The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1899 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1899
Page 8
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A LGONA, iOWA, WJEDNJE&DAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1899. TH| NEWS Q£ THE COUNTY H- '- : ---•'• ••• .. •• . . . i • Tftonka Is to have a lecture course. A little Angel arrived in Lu V.erne last week. Al. Falkenhtiiher is building a barn at Tlttitik/i. . The Oertuanla telephone line reaches Swea City this weak. Grant Hawkings Is expocted in Bancroft this week for a visit. Jos. Dunwoodfe ftnd family of Irvington are to move to Algona.' Se?ton is arranging a lecture course for the benefit of the new church. O. Cleary of Irvington has rented the A. H. Paine farm south of Algona. J. ; B. Johnson is building a big machinery ware house id Bancroft. A. B. Spoor of Whittemore sold 1,200 acres of Minnesota land a week ago. The*. German Methodist church in Fentoti will be moved to the new town. Guy Hanna of Lu Verne, who is in the war,has been promoted to sergeant. Christian. Johnson, an old resident near Wesley, died last week aged 37 years. • . Tho Minneapolis road is putting a different days be dispensed with ahd Ordinance No. 28 be placed on its flmtl passage. Aiyes: warren, Vesper, Moi-se, McMahon, Paine, Chapin and Samson: nays, none. Carried. Moved and seconded/that Ordinance No. 28 do pass. Ayes: Warren, Vesper, Morse, McMnhon, Chapin and Samson; nays, none. Curried. A CALIFORNIA DUEL Moved and Carried. seconded to adjourn. J. L. DONAHOO, City Clerk. new 2,500 foot side track in at "Lu Verne. Ledyard sent out a car of poultry one day last week. One woman had $54 of ducks in in, Nathan Pine, who hns lived 32 years on his farm neur Sexton, moved to Al- goim lost week. P. M. Curtiss of Nevada, father of the .Algona attorney, has been visiting his.big farm near Swea City. car containing railroad tools bui'iiod at Burt one day last week. No one knows how it got on fire. Chas. Hny hns sued Whittemore for $1,000 damages he alleges'he has received from a defective sidewalk. David Archibald has moved* his family from Algona to Wesley. He is engineer for Sanford's threshing en- gin^. Oliver Marquis is building an ice house 16x24, of,solid stone wall, sixteen inches thick, Nothing small about Marquis. Ernest Paine broke a bone in his leg at Burt in a friendly scuffle. He got his foot tangled with a loose board in the walk. A."W. Blanchar-d has been appointed by the Burt board of health to attend to all persons quarantined? on account of diptheria. Mart Pen-is is having a slow time moving Geo. E. Marble's store from Burt to Dolliver. He has been several weeks at it already. The Titonka Topic is going to boom shortly and will, be sent free for six weeks. Editor Wolf is a pusher. Lew Wheelock is typographical artist at present. It seems that Prank Conely committed suicide instead of being killed by a horse as THE UPPER DBS MOINES reported last week. His wife was visiting at Prank Aman's in Prairie. He wrote to her telling her of his inten- tioq. He was buried at St. Benedict. DAN LONQ HAS TROUBLE. James A. At-elilbnld Tnkes Dan hi Iltincl and. Is in Court In Consequence. * •t)an Long stopped at Jas. A. Archibald's on his way home last Wednesday evening and in some way became involved in a controversy, in whicli ho got the worst of it. Mr. Archibald nd- milted hitting Dan, although he says Dan fell on something and thereby got his worst bruises. It was this admission that led 'Squire Clarke to assess M. Archibald $30 and 10 days in.jail, from which he has appealed to Judge Quarton, who will try the case at the coming term of court. A. Hutchison is Mr. Archibald's attorney and County Attorney Cohenour is prosecuting. Now Clttzoiis Who Voted. . Following is the list of men who took out their second papers Monday: Geo. W. Jorgenson, Lars Robert, Lurs Rosmusson, Denmark; Simon Blouu-, Daniel Gollman, Sefen Koppe, Geo. Kreips, Germany; Osmond N. Mitchell, David Johnson, Nels Swanwon, Carl A. Swanson, G. Holmquist, John H. Grotnuss, Jas. H. Grotness, Sweden; Geo. Auterst, Hungary; Louis Elsbecker, Prussia. A GOOD SIDEWALK OEDERED. The City Council Will Put Wide and S,Ubntautlal Sidewalks on Diagonal S'treet. ; '. ALGONA^NOV. 4.—City council met pursuant to adjournment at the city hall, Mayor Bayers in the chair. Mem- bem present, Warren, Vesper, Morse, McMahon, Paine, Chapin and Samson; absent, Stebbins. