurance for the County—The of Bills Allowed. List The county board went into the insurance business pretty thoroughly at this session. The court house Insurance is about to expire and the agents were notified to make offers for new insurance. S. X. Way came in from Wesley with a big cut in the regular rates and that led to a general cut. The , rate in Algona is $1.80 on the thousand. Offers were made as low as $1.20, and the board finally fixed on $1.45 as the rate it would pay and divided the insurance up. During the discussion it developed that in some towns in Kossuth no insurance is placed at what are called the board rates, and that while the insurance companies pretend to maintain rates they will do business at less if they can't get more. Agents for the very best old line companies cut the board rates on the court house 40 and GO cents on the thousand. The bonrd is placing $20,000 of insurance and if the agents take it it will be divided in $2,000 lots as follows: German oC Freeport, S. X. Way; Western Underwriters, M. P. Haggard; Phoenix of Brooklyn, C. T. Chubb; North British Mercantile, F. M. Taylor; London • and Liverpool, Geo. M. Bailey; Fire Association of Philadelphia, C. C. Samson; Milwaukee, C. J. Doxsee; Northwestern Underwriters, J. U. Winkol; Western of Toronto, H. Hoxie; Phoenix of Hartford, A. Hutchison. It is not known if the com- S anies will accept the division at $1.45 rate, ut the auditor is authorized lo reinsure at that rate with those who will, and Mr. Way and others agreed to take the $20,000. ROUTINE I'UOCEEDINGS. 16 per month until further notice, dating fromNovemberl. Adoped. The board took up the matter of court house insurance. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Thursday, Nov. 16—Board met pursuant to adjournment. All members present. The board proceeded to audit claims and bills. Moved and seconded that Mrs. Desdrlck be abated the 1898 tax on n >£ nw % 8-9T-29 to the amoun t of $5.15. Carried. C. S. Pendleton appointed a committee to build grade nod bridge on se 35-100-29. Moved and seconded that E.'Kunz and L. B. Barton be a committee to accept steel bridge north of Wesley. Carried. Resolved that the county auditor be authorized to insure the court house as old insurance expires and place $3,500 additional insurance. Adopted. Resolved that the county auditor be authorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this session and the several members of the board be entitled to the following milage and per diem. John G. Smith, 4 days, 1 mile $10.10 M. Weisbrod, 4 days, 30 miles 18.00 L. Barton. 4 days, 15 miles .-... 1T.50 C. S. Pendleton, 4 days, 38 miles 19.80 E. Kunz, 4 days, 13 miles 17.80 Moved and seconded to adjourned. Carried. Schedule of Claims, COCNTY FUND. W F LalUley, publishing proceedings.. .18 Swea City Herald, blanks for clerk W E McDonald, bnlllff Iowa Institute for Feeble Minded, care of patients J W Hohn, seeds.: A Meldrum, plumbing i w J M Dye, J P, State vs Scott 1048 F F Reynolds, sash for Jail 0 K Hale, township clerk... AUDITOR'S OFFICE, Nov. 13.—Board of supervisors met in regular session with the following members present: John G. Smith, chairman, Ed. Kunz, M. Weisbrod, C. S. Pendleton and L. Barton. Minutes of the previous meeting read and corrected as follows: Insert after $1,050 in resolution deeding land to Gai-dner, $800 in cash and two notes of $125 each-at 6 per cent, duo March 1,1001, and March 1, 1902. Ayes, Smith, Burton, Peudluton, Kunz and Weisbrod; nays, none. Moved and seconded that the minutes be approved as corrected and read. Carried. ;? Resolved that the county treasurer ro- !f ;;fund$2 to H. S. Dailey, Wblttemore town %ship, for one female ^assessed. Adopted. dog erroneously Moved and seconded that the following febouds be approved: A. J. Lilly, surveyor I to fill vacancy, $1,000; J. A. Freeh, oon- ' stable to fill vacancy, 8500; B. F. Ross, jus tice of peace to fill vacancy, $500. Carried. It being now the hour of 12 o'clock, noon, it is moved and seconded that the board resolve itself into a board of canvassers and proceed to count the election returns for the general election of Nov. 7, 1899. Carried. The completion of the canvass shows the ^••following results; For the office of governor, Leslie M. Shaw received 2,501 votes; F. E, White, } 1,748; M. W. Atwood, 33; Chas. A. Lloyd, 5; M. J. Kremer, 1; C. C. Heacock. 