The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1899
Page 5
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UPPEM Km MOtNJSS: ALGONA, 10W.A, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1809, Its & Her AGENTS FOR Thompson's Glove Fitting Corsets, Selz's celebrated line of Shoes, Friend Bros/ «• Perfection" Clothing. Standard Patterns. Staley's Men's Woolen Underwear. Francis T. Simmons' Ladies' Kid Gloves. The "Peerless" brand of Ladies' Night Gowns and Muslin Underwear. Philadelphia Cloak and Suit Co.'s Ladies' Jackets and Suits. Cincinnati Cloak and Suit Co.'s Children's Jackets and Cloaks. It is Our Christian Duty To inform our customers how much cheaper it is to buy good goods. We have cheap stoves, for instance, but a little more money put into a Garland, Radiant Home, or Round Oak is the best investment you ever made. We are not ashamed to look a man in the face every winter for years after we have sold him one of these. Call and let us explain their advantages. Algona. Sexton. J. W. ROBINSON. We are closing out our entire stock of Wall Papcr| AT COST. Ehlers & Adams, Leading Druggists, Prescriptions Algoua. carefully compounded. It's All New That Millinery stock at Matson & McCall's—no old stuff left over from last year—and of course it must be of the latest patterns. Our Trimmed Hats are very pretty this season, and we can suit the tastes of the most fastidious in the millinery Hue. You Should See our stock before buying. We can help you out if you are undecided, and the price will be'right, as it always is. Matson & McCalL PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. M. Z. Grove came down Saturday. Ed. Hawkins has been visiting at C. A. Palmer's. I Perry Ayors is hero from Lake Viow for a visit. Mrs. L. P. Robinson is up from Dos Moines for a visit. John G. Smith is planning to go to Now York for a visit. He will leave soon. W. J. Taft, county attorney of Humboldt, was in town Monday on legal business. P. M. Curtiss was in Chicago last week to take Frank Chandler's deposition in the KoposUy casos. Carl Setohell goes to St. Paul the first of ! the week to accept a position in a big wholesale house. Geo. F. Hollovvay got a telegram from Berlin, Germany, Monday. He is planning to go to Europe soon. Mrs: Geo. W. Pangburn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Rico, will go to California for a winter visit, leaving about Christmas. Rev. Suckow and family went to Sioux City Monday to be gone two weeks. He takes part in a series of special meetings. H. E. Rist is back from his bear hunt and visit on the coast. Ho had a big time in the mountains and a pleasant time with old Algonians in the western cities. He reports great prosperity on the coast and all our friends are enjoying their share. This evening at J. F. Nicoulin's home at 8 o'clock will occur the wedding of John K. Walker and Miss Olive Salisbury, Dr. Jackson, the Episcopalian rector at Emmetsburg, will perform the ceremony in the presence of about 80 guests. The happy pair will go at once to their newly furnished rooms over Setchell & Setchell's. STLVER Spangled Hamburg fowls for sale by MRS. C. M. WILSON. One Hundred Dollars- Is offered to any person who can duplicate the £IGAR FOR 5 CENTS, JOHN SGHU & 00, WE intend lo close out our drug business in a few months and wish all who owe us to call and settle as soon as con- venient.—33t8 DURANT BROS. LOST: A pair of gold-bowed glasses, (bi-foca). Leave at this office. SEND 60 in postage to Lafe Young, Des Moines, Iowa, and receive the Weekly Capital campaign edition until the November election, 1899. THE Baptist ladies will serve chicken pie supper on Thursday, at 5:30, in church parlor. Supper 15 cents. BEAUTIFUL women every where owe their matchless loveliness to the use of Ro,cky Mountain Tea. Plain women made attractive, R. H. Miller. ITouge and Lots for Sale. I will sell my house and eleven acres of ground In the south part of town, and all my personal property. Call at Dingley & Cook's office, 31 E. R. COOK. FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. WE have a full stock o! window glass ftt prices that will make anybody take out the old pillow and. put in a oew l%ht before opld weather. R,. H, "'" TMJB LOCAL Hoyt's " Bunch of Keys" tomorrow evening. C. J. Brown will put on a new 'bus for the new hotel. The Hampton boys are expected here Friday for a foot-ball contest. E. P. Keith's little girl is very low. She has been sick nearly five weeks. \. Vanderllnden is building a neat cottage for himself up on the normal hill. Alonzo Withnm is in poor health. He Is suffering from some form of heart disease. Fred Puller spent Sunday In Algona. He says his laundry is doing well at Blue Earth. Sullivan & McMahon are building a big barn on their farm half way to Whlttemore. The opening club dance Thursday evening WHS largely attended and was most enjoyable. The Warner Comedy company comes for a week beginning Deo. 4, It is a clever company. A lot of prominent citizens agreed Monday that what Algona needs is a town clock. They wanted to get up and see the meteors. The foot ball game Friday between Hampton and Algona will be one of the best that will be played this season. Game called at 8:45 o'clock. The carpenters are at work on the Corwith depot. They build at St. Benedict next. They