The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1899
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1899, VOL. XXXIV--NO. 35, . BVCKNUr IB*" It's in the Air. Wise Women Know E mat bread making is a science and an art fbmbined. It requires skill and the best iaterials to make it a success. " Sometimes a woman blames herself or the recipe or the iking powder, when the fault is in the flour. By using our AJSTOY PATENT FLOUR you can always ten re the fault isn't—it isn't in that brand of flour. Langdon & Hudson NOTICE That we will meet all prices and go some of them one better. Gall and see some of our bargains THIS WEEK. Geo. L. Galbraith Grocery Bargains at Goeders' Basement IjTanoy Patent Flour SChoice Patent Flour 1 Corn Meal ^Graham I Eye Flour s'-lo pounds Granulated Sugar for ? 19 pounds Light C Sugar for ••v^SH pounds Mocha and Java Coffee for.. [ ;'t"6 pounds Porto Elco Peaberry Coffee... aslO pounds Fancy Rio Coffee If 1 pound Choice Japan Tea... v i-l pound Fancy Japan Tea. 's 1 pound Extra Fancy Tea W8 pounds Oat Meal fiKl pound Goeders' Best Baking Powder. y Lilly Gloss Starch iff 1 pound Corn Starch ... jfc Soda Crackers x Oyster Crackers ItBest Ginger Snaps ilHerklmei 1 County Full oream Cheese... |: Kaiser William Brick Cheese f'Best Cider Vinegar jlBest White Wine Vinegar. § Best Syrup jpest Sorghum B .08 .88 .15 .25 .25 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .35 .40 .50 .25 .13 .05 .05 .05 .05 .05 .15 .15 .25 .25 .35 .40 00 feet of Cotton Clothes Line 8 .15 1 quart Bottle of Bluing .05 1 dozen Clothes Pins 01 5 pounds Good Rice 25 4 pounds Choice Rice 25 3y, pounds Fancy Bice......;. 25 1 pound Ground Pepper 35 1 pound Ground Cinnamon 25 1 pound Ground Ginger 25 1 pound Ground Cloves 25 1 pound Ground Mustard 25 1 pound Allspice 25 Canned Goods— 3 pounds California Peaches 20 3 pounds California Pears 20 3 pounds California Green Gages.. 18 3 pounds California White Cherries 20 3 pounds California Apricots 20 3 pounds Red Raspberries 15 3 pounds Best Tomatoes 10 1 pound Choice Corn 10 1 pound Choice Salmon 10 0 bars Ivy Soap 35 SbarsLenox Soap 25 8 bars Harvest Soap 25 8 bars Toilet Soap 25 P, S.—All other goods in proportion; also all goods delivered to any part of Jthe city at the above prices or for spot cash; no time, no barter—cash is what I talks; nor do we ask you to buy any certain quantity. Get just what you want. TYours for trade, Big Department Store. JNO. GOEDERS, Propr. £. J. aiLMOUK, President, ; 0. S- HVTOBIN8, Vice President, , M. HENOK, Secretary, J. W. WADSWORTH, Treasurer. DIRECTORS: JAS. NOLAN, H. W. DRBYER, OHAS. WOOSTEB, 8. STJ1U8SY, J. 0. KAIKT, J. E, STACY. The Farmers 1 Milling Co, [INCORPORATED,! ^^ OWNERS AND OPERATORS QF THE *s Can furnish the trade with choice flouv from selected wheat; Also bran, shorts, and ground Ijeeci ju lots to purchasers. This la a famW oompa»y and solicits the farmers' ,_„ at cash prtce paicl to* good whoa*. W> can apd, w)Hl (Jo as well by you, as any mtll i» |«:sp, "fijte the »e v <?ojppft»y a. trta). /, 9, A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely. Miller's Hair Tonic is prepared especially for this purpose. It keeps the hair in a smooth, glossy, healthy condition, stimulates the roots, prevents dandruff and itching, and holds as bay as well as cures dandruff. PRICE, 60c. R. H, MILLER, The Druggist, If a man is in love that's his business; if a girl ( is in love that's her business;* but if they are engaged to be mar-! ried it's OUR BUSINESS to sell! the engagement ring and make the j bride a present. Dingley & Pugh, Sign of the Big Watch, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCXX5OOOOO ALGONA. I W. H. Reed (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had in the way of up- to-date, fine FURNITURE >esides everything that can be desired n plain and ornamental Pi icture Frames, Mouldings and goods that are required for beauti- ying and ornamenting the home. A pecialty made of with prices always at the satisfactory point. W. H. REED. M, P. HAGGARD. G. F. PBEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Eleal Estate, AN a, Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. E, H, SPENCER, Real Estate, COUNTED BY THE BOARD, The Official Figfnres of the