The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1899
Page 7
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^•n? ^ ^^. < -, - ALGfdNAjjQWA, WM3M&DAY tfOVEMBEB •MMMMM 1899, Truth! There's nothing so bad for a cough as coughing. There's nothing so good for a vcough as Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. The 15 cent size is just right for an ordinary, everyday cold. The 50 cent size is better for the cough of bronchitis, croup, grip, and hoarseness. The dollar size is the best for chronic coughs, as in consumption, chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc. |i Docked horses are not permitted to genter Colorado. A horse-owner who ^llates his animal in this way is ipubject to a fine of $100 or thirty days' "Imprisonment. |J" The industrious man does not always 'gfet steady employment. Rlnehart'« Indian Pictured. The Chicago Great Western Railway has obtained at great expense the privi- ege of reproducing the best four of iRinehart's Indian Pictures, Chiefs fWolf Robe," "Louison," "Hollow orn Bear" and "Hattio Tom" in an Pffart calendar for 1900. The heads are ||!(Jx8 inches, one on. each sheet, wonder- !ully reproduced in the original colors, ,nd when mounted on mats make most /striking and effective posters and are artlcularly suited for framing for ^holiday gifts. Owing to the cost but very small edition has been issued. They will be sent, however, while the ri ,i'Bupply lasts to any person sending 25 ilcents in stamps or silver to cover the ffroyalty charges and the expense of , packing and mailing to F. H. Lord, |f|General Passenger and Ticket Agent, ' 113 Adams St., Chicago. I The anonymous donor of the 59,000 *i : library to Sundcrltind, Mass., whose Iname is not to be made public until jgthe dedication of the building next ing 1 , is said to be Senator Hoar, who ;'has always been deeply interested in Sunderland affairs. An attack of melancholia caused ;:MrB. Samuel Miller, of Portchester, N. &'Y., to cut off her tongue with a pair of I scissors. On tht big steamer Oceanic there ia no tte&t at the table marked No. 13, not no cabin bearing that number. This is a concession to superstition. *h» Farm Bent* the ttt>rtft*f«. There is a story from Buffalo County going the rounds that Illustrates the resources of a Nebraska farm: A farmer up there from Missouri got discouraged because he didn't get rich the first year, and as there was a mortgage of $700 on his farm, was about ready to jump the whole business, but determined to make one more effort and sowed eighty'acres In wheat, it happened to be a poor year for wheat and the stand was not Very good. Concluding that It wasn't worth harvesting he pulled up his stakes and moseyed back to Missouri, leaving the farm to fight the mortgage all by Itself. The farm was equal to the occasion. The wheat ripened, fell down and deposited the seed in the soli again. Next spring the wheat began to grow lustily. Some of the neighbors were honest enough to w.rlte about it down to the fugitive In Missouri, and he got Interested enough to come back and take a look. Then he stopped and harvested his voluntary crop. He sold It for enough to pay off the mortgage and the rest of his debts and had a tidy little surplus over, with which he moved his family hack and now declares therft Is no state like Nebraska.—Lincoln (Neb.) Journal. Life's river has, like earthly streams, many bends. \ Immense dold JDnponltn. Henry A. Salzer, manager of the famous John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wls., as also president of the Idaho Gold Coin Mining & Milling Co., of the Seven Devil District, Idaho, Is in great luck. They have recently struck an immense deposit of gold ore on their properties. As a result the stock of this company doubled in price in twenty-four hours. Quite a number at the Salzer Seed Co. patrons are Interested in this mine with Mr. Salzer. Do not lot earthly cares put you in the madhouse. Active Agents Wanted In every county seat for our Gas Lamp. Makes its own gas. Hotter light than electricity or AVelsbash city cas. Cheaper than keroaeno. Retails' $5. * Big money maker. Standard Lamp Co., "Dopt. A," Chicago. Cheer up instead of -censuring 1 your