2. For the office of lieutenant governor, J. C. Milliman received 2,506 votes; M. L. Be vis, 1,690; Geo. Pugsley, 23; S. M. Harvey, 5; J. F. R. Leonard, 1. fr- For the office of judge of supreme court, iff; John C. Sherwin received 2,512 votes; A. If Van Wagenen, 1,680; H. F. Johns, 22; L. H. * 5 Weller, 6; F. W. Darner, 1. For the office of superintendent of public instruction, Richard Barrett received 2,508 votes; B. P. Hoist, 1,686; B. S. Dunlavy, 23;. C. Wirth, 7; Mrs. E. Pardie Travis, 1; W. C. Pidgeon, 1. For the office of railroad commissioner, Ed. A. Oawson received 2,510 votes; W. H. Calhoun, 1,088; A. B. Wray, 22; Robt. L. Dunning, 6; M. Heisel, 1; C. Z. Lindley, 1. For the office of senator, 47th district, E. W. Bachman received 2,554 votes; Vernon W. Buck, 1,646. For the office of i-epresentative, Gardner Cowles received 2,485 votes; H. J. Thompson, 1,736. For the office of treasurer, John H. Ward received 2,140 votes; L. C. Smith, 2,123. For the office of sheriff, L. M, Owens received 2,042 votes; S. P. Christensen, 2,226. For the office of coroner, W. P. Peters received 3,458 votes; A. H. Vorwerlc, 1,718. For the office of superintendent of schools Frank H. Slagle "received 2,542 votes; F. Van Erdewyk, 1. For the office of surveyor, A. J. Lilly received 3,549 votes. For the office of supervisors, M. Weisbrod received 2,464 votes; John G. Smith, 9,271; J. B. Hoflus, 1,756; Geo. E. Butterfield, 1,826. The following township offcers were declared elected to fill vacancies; Burt, J. N. Easterly, justice. Buffalo, Wm, Callies, justice; J. M. Butler, constable, Greenwood, J, A. Freeh, constable. German, C. Wiltse, justice; K. Rippen- strop, constable. Gavfleld, C. M. Seaman, constable. Grant, J. M. Dennis, justice. ' Hebron, C. K. Rhody, constable. "Lotts Creek, W. C. Morris, justice. Lu Verne, B. F. Ross, justice. Irvington, Z. C. Andruss, justice; James iBarge, constable! Ledyard, W. L. Myers, constable. Lincoln, W. Hass and H. Zingg, oon- ' stables. ' Portland, Ellis McWhorter, justice. Riverdale, Geo. Faber, justice. Seneca, A. Carpenter, justice; E. D. Kel\ ler, constable. Swea, Albert Anderson, constable. ' Springfield, O. F. Wood, justice. Union, Hugh Herman, justice. Wesley, Freeman Ash, constable. / Moyed and seconded to adjourn until to: morrow. Carried. AUDITOK'S OFFICE, Nov. 14.—Board met pursuant to adjournment and spent forenoon inspecting Burt steel bridge. Board completed the'canvass of votes and I proceeded to regular business. Balance of afternoon spent in routine business. ' : Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Carried. AUDITOK'S OFFICE, Nov. 15.—Board met | pursuant to adjournment: all members i- present. f Resolved that tho county treasurer be in- jistruoted to abate last half 1898 taxes on lots |6 and 6, block'75, Algona, on account pf f owner's inability to pay. Adopted.' Moved and seconded that the steel bridge ast of Burt % accepted and that the county auditor be insWuetea to draw warrant for {1,963.75 in payment of same. Carried. Moved and seconded that Mrs. Tlbbits be studded $4.81 tax erroneously collected on aw % 38-87-80, sh,e being a spldier's widow. A L Bowen, trustee C A Telller, surveying, claimed $4.50; laid over Courier Blank Book Co, supplies Fred H Smith, trustee Algona Telephone Co, 'phone rent Algona City, water rent L L Foster, repairing pump platform... J H Welp, trustee D W Hohn, putting up booths J W fioblnson, hardware for court bouse C Ward, trustee .'