Vote at Tuesday's Election. Show Shaw's Plurality to Be 768— Cowles' Majority 740—Vote on the Other Candidates. The county bourd met Monday and at once proceeded to the official count. The result is not much different from the unofficial count published last weeU. Gov. Shaw gets 753 over White, which is one of the biggest pluralities ever given in Kossuth county, the biggest, wo believe, In u square contest when a full vote WHS out. In 1890 the plurality was larger, but very many democrats voted for McKinley, who are now voting the deniocrutio ticket again. The pluralities of some of the other state officials are higher, but they do not signify. The vote that counts Is on the head of the ticket. The official vote is as follows: For Governor— Shaw 2,501 While 1,748 Atwood 2il Lloyd 5 Kremor 1 Heacock ... 2 Totul voto 4,280 Shaw's plurality 753 Lieutenant Governor— Milllmnn 2,500 Bevls 1,000 Pugsley 22 [lai'vuy 5 Leonard 1 Total vote 4,224 Mailman's plurality 810 Judge Supremo Court— ' Shorwln 2,512 Van Wagoiiou 1,OHO .Tohns 22 Woller 0 Darner 1 Total voto 4,221 Sherwin's plurality 832 Suporlutoudont Public Instruction- Barrett 2,50!) Hoist 1,080 3uulavy 22 Worth 7 Travis .; 1 'idgeon 1 Total voto 4.220 Barrett's plurality 817 Railway Commissioner— Dawson 2,510 lalhouu 1,088 Wray 22 Dunning 0 Helsol 1 ilndley 1 Total vote 4,223 Dawson's plurality... 827 In the local contest Dr. Buchmun _ets a splendid vote in Kossuth for itute senator. Ho was complimented )y a big democratic vote in Garfield ownship, which adjoins his home, besides running strong all over the coun- iy. Gardner Cowlen also gets a splendid majority, only four loss than Gov. Shaw's plurality and considerably more than Gov. Shaw's majority. Mr. Dowles made a vigorous canvass, and it s due to his efforts in part that the big •epublican vote was polled. Mr. Ward's majority is fixed at 17 votes. Unofficially it was 28, but 10 were found wrongly marked on the Irvintrton envelope, and one in Buffalo. But ]7 is enough, and there Is no doubt whatever that he will gain if Mr. Smith lontests the count, as he says he will, Sheriff Christensen comes out 184 ihead. Reports have come in from va- lous sources that considerable num- jers of ballots that ought to have been iounted for Owens were thrown out. If VIr. Smith contests, a sharp watch of ,he votes on sheriff will be kept and Vlr. Owens' friends will take steps to > rot eel his interests. Messrs. Smith ind Weisbrod go back on the board by ood majorities, although both had a sharp fight. Dr. Peters and Messrs. Ingle and Lilly had an easy time of it, L'he official count is as follows: For State Senator— Jachman 2,554 Buck 1,046 Total vote 4,200 Bachman's majority 008 For Representative— Jowles 2,485 Thompson 1,730 Total vote 4,221 Oowles' majority ..... 740 For Treasurer- Ward t 2,140 Smith ; 3,123 Total vote 4,203 Ward's majority .' 17 For Sheriff— Owens 2,042 Ohrlstensen 2,220 Total vote 4,208 Chrlstensen's majority. 184 For Coroner— •eters 2,453 Vorwerk ;.1,713 Total vote 4,100 Peters' majority (. 740 For County Superlntendent^- Slagle 2,548 Van ErdowyU 1 For Surveyor— Mlly 2,549 For Supervisors— Weisbrod 2,404 Smith 8,271 Holms 1,756 Butterfleld .- 1,820 H. C. DEVEREAUX, the new dentist, ias arrived and will be ready for business about Friday. CAPES and jackets go at cut prices this week. G. L. GALBRAITH. HOUSEKEEPER wanted in family of man and two children. Inquire at this office for particulars. DON'T miss the Star Clothing and Shoe Co. 'e big opening Saturday, WII.Ii WINTER IE members of the show In former years were residents of ISsthervllle, and are anxious for it to come here to winter. It hae been some time since the wheels of the yellow wagons moved on Iowa roads, but the show's name hkB not been forgotten and the patronage would be as generously accorded it as In the old days when Iowa was its only territory. „_,_______ EN BOPTE f OE MANILA. Charley Quick Knllsts Jn the United States Army and 18 Started for the Philippines. G. W. Cttdy has a letter from Charley Quick, written on board the transport Philadelphia. In the letter he states that ho enlisted in Sioux City in the 30th Nebraska regiment, regular army, not long since, and from there went with the regiment to San Francisco, and