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. ; APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO, 8. Walker Bros., oil, etc .................. , $ 401 Thos. Little, work on boiler ........... 5 «5 Chas, Foster, salary, etc . . •. ............. 63 05 W. W. Baldwin, cartage ................ 3 90 J. L. Donahoo, salary and stamps ..... 40 20 D. W. Holm, cartage ..... ;..'. .......... 45 Jas. Orr, blowtorch... ................. 350 A. F. I)aUey, wiring ..................... 40 00 Frank.Sapatel, cartage . . . . ....... ..... 3 00 W. V/Cai'lon, salary.'.. ____ ... ... ..... 4000 A. Whlte.iw.ork. on .water works, ...... 115 68 Geo. Richmond, Wiring ....'.... ____ ... 8250 L. E. Mathews, digging ditch . . ........ 350 Frank McMurray, wiring .......... ..... 50 37 J. M. jMurray, salary and extra work. . 47 00 S. Algyer, wiring ..... ...' ................ 3757 John Sweitzer, police services. ....:... 10 00 W. H. Horan, salary and extra work. . 63 00 L. Horan, street work . . . . ; ............ 45 75 G. 0.- Wright, freight and cartage ...... 4 30 E. Flanders, police services ............ 3 00 John Paul Lumber Co., lumber ........ 71 97 W. B. : Naudain, freight and cartage. . . 20 80 N. P, Jensen, work on sewer ........... 26 00 Moved and seconded that t.he rules requiring ordinances to ' be read on three different days be dispensed with and .Appropriating Ordinance No. 8 be placed on its final passage. Ayes: Warren,. . V,espQr;, Morse, McMahon, Paine, Chapin and Samson; nays, none. Carried!- '•."•'•< •••' ' • '< •.> , -,' ' :. : v Moved and seconded that appropriating ordinance do pass. Ayes: Warren,; Vesper, Morse, McMahon, Paine, Chapin and. Samson; nays, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that the plat of a portion of lot 9 of auditor's plat, being;?. G.SiPith's addition to Algona, Iowa, be and the' s^me, is hereby ap- ppbvedi>ahd tbe;-mayor and city clerk are hereby authorized to sign said approval. Carried. Moved and seconded that the report of the street commissioner be approved and same be delivered to the county auditor. Carried. Moyed and seconded that the walk along the east side of Diagonal street from Lucas to Commercial street be cqnderqped, Carried. ORDINANCE NO. 28. An ordinance in relation to sidewalks on Diagonal street. Section 1. Be it ordained by the city council of th«» pity of AJgona, Iowa, that a two {nob plank walk flve feet and four inches in width, laid on not leas than four Sx4 stringers, be laid OB the east side of Diagonal street from Lucas to Commercial street, and that toe abutting property ordered and directed to lay the Got In on the Ground Floor. This applies to two classes of people. Those who are interested for the purpose of investment or speculation, and those who for any reason desire to change their buwinesa locutions. To any person in either class the new towns located and owned by the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company along its new linos of railroad now being constructed, offer the most tempting inducements. Prices of lots in these towns are still' absolutely on the ground floor, and are sure winners either for investors or locators. The Northwestern also owns nearly one- half million acres of splended timberland, adapted to general farming, which is for sale at very low prices. Write for information to J. P. Cleveland, Lund Commissioner, Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co., Chicago. A Growing State —"yew Towns In Iowa. Upon the recent extensions of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway in western Iowa, its land department has located several new towns as follows: f Northain—In Buena Vista county 9 miles south of Storm Lake. Neraaha—In Sac county 12 miles northwest of Sac City. Lytton—In Sac county 7 miles east of Sac City. Lavinia—In Calhoun county 6 miles west of Rockwell City. Varina—In Pocahontas county 7 miles north of Ponda. These towns are. located in the finest corn-belt and healthiest stock-raising district in Iowa, ench surrounded b,y rich and well-settled territory. . If you want business and money, now is your opportunity to obtain both by procuring choice lots in these future cities. The railway company has about 100 other town sites in various states traversed by this great line and will gladly furnish you information concerning same if you will write to H. G. HATJG- AN, Land Commissioner, or C. A. PADLEY, General Land Agent, C., M. & St. P. R'y Co., Milwaukee, Wis.