unemployed neighbor. Catarrh Cannot Bo Cured with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, us they cannot reach the sent ot the dfHOiiso. Cutnrrh Is a blood or constitutional disease, mifl in order to cure It you must talco internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of the bast physicians In this country for years, and Is a regular prescription. It Is composed of the best toulcs known, combined vrltn the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two Ingredients Is what produces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. P. J. CHKNEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, price 75o. Hall's Family PllU are the best. Love, like a sigh, should come from the heart. FITS PermanemMj-Onrn?.KolHa ornervouBimfs aftoi arut day'n uso of Dr. Klino'B Grout Nurvo Ki-stm-or. Bond for FREE 82.OO trial bott.lo and trnatiso. Dn. K. H. KLINE. Ltd..U31 Arch St.. Pluliulolphia. Pa. The whale of Greenland sometimes attains the age of four hundred years. Encourage economy as well as practice it. Sowing Machines for »14.'JC. The advertisement of the John M. Smyth Co., which appears In another part of this paper, should be of interest to everyone. The price quoted Is extremely low, but the John M. Smyth Co. are thoroughly reliable and anyone dealing with them can bo assured that they will do as they advertise. The house is one of the largest in the country and enjoys an enviable reputation. Get their catalogue of everything_to eat, wear and use. Let not slander's slirue stain your soul. I believe my prompt use of Piso's Cure prevented quioK consumption.—Mrs. Lucy Wallace, Marquette, Kansas, Dec. la, 'tTi. "The girl who can't sing, but will sing," remarked a crusty Now Yorker, "should bo sent to Sing Sing." THE LEDGER MONTHLY CALENDAR FREE • Copyright, 1600, by Robert Bonncr't Boni. This bountiful Calendar in lO^xlS^ Inched, the picture (His Only J'YIend) being reproduced in the mino colors ON the.... Original Fainting by J. G. Brown oftlio Nntlonal Academy of Dcsltfu, who Id so close to I ho hearts of the American people. The illunira- tlon gives but a faint idea of the beauty of this Calendar, showing only the picture la the center. ThtM Calendar, worthy of a place la any boudoir, can bo obtuiuud from us only. When Hold without thuTjICDGER IVIUNTHIVY the price ia 50 cents. AH readers of thin paper who scud 50 cents for a year's subscription to the lasmJEU. MONTHLY lor 1900 will ritcRivn the Calendar FREE. HE LEDGER MONTHLY " The marvel of the age for low price and high quality of matter Those who send, 60 cents for a year's subscription tor 1900 will receive the beautifully illustrated November and, December, 1800, numbers PHEE and a full year's sub- eoripttaa to January, 1901, in addition to tho unique LEDGER MONTHLY CALENDAR Contents of the Nov. and Dec, Numbers: "IAN MAOlABENjHIS HOME-LIFE IN UVEBPOOJi" is a refreshing article, with |"14 illustrations of the home surrouudiuge of the author of "BESIDE THE BONHIE RIER BUSH." MKS. DESIRE EEMCKE, of the Brooklyn Cooking Sobooi, treats of <"NEW IDEAS FQR DAINTY BBEAKJAPX8." "IEB MAID 0? BOCASSE," a novel of |th.e age of chivalry, by MISS MAY HAL8BY MTT,T,T:R. GEORGE R- KNAPP, Artistic and ilnoxpeneive Home Decoration with flowers and plants, illustrated. The " MEMORIES OF ITHE RED EAR," a reproduction in colors of J, G. BROWN'S painting, forms the November |cover. "THE D LINE," an absorbing Btory of safe time-looks, by L. T. MEADE and IROBERT EUSTACE. ANNETTA HAW-IDAY-ANTONA, a Camel-back journey ft the canary Ijslands, with 6 illustrations. Bix reproductions of HARRY ROSBLANP'S story-telling E 'ctares. "WASHINGTON8 BATTWG-OBARGEIS," by GEN. JAMEJJ GRANT WIIBON.. ,*H MACLAREN'8 article, «'WHE# SCOTCHMEN HAVE THBIB FDW, RIGHTS," is PJW |of his most humorous productions. WALDBN PAVCETT, "REAMS 0? THE WINTER IRJ.." Also 7 Complete Stories, Household Deoartwents and a vast amount of reading. Read This I i OnrPrewlumI.l8toiaOp(iges 1 eftcU10»14iucho8, i i i ' i > ( > ( I ( » ( i , wttcl»»V« frtve/wito those vbp .QJ suC»prl^r» ts the !