vvns then on the transport waiting to start for the Philippines. He also sent his photograph, taken in his military suit, and which shows him to be a very good looking soldier. Ho was much elated over the prospect of his trip and the opportunities It would furnish him for sight seeing, and expected some exciting experiences before his return. The discipline of the regular army is likely to make a change in Charley's general conduct. There is need of it, and no better place could be found for bringing out his bettor manhood if he has any left. After his trouble hero in which whiskey was the sole cause, he moved with his wife to Esthervlllo and worked a short time there at his trade of cigar making. Suddenly he disappeared, and later turned up In San Francisco. His wife is here, working in the hotel at the Milwaukee depot. Wilbur Quick enlisted some time ago in Milwaukee and is already In Manila. It is understood ho also went into the regular army, Before leaving here the last time he expressed his determination of getting Into the regular army or navy, preferably the latter, and it seems ho was not joking when he said he was going to the Philippines, ALEX. WHITE RESIGNS. TO CONTEST THE ELECTION L C. Smith Wants a Recotmt on the Vote for Treasurer. Official Count Shows Mr. Ward to Elected by It Majority—Other Political Matters. Will Quit tlio Jjnmb Company After Ton YtMU-H' Service. Alex. White has resigned his position as agent for the Lamb Lumber company in Algonu, and will quit about Jan. 1. Mr. White has been in Algona ten years as agent of the John Paul Lumber company, of which the Lamb company is the successor, and has proved a very efficient man for their business. His future movements are as yet somewhat uncertain, but U is lioued that no turn of affairs will take him and his estimable wife from Algona, where they are. held in highest esteem, THE opening in the Vincent store room of the Star Clothing and Shoe Co.'s big stock is a business event in town. This company has three big stores, one at Webster City. The proprietors are among the leading business men of Webster City and assure THE -UPPEK DES MoiNES that they have come to stay in Algona. Their stock will be here tomorrow and the grand opening will come Saturday. Look out for it. You can got a good calico for 3c a yard at GALBRAITH'S. CHICKEN pie supper at the Congregational church parlors Thursday, Nov. 16, at C o'clock. THE Star Clothing and Shoo C'o.'s grand opening comes Saturday at the building formerly occupied by the Vincent racket store. Turkey Shoot. Company F will give a turkey shoot at the armory in Algona on Thanksgiving day, beginning at 2 p. m, Everybody is invited to come and shoot for a turkey. The shooting will be done with 22-cal. rifles, using short cartridges. The targets will be numbered and the participants classified, so that everybody will have a fair chance to get a turkey. NORA—You can't expect to do away with face blemishes in a week's time. Keep on taking Rooky Mountain Tea, You'll have a lovely complexion. R. H. Miller. MONEY to loan at 5 per gent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. REMEMBER we make your watch keep time. R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. WE have what you want in the line of type writer supplies. INGHAM & WARREN. Kev. Taylor's Lectures. To the Editor: Something wholly new in temperance lecture work is Rev. Taylor's. All the evening lectures will be held in the Methodist church, and the Sunday morning service in the Congregational church. Subjects are, next Saturday eve, " Microbes and Men;" Sunday morning, "Citizenship in the LJght of Christ and Paul;" Sunday evening, ^That Boy of Yours;" Monday evening, " Modern Science vs. the Liquor Traffic" an4 "A. Glass of Beer Analysed." It has been the policy of the W. C. T. U. of Algoua to work along the line of eduoatlon t believing that people are disposed |o 4o righ£ when they fepow what His and wb,y, L. C. Smith has decided to contest the election of John H. Ward us county treasurer. The official count of the supervisors shows Mr. Ward 17 votes ahead, the total vote being, Ward 2,140, and Smith 2,123. Mr. Smith will file formal notice of contest dui'iftg the next 20 days as provided by sla'tute. The