—33t3 TYPE writer supplies, full line, at the U. D. M. office. Mail orders will receive immediate attention. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. • H. HOXIE. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. MY farm, is for sale. S. S, RlST. Type Writer Supplies. Buy them at home. A stock is carried at THE UPPER DBS MOINES office, which Includes Remington and ribbons for both the the Smith-Premier, carbon paper, type writer oil, stenographers' note books in 5 and lOc kinds, etc. Prices are as low as you pay to outsiders. Other things being equal why not buy at home? Eureka Harness Oil is the best preservative ot new leather and the best renovator of old leather. It oils, softens, blackens and protects. Use Eureka Harness Oil on your beet harness, your old harness, and your carriage top, and they will not only look better but wear longer. Sold every where In cans—all sizes from half pints to five gallons. Ws4o by STANDARD OIL CO. Sep. 9. That all eidewajks hereafter built or laid on pe east side of Diagonal street aUatt be .five feet four inches in .width and PA- ORIGINAL NOTICE. Iowa Business Men's Building and Loan Association vs. Jacob Marty, Augusta Marty et al. To Jacob Marty and Augusta Marty: You are hereby notified that there is on file the petition of the plaintiff In the above-entitled cause of action In the office of the clerk of the district court of the state pf Iowa In and for Kossuth county, claltui: Eleven Hundred and Th: of you the sum of *y seven and 65-100 dollant as balance due on your certain prom issory note, dated April 1$, 1884, at eight per cent, interest thereon from date, asking foreclosure of the real estate mortgage given to secure payment of said note, also tor all costs and expense, Including abstract fee, attorney fee ana money paid out In advance i or ta*es, and that; a receiver be appointed to take charge of the gaid real estate and the rents and that un- J *•-•--- 6p*r«d Hl» Antagonist's t»fe Onc« Then Killed film. They were talking of dueling at the Weinmcister, when a gentleman who lived in California in the GO'S said: "In 1852 there were no less than it duels fought in California, and seven of them were fatal. "I remember distinctly the first duel I *Ver saw. It was fought by General James Denver, then of San Francisco* and a Yankee named Gilbert, the editor of the Alta California. "It was this way: The state of California hnd appropriated $50,000 to be used for the benefit of needy emigrants who had lost their stock and means in coming the overland route to California, and Gen. Denver was appointed to take charge of the expenditure of the fund. "Gilbert, like a good many other Yankees, had a way of sticking his nose iuto other people's business. He came out in a letter criticising the appropriation and reflecting on Gen. Denver. Denver replied, nailing Gilbert to the.cross. Gilbert challenged him. They used muzzle-loading rifles, the dueling weapons of those days, at 30 yards. "On the field near San Francisco Denver acted most gentlemanly. At the first round he fired straight up In the air. He wns a dead shot and didn't want to kill the Yankee. Gilbert fired at Denver, but his bullet went wide of the mark. "Gilbert's foolish friends Insisted upon a second round. I said to Denver: " 'You must plug him this time. He wants your life. Plug him.' " 'You're right,' said Denver. 'I gave him his life, but he didn't appreciate the gift. I will now kill him.' "The men took their places. Gilbert was somewhat shaky, Denver cool as a marble statue. "Denver shot him through the heart killing him so instantly that he didn't even wriggle. "Gen. Denver was one of the grandest characters I ever knew. He was generosity itself. Denver, Col., was named for him.—Atlanta Journal. Goat Is Fond of Ink. A valued appurtenance of a Twenty- second street lumber yard Is an elderly goat whose gastronomic propensities rival the reputed accomplishments of his comic-paper prototype. Ink is the appetizing delicacy which appeals to the epicurean taste of this goat, and he will not only eat newspapers and blotters, but considers rubber pads used for letter-press purposes toothsome morsels, provided they have been long enough in use to have become covered with the ink soaked from copied letters. Every written thing has to be handled with care outside the lumber offlce, else It will go to swell the quantity of literature which has been devoured by this caprine gourmand. One day Inst week a small boy employed by a stationery firm entered the lumberyard to deliver a bottle of ink. The youth was not aware of the peculiar characteristics of the goat and -suspected naming when the animal sniffed and approached. Just before he reached the office the boy felt himself performing sundry aerial convolutions and when he sat up he saw the goal placidly licking the ink from the plank pavement near the brick wall of the office against which the quart bottle had burst. The goat greedily chewed the sawdust and shavings which had become saturated with the black fluid, and smacked his lips between bites.