The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1899
Page 4
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BES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, tto llpp* TfeAR. BY mdHAM <* WARREN. T*rrr>« to Subscribers. On* copy, onfi year..... .................. 11.50 One copy, six months... .............. . .... IB One copy, thtee motiths... ................ 40 t to , ... any address at above rates. Remit by draft, money order, or express or def at bur risk. Rates of advertising sent on application. Contesting Mr. Ward's Election. The republicans of Kossuth have no desire to seat any man in county office who is not legally elected, even under the strictest construction of legal technicalities. If Mr. Ward is unseated by the contest that is promised the result will be accepted without complaint. The legal merits of the contest are not a matter of discussion. But the motive which prompts the contest is worthy of consideration. It is worthy of consideration that Mr. Smith's friends hope to disfranchise 18 democrats of Riverdale township, who they admit wanted to vote for Mr. Ward and who did in fact vote for Mr. Ward, but whose ballots, it is hoped, will in some way prove defective. If Mr. Smith and his friends could charge fraud, intimidation or other objectionable practices that would be another matter. But what can be said of a desire to hold office so strong that it is willing to rely on preventing honestly cast ballots, which were honestly counted by the returning board, from being considered? It is worthy of note in connection with this contest that Mr. Smith himself when he was elected recorder onlj got 18 more votes than M. F. Randall. The republicans accepted the result without question, although there was as much likelihood of technical defects in the balloting- as there is now. Whether Mr. Ward is seated or not he has the best wishes of hundreds who did not vote for him a week ago. I the election were to be held tomorrow he would have 1,000 majority. Twedledmn and Twedledee. Probably the most amusing thing which ever appeared in an Algona newspaper was the Courier's common Friday on the intelligence and good sense of the republicans who voted for Smith and on the treachery and gen eral cussedness of the democrats who voted for Ward. The Courier was un qualified in praising the bolting repub licans and in damning the bolting dem ocrats, and was apparently unconscious of the humor of it all, for the whole thing appeared on one page where no reader could possibly fail to see the ridiculous side of it. We have read great deal about Irish bulls but we doubt if the distinguished member o parliament who wanted to know wha posterity had done for him has any right to be named by the side of our Algona editor. By this time probablj the Courier recognizes how funny i appeared to read in one column tha when republicans vote for democratic candidates it is ' : a hopeful sign tha there is an element of intelligent'men who can put worth and capability above partisan prejudice," and then 01 the very next column run across such i paragraph as the following: " It is said that in Garfleld township alone about 50 democrats did not go to th polls at all, while in Riverdale about 1 stayed at home and many who went proveu false to Mr. Smith. Had the democrats done their duty Mr. Smith would have been elected by a fine majority. It is ex tremely discouraging to those who contrib ute time, energy and money to maintain i democratic party in Kossuth county to hav. to contend with such apathy «od treach ery." We hope all the republicans who went back on the party ticket will read this last paragraph with some atten tion, »It shows what the Courier and the democratic managers really, thinl of republican as well as of democrat! bolters. Easily Explained. The Courier quotes two paragraphs from THE UPPER DES MOINES, one written before election and the other after and devotes some space to arguing that they are inconsistent. The para graphs are as follows: " THE UPPER DES MOINES has heard of n movement among republicans in Algona to support the democratic nominees, does no know of a single republican who intends to vote for them." "Everybody expected that Mr. Smitl and Mr. Christensen would run ahead some, and a cut was calculated on." It scarcely needs pointing out thai both of these statements could easily be true, and THE UPPER DBS MOINE» assures the Courier that they in fact are true. THE UPPER DES MOINES did not know of a single republican in Algona who intended to vote for Mr. Smith and Mr. Cbristensen, and it did calculate on a bolt of from 50 to 75 re- publ|oans, because from rumors and democratic claims and the known local popularity of the democratic candidates such a bolt wa$ probable. Mr., Ward's friends all figured op a cut of frpm fifty to seyenty-flve }n Algpna, althpugh we doubt if any of them knew where to locate |t, This Ignorance of bow men will vote ie not unusual even with, the Courier and/its frjende, W any of whom asiurea THE UPPE$ Pss MQU?