* Yoi} C9oj get eubftoribera to the MONTHLY «»Bjb/, for »t $Q«. a year u*? Send a postajwrt »9* Trtft n M BONNER'S SON5,153 Ledg^ Building, New York. PeProd of dofftparative Calm in the Transvaal, UGLY ACCUSATIONS MADE, Jpneh Side ACCHSFB the Other of Violating; flag of Trncc and Red Cross Convention—Urltlgh Preparation* for Campaign Being London, Nov. 13.—Judging rrom all the late reports, Httle fighting is being done In any part of South Africa. Stories are circulated by both sides and each Is accusing the other of firing on the Red Cross hospitals and ambulances. These are coming with great regularity and each accusation Is followed by a specific denial. This Is leading to the suspicion that the Boers and British alike are using the Geneva emblem as a cloak whenever the situation Is critical. Flags of truce, it Is said, are also being betrayed with great regularity. The fact does not speak well for the armies representing two civilized nations. According to an official report from Cape Town, the Boers made another capture of British soldiers, this time In the Buluwayo district, several members of Col. Plumer's force falling into the Boers' hands. Only six of PI timer's men are missing, according to the report, but it is quite probable the total loss Is much heavier. Gen. White reports that the bombardment of Ladysmlth continues, but he sticks to the previous stories of no serious damage being done. Apparently the four and one-half inch rapid-fire guns from the Philomel are not yet In action. The Dally Mall's theory is that they are being mounted on their ship carriages, which permit the use of the shield, but require anchoring to a bed of concrete, which takes time to set. The Dally Mail also points out that the admiralty supply of lyddite shells is small, perhaps not over fifty rounds to each gun now at the front, so that the British gunners have to be extremely careful in the use of ammunition. A large supply of lyddite is now en route to the Transvaal, but will not arrive at Durban for two or three weeks yet, and then it may require a lot of hard fighting to get it to Ladysmith for use. Signs indicate that a greater part of the Boer force is concentrating between Ladysmith and Colenso. In this position Ladysmlth Is effectually cut off from all help, so that it matters little if the town is left uninvested to the north and west. At the same time the enemy will be placed so as to' meet any British force advancing from Bst- court. The only risk the Boers run in this movement is that Gen. White will be in a position to intercept their retreat before Gen. Buller's force, unless they fall back in the direction of Tint- wa pass or Oliver's hoek after an unsuccessful engagement, and if they take either of these routes probably will be forced to abandon most of their good guns. The siege train for South Africa is to be mobilized Immediately, and will consist of thirty howitzers, thirty-two officers, and 1,100 men. Fifteen thousand rounds of lyddite shells go with the train. No more transports with troops have reached the Cape, though the transport Moor, with the general staff, has arrived. This Is disappointing to the British, as it was hoped the Aurania, Pavonia and Yorkshire would be at Cape Town yesterday. No artillery can arrive much before the 14th, as the Armenian with three field batteries is not due until then. Yet without guns the advance from Estcourt is almost impossible if the Boers hold the heights near Pieter'?. station In any strength. London, Nov. 11.—The British war office has received from Gen. Buller the following dispatch: "Cape Town, Thursday evening, Nov. 9.—Have received by pigeon post from Gen. White to-day the following: " 'The bombardment at long range by heavy guns continues daily. A few casualties are occurring, but' no serious harm is being done. " 'The Boers sent in to-day a number of refugees from the Transvaal under a flag of truce. A flag of truce from Ladysmith met them outside the pickets. When the party separated the Boer guns fired on it before it reached our pickets, " 'Major Gale of the Royal Engineers was wounded to-day while sending a message. " 'The intrenchments are daily growing stronger and the supply of provisions is ample.' " Estcourt, Natal, Tuesday, Nov. 7 (night).—An armored train which has returned from within half a mile of Colenso saw no sign of the Boers. London, Nov. 11.