law provides that in that notice he shall specify the grounds of the contest. When the , notice is filed, John G. Smith, as chairman of the board of supervisors, will set a day within the next 20 days at which the contest will be heard. Each side chooses an attorney and the contest Is to be tried by the chairman of the county board. Then such matters as are contested will be tried much as in court. It Is understood that Mr. Smith bases his contest on a rumor that in Riverdale the democrats who voted for Mr. Ward did not mark their ballots right. If this is all It is likely that the matter will bo confined to a recount of the ballots. But until notice of contest is served the exact grounds of contest can not be known. Mr. Ward will moot the contest and his friends /eel confident that the final result will be entirely satisfactory. M. P. Kuiutnll for Deputy. John H. Ward has already selected his deputy in case he is seated in the treasurer's office, and it is announced that M. P. Randall will be the man. Probably no one in the county bears a better reputation than Mr. Randall, or is bettor qualified for the work. He was mi exceptionally good recorder and will be an invaluable assistant in the trensurer's office. Mr. Ward's first act vindicates all his friends have said of Ills discretion ntid ability to give Kossuth an excellent administration. Mr. Ward will be known as one of Kossuth's most competent and most successful officers, Will Curdle Aenlii. Bailey: Ward of Wesley^ republican, was elected over the present incumbent Smith, democratic, by a small majority for treasurer of Kossuth county. Algona whooped up a terrific vote for Smith against the regular nominee. And we should not be surprised to see the milk of human kindness curdle again until dutch cheese is six feet deep in Algona the next time. Wesley Celebrates. News: No sooner was the news received over the 'phone at the central office yesterday afternoon, that John Ward was elected by at least 19 majority, than a good natured crowd started on a run to John Ward's meat market to give three cheers, then John came out to see what was up, and, as the crowd was in for a jollification Landlord Adams and Otto Kunz picked him up and lifted him to their shoulders as though ho was a small boy and carried him through Main street to Anderson & Go's, store where cigars were called for. Then guns were fired and huge cannon crackers which wound't go were lit and a big time In general was had. The Difference. Bancroft Register: Those republicans who voted for democratic candidates are, according to the Courier, patriotic citizens with sense enough to rise above " hide-bound partisanship" and vote for those best men, who are by all laws of precedents entitled to a second term. There were reported a few stay-at-home democrats in some townships, and many who went to the polls, says the Courier, " proved false" to Mr, Smith. More ''Treachery and Apathy," West Bend Journal: Dr. Bachman ran 29 votes ahead of his ticket in Gar- fleld, a very nice compliment from our Kossuth county neighbors, and for which, in behalf of the doctor, the Journal extends thanks. To My Friends. I wish to thank my friends for what they tried to do for me in the last election, and if any of them ever want any favors they will find me ever ready to aid them in any way I can. If I did get snowed under this time, I expect to live in the county just the same. Yours respectfully, L,. M, OWEN. 1'olUlcul Notes. Bancroft Register: We congratulate the i.Dmocrats of Kossuth on having the only party organization in the county. The republicans not only have none but no prospects of any. Wesley News: Algona fell way short of her promises and could only afford to turn 263 In this direction, against 422 for Smith. But then It was a good chance to even up with the deal of two years ago, Philip Dorweiler tells the West Bend Advance the election went all wrong, fje thinks that for the good of the "country MoKlnley should have beau u -jaten In QJita, a,nd Bryan in, Nebraska,. Swea i City Herald: In 8*rr||on ' vote was heavy lor an, pfj SUoiv Is Winter W*lb ¥l PTOMIfcWte^ hnnoflf.o "anil uihu an York QUppfir f te y that Boohw Brpg, wtfjff at

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