— Chicago News. Traits of the lynx. Although undoubtedly "cats," in the wider sense of the term, lynxes are so totally different from the familiar "tabby" and its larger, long-tailed kindred that no one can fall to recognize them as forming a perfectly distinct group. Having the ordinary catlike cast of countenance, the true lynxes possess a characteristic tuft of long hair on the tip of each ear, and also a ruff around the throat; while the shortness of the tail forms a still more peculiar feature. The Canadian lynx may be regarded as one of the nioet typical members of the group, be_ ing represented by another closely allied species or variety in northern Europe and a third in Tibet. To most people lynxes are probably best known by their fur, which Is always highly esteemed for trimmings, on account of Its softness and warmth; those skins in which the spots are most conspicuous being the favorites. If, however, captured at a sufficient early age these animals may be trained to form perfectly tame pets, although their play is apt to be somewhat rough. In captivity they are specially fond of catch- Ing pigeons, when the opportunity occurs, and the agility with which they will spring into a flock and seize two or three of its members as they rise from the ground must be seen to be fully realized. ten Thousand Feet the Limit of Depth, Mining engineers agree that the limit to which shafts may be sunk into the earth with the present machinery ana equipments Is 10,000 feet. The deepest shaft ever dug is the one uow in existence in one of the copper mines oil Lake Superior. It has a sheer depth of 5,000 feet. Pr. A. C. Lane, the assistant geolpgist for Mich-, igan, in an article in Mineral Industry on "How Deep Can We Mine?" places the probable limit at 10,000 feet. He says, however, that eaor- mowsly rich deposits might lead man to dig to lfi.000 feet with profit The els- meat of danger is not considered ID these calculations. JB conclusion «e pjfg: "The present knowledge cannot foresee W, H, Read (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had in the way of up- to-date, fine besides everything that can be desired in plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings and goods that are required for beautifying and ornamenting the home. A specialty made of with prices always at the satisfactory point. W. H. REED. PROFESSIONAL. V^X-^i^^>-^4^^.^^y^^-^^-s.^V > .^ wJ »V*^X.^^. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. B. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LA W. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Offlce over Galbraith's. SULLIVAN & MCMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-PerRuson bljck. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Telephone No. §9. J. C. RAYMOND. B. C. RAYMOND Raymond & Raymond, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over DurdaH's store, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office: South rooms over Durdall's store, Algona, Iowa. T. P. Harrington, J. L. DicKinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Geo C. Call's. Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office in the Boston Block; residence on north Thorlngton street. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGE ON. Office at residence, McGregor stroei. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M, J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence over Taylor's. DR. MARGARET E. COLES, Homeopathie Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence In Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. DENTIST, A. L. RI8T< D. D. S. Local anaesthetic f 01 deadening pain In gums when extracting teeth. M. P, HAGGARD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Estate, AN °, Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Notice is hereby given, that on the 14th day of November next, between the hours of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of said day, commencing at 1 o'clock, at the resleence of Robert) Bkilling deceased, in Riverdale townehip, Kossutfi county, Iowa, the personal property of said decedent, consisting of 4 head of horses, 6 head of cattle, 20 head of hogs, J Wnaer, 2 wagons. 