—Another rumor, emanating from Amsterdam sources, says that "a British regiment was decimated Friday by Free Staters." It Is added that 600 of the British soldiers were killed or wounded and that ?00 horses werecaptured. To Protect TrauijportiJ. Gibraltar, Nov.' 13,—The British second-class cruiser Furious of the channel fleet left Friday for the Madeira isles to patrpl the cQurse O f the British transports taking the west-' coast route to South Africa. The cruiser Andromeda and the destrqyer Earnest have arrived, from Malta to tbe channel ftelHfS fo* Brussels, NOY J$,-?rTke fprefgn. office inent, that It IS desirable to remembei that Belgium Is a neutral country oU terms of amity with Great Britain, which is one of the giiarMtors of its Independence. think* London *ConW fce falcon. Paris, Nov. 13.—The Patrie points out that England lies open to a coup de main. With her squadrons dispersed and her reserves afloat oh the way to the Transvaal, 26,000 mea could capture London. Calls Out Nsw Kenerveg. London, Nov. 13.—Orders for the mobilization of the necessary reserves for the supplementary division were issued last evening. The men will join between Nov. 13 and Nov. 20. Regiment Rained In two Dnj-n. Cape Town, Nov. iS.—The regiment of ultlander infantry authorized to be raised at Pietermarltzbtirg two days ago Is completed. The people of Ladysmith are living in boomproof sheds. THE OFFICIALjfpJE IN OHIO, I'leuteiiatit-novernor Ran Far HP hi ml Uio Ilnnd of the Ticket. Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 13.—The official vote has been received from eighty-two out of the eighty-eight counties. Gov.-Elect Nash's plurality in round numbers will be 50,000. Judge Caldwell, the republican candidate for lieutenant-governor, Is elected by 12,000. The returns show that he received 37,000 less votes than the head of the ticket. ( Samuel M. Jonos, the independent candidate for governor, received about 103,000 votes in the state. Eighty counties glv^ him a vote of 99,312, and in the other eight counties his vote is estimated at 3,000. It is estimated that the total vote of the state was about 925,000, divided as follows: Nash, 435,500; McLean, 386,500; Jones, 103,000. Looking for Able Mem. Washington, Nov. 13.—"President McKinley will appoint civil governora for Cuba and Porto Rico, whose authority will be supreme," said an official yesterday who undoubtedly has the confidence of Major McKinley. "The president lias this authority as commander-in-chlef of the army, and, in fact, can do anything he pleases in this capacity. Legally he is practically a military despot. He is now looking around for men of high standing who have served as executives of states and who understand the needs of the people. Men of this character -are better qualified to fill positions of this kind and understand the needs of the people much better than a military man, whoso training has been to kill." No Aid from tint Treasury. Washington, Nov. 13.—Tho money stringency in New York was discussed at some length at the regular meeting of ' the cabinet Friday, Secretary Gage giving such information as he has recently received from bankers' and from other sources in regard to the situation. There was a general agreement that the money market at present does not justify any further special measures on the part of the federal government. Fleroo 1'lglit with Outlaws. Middlesboro, Ky., Nov. 13. — Informa- tjon has been received here of a terrible battle that took place between citizens and a band of mountain outlaws who had been terrorizing the county. In the fight three of the outlaws were killed. There is grout excitement over the trouble and the people are arming themselves, expecting further trouble. Pleiisoil at Kflsults, Adelaide, South Australia, Nov. 13.