.. C Ward, returning poll books J A Simpson, same SI J Mann, suine C B Surchett, same Peter FIgl, same J N Mousel, same H L Baldwin, same . Geo N Patterson, same R W Barrett, same Peter Hans, trustee S Steussy, trustee and returning poll books 7..... M Rahui, same Chester Htckard, same John Mortz, same J R Maudsley, same H L Holllster, same H 0 Matson, same H B Amelsburg, same Thos Anderson, sume '. .. F W Mlttugg, same R Buchanan, same R Buchanan, trustee V Eckholm, returning poll books Wm Kerr, trustee C A Mollnder. trustee ' C Halberg, trustee and returning poll books J B Bengston, same 11 Sandt, returning poll books M Sandt, trustee Frank Froehle, trustee Geo Benken, same V E Eckholm, same C W Hopkins, same Jas Carroll, same Chas Relbsamen, trustee and returning poll books W A Wright, same Daniel Rasmussen, same J N Wheeler, same E D Farrell, same A Burgeson, trustee W H Bailey, same Aug Mlehe, same J L Hustings, same 8 H McAdams, same Timothy Fox, same F R Hedrlck, returning poll books;claimed 84; allowed John Bbrnliurd, trustee Courier Printing Co, printing and publishing proceedings A Krause, trustee M L Godden, same J C Andruss, township clerk Acres, Blackmar <k Co, supplies Boyd S. Paniikuk, trustee W W Annls, clerk J Altwegg, same Kasper Kohlhuas same M Parrott & Sons, supplies Peter Bornean, trustee W J Patton, same C B Sarchett. same (i D Welhousen, clerk, claimed 811; allowed J W Statt, same C R Lewis, trustee Obed Robinson, State vs Barenblet Bancroft Register; publishing proceedings James Patterson, merchandise. aa a? 225 42 00. Jill 02 a so 100 270 700 400 1700 400 1475 5000 75 200 200 60 800 820 a oo 840 a so 870 540 500 500 200 800 520 740 250 770 t!00 570 520 460 11 00 « 40 270 1000 450 400 400 980 12 80 440 200 200 200 200 400 400 800 870 1080 1280 1800 800 200 400 400 200 400 250 200 0492 400 400 1000 7980 000 1000 5)50 700 2000 400 400 200 000 400 200 1800 1100 40 J M Moore, same tt S Wright, judge, Warfleld John Hnrtz, same .... . M Mersch, same R Bermlnghaus clerk W A Scott, same Dan'l Rasmusson. judge, Grant T K Johnson, same J L Naux, same N W Griffith, clerk J A Jennings, same John Bunkald. judge, Greenwood C B Sarchett, same W F Lnldley. same C L Ostrnnder, clerk M A Turner, same John Isebmntls, judge, German H B Emelsburg, same W. Jutting,same... '. . Levl Good, clerk G D Wellhnusen, some Jonn Isebraniia, getting extra ballott.. C A Olsen. Judge, Harrison Aug Meihe, same J. L. Hastings.same.. .. J B Bengston, clerk Nels Benson, same H L Baldwin. Judge, Hebron O O Quam, mime E H Berndt. same . R A RIch'mlson, clerk L A Wood ward, same Hobert Buchanan, Judge Irvltigton .... Robert Wright, same Horace Mann, same , oved aM seconded that fl.TQ Ije re- to Mary WfcisbvoiJ, interest errou- Wljeote,4oune# 1HW Carried, d pd Bewared that G, W. Brown appointed Justice of tb.e Peace in and for tewjj9b.ip, Carried. 13 P Chrlstensen, sherin fees .......... 18725 Carter & Hussey, supplies .............. 55 50 Upper Des Moines, publishing proceedings, etc ............................ 155 87 W L Nlver, clerk ....................... 2 00 Stelllon & White, draytng .............. 50 Fred Stamer, trustee ................... 4 00 J A Slmpsou. same ................... 400 H P Hatch, clerk ........................ 5 00 F W Mlttagg, clerk .................... 6 80 Henry Bail, trustee .................... a 00 N W Griffith, same .................... « 00 C Rlckard, same. . . ................... 8 00 Starr & Haggard, publishing proceedings, etc ............................. 57 87 E H Clarke, State vs Larson ............ 26 05 E H Clarke, State vs Maston ........ .... 5 85 E H Clarke, State vs Doe ............... 17 50 E H Clarke, State vs Balne ............. 5 85 E H Clarke, State vs Lacy ............. 4 85 3 B Carr, expenses and state coses ..... 108 42 F Van Erdewyk, county superintendent. 151 95 J C Raymond, State vs Walsh .......... 1 85 J C Raymond, State vs Little ........... 185 0 F Hale, trustee ....................... 2 00 J 0 Ruwpon, trustee .................... 200 U P Weaver, expenses of office ........ 1982 J A Hamilton & Co, dirt for yard ....... 125 S P Chrlstensen, serving subpoenas .... 21 40 Algona City, electric light. ..: ........... 110 Aloys Meyer, trustee ................... 2 00 R W Barrett, same ................ 2 00 Leonard Falk, same .................. 10 00 M C Grlet, court reporter ................ H 00 F H Vesper, Judge 1st ward ............. S 25 RB Warren, same ...................... 825 K S Lambertsoii, same ................ 825 Alex White, clerk 1st ward ............ a 25 D E Walker, same.. ................. 