3 cultivators, a harrows, 1 corn planter, 3 plows, 1 disc harrow, I sled, I mower, }'g88 5 w & e J 8 °I °^« 13 ° bushels pf wheat. 1,6QO bushels of corn, and o^her arHoJejs will J.T.CMitt^ e.C.Buteon^ KB'**?^.'^****™^ ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. [INCORPORATED.] HIGHEST PRICES PAID for au kinds of Grain and Seeds. tDealers in Hard and Soft Coal. Manufacturers of Strictly High-giade Flour Special attention paid to the Owing to the large and constantly increasing demand for our superior grade of flour we are enabled to offer from 5 to 10 cents per bushel above the market . price for good wheat. -F. W. DINQLEY, Manager. COAL LUMBER. Tlie Lamb Lumber Go. can interest you on both lumber and coal. They have 'over half a million feet of lumber in their yard at this place, the largest stock ever brought to Algona. Having bought the Algona Milling Co.'s coal busfness at the Northwestern depot, they secured the services of A. H. Naudain to take charge of their coal trade. At present he will be found at their lumber office, where all orders may be left. Governor Shaw Went to San Francisco to meet the 5ist Iowa from Manila—but if you wish to see something fine in the line of Furniture go to J. R. LAIRD'S. JHe has jusf received about two cars of fine Rockers, Chairs, Sideboards, Bed Room Suits, Book Cases, etc., the finest ever seen in Algona or big Kossuth. Call and see for yourself. J. R. LfllRD. NSURANGE Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Offlce over Algona State Bank. Farmers' ot Cedar Rapids, Phoenix ot Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire,. Minneapolis, Rockford of Eoekford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State Bank, ^BO,OOO. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec tions made promptly,, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H. INGHAM, President; T. CHRISCHILLES, Vice Pres; LEWIS H. SMITH. Cashier Pirectors— Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Chrlschilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devine. First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL .....$50,000 AMBROSE A. CALL President I WM. K. FERGUSON OasTuer D. H. HVTOHINS Vice President] OHAS. A. PALMER Assistant Caihier Directors—D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, E. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing nrst-class security. Special attention given to collections. ifjU0<mct s.z» Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarice, President, 0. 0. Ohubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbraith, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Oooke, CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAVLT8 ^"Interest paid on time deposits. C. C. Samson. B. F. Crose SAMSON & CROSE, [Successors to Hay & Rice,] ABSTRACTS REAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS FOR SALE AND FOR RENT. Opera House Block. , ALGONA, - - - IOWA. One Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person wbo can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. JOHN 8CHU & CO. WATER OglfO P4Y, contractor, i have the only in the Sutt's Sure Remedy for Hog Cholera. READ THIS TESTIMONIAL. Algona, Iowa, Aug. 85, 1899.—To whom it may concern: My hogs were sick; I had lost four, and had others that were very sick, that I had no faith In saying, as the trouble seemea to be spreading quite fast. In fact I hadI no faith in hog cholera medicine, having trtea several kinds without success. I consented to have Sutt's Hog Cholera Preventive tried on iny hogs, and wtth*his medicine, by following his directions, I cured all of the sick hogs but one, which was nearly dead when we oegan using. I cheerfully recommend Sntt's Hog Cholera Preventive to hog raisers, and feel assured it will fully fill the claims made for it. (Signed) . D. RIOE- Manufactured and guaranteed by ar, GASH FOR OLD IRON ;s, rubbers, copper, pri 1 ooflk a* us at AlgoBa,,,*r«--v ••">-»• ,-< ommff^OTOTfe -I-

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