$s tha} Mr, Ward would uo}< rua ahead O f ais tJebe$ in Wesle/ or prairje, The Csmler'e ftod *b J P Wight lead #« &yerage «sa& io But the Courier Is always so much more right in what it says than other papers end so much more patriotic and so much more honest that we suggest such an idea with considerable hesitation. IN a way it is fortunate that Nebraska ,ndoreeB Bryanistn. It insures Bryan's leadership next year. SENATOR MORGAN says silver will be the sole issue in 1900. He says this election has disposed of expansion. He is a free-silver advocate. THE Gear men did not wait for the returns before sending out a statement to the effect that enough Gear legislators bad been chosen to insure the aged senator's-return. This is all right as prophesy, prediction, speculation or imagination, but for the cold business purposes of politics it is getting a little stale. _ ALL over the country the Iowa vote is accepted as the best test of public sentiment. The contest in Iowa was not affected by side issues or interests but was fought out on clean cut party lines. Gov. SHAW gets the biggest majority ever given to a governor in Iowa. SENATOR FUNK comments on the 30tb anniversary of the Spirit Lake Beacon. The Beacon and the Estherville Vindicator followed THE UPPER DBS MOINES in the field of northwest Iowa journalism. They were the pioneers west of us. The Beacon has witnessed great changes in 30 years, and Senator Funk asks, after reviewing them briefly, what will the next 30 years witness? We hope for one thing that, they will witness prosperity in geometrical ratio in the Beacon office. THE voting machine is said to have proved a great success in this election. It will do away with official ballot bother and the mistakes of returning boards. IT is rumored that W. L. Eaton of Osage will be speaker of the coming house of representatives. Others 1 are mentioned as candidates. IN THIS .NEIGHBORHOOD. Spencer gets a $50,000 court house out of the election. It was needed. Thos. A. Way got 3,013 votes to John Christie's 1,666 and E. L. Stilson's 1,038. Mason City's $75,000 court house wat voted by 500 majority. Mason City casts about half the voteinCerroGord'c county. West Bend Journal: O. F. Hale and wife will move back to West Bend very shortly. They will live with C. O. Ihmels and wife. Armstrong Journal: Mrs. E. B. Campbell and daughter Bertha lefl Tuesday for Portland, Oregon, where they will spend the winter. Hurnboldt Independent: Prof. Messer teaches mathematics in Prof. Lilly's place. It is not an easy matter to fill the place vacated by such a mastei satisfactorily. It is reported that R. H. Aishton is to become assistant general manager 01 the Northwestern. He used to be superintendent of this Algona division He is a popular railway man. Livermoce Gazette: J. L. Sutton, O; hog cholera cure fame of Algona, has purchased the Blue Vine herd of Ches ter White hogs of Blake Bros, of this place, and is offering them for sale al Algona. The heaviest grade on the new Northwestern line from Belle Plaine through Mason City to Fox Lake Minn., a distance of 196 miles, is 37 feet to the mile. All the heavy freight from South Dakota and the through passenger trains will go around that way. Supt. Hodge is talking of coming to Algona soon to talk about some im provement in the Northwestern trail service. He is receiving requests foi hotter facilities for getting to and from Algona from the north end of the county. Some of the accommodation trains ought to be changed to passenger trains and be put on a faster time schedule. Spencer News: Harry Tremain has rented the new hotel in Algona, which will be ready for business Jan, 1, 1900. Mr. Tremain is now in Chicago purchasing furnishings for the new hostelry, which it is said will be one of the finest in northern Iowa when finished. Mr. Tremain is a first class hotel man, and as such was deservedly popular while in charge of the Earllng in this city. __^ A SPIRIT LAKE INCIDENT. Man Pined $1OO lor HeutiiiK Ills Sick. Daughter— Tar aud Feathers Well Deserved. Spirit Lake has been excited over the domestic affairs of the family of H. W. Reeves. Mr. Reeves has a reputation for being unreasonable and harsh in his family. His daughter Mabel, 17 years