will be in Algono possibly the last of next week. Algona gels a new express company with the Iowa Central. The Adams company will again be with us. The American and the United States are here already. Tho Spencer football team sent word at the last moment last week that their mama's did not want thorn to got so far from home and so the foot ball game was declared off. Some fellows who had broken into a store at Cylinder were soiling the § oods in Irvington last week. Sheriff hrislenson captured two bags full of goods, but the theives flew. R. C. Henry has sold his interest in the hardwood lumber yard to J. A. Hamilton, and is talking of buying a farm. Mr. Henry has made many friends while in Algona who will hope that he will remain. Lew Owen wns in town yesterday as cheerful as ever. Low has been shabbily treated in this election and if the republicans should keep him in view two yours Irom now it would bo an net of poetical us well as political justice. The St. Benedict bank is organized and as soon as articles of incorporation can be filed will open for business. Geo. C. Call is president; Mnrtin Rahm, vice-president; Frank Van Erdevvyk, cashier. Jos. Rahm and Frank Andorfer are di rectors. THE UPPER DES MOINES publishes a map of the Iowa Central railway with the Algomi extension appearing full sized. Our readers will be interested in seeing what connections can be made over the new road. The map is kindly furnished by Geo, C. Call. Company F Is going to have, a big turkey shoot at the armory target gallery the day of Thanksgiving. There will be lols of fun and some good shooting, and some of tho boys will have turkey without paying for it, and some of them will pay for it and not get it. Four Hobart youths who ought to be in butter business disturbed the peace and quiet of Algona at night, besides resisting Night Watch S wit/or. Mayor Sayers fined the two that were caught. As their names belong lo respected families they will not be published for this first offense. Tho Hampton Globo says tho completion of the extension to Algona and the partial addition of tho necessary train and side-track facilities'has demonstrated one thing conclusively in advance, and that is that this branch will be Ihe most important and best paying piece of road owned by the Iowa Central. The new time card on'the Iowa Central will not be forthcoming until the track is ballasted to Algona, It is altio waiting for some new connections at the other end of the line. Those connections undoubledly are for the purpose of gelling inlo Chicago. The Central will have through trains next season. Two worthless vagabonds occupy the jail for trying to smuggle a bottle of alcohol in to Scott, the Swea City slab- ber. The other day Sheriff Christensen found Scolt drunk in jail. He began to watch and yesterday caught the men in the act. They resisted arrest and he knocked them down and locked them up. All who are ambitious enough can see tonight and tomorrow night between the hours of 2 and 4 in the morning the big meteoric display that only comes once in a lifetime. Tho earth at present is crossing tho orbit of a great muss of meteors. One last week broke through our atmosphere and was seen at Wesley and other towns in the county. A. D. Bradley ami A. J. Dray ton haye bought the Avey stock and will soon open with a big new line of goods. They will put in a harness machine and will be able to do the best work at the lowest prices. Mr. Dray ton is a harness man of 15 years' experience. Mr. Bradley will not leave his wagon business but will give part of his time to the new store. J. A. Hamilton & Co., are now planning on incorporating with a big increase in capital, and organizing a wood manufacturing plant, as well as running a hardwoodlumberyard. Mr. Hamilton has also in view running his foundry in connection and opening a tile and brick-factory. If his plane are carried out the new company will push out into a big business this coming year, O. B. Dwdall Js back from Chicago, where he has bought his hotel outfit. He puts in high prlqejfl Axmiueter oar? pets in the halls, <md parlors, Brussels, carpet In »11 the hg^roQm.g, iroft With elaborate, b^ajs trimmings, things to n»atoh. Jfe and * if*.? V, quality and late la style. There be no cheap stuff put into the house. There has been talk of contesting the whole vote of the First ward In Algona because the judges of election locked the doors while counting the vote. This suggestion on the part of the democrats is likely to cause them trouble. The Bancroft vote was counted behind locked doors and If It should be thrown out It would beat both Smith and Chrlstensen. As a matter of law, however, neither vote can be thrown out. Roy Carpenter thought he would polish up the stoves In Company F's armory one day last week and got a stove polish that had gasoline In it, although he did not know It. In some way the polish caught flre and before he got the can out of the room his hands were badly burned and some of the wood work was scorched. Gasoline for stove polish is a new idea and one that Roy don't want to .figure on any further. Prominent among the laugh provoking successes of the season, is GUB. Bothner's comedians, In " A Bunch of Keys." The well known favorite Charlotta as Teddy, the eccentric comedians, James F. Carroll and John Marr