— Treasurer . Holder considers that the advantages of British supremacy in .the Tonga Islands are fully equivalent to the surrender of British rights in Samoa. Melbourne, Victoria, Nov. 11. — Premier Turner considers the Samoan seitlement satisfactory. IjOllil Millions to tiuilteiualil. San Francisco, Cal,, Nov. 13. — The Evening Post states that a syndicate of American, English and German bankers has about perfected arrangements with the government of Guatemala to advance to that country $15,000,000 to relievo it of its debts and place the country on a lira financial basis. Yollow Fever Dying Out, Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 13. — The reports from Miami show not a single new case of yellow fever, and but two deaths. From Key West two cases are reported, and no deaths. The indications now are that the scourge has spent its force, and will soon be completely eradicated. Throat to Kill Hoeliel. Bowling Green, Ky., Nov. 13.— It is claimed here by reputable men that a local republican leader, a federal officeholder, made the threat that if Goebel is declared elected he will bo assassinated before he can assume the executive chair, Flfor Succeeds Calhoun. Washington, Nov. 11,— The president has appointed former Gov. Joseph W. Fif er of Illinois a member of the interstate commerce commission, vice 'Yv, j, Calhoun, resigned. Steals Plttus of t* («uu. Spandau, Prussia, Nov. 13.— A gun- ery instructor of the name of Eckmano was arrested here on charge of Ua^ing abstracted tfte plans of a guu un<Jer construction. S»y» Herlin, Nov. , correspondent of the i<okal repeats the wsnprt that the are ' A WOMAN HELPS WOMEN i are women ferefywhere who stiver altnost c<*ft« X stantly because tfiey cannot bring themselves to tell all about their Ills to & physician. Stioh wamefi can' s«f«ty explain th«if symptoms and thdf Suffering by letter to Mrs. Piakhattt at Lynn, Mass., fof the 60ft* fidence reposed in her has never been Violated. Over a million Women har6 been helped by lief advice and medicine, Mrs. Pinkhani in attending to her vast correspondence is assisted by women only. If yott are ill, don't delay. Me* reply will cost you nothing and it will be a practical help as it was to Mtss ELLA fi. BRENNER, East Rochester, Ohio, who says: "I shrunk from the ordeal of examination by our physician, yet I knew I must have treatment. My troubles were backache, nervous tired feeling, painful menstruation and leucorrhcea. I am so grateful to you now that I am willing to have my name published to help other girls to take their troubles to you. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound used as you wrote me has made me entirely well and very happy. I shall bless you as long as I live." Mrs. Pinkham receives thousands of such letters from grate- ful'women. Miss NELLIE RUSSELL, of 138 Grace St., Pittsburg, Pa., in a letter to Mrs. Pinkham says: ' • From child-. hood I suffered from kidney trouble and as I grew older my troubles increased having intense pain running from my waist to my womb and the menses were very painful. One day, seeing your advertisement in one of our papers, I wrote to you. "When your reply came I began taking- your Compound and followed your advice and am now in perfect health, and would advise any lady rich or poor to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which I can praise above all other remedies. It is a wonderful help to women." Tho grave nlono separates a true husband and wife. TO CORE A C01.D IN ONE DAY, Talio Laxative Uromo Quinlno Tabloid. All druggists refund the money it It [nils to euro. 3x>. E. W. drove's signature on ouch box. DR. ARNOLD'S COUGH CURES COUGHS AND COLDS. PH EVENTS CONSUMPTION, All UrucElBts. «0c. How our minds wander in the mystery of dreamland. All goods arc alike to I'utmim Fadeless Dyes, as they color all fibers at one boiling 1 . Sold by all druggists. Gentility and conrtctsy arc. (synonymous terms. W. L, DOUGLAS $3 & 3.50 SHOES Cured Af tor UopenteilFallnrcHlVlthOtliorR 1 will Inform aiiillctefl to Morphlno, Lnuiluiiuin, Opium, Cocnluo. of nevur-fnllliip, bimiilomi, homo- cure. Mrs. M. II. Baldwin, llox 1213, CUIcugo, 111. Liko all other men the 1'rincc of Wales is made of dust; but it looks as if his u a me would be mud before the reign fiball come to him. over 1 ,000,000 woiirerg. Tim ufnitlitK have \V. L. I Douglas' name and stamped on bottom. Takcf 110 substitute claimed to n good. Your dealer hould keen them not, we will send a pair' on receipt of price. State kind of leather, sue, and width, plain of) cap toe. Catalogue A