825 Alex White, room rent ........ .......... 2 00 G H Lumson. Judge 2nd ward .......... 8 50 W E H Morse, same .................. 8 50 S E HcMaaon, same .................. 8 50 C D Pettlbone, clerk ................. 8 50 Geo M Bailey, same .................... 3 60 C D PetUboue, returning poll books .... 2 00 W E H Morse, room rent ................ 8 60 H A Pulue, Judge 8rd ward ............. 3 50 P L Slagle, same ....... ............... 850 Wm Cordlngley, same ................. 3 50 J B Winkel, clerk .......... . ............ 860 J L Tibblts, same ........ '. ............. 850 QC Samson, Judge 4tb ward ........... 850 J F Nlcouliu, same .................... 8 50 M B Chap)n, same. .... ................. 8 60 E S Salisbury, clerk 4th ward ........... 8 60 A R Cuapln, game . .................... 8 BO A H Nafus, judge Burt. . . WmFKnolI, same.... .. Geo N Patterson i same . JWStaley, clerk ....... ,. A L Moore, same . ....... H L Ward, judge Buffalo. Geo Frank, same. Aloys Meyer, same H J Klens, clerk John Weliendorf, ^ame. A J Covel«same...., OAPotter.el^k D E OovmL Wejs W V Lockajd, lodge Bugle JobjlE It C Andruss, clerk J T Lloyd, same J 0 linwson, Judge LotU Creek Wm Dau, same C E Rouue, same F W Mlttagg, clerk N C Taylor, same A K Clapauddle, Judge Lu Verne Adam Marty, same Peter Klgl, same WL Nlver, clerk C 11 Llclity, clerk ... ., W A Wright, Judge Ledyard Peter Hans, same A Ogreu, same A E Graves, clerk E J Skinner, same E K Jenkins, room rent Henry Davis, Judge Lincoln David Pink, same J N Mousel, suine W Warbiutoii, clerk John Mousel, same J N Wheeler, Judge Germania P T Relmers, same A F Steinberg, sume C C Wortman, clerk E G Seymour,same M Ruliin, judge Prairie 15 A Sluder, sumo Frank Arndorfer, samp Herman Erlckson, clt ! C B I.udwlg, sumo J R Maudsley, Judge Plum Creek C W UopkfiiH, same P T Ferguson, same J E McEnroe, clerk J Altwegg > cleaning school house ,.. E Fitch, judge, Sexton Jos Meyer, same F R Hedrlck. same Max Southard, clerk E A K L«age, same F R Hedrlck, room rent M J Mann, judge, Portland F J Fowler, same H McDonald, same J WStott.clerk J N Shueffer. same E D Farrell, Judge Sprlugdeld Geo McCleary, same 0 F Wood, same E F Lague, clerk H A Lyons, same Samuel Steussy. judge Shermun W JSPatton, sume Peter Bormunn, same Kaspur Kohlhuss, clerk D A McCoomb, same C A Moliuder, Judge Swea Jumes Carroll, same Chiis. Halberg, same A. Burgeson, clerk John P. Korrect, clerk Wm Kerr, Judge Seneca Wm Klein, same V Eckholm, same W W Alcorn, clerk J E Scully, same Frank Froehle, Judge Ramsey Geo Benken, same M Sandt, same John Huupert, clerk Phil Winter, same Henry Matson. Judge Riverdale Joseph Schrelber, sume Nlc Klein, same Chas WoHter, clerk 0 F Hale, same cleaning room H W Barrett, Judge Union Thes Burt, same Frank Blechelmalr, same W W Annls, clerk Geo A Frltik, same P F Skow. Judge Wesley C Ward, same W P Gtddlngs. same Jf J Kernan, clerk A E Glddlngs, same J S Gallagher, room rent J A Simpson, judge Whlttemore Chas Ryan, same A H Dorweiler, same H P Hatch, clerk R H Flnnell, same H P Hatch, room rent .. UI1IDGB FUND. • J W Curtlss, grubbing willows; claimed SI.50; not allowed C Relbsumen. tiling Jos Dorweiler, nulls J L McQuean, bridge work John Wood, sume J Trask, grading M Weisbrod, bridge work. J Zweltel Spike, sume Munch & Keepers, same P Welsbrod, same Ledyard Leader, publishing notice John Daub, bridge work J M Farley, nails Win Baltimore, bridge work Wm Buttlmore, same P D Dooley, grading John Wood, bridge work John Blngmau, grading approaches— John Wood, bridge work McDonald, Richards & Nufus, lumber.. W H Raney, bridge work John Wood,same...i M W Hunt, blaeksmlthlng Fred W Scuultz, grading M Miles, grading Sween Canstead & Co, lumber Wheeler Lumber Co J W Sampson, bridge work John Wood, bridge work M E Norwood, bridge work C * N W Ry Co, freight on car lumber.. Wheeler Lumber Co. lumber John Blngmau, bridge work G H Norton & Son, lumber, claims t 197 95. allowed Oueul & Co, lumber '. W E Nuudutn, unloading lumber 0 & N W Ry Co, freight on lumber Wheeler Lumber Co, lumber J R Muudsley, bridge work J W Robinson, hardware ,.. Edwin Chaffee, bridge work John Goodortz, grading John Wood, bridge work Budlong 4 Johnson, lumber J. H. Queal & Co, lumber John G Smith, committee work . Frank Ellis, supplies . Flamming Bros, same; claims .845 70; allowed C E Wescot, supplies J W Sampson, bridge work H. Labantu, same W B Raney, same Robert Smith, same A M Curran, same John Smith, name Geo Btoddard, same L Barton, same Hoft Bros, supplies J H Queal & Co, lumber Shipley & Netster, hardware P D Dooley, grading •. P D Dooley, grading PDDooley,grading.., . J W Curtlss, grading •••• Campbell & Gronwull, blacksmlthlng.. Fred W Sonultz. bridge work............ Mulligan # Dletz, same. Ed Kunz, committee work i?S Norton, lumber..... , Dooley Bros, bridge wprfc CM Doxsee, hardware.... - — proadweU, bridge wpjk .. 'erUauBer.* Co, Iftmbc MajsUaifaBQn, Iron work,. — Lumber Co, bridge lumber 875 875 H76 875 850 850 850 850 350 1 50 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 n 25 825 825 825 825 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 250 450 450 450 450 4fiO 875 875 875 875 875 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 200 825 8 25 825 825 «25 8 25 875 875 875 875 875 8 50 850 850 850 850 400 400 400 400 400 875 875 875 875 875 875 875 375 875 875 875 375 U75 875 875 400 400 400 400 400 1 50 875 875 875 875 875 450 450 450 450 450 800 .400 400 400 400 400 200 Joseph Cosgrove, same 282 16 Woodford, Wheeler & Tompklns, Inm- ber i......... 4468 M Weisbrod,grading 10880 Lamb Lumber Co, lumber 228 80 A J Lilly, measuring grades 168 00 John Wood, bridge work 2500 POOR FUND. Cook Bros, merchandise for farm 55 62 John Voggenstatter, harvesting on poor farm... 1000 Chrtschllles ft Herbst, merchandise for poor 980 Tama county, caring for Dorshelmer family : 695 Wm Stockwell, coffin for Marlow 22 00 Mrs C F Echelbarger, nursing and board Nelson family 8000 Wm Stebblns, work on poor farm 10 00 A H Decker, same 10 00 Dunn Uubbard, same '.. .. 1000 Dana Hnbbard, same 160 Forrest Jones, same 1105 J W Robinson, hardware for farm 7 82 Spurbeck & Lambert Co, pipes for well on farm 11272 L H Mlllen, expenses for farm 2 50 W A Wright, rent for Mrs Wolfe 18 00 J W DuoRmatiton, expense taking Dor- WANT IMPROVED People in the North find t^oaid Like More Passenger Trains. gelding to farm 8 00 ! B Sarchett, merchaudtse for poor... HI 20 John Goeders, same 40 70 W H Reed, coffin for Mrs Hubbard IB 00 F Hume, coal for poor a 70 EE Bayers, veterinary doctoring poor farm .... I860 •ins Patterson, merchandise poor fiirm. 22 70 Clms Kressln, same 2408 W J Crammond, same 1115 H McCutcheou, merchandise for poor .. 7 4(5 L A Gromvttll, blucksmlthlng for poor farm 825 A K Dalley, pipe for well on poor farm.. II 02 0 iii Doxsee, merchandise tor farm 1 75 John Paul Lumber Co, coal for Mrs. Wright...... John Paul Lumber Co, lumber for farm W K H Morse, doctoring poor on farm.. A M & G M Johnson, repairs for farm.. ROAD FOND. Supt. Hodge Here Saturday to Confer About the Matter—General Railway News. 885 177 24 400 105 2800 U450 (1000 11180 1850 7M)0 4850 800 . _ Rnney, same 4 00 Joseph Cosgrove. same IB!) 08 Joseph Cosgrove, same 21288 W Bonn, same 126 E J Hatch, grading .-, 88082 Charley Knrgleder, grading J N McQueen, same J N McQueen, same.. .* P Welsbrod.sume. T Bllsunrough, same Algona City, Improvements on streets.. Jas Nichols, grading. August Walto, same. wBr J Staler, same E J Hatch same E,] Hatch, same. 1177 248 7H 115 02 E Erdmann, same 125(18 Charier Corey, same 5028 1NHANK FOND. Hospital at Independence, care of patients v (57720 J B Carr, fees In Insane cases.. 