old, and an estimable girl, has been sick for several days. The father concluded she was staying in bed too long, and going to her room undertook to convince her with a lar^e stick that there was nothing the matter withlier. Mrs. Reeves Interfered, but to no pur* pose. So she ran for a neighbor, C, (J. MoOlintook, Mr. and Mrs. MoClintook both accompanied her borne, where they were met by Reeves, who proceed ed to assault McClintock? The latter retaliated with good effect till Reeves got MoOJlntPok's finger in his mouth bit off a plepe. Jn some way tern- piorary order was restored until MoClm- tock could have Beeves arrested, which, tip did. He waa aligned before Just, .oe Bay ward and flned $100 and ooete, £J*i9 is. § great pu.pieljm.ept to fteeyes whfl b&e plenty of mjujey, but' ep go tp the penitentiary than NEEDS SOME RENOVATING. Manila is Not So Cleanly as Americans Will in Time Make It Natives Have Queer Notions of Decency—Streets tTeed as General bttittjpthg Ground. Col. Thos. F. Cooke has lately received some Manila newspapers, sent to him by returning soldiers. They contain some interesting items about our dew possessions. Perhaps the best picture of the oriental idea of decency is contained in the following editorial demand in The American for city out- louses along the streets. The American says: Under the fostering care of the city authorities, the streets of Manila are gradually putting on a healthy, clean appearance. There is a marked absence of the heaps of household refuse from the sidewalks, which, aforetime, were such an eyesore to new arrivals accustomed to the cleanliness of western cities. But to keep the streets thoroughly sweet and clean there is one thing needful in a city like this, with its vast community of orientals, who have never apparently been taught the rudiments of cleanliness and decency. To meet this necessity the erection of a few public latrines would far, as it would to a great extent prevent those offenses which are generally met by a $2, and should also obviate the offensive sights one is so frequently called upon to witness. The Manila cheno has unfortunately got himself imbued with the idea that the public street is the proper place for the performance of his private functions, and all the talking and till the fining in. the world will not eradicate that idea; but furnish him with a place especially for that performance and he will readily adapt himself to its use. " As the old cock crows tho young one learns," and to instill a love of cleanliness and decency in the growing generation can only be affected by first enforcing it upon the elders, for an ounce of example will do more than a ton of precept. MAGAZINES FOR 1900. The St. Nicholas program for 1900 is as follows: Ten long stories by Ruth Me Briery Stuart, Mary Mapes Dodge, Elizabeth B. Ouster and other writers. Each complete in one number. A serial story by the author of " Master Skylark,", a tale of old New York. A serial story by the author of "Denise and Ned Toodles, a capital story for girls. A serial story of athleties. A serial story for little children. Stories of railroad life. An important historical serial of colonial life in America by Elbridge S. Brooks, author of " The Century Book of the American Revolution," etc. Theodore Roosevelt, governor of New York and colonel of the Rough Riders, promises to contribute a paper on " Whal America Expects of Her Boys." Ian Mnclaren, John Burroughs, and many other well-known writers will con tribute. Nature and Science for Young Folks will soon be begun us a new department. St. Nicholas League. Badge and membership free. Send for instruction leaflet. Fun and frolic, both in rhyme, stories, pictures and puzzles, will be, as always, a striking characteristic of St. Nicholas. Everything will bo fully illustrated, and free sample copies will be sent on request. THE UiTEii DBS MOINES will take subscriptions for this and for the Century, and can give a reduced rate, or the publishers may be addressed direct: The Century Co., Union Square, N. Y. -i- -r- -t- The Century magazine for the coming year will have the following splendid features: A new and superbly illustrated "Life of Cromwell" by the Right Hon. John Morley, M. P. The conductors of the Century take especial pleasui'e in announcing this as the leading historical serial of the magazine in 1900. No man is more competent than John Morley, who was selectee by Mr. Gladstone's family to write the biography of Gladstone, to treat Cromwell in the spirit of the end of the nineteenth century. The illustrations will be remarkable. Besides original drawings, there will be