as Snaggs and Grimes, the fascinating Keys sisters together with Win. Gardiner, the Acme quartette and a large ensemble of lesser lights, making up a coterie of artists hard to beat. Tomorrow night. The Harp orchestra had quite an experience coming home from Tltonka last week. They drove home in the night and when about half wny found that a burr had come off or had been taken off, and from there in one of the boys had to walk and keep the wheel on while the wngon slowly came to town. It was well on toward broad daylight when they arrived. They will stop over night hereafter when they visit Tltonka and take their riding by daylight. Horace Mann is going to begin tho campaign of 1900 (it o.noe by putting in a Christian Citizenship league branch, and by setting into circulation some 375 volumes of literature along Christian and socialistic lines, Horace believes In education nod public discussion, rather than in addition, division a.nd silence, as campaign methods. Horace does not wholly approve of the recent democratic campaign in the county, and favored a discussion of the political issues, but was overruled. He will now conduct a campaign on his own hook. WE are showing the largest line of silk for waists that was ever shown in the city. G. L. GALI3RAITH. TYPE writer supplies, full line, at the U. D. M. offlcso. Mail orders will receive Immediate attention. MONEY to loan at 6 percent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. MONEY lo loan at 6 per cunt. A. D. CLARKE & Co. MY farm IH for sain. S. S. RiST. paper at greatly reduced prices. Can save you money on this lino. R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. MEETINGS TO OOME. Services of First Church of Christ, Scientist, at Odd Fellows' parlors, Sundays 10:45 a. m. and Wednesdays 8 p. m. Subject next Sunday: "Ancient and Modern Necromancy, or Mesmerism and Hypnotism." Program for W. L. A. S. Nov. 17 at 3 o'clock: Current News, Mrs. A. Hutchison; Architecture of Modern American Homes, Col. Cooke; Nature Study in Our Public Schools, Miss Samson. 'All ladies are cordially invited. Rev. E, O. Tnyler of Chicago will lecture on temperance in Algona, beginning Saturday evening at the Methodist church. Sunday morning and evening ho speaks at tho Congregational church. He cotnes highly endorsed and represents the W, C. T. U. organization. Program for Economic club meeting, court house hall Friday, Nov. 17, at 8 o'clock: Piano solo, Miss Agnes Clarke; recitation, MissIzaScott; recitation, Miss Kate Bluckford; music; recitation, Miss Ethel Laird; music. Organization of club, preceded by a statement of the purpose of the club and scope of its work as at present outlined. ' DON'T be led astray and made to believe thai there's somything just as good as Rocky Mountain Tea; there's nothing half so good. R. H. Miller. To He Happy buy a Parker fountain pen. Solid gold, 14 k. Pen diamond point, and positively guaranteed not to leak. DINGLEY & PUGH. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, A. D. CLARKE & Co. R. H. MILLER soils the Jointless Lucky Curve Geo. S. Parker fountain pen. The Lucky Curve means no screw to break, no joint to leak, no old-fashioned nozzle. Perfection, NOTICE—Life insurance companies will reduce the rate 33 per cent, to all who agroo to use Rocky Mountain Tea. A wise measure. R, H, Miller—35c. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST, PAUL LOCAL TUAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 fini No. 3 departs at 3:68 p TO Freights that carry passengers— No, 93 departs at...... }0:46pm No.71 departs at ,.,.,,..,, 3:20nja No. 66 depart/sat..^..., ,.,f.... g;8Qpj» TBAIFS, BAST. ' , No.2 departs at, , No. 4 departs at „,.,. Frelghts that carry passejjgersTT < r /£'!3 Np. 76* departs ft?.. '.. , *. ^0 itt n No. 0 ' " s " s np ,1 r% i i • o thp Pnh if •JL.\J tllv/. 1 tlUllV^i I wish to say that all persons desiring to buy goods in my line in small quantities will find my prices as low as the Idwest, And to any desiring to buy Five, Ten or Twenty Dollar orders I will give Wholesale Priees or meet all competition, Do not forget that I am headquarters for apples. Respectfully, -James Patterson. Cowles" Block, Algona. A ROASTER Big enough for any turItey: special t? t\ Thanksgiving ^1 •/» price Tea Spoons Made of solid nickel silver—no plating to wear off, r A I*"** OuC White Metal Spoons Fordo*,... 25C KFFN rUTTIMfl KAPVFPS Made from best English steej- IXLLI1 V^UI I inu 1\MI\VLI\J ovol . y bllvde fully , . *~ wurriinted. A good set, knife and fork, stag handle, for. O. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. ARCTICS German Socks, Overs for German Socks, Felt Boots, Overs for Felt Boots, Warm Overshoes and Warm Footwear of Every Description for Men, Women and Children. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Fine repairing and custom work. Also at Fenton, Iowa, after Nov. 20. It's Knowing How That Counts To buy the best, all solid Shoes and Rubbers at right prices; to keep a complete stock of latest styles, and last of all TO FIT THE FEET properly. The Other Shoe Store can do this. c. o. Repairing and custom work. The New Lumber Yard, We have 3. large dry shed and keep our lumber dry- and in of ^any kind of V «ll -i'-vf << -"- V,:.L' -su ^^i'^Ca^'iM^

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