free, W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO., Brockton, Mm. W. N. P., Des Molqeff, INo. 46—1899 A. 35 o BOTTLE 3TOU lOo. DOCTORS INSIST that their patients use "5 DROPS" lot" RHEUMATISM. KIDNEY DISEASE £S SWANSON RHEUMATIC CUHK Co.: When I wrote you for u Rumple bottle of "5 DROPS" my wife was suffering terribly from Rheumatism and was very discouraged, as I had tried every* tiling the doctors prescribed, even Bending her to KicliiicUl Springs, etc. My doctor is very much surprised at the progress my wife is making, and.she is so well that she refused to keep her seamstress and is now doing liur own sewing. The doctors Insist on her taking "5 Drops " and assure her that it is now only a matter of a few days and slm will be entirely cured, and as we are very well known here, the -'5 DROPS" is receiving considerable attention and praise. V. V,. PRICK, Jersey City, N. J. Oct. 13,1899. SWANSON RHEUMATIC Cuuit Co.: I suffered terribly with Kidney Trouble for year w, and after using- less than two bottles of "5 DROrS" entirely wetland I (five "5 DROPS" this prnlse'fpr niy c'uj'ej I could iiot find anything thut would give me tho slightest relief until "i tried this reuiudy, and I recommend i t to everybody as a permanent cure for Kidney Disease. MARY A. CARBAUCH, lllack Gapv Pa. Aug. 22,'W. Iti tlie r.iOBt powerful Hpuollhi known. Free from nplatoH and perfectly ImrmleBU. It tf' v °H almost Jnstiuitanuoim rellor, and IB a positive cure for illicuniiitlimp Sciatica, Ncurulela, I)y>|>o|>nla, Iluvkiii-hv, A«thm«, liny Fever, Catarrh, J-u Grippe, Croup, NleciileBHiieia, Nurvouvtiuaii. Ncrvou* ihml Keurulirlu IleudJiC^ieM, £urnclie, I'ooth* nclie, lleart \V«uUnei»it, Jlropny, Mulurlii, di'epliiu; NunibueMH, etc., etc*. O/\ n AVQ to enableHUfferen to (five "DUllOlU"nt leant«trial, wo will send a Site Bttmplo bottle **w Ul\ I O prepaid liy mull, for lOpts. A rumple bottlu will uonrlnco you. Also, Inrgo buttles (3M douen) (I.OO, 6 bottles for W. Sold by us and agent*. MKtt'm WAXTKU In Ke«r TurrUorj. tflllTK IIS TO-IIAV. SWAiVHOX KltEUMATIC CUKE CO., 1UO to 1O4 l.uUe St.. ClUQAOO, 1I.I.... MAMMOTH MAILORDER MOUSE YTHCO! SI4.25 JJ 16 Best Sewing Machine on Earth AtlhoPrico, $14.25 for Our "MELBA" Sewing Machine, A high-arm, high-grade machine equal towlmtotJiors ure askinff $5.00 to $35.00 for. Guaranteed by ug for 20 years from date of purchase), against any imperfection in material or workmanship. The rtund Is made at the best iron and ia nicely proportioned. The cabinet work is perfect and ia furnished in your choice of untlque.oak or walnut, II has ieven drawers all handsomely carved and, wjth nJekol-jUulod riw? palls. The nwcban. leal construction is equal-to that'of any machine roKardless o f price. All workiui; nurts lire of the best oil-tempered tool steel, every bearing perfectly fitted and adjusted BO as to iftake the running qualities the lightest, most per* , ,_. . _ . i, . , , ,, , feet and nearest noiseless of uny machine f a i nrlr «&rr™ MnoU , In m"? s ?, IU L 18 latest improvements. It makes a perfect and un|- fortn LOCK STIFCH, ami will do tlio boat work pu either the lightest muslins or hpnvieefc cloths, sewjiJff over soaina and wiurli pluceS" without'~sWpiiin(£ stlfc t e *A, rtJ **J_ < * tta S l ? n ' ent8 ', lllcBl > r nickcl-plutod and enclosed in a handsome" phish-ftnod A full set of i ,,,---,__,._,.„., _...„„.,, •--»»uA- L >Ai^vuvt nti.*.i utiwowt ••* t* utiunnt^nia Minaii-iiutju \e%Fpn p DDnD X> '"V 1 a c ? lt| P | «f» nssortwent 0» nccessorles and book ol Instruction ISHED FKEjB with each muchino. 60 DAYS TRIAL .^^"'Pyi^nuwUinoO.O.D.snbJBcttoapiiroval.on *« " JJ B i,' ^"i 11 "™- Wi«n exumintitlon $im'«ro copvincod tliufc ypu^5 orpon agent's price, puy the bulauoe mid freight ohawos then try d Iheraachino. If notsatlsfiedutany time withln60(Uiyanemi thomhchiuo back ^o ua ut our expense and we will refund the full purchase prjco ..... , fn which is listed at lowest wholesal everything to eat yvear and Mse.isfurnis ed on receipt of only 10? to partly pax ^postafie or expressagjj 9 nd 39 etfUferft ^ ' good faith the 109 is allowed on fin rchase amounting to «I99 pr above, :> :: GIVEN * -AWAY.^

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