valuable unpublished portraits lent by hei majesty the queen, and by the owners ol the greatest Cromwell collections. Other features include: Ernest Seton- Thompson's " Biography of a Grizzly," delightfully illustrated by the urtlst-authoi —the longest and most important literary work of the author of " Wild Animals I Have Known." Paris, illustrated by Castaigne. A series of papers for the exposition year, by Richard Whiteing, author of "No. 5 John Street," splendidly illustrated with more than 60 pictures by the famous artist Castaigne, including views of the Paris exposition. London, illustrated by Phil May. A series of papers on the East End of London by Sir Walter Besant, with pictures by Phil May and Joseph Penuell. " Sailing Alone Around the World"—the record of a voyage of 40,000 miles undertaken single-handed and alone in a 40 foot boat. A most delightful biography of the sea. The author of " Hugh Wynne," Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, will furnish a short serial of remarkable psychological interest, " The Autobiography of a Quack," and there will be short stories by all the leading writers. A chapter from Mark Twain's nbundoued autobiography, literary reminiscen&es, familiar accounts of Tennyson, Browning, Lowell, Emerson, Bryant, Whittier, and Holmes. Important papers by Gov. Theodore Roosevelt, President Eliot of Harvard University, Thomas Bailey Aldrioh, Woodrow Wilson, John Burrows, and others. American secret history, A series of papers of commanding interest. The art work of the Century. It is everywhere conceded that the Century has led the world in art. Timothy Cole's unique and beautiful wood blocks will continue to be a feature, with the work of many other engravers who have made the American school famous. The flue halftone plates—reengraved by wood engrav- ers4-for which the magazine is dlstin- juished, will appear with new methods 0? printing and illustrating. . Our $5.00 Men's Suits go this sale at 3.50 .AS to pr. The Emmetsburg Tribune says: ' From what the Algona papers say Jacy is not very much pf a man, doctor Of otherwise." On the contrary Dr, 'jacy is a good physician and has been n influential citizen. JJe has foad ev- 17 ojj^prtunity to m$ke ^ great sue- oe»e of life. Whiskey aaj an «ngov rpable dlsppBitipn are nil |bat ail the dflptor. Now Is Your Time. Our $7.00 Men's Suits go this sale at $5.00 Our $10 Men's Suits go this sale at $7.00 Our $13 Men's Suits go this sale at $9.00 We have about $80,000 in Suits, Overcoats, and furnishing goods. This stock we wish to reduce at least one half by Jan, 1. At that time we will be ready to move into our new store, "The DurdalL" Brice with quality will be the strong factor in reducing this immense stock. Every article is new and of reliable quality, yet in many instances we are selling goods at actually less than the wholesale prices of today. If there ever was an opportunity for bona fide savings, that time is NOW, the place THE NEW ENGLAND. Remember this grand sale commences Saturday, Nov. 18. We have employed extra help, as we anticipate a rush at these prices. 0. B. Durdall Our $15 Men's Suits go this sale at $10 Our $18 Men's Suits go this sale at We have two cases Men's Wool • Fleeced Underwear bought to sell at 650, yours in this sale at 35c f\TTEND THE, Introductory Opening Sale -OF THE- STAR CLOTHING Another Grand Opportunity | To secure the services of the celebrat- i ed Des Moiues specialist, IE E. B. D SHOE CO. f\T fVLOONfV; Saturday, Nov. 18. On State street, building formerly occupied by Vincent's Racket Store. We give a handsome and useful souvenir free of charge to every lady purchasing one dollar's or over on first day of sale. Keep the date in mind. COURT IS IN SESSION. The Ijacy (Junes Come On Next Week —.ilia. Archibald DlsiulHsed, At present the case of the Aultman Miller Co. against I. P. Harrison of Lu Verne is being heard in court. Simmons of Lu- Verne sold Mr. Harrison a threshing machine. The company says Simmons had ceased to he its agent and had no authority. It has replevined the machine, and Mr. Harrison is fighting the suit. Yesterday morning the court heard the true story of what happened at Jas. Archibald's home when Dan Long stopped with him. The jury promptly dismissed Mr. Archibald. The case against Frost, the Whittemore landlord, for selling liquor will be the first to he tried at the next term. The suit begun by Charlie Bronson against the Milwaukee railway for $10,000 damages has been dismissed. The Lacy divorce case and the injunction against him for selling liquor will come on this term. Also doubtless the criminal prosecution for