55 20 Attest: M. P. WMAVKH, County Auditor. Grnnil Jury Report oil Jail. The following report of the grand jury was referred to the county board by Judge Qunrton: To the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa: The grand Jury would respectfully state to the court that they have Investigated the condition of the county jail of Kossuth county, Iowa, located in tlio basement of the court house at Algona, and find that the walls and ceiling of said jail are dirty and unclean, that there is a bad smell and odor in said jail, and that the prisoners throw water and slops on the floor of said jail, and allow'slops to stand in pails in said jail. The grand jury would reccommend the authorities in control of said jail and charged with making improvements therein ; to put in a water closet in said jail f or the use of the prisoners, to clean and whitewash the walls aria ceilings of said Jnil, to plaster the walls of the said jail where necessary, to thoroughly disinfect said jail, to enforce stricter rules with the prisoners about throwing water and slops on the floor of said jail, or allowing the same to stand in jail in pails. C. D. PETTIHONE, Foreman. HBNHY BELL, AUG. BOETTOHEH, J. FlNNEQAN, COLMAN C. Ciiumt, L. E. POTTKK, N. C. TAYLOH, Grand Jurors. 7050 1044 4425 8100 1875 21>00 2000 2225 1875 475 875 450 2100 8000 4844 2075 1200 4000 862 81 8000 2850 2525 1875 6000 1064 5806 1125 2975 225 4040 221 88 450 10008 2025 200 9218 6418 § 50 80 1700 8487 8900 6567 19025 0240 860 2827 20 18 Tlie Hamilton Failure. The rumor that we have met with financial reverses Is entirely without foundation. We must admit that we "failed" to please our recent partner; but we do not owe a dollar now past due to anyone. Our stock of hardwood lumber was never BO full and complete and our foundry is being rapidly fitted up with new and improved machinery. We shall aim to turn out nothing but the very best-of work. We have engaged the services' of Mr, Frank Soberer formerly of the firm of Slusier and Scherer, who will take charge of our boiler department. We care very little for what our wouldbe competitors think or say about us, but we want you to b ( ear in mind that we "never fail" to please our customers. We appreciate the kindness already shown us and we shall endeavor to merit a continuance of your patronage. We may be found during business hours at the same old stand and shall be always pleased to meet you there, Very truly yours, J. A.HAMILTON & Co. Supt. Hodge of the Northwestern was In Algona Saturday conferring with our citizens about the passenger Service from Eagle Grove north. There has been considerable complaint about the morning train south and the night train north, both of which trains ought to be,.in the opinion of many, passenger trains, and run on passenger time. At present both are accommodation trains and run on way freight time, about 10 miles an hour. The result is that people In the north end of the county have to get up at an unreasonable hour In the morning or sit up till an outlandish hour at night to reach Algona and get home the same day. There are four trains each way making passenger time from Elmoro north. We have only one each way from Elmoro soutli. Supt. Hodgo says it is quite difficult to arrange the trains on this lino, but ho seemed to be Impressed with the Idea that wo ore entitled to two passenger trains a day. The traffic has boon good this season, to judge from the looks of the trains, and no one up this way wants to got permanently adjusted to the idea that Eagle Grove Is the jumping off place. Now Town Central Time Card. Next Sunday the Iowa Central trains out of Algona will bo changed for the winter. The passenger wilt leave about 1 o'clock in tho afternoon and connect at Hampton with the St. Louis train south, instead of leaving at 4:40 in the morning as at present. In tho spring the two trains will be p'ut on to connect with both trains at Hampton. The Iowa Central is going to give Algona a line passenger service east and south. Will Uulld to Okobojl. It is settled as fully as tho Iowa end of the management can settle it that tho Iowa Central will go on to Okoboji in the spring, A Now KurliniEloii Lino. It is pretty definitely reported that the Burlington will build from Sioux Falls to the Bluclc Hills next season. This' will mako tho line across tho north end of tho county a very important through line. From Gormania to Minneapolis. Permanent stakes are being set on the new line out of Germania. Right-of-way will be bought at once. There is still a rumor that the branch may go from Buffalo Center. Important Northwestern NOWH. It Is reported that the Northwestern Is npw arranging to regrade its line from Eagle Grove to Burt, lay new