his assault on Link Minkler. The prosecution of Scott for the stabbing affair at Svvea City will come on at this term. B. F, Reed got Mrs. Reding, near Bancroft, a divorce yesterday for desertion. New Hooks In the Public Library. Following are the new books lately added to the Algona public library; Mitchell, American Lands and Letters; Adams, Dictionary of American Authors; Hubbard, Little Journeys to Homes of American Authors, Famous Women; Austin, Life and Times of Wendell Phillips; Morse, Benj. Franklin; Lodge, Daniel Webster; Gary, Geo. Wm. Curtis; Scott, Poetical Works; Wordsworth, Poems; Browning, Poems; Kipling, Ballads, Days Worn; Wright & Coues, Citizen Bird; Parsons, How to Know the Wild Flowers and Ferns; Nansen, Farthest North; Crockett, Black Douglus, Bed Axe; Parker, Battle of the Strong; Westcott, David Harum; Vaile, Oroutt Girls, Suo Oroult; Munroe, Rick Da.le, In Pirate Waters, Forward March; Davis, King's Jackal; Page, Red-rook; Warner, That Fortune; Sullen, Cruise of the Caohelot; Pool, Sand'o'bushes; Sheldon, In His Steps; Churchill, Richard Caswell; Dickens, Dombey & Son; Buchanan, Master of the Mine, Heir of Lypne; Holley, Samantha in Europe; Kingsley, Heroes of Greek Fairy Tales; Hugo, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Toilers of the S,e«; Shields, Hunting Jn she Great West; Prmnmond, Natura.1 L,aw ip the. Spiritual World; Boat Club, All Aboard; Quackinboss, School Physics; Kelly, Our Shy Neighbors; Merritnan, Sir Jefferson Nobody; Carruth, Those Dale Girls; Taylor, A Yankee Volunteer: King, A Trooper Galahad; Green, Vesiy of the Basins; Weyman, Castle Inn; Haggard, Swallow; Harraden, The Fowler; Ford, Janice Merideth; Whitney, Square Pegs; Clarke, Wee Lucy. SURVEYORS AT WORK. The Btirlliigrtoii Is Illuming Its l^lne From Germaulti to Albert Liee-A BIS Tiling For Germniila. Surveyors have begun work on the new railway line from Germania to Albert Lea, Minn. It gives tho Burlington a through line to Minneapolis. The right-of-way will be bought this fall. Algona ought to get an extension from Germania, by way of Titonka. How C'ouiioJIy Killed Himself. The Felton Courier gives the details of the suicide of Frank Connelly, whose wife was visiting near Sexton and whose remains were .brought to Sexton for burial: Early in the evening Mr. Connelly, in the absence of his wife, who was visiting al her home in Algona, Iowa, had put their little child to sleep, after having written a letter to Mrs. Connelly. He then took down his shot gun and went out, Soon thereafter a double discharge was heard by some neighbors. However, nothing was thought of the report, and the suicide was not found until the nextmorn- ing. The unfortunate man had evidently placed the end of the gun Into his mouth, as the head was completely severed from his body. The cause of the rash deed remains a mystery, but the man was undoubtedly temporarily insane, as his letter to his wife indicates. Iowa Central IB j)oliie Business. Corwlth Crescent: R. T. Allison shipped a train of 12 cars of cattle to Chicago over the Iowa Central last Monday, This is the second special train of cattle shipped over this line from Corwith within the last 10 clays, A. p. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent, with pptional payments Interest payable aunuaJily, His phenomenal method of extracting teeth without p»in is known to thousands of Iowa people, many of your j own town, It contnins none of the many poisons generally used by other dentists. Fear of Humbug ! kept many of you from trying it on our I last visit, and will this time and maybe • next time, and as long as you do not | believe i.t that long must you suffer. : Our method is painless to the patient { and is a protection against cold and the } old-time terrible after effects. Never mind what kind of weather—there is no danger. i SPECIAL—Our prices this visit will I be 50c each and deducted on plate or- Iders. Future iirices will be §1.00 each tooth or root, except on plate orders. Thorington Hotel, Monday, Nov. 27. Emmetsburg Nov. 28. Des Moines office, 610 Walnut St. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the Eldredge, Victor, and Andrae Wheels. J. U, EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Removed—now uext door to Frank WinUel'9 tueat market. State street. . WATER OR NO PAY. JF. Artesian weu ooou-aotor. 1 haw the[ ofijj cable steam drtWug machine owaew *» «w county, sink wells for water suppJy,?ortowns. cities, »n<J railroad?. Special attention to arm well work, Estimates made. J. **»" oy only expert drillers. A4flr&es A, *<•

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