ties, and put on heavy rails in the spring. If this is correct it moans that the company is getting ready for souio heavy traffic over the new Sanborn lino. It also means that the Sac City line will come In below Algona when it is built. ° BBOKE HIS BACK. Auction Tills Week. There an auction sale in the Anderson building, south of court house, in Algona. It will open today and run afternoon and evening until all goods are sold. Almost everything id the shape of dry goods and shoes,ladies' coats, jackets, capes, cloaks, etc. All must be sold. HOUSE, with six rooms, to rent, 86t2 E. TELLIEB. VISIT the Star Clothing company and you will be treated right. Vincent's old stand. FOB SALE: Two colts, half blood Clydes, one yearling and one sucking, for sale. Inquire of E. J. Mathews, Ingham farm, west of town. 3612 MEN'S overalls worth 60 cents now for 29-cents during the great sale of the Star Clothing and shoe company. R. H. MILLER sells the Jointless Lucky Curve Geo. 8. Parker fountain pen. The Lucky Curve means no screw to break, no joint to leak, no old-fash' ioned nozzle. Perfection, NOTICE—Life insurance companies will reduce the rate 99 per cent, to all who agree to use Rooky Mountain Tea,. A wjae measure. H, H. '?HBY can'glveysw peat bargain^ j,n \ clothing and shoes at very low, redyicM nflnAB Star Dlnihincrtand fihnn nnm. i •Will Phillips Fell in the New Hotel Yeatorduy While Drunk-Ills Spliio Dislocated. Yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clock Will Phillips was found'at tho foot of the stuir opening with his back broken. He had evidently fallen from the floor above: He was drunk and was not at work. He fell on his shoulders evidently and the weight of his body dislocated his apine. The doctors are at work on him this morninff, with little prospect of saving his life. Will is one of the Jo. Phillips boys nnd grew up in Algona. Liquor has been getting away with him. A $3,000 STALLION, Whlttemorq Varment Buy a Handsome Imported Horse—Horses Are Up Atfaln. Geo, E. Boyle was in town Monday and was enthusiastic over the new stock addition Whitteraore has made. Thirty farmers, of whom he is one, have organized and bought a Percheron stallion which was imported from Prance in August. He is five years old, weighs 2,000 pounds, and is as handsome asa picture, being coal black. He is one of the best horses ever brought to the west. THOS. A, WAY'S GOOD WORDS. He Says AiKona Is the Place for a New Normal 80)100! — Northern Iowa Favorable. Thos. A. Way was a Des Moines visitor last week. In an interview with the Leader man, after talking about senatorial matters, referred to the Algona normal school. The Leader reports as follows: Mr. Way incidentally observed that while it didn't relate to strictly political matters, he is in line with the sentiment of his section of the state, favorable to the establishment of a/ normal school at Algona. "The movement to.create a new normal institution," he said, "is gaining strength. Algona has the railroad facilities, the location, and is in every way fitted to take care of such an institution," husked eight bushels in 80 minutes. He put 24 bushels into the wagon the first two hours and a half. He says he will practice A couple of days {ft order to harden himself and then he will guarantee that he can husk and orib 100 bushels per day for five dttys, provided he IB given an average field of corn, has a drop-end wagon box from which to unload, and is net inquired to shovel the corn into a oHb more than eight feet high. DEATH OP MBS. Jensle Smith liuiitiiiKtoh Yields After n l,onit Struggle-Renmlng Hrouitht to AlRotin for Burlnl. Jessie Smith Huntington died Saturday at her Colorado home and the remains arrived in Algona Monday night at 11 o'clock, accompanied by her husband and mother. This was the end- Ing of a long and hopeless struggle against the ravages of tuberculosis, an ending that will bring sorrow to many homes in Algona and bring a lasting feeling of regret to the young friends who during so many years have esteemed her so highly. Mrs, Huntington was born in Summit, Wla., May 30, 1866, and came with her parents to Algona in 1872. Prom a little girl she has grown up in Algonu, was 'the first graduate, we believe, of the high school in 1884, was afterwards for three years a teacher in the Palrbaull, Minn., college for the deaf and dumb, and in 1893 was a graduate with honors from the state university of Minnesota. June 28, 1804, she was married to Arthur E. Huntington and for four years, during which little Helen was'born, Oct. 12, 1807, she enjoyed e. most happy life. Then at Christmas time a year ago began a slight indisposition which grew into a threatening disease that soon proved to bo tuberculosis of the alimentary canal, a most deadly form of consumption. Her decline has been rapid, with a few hopeful relapses toward health, during one of which last July" she was taken to Colorado. But the relief was only temporary, and at the early ago of 38 she passes away, mournqd by all who knew her. She was splendidly equipped for life. Her tustes, her opportunities, her surroundings, and her acquirements all combined to make her one of a thousand both for enjoyment and for service. If it bo proper to say that any death is untimely certainly hers is, for how can we adjust to our ideas of timeliness the death in the very flower of young womanhood ot a mother so well equipped for the duties and responsibilities of life? The funeral was held at the Smith home at 8 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Rev. Montague, the Baptist pastor at Lu Verne, Minn., officiated, he having been an intimate friend of the family. Among those present were Mrs. Huntington's brothers, Elmer and his wife, and Dr. George; James Smith, principal of the.deaf and dumb school at Falribault, Minn., and his brother Arthur, cousins of the deceased. No plans are yet' made for the future, but it is likely that little Helen will remain in Algona and that Mr. Huntington will return to Lu Verne for a time at least. - • Mttlo Zora Keith. The long illness of Zora Keith ended fatally Wednesday, and Saturday sorrowing friends laid, her away in the cemetery. She was only seven years and four months old, and had spent five Weeks in weary pain. She was glad to go, and while she leaves a lonely home, her parents could not wish her to remain. Rev. Suokow came from Sioux City to attend the funeral, and a long procession escorted the mourners to the grave. Zora was the only remain- Ing daughter, and the only child at home. Of a family of five only the two men grown on the farms in Plum Creek remain. Mr. and Mrs, Keith came to Algona mainly to give their daughter the advantages of the town, and now are doubly alone, She was a bright and lovable child, of rather frail constitution, and she filled their home. Time will never assuage this last sorrow. Mrs. Keith's father, Volney Wood of Rock Prairie, Wis., and her sister, Mrs, Zuill of Whitewater, Wis,, are here, also Mr. Keith's brother, I. Keith, of Lake Preston, S. D. Mr. and Mrs, Keith feel under great obligations to their many friends for their sympathy and assistance, USE THE BIBLE ONLY. Adveiitlsts Start a School In Algoua —Bible the Only Text Boob. An Adventist school teacher named Musselman has opened a school in the old Jake Winkel house near the fair grounds. About 20 pupils are expect* ed. The Adventists believe in using the bible as the text book for all studies and will teach mathematics, grammar, science and everything out of it. It simplifies the school book prdli'fin. Wm, Cleary was opposed to opeui'itf the school, and favors our public buliools. WON BIS WAQER, L. H. MMYIIP Husks 77 Husuelu of Corn lu Less TUaij 1O Hours-He is Cltau>pl<>u. L, U. Mayqe a week ago Saturday ebow^fl the bpye over in jfyip Alto bow $p piiv corn into a op|\?. go, went into ft field ana in 9} You pan get a good calico for 3o yard at GALBRAITH'S. a NORA— You can't expect to do a,way with face blemishes in a week's time. Keep on taking Rooky Mountain Tea. You'll have a lovely complexion. R, |J, Miller. . _ ________ MONEY to loan at 6 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. ' ' knee' pants worth 40 cents